Making Amy Wet by blueheatt

Making Amy WET

This story is based on true events, names changed and all.

I was in the office when a new girl was being introduced around. She was the new ‘East wing asst. mgr.’ I checked her out.

Damn, she was built nice. About 5’, nice hips, full tits, cute face, snowy blond hair, pulled back and curls down the back. She

dressed real nice, but not in a business suit. She had on a tight flowered blouse, puffy long sleeves, bright red tight slacks that

showed off her sexy shape. More of a ‘get shit done’ style, with a bunch of keys hanging off her side.

You could see her energy to do well, and no kidding around, all

business. When it came time to introduce me, the business office lady said, “This is Amy, she’s the new East wing asst. mgr. Amy, t

his is Jim. She flashed me a big smile as I shook her warm hand. Then I jerked my hand back and said, “AMY! Every ‘Amy’ I’ve

ever known was a pain in the ass! The office lady smacked me on the arm and smiled and said, “Don’t pay any attention to him!”,

then jabbed me in the ribs. Amy just kept smiling, but with a look, (you’ll be sorry you said that, wise guy!). I thought right then, I bet I can make her wet.

Later that day I was sitting outside taking a smoke break, when here she comes. Looking hotter than ever and came up to me.

“Shouldn’t you be working, Jim?” I looked at her as we both grinned. I put my hand on my heart and I said, “Yes Amy, I should,

but I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to walk by.”, and looked her up and down with a ’nice body’ look on my face. She tried to

be very professional, with her little horse power authority, but couldn’t help but grin a little. “I need some boxes moved in my

office, so after your break, report to my office,” still grinning but with a ‘so there, Mr. wise guy.’ look on her face. I stood up, a foot

taller than her and looked down at her cute face. I said, (hand on my heart again) ”Even though I don’t work for you, let’s go to your office now because I would do anything for you Amy.”

She got a little pink in the face , but I could tell she was suppressing a little grin. She put her hands on her hips with a ’he has to do what I say’ look, and said, “Follow me,”

I noticed her adding a extra little wiggle in her walk as I walked behind her. She was trying not to grin and put on a

professional look, you know, ‘all business’. We arrived at her hole in the wall office. It was a complete mess with everything not put

away and boxes every where. “Nice office, AMY,” I said, and started putting things away fast, She said she wanted this here, that

there and so on. I moved shit fast as she just watched and in no time had her office all neat. I looked up at her as she stood in the

doorway, arms folded and said, “You did a ‘fair’ job, try and be a little more careful with things, next time.” She raised one eyebrow at me and cocked her head with a ‘how did you like that, wise ass‘, look.

I smiled with a ‘fuck you lady’ look and I said in my best brown nosing voice, “Any time you need me for anything AMY, you just

page me, and I’ll be here as fast as I can.” She tried to not to grin again, but did, then quickly composed herself and said, “You can

run along now Jim. I’ll page you if I need you.” She stayed standing in the doorway as I turned sideways to pass, sucked in my

chest grinning and looking right at her beautiful tits. She couldn’t hold back and grinned with a red face as I inched past her. As I

went by her and turned, she swatted me on the ass!, and said, “Get out of here!”

As the days went by, I would steal a flower from other desks, and put them on Amy’s. I would put a candy bar in one of her

drawers. Anything I could find and sneak it into her office. Office supply’s, letter openers, notes that said, “Dear Amy, I” and nothing

more. I would pass her with my nose up in the air smiling and it would force her to grin when she didn‘t want to, and maintain her ‘all business‘ look.

Then I knew this was coming. I heard them page: ‘James report to Miss Mills office.’ (James? Oh how official.) With my cool

suppressed grin, I entered Amy’s office. She said “Sit down JAMES.” She tried to be so professional. She had on a blue blouse, nice and tight, so her tits would stick out nice, with shear light blue long sleeves, a dark blue skirt, and her blond hair pull up in the back.

She said, “James, have you been putting ’things’ in my office? “ Very straight faced. I said, “I wouldn’t do that Miss Mills, you

know that I have to much respect for you to play little games,”
She almost grinned, but kept her composure. She said, “I think

your a liar James, Glenda saw you enter this office yesterday, and I now I find some candy in my drawer.”

“OK, but (long pause) a….a… maybe….I was just doing a favor for someone who likes you?”
“and who is this person James?”
“Oh Miss Mills, he’s very shy, and I wouldn’t want to say.”
“Is he tall?” (like me)
“Oh no, a little short guy”
“Does he have sandy blond hair?” (like mine)
“Oh no, he’s bald”
With that she grinned and leaned over to me, and whispered.
( your such a fucking liar!). Her cleavage was now looming in my

face. I look at it and smiled. She sat back up pink faced and fixed the front of her blouse. I said, “Maybe if you had lunch with the guy, he would stop putting ’things’ in your office?” She didn’t answer.

“I can see why he would bring you ’gifts’, your so professional, and business like, I’m sure he admires you a lot.”
She stood up, and I stood up. She closed her door and got in my

face with her hands on her hips. We just stood there looking in each others eyes, her trying her best to suppress her grin, but couldn’t. She whispered,

(“Look you, you said ’Amy’s’ are a pain in the ass. You’re the one that’s the pain in my ass. This ’Amy’ is Not a pain in the ass,

you sly fox. You WILL take me to lunch and I will tell all about me, and you’ll see I’m…., a….) I just leaned forward and kissed

her. Her eyes went wide open in shock. She gasp. She couldn’t speak. She put her hand to her throat to catch her breath. I just

stood there looking in her blue eyes. She whispered, (why you brazen little shit!, When we go to lunch I’m going to set down

some rules for you! Rule number 1 is don’t you EVER kiss me at work!)

I whispered back, (“why, does it make you wet?)

If looks could kill I would be dead at that point. With an evil look and scowl she whispered loud, ( “I should slap your face! For

your information I have a boyfriend and I don’t need you to…”) I interrupted her and whispered, ( “damn your beautiful, he doesn’t

stand a chance with me around.”) She just glared at me. She said, “We have to talk mister, you be at that little caf?own at 2nd and

Vista streets at noon today!, and don’t be late!” I said,
“Yes Madam , oh, since we won’t be at work, can I kiss you there?” She got red in the face and said, “GO, get out of this office!” I left quickly and checked the time. 2 hours to go. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Those tits, that ass, she was so hot.
What Amy didn’t know.

She didn’t know I was spying on her boss. A real asshole and selling company secrets we suspected. I actually worked for corp.

security, but was posing as “Office coordinator 7”, the highest so I could have access to all areas.

I got to the caf?irst and got a booth. Right on time Amy came in and sat down.

“Your buying, of course,” I said.
“NO, your buying me lunch, Mr. Trouble maker.”
“ OK, I am, you sure have beautiful eyes.”
“Never mind that, now pay attention to me.”
“I have been, a lot!”
“Do I have to really slap your face to get your attention?”

“Amy, you have broken the ‘Amy’s are a pain the ass’ curse on me. I think you’re the hottest girl I‘ve ever met.” She sat stunned for a minute, smiled and slowly shook her head, like, ‘your

She said, “Your going to listen to me if it takes all night! ( I raised my eyebrows and mouthed the words, ‘all night?’)

Now listen up. I work for a demanding asshole. I want his job because I can do it better and your going to help me get that job.

Then I can hire a coordinator, maybe you?, if you help me.
I leaned over to her and said, “Can we kiss at work then?” She

shook her head and smiled. She leaned over and kissed me, very sexy and whispered, “Yes, we can kiss at work, if were careful.”

Well, I knew her boss was going to get fired, and his job would be hers, but I couldn’t tell her so.

“What about your boyfriend?” She laughed and said, “What boyfriend?” I said, “Why you little liar!, you have no boyfriend, do

you!” She got red in the face and talked quietly, “Looks like you’re my boyfriend now, all though ‘Jim’s’ are a pain in the ass.

You dared to ask me if that kiss made me wet. Well Mr. smart guy, I got wet the first time I met you, putting me down like you

did excited me and I was going to show you that this ‘Amy’ was not a pain in anybody ass, “ I WIN!” I said “Oh no you don‘t!,

because I made you wet, so I win.” She said, “I know I made you get a boner, so I win!.”

I moved around to her side and sat next to her. She reached over and felt my boner. I felt her leg and pussy as we both smiled

and kissed. I said, “Now that I’m your boyfriend, will you be gentle with me?” We laughed out loud. She said, “No I won’t, your

going to come over to my place TONIGHT, and you WILL bring me flowers and candy at 8 o’clock. Then I will give you instructions from there.” (oooo bossy!)

I looked down her blouse at those wonderful tits, and sighed. She whispered, (“you like my tits?, well I like what I feel in your

pants. You better not be late tonight or you won’t even get to touch them!”) We were in heaven, knowing tonight we were going to fuck ourselves crazy.

We went back to work and paid no attention to each other. I needed more proof on her boss, to make sure he got fired. As luck

would have it, Amy walked by me and said, “Here Jim, would you put this in the mail please, “ and just walked on by. It had no

stamps on it and no return address. I would have to go to the cashier and have her stamp the postage on it. I headed for security.

Glenn, my boss carefully opened it. It was just what we needed to nail Amy’s boss. I couldn’t tell Amy yet.

I arrived at Amy’s house and rang the door bell. She answered the door in a white nightgown. I stood speechless. She said, “Well,

get your ass in here!” I handed her first a weed from her yard and 3 M&M’s. We laughed as she just stood there looking at them in her

hand. Then I went to my car and brought in fresh flowers and a fancy box of candy. We kissed so hot I was on fire as she fondled

my boner and I felt those tits (no bra) for the first time. “Stand right here.” she commanded. She laid on the couch and said, “Feed me

some candy. Hand me that glass of wine, feel my tits, kiss me, rub my pussy, more wine, more kisses.” (It was nice work,)

Finally I whispered, “Excuse me Amy, but I would really like to get naked and lick your pussy.” She said, “Get naked? I’ll

undress you when I’m good and ready, and I’m ready right now, and eat my pussy? I’ll let you know about that in a minuet.” She

pulled me into her bedroom and we undressed each other, kissing all the way. Wow, she had a hot body, sweet butt, nice hips, hot

legs and ’those’ tits. I held her face in my hands, as she held my dick. I said softly, “Amy you’re driving me wonderfully crazy”

She said, “I knew I would, I win.” I held her shoulders and said, “Oh no you don’t!, you bossy little shit!, now get in that bed and spread um!

She said, “ooooo, yes boss!” I pushed her on to the bed and started licking her sweet pussy as she moaned. I licked her clit to

watch her squirm, I ran my fingers in her pussy and massaged it deep, She orgasmed hard and shook. She pulled my other hand up

to feel her tits. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, I moved up and rubbed my dick on her pussy. She said, “Oh boss, are you going to make me have sex with you?”

I said, “Yes, you DO want that promotion don’t you?” We giggled as I pushed my dick in her. Damn, we started fucking us

hard, deep. She turned into a wild woman, wrapping her hot legs around me saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, over and over. She

was tight and felt so good as we fucked faster and faster, she kept moaning ’oh Jim, you feel so good’ and then she orgasmed hard

and stiffened up and yelled, “Yesssssssss!” I let go with all I had. I could feel my hot cum thrust into her hot pussy, pumping and

pumping. Damn, she could make her pussy squeeze my dick so good! We lay spent for a long time. I left her sleeping as I went home in a happy daze.

Her boss was gone in 3 days. I asked my boss if I could play a little trick on her. She was already chosen to take his place. She

was not to be told until 9am Monday morning I had my boss take me to her new office like he was showing me around, like I was the

new boss. Amy watched and figured she didn’t get the job, but why did they pick me? She was all confused. I sat at the office desk

with my feet up and buzzed her to come in. She came in trying not to look disappointed. I told her to sit down.

I said, ”Well, how do I look as YOUR new boss?” She was painfully stunned, but tried to be happy for me. I said, “Oh there is

something under my desk would you get it for me girl.” I scooted back in my chair, not helping her at all. I could tell she was livid.

First me calling her ‘girl’, and then making her do this. She had to crawl way under on her hands and knees, (oooo, what an ass!) and

picked up a desk name plate, lying face down. She backed out all red faced and got up. I said, “Read it.”

