Sister Wants A Baby- Round 2 by bigbrother07


Kris’s sister seduced him, or did she? You have to read part one to get the full picture.It had been a couple weeks since the night that I dreamed, or I actually fucked my twin sister Krista. I still didn’t know which was reality. Every time I would ask her, she would smirk and rub her stomach. Whether it was real or not, it haunted me every night while I was in bed.

I guess haunted is not a good deion. Every night when I tried to sleep, I would close my eyes and relive that night. The night my sister sucked and rode my cock to the point that I passed out from the pleasure. Whether it was real or a dream, I masturbated every night to the memory.

It was the weekend before school was to start. Ashley, my girlfriend, and I had planned to go out. I had made reservations at a nice restaurant, and we were going to celebrate finally becoming Seniors. When I arrived at Ashley’s house, I found out she had different plans.

As I stated in my last entry, Ashley and I had been together since the 8th grade. Even though we had never actually had sex, we regularly pleased each other orally. Ashley had always been too embarrassed about her small breasts to actually let me see her naked. Rumor was, she was also scared that she would not be able to take my larger than average cock inside her, as well.

When I knocked on Ashley’s door, I was surprised when she answered wearing nothing but a robe. She had her long blonde hair pulled back in a pony-tail and a big smile on her face when the door opened.

“Wow, what a surprise,” I said with a smile. “Our reservation is in 20 minutes, you still have time to get ready.”

“I cancelled your reservations,” she replied shutting the door.

When I turned to look at her, she was untying the belt of the robe. I watched as she slowly opened the robe. Her pale skin looked so smooth. Her stomach was flat, and her abs were ripped from her cheerleading. Her pussy, which I had seen numerous times, was covered in trimmed blonde hairs. I looked up, I was surprised to see she was not wearing anything over her breasts. Her breasts were almost nonexistent but pretty much just two long nipples standing erect.

I have to admit, I could not help but think about how much hotter my sister looked, but I knew Ashley was taking a big step, so I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her naked body to me. I kissed her long and passionately.

She pulled away from our kiss. “I do not want to start our senior year a virgin, do you?”

Technically, I was not sure if I was a virgin or not, so I nodded in agreement. I moved my hands down and squeezed her firm ass as her hands fumbled to unbuckle my belt. I reached down and picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to her room.

I sat her on the bed and she continued to undo my pants. She pushed my jeans and boxers down together and smiled when my cock sprung to life. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke it as I removed my shirt and kicked my pants off my feet.

I pushed the robe off her shoulders and began to caress her nipples. I stroked them between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned from the pleasure she was feeling.

She leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She had never taken much more than the head, but she knew how to pleasure me. One hand stroked me in rhythm with her mouth, while her other hand cupped and fondled my balls.

I felt the urge to press my cock deeper into her mouth and make her take as much of it as Krista had, but I restrained. Yet again I could not help but compare how much better Krista had sucked me. Although Ashley was good, she was not my sister.

I didn’t want to cum. Ashley had stated that she did not want to be a virgin any more, so I wanted to save my orgasm for that, so I pulled my cock away from her lips and pressed her back onto the bed.

I knelt on the floor between her legs. I lowered my mouth onto her pussy and began to lick and suck her like I knew she liked. Ashley had a pretty pussy, her pink lips were fat and she was always so wet. My tongue traveled from her ass up to her clit then back down. I then sucked her little clit into my mouth while my middle finger slipped inside her.

I had never tried more than one finger. She was very tight, but being she wanted me to fuck her, I needed to try and stretch her more, I thought. So I worked a second finger into her tight cunt and began to slowly work them back and forth.

Ashley was moaning and tossing like crazy. She held her legs straight up and held onto her ankles. I feasted on her juicy pussy, all the while thinking about how good my sister’s smooth, bare pussy tasted.

Ashley cum hard. Her legs fell across my back and her ass lifted off the bed. Her body jerked several times as the flow of her juices increased around my fingers. Once she relaxed, I lifted my head and wiped her excess juices from my chin.

She was smiling when I lay beside her. “Are you ready?”

I leaned in and kissed her lips and then replied, “I am ready when ever you are, Baby.”

She moved to the sitting position and rose to her feet. She moved quickly to her purse and pulled out a little package. She walked back to the bed, fell beside me and handed me the package, “Put this on and I will be ready.”

I tore the wrapper off the condom and placed it on my cock the way we had been taught in sex ed. It felt weird, but I knew the reason for it and did not protest. I rolled it down my shaft and then looked at Ashley who was smiling a nervous smile.

“We don’t have to do this if you are not ready”, I said to her as I placed my hand upon her bare chest.

“No, I want it. I am just scared it is going to hurt.”

“I will be as gentle as I can.”

I moved and kissed her while positioning myself between her legs. The sight was so erotic as I looked in her mirror. My darker, tanned skin impelling her pale white body almost made me fill the condom before I inserted it in her.

I reached down and rubbed my rubber covered head against her opening to lubricate it before pressing the head against her. She jerked as I pressed. The grimmise on her face told me it hurt no matter how gentle I tried to be.

I pressed harder, and it felt like my cock was trying to bend backward. I looked at Ashley and she was biting her bottom lips. I closed my eyes and pressed harder. The rubber kept me from feeling the full effect but I pressed on.

Through her cheering and tumbling, Ashley had lost her hymen years ago, I knew that, so I knew that once I was in, there was nothing going to stop me. The head finally entered her and she screamed out. I looked at her and saw tears whaling in her eyes.

“I am going to stop,” I said as I pulled out of her.

By this time she was crying. “I am so sorry,” she sobbed. “I wanted it to be perfect, but it hurt too bad.”

“It is fine. I want you to enjoy it and not be in pain. We will try again some other time.” I unrolled the condom and placed it in my pocket. I held her naked body for about an hour. Then it was getting time for me to go home. The whole time I held her, my cock never deflated. By the time I left, I had an enormous case of blue balls.

The truck I drove was a manual transmission, so I had to change gears and could not masturbate on the way home. When I arrived, I went to the bathroom and flushed the unused condom down the toilet. Then I took off my shirt and jeans, then went to my room wearing only my boxers.

I laid down and pulled the sheets over my lower body, then pushed my boxers to my knees. My hand immediately went to my aching cock. My balls needed a release and needed it bad. I closed my eyes and tried to image how good it would have felt to be inside Ashley.

All of a sudden the light came on in my room. I stopped midstroke and opened my eyes. My first thought was my parents had caught me red handed, no pun intended. However when I looked toward the door, Krista stood in the door way laughing.

“Did Princess Ashley leave you all hot and bothered tonight, Kris?”

“Get the fuck out of my room,” I was not in the mood for her bull.

She walked into my room, and I got a glimpse of her. She was wearing a sheer night gown that hid nothing. I could see the swells of her dark breasts and her firm hip as she walked to the foot of my bed. She reached down and jerked the covers off of me.

I was laying there with my hand still around my cock and I was not in the mood to move it. She reached down and pulled her gown up and over her head and stood naked. She crawled on the bed and moved my hand and replaced it with hers.

She lowered her head and licked my balls, then started up my shaft. Then she stopped. “She made you wear a condom. You fucked her didn’t you?” She sat up on her knees. Her hand still gripped my cock.

“No I didn’t fuck her. We were going to, but she said it hurt too much.”

She chuckled, “I knew the princess wasn’t woman enough to take this man sized cock.”

She lowered her head and engulfed half of my cock. I placed my hand on her head and pushed to meet her downward motion. It was not long before we had a nice rhythm going. Unlike the last time or the time in my dream, she did not attempt to take all of my cock. She was satisfied with half, and so was I.

She slurps and smacked on my cock while I fucked her pretty face. It was not long before I felt the tingle in my balls. I hesitated to tell her. I wanted to flood her pretty mouth with my cum, but she was my sister.

