4th Of July Celebration, Sibling Style by Mystic47


We reached the bottom of the rise then I spun a donut in a sand trap and raced as fast as the golf cart would move back up to the top. Wendy grabbed a beer bottle and jammed it between her thighs, just as the cart curved over the crest, she threw her head back and groaned out loud. I glanced at my sister, she looked like she was having an orgasm.We stumbled away from the 4th of July celebration about a quarter after 10 that night. Most of the partiers had left to find a way back to their homes, there was a flotilla of golf carts running around the neighborhood. The party was at the community center, the hub of the golf community, many of our friends, neighbors and acquaintances were there. I had been hitting on Jenny Watson but she was being watched too closely by her mother so my hopes of getting laid on the holiday faded quickly under the stern gaze of the woman. My parents gathered up my older sister and me for the walk home. Even at the tender ages of nineteen and seventeen we were drunk on mixed drinks and beer. When we left the party I snatched two bottles of brew for me and Wendy to sip on as we walked. Mom and dad were steadier than my sister and me but they didn’t seem concerned that Wendy and I were falling behind on the walk home. Wendy was wobbling, I was staggering, so by mutual agreement we put our arms around each other to remain upright and moving. It didn’t take but a minute or two until our parents were out of sight. 

My sister started complaining “Roger left too early, he was in a hurry to go home because he thought he was gonna puke or something. I wanted him to stay longer but he didn’t.”

“Why did you want him to stay if he was sick?”

“He was drinking too much but I tried to stop him and get him outside.”

“Outside for fresh air?”

Wendy giggled, “Fresh air? No, fresh with each other.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“I was in the mood, I wanted to fuck and I would have spread out on the grass like a sex doll but he was too drunk. Fucker couldn’t fuck.” Wendy lurched against me as we stepped off a curb, “I wanted to get some fireworks with a proper bang but he was useless. After he left, I was hoping I could find some other guy, one that didn’t have a date. I would have dated him for a few minutes.”

“You would have fucked some guy you didn’t know just to get laid?”

She cast blurry eyes on mine “Done it before little brother. Sometimes the urge just crawls into my panties and screams for cock. I’m not easy, but I do get horny in a hurry sometimes.” 

“Sounds pretty easy to me. I would love it if a girl walked up and said ‘Hey, you wanna fuck?’

My sister giggled another drunken laugh, put her beer bottle to her lips then took a long swallow. She grabbed my arm to steady herself, “I’ve only had to do that maybe a dozen times. Most guys are all over me, asking me if ‘You wanna fuck’ as you so crudely say it.” 

I stopped at a side street to let a car drive by, I had to hold my sister’s hand to keep her from venturing off the curb, “How long have you been getting dick?”

Wendy looked up into my eyes, hers were kind of unfocused as she thought, “Hmm, I don’t even know if I should answer that. I mean you’re my little brother, I supposed to be a role model you should respect.” 

“Aw come on Sis, you know fucking well I never respected you, and if you want to be a role model, tell me how you roll.” 

“How I what?”

“Roll, you know flop and roll like on a bed or in a car.”

“You think I’m going to tell you that, what I do when I’m all alone with some guy, naked, hot, horny and turned on? You think I should tell how I fuck, if I like to fuck and how many fucking partners I’ve fucked?” She snickered at her own wit, “Man Kelvin, you are way too fucking young to hear fucking details of my fuck life.” She was giggling because her own creative language. Wendy teetered as we stepped off to cross the street, clinging to my arm for support. 

We had gone maybe three blocks in the subdivision and our parents were completely out of sight. I was as drunk as my sister and was beginning to dislike that I still had three more blocks to stumble home with Wendy dragging along on my arm. We were passing the O’Malley’s yard and I saw Connor’s golf cart sitting sideways on the drive next to the garage door. The answer to my prayers, I could drive my sister home, it would be faster, easier and I could bring the cart back the next day. I pulled Wendy up the drive “Get in, we’re going to ride in style.” She didn’t even argue; Wendy plopped her limp, alcohol-soaked ass on the seat and sighed relief to get off her feet. The cart was an electric so it didn’t make any noise when I pressed the go pedal. 

Off we went; two inebriated siblings in a hot golf cart at 10:30 on a warm summer night. Wendy, relieved to be off her feet, started a high-spirited, cheerful monologue as we rolled toward home. Just a few yards from the house my sister put her hand on mine and said “Let’s go to the course, I wanna drive around the holes.”

“There’s only one hole I want to drive around, but she had to go home.”

“God that’s so crude, is your mind always in the gutter?”