It said ‘AMY MILLS East Wing manager’ on it. I said, “You win.” She began to tear up, and just stood stunned, holding her new

name plate. I held her as the tears flowed. I yelled, “OK.” and a bunch of people all came in to congratulate her.

I explained it all later as we lay naked in bed that night, all snuggled up and me playing with her tits. She looked at me with an

evil grin this time. (she had that ’paybacks are hell’ look in her eyes).

She rolled on top of me, holding my arms down next to my head and said, “You little shit!, so you knew all this the whole

time?” I smiled and said, “Miss pain in the ass AMY, I told you I would do anything for you.” She giggled, and rolled me on top of

her now. She took her feet and pushed me off end of the bed! With her legs dangling off the end, her hands behind her head said,

“ OH, Now look what you’ve done, I’m all wet!, Well,,,, I’m a big boss now, so you just get down there on YOUR hands an knees
and lick my pussy!, RIGHT NOW!

I said, “yesssssss boss”.

My Daddy Reads Porn to Me by blueheatt

My Daddy Reads Porn to Me

* Mom ‘assumed’….dad was reading Candi a regular bedtime story, which he always did….at first..*


__My daddy had always read me a bedtime story before bed. Mom had always gone to bed early and it became ‘my time’ with my daddy. As I grew up I found a hot love story for him to read. I had it in my lap top and he sat on the side of my bed to read it to me. Ok, it was a trick on him. I knew it had some sex in it and I wanted to see if her would read it with deep smooth sexy voice. He had a soft whispery way of telling the story that just gave me tingles, when he read those ‘certain’ parts.

This story had lots of ‘tingle’ parts in it. I snuggled in under the covers. I was naked and he didn’t know it. I hoped he would read it and I could secretly rub myself while he read. I figured he wouldn’t even notice.

The night came and I was all ready. He picked up my lap top and sat on my bed. He leaned back beside me with his big pillow behind him.

I said: “Kiss first.” and as always he leaned over to kiss the top of my head.

This time I was all ready for something different. I turned my head, pulled his head, and we kissed on the lips. I held it and ran my tongue quickly over his lips.

He smiled at the surprise kiss. I got a hot feeling in my pussy. I liked that and sure wanted more kisses like that.

As he got ready to read, I snuggled in close to him and put the covers over his robe. Now we were both under the covers. I slowly put my leg over his one leg, and left it there.

He began to read the story as I had it all ready for him. It was a ‘daddy-daughter- porn story. I had removed the title. It started out mild, then it slowly got hotter and hotter. I wondered if he would read it, and if he did, what would he do?


I knew Candi was up to her tricks. It was that time in life when girls want sexual attention. I had seen the signs coming. Leaving the bathroom door open as she dressed, same with the shower door and her bedroom door.

Why couldn’t I have a plain looking daughter instead of a blond beauty with a body and tits that got the attention of any male. Why me? She has a boyfriend to handle her attention, but she’s after my attention? She rubbing her leg on mine slightly, like I ’won’t’ notice?

I recognized the story, even with the title removed. I had seen it on a porn site. I think it was “Making my daddy cum”, or something like that, so I knew her trick was aimed at me.

It was time for me to play a trick on her. I started reading the story…but….started changing the words. I started cleaning it up removing the sex.

She caught me. “Daddy!, that’s not what it says!, tell the sex part….please?” I said: “Why don’t you have your boyfriend read it to you?”

She said in her little pouted voice:…. He can’t tell it like you and his voice is all wrong. I looked at her and I gave in to what she wanted. I got up and made sure the wife was sound asleep. I got back in bed with Candi…oh god,….I quick glanced…. she was naked…(gulp).

Now she snuggle up to me sideways and I felt her bare pussy on my hip. I imagined hand cuffs and me going to jail. I decided to read her a little and then this: “Ok, I start reading this for real…but then how about we wait until mom goes away this weekend to visit her folks?, then I’ll read it to you anyway you like it…ok?”

Damn, I thought I was being attacked my own daughter. She was all over me, but said ’ok’. This was hard to take,…. she rubbed her pussy on me and kissed me with her tongue going crazy. She whispered: (…”there’s nobody like my daddy.”)

Her boyfriend must not be keeping her very satisfied….


I was so happy! Daddy was going to make me all horny while I was right beside him. It was so tense waiting for the weekend. I set up a little something that I didn’t want daddy to know about. I had bought the latest small digital voice recorder. It was good for 2 hours of recording time. The next thing I did was to hide it beside my bed. It made no noise what so ever.

I hoped this was going to be the first time daddy would at least have ‘some kind’ of sex with me. I would have it all on my recorder to play it back anytime I wanted to. I told my BFF Tracy about it. She went crazy waiting to hear us live. She wanted to hear us messing around sexually. Her dad wouldn’t touch her and she wanted to know what it would be like if he did feel her up and let her feel him up.

We had talked about this many times during sleepovers. Now I had to plan out how to get my daddy to maybe play with my body and me play with his. Tracy asked: “Have you ever seen your dad naked?” I said I had when I peeked at him changing clothes and in the shower, but that was all. She said she saw her dad and mom in the shower fooling around.

I said: “Really! What were they doing? She said: “Well…they washed each other and then mom started stroking daddy ‘thing’. It got huge and she started kissing it. Dad started feeling her big titties and then the glass got so steamy I couldn’t see much else….but I heard dad moan and something was happening because some white stuff squirted on the glass. “Was it cum?” I asked. “I think so because I could see mom licking it off the glass. I quick closed the door and got out of there. What’s cum? “

I said I didn’t really know, but I would ask my dad more about it….but I think it makes baby’s. She said that they left right after that and she went in the shower. She spotted some cum left on the lower glass. I ask her: “What did you do?”

She said she put some on her finger and licked it like mom did. It tasted strange and a little salty….“It made me horny to taste it. It had a aroma to it that excited me, so I took a pair of my panties and put the left over cum all over one spot.

I liked to smell them when I finger myself.” I said: “Omg…I would like to try that some time.” She grinned and said: “I got them in a little plastic bag in my back pack.”……


I watched the clock at work slowly tick off the minutes. It was Friday and tonight was Candi’s big story reading session. Would I ’step over the line’ ?….I wasn’t sure at all. Little did I know what was going to happen tonight or I would have been going home early for some reason….


Tracy was over as usual and we talked. She had a whole bunch of question for me to ask my daddy. I said I would ’try’ to get her some answers….but right now, I wanted to see and smell that little plastic bag of hers. I got her to get it and come in the bath room with me with it. I was already horny, but now I was really horny.

She got it and came in as I locked the door. Daddy wouldn’t be home for a while yet. She took it out. I saw some cream colored stuff at the bottom. It was her dad’s cum. She said she would open it and for me to take a quick smell, and then she would close it quick to save the smell. I was excited as she got all ready….open, smell, close. That was it. I had never smelled anything like to compare. It did give me chills tho. She watched me smile and shiver a little. It did excite me. “Did you like it?” she asked. We giggled as she knew by my smile… I did.

I had to taste it. “One taste Tracy, let me have one taste.” I said.

“Ready?” she open the little bag and I stuck my finger right in it. I tasted the slightly salty taste…but it tingled my tongue. I shivered as we giggled again. She took a taste and then, put her hand in her panties and rubbed it on her pussy. “Tracy!, what did you just do!” I said. She said rubbing it on her pussy made her clit tingle.

Of course I had to try it too. We leaned against the wall and began fingering ourselves. It did tingle, just like she said. She whispered in my ear. I said: “No!, daddy would never go for that……”


Driving home I tried to map out how I would handle Candi. I had hoped her boyfriend would and her would be having sex by now and he could take care of her sexual needs.


I had a plan. I had to convince Candi into going for it. I wanted her to let me sleepover and listen or maybe even watch them….she stalled….so I upped the offer. I would hide in the closet and make video of them.

That….got her attention.

I told her how I would do it. Hide in her long closet on the old mattress in there. Turn on the desk lamp on low in front of slightly open closet door.

She thought…..and then she went for it. To have a sound video of her and her daddy’s reading porn and maybe have a little sex play time excited her.

I didn’t tell her all of it…..

I had a few talks with her dad when she wasn’t around. The last talk, I sat on his lap and leaned on him. I told him how I wanted him to be my ‘other’ daddy and that I had a big crush on him.

I then quick kissed him real wet on the mouth. That was our first kiss and I took his hand and put it on my titties. I told him of my plan to record him telling her a hot story, I didn’t say anything about a video too. So…he knew I would be in the closet and said he would not pay attention to the closet.


Tracy was a hot girl and she had a crush on me she told me. We ended up sneaking some kissing and feeling of her tits. This was my first time to ever do something like this, but she wasn’t my daughter and she kept quiet about it. God she was cute, long hair and nice tits for her age. She helped lowered any urges I had to mess with Candi…well…it helped….kinda…

We never told Candi, that her mom and I had a agreement. Her mom was having an affair with her brother for many years now. I accepted that in exchange for ’if’ I found a female I wanted to have an affair with I would do so. Her mom’s ’visits’ to her mom’s house were a cover for her affair with her brother. They started having sex in their early teens and just never stopped.

Now…. Tracy was a girl, even tho young, intrigued me very much. Tonight I would have them both listening to me tell a hot sex story and getting us ‘all’ horny. This should be an interesting night…


I was in position and all set up to make my sound video of him reading his hot porn story. My heart was pounding with excitement and I had a very wet pussy already. I could see Candi all ready for her ploy to make her dad all horny and maybe…..get some sex play from him. It was time…..


Here was daddy in his robe and I handed him my lap top. I was naked of course under the covers and my clit already tingled. He got in position. “Kiss first”, I said. I pulled him down hard over to me but this time let my tongue go wild in his mouth. Oh my god…..he let his tongue return the tongue play. I put the covers over him and threw my leg over him. I rubbed my pussy on his leg and kept going. I ended up on top of him and my pussy felt his big erection. He put the lap top on the floor and put his arms around me.

It was pure heaven as I slid my pussy back and forth on his warm cock. His robe was now open and his cock went between my legs. My wetness made it slick as I rubbed my clit on it.

I had an orgasm. It took my breath away as a moan came out of my mouth. He was finally feeling my tits and body. I slid down and went for it. I got to his cock and rubbed it on my face, all warm and big. I felt I had to hurry before he stopped me.

He never did. I put his cock in my mouth and started jacking it. He felt my face and guided my head. I had another orgasm as my pussy had never reacted this way before. I rubbed my pussy on his leg as it became all slick and wet. I felt him tense up and groan. He thrusted his cock up and I felt it. Hot cum filling my mouth over and over….and I just had a multiple orgasm on his leg.

Finally I had some sex play with him I had fantasized about. I kept on sucking on him and licking the warm cum off of him……

Oh my god…the video. I hope she got it all.

“You can come out now Tracy.” daddy said. I froze…he knew about her being in the closet!

“Show Candi how to work the camera, and you come here. You girls started this ploy and tonight were going to do it all.”

It was a dream come true for Tracy and I. I brought out he camera and we set it up. This was one video we both wanted forever. We all got under the covers now all naked. Daddy got the laptop and with me on one side of daddy and Tracy on the other, He began to read the hot porn story.

He didn’t get very far.

I looked at Tracy and she looked at me. We closed the laptop. We attacked my daddy. I watched Tracy and him go for it. Kissing, feeling, licking and me in the fray with them. Daddy was cutting loose. He felt our tits and sucked on them. His fingers were all over our slits and rubbing them. He licked our pussy’s and we sucked on his cock.

He got Tracy on her back, lifted her legs up and licked her pussy as she went into ecstasy. His finger was in my pussy at the same time. One rub and I had another orgasm. I love watching him make Tracy so hot. I suspected she was hot for him, and I was right. He then got her 69 and we both sucked on him as he took turns licking our pussy’s. Tracy could take no more. She got on top of him and started putting his cock in her pussy. I felt both of them as they were going to have full sex. They both felt my titties and pussy.

I had never watched two people have sex before and it was making my pussy pulse just watching. It was pure awesome. I wanted to be next.

Tracy and I watched the video the next day, over and over. When daddy got home we made him wait until that night before we let him watch it. We hooked it up on his big screen TV in his bedroom.

Now it was my turn while Tracy watched.