“I am about to cum, Krista.”

To my pleasant surprise, she didn’t stop. She seemed to pick up the pace. Her lips tighten around my shaft and I continued to pump my cock into her mouth. Then it hit. My body drew up into the sitting position pinning her head between my thighs and stomach, then my balls released the biggest load of cum that I have ever remembered releasing.

She was a trooper, she attempted to take it all, but the flood was too big, too fast. She coughed and gagged as my cum invaded her mouth and throat. She quickly pried her way from my body for the final two blasts to shoot up and land on my lower abdomen.

After my release, my balls felt a lot better and my body relaxed. Krista surprised me by cuddling her body up next to mine. I held her like I had held Ashley earlier that night.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked as I ran my fingers up and down the soft skin of her back.

“You just did,” she replied with a giggle. She lifted her head and place her chin on my bare chest. “Ask me anything.”

“Did we, ah…you know, a couple weeks ago?”

“Did we fuck? Is that what you are asking?”

“Yes, did we fuck!”

“Yes, we did, and it was amazing,” she replied.

“Are you pregnant?”

She exhaled a long, slow breath. “No, my cycle started three days afterwards.”

“Oh, okay,” was all I could say.

Her hand moved down my body and began to stroke my cock. “I was disappointed to the point I cried. I wanted to be pregnant so bad.”

“Why, and why with me?”

“You are my brother, you are athletic and hot. I am smart and hot, don’t you think we would make the perfect baby?”

“Krista, we are twins, we are too close related, the baby could have problems.”

“There is a chance any baby could have problems, so why should that stop us?”

By this time, she had my cock rock hard again. I pulled her in my arms and rolled over on top of her. Her hand moved between us and glided my cock into position and I pushed it in without any resistance. All I could do was moan as my cock slid inside my sisters hot, welcoming pussy.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I began moving my hips back and forth slowly. For the first time, our lips met. It was not a kiss that should be exchanged by siblings. It was long, soft and passionate, a kiss that is shared by lovers.

We made love like seasoned lovers, our bodies moved together like a choregraphed dance. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock as it moved freely inside her. Her hard nipples pressed into my chest.

I broke our kiss and rose up on my arms so I could look down at her. She was so beautiful. Her brown eyes sparkled and were full of passion. She licked her lips and pulled me back into another lovers kiss. Her orgasm approached and she became impatient with our love making.

Her hips began thrusting upward faster and she moaned in our kiss. I rose back up and began to meet her thrusts. She breast shook each time my stomach met hers.

“Don’t stop, I am close, oh baby, that cock is so gorgeous.” She moaned.

She thrusted up and held me still by pressing her heels into my ass. I felt the jolts of her orgasm rock throughout her body. I held still and let her enjoy her blissful moment.

Her body relaxed. Her pussy was three times as wet as it was before. I resumed my slow and steady love making, but she was ready for something more.

“Fuck me with that cock, Kris. Fuck me hard, like you did last time.”

Her wish was my command. I braced myself and began to rock my hips harder and faster. Soon our bodies were slapping together. Her verbal stimulation didn’t stop.

“Oh yes, that’s it, Lover. You know just how to fuck my little cunt. Oh yes, just like that.”

She should have been a cheerleader, with encouragement like she was giving, we would have won state. I lifted to my knees and held her legs up in a V. I look down and watched my cock disappear into her tight pussy.

“Come on, fill me with your baby cream again. Make it stick this time. Give me a baby in my hot body. Give me you baby. Fill me up, OH god I am cumming.”

Her pussy tightened as she orgasmed again. Even though I had already had a release less than thirty minutes before, I could feel my cum boiling in my balls. I continued to pump my cock into her spasming pussy.

I could not hold back, the rush was to extreme. I pushed deep into her womb and released my cum deep inside her.

“Oh god yes, I feel your cum, it feels so good, fertilize me baby.”

The more she talked the more I cum. I filled her with my cum and fell on top of her exhausted.

She held my sweaty body in her arms. We were both spent and before long we were both sound asleep.

The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. Unlike the last time, I was still naked. I went into the bathroom and took a shower then went downstairs. It was Saturday, so no one was up yet. I fixed a bowl of cereal and ate it.

When I was done, I went for a run. The thoughts of the night before was all I could think about. Not the fact that I was fucking my sister, and she wanted to get pregnant, but about Ashley. I knew I was not in love with her anymore, and I decided then and there to end it.

I could not act like I loved her, and be in love with my sister. The fact that I did nothing but compare the night I had with Ashley to what I had with Krista, proved to me that it wasn’t going to last with Ashley and I.

When I got home, everyone was up and busy. My parents informed me that they were going away for the night, and that Krista and I were on our own until late the following evening. I helped them pack their luggage into the car, and within and hour, they were on the road.

As soon as they left, Krista came into the family room wearing nothing but a t-shirt and thong. “We have the house all to ourselves lover. If I am not pregnant, I plan on being that way before this weekend is over.”

She smiled and ran her hand up the leg of my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around my growing cock.

Sister Wants A Baby by bigbrother07


Kris is seduced by his twin sister.I came home from football practice hot and sweaty. The only two things I wanted was a nice long shower and something to eat. 

I began to undress as I climbed the stairs to the bathroom. My shirt was the first to go, then my shoes, and I was unbuttoning by jeans by the time I walked into the bathroom. 

To my surprise, my twin sister was standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a soccer ball under her t-shirt. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked, shocked to see her like that.

“Don’t you think I would look hot pregnant?” 

“Krista, you are only 17, you should not be thinking about being pregnant,” I replied.

Apparently, that was not the response she was wanting. She jerked the ball from under her shirt and stuffed it into my stomach, then stormed out of the bathroom. 

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to undress and shower.

As I said, Krista is my twin sister. I am the oldest by twelve minutes. We are both seventeen and we are about to enter our senior year in high school. 

She is my sister, but there is no denying that Krista was hot. She is naturally beautiful. She has caramel colored skin, soft brown eyes, and a body that would give the Pope a boner. Although she is not into any sports, her body stays toned somehow. 

Krista received all the brains of the family, I received the athletic gene. I was an all-region cornerback on our high school football team and third baseman on the baseball team. Krista was the top of our class. She had started taking college classes our Junior year, so she was about to start her second year of college and her senior year of high school. 

I step into the shower and let the water cascade over my body. It had been a hard practice and the water soothed my aching muscles. I stayed 

under the water until it started getting cold, and then I turned the water off and grabbed my towel.

As I was drying off, I received a notification on my phone. I picked it up and punched the passcode. It was text from my girlfriend Ashley, asking me what I was doing (WRUD?). I started to reply, then had and idea. 

I turned to face the same mirror Krista had been pretending she was pregnant in front of, pulled up my camera, and took a picture, and sent it with the caption, “Getting out of the shower.” 

It was not long before I received a reply, with Ashley telling me how bad she wanted me in her mouth. The thought of her giving me a masterful blow job, made my cock begin to grow. I replied to her and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed to my room for some relief. 

Ashley and I had been together since the eighth grade. Everyone at school said we were the perfect couple. She was a cheerleader, beauty queen, and the president of every club in our school, it seemed. Her father was an attorney, and her mother was a spokesperson for some liberal organization, so they were never around much, but gave Ashley anything and everything she could want.

Ashley looked like your typical preppy girl. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and long tanned legs. If she had flaw, it would be her breasts, or lack of. Of course, daddy was going to fix that as soon as she turned 18. 

As I entered my room I shut the door, dropped the towel and laid back on my bed. By this time Ashley had sent me an invitation to video chat. I looked at my phone, and saw nothing but her thin fingers rubbing over her fat pussy lips. 

That was all it took for me to reverse the camera so that she could see me stroking my cock. In the back ground I could hear her moaning, and softly telling my how beautiful and big my cock was, and how she couldn’t wait to feel it sliding down her throat. With that I blasted my load. 