“Hey Sis, I’m seventeen years old, my cock is never soft. I was trying to get Jenny away from her mother for a while but the old bitch was stuck like glue to the girl.”

“What makes you think Jenny would screw you?”

“Done it before. A few times before.”

“I didn’t know you were dating Jenny, how long?”

“We don’t date, we just get it on sometimes. The first time I hit on her, then she came on to me next.”

“She did? Jenny brought it to you? She just walked up to you and asked if you wanna fuck? Didn’t you just say you didn’t respect me for doing that?”

“Don’t fucking twist my words, you sound like a politician.” 

“So Jenny just asked you to fuck her?”

“Yeah, I didn’t even have to hint, she took my hand and we walked to those bushes on the eighth green and we screwed. There were two sets of golfers just on the other side of the bushes but nobody saw us. After that we get it on when we get horny together.”

“You love her?”

“Aw shit Wendy, we just bang away, I get a hard-on, she drops her panties and we do it. We never say anything about love, don’t need to.”

Wendy sat back in the seat of the golf cart and closed her eyes. The breeze caused by driving ruffled her hair, her knees kind of fell wide apart. She was wearing jeans but still I checked out my sister’s legs and wondered how it would feel to be cradled between her thighs. I wasn’t thinking of seducing my sister, but what the hell, she has a pussy and just then even hers would keep me happy for a few minutes. The cart topped a small hill and I pulled up to a stop next to the 1st tee. We sat in the warm night air and drank more beer. Wendy’s cell chirped, she grabbed it out her ass pocket, “Dad?” She sat straight, looked around and said “We are on the golf course, 1st tee I think.” I nodded; she was right. “Just goofing off, we didn’t want to come home yet, we’ll be there later.” She paused to listen then told him “We aren’t walking, Kelvin stole Connor’s golf cart, he’ll bring it back tomorrow. Love you too daddy, see you in the morning.” She laid her smart phone in her thigh, turned to her me with a large smile, “Dad says you are a goddamn idiot.” Just then we heard a loud ‘huff’ and saw a rocket flare into the sky where it exploded into an umbrella of multicolored flashes. Someone had set off a late rocket. 

My sister watched the display then as the rain of sparkles faded, she said “I hope there are more.”


“Because fireworks remind me of orgasms. They are like sudden, explosive and gradually fade away. When I get a good cock between my legs that’s how I like it. Fast, hot and explosive. Makes me want to lay the guy all night.” Just then another rocket launched from the fairway, as it went up Wendy sipped a breath then held it until the night lit up with the detonation of white-hot flares that left crooked contrails against the black sky. My sister turned her eyes to me “God that make me hot.” 

“How hot?”

“Hot enough to find out if Roger is ready for a ride right now.” She picked up her phone and tapped in a recall number. Wendy had the phone on speaker so when he answered I heard the conversation.

“Yeah Wendy, whacha want?”

“Hey, I’m rolling around out here on the course but sure could use some company right now, come out to the 9th green and meet me?”

Just as she finished her question, I heard a girl’s voice “Roger, who the fuck is calling this late?” 

Wendy held her phone out and looked at it then asked “Roger, is that Jenny?” She didn’t get an answer; the phone just went dead. 

Wendy faced me “That sounded like your fucking girlfriend is fucking my boyfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend, we just get on once in a while.”

“Well, you’re not the only stiff cock she stuffs I guess. Her mother must be passed out or something; now what?”

“Aren’t you pissed at him.”

“Uh, why should I be?”

“Cause he’s fucking around on you?”

“Hey, I love his big thumping prick pounding me but I sure as hell don’t love him, shit, that’s just how we are, we fuck because it feels good, not for love. Isn’t that what you just told me about Jenny? Same thing, sex is sex, love is different. Come on, let’s drive around the course.” Another flare burst over our heads as we finished the beers and tossed the empties into the back of Connor’s cart. 

About the time I circled the 4nd green I asked my sister “So, do you suck?”

She twisted her head to me “What the hell do you mean I suck? What, are you trying to start a fight?”

“I didn’t say you suck, I asked IF you suck. Like suck cocks, give head.”

She giggled “Give head? Why so correct, you might as well ask if I ‘perform fellatio’. 

“Well, do you?”

“Suck cock. Gulp a Load. Lick dick. I’m not so prim and proper I have to hide behind Politically Correct words.” 

“Okay bitch, do you suck cocks? Put some guys big ole boner between your lips and feast on protein?”

Wendy smiled, “Good for you, that’s how to ask the question; Sometimes, if the guy looks like he would taste good.” 