We attacked him again. We stripped his clothes off and we all got in the shower. We played as we washed us all. We pulled him into bed and it all began to happen again…only this time I got on top of him and worked his cock in my pussy. Tracy and I kissed on him and Tracy fingered herself as we slowly began to fuck.

At last I was having my fantasy fulfilled. Daddy felt so awesome in me and my pussy was alive with feelings. I started automatically fucking him faster as it all built up. Tracy feeling his balls and my ass just added to it. All my ’buttons’ were being push and ones I didn’t even know I had. Daddy held me and felt me until I had my first real climax. I shook my body and my mind.

His cock exploded in me. I felt the spray of his hot cum deep in my quivering pussy. New moans came out of my mouth as we slapped our bodies together. Tracy orgasmed with us and rubbed her pussy hard on daddy’s leg…..we all just moaned together…… It was the most wonderful long long night….ever.

” Dad’s Fucking My Teacher ” by blueheatt

Dad’s Fucking My Teacher

* Mrs. Clay had a secret. No one knew about it until….. fate stepped in….*

__My name is Kurt. I work at my dad’s very private club for people with money. I worked in the food side. The other side was a dark lounge for drinking. He had me start going over there to empty trash and clean up. I wasn’t really allowed to be there with alcohol being served. That Friday night I went over to do my duty’s when I noticed a woman at the bar. She was real pretty, but had on half dark glasses. Her black hair half covered her face and was long. She had on a black suit but real low cut. She had beautiful full cleavage that showed real good. She was smoking a cigarette. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was damn sexy looking. I couldn’t tell if she was watching me or not with those glasses.

I stalled and kept cleaning things, wanting to keep looking at her. I cleaned right in front of her….and then…she smiled at me. She leaned her cleavage over real big and said real sexy but slurred: “What’s your name Kurt?”

She was drunk as hell and how did she know my name? She asked my name… ‘and‘….called me Kurt. WTF? I ask her: “How did you know my name was Kurt?” She giggled and said: “Never you mind about that, do you like my tits?”

I couldn’t say anything. My dad would kill me if I said ’Damn right I do’ to a customer like that….so I just carefully smiled at her. She said in her slurred sexy voice: “Come here Kurt.”

I stood a little closer making sure no one was noticing us. “Would you like to kiss my tits Kurt?” and pulled my head towards her tits.

I jolted back and left the bar. Drunk women are crazy I thought….but I kept thinking about those beautiful tits though. My face was an inch from them and her perfume….…where had I smelled that perfume before? That triggered my memory, and things started to connect.

I waited and then peeked around to look at her again. She was gone. I ask the bartender about her. He said: “ She comes in every Friday night, gets drunk, and I call her a cab to take her home. That’s a wig, by the way and those half dark glasses, she hiding who she is for some reason.”

Bingo….that triggered my memory. I knew who she was now, a teacher, Mrs. Clay I had in history class school. She always wore that perfume and that’s how she knew my name. She was one of the teachers all the guys talked about wanting to fuck. Well…..I was just going to keep this information to myself.

On Monday I went to her class as usual, history …boring…..I studied her face….yep that was her, now I could tell for sure. Now she had her natural light brown hair, and plain glasses and regular clothes. My plan was to say nothing and enjoy my secret information and fantasize about those tits of hers in my face. I made no eye contact with her. When class was almost over she came over and said boldly: “I want to see you after class.” Ooooo I was in trouble.

Everyone left and she closed the door…and locked it. She sat me down by her desk. “Kurt, we have to talk. I just want to say that what you might have thought you saw last Friday night….didn’t happen. OK? Can I trust you to never talk about it? A teacher has to be very careful with her reputation. She can get fired real easy for her public actions. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head yes.

“If you would do that for me, I would like to do some things for you. I think…you like my tits, don’t you.” I smiled. “I would like to give you a little sample of my ‘thank you’ right now…. Stand up.”

The door had no window in it and the room windows were up high. No one could see in. She took me over to the corner and hugged me real tight. She began to whisper in my ear. (“…Kurt, I like you. I’m not suppose to, but I do. I hope you like me too. I want you to feel my tits for me now,…. go ahead.”)

She opened her suit coat up and put my hands up under her sweater. Omg…there they were. Her ‘no bra’ tits I had dreamed about. She started breathing all weird as I felt her tits. She was going weird on me saying: (“..tell me how much you like them Kurt…..tell me how you’d like to kiss them and suck on them Kurt…tell me Kurt.”)

Well….I sure did as she asked…. as long as she was letting me feel them. I said quietly: (“….oh Mrs. Clay, your tits are so soft and wonderful, and I sure would like kissing your beautiful tits.”) She sure seemed to like that as she lifted her sweater up and put my face right in her cleavage.

(“Kiss them Kurt…kiss them hot, I know you want them…kiss them all over and lick them all you want….lick and suck on my nipples, oh god yes…your doing beautiful Kurt…keep that up Kurt…”)

Mrs. Clay, (Jill)

It was working perfect. I had to be bold and lay it on heavy with Kurt. Kurt didn’t know my earlier life. I had hooked up with Kurt’s dad a while back. We ended up in his private office one night and we had an affair there. On Friday nights I would go in the back way and we had a torrid, hot, steamy affair.

I had found out my husband had a girl on the side and we were parting ways. I was very hot for his dad, Stan, he know how to fuck me real good.

We had to end it when my divorce started, and is still active with all the legal stuff. All I could do is disguise my looks from who I was and sit and drink every Friday night as I waited for my husband to move out.

I’m still waiting.

When I found out that Kurt was Stan’s son I slowly got aroused by him. He looked like his dad only younger and oh so sexy to me. I was closer to his age that his dad. When I saw Kurt in the lounge, I was pretty drunk and my urges for him got released. I have nice full tits, and when I saw Kurt eyeing them, I couldn’t hold back wanting him to fondle them. His dad loved them and he use to suck them so good before we had sex. It all came flashing back and I wanted them fondled by Kurt. I have nipples that are very sensitive and I can even have an orgasm when they are sucked and played with. Watching Kurt’s eyes made them hard and so ready to be sucked.

Now I had Kurt all picked out to suck and fondle my tits, and it was working. He was young and I knew the next thing he would want is to have sex with me….and that’s just what I wanted too.


She was acting kinda crazy, but I sure didn’t care. She was pushing her pussy right into my boner. I looked at the clock. “Mrs. Clay,…. I’m late for my next class, can you…. write me a note?” I said out of breath. She held my head and pulled it back. She smiled at me with a real sexy look. “Kurt, I’m a teacher. I’ll write you a note so you won’t even have to go to your next class.

This a free hour for me and we have 40 minutes left. You just do what I say and everything will be fine….besides….your in no condition to leave…just yet.” She shoved her hand down in my pants and felt my boner. In a flash she had my pants down and was on her knees. She was jacking my boner. “Hold still Kurt and let me get this down for you.” she said.


This was so risky!…but it got me hot doing it. A little preview wouldn’t hurt. I know he’ll cum quick and I need a good taste of his cum. I grabbed his young smooth ass and took his boner in my mouth. A few deep throats and he jolted. I squeezed his ass as his butt cheeks tightened up. His knees trembled and I got the shots of cum I wanted. Down my throat it went….mmmm…all gone.

Poor Kurt’s eyes…they rolled back in his head as he held onto my head to keep from falling over. Five minutes left. I helped him put his pants back up and unlocked my door. I said loud: “If you don’t try harder, and concentrate, your going to fail this class!” He was in a daze as he tried not…to smile.

Now I had to plan a place for us and this would not be easy. My house and his house had people in them. He had to work nights and…..wait….my classroom…it was the only place for us. I needed to change his schedule to give him a free hour the same as mine. The danger of doing this just made me all the more turned on to have sex with him right in the classroom.

It took a little talking but I got it all arranged. 10am to11am was now ’our’ time. That night I lay naked in bed, playing with my nipples and looking ahead to our first hour together. Being a teacher I was going to enjoy teaching him some very hot things to do sexually….and he can teach me what the young set does for sexual pleasure….

10 am, and my class filed out….all but one. I barked: “Let me see your homework, Kurt.”…the other students thinking he was in trouble with me …again. The door closed with the last student. I waited a little, then quietly locked the door. Here came my young man all excited with his sexy smile. I turned out the lights.


My heart was banging in my chest as I slowly walked toward her. God she was sexy looking. She was smiling standing with her legs apart with a skirt on today. I backed her into our corner as she took some big breaths. She began acting weird again. She said quietly: “…Kurt…what are you doing?, are you so attracted to me you feel you must have me?…do you want to feel me, kiss me make love to me?…is that what’s your after?…tell me how bad you want me Kurt…tell me.”

I thought…OK, it’s one of her weird games again…so I told her…. “ Mrs. Clay…I wanted you since the first time I saw you.” She gasp and pulled my head to her cheek. I continued: “ You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…I want you so bad…”

Well,…. that’s what she wanted to hear and up went her sweater. I felt her nipples and watched her lean her head back and moan real sexy.

Up came her skirt as she put my hand on her pussy. (“..Oh Mrs..” she whispered to call her ’Jill’. “Jill I love to feel your pussy….all warm and wet…I must go kiss it now.”

She held my head as a went down on her. She was up against the wall with her legs spread wide apart. There was that aroma of her perfume…strong. I began to lick her pussy as she moved it up and down on my lips. She moaned so sexy each time I licked her clit.

My dad called me ‘wild child’ and ‘nympho’ when he caught me with porn in my computer. I wanted some of the action I saw there, hot, wild sex. My first and steady sex was an older guy and he fucked me rough and I like it. He was…,
let’s just say…‘a family member’. We would let the desire to fuck build up and up and then we would attack and fuck real hard and wild.

Now I had tapped into Kurt’s lust for me and released it. I was finally getting what I wanted. I was in for wild ride…..

Oh my…the youthful energy of Kurt’s tongue was making me weak. I slowly sunk to the rug. He stuck 3 fingers in my pussy and massaged it good. He was way better than his dad. He was pumped and becoming aggressive….everything was becoming reversed. I became submissive to him. “…oh Kurt…baby…do you want to ’own me’?…do you want me that bad?…” I said. He began to undo his pants and get on top of me. He took his boner and moved it up and down on my pussy. He said: “Yes Jill, I ‘do’ own you now, you are mine and I have to fuck you.” Kurt said.

That sucked the air right out my chest. I liked this and his aggressive stance with me. “You have ravaged me Jill, I’m taking you to sexual heaven with me right now.” he said.

He held my wrists down and started putting his tongue deep in my mouth. I felt his boner shoved in me hard. I had to moan uncontrollably as he lifted my legs up around his back. He became my wild man, thrusting himself in me and kissing me like he couldn’t get enough of me. I jerked my wrists loose and put my arms around his neck. I could feel the climax of all climaxes coming up in me.

He fucked me hard, aggressively and deep with each thrust. I had never had a guy fuck me this wild before, and it was driving me ‘more’ wild. We were both going for the peak we both wanted. I squeezed my legs around him …and my pussy clamped around his boner. He gave out a low growl and we both squeezed us with everything we had…then…it was like the world stopped. …

He moaned and I felt hot thrusting cum in me as I climaxed. We held each other so tight we trembled. I could feel and even hear the cum being blasted in me….we just couldn’t stop fucking…and fucking…until we both went weak…and just held on tight….squirming…


It was Friday night. I sat at the bar as usual having a drink in my disguise. Kurt and I had a little plan set up. He clued his smiling dad in and I waited. When Kurt was doing his clean up duty’s behind the bar. I spoke to his dad:

“Stan honey, could you call me a cab?” I slurred, acting like I was totally drunk.

“No mam,….. your to drunk to ride home in a cab, ‘Kurt‘…., take the lady home please and see that she gets into bed.”

Kurt tried not to smile and said: “Ok Dad“

We staggered out to the company’s plain white van and drove to a river front secluded location. The back of the van was filled with blankets and no windows.

I wanted to feel the driving lust he had for me. I wanted to see that youthful aggression come out and fuck me hard with it.

I taunted him.

In whispers I said: “Maybe we better wait Kurt.” He was already trembling undoing my buttons. “Someone might come by here and see us.” Some of my buttons went flying as he tore them off. He got all hyper. “Waiting is over Jill, your mine now and we’re going to take a little trip to cum land right now. I want you completely naked, not one earring, or piece of clothing. I’ve dreamed about your hot body completely naked and now I want to devour it.”