We said our good byes, and I got up and dressed to go down stairs and get something to eat. When I walked into the kitchen, Krista rolled her eyes at me. 

“What is it?” I asked.

“You and the Princess need to be a little quieter. You are lucky mom and dad weren’t here.”

“You are just jealous.”

“Jealous of what? Masturbating to your phone? No, I am not jealous, because I am better than that. If a guy wants this, it isn’t going to be done over the phone.” She tossed her hair and walked out of the kitchen. 

I shrugged her remarks off and began to fix a sandwich. Once I was done, I headed upstairs to study my play book. I pulled out my book and laid on the bed. 

It was not long before I heard movement in Krista’s room. Then I heard her open her door. She walked past my room to the bathroom. I heard her start the water. 

After a few minutes, I got up to go get some water. When I past by the bathroom, I was surprised to see the door wide open. I resisted the temptation to look as I passed by. I was dumbfounded. Krista was always modest and a conservative. She never even wore bikini, so I was confused about why she had left the door open. 

I fixed me a glass of water and drank it down. Then headed back to my room. I was at a conflict with myself. One part of me wanted to look in and see my sister naked, the other part of me knew it was wrong. As I approached, the good side me was winning. I made it half way passed the door, and then….

“Kris, hey can you get me a towel?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. I could not turn my head. I just stood there like an idiot. My inner voices were arguing back and forth. 

“Are you deaf? I asked if you would get me a towel, I am standing here dripping.”

That was all it took. I turned my head, and my mouth dropped open from the sight before me. My sister, naked, and dripping water. Her body glistened from the dampness of the bath. Her breasts heaved up and down as she breathed. Her stomach was flat and toned, her pubic area was smooth as glass. I tried real hard not to stare, but I failed.

I handed her a towel from the closet. My eyes never left her body. I was taking in every, sexy inch of her. 

“You are acting like you have never seen a naked girl before.” 

Her remarks broke my trance. I could feel my face blush. I was not blushing because of the current situation, but from the fact she was right. I had not ever seen a girl naked, this close. 

Ashley and I had performed oral sex on each other, and I had felt her up numerous times, but I had never seen her completely naked because she was so embarrassed about her small breasts. This was the first time I had seen a girl fully naked, and I liked it, a lot. 

Krista took the towel from me and began to dry herself. Then she looked at me, “Ah, you can go now.” I shook my head and turned around to leave. 

To add to my embarrassment, as I turned to go into my room, Krista shouted another remark that floored me. 

“I can tell its true what the Princess has been saying, you are hung like a mule.”

I went into my room and if I would have been able to fit, I would have crawled under my bed. I was so shocked, embarrassed and turned on that I just stood there, not able to move. Then I was brought back to reality when Krista stopped in front of my door.

“I want to see it.” She said with the towel wrapped around her head. She had put on her robe, but had not tied it so her breasts, stomach and pubic area was still in view when I turned around. 

“You want to see what?”

“Your cock. Princess Ashley can’t stop talking about it, and I want to see it.”

“You are my sister, we are not supposed to do things like that”

“Pussy, I thought a guy with a big cock would be more of a man.”

“You are such an ass hole,” I began untying my shorts. “You want to see it, well here it is.” I pushed my shorts down and my erect cock sprung up and slapped my stomach. Krista’s mouth dropped open, similar to the way mine did when I saw her naked.

I am not like most of the guys at school, I do not go around boasting about how big my cock is, but I know it is above average, well above average. Fully erect, it measured nine and a half inches. I know this because Ashley has measured it. 

“No wonder Ashley will not let you inside her, you would break her in half with that monster.” 

I shrugged my shoulders and bent down to pull my shorts back up. 

“What are you doing?” Krista spurted out. 

“You wanted to see it, you have seen it, what else do you want?”

She smiled a smile I had not seen before. 

She walked closer and dropped to her knees. “I want a lot more.”

“Krista, we can’t!” I exclaimed as she opened her pink lips and sucked my cock head into her mouth.

She was my sister, but I am a man. When I woman, no matter who it is, has your cock in her mouth, you shut up and enjoy it. She slowly worked my cock into her mouth. She moved her hands up my legs to my hips. She pulled me to her as she pushed towards me. She had already taken more than Ashley could ever take and she wasn’t stopping. 

Her hands moved around to my ass and she pulled me even closer. I could hear her gagging, I could feel her throat contracting around me as I pushed farther. I felt her trembling as she tried with all her might to take it all. Unfortunately, she could only manage to get about three-fourths before she had retreat. 

Although she could not take it all, it didn’t stop her from giving me the best blow job I had ever had. Her tongue and lips worked like a well-oiled machine. As my orgasm approached, I got a little braver. I reached down and pulled on her hard-brown nipple. She rewarded me with a soft moan. 

“I am about to cum!” I moaned, warning her of my approaching eruption. 

She sat back on her heels and stroked my cock vigorously. Her eyes never left my cock. She stroked me for a few more seconds until I could not hold it back any longer. With a load moan, I released what seemed like a gallon of cum onto my sister’s breasts.

My knees went weak and I fell back onto my bed. I was semi-conscious when I heard Krista giggling. I opened my eyes to see her using the towel to wipe the cum off her breasts. “What is so funny?” 

“You are a typical guy. You get your rocks off and then go to sleep.”

I opened my eyes and smiled. She was still kneeling between my legs. Even though I had cum, my desire and horny state had not diminished. I rose and in one motion I moved from my laying position, up and gently tackled her, pushing her onto the carpeted floor of my bed. 

“What are you doing?” Krista giggled as she fell back from the force of my body weight.

Without a word, my mouth covered her hard nipple. Her breasts were magnificent. There was no sag at all, and they were full and pointy at the tip. Her nipples were huge compared to the small areola that surrounded them. 

From the sounds of her moans, I sensed she was enjoying my treatment of her meaty morsel as much as I was. My tongue circled her nipple as I nursed. My hand slowly moved between her legs and was rubbing over her smooth vulva. Her legs opened wider without any struggle. 

I rubbed over her vulva with the palm of my hand while my middle finger applied pressure to her engorged clit. Her pussy was drenched with her womanly juices. Once I was convinced she was ready, I inserted one, then two fingers, sinking them knuckle deep. She gasped as I penetrated her. 

I moved from one marvelous breast to the other, leaving her nipples to glisten from my saliva. My fingers worked in and out of her with a steady motion while my thumb strummed her clit. It was not long before her head was tossing back and forth, and her hips rose to meet my fingers.

The smell of her coconut lotion was intoxicating. I released her left nipple and kissed my way down her stomach. I heard a soft moan as I positioned my head between her toned legs. I only had one other to compare it to, but Krista’s pussy was the most delicious pussy I had seen. 

Her vulva was smooth and plump with her engorged clit protruding from its hood. I closed my lips around her clit and sucked. She immediately sat up and pushed my head into her pelvis. She let out a deafening cry of pleasure as I applied suction to her sensitive area. 

“oh god, you are talented. I am going to cum, don’t you dare stop!” She cried out in a rasping voice. 

There was no way I was going to stop. Her juices were sweeter than anything that had ever touched my tongue. I gripped her firm ass and continued to suck and lick her clit. Her body thrust and trembled. She bucked back and forth then her body tensed. 

With one loud moan, her pussy released. She squirted her cum into my mouth and on my face. I did my best to catch as much as possible by covering her spasming cunt with my mouth. 

Her orgasm lasted a full minute or two, with several after shocks as my tongue continued to rub against her clit. I continued to lick and suck until she pushed my head away, and collapsed back onto the floor. Her eyes were closed tight, and her chest rose and fell as she attempted to catch her breath. 

I sat back on my knees and gazed upon the beauty before me. She finally regained her composure and looked at me. I watched as her eyes left mine and traveled down my naked body. Her eyes widened when they reached my crotch. I knew what she saw. My cock was throbbing again. 