I was approaching the 5th tee and knew the golf cart path crowned over a sharp rise. Going as fast as the cart would scoot, we topped the hill and dropped quickly over the crest. It wasn’t a rollercoaster thrill but both me and my sister felt our stomachs drop. As we sped down the hill Wendy moaned “Oh fuck that felt good.”


“Go back and do that again.”

Again, I asked “What?”

“Over that hill, drive over that hill like that again.” I was curious as to why she wanted to turn around but didn’t ask, just the excuse to goof off some more was all the reason I needed. Going over the hilltop the other direction wasn’t as much fun because the drop wasn’t as steep. We reached the bottom of the rise then I spun a donut in a sand trap and raced as fast as the cart would move back up to the top. Wendy grabbed a beer bottle and jammed it between her thighs, just as the cart curved over the crest she threw her head back and groaned out loud. I glanced at my sister, she looked like she was having an orgasm. 

“What the fuck, did you just get off?” 

Wendy rolled her head toward me, smiled softly and admitted weakly “Yeah, a little.”

“You put a bottle between your legs and got off?”

My sister smiled even more, “Going over that little hill tickled my pussy and the pressure of the bottle got me off.”

I stared at Wendy in the dim starlight, my cock started to inflate as I thought about how easy she might get off by normal cock and cunt sex. While watching her, another rocket flared bright, lighting up her face, her eyes reflected the sparkling sky. My cock lurched; my chest constricted then I managed to ask “You want to fuck?”

It was Wendy’s turn to ask “What?”

“Let’s have sex, let me screw you.”

She didn’t recoil, she didn’t flinch, she just asked “Right now?”

“Do I need a rubber?” I had one in my pocket because I had planned on banging Jenny but that didn’t happen. (Wendy stared at Kelvin while her mind swirled. She wasn’t drunk enough to not realize that her little brother just asked her to fuck him, but she was drunk enough to let him. The alcohol was doing its job, she was horny, and he had the only prick available just then. Why not? Didn’t she just say Sex is Sex? To hell with convention; fuck laws and morality, desperate times called for desperate measures.)

My big sister put her hand on my arm then asked “Where do you want to go? We shouldn’t go home cause mom and dad might still be up.” Just like that my big sister consented to let me screw her. I didn’t say anything but aimed the golf cart toward the bushes beside the 8th tee. 

I tripped over my own left foot when I tried to get out of the fucking golf cart. When I hit the ground on my side Wendy started to laugh “God, you can’t even stand up, how the hell are you going to seduce me?” 

“Hey, I’m already down, come on, the grass is soft.” Wendy burbled some wise assed remark as she came around the back of the cart. She looked at me lying on my back then put a foot on my stomach. “Huh! Don’t do that, I might puke.”

“Shit, you’re a fucking amateur drunk if you can’t handle a tipsy woman standing on your belly. Get your pants down.” She levered open the button of her jeans then yanked the zipper down. Wendy dropped to her knees then rolled to her back, arched her butt off the ground and pulled her pants and panties to her knees in one swift move, I watched as her pussy was revealed in the dim starlight. Just as her legs flattened to the grass another series of fireworks lit up the heavens, Wendy puffed a sip of air and held it as the rockets flared and exploded. By the time the sparks faded my pants were around my ankles, my erection pointed at my sister. Wendy looked at what I had to offer her then wrapped it up in her fist. She started stroking me causing a gush of precum to coat the end of my prick. Wendy rolled to her stomach and said “Come on Kelvin, don’t be useless.” She crossed her arms on the grass and laid her head on them. 

I went to my knees over her legs and tried to push them apart but the jeans around her knees held them close. I pulled her pants and panties off then threw them under a bush. Wendy wiggled her ass at me, I stretched out over her back. I didn’t have to probe or prod, the end of my cock went straight and true and in seconds I was balls deep in my sibling. She rocked her ass, moaned softly, then spread her legs wider when I started fucking her. 

My sister was getting hot, wet and more active as she rolled her back. As her pussy stroked my cock her eyes fluttered closed, her breath came faster then suddenly she began to shiver as I ground my groin against her ass. Wendy gasped a deep breath then yelped it out as she warmed even more. We were beginning to hit a synchronized movement when her goddamn phone started chirping again. Wendy twisted around and flopped her hand on the ground until she nabbed the phone, “Wendy Martin, I’m drunk and I’m celebrating my Independence, what the hell do you want? Oh, sorry dad. Me and Kelvin are on the 8th watching more fireworks.” I shoved my prick as deep into her as I could, she caught her breath then said “Not much longer, you want me to wake you when we come in? No? Okay. Yeah, he can still drive a golf cart, we’ll be okay, it’s not like it goes 90 or something.” She thumbed off the connection, dropped the phone, rolled her head to me “Dad still thinks you’re an idiot for jacking the cart.”

