Sister Wants A Baby- Round 2 by bigbrother07


Kris’s sister seduced him, or did she? You have to read part one to get the full picture.It had been a couple weeks since the night that I dreamed, or I actually fucked my twin sister Krista. I still didn’t know which was reality. Every time I would ask her, she would smirk and rub her stomach. Whether it was real or not, it haunted me every night while I was in bed.

I guess haunted is not a good deion. Every night when I tried to sleep, I would close my eyes and relive that night. The night my sister sucked and rode my cock to the point that I passed out from the pleasure. Whether it was real or a dream, I masturbated every night to the memory.

It was the weekend before school was to start. Ashley, my girlfriend, and I had planned to go out. I had made reservations at a nice restaurant, and we were going to celebrate finally becoming Seniors. When I arrived at Ashley’s house, I found out she had different plans.

As I stated in my last entry, Ashley and I had been together since the 8th grade. Even though we had never actually had sex, we regularly pleased each other orally. Ashley had always been too embarrassed about her small breasts to actually let me see her naked. Rumor was, she was also scared that she would not be able to take my larger than average cock inside her, as well.

When I knocked on Ashley’s door, I was surprised when she answered wearing nothing but a robe. She had her long blonde hair pulled back in a pony-tail and a big smile on her face when the door opened.

“Wow, what a surprise,” I said with a smile. “Our reservation is in 20 minutes, you still have time to get ready.”

“I cancelled your reservations,” she replied shutting the door.

When I turned to look at her, she was untying the belt of the robe. I watched as she slowly opened the robe. Her pale skin looked so smooth. Her stomach was flat, and her abs were ripped from her cheerleading. Her pussy, which I had seen numerous times, was covered in trimmed blonde hairs. I looked up, I was surprised to see she was not wearing anything over her breasts. Her breasts were almost nonexistent but pretty much just two long nipples standing erect.

I have to admit, I could not help but think about how much hotter my sister looked, but I knew Ashley was taking a big step, so I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her naked body to me. I kissed her long and passionately.

She pulled away from our kiss. “I do not want to start our senior year a virgin, do you?”

Technically, I was not sure if I was a virgin or not, so I nodded in agreement. I moved my hands down and squeezed her firm ass as her hands fumbled to unbuckle my belt. I reached down and picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to her room.

I sat her on the bed and she continued to undo my pants. She pushed my jeans and boxers down together and smiled when my cock sprung to life. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke it as I removed my shirt and kicked my pants off my feet.

I pushed the robe off her shoulders and began to caress her nipples. I stroked them between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned from the pleasure she was feeling.

She leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She had never taken much more than the head, but she knew how to pleasure me. One hand stroked me in rhythm with her mouth, while her other hand cupped and fondled my balls.

I felt the urge to press my cock deeper into her mouth and make her take as much of it as Krista had, but I restrained. Yet again I could not help but compare how much better Krista had sucked me. Although Ashley was good, she was not my sister.

I didn’t want to cum. Ashley had stated that she did not want to be a virgin any more, so I wanted to save my orgasm for that, so I pulled my cock away from her lips and pressed her back onto the bed.

I knelt on the floor between her legs. I lowered my mouth onto her pussy and began to lick and suck her like I knew she liked. Ashley had a pretty pussy, her pink lips were fat and she was always so wet. My tongue traveled from her ass up to her clit then back down. I then sucked her little clit into my mouth while my middle finger slipped inside her.

I had never tried more than one finger. She was very tight, but being she wanted me to fuck her, I needed to try and stretch her more, I thought. So I worked a second finger into her tight cunt and began to slowly work them back and forth.

Ashley was moaning and tossing like crazy. She held her legs straight up and held onto her ankles. I feasted on her juicy pussy, all the while thinking about how good my sister’s smooth, bare pussy tasted.

Ashley cum hard. Her legs fell across my back and her ass lifted off the bed. Her body jerked several times as the flow of her juices increased around my fingers. Once she relaxed, I lifted my head and wiped her excess juices from my chin.

She was smiling when I lay beside her. “Are you ready?”

I leaned in and kissed her lips and then replied, “I am ready when ever you are, Baby.”

She moved to the sitting position and rose to her feet. She moved quickly to her purse and pulled out a little package. She walked back to the bed, fell beside me and handed me the package, “Put this on and I will be ready.”