She opened her legs and ran her hand over her soaked pussy. It was the only invitation I needed. Without a thought about the fact she was my sister, I jabbed my cock into her warm, wet folds. 

I am not sure which of us moaned the loudest. Krista’s pussy was very tight. It was all I could do to get the head and part of my shaft between her puffy lips. She brought one hand up to my neck and the other was palm down on the floor as she used the floor for leverage to push her resisting pussy onto my cock. 

I worked my cock back and forth until it was coated with her juices. It slowly sank deeper. If I had not already had two orgasms over the last couple of hours, I would have definitely blew my load. I had never felt something so good. 

Her pussy gripped me like a glove, one size too small. It felt like I was sticking my cock into a warm vat of oil. Krista wrapped her toned legs around my waist and pressed her heels into my ass trying to push me entirely into her. 

As her moisture grew, it was becoming easier to slide in. She yelped loudly as our pelvises met. I could not believe that I was fully inside her. Her heels pressed hard against my ass to signal me to stop. I held my position while she adjusted to the intruder inside her.

Her brown eyes looked into mine and she smiled. “Fuck me!”

Fuck her I did. I pulled her legs from around me and held them against my chest as I began to piston my cock in and out of her tight sheath. Our bodies slapped together as the sound of her pussy juices gushing filled the room. Our moans were in unison. She hit another pinnacle. 

Her body jolted and tossed under me as her pussy tightened even tighter around my cock. I didn’t let up, I continued to plow my cock into her without mercy. My eyes never left her body. Seeing her breasts bounce and to hear her moan and gasp for air was such a turn on. 

“I need to reposition,” Krista moaned as she came off her orgasmic high. I pulled out of her while she turned over and raised her firm ass up into the air in front of me. 

I rubbed my hand over her ass, crack and anus. She jerked away, “There is no way you are going there,” she exclaimed.

I had not thought about fucking her ass, until she mentioned it. However, I wanted more of her pussy. I moved closer and she reached back and guided me in. The second penetration was not nearly as good as the first, but it was still amazing. 

I pushed in my full length with ease. I placed my hands on her hips and picked up where I had left off. Krista rose up on her hands, and from my closet mirror I was able to see us. It was a beautiful sight. 

My beautiful sister on her hands and knees, her beautiful breasts swaying back and forth from the force of my thrusts. The sight alone should have pushed me over the edge, but for some reason, there was still no tingle in my balls. 

My stomach slapped her ass repeatedly. My balls swung between my legs until they were sore. Still there was no tingle. I had never lasted so long during my masturbation sessions or the oral sex with Ashley. I was starting to get worried. 

Krista fell flat onto the floor in exhaustion, “My knees are about to give out. Get on the bed.”

My cock glistened with her juices. I got up and climbed on the bed and lay on my back. Krista followed me. She straddled my body and rose up on her legs. Her right hand gripped my throbbing cock and held it as she slid back into place. 

Her ass rested on my lower abdomen. She looked down and smiled again. “You feel so good inside me. You have stretched me to where you will be the only person to ever satisfy me again.” Her hips slowly began to rock as her fingers traced my rib cage. 

“I want you to cum. I want to feel your monster cock explode inside me.” She began to move her ass up and down my cock faster, and harder. “Don’t your want to fill my tight little pussy with your hot man cream?” I was losing control. I held onto her waist and thrusted upward pushing my cock into her deeper. 

“Oh Kris, feed my hungry cunt, feed it with your beautiful cock. Cum in me, fill me, make your sister pregnant.”

All of a sudden there was a rush over my body. I felt my body begin to convulse. My balls tightened as I gripped her ass and held her in place. My balls erupted thick, hot, potent seed deep into the womb of my sister. There were several powerful blasts followed by many smaller ones. 

When my balls were empty I fell limp on the bed. Everything went dark. 

The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning. I opened my eyes and looked around my room. Nothing seemed to be out of place. I lifted the covers off my body, and I had my shorts on. It must have all been a dream. 

I got out of bed. Something did feel different. My balls ached. When I went to relieve myself, it was almost painful as my bladder emptied. 

I returned to my room and dressed for practice. When I went down for breakfast, my parents and my sister were all sitting around the table. I fixed me a bowl of cereal and sat at my place. 

There was not much conversation, which was normal. Krista finished first and placed her bowl into the dishwasher. I raised my head to look at her. Thoughts from my dream returned and I began to become aroused. 

She looked at me and winked while rubbing her stomach. I almost spat my cereal all over the table. Was it a dream or did I fuck and impregnate my sister? Only time will tell.

You Made Me Cum About Ten Times by Don’sdick


It’s a fact… naked bodies will attract, regardless“My goodness, Don, I think you made me cum about ten times. How do you last so long?”

I had just emptied my nuts into my 24yr old neighbor, Nancy. The girl (at 58, It’s still permissible for me to call one that age a ‘girl’) was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Al, but he was out of town… and she was horny.

“Honey, you should have known me in my younger years. As the saying goes, “I used to do it all night… now it takes me all night to do it.” I’m not sure I’m able to do this good of a job every time, but I sure do hope this ain’t the last time. You, young lady, are good… mighty good.”


It all started a couple months ago, when I moved to the small mobile home next door to Nancy and Al. He saw me unloading a few furniture pieces and asked if he could help. 
Of course, I accepted and we knocked out the pickup load in no time. 
Nancy was cooking some burgers on the grill and I was invited to join them.

I learned that Al worked at an independent auto parts store and Nancy trained horses. As with most girls that ride a lot, she had a plain face, wide ass, and an absolutely awesome, firm set of tits. 
Nearly always, she would be home two to three hours before Al. They had been together for almost two years, but had no kids. I filled them in on my hobbies… cooking and writing. It was a good evening and the next day, I smoked a delicious pork roast, smoked corn-on-the-cob, and baked a blackberry cobbler. 

This time, they came to my small patio for supper, “Wow, Don, this is the best corn I’ve ever tasted. What did you do special to make it so good?”

I explained to her about leaving the corn inside the shuck and cooking it slowly on the upper rack of my smoker. I also told them the long, drawn out, story of my divorce. 

“Yeah, well, The corn is really good, Don, but I’m kinda partial to the pork,” Al spoke up, “What kind of rub do you use?”

Again, I love to cook. I rarely glance at a recipe. But I tried to explain what seasonings I used. What I didn’t tell them was that I had ‘rubbed’ my cock and mixed my cum with the other spices, then smeared it all over the roast. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them, right?

Each time I fixed a meal for my new, young neighbors I managed to serve my body fluids to them in one way or another. Yeah, I know… I’m a sicko bastard..

But a couple weeks afterwards, Al had to go out of state for a ‘car accessories’ convention. I cooked a pot of venison chili, thinned it a little with some piss, and when I saw Nancy get home, I spooned up a big bowl full and slipped on some clothes. For the record, I’m single; nobody lives with me; so I rarely wear any clothing around the house.

About twenty minutes after she drove in, I left my back door and walked across our back yards. As I walked up the steps to their deck, my eyes were treated to a sight I wasn’t expecting. 

Just inside the glass sliding doors, lying in the evening sunlight shining through them, was Nancy… naked and masturbating. Many thoughts went through my mind, but only one thought went to my dick…

The sunlight was bright enough that she kept her eyes turned away from the doors… she never knew I was watching. When I saw, and heard, her having an orgasm, I set the bowl of chili on the patio table and walked back home.

Ten minutes later, I sent her a text, “Did you find the bowl of chili I left for you?”

The return text read, “Yes, I did. Thank you. It’s still hot, when did you bring it?”

“About 15 minutes ago. I was going to say ‘hi’ but I could see you were….. ‘busy’.”

It was probably another ten minutes before she responded, “You saw me?”

“Every beautiful inch.”