“Fuck him.”

“No, fuck me.” With those words of encouragement, I returned to the pleasure of screwing my sister. Wendy threw her arms wide then her fingers started pulling blades of grass each time my groin slapped into her butt. She was whimpering softly, her back flexing as I plunged and pulled. After a few minutes of slamming my sister my mind sobered up enough to realize I was having more fun with Wendy than Jenny would have been. Just about then she pulled her knees up so her hips were off the ground, I rose to my knees with her, never missing a thrust as we repositioned. She started gasping and moaning, her pussy was growing wetter and hotter then she went stiff as a board for two seconds then yowled out an orgasm. Just like some scene from a stupid fucking chick movie, the night sky started blazing with more fireworks explosions while Wendy yelped and groaned. She was making a lot of noise and I was aware enough to think how glad I was that there were no golfers on the course. Her explosive orgasm was the final trigger in my own sexual sequence and I let loose my balls. The transfer of sperm from me to her concluded our 4th of July party. 

Wendy and I pulled our pants back up in silence then got back on the stolen golf cart. After a few moments of sitting and collecting my thoughts I started toward home. My sister leaned on the seat with her head back, looking into the night. She smiled as another round of fireworks flared against the stars. Her head flopped to me then she smiled and asked “You ready for more fireworks?”

“Huh, what? You want me to stop so we can fuck again?”

Wendy put her hand on my thigh and tickled the muscle with fingertips, “You don’t have to stop.” She unbuttoned and unzipped my dockers then reached for my resurging hard-on. Wendy bent over, licked the tip of my cock then locked her mouth over the head. I moved back on the seat as far as I could then she began to seriously suck my dick. She pulled off my erection then after fumbling in the dark she pulled her hand up, she was holding her smartphone. Wendy reached across my lap then balanced the phone on the dash of the cart then hit the video record icon. When it was recording and aimed right, she went back down on me. She was stroking the shaft, teasing the head with her tongue and my pressure was building. About a block from our house my prick launched its payload like a fucking Roman Candle. I fired surges of hot semen over Wendy’s tongue, her mouth filled then she lifted up and smeared the last two shots over her cheek and lips. When I was done shooting cum all over her face, she took her phone then sat up. She held the camera to her face while she blew bubbles of semen through pursed lips then wiped the mess off her face with a shirt sleeve. My sister ran a few seconds of the video while holding it up for me to see. As I watched her licking the shaft of my erection she asked “You want me to send that to you?” I fucking near came again when she asked that. I watched my sister give me head eight times that night. I hacked my meat as I watched her suck my juices. The video didn’t get my face so nobody would tell it was me if she ever showed it to anybody. 

I missed the entire morning of July 5th because I slept through until afternoon. When I ventured out the first person I met was dad, “You better call Connor and tell him you stole his golf cart before he sends the cops looking for it.” 

“Why didn’t you?”

“I didn’t fucking steal it.”

Just then Wendy came into the room, she interrupted my parental confrontation by demanding “Outside you little shit, we have to talk.” 

I was glad to get away from dad, but Wendy’s demeanor didn’t encourage me. Standing on the front lawn, out of earshot of eavesdroppers, my sister launched her verbal attack, “You stupid ass, you came in me! What the hell were you thinking!?” 

“Uh, you didn’t tell me not to.”

“Doesn’t matter, you need to learn that you have to pull out or use a goddamn condom unless the girl gives you the okay to pump her up. Never, never, cum in a girl unless she says it’s okay.” 

As my sister lectured me it occurred to me that she wasn’t mad that we had sex, just upset that I emptied my nuts in her. “Will you be okay? Do you have to worry?”

“I’m pretty sure I’m safe but don’t you ever cum in me again unless I say so.”

Whoa, what the hell did she just say? “We’re gonna do it again?”

“Hell no, at least not if we’re sober.” 

I couldn’t help it, I had to say it, “You want to have a drink with me?”

Wendy stepped back, looked at me intently for a few moments then began to grin, “You don’t have any fucking morals do you?” She paused, grinned wider and added “I have to wait until I get my period, after that we can talk about having another drink.” Wendy turned, took a few steps away then paused long enough to face me again and say “You know, it could be pretty convenient having you as a drinking buddy when the mood strikes me.” 

“And how often is that?”

“A lot.”

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