That’s what I wanted. To be taken by him and fucked hard. I taunted him even more: “But Kurt…I’m a teacher and if anyone….”

Those were the last words spoken. He kissed me and his tongue fucked my tongue like two wild animals. I was naked, hot, trembling and my pussy was dripping. It was a real show down for us. Now I reacted how I felt.

I rolled him over on his back and grabbed his boner and shoved it in my pussy. Out came the moans, groans and animal sounds. I drove his boner in me a deep as it would go…..and again….and again. He pinched my nipples so hard I orgasmed several times.

This was the kind of fucking I wanted.


She was acting weird again, but only this time it was a very hot and sexy weird. I felt like I had a goddess on top of me and she was about to rape me…..well… ok Jill, go for it. What a powerful woman she was. She was driving my boner in her to the max. She kissed me wildly and held my body real tight. I had no choice, I had to cum big.

I squeezed her nipples with one hand, felt her ass with the other and slipped a finger in her back hole. She yelled so loud my heart jumped….that triggered my thrust upwards and I felt like all my cum shot out at once. Her pussy was tight, moving fast and she was biting my neck.…what a wild woman she was as we fucked ourselves crazy…..

She was like no other girl I’d ever been with before…as I just kept feeling her nipples and tits. I loved feeling her beautiful naked body. She just kept moaning low and fucking slow and deep……

*Months later in the morning at Jill’s house.

“Kurt, I‘ll leave first, then you go out the back way….now wait…Kurt…you’ve got that look in your eyes….not now…please Kurt…..we’ll both be late for school….Kurt…stop baby…you’ll mess up my hair and clothes….mmmmm…not on the living room rug….oh damn you…we’re going to be late again…mmmm…oh dam.. your taking mmmm advantage of me…Kurt…Oh my god…..

Oh Yes!….deeper baby…. deeper!…”

“MAKING MY DADDY CUM” by blueheatt

Making My Daddy Cum r

By Blueheatt

….When a girl first finds out she can cause a guy to get a hardon, many exciting things can happen. It’s a direct indicator that he is sexually aroused by her. Guys like it. Girls like it. Here’s what happened to me, Carol, with my new found power….

….It all started when I was younger and I was playing with my dad. We were in the kitchen and I hugged him from the front one morning. He like usual, hugged me back. I felt a lump begin in his robe. It wasn’t there a minute ago until I continued to hug him. He must have something in his robe pocket I figured. He was talking on his cell phone and not paying attention to me. I very casually let my hand brush against his robe pocket. I realized what I was feeling. He had the start of a hardon.

….It immediately excited me.

….I wondered if I had caused it. The thought that I might have… excited me more. I moved my hand and hugged him real tight. I felt his hardon move when I did. It kind of flicked out towards me, and now got bigger. My dad started breathing hard and he stammered on the cell phone. I was sure now I had made him get a hardon.

…I got a feeling that day, that still stay’s with me. I felt like a female, a girl, a woman and I like that feeling a lot. I had to have more. Later on that same day, I backed into my dad as he stood in the garage. I reached back and pulled him to me. He put his arms around me and I felt it. He started getting a hardon again. I pushed my butt back firmer and gently moved against it. I felt him again take a big breath. He held me tighter and kissed the side of my head and we just stayed like this. I felt his hardon get still bigger. I leaned my head back on him and gave out a big sigh. We said nothing. He held me tighter as we both pushed my butt and his big hardon together. Now this was taking my breath away with a new sexual thrill I had not had before. He moved his hands around on my tummy. That felt wonderful. I put my hands on his hands and moved them just under my tits. I got still more and new sex feelings. He let me guide his hands all over me. I started feeling a wetness in my pussy. It tingled and excited me more. I just kept going. I guided one of his hands to my upper leg and the other I pressed hard under my tits. My heart was thumping hard with excitement. I was feeling myself up….but…. using his hands.

… He just let me play and never stopped me. I felt his hardon get so big as it rested between my butt cheeks. It felt huge. This was going higher and higher with us. I pushed his hand higher on my tits and now right on them. I squeezed his fingers on my tits. I felt chills and tingles all at once. I kept going. Now I moved his other hand just above my pussy. I spread my legs some. His hardon went between them now. I moved his hand closer to my pussy and just let it barely touch it. I now got a shot of exciting tingles in my pussy.

…I heard mom come to the outside door. We quick moved away as he stood next to the work bench humming. I started fiddling with some of his tools. She ask me to come in and do something, so I followed her in the house. I thought sure she could hear my heart thumping and might ask me why I was so hot.

…That was my first day of enjoying the hot turn on of ’me’, making my daddy get a big hardon. I had a new power and I liked using it. I had seen mom slip her hand over his crouch before when she thought I wasn’t watching. They would smile at each other. I could give him a hardon with out my hand even touching his crouch. I liked that feeling.

….I loved giving my daddy hardon’s. The fact they were behind mom’s back just made it all the more thrilling. She’s so spoiled and I knew it’s ’no pussy’, if she doesn’t get her way. I have plans now to ’fix’ all that. I know daddy isn‘t getting all the sex that he deserves….

…. Daddy and I developed signals to let us know to go to the garage, when mom was home. Sneaking feels was our little secret.

… When she wasn’t home….it became hot and beautiful. When I knew she would be gone, I would not wear a bra or panties and put on a short loose skirt for easy access. Every week we progressed to further thrills. It was so hot having a secret affair with my own dad. Now when mom wasn’t home we had a spot where we could not be seen, but…we could see if mom drove up. I would stand in ’our spot’ and daddy would watch me feel myself up. I would put my hand up my shirt and squeeze my own tits. I would put my hand down my shorts and he could see my hand finger myself. We would smile at each other as he would stand up across the room and reach down his pants and stroke his hardon. We were putting on a hot show for each other. It was a super exciting hot teasing game we played. He would slowly walk over to me as we played with ourselves. His stalking gave me chills. He would walk around me and lean over and give me little kisses on my forehead and neck. I loved this and the feeling of my pussy getting wetter on my fingers. He knew now hot to get me real hot, and he did it so well. I knew now how to give him a big hardon as I rubbed against it,…but just a little, to tease him.

….We both wondered where it will go from here, as the tension got higher with each session.

…I had a close girlfriend Mindy. I finally ‘top secretly’ told her one sleepover what was going on with my daddy and I. She became envious and begged me for details. I just knew she was forming plans in her head to maybe get my daddy to do the same to her. She got very hot as I described daddy and my sessions. She wanted me to show her how I did things to my daddy, on her. I had her quietly lay with her back on top of me. I went thru the moves I use on daddy. I took her hands and placed mine over them. I felt under her tits and then fully all over them. She got really excited as I could feel her breathing heavy. I then headed down for her pussy and slowly rubbed around it like I moved my daddy’s hands on me. We whispered: (“..has he put his hand inside your panties and felt your bare pussy?”) , she ask. (“Not yet.”)….I told her, (“Just outside stuff so far.”). I took her hands and continued showing her how I put my hands on daddy’s and guided them onto my body. I guided her hands more to feel her own tits. She gasp and ask me to ‘keep doing that’, she said out of breath. I kept on as we were both getting hot doing it. I knew what she was up to, and knew this was coming, at least I hoped it was…. as our last sleepover she came up with a little secret game called: ‘Fingers’. It’s where we fingered each other for fun. It starts out in the dark bedroom and we act like we are boyfriend and girlfriend. We feel each other tits and pussy’s. Then it’s ’fingers’. We finger inside each others pussy’s and pretend we are having sex with a guy. We had only played this once before and we keep going until we both had great orgasms. I liked ’fingers’ and wanted to play it again.

….I said: (“Oh yes!, lets play that again.”) She spread her legs wide apart and her hand went inside my panties for my pussy as she lay on top of me. I reached over her and I put a finger inside her panties to finger her. She turned her head to mine and said: (“ I’m pretending I’m having sex with your dad.”).

…I never knew she had the hots for him. All I said was: (“…me too…”). This was new to us, as before we thought of a guy we liked, pretended we were having sex with him. Now it my daddy, we both thought about. I liked the feel of her resting on top of my tits. It was like my daddy’s chest on me, warm, breathing and he was in my pussy. I felt her tits like he might feel mine, and my fingers in her was double the pussy feelings. We both moaned very quietly but this was getting intense. We found each others ‘G’ spots and massaged them. It was building up and up in us. I squeezed her tits as we began to peak and I squeezed my pussy on her fingers. She did the same to mine. We orgasmed the best we’d ever had. Squirming and fingering us. (“Oh daddy!”) came out of my mouth. She moaned quietly just said: (“…oh my god.”)….. Our fingers were very wet as we carefully rubbed our sensitive clits……


….That weekend, Mindy came over and mom went to play tennis. Now it was just dad, I and Mindy. Mindy didn’t know I had a talk with dad privately. I told him how Mindy really liked him and the she had no dad. I ‘hinted’ that poor Mindy need some ‘dad’ hugs and it sure would be cool if he ‘maybe’ gave her some. Dad never said a word, but just smiled. I had to guess what he was thinking……..

…Dad thoughts raced thru his mind…

…Carol has told Mindy about our ‘hands on’ activities it seems. This could be dangerous for me. I’ve noticed Mindy before, and she’s a hot girl. Her tits are bigger than Carol’s. Now she wants to get in on the feeling up. Two hot and sexy teen girls,….. how can I ’not’ pass this up. I’ve given Carol no answer to her ’hint’ that I ’dad hug’ poor Mindy. Clever, those horny little shits. Teasing is all I’ll start off with. Maybe they’ll attack me and I can claim to be the ’victim’?

….”Hi Mindy, haven’t seen you in a while.” I said. I hugged her across her shoulders. I watched her try and hide her gasp. She turned and put her head on my chest. We exchanged small talk and she slowly moved in closer to me, just touching her pussy to my semi-hard dick. Carol watched us like a smiling hawk. I held out my other arm for Carol. She quickly came over and now I had them both in hugs. I felt two pussy’s moving on me now. I said I had stuff to do in the ’garage’, and left them. The word ’garage’ sent tingles in Carol’s pussy. I could feel her buck her pussy a little when I said it.

…Carol and Mindy…

…(“…I bet he’s going for it, Mindy.”)
(“…oh god he feels so hot Carol, did you feel his hardon???”) (“Yes!…he’s ready to play with us. Let’s go out into the garage and I’ll get behind him, and you back up in front of him. With him in between us he won’t be able to resist feeling us up.”)

…I waited knowing the girls would just have to come out here in the garage and mess with me. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Two teen beauty’s. If the wife only knew, she’d be shocked.
Part 2

The wife…..

…They must think I’m stupid not to know something was going on between dad and Carol, and now Mindy was hanging around all the time. I can’t say a word as my tennis instructor and I do exercises at his apartment. It started with him helping me stretch my body to play better. It soon was getting me aroused sexually and he knew it. I crossed the line when I kissed him one afternoon. The foreplay began and we ended up in his bed fucking like two teenagers. So….what he does with Mindy, I don’t care, but Carol….our own daughter….I envy her, but she makes him all pumped up for our sex nights, so I don’t really mind. Between him and my tennis guy, I’m getting what I want. I’ve always had a hidden desire to have two guys making me happy. Now some day my other desire may get fulfilled…..I would love to be alone with hot Mindy. I would love to feel her big tits and have us play with our bodies. I’ve never explored my ’bi-curious’ desires and she would be perfect. A hot young body….. licking her tits and pussy sounds hot to me. I’ve got a plan for her and I. Next sleepover it’s: ’help me in the shower please’. I’ll have her come in and I’ll get her pumped up with the shower wand as she massages poor me and my tennis soreness. I can picture feeling her wet soapy tits now. Soapy fingers are next and I’m going to love making us both orgasm in a ’special’ shower…..