“No problem, I have to do that, too. I’m single, remember?”

“OMG! I can’t believe this. Please don’t say anything to Al.”

“No problem, enjoy the chili… and I’ll enjoy the sight embedded in my memory.”

I didn’t hear anything else from Nancy that evening. The next day, I got a text, “Chili was very good. Supper’s on me this evening. My place, ok?”

“Wonderful. Do I need to “dress” up?”

“Whatever…. I’ll be dressed the same as yesterday.”

“Sounds fantastic to me. I’ll plan on doing the same.”

“Ok… eyes only, though. No sex.”

“Grrrrr… but I can live with that. 5 o’clock?”

“5 is fine.”

When I tapped on the glass door, Nancy waved for me to come in. She was at the kitchen range, wearing an apron, only. Her fine, wide ass made my dick stand at attention, immediately. I removed my light robe and laid it on the back of a dining room chair.

“Wow!” she pointed at my stiffie, that didn’t take long.”

“He likes your ass… and your tits… and that sweet little bush down there.”

“Well, I’ll take that as a compliment. Sit right there, I’ll put the chicken and dumplings on the table.”

“Mind if I pet him a little? If I don’t, I’ll probably get splinters from the underside of the table.”

She set the big bowl on the table and smiled, “Here, let me do it. That way we can eat while it’s still hot.”

Nancy took my rod in one hand and my nut sack in the other. She stroked it for a minute or so, then dropped to her knees. Her small mouth was full when she engulfed about half of Ol’ Fat Boy. Another thirty seconds, she was pulling cum from my toes and lungs, out the end of my hard cock. It wasn’t her first rodeo… she never lost a drop.

“Whew! I’ve had blow jobs before, but never had one that good. I thought you said ‘no sex’ this evening.”

She stood and began spooning the food into the plates, “That’s right. You have to remember, Bill and Monica swore that blow jobs weren’t sex. I’ll accept that. Now, eat.”

After the delicious meal, I asked, “What about if I eat you, would that be having sex?”

“I’m not worried about getting splinters. I don’t think it would be a good idea. This is Al’s pussy, Don. For now, I think it better stay that way.”

We watched a little TV and had some strawberry shortcake for dessert. She teased me by licking the whipped cream with her tongue, and scraping the skin off the berries with her teeth. It was easy to see that she was pleased with herself as her manipulations made my shaft hard again.

“You do know I’m not going to be able to take much more of that.”


“So spread those legs and let me eat that cunt. You won’t regret it…”


That brings me back to where this story started. Nancy and I have been pleasing each other for nearly a year, now. She just found out she’s pregnant and was worried the baby was mine, which would end her marriage to Al. I told her not to worry, I’d had a vasectomy several years ago.

I didn’t… but it eased her mind… and I’m still fucking her.

Horny Aunt Addi by Don’sdick


My wife’s new ‘aunt’ was horny for cock and didn’t even realize it.Horny Aunt Addi

This isn’t a story about an overgrown kid with a monstrous cock; nor is it about an aunt who is still young and built like the proverbial brick shit house.
At this point, it’s fantasy… but it could happen, if things fall into place, soon.

Carly’s uncle, Rob, had gone thru a bad divorce and, being unable to disprove some lies told about him, spent a few years behind bars.
He never wanted revenge on his ex-bitch, but he didn’t want her to receive his military pension when he died, either.

So… enter Addison. Addi is several years younger than Rob, a close friend of his daughter, who we’ll just call ‘Bitch-II’. 
Supposedly, if Rob married again, any final benefits, including pension, would go to the last spouse of record.

Addi is also an LPN and certified in home health care. Sooooo… Bitch-II gets Addi to agree to move in with her dad and take care of him. After a few months, he decides she’s a good woman and, although there had never been a kiss or a night spent together, he asked her to marry him in order for a good woman to be the ‘last spouse of record’ and cut Bitch-1 off completely.

So it happened…

Carly and her uncle Rob had been close when she was growing up. He is about 10 years older and loved teaching her how to catch, clean and cook fish. Even after many years of our marriage, he would call his fishing buddy and the two of them would take off for the day. 
Bitch-1 never liked Carly but used to flirt with me a little… but she was 100% Bitch and I wouldn’t have anything to do with her.

Rob and Addi’s ‘arrangement’ remained the same. She drove the old guy to his doctor appointments, his parole officer appointments, to church functions and dropped him off at the dock, where he and a few other old vets would shoot the shit and catch a few little ones.
They still never slept together; nor did they show any kind of romantic affection towards each other.

Each time Carly and I would make the hour drive to visit them, she and Rob would talk about going fishing.
On one such day, I was inside the patio doors on the couch, working on a short presentation I was going to have to make on Monday.

Addi, who (in her early 50’s) is 12yrs younger than me, plopped down on the couch and asked what I was working on. I told her I knew that the main topic of conversation outside was going to be about fishing, so I had brought my laptop to work on my stuff.
“Yeah, that’s all Rob thinks about. He’s told me stories about teaching Carly how to catch fish, and how one or the other had fallen into a pond at one time or another. He tells the same ones over and over. Between that and his war stories, which change every time he re-tells one, I usually try to slip into my room and work on my drawings, or maybe I’ll try to design some jewelry; just for the heck of it.”

“Drawings? I didn’t know you’re an arteest,” I smiled, “and an aspiring designer for Cartier, too. Cool! I’d like to see some of your work.”

I had been through her bedroom one time since she moved in with Rob. That was to look at a leaking faucet in her bathroom lavatory. I was struck by the theme in which her room was decorated… Religion.
There were pictures of angels and Jesus everywhere. All four corner posts of her bed were fashioned into crosses. Her matching curtains and bedspread were lavender prints, filled with images of more angels.

Her drawings were pretty much the same themes, as were her designs for silver and turquoise jewelry… 
Then I spotted a stack of older oil paintings.

“Those are my dad’s. Some of them aren’t very nice; he liked to paint naked people.”

Some of the artwork was beautiful sunsets, depicted from the decks of ships, “He was in the Navy. He could sell the naked paintings for ten times more money than the scenery. I always thought he was pretty good, but he was more proud of his writing… which is also, mostly, not very nice.”

I ran across a small painting of a little, naked brunette; she was turned with her back to the artist, but had her cute little head turned, looking over her shoulder and down at a kitten, “What a cutie. Is this you, by any chance?”

Addi blushed and took the canvas from my hand, “Uh-oh, I thought this one was in the closet. Yes, it’s me. The only person he painted more than me was my sister… but that’s a story that’s not very nice, either. Dad and Delilah were too close… more than they should have been, if you get my drift.”

As a matter of fact, I WAS getting her drift. Delilah and her father were lovers… somehow, ‘lovers’ was never one of my favorite words, when it came to just having sex. Loving is one thing… fucking was another; Not taking away the fact that one definitely complimented the other.

The more we talked, the more comfortable Addi became. She agreed to pull the rest of her dad’s things out of the closet so I could see them on our next visit. 
I suggested that she work on Rob; and I would encourage Carly to take her fishing gear along next time.

It worked….

On the next trip, Carly drove Rob’s old truck to the big lake, about thirty minutes away; their overdue fishing trip was underway.
I chose to stay at the house in order to work, quietly, on a novel.
Addi told them she was going to take a load of old clothes to Goodwill…

As soon as the truck was out of sight, I asked her about her father’s work. The boxes were on the floor of her closet, ready to be explored.

Her father had sold all but three of Delilah’s paintings before he died. As she opened up her stash of treasures, she was quick to point out, again, “Like I told you, some of these are real nasty. I would never pose like this for anyone, thank you, Jesus.”

My mind was whirling, “If these are so bad, why was she so quick to share them with me? I think the woman is in bad need of a good fucking.” 