I tore the wrapper off the condom and placed it on my cock the way we had been taught in sex ed. It felt weird, but I knew the reason for it and did not protest. I rolled it down my shaft and then looked at Ashley who was smiling a nervous smile.

“We don’t have to do this if you are not ready”, I said to her as I placed my hand upon her bare chest.

“No, I want it. I am just scared it is going to hurt.”

“I will be as gentle as I can.”

I moved and kissed her while positioning myself between her legs. The sight was so erotic as I looked in her mirror. My darker, tanned skin impelling her pale white body almost made me fill the condom before I inserted it in her.

I reached down and rubbed my rubber covered head against her opening to lubricate it before pressing the head against her. She jerked as I pressed. The grimmise on her face told me it hurt no matter how gentle I tried to be.

I pressed harder, and it felt like my cock was trying to bend backward. I looked at Ashley and she was biting her bottom lips. I closed my eyes and pressed harder. The rubber kept me from feeling the full effect but I pressed on.

Through her cheering and tumbling, Ashley had lost her hymen years ago, I knew that, so I knew that once I was in, there was nothing going to stop me. The head finally entered her and she screamed out. I looked at her and saw tears whaling in her eyes.

“I am going to stop,” I said as I pulled out of her.

By this time she was crying. “I am so sorry,” she sobbed. “I wanted it to be perfect, but it hurt too bad.”

“It is fine. I want you to enjoy it and not be in pain. We will try again some other time.” I unrolled the condom and placed it in my pocket. I held her naked body for about an hour. Then it was getting time for me to go home. The whole time I held her, my cock never deflated. By the time I left, I had an enormous case of blue balls.

The truck I drove was a manual transmission, so I had to change gears and could not masturbate on the way home. When I arrived, I went to the bathroom and flushed the unused condom down the toilet. Then I took off my shirt and jeans, then went to my room wearing only my boxers.

I laid down and pulled the sheets over my lower body, then pushed my boxers to my knees. My hand immediately went to my aching cock. My balls needed a release and needed it bad. I closed my eyes and tried to image how good it would have felt to be inside Ashley.

All of a sudden the light came on in my room. I stopped midstroke and opened my eyes. My first thought was my parents had caught me red handed, no pun intended. However when I looked toward the door, Krista stood in the door way laughing.

“Did Princess Ashley leave you all hot and bothered tonight, Kris?”

“Get the fuck out of my room,” I was not in the mood for her bull.

She walked into my room, and I got a glimpse of her. She was wearing a sheer night gown that hid nothing. I could see the swells of her dark breasts and her firm hip as she walked to the foot of my bed. She reached down and jerked the covers off of me.

I was laying there with my hand still around my cock and I was not in the mood to move it. She reached down and pulled her gown up and over her head and stood naked. She crawled on the bed and moved my hand and replaced it with hers.

She lowered her head and licked my balls, then started up my shaft. Then she stopped. “She made you wear a condom. You fucked her didn’t you?” She sat up on her knees. Her hand still gripped my cock.

“No I didn’t fuck her. We were going to, but she said it hurt too much.”

She chuckled, “I knew the princess wasn’t woman enough to take this man sized cock.”

She lowered her head and engulfed half of my cock. I placed my hand on her head and pushed to meet her downward motion. It was not long before we had a nice rhythm going. Unlike the last time or the time in my dream, she did not attempt to take all of my cock. She was satisfied with half, and so was I.

She slurps and smacked on my cock while I fucked her pretty face. It was not long before I felt the tingle in my balls. I hesitated to tell her. I wanted to flood her pretty mouth with my cum, but she was my sister.

“I am about to cum, Krista.”

To my pleasant surprise, she didn’t stop. She seemed to pick up the pace. Her lips tighten around my shaft and I continued to pump my cock into her mouth. Then it hit. My body drew up into the sitting position pinning her head between my thighs and stomach, then my balls released the biggest load of cum that I have ever remembered releasing.

She was a trooper, she attempted to take it all, but the flood was too big, too fast. She coughed and gagged as my cum invaded her mouth and throat. She quickly pried her way from my body for the final two blasts to shoot up and land on my lower abdomen.

After my release, my balls felt a lot better and my body relaxed. Krista surprised me by cuddling her body up next to mine. I held her like I had held Ashley earlier that night.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked as I ran my fingers up and down the soft skin of her back.