…I was really horny about this and I loved the feeling. Carol and I went and put on our cheerleading outfits. No bra, no panties. She said her dad liked them and it was easy access for him to feel us. Hopefully he would feel our bare naked tits and pussy’s. We proceeded to the garage. Carol came up behind him and turned him so I could back up to his front. I pulled his arms around me and under my tits. I did like Carol and put my hand on top of his and began to guide them. He just let me do anything with them I wanted. His breathing increased with two hand-fulls of my tits. I felt a nice hardon up against my butt cheeks. I moved my butt slowly back and forth against it. I could feel it getting bigger. I could feel Carol’s hands rubbing his hardon along side my butt cheeks.

…I had no idea how hot this would make me. I could feel his heavy breathing and feel his hardon against Mindy’s butt. He was my daddy and mine to play with now. I got bold. I first joined him in feeling Mindy’s tits. They both liked that and then I really got brave and started unzipping dad’s zipper. I let my hand slip inside. I discovered….he wore no underwear. For the first time ever, I had my hand on my daddy hardon. It was big and warm. I got a shot of wetness in my pussy. I slowly stroked his hardon. I managed to pull it out. I lifted the back of her skirt and placed it between Mandy’s bare legs. She jumped and sucked a big breath. She parted her legs some and I rubbed it on her wet pussy. She began to rock back and forth on it. My fingers felt everything. Dad’s now wet hardon and her wet pussy. Dad moved one of his hands back and started gently feeling my pussy. I pulled my short skirt up so he could feel me bare. It was the hottest thing we’d ever done and we all savored doing it. Dad’s other hand went for Mandy’s pussy. He was now feeling both our bare pussy’s. His fingers felt heavenly rubbing my clit and then up and down my slit. I was on the verge of having a great orgasm. I could hear Mindy moan a little as she joined his fingers in rubbing her pussy. I looked at his clock….oh shit! We had to stop as mom was due home any minute! I pointed to the clock and we all withdrew our playing. Mindy and I went into the bathroom to quick clean up.

….I came in the house and I could hear the girls in the bathroom giggling. I smelled pussy. I wondered what they had been up to. Dad came in…..I smelled pussy on him. Well…that answered that question. That smell gave he a hot shot in my own pussy. After dinner the girls were going to take a shower. Now was my chance to get Mindy alone. We had two showers. I got Mindy aside and ask her if she would help me with my sore arms and legs from playing tennis. She said sure. I took her in the shower in our master bedroom. I closed and locked the door. My heart was thumping with tension. I explained we would get in the shower together and she could help me massage my arms and legs as the wand ran pulsating hot water over me. I saw her get a little excited over doing this. Oh my…. she looked young and sexy with big tits. She looked me over real good, having never seen me naked before. I leaned against the shower wall on my back. I had her take the shower wand and run it over my arms and legs. Her eyes told me she was aroused. I took her hand with the wand and guided it for her. The wand was set to a slow pulse. I directed it closer and closer to my nipples. Mindy has excited and had a little smile on her face. I let it massage my nipples. I moaned quietly with my eyes almost…shut. I started going closer and closer to my pussy. I peeked at her as she began to breath hard. I stopped. The wand had interchangeable heads. I switched to a slim one that squirted a soft pulse around the tip. Back we went as I guided her hand to my pussy. I squirmed and moaned as I let it pulse on my clit. I spread my legs and pulsed in right on my pussy entrance. I whispered and ask her if she could get on her knees and get way underneath me. She dropped to her knees. I started to moan as I guided the slim wand slowly in and out of my pussy. She put her shaky hand on my leg to steady herself. She began to go in and out of my pussy with the wand. As the pulsing water ran out of my pussy, I had to stop us as I shook and had an orgasm. I bucked, moaned and rubbed my pussy a while. I had her stand up and said: (…“you’ve got to try this Mindy.”) We traded places a I got on my knees. I started with the wand at her nipples and then down to her pussy. She was gasping for breath….

…the newness of all this was taking me sexually higher than I had ever been. Her hand rubbed my leg as her fingers began to tease my clit. She was getting her face closer and closer to my pussy. I was getting mega thrills from it. I took her hand and put it on my wet tits. I wanted them felt so bad. I began to feel her body too. She slowly began to insert that wand into my pussy. I quickly orgasmed and shook. I closed my eyes to just enjoy it when I felt something on my clit. I gasp with the tingles. I looked and it was her finger and then followed by her warm tongue. This was a first for me and I orgasmed again. My legs went weak as I ended up on my knees too. Our fingers slowly felt our tits and nipples. They went on to feel our pussy’s. I liked this and many things ran thru my mind about the future…..

…this was the thrill I was looking for, I guided her fingers to go inside of me. We rubbed each others clits as a big orgasm hit me and shook me up. I showed her how to feel my ’G’ spot, and massage it. I found hers as she squirmed and shook…. We rested as we felt our bodies…

….We talked about secrets and never to let Carol or anyone know about our first bi-curious session. I went to bed as Mindy left.

….I thought about my poor dad not getting any sex again as my mom went to sleep early. Mandy slept over again that night. She was acting different somehow. We talked about how hot we were for my dad and our next move on him. I told her how I wanted to make him cum.

… Oh…she liked that idea and we planned how to do it. The night we were both very horny. We decided to play ‘fingers’. This time I lay on top of her on my back. We pretended we told daddy that we were going to make him cum but…. ‘in’ us. Mindy had some new things. She found my ‘G’ spot and helped me locate hers. This was a very intense sexual spot we massaged. We were going for a dual orgasm when she stopped. She said she had a new game call ‘tongues’. Tongues? ….I wondered what that was. She had me get off her quietly and she turned and had us lay side by side with our pussy’s to each others faces. We continued with our fingers, only with a close up now. I love seeing and feeling our fingers going in and out of us as I watched in the dimly lit room. She pulled my pussy real close to her face and lifted my one leg. I could feel her excited breath in my pussy. She had the finger of one hand in my pussy, and the other rubbed my clit. I did the same to her. This was very hot as I watched her wet pussy squirm in front of my face. We were now going for a orgasm when I got a new feeling. Something warm and wet on my clit. I glanced down and she was licking my pussy so good. I had never ever had this done to me. I wanted to do her to feel good like me. I licked her clit and all around her pussy. We both gasp with the new thrill. We took our fingers out and licked our pussy’s as the orgasm built real fast. We put our arms around our butt cheeks and licked fast. I couldn’t help but orgasm big and pushed my pussy to her tongue. Her wonderful tongue made the orgasm last and was so intense I squirmed and moaned quietly.
‘Tongues were way more intense than ’fingers.’…..

….It was Thursday, another tennis day for the wife. She was staying later and later, and tonight she tells me she’s spending the night with ’a girlfriend’ she’s plays tennis with now. I immediately wondered what Carol and Mindy might have cooked up to do to me. I didn’t have to wait long as the came in from school. They went in Carol’s room whispering and giggling. I was sitting on the couch when they came out, both dressed in their cheerleader outfits. No bra, and I figured no panties. They sat, one on each side of me and spoke quietly. Carol said: “Mom told me she would be gone all night, so….they giggled….so we want to be your wife for tonight. I just smiled as usual, not committing myself in any way. They both smiled and went in and fixed dinner. They brought it to me on a tray and played ’feed the dad’ they called it. Mindy then sat across my lap, right on my dick. Carol was on the side as they both grinned and Mindy said: “We’re your wives, and you look ill and we think you better go to bed and rest.” They stood me up and with one under each arm the escorted me to the bedroom. They both let me watch them undress with a sexy show. Seeing the get naked was a hardon maker deluxe. It was dim lighting now as these two young sexy beauties wiggled around me and began to undress me. They laid me in the ’sick’ bed and began to fully molest me. They played this game…”We are your wives and we need some love‘n, now you have to feel us up and make us happy.” They lay on each side of me and had me feel their tits first. I watched them squirm and giggle. “We want more than that, husband, our pussy’s want some attention too.” They took my hands and put them on their pussy’s to feel. They both took my fingers and put them where they wanted them. It was a hot double finger fuck for them. “You have a big hardon, that must mean you want to have sex with us. Ok, you have to choose which one of us goes first, husband. “ I did nothing. “Never mind Carol is your first wife so she can go first. I will help you since this is your first time.” Mindy said. Mindy pulled Carol’s body over to me and put Carol’s pussy right on my face. They both began to play with my hardon. I licked Carol’s sweet pussy as she moaned and squirmed. What a feeling to have her on top of me with her and Mindy both licking my dick…

…now he was all mine and I was going to make him cum the cum he deserved. I put my lips over the head and started going up and down as Mindy jacked on him. We could hear him strain and feel him squirm as the cum was on the way. Mindy felt his balls and licked them. I felt the underside of his harden get firm and then …I got what I wanted. A hot shooting stream of his cum came out and filled my mouth…I climaxed with his tongue licking my clit. We both moaned and twitched as Mindy licked the overflow of cum from his hardon. We didn’t know a man could cum that much and Mindy quick moved up and put his hardon in her pussy. He kept shooting cum as she soon climaxed hard and moaned with him. He kept licking my pussy as I went a little crazy with the super feeling of it. Mindy kept moving her pussy up and down on him and moaning. I felt the base of his hardon and balls as he fucked Mindy. I was wonderful beyond words. We all just kept moving, and savoring the feelings. I felt so satisfied that daddy got to cum with the hot sex I wanted him to have.

…Oh my god…he wasn’t done. He turn me on my back, pulled my knees up and in went his hardon in my pussy. It was a hot feeling and tight in me.

…We began the most wonderful feeling of all…my daddy in me. Mindy came up and put her pussy by his face. He immediately started licking her as she squirmed and moaned. I locked my legs around him and we fucked so beautiful together. His tongue had Mindy squirming and moaning steady, that just added to the hot sex daddy and I were having. My daddy could fuck good. Mindy held his head and fucked his tongue real fast and then she let out a big moan and shook. Just about that time….

… I felt daddy shoot a warm full load of cum in me as I had a mind jolting climax. It felt like the room was spinning as my spasms kept making me jump and shake. Daddy and I moaned together as our bodies shook hard. My arms felt so good around him as he held me tight and continued pumped his warm cum in me. My pussy was full of his cum and new wonderful feelings….

…Well, that’s my story. I have to go now, I hear my daddy and Mindy calling me for something….

….(now I wonder what they want?)


“Mom Gets Horny in the Woods”

By Blueheatt

*Tom tells of his gorgeous sexy mom Jodi and what triggered something in her…., accidentally.

__When I was very young, I ask mom if she wanted to take a walk in the local woods, I had no idea what was about to happen.

I remember it was a Saturday afternoon and as a young boy, mom and I were both kind of bored that afternoon.

We had a big woods next to our house and someone had built a hidden shack way back in the tall bushes. It was abandon a long time ago, and very well hidden. I found it purely by accident. I was scouting around looking for a hidden place to bring girls, or bring pictures of girls and wank.

I whispered to mom: (“…would you like to take a walk in the woods?”) I did this on purpose to watch her get all excited.

Mom ‘extremely’ loved the woods and I didn’t understand why back then. I watched her face light up and smile as she thought. She didn’t answer right away but just stared out the window at the woods, grinning. She seemed to be lost in thought. Soon she turned to me and whispered back: (“…yes!, let me go change.”)
I had noticed that she wore the same outfit whenever she went to the woods. A long full length old western style white dress. It had a top which she pulled down on her shoulders. Not hiking attire at all. I looked her over real good this time. She had taken her bra off and I could see no panty line at all. I think she was naked under that dress.

She had let her long hair down, damn she looked hot. I wondered what that was all about, but I didn’t mind, mom had a hot figure and great cleavage. Her full tits bulged out at the top to my visual delight.

She had that same look on her face like when I had an embarrassing incident with her.

One time she saw me scratching my young crouch and asked: “John, do you have a rash ‘down there’?” Why the hell did she want to know that? She insisted in taking me in the bathroom and just had to take a look. I was all embarrassed and said: “ It’s nothing, it’s ok mom.” She pulled my short pants down and got on her knees. I could see right down her low cut blouse that day and tried not to get a boner. She reached out and held my cock and looked all around it and my balls. It was no use as my cock got harder and harder. She looked up at me with that same sort of sexy ornery smile as she said quietly: “I see everything is working ok.” I said: “Yes it’s ok mom.” and began to pull my pants up…that’s when she embarrassed the crap out of me. She squeezed my cock firm and then quick kissed the tip and stood up. I was very young and it was very embarrassing….but I got a big throb in my cock when she did that. Now she had that same look in her eyes as we left for the woods.