We sat on the couch and picked up the few on top of the stack. Both of us were wearing loose legged shorts.
The first painting was Delilah as a teenager, leering at the artist with a seductive look. Just below that look was a set of small, but beautifully painted, tits. Lower, the girl appeared to have fingers stuck in her pussy, which was covered by light brown hair.

“I’m not sure how old she was in this one, but dad made her have sex with him just before he painted it. Blessed Lord, it’s shameful.”

I laid my hand on her bare leg and patted her for reassurance, “It’s alright, Addi, with my limited knowledge, the artwork itself is brilliantly done. This could be worth some good money some day.”

She didn’t object when my hand remained on her bare skin. Looking at the second canvas, it was a close up portrait of Delilah’s face, “What a beautiful sister you have. Is she still in the Chicago area?”

“You didn’t say anything about her mouth, Don. You do know what that is, don’t you?”

I squeezed her lag and rubbed it up and down between her knee and the bottom of her shorts, “Of course, it’s a load of sperm. Was it your dad’s, too?”

“Yes… thank Jesus he never made me do that with him. He really didn’t force Delilah to, she was always ready to please him… and yes, she’s still in Chicago. She’s been married to the same man for almost 30 years.”

I stopped my hand where her shorts leg began and spread my fingers, my pinky slipping just under the material, “Let’s look at this last one.”

Delilah was lying on her back, her pretty face propped on a pillow, looking between her widespread legs. Her father had done an amazing job of capturing a flow of white cum, draining from her slightly open cunt. A small puddle on the sheet indicated it had been a massive ejaculation.

“Damn! Somebody fucked her real good. She must have got a pint dumped in her. Your dad was one helluva artist.”

Her hand gently pushed mine away from her shorts, “I don’t believe in playing games, Don. Let’s put these things back and say a prayer.” 

“No problem, let’s have a look at the rest of these, first.” There were four or five more small paintings of Addi, but in all of them, her back was turned and her father never portrayed her front side in any of them… good art work, though.

In the bottom of the box were some old porn magazines that had gone out of publication years ago. She moved closer to me so she could point out the articles her dad had written, “There’s one of the worst ones. I’m sure The Lord never forgave him for writing things like this and for the things he did to us girls.”

“Did he ever have sex with you at all?”

“Heavens, no! But not because he didn’t want to. He tried all kinds of things… money, treats, bicycle… he even bought me a car when I turned 16. Praise Jesus he never persuaded me to do it. 
“I’ve never told anyone about this, though; not even my first husband. Only the Lord and I know about it… Daddy was getting me into position for the painting you saw last time, the one with the kitten. I didn’t know what he was doing when he coated his finger with Vaseline. 
“He turned me the way I was supposed to sit and told me to raise up. His hand slipped under me and his finger slid right inside me. I screamed because it hurt. He broke my hymen but pulled it out because he was afraid I would tell. As much as I didn’t like it, I loved my daddy and never wanted to get him in trouble. 
“He never did anything like that again… not to me, anyway. 
“Lord, please forgive me for telling that secret.”

Addi’s leg was against mine and, once again, I patted her for reassurance and suggested we put the ‘treasures’ back into the closet, “Maybe I’ll just read the articles next time.”

Unbeknownst to anyone else, I had excused myself to the bathroom as soon as Carly and I had arrived. I had hoped an opportunity would present itself, so I popped a 100mg Viagra… it was working.

I could tell that Addi noticed my ‘tent’ when I carried the box into her bedroom. She had to squeeze beside me to show me exactly where she wanted it placed. I made a point to turn, causing her to brush against my hard cock.
With that chore finished, I reached the bedroom door ahead of her and closed it. Her eyes were wide as I turned and told her, “I think we need to get you naked.”

“What? Oh, Heavenly Father, don’t let this happen.”

With my hands on her shoulders, I gently pushed her toward the bed. She was whispering a prayer and a tear made its way down her cheek as I loosened the buttons on her blouse. Her clasp was in front, so I released her 36B’s next, “Your tits are amazing, Addi. The finest set I’ve ever seen.”

I slid her shorts and bikini panties to her ankles while she was pleading with God to stop what was happening to her. When I eased her ample ass onto the edge of the bed, her clothes finished dropping to the floor.

Her sobs were a little more pronounced as I raised her legs into the air, but there was no resistance. She was expecting me to rape her, but my mouth was watering… I had to eat her first. Her pubic hair was thick, but had been trimmed. The second I kissed her labia, she involuntarily caught her breath… she was horny as hell and didn’t even realize it.

I sucked her hard clitoris between my lips and worked the top of it with my hungry tongue. It seemed only natural to insert two fingers in her, so… 

In moments, Addi was writhing on the bed as I finger-fucked her harder and harder. She was getting so moist her pussy was making wet, sucking sounds and her juices were splattering on her legs with each thrust of my hand. She began to cry out as she felt herself about to cum. Her pussy contracted around my fingers so I pushed even harder and deeper, forcing her to orgasm against my hand.

Soon, she stopped wriggling and I withdrew my slimy hand from between her quaking legs. She watched through lidded eyes as my mouth continued to work, holding her in an expanded state of ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt my tongue gently lapping against her tender and sensitive clit. “Oh…oh…oh, Don! Oh, Blessed Jesus, that feels so good,” she murmured. She began to slowly move up and down, again, humping my bearded face. 

I reached up with my hands and cupped her ample tits, my fingers closing in around her hard nipples. The combined sensations were too much for Addi; she felt overwhelmed and began cumming again in moments. My rough hands were squeezing and kneading her titties harder and harder while my tongue worked over her clit. Her hands went to her mouth and muffled her screams of pleasure, mixed with prayer, while she squirted more pussy juice all over my tongue and face. I continued to lick lazily while Addi’s breathing slowed down and she collected herself. 

She raised her head as I lifted myself up, my face and beard glistening with her wetness. She looked down between my legs and saw my cock was harder than ever. “Fuck me, Don,” she whispered.
It had been eight years since the Addi had been the recipient of a stiff dick. I was more than ready to fulfill her needs. My Viagra had been at work for almost two hours and Fat Boy had been standing solid for half of that time. 

I pulled her body to the edge of the bed and entered her, easily, “OH, MY PRECIOUS LORD!!! OHHHHHH, Don… Ohhhhhh… God, that feels sooooo good.” 

Addi went totally, fucking hysterical while I pumped my meat in and out of her. If she’d been a Holy Roller, I’d swear she was talking in ‘tongues’. I don’t believe I ever read anything in the Bible that would indicate an incestuous relationship between Jesus and his mother Mary, but Addi was yelling things to that effect. 
How anybody could be so starved for hard cock is still a mystery to me.

She was getting tired and wearing down when my nuts began tightening. She had already cum half a dozen times, but once she knew I was hitting her cervix with hot pulses of my own cum, she squealed one more time, “GOD YES!! OH SHIT! PINCH MY TITS… HARD!!” I seriously thought Addi was going to pass out with that last orgasm, but she bit a hole in her tongue and the pain kept her lucid.

I kissed the forehead of my aunt, by marriage, twice removed (I’ve always heard that term but never had a clue what it meant). I would have loved to kiss her full lips, but I was concerned she would think I was in love with her. Fucking this woman was great, but I didn’t need the problem of a love-sick female.

She asked if I wanted to shower with her, but I elected to wash my cock and cods in the other bathroom… good thing, too. Rob and Carly drove back in while Addi was still bathing. Not much action on the fishing front.

Two weeks later, Carly and I made the trip again. When they left for the lake, Addi gave me a hug, “Thank you for leaving the Viagra pill last time. Rob puts so much stuff in his coffee that he didn’t even taste it. He got really hard and didn’t know why. He said it was the first time in five years or more. 
“I simply told him that I was his wife and I would take care of him. It took almost an hour, but he finally shot a pretty good load. I had a few orgasms, but not like the ones you gave me.
“Now for the hard part… I’ve decided that I won’t cheat on Rob again. I talked to our doctor and he gave me a prescription for Viagra, but told me not to push my luck. More than once a week could cause him to have a stroke, with the blood pressure problems he has.
“Thank you for what you did for me last time. I asked Jesus for forgiveness, and told Him there would be no more, okay?”