“You just did,” she replied with a giggle. She lifted her head and place her chin on my bare chest. “Ask me anything.”

“Did we, ah…you know, a couple weeks ago?”

“Did we fuck? Is that what you are asking?”

“Yes, did we fuck!”

“Yes, we did, and it was amazing,” she replied.

“Are you pregnant?”

She exhaled a long, slow breath. “No, my cycle started three days afterwards.”

“Oh, okay,” was all I could say.

Her hand moved down my body and began to stroke my cock. “I was disappointed to the point I cried. I wanted to be pregnant so bad.”

“Why, and why with me?”

“You are my brother, you are athletic and hot. I am smart and hot, don’t you think we would make the perfect baby?”

“Krista, we are twins, we are too close related, the baby could have problems.”

“There is a chance any baby could have problems, so why should that stop us?”

By this time, she had my cock rock hard again. I pulled her in my arms and rolled over on top of her. Her hand moved between us and glided my cock into position and I pushed it in without any resistance. All I could do was moan as my cock slid inside my sisters hot, welcoming pussy.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I began moving my hips back and forth slowly. For the first time, our lips met. It was not a kiss that should be exchanged by siblings. It was long, soft and passionate, a kiss that is shared by lovers.

We made love like seasoned lovers, our bodies moved together like a choregraphed dance. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock as it moved freely inside her. Her hard nipples pressed into my chest.

I broke our kiss and rose up on my arms so I could look down at her. She was so beautiful. Her brown eyes sparkled and were full of passion. She licked her lips and pulled me back into another lovers kiss. Her orgasm approached and she became impatient with our love making.

Her hips began thrusting upward faster and she moaned in our kiss. I rose back up and began to meet her thrusts. She breast shook each time my stomach met hers.

“Don’t stop, I am close, oh baby, that cock is so gorgeous.” She moaned.

She thrusted up and held me still by pressing her heels into my ass. I felt the jolts of her orgasm rock throughout her body. I held still and let her enjoy her blissful moment.

Her body relaxed. Her pussy was three times as wet as it was before. I resumed my slow and steady love making, but she was ready for something more.

“Fuck me with that cock, Kris. Fuck me hard, like you did last time.”

Her wish was my command. I braced myself and began to rock my hips harder and faster. Soon our bodies were slapping together. Her verbal stimulation didn’t stop.

“Oh yes, that’s it, Lover. You know just how to fuck my little cunt. Oh yes, just like that.”

She should have been a cheerleader, with encouragement like she was giving, we would have won state. I lifted to my knees and held her legs up in a V. I look down and watched my cock disappear into her tight pussy.

“Come on, fill me with your baby cream again. Make it stick this time. Give me a baby in my hot body. Give me you baby. Fill me up, OH god I am cumming.”

Her pussy tightened as she orgasmed again. Even though I had already had a release less than thirty minutes before, I could feel my cum boiling in my balls. I continued to pump my cock into her spasming pussy.

I could not hold back, the rush was to extreme. I pushed deep into her womb and released my cum deep inside her.

“Oh god yes, I feel your cum, it feels so good, fertilize me baby.”

The more she talked the more I cum. I filled her with my cum and fell on top of her exhausted.

She held my sweaty body in her arms. We were both spent and before long we were both sound asleep.

The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. Unlike the last time, I was still naked. I went into the bathroom and took a shower then went downstairs. It was Saturday, so no one was up yet. I fixed a bowl of cereal and ate it.

When I was done, I went for a run. The thoughts of the night before was all I could think about. Not the fact that I was fucking my sister, and she wanted to get pregnant, but about Ashley. I knew I was not in love with her anymore, and I decided then and there to end it.

I could not act like I loved her, and be in love with my sister. The fact that I did nothing but compare the night I had with Ashley to what I had with Krista, proved to me that it wasn’t going to last with Ashley and I.

When I got home, everyone was up and busy. My parents informed me that they were going away for the night, and that Krista and I were on our own until late the following evening. I helped them pack their luggage into the car, and within and hour, they were on the road.

As soon as they left, Krista came into the family room wearing nothing but a t-shirt and thong. “We have the house all to ourselves lover. If I am not pregnant, I plan on being that way before this weekend is over.”

She smiled and ran her hand up the leg of my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around my growing cock.

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