We slipped out the back gate as she led the way. It bugged me why was she so excited over a walk in the woods? I was about to find out.

As we walked she lifted her dress up to cross a small stream. She lifted it higher and looked back at me and giggled. I could see her beautiful legs and up to the crack of her ass…and I was right…no panties. What the hell was she doing I wondered. She was acting all horny, like a young girl. I had not seen a real girl naked yet and I started getting a boner.

Getting horny for your own mom were thoughts I kept to myself, but I couldn’t help but lock on that live shot of seeing the crack of mom’s ass in my mind…over and over again. I didn’t know why I did, but I decided to show mom the hidden shack.

“ I want to show you something mom.“ I said. She smiled and I led the way. When we got there is when it happened. She saw the hidden shack and grabbed me from behind and hugged me real tight. She was breathing hard and whispered: (“…oh my god…it’s still here!”)

As we stood there, she pressed her full tits in my back ran her warm hands under my t-shirt and over my chest. She was breathing hard and gasping as she filled me in on why she was so effected.

She lied big through the parts she didn’t want me to know about….but I know now. I even knew then, when she was lying. When mom lied she had a little nervous laugh in her voice. I had heard it before. What was she hiding? What really happened at this shack.

I found out the truth that afternoon inside the shack. We sat on the leaves and then laid down. She played with my hair and kept scooting closer to me. Her hands were all over me as she began to tell me ‘parts’ of her secret story.

After making me swear to keep it forever secret, she first told me about a young boy named Tommy.

She had met him down here in the woods and he showed her the hidden shack. She was in her late teens then and he was pre teen, that’s when it first started.

She said he was so cute and kept looking at her nice tits. He told her how beautiful she was and had a very sexy body. Mom got very aroused by him talking that way and looking at her body. He held her hand and started kissing up her arm. Mom got chills never having a young boy do this to her before.

He was making her very horny and she liked the feeling a lot. He said: “Will you be my secret girlfriend?” She smiled and said “Sure Tommy.” and he said: “Oh thank you, your so beautiful, close your eyes.” His little warm hands held her face and then he kissed her and let his tongue slip between her lips. She said she got a big jolt in her pussy as he then began to slowly feel her tits.

Having a young boy do all this was hitting her hard with arousement. As she gathered her breath she could see his young cock bulging in his shorts. The thought of turning on a young boy…. was turning her on.

They set a time to meet again in the shack. Then it was everyday after school. She found herself getting obsessed with young boys. She didn’t dare tell anyone or get caught eyeballing them. She found pictures on the internet that made her hot and horny looking at them. She found herself rubbing her pussy while she looked at these young boys naked pictures.

She made plans for her secret meetings with Tommy in the shack. This was very taboo to get with a boy with their age difference. She could be branded a child molester if she got caught. Her obsession grew and she wanted to have sex with Tommy real bad.

The next day after school, they met at the shack. She said her heart was pounding and so was Tommy’s. They laid on the leaves on their sides. she raised her bra and shirt up for him. His eyes got big and he began to feel and suck on her nipples. She pulled him in tight to feel his boner get big between her legs. She slipped her hand inside his short pants and for the first time felt his young stiff cock. She got a shock wave of pleasure shoot through her body. It was so taboo to touch the forbidden cock of a young boy her pussy began to twitch. Little Tommy was going crazy kissing and feeling a big girls tits. He moaned out of breath how beautiful she was. She took his hand and put it up her dress so he could feel her no panties pussy. His trembling fingers felt it as he put two fingers inside her wet pussy.

“I gotta jack off Jodi…I’m gonna cum.” he said. That was just what she wanted to hear.

She pulled his pants down, turned and put her mouth complete over his cock. She lifted one leg. He moaned as his little fingers went in and out of her pussy. He put his mouth on her pussy just as he shot cum in her mouth. She said she shook all over as her pussy spasmed with a great shaking climax. She moaned with the feel of his cum squirting on her tongue.

They lay there moaning and gasping as he kept licking her pussy. She swallowed his cum and sucked for more. After a while he started to squirm again as she kept sucking his cock. He felt her tits and found by sucking her clit she moaned. He kept that up as he was starting to strain and moan with pleasure. She was going to make him cum again.

He began to fuck her mouth until he tighten his body up and shot cum again in her mouth. She kept fucking his tongue on her clit and shook hard as another climax gripped her whole body and she collapsed by him.

She said this was way over the top of any sex she had before. The rush she got was awesome, so forbidden, so taboo she somehow loved the exciting risk of doing this.

She explained to Tommy how top top secret this was and to never ever tell anyone, or they couldn’t keep doing this. He readily agreed and said again how perfect she was and beautiful and …and …and…could she come tomorrow…please please! She said oh yes.

She said that was the most exhilarating peak of her sex life.

Mom had gotten herself all hyper telling me all this and I was now very horny myself. I tried to closed my eyes and pretended she was a girlfriend…. but that wasn‘t working with a sexy body like hers that I had fantasized about seeing naked so many times. Her obsession with young boys was now locked on….me.

She started talking weird…. like: “I’ve waited a long time for you. Do you like my titties?, want to lick and suck them?…I know you do…well here…go ahead.” She pulled the top of her dress down and there they were, her two beautiful tits all for me to suck on. “Do you think I’m sexy?….tell me if you do…whisper it in my ear. “

I was in no condition to refuse her anything, so I told her how hot and sexy and beautiful she was between licks on her big tits. She began squirming and running her fingers through my hair. She moved me on top of her. My cock was resting right on her squirming pussy. She started to moan and slipped her hand down my pants and held my cock tight. She then whispered gasping for breath: (“…I know…. something else you would like….“)…. and started pushing me lower on her body as she pulled her dress up…..

(Jodi’s thoughts at this time.)

I’ve never told anyone ever about my obsession, but now I dared to tell Tommy my son some of it. It’s hard to impress on a young boy what it’s like to have a risky obsession like mine. I’ve had to hold back for so long. As he grew up I got so turned on when I hugged him and felt his body. I loved to feel his bare skin and the rush I got from it. I would pull him tight against me and his young cock between my legs. This would cause me to dream about a young boys body and feeling them. It would wake me up all hot with my fingers in my wet pussy….it felt wonderful.

I just couldn’t resist this golden opportunity to have glorious sex with him. He’s responding perfect, but what boy wouldn’t now that were alone and both so damn horny. He told me my secret obsession was safe with him. I hadn’t been this excited since the last time I had sex with the neighborhood boy Tommy. That’s why I named my son…Tommy.

The internet pictures are very hot to finger myself to, but there is nothing like the real thing.

I see young boys in daily life and I get so hot for them. I want to reach in their pants and feel their cocks and have them feel my pussy and kiss and lick my tits. It has been hell in a way, but so damn exciting as no one knows what a hot turn on I’m getting looking at them.

I got close to getting caught once with my nephew. I hugged him and I slipped. I pushed my pussy into him. He pushed his young cock back to me tight. We were alone in the house and I got a rush in my body that took my breath away. He liked our push game and told me how much he liked me. I let him feel my ass as I felt his. We just stood there as I got so wet and he got a full hardon. I trembled inside as he felt my hips and began feeling the front of my legs. I managed to whisper: ( secret,… (gasp).. ok?..) He whispered back out of breath: (“… yes, aunt Jodi…your wonderful.”) I orgasmed when he said that and I felt a sexual jolt in my pussy as my knees buckled some. My trembling hand was inching it’s way down the front of his shorts. His hand went up my dress as he felt my wet panties and pussy. He kissed the outside of my dress on my tits. I felt faint as my hand finally felt his cock. His fingers went in the side of my panties and up and down my wet slit.

This was so risky I had to stop us as his mom was due back any second. Just then we heard her at the door open and in she came. He quickly slipped in the bathroom hiding his hardon as I walked in the kitchen panting for breath. She was distracted by her shopping buys and never paid any attention to either of us. I quickly composed myself.

They both soon left. I went straight to the computer and opened the ’Family Pictures’ file. There he was in a swimming suit in one picture. You could see his lump in the crouch of the suit. I pulled up my dress and put my fingers down my panties. I was so wet and turned on that a few rubs on my puffed out clit and I orgasmed again. This became my second favorite picture to finger myself to. The secret pictures of daddy and I had our faces all blocked out but they still made me so hot with the memories I got looking at them. The memories of the part I never told anybody. The times I had with daddy in the woods… Nobody ever knew what happened down in woods….., but this was my greatest memory of all time…..

The first time it happened, I was just a teen and I had on this white old dress of moms. Daddy told me how good I looked in it. I twirled around in it to show it off to him. He stood up and started slow dancing with me. This was my first sexual arousement with my daddy. He suggested we go down to the woods for a walk. He had me leave that dress on. We found the hidden shack and went in. He laid down to take a nap. I lay beside him. I rubbed his bare chest as he napped. I got aroused again and snuggled close to him. As he slept, he started getting an erection in his short shorts. It started coming out the leg whole of his shorts. Now I was getting real aroused seeing it and had an urge to feel it. I took a chance and eased my hand down and slowly began to feel it.

My pussy began to tingle for the first time. I began to stroke his big cock as he slept. He rolled over to me and his cock went between my legs. I had no panties on and I moved my dress up a little. Now his warm cock was touching the bottom of my pussy. We began to rub ourselves together. I was having my biggest sexual thrill ever now. I rubbed my clit right on his cock. It felt so good and we kept it up. I was going to orgasm as I pressed firmer. As it was building and building up I felt him jolt and he started cuming. Hot cum was shooting between my legs. I orgasmed as my pussy rubbed on his cuming wet cock….

After that we went to the woods a lot and things progressed. All my first sexual experiences happened now. Daddy always pretended to be asleep. Now he was my ’daddy toy’. I could do anything I wanted with him. I jacked him off and watch his cum shoot high in the air. I loved the feeling of his hot cum on my face and in my mouth. I would get on top of him and ease his big cock in my wet pussy. I had him feel my tits as I climaxed over and over again as he shot big loads of hot cum in me. Next time I would get him on top of me and I would wrap my legs around him and we would fuck so good we both shook and moaned quietly.

I was totally in love with my own daddy.
My nephew and I never got a chance to feel each other again and this made me more drawn to my son Tommy, but I held back over and over again. I so wanted him and I to have sex.

Now here we are and it’s happening right now. Tommy seem to understand now and is enjoying my obsession with me…..god I’m so hot for him.

(Back to son Tommy.)

I was super excited as she opened her legs. It was my first time to see a real girls pussy and close up. She held my head and guided my tongue right to her clit. I licked her clit like she directed me. I was in a young boys heaven. She was in her own heaven. The sexual tension built up and up in both of us. She was squirming and moaning as my cock was throbbing. I want to put my cock in her warm wet pussy. This would be my first sex with an adult woman. She started pulling me up on her. Her hands were going wild feeling my body and my one thought was to put my cock in her. She whisper moaned: (…”do it Tommy, do it now, put your cock in me now.”) She reached down and held my cock tight and guided it in her warm pussy. Her hips jumped as she pulled my butt cheeks hard to drive my cock in her all the way.

Our beautiful fucking began. I felt her wonderful tits as we fucked. I was losing control and so was she as our bodies fucked hard and deep. We became like to animals, moaning as our bodies slapped together in a fury of released passion I never knew about. She dug her fingers in me real hard as I squeezed her tits hard.

Somehow she knew I was going to cum. She raised her pussy up and inside it squeezed my cock hard….I lost my breath…as I felt a big load of cum travel out my cock. My mind went crazy with the high pleasure. My cock kept shooting cum in her with each burst of high, again and again. She held me like a vice and let her pussy massage my cock as she shook all over. She gave out one big moan and her whole body quivered as she climaxed for a long time…

We both panted for breath but kept fucking slowly, we both wanted all of that feeling we could get…….

Her obsession seemed to be fulfilled …for a while.

Now the fun began……
Back at the house everything had changed. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We now had the freedom to feel each other anytime we wanted and end up with glorious sex all over the house. We showered together, did hot feels on each other and her aggressive obsession towards me was driving me pleasure crazy.

I soon realized, we had released a obsession in me.