I kissed her on the head and told her, “Sure it’s okay… if that’s what you really want.” I turned around and loosened the belt on my shorts. When I dropped them to the floor, Fat Boy was hard enough to use for a splitting wedge, “I’ll just sit here and play with myself until you change your mind.”
Once she got a good look at the sausage that had broken her celibacy and given her so much pleasure, she crossed herself and said, “Forgive me Lord, I can’t help it.” Her clothes flew in every direction. Once naked, she bent over the arm of the couch, “From behind this time… please?”

C’mon Sis, Let;s Fuck by Don’sdick


Edited and reposted to comply with age restrictionsC’mon, Sis… Let’s Fuck.

Cassidy had walked in front of Bill for the third time. It was Saturday and she was doing her assigned duty, dusting and vacuuming. 
Bill, on the other hand, was trying to watch a baseball game on TV instead of cleaning the bathrooms and taking the garbage to curb for the large container. 

Cass was wearing a t-shirt and panties, as she always did on weekends around the house. It had been her standard dress since she was a toddler.
Bill wore nothing but some cut-off sweat pants which reached half way to his knees.

As she began the back and forth pattern of cleaning the open carpet area, Cass’ eighteen year-old body was blocking his view of the game. Bill picked up a rubber band and waited to choose just the right target. When she turned her back, he drew it tight and popped her pretty little ass on the right cheek.

“OUCH! Damn you, Billy!” The handle of the vacuum cleaner hit the floor and she leapt for her brother. 
Billy, being just less than two years older, was a little quicker, gaining his feet and jumping over the back of the couch. He ran to the back door, knowing Cass wouldn’t follow him outside in her skimpy clothing.

“Shame on you, Cass, you’re not supposed to cuss. I might have to tell on you.” 
That was enough for her to keep on his tail as he ran out the door, trying to close it behind him. This time, she was fast enough to catch the door and slammed it behind her as she chased Bill across the yard.

“I’m not gonna just cuss you, Billy Parker. When I catch you I’m gonna kill you! That rubber band hurt, by God.” They circled two trees and the dog kennel, setting Bitsy into a barking mood. 
When Bill glanced back at Cass, he didn’t see the garden hose. His foot caught it and he flew ten feet before landing in the grass.

About the same time he stopped rolling, Cass jumped in the middle of his back, digging her fingers into his ribs. She knew he couldn’t stand being tickled and decided to take full advantage of the fact. 
Bill bucked and wiggled. He would push her hands away, but he would never hurt her.

As they wrestled in the grass, Bill would pull at the top of her panties, thinking she’d give up and run back into the house. Every time he’d jerk on them, she’d just pull them back up and resume tickling. He finally managed to get her on her back and pinned her arms to the ground.

Both of them were laughing hard, as they’d done many, many times. He reached back to her knees, where he squeezed just above her kneecaps, in that area where it’s hard to distinguish between tickle and pain. “You’re not supposed to be outside in your underwear, shame on you.”

Kicking her slim legs, she alternated between getting her knees out of his grasp and trying to pound him in the back with them. During another outburst of laughter, Cass warned him to get off her, “HAHAHA! QUIT! You better get off me, I’m about to pee my pants!”

“Tell you what, sis, I’ll let you up if you promise not to chase me. You can go pee, but when you get the vacuuming done, you clean the bathrooms, too. Deal?” Cass was about to protest, but she needed to pee… really bad. They had always kept their word, so she agreed to the terms, but began planning a… ‘I’ll get you back this evening’.

All their young lives the Parker children had been very good at learning manners, respecting others and caring for each other. Neither of the kids could remember having a serious argument with the other, although the mischief was always a part of their personalities.

Nora Parker worked six days a week as a waitress at a local diner. Through her years of dedication to the business, she had progressed to very good wages and wonderful tips from her faithful customers. Nora probably brought more money home than any two other employees, the exception being Lee Wang, the owner.

Often, Bill and Cassidy would walk the four blocks to have supper with their mom, but she never worried if they didn’t come. She had always been comfortable that they would be safe at home. On school nights, they would both be in their beds asleep when she got home from her late shift.

At thirty-two, Nora was very attractive, but declined many invitations to go out with men, some of whom she’d even known for a long while. She wasn’t stupid, however. About once a week, when she stayed after work, Lee Wang provided a nice ‘bonus’ of $200 for ten minutes in her pussy. His wife never knew…

It was eight-thirty and Cassidy had finished her chores, and Bill’s. At least three more hours before her mother came home, it was time to put her plan into action…

“Billy! Can you come help me? I’m in Mom’s room!” She slid under the bed and got ready. When Bill came into the room, she called out, “I’m under the bed and this box is stuck. If you can reach under here and get the other handle, I think I can push as you pull and we can get it out.”

His arm stretched under the bed and suddenly, his wrist was caught on something. Cassidy had clasped one end of handcuffs on him, the other end was clamped to the bedsprings. 
“What the fuck?”

Cassidy slid out the other side and said, “Awmmm… I’m gonna tell mom what you just said. She’s gonna have a fit when she gets home, anyway. You’re gonna be in so much, BIG trouble.”

“What’re you talking about? You’re the one who’s gonna get in trouble for trapping me like this. Besides, when I do get loose, I’m gonna kick your ass, girl.” His other hand was under the bed, trying to figure out how to release himself. Cassidy slipped up behind him and jerked his loose fitting shorts down to his feet.

The second she laid eyes on his rising cock, her mouth dropped open. It had never occurred to her that IT would be on display. She had only thought of him being bare assed when Nora got home. Now she didn’t know what to do next.

The cusswords were flying from Bill’s mouth but she was paying no attention to him. She did see him grab the waistband of his shorts, so she jerked them completely off and pitched them onto the bed. Finally, she told him she’d make a deal. 

“I’ll unlock the cuffs, but you do all the chores next Saturday, and nobody tells Mom anything about what happened today,” she gently pinched the head of his dick and added, “or tonight.” He agreed, she turned him loose and they both went to the living room… The Mentalist was on TV.

“I wish I could figure out what people were thinking. If I were Patrick Jane, I’d want to know if Teresa really liked me or not.” 


“Because, if she really did like me, I’d try to get in her panties.”


“Yeah, if I were a mentalist, I’d figure out who would put out and who wouldn’t. That way, I’d be able to … fuck… girls all the time.”

“Billy, you better be careful, if Mom ever hears you talk like that, she’ll lock you in your room for ten years.”

Bill looked at his sister’s eyes and smile. He slid his shorts down, exposing himself to her, on purpose this time, “C’mon, Cass, let’s fuck. You and me. It’ll be fun.”

Again, Cass couldn’t take her eyes off the stiff shaft, “Billyyyyy! We can’t….”

“Why? I never tell your secrets. You never tell mine. We can get naked and find out more about each other. Then we can fuck. I mean real fucking. C’mon, sis, how ‘bout it? We both need to know how to do it and we can teach each other. I know a website called XNXX where we can learn a bunch, too. C’mon, let’s do it.”

Cassidy stared at the first grown cock she’d ever seen. Every time she blinked, it seemed as if it grew longer and fatter. In addition, she discovered her hand was on her own mound, her fingers seeking her slit, through the fabric of her underwear.

“But, Billy, you’re my brother. I don’t think brothers are supposed to…” 

As she talked, Billy got to his feet and walked across the cushions, his dick in his hand, “Look how hard it is, Cass. If I don’t get some relief, my balls will start aching and infections have been known to set in. If you don’t want me to fuck you, would you suck me off?”