All I thought about was having sex with an adult woman. Her friends, her sister, the neighborhood lady’s, teachers were all making me hot thinking about fucking them. Mom still eyeballed my young buddies….thus began our joint obsession.

Team work

We lay in her bed after have ultimate sex again and came up with an idea to keep her in supply of young boys, and me in supply with adult women.

We sized up lots of prospects to find just the right boy and adult woman for each other. We had a big closet in the hallway. She put a single bed in there. With the light out, you couldn’t see a thing.

She started first with her best friend, Doris.

She slowly talked to her and got around to privately asking her if she had ever had sex with a young boy. Doris got excited and said only as a young girl herself, but admitted it might be fun to have sex a young guy today as a adult woman. Mom slowly enticed her with a offer.

“ Let me know and come over after school is out sometime. Go in the hall closet and you’ll find a young guy in there, just for you.” Doris got a shocked look on her face but she was really aroused by the real thought of having sex with a young guy.

Doris had some thoughts about all of this….

Doris had known Jodi since childhood. She noticed that Jodi got all excited about going to the woods, and she thought she knew why. Jodie’s daddy and her use to go there. They never discussed it, but she never saw them in the woods. It was like they were hiding somewhere there. The only hint was one time when they were in Jodi’s room and talked about how good it felt to rub their pussy. Jodi seemed to know a lot about this and showed Doris where her clit was and to rub right there. As young girls they began to rub there own clits. Jodi, got a picture of her daddy and looked at it as she rubbed her pussy and clit. Doris suspected right then something sexual between Jodi and her daddy was going on. I had my own experience with my younger brother. I use to suck his cock and learned how to make him cum real quick when our parents were asleep. He in turn would finger and lick my pussy. I never told Jodi or anyone about our sex play.
Mom waited as the prospect kept looming in Doris’s mind. She continued to bait Doris. She would whisper to her: (…” it will be my discreet son, lights out and is he so good!…he loves adult women.”) Finally Doris called and said: “Aaa…when is your closet available?”…. and with that…. it was on.

I remember mom told me to wait in the closet right after school when she gave me the word, because an ’adult woman’ wants you. (“Doris”), she whispered. I got a big hot rush when she said that. I had to try and not get a hardon that day in school. Doris was a hot woman with nice tits who I’d met many times and was hot for. She like me too.

The next time Doris came over, mom was gone. She took me to the back of the kitchen and hugged me. We rubbed our bodies together for a while. We both got real hot as she rubbed my face on her nice cleavage and then she rubbed her pussy tight against my cock. We both knew this was preview to our up and coming secret ’closet’ meeting.

Now for a young guy for my mom….

My buddy Stan was my best prospect. He secretly told me once that his aunt let him feel her up one day in her pool. She felt him back and they both got really turned on. She felt his cock and went under water to suck on it. He liked an older woman with big tits to feel. She ended up giving him a blowjob in the pool. A perfect prospect for my mom. I told mom the story.

Mom got real excited and got Stan in our pool and soon they fondled each other and kept it quiet. I told Stan that my mom had the hots for him and we had a place for them to get together secretly. He was ecstatic with the prospect of fucking my mom. Now it was all set for our first time to satisfy more of our obsessions.

The next day after school mom said to wait in the closet. The door slowly opened and Doris quickly darted in. We reached out in the dark. I led her trembling hand to the bed. She and I both were breathing hard. We felt each other all over. She had on a short house dress on and as I worked my hand up it, she took it clear off. She was completely naked now. I felt her all naked body as she pull off my shirt and shorts. She laid on her back as I got on top of her warm naked body. She grabbed me hard and started tongue kissing me. I rubbed my cock on her pussy and felt her beautiful tits. She got hotter and so did I. I dropped down to suck on her tits. She moaned and kept feeling my body. I felt her wet pussy and she began to squirm. She began to whisper. (“…oh god, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a young body like yours, so smooth and warm. Keep rubbing my pussy, it feels so good. I told her what a great sexy body she had. (“…oh turn around, I want to feel your cock and kiss it. You can lick my pussy all you want..”) I turned and she opened her legs wide. Her knees came up as I held her butt cheeks firm. I loved her sweet moaning as I licked her clit. I fucked her mouth like a pussy as she squeezed my balls. She knew just hot to suck on me and I had to cum. I put three fingers in her pussy and sucked on her clit as mom likes. I had a big shooting cum as she moaned and sucked me. Her tongue was going crazy on the head of my cock. She swallowed all my cum down. An adult women knows just how to suck a cock so good. Her pussy squeezed down on my fingers as she climaxed and shook hard. She moaned so sexy as I licked her hot clit.

…. I wanted more of her.

I turned and put my cock in her pussy. She clamped onto me with her arms and legs. She moaned…”oh yes!”… We started the build up all over again. I loved feeling her tits and hearing her moan. I kept pushing my cock in her as far as it would go, over and over…..

She moaned: “…Hold me tight and push your cock in me deep…oh yes baby, like that…oh god…your gonna make me cum…cum with me baby….cum hard and deep..” I started fucking her as fast and deep as I could. She could make her pussy squeeze my cock so good I had to cum.

I pushed hard and a big load shot in her pussy. She shook and squirmed as her body locked on mine. It was a heavenly cum for both of us. Adult women don’t just lay there, they know how to fuck so good. Feeling her big tits and hard nipples on my chest was awesome.

Mom said she listened to us in her bedroom closet. She said she fingered herself as she orgasmed when we moaned cuming together…..

Mom’s turn….

Mom was so horny waiting to get with Stan. She had that wonderful sexy look she gets when she’s real horny. We played stop and feel waiting for Stan to get here. Mom was breathing so hard when I would stop in the house and feel her up. We almost had sex on the kitchen table as we got a little carried away. Feeling her wet pussy thru her robe was a real turn on for us.

Stan came by finally and I showed him the closet and to wait in there. I signaled mom and went to her bedroom closet to listen.

Mom told me how it went…..

“My hands were trembling a little as I entered the dark closet. I felt out and Stan was sitting on the bed. I took off my robed and his t-shirt and shorts. This was our first time and he was all mine to play with. I eased down beside him on the bed and began to feel his young smooth body. He went right for my tits to suck on my nipples as I could feel his stiff cock go between my legs. I took my time and felt his whole body. I was getting super charged and so we he. We got all hyper tongue kissing and I turned to feel his warm cock on my face. He wasted no time in lifting my leg to kiss my pussy. To feel a young boys cock was fulfilling my desire. The taboo sneaking it feeling drove the hot feeling in my pussy higher as he licked my sensitive clit. His warm cock went in my mouth as he squirmed. I squeezed his little butt cheeks as I put his cock all the way in my mouth. He had such a cute moan as he squirmed and started fucking my tongue. I pulled the back of his head into my pussy and rocked my hips to rub my clit on his tongue. He moaned something and felt his balls come up fast. He jolted as he moaned and I felt his cum shoot in my mouth. The feeling was beyond words. He stuck fingers in my pussy as my rising climax made me moan out with the ultra high pleasure. Our bodies squirmed as his cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed his pleasure right down. I was having a long climax that was taking my breath away. I loved his little fingers in my wet pussy, moving in and out as he kept licking my clit. We both gasp for air as I keep feeling his body and squirming from the ultra high climax.

Time stopped as we both wanted more. Soon he turned and got on top of me. His hot body felt so good as he began to put his cock in my pussy. I opened my legs wide and let go for his first adult woman sex. He was very nervous and I rubbed his butt cheeks as he pushed his cock all the way in my pussy. He began to moan with each stroke. He pushed hard and as deep as his cock would go. As we both built up the wonderful high feeling my legs began to wrap around his. He grabbed my tits and started fucking me faster and faster. My pussy began to squeeze tight around his cock as I was going to climax again. He yelled: “Whoa!…oh jez!”…and I felt a huge load of his cum shoot in me. I climaxed long and hard… We went wild fucking out of control and moaning with the peak like no other… obsession was now fulfilled as I almost blacked out…..”

Listening to all of this had me almost cuming in my pants. I finally heard Stan leave. I went to the closet door and opened it. There was mom laying on the bed smiling. She said: “Come here.” She pulled me on top of her and held me tight. She quickly pulled my shorts down and she put my hard cock in her. I thought she’d be maxed out, but she wanted more. Her body was real hot as she started fucking me like it was our first time. She pull my shirt off and felt me all over as we fucked hard. Before I knew it I was shooting cum in her and she was shaking and pulling my cock in her deep.

We spent a very long time in there, just slow fucking and then fast as we were having our peak repeated over and over……

Mom supplied the older women and I supplied the young guys….to…this….very….day…


Listening to my Sister Fuck

By Blueheatt

…..“Oh god, put it in Now baby!”…my girlfriend pleaded to me, and we had super sex because she was so hot…..

Later she told me that my ‘hot story’s’ made her hot and she climaxed really good when I told her one. I would tell them once and while just to see her squirm and then attack me.

It was lunch time at work, and about 6 guys gathered around the lunch table in the shop. We all told ‘bullshit stories’ from time to time. I decided to really mess with them today. I started telling them about listening to my sister fuck her boyfriend when I was a teenager. My one buddy knew I HAD NO SISTER, and sat back and smiled…then he joined in on the 100% pure bullshit story.
They all perked up and listened intently as I described it in detail what it was like. I told it as believable as I could, like it was a real true story.
“I woke up to sounds in the bedroom next to mine, my sisters. She was 19, and built good. Nice big tits, a firm ass and she was just a sexy girl. I was 14 and I had seen her naked a few quick glimpses as we grew up. She had gotten hotter and hotter as she got older. She brought her boyfriends home from time to time when my folks were gone. I put my ear by the vent, and I could hear them real well. I could hear, clothes being removed, belt buckles and zippers. I heard her bed springs creak. My buddy leaned forward to hear better and joined in with me, and said: “Jeezzzz, I’ve seen your sister, god damn she is Hot!”

Now they were really listening and I looked around and continued in a half whisper…”I heard her moan….then him moan as the bed springs began to creak….she moaned louder as her bed began to bang against my wall. I heard her say:….”fuck me…oh damn fuck me“…I as a 14 year old I started getting a big boner, I couldn’t help it. The guys now were eyes wide open listening close. Some stopped eating to listen. I heard sis moan some more….‘oh….oh…..Oh…oh my god that feels so good‘… One guy stopped chewing and just sat there with a mouth full of food….listening intently.
….oh….yes…do me…yes….“Oh Sam, your dick feels so good in me!”… I knew she had a boyfriend named Sam, and it was him, fucking my sister. Wow, this guy and her were really getting it on. She moaned louder and groaned…
I was dying with my boner ready to explode. Then they stopped. I could hear them panting and out of breath. They talked low and she giggled some. I figured they were done. Whew, that was so hot to listen to. I went back to bed then they started in again….I heard her say: ‘Oh god yes, yes baby oooooo fuck me more baby, fuck me!!!”
The bed springs started to creak super fast now, this Sam guy and her were really fucking fast now…she started to moan in broken moans…oh…..oh….oh yes…..yes baby……Oh…..OH….EEEESH!!, and I guess he came in her and she climaxed hard. She moaned loud again..FUCK!!! ME!!!!…..

Nobody heard my dad come in and come up the stairs. I was so intent listening, and sis’s yelling and bed springs squeaking loud.
He must have heard the noise from her room. I heard her door open…a pause..and then I hear my Dad yell… “SAMMIE..(our family dog) YOU GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER!!!!….YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! I hear Dad scuffle to grab Sammie and I heard Sammie run fast past my door yelping….
I held my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing, I got tears in my eyes and soon I hear my Dad consoling my sister, “Did he hurt you baby?….I heard my sister saying ..”Oh thank you Daddy, I was just leaning over my bed when….. “he attack me”…… and I couldn’t get him off me….don’t hurt him Daddy, he didn’t know any better, I’ll just be more careful next time. I’m fine, really. …..’good night dad’……don’t be mad at him daddy“…..
I couldn’t wait till morning. “He attack Me” kept me laughing till I fell asleep.
The next morning, we all ate together. My sister again saying she was fine, and not to punish Sammie. I didn’t say a word and just played dumb. Dad and Mom ate and went to work. I waited for my chance.
My sister came down the stairs smiling and all happy. I said,
‘What happened in your room last night?” She said,…“Oh…a.…a… Sammie just knocked over her lamp on her, Dad was all concerned, it was nothing. I started laughing, and couldn’t stop…She looked at me so strange…which made me laugh even more. I held my gut, I couldn’t talk.