“Billy, I never said I didn’t WANT to fu… have sex with you. I said I didn’t.. think.. we…”

Bill dropped to his knees, “Then first, take off your pants and let me see you. Let me touch your pussy. I promise not to hurt you or do anything if you tell me ‘no’. 
She slipped out of her panties and spread her legs, slightly. 

With his hard-on in his right hand, Bill reached out with his left and began a light massage on her twat, trying to concentrate on her clit, like he’d seen online, “Does that feel good? The girls on the computer seem to love it… but if you let me lick you, down there, it’s supposed to be fucktastic.”

“God, yes it feels good, but I still don’t think we… oh, that place, right there. Ugh, yeah, right there. Ohhhh, that feels reeeeally good. Are you serious about licking me? Right where I pee?”

“Cass, there’s so much shit on the internet, you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve watched girls take two dicks in their pussy and one up their asshole, all at the same time,” he moved off the couch and stuck his head close to her cunt, which was beginning to get wet with her own juices.

“I saw a guy, once with a double dick. He was fucking both holes at the same time. Wow, Sis… your pussy is a lot prettier than a bunch of those whores online.” As he moved his head down, Cassidy instinctively widened the spread between her legs. Bill’s mouth opened and his tongue extended.

Cassidy gasped at the feel of slick tongue on her slit, “Billyyyyyyy… Oh, God that feels awesome! Oh, yes, yes, yes… ugnh… yeahhhh.. Oh, yeahhhh.” Nature was taking control of her body’s desires. Her hips began rising to Bill’s mouth in rhythm with his ministrations.

Less than a minute had passed when she began to feel the tingling within her. At first, she thought she needed to pee, but this was different. One hand went to the back of her brother’s head, pressing it into her virginity. Her other hand slid under her t-shirt and started rubbing her nipples which, at the age of thirteen, stuck out farther than the rest of her breasts.

Another minute of the lapping tongue brought Cassidy to her first orgasm, “OH MY GOD, BILLYYYYYY!! OH MY GODDDDDD!! WHAT’S HAPPENING? OH, SHIIIIIIIIITT! I’MMM… OH, GOD, OH, GOD, OH, GGGGGG, GGGGG, GODDDDDDDD!!!!! DAMMIT!!”

Bill was quite pleased that he had caused Cassidy to cum for her very first time, “Wow, Sis. You just soaked my face with pussy juice. Awesome! Man! It tastes really good, too. If you liked that as much as I did, I’ll be happy to eat your cunt anytime.”

Cassidy was breathing hard, “Juice? Cunt? What the hell did you do to me, Billy?” 
Bill stood and pulled her t-shirt over her head, “C’mon, there’s a video on XNXX I want to show you.”

The naked soblings ran upstairs to Bill’s room. The porn site was bookmarked and within seconds, they were watching women masturbating themselves, to the point their orgasms made juices literally flow from their vaginas. Glancing at his sister, Bill noted that she was playing with herself.

“Now look at this one,” Bill switched to another video, “This one reminds me of us, Cass.” The brother and sister were wrestling over a remote control and giggling each time one would touch the other’s private parts. Cassidy’s mouth hung open as she watched the sister swallow her brother’s cock.

“How can she get that much in her mouth?” 
Bill explained that it took a lot of practice to be able to ‘deep throat’ a long dick, “But we can practice a lot, if you want to,” he smiled and winked. Within minutes, Cassidy had watched the sister suck the cock and get fucked in four or five positions. 

Bill clicked off the website and told her, “There’s got to be a million different videos on here and tons of dirty stories. Billions of pictures, too… women, men, gays, dicks, pussies, titties, you name it. You can come watch ‘em any time. This site is safe from viruses, too… now can we fuck?”

“Ummm… let me go pee. Then we can try it… I guess.” Bill offered to accompany her to the bathroom and dry her hairy bottom for her, but she told him she needed to think about things a little, “Will you let me suck on you when I get back? I think I’d like to try it.”

“Oh, fuck, yeah! I’ll be right here on the bed with my dick flying high.” Cassidy returned and climbed between Bill’s legs, “I just looked at the clock, Mom will be home in an hour and a half. I hope this won’t take long.”

It took a little longer than bill desired. Her hands and eyes examined every crease and hair on his testicles. Every vein in his six inch penis was traced up and down by her probing fingers, every fold in his skin was stretched smooth… then pinched back into place. 

As pre-cum started forming on his piss slit, Cassidy began licking it clean, followed by her young, tender lips sliding the shaft between them.….. Bill was so turned on by watching her go down on him, he came in less than two minutes. She swallowed all she could, but lost a little bit.

“Sorry, Billy, now there’s a mess on your sheet. Maybe Mom won’t notice.” Bill explained that he’d been jacking off for three years and his sheets were always soiled, “If you let me fuck you, though, we better put a couple towels under you. There can be a little blood the first time, when your cherry breaks.”

“My cherry? Will it hurt me? You have never hurt me in our whole life.”

Bill had read many of the sex stories and knew just what to say, “Your hymen is also called a cherry. It’s a thin membrane inside you and when a dick pokes through it, it breaks, turning you into a woman, instead of just a girl. It usually hurts a little the first time, but after two or three times, women like it just as good as men…. NOW can we fuck?”

“You’ve never done it, before, either… right?” 
Bill shook his head and reached for her legs. He began rubbing the inside of her thighs , working her legs apart and approaching her pussy, “C’mon, Cass… how many times are you gonna make me ask? You know we’re gonna do it. How do you want to start?”

She crawled beside him and lay on her back, “I want to try every way the girl in the video got fu… fucked. First, just lay down on me and rub your dick against my pussy. We’ll probably only have time to do it once before Mom gets here, so I want my cherry busted and your cum inside me.”

“When was your last period?”
“It was finished day before yesterday.”
“Good, you shouldn’t be laying eggs, yet, so I won’t get you pregnant.”
Cassidy started to rise when she heard the word ‘pregnant’, but relaxed when her brother kissed her and said, “Don’t worry, Cass, I love you.”

It took all of three seconds for Bill to jump from the bed and retrieve towels from the bathroom. He helped slip them under her ass and crawled over her flat body. He placed his cock on her mound and hunched back and forth. In this position, she was delighted to discover her clit was being rubbed with every movement.

Bill couldn’t last long enough for her to reach an orgasm. It seemed they only got started when he covered her abdomen with warm, sticky sperm, “Well, I hope I can stay hard after shooting all that. I want to put my peter in you so bad I can’t stand it, Sis. I’ll get you a wash rag.”

Fortunately, youth and virility were on his side. Bill returned and washed the mess from his sister’s belly and pussy mound. The more he ‘cleaned’, the wider her legs spread, “I’m ready whenever you are, Billy.”

Again, he examined her cunt, spreading her labia and giving them a good licking. When he thought she was wet enough, he rose into position and pulled his dick up and down between her pussy lips. When her hole began to open, slightly, Bill pushed his hardness inside, sliding in far enough that her cherry gave way to the determined shaft.

With one more thrust, he was seated against her pubis. To her credit, Cassidy had caught her breath but she never cried out nor complained of the pain. She placed a hand on each side of her brother’s face and drew him to her face for a kiss. When they broke away, she closed her eyes and told him, “Now fuck me, Billy… fuck me with all you got.”


Nora Parker arrived home about 11:30pm. Surprised that her children weren’t up to greet her, as they usually did on Saturday nights, she made her way up the stairway. Cassidy wasn’t in her room… she heard soft snoring coming from her son’s room. Slowly opening his door, her eyes were met with a sight that brought back fond memories. 

Cassidy was sleeping, naked, in her brother’s arms. Bill’s young penis was hard, pressing into his sister’s back… it was just like Nora and her brother, Will, used to sleep after several rounds of teenaged sex. It was a shame Will was killed in action. He played with Bill when the boy was just learning to walk, but he never even got to meet his daughter, Cass.