Lunch time was over, I said I’d continue the story tomorrow. My buddy and I had to go outside and do our laughing out there. We both got tears describing all the looks on the guys faces.

Next day lunch

Now we had added 5 more guys to our lunch group who heard about the story. I did a quick up date for the new guys, and started in.
“I couldn’t stop laughing at my sister…but I finally did. She stood there, hand on hips and came over and smiled at me and said; “And just what’s so funny???” I waited and I had saved this up to say to her: “Oh sam, your dick feels so good in me.” She went into shock… You should have seen her face. She gulped and now she knew I had heard her with the dog. Slowly she began to grin. Her face all red. She looked at me and slowly walked over and said in a very sexy voice: “We have to talk, don’t we.” She stepped close to me and said: “What’s it gonna take for you to never tell what you think you know?” I said:” I don’t ‘think’ I know, I ‘do’ know everything that went on in your bedroom last night.” She asked: “How do you know?” She stepped closer to me.
She may have been my step-sister, but she sure was hot looking and had big tits.
Some of the guys asked, “step-sister?” I said yes, I didn’t find that out till a year ago, at the time, but we all agreed to not call her that, so I always called her my ‘sister’. (this changed things, sister, incest, step-sister…well that’s legal) I said to never mind that,
“What are you offering me to keep my mouth shut forever.” I sat on the couch and smiled at her. She thought and thought. She sat beside me and asked, “…what do you want?..” I smiled as a 14 yr. old horny kid will do, and looked right her big tits. She muttered…’I might have known’…I said ’what?’ She whispered, (“how about I come to your room tonight and see what I can do to keep you quiet…we’ll make a deal, and you’ll never ever ever tell anyone about this…ok?”) I smiled and said ’sure, what time?’ She said she didn’t know yet, but she’ll just come in my room after everyone’s gone to bed.’

Next day lunch
3 more guys show up from other shops.
I start in: I laid in my bed waiting for my hot step-sister to show up and I drifted to sleep. I woke up some time later with her crawling in bed with me. She had on a thin night gown and nothing else. She started rubbing my arm. I looked at her in the dim light. She was smiling at me, I could smell her breath, she had been drinking. I smiled back. She was panting, like she was out of breath. She whispered: (“…how about I come in here…oh…every 6 months and give you a hand job?”..) I knew I had her good, and so I said….” …well…how about you give me one now, and let think about it?” ) She giggled and said,…”why not.”… so…..she got under the covers and pulled my pajama bottoms down and my dick was already hard as a rock! She giggled and began to jack me off!…It wasn’t going to take much, she had this hot body with big tits and a 14yr old only has dreams about this happening. I felt her use both hands and then fondle my balls. Gezzz in no time I came big time, I felt her mouth on me!…wow…she must have had a lot to drink or something. I’m squirming as I’ve never had this done to me and It’s driving me crazy. I finally catch my breath and she’s still at it. As I recover, she comes out from under the covers and smiles. She says: “….I’ll be back if your memory comes back around. I know you don’t remember a thing, right?” I smiled and said:
“Who are you?”

The guys all smiled and said things like…’hey then what happened?…and…did ya ever fuck her?…did ya get to feel those tits?, and on and on. I said: “Maybe Monday, I’ll remember more.

Monday lunch
The lunch table was over full except for one seat.
My lunch sack was on it.

* as someone once said: “Never let the truth, get the way,…..of a really good story.” *

Tom and Jennifer by LesLara84


this is the beginning of another story… hope you like it. please feel free to write comments and please wote!!Like every Friday afternoon I sat at my favorite bar drinking my deserved beer when I noticed a young woman entering. She must have been new here because I did not know her. Looking at her I realized how sexy she was wearing a tight black two piece business suit. Her skirt just ended some inches above her knees and her blazer tightened around her firm breasts. From the first look she must have been about 25 or so and looked adorable. I guessed she was about 5ft and 5” small, had a well-trained body and her at least full B cups and cute round butt were breathtaking. She wore her blonde long hair in a pony-tail which let her face appear as one of an angel. By the way, I am 28 years old, 6ft 4” tall, have blonde short hair and blue eyes. My body is in good shape because of doing lot of sport like running and playing tennis.
I had to talk to her to know who she was and I even thought about banging her.
She went to the bar, ordered a beer and sat down some seats away from me. I slowly drank mine and all the time I watched her from the corners of my eyes. When her beer was nearly empty I ordered two new ones and went over to her.
“Hi, my name’s Tom. I saw that your beer was nearly empty so I hope you will take that one.”
With that I put the beer in front of her. She looked a bit surprised but then smiled at me.
“Thank you very much, Tom. That’s kind of you. By the way, I’m Jennifer but everyone’s calling me Jenny. Please have a seat.”
“Hi Jenny, it’s nice to meet you.” We shook hands and I sat right next to her.
We talked about this and that and Jenny told me that she was new in town because of her job, she was an estate agent and that she was single.
During our little conversation we drank two more beer and I noticed that Jenny got a little tipsy. After one more beer I had my hand on her firm butt. We paid and went out onto the street. There I kissed her on her sweet lips. Even so she was wearing 5” high heels I had to bow down a bit. Our kiss was long and exciting and when we broke it I whispered in her ear that my apartment wasn’t that far away. She only giggled and nodded and we started walking down the road. I had to her more than once because being tipsy and walking in such high heels wasn’t easy.
Some minutes later we arrived and when we stood in the elevator to my floor all I could do was kissing her again. Her hands rested on my ass and squeezed it and so did I. I caressed her firm butt and back and our tongues wrestled. We had to break the kiss as we left the elevator. I opened the door to my apartment and as soon as the door was close I tore down her blazer. I ripped her blouse open and the buttons flew everywhere. There she stood only dressed in her sexy skirt, black lace stockings, high heels, a black lacy bra and her white open blouse. I was rock hard and had a tent which was obvious. Jenny saw it and started to smile.
“Ohhh… how sweet… someone’s really happy to see me. I want to see him as well…” With that she pulled my shirt up and unbuckled my pants. Without any stop she pulled down my pants and even my shorts. My hard cock sprang free and Jenny gasped. In front of her there was my 8.5” long and 3” thick cock.
“Ohhh my gosh… THAT thing is huge… didn’t know you have such big member… I thought it was big but that’s amazing… I only hope it will fit…”
I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her blouse and her bra-straps down only to unhook her bra and throw it away. There they were… her nice big C-tits with cute pink areolas with pink nipples. I was stunned, both her nipples were pierced with little rings and were stiff and hard.
Before I could do anything Jenny dropped to her knees, grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I was in heaven having such a beautiful angel giving me a handjob. I watched her lovely face kissing the head of my dick. Her tongue started to lick up and down my shaft while her little hands rubbed it. Jenny opened her small mouth as far as she could and shove my head into her hot and wet suckhole. Her tongue started flicking around it more and more while one of her hands massaged my balls. She pushed more and more of my giant cock into her mouth but had to rest after about 6”. She pulled it out just to push it in again and this time she got at least 7” in. I felt my head pressing against her throat but she did not stop. She just rammed her head over and over down into my lap and finally got all of my cock into her suckhole. I felt how my head entered her throat and as my balls slapped against her chin.
I stood there not knowing what to do. That girl I met some hours ago knelt between my legs having my long and thick dick deepthroating. I felt my balls starting to boil only because of the tightness of her suckhole when she started to hum and swallow. These vibrations gave me the rest and I started groaning while shooting my hot semen spurt after spurt down her throat.
Some of my cum must have filled her mouth as well because while I was still pumping, some cum dripped out of her lips and ran down her chin. I thought I would never stop cumming but after about 30 seconds it finally stopped. I pulled out my dick and I saw that Jenny’s mouth was filled completely with my hot and sticky fluids. Another drop of it escaped her mouth, ran down her chin and dropped onto her beautiful tits. She had to gulp three times until she had swallowed all of it and finally stood up again.
“Holy shit… I thought you would never stop cumming. I was afraid of drowning because I never had to swallow so much… And I never thought that only one man could shoot so much cum…”
Jenny smiled at me while I unzipped her skirt. “Now it’s my turn to pay you back.” I pulled down her skirt and tore off her little g-string only to reveal a completely bald and swollen pussy. Expecting her wearing pantyhose I was happy to see stay-ups.
“I thought you were naughty when I realized your nipple-piercings but even having a clit-piercing is more than I expected.” I said while my finger slit through her pussy. “You are such a little bitch I am so fucking happy that I met you…” With that I started pinching and massaging her clit. Her pussy lips were already wet and open so it was easy to enter her fuckhole with two fingers while I massaged her clit with my thump.
Standing on her high heels spreadleged Jenny had to hold my shoulder because she soon began to moan and shiver.
“Ohhh Yes… please fingerfuck me hard… I need it so fucking badly… please more…”
As I heard that I shove a third finger into her pussy and started fingerfuck her harder and harder.
With my other arm I grabbed her and carried her to the couch where I sat her down still having my fingers in her. I changed the angle of my fingers only to feel her rough g-spot.
Some years ago I learned how to give a girl an orgasm by only massage her g-spot. So I concentrated on that holy spot and pressed the palm of my other hand onto her fanny hill. Rubbing her g-spot made her insane because in an instant she moaned as loud as she could while her body started to arch and shake. Her hands pinched into the couch and her eyes went up into her head and finally she exploded. She did not only cum but exploded her female juices onto my hand. “Ohhh my fucking god… I did not know that you were a fucking squirter… Holy shit Jenny… that is so fucking amazing…” was all I could say.
Jenny on the other hand noticed nothing of that because she went unconscious. All her muscles relaxed and she lay there only hard breathing.
Realizing she was a squirter my dick was rock hard in an instance. The only thing I wanted to do was fuck her as many times as possible.
After some minutes she opened her eyes looking a bit perplexed. “What did you do to me? I think I never ever had an orgasm like this. Did I really pass out?”
“Jenny, I just fingerfucked your little twat and yes, you passed out. Why didn’t you tell me that you are a squirter?”
“I squirted, really? Didn’t know I could do that…”
Grabbing me boner she said: “You like it, right? Now I want you to fuck my brains out. I want to feel that monster-dick in my soaked pussy. Let me squirt again!”
“Hell yeah!” with that I grabbed her ass and positioned the head of my steel rod right on front of her open fuck hole. I pushed it in a little and her pussy lips opened wider.
“Oh fuck, it’s huge… but it will fit, hopefully…” she said while I shoved my dick into her inch by inch. This feeling was almost unbelievable. Her pussy was so fucking tight and sucked me inside her more and more and after some minutes shoving my dick in and out my balls finally hit her ass.
“Tom this is so fucking hot… I never felt being filled like that before. Now I want you to fuck me… not nice and gently but hard and good! I want to cum all over your fucking steel rod and I want to feel your cum in my belly! Now… FUCK ME!!!”
I pulled out my cock and rammed it into her in an instance only to star fucking her hard and deep. Within only some seconds Jenny moaned and screamed out loud. This gave me the power to even quicken up my pace. I hammered my dick into her arching pussy over and over again and soon she began to shiver.
Her legs started to spasm while her eyes went up into her head. Her whole body contracted as the first orgasm shot through her. Her pussy squeezed my dick like hell and I thought that I would cum too but then it relaxed again. I did not stop ramming her so that she was near her second orgasm in no time. For some time I slowed down a bit only to fuck her even harder.
When Jenny was near the edge of her next orgasm I decided to push her wide over it. I just put my finger to her sphincter and pushed it in.
Jenny opened her eyes and screamed while my dick hammered into her pussy and my finger massaged her ass. As I expected she went over the edge by far and once again she cum. Her legs and body arched while her pussy contracted and squirted all over my dick even her anus griped my finger.
That was more I could bear and I started shooting my cum deep into her waiting cunt. Spurt after spurt of my hot semen were placed deep into her belly and I could not stop it. I knew that I could cum a lot but this was just amazing. My white and sticky fluids started to ooze out of her pussy but I could not stop cumming.
After about one minute constant cumming I finally stopped collapsing into Jenny who was unconscious once again.