Making Amy Wet by blueheatt

Making Amy WET

This story is based on true events, names changed and all.

I was in the office when a new girl was being introduced around. She was the new ‘East wing asst. mgr.’ I checked her out.

Damn, she was built nice. About 5’, nice hips, full tits, cute face, snowy blond hair, pulled back and curls down the back. She

dressed real nice, but not in a business suit. She had on a tight flowered blouse, puffy long sleeves, bright red tight slacks that

showed off her sexy shape. More of a ‘get shit done’ style, with a bunch of keys hanging off her side.

You could see her energy to do well, and no kidding around, all

business. When it came time to introduce me, the business office lady said, “This is Amy, she’s the new East wing asst. mgr. Amy, t

his is Jim. She flashed me a big smile as I shook her warm hand. Then I jerked my hand back and said, “AMY! Every ‘Amy’ I’ve

ever known was a pain in the ass! The office lady smacked me on the arm and smiled and said, “Don’t pay any attention to him!”,

then jabbed me in the ribs. Amy just kept smiling, but with a look, (you’ll be sorry you said that, wise guy!). I thought right then, I bet I can make her wet.

Later that day I was sitting outside taking a smoke break, when here she comes. Looking hotter than ever and came up to me.

“Shouldn’t you be working, Jim?” I looked at her as we both grinned. I put my hand on my heart and I said, “Yes Amy, I should,

but I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to walk by.”, and looked her up and down with a ’nice body’ look on my face. She tried to

be very professional, with her little horse power authority, but couldn’t help but grin a little. “I need some boxes moved in my

office, so after your break, report to my office,” still grinning but with a ‘so there, Mr. wise guy.’ look on her face. I stood up, a foot

taller than her and looked down at her cute face. I said, (hand on my heart again) ”Even though I don’t work for you, let’s go to your office now because I would do anything for you Amy.”

She got a little pink in the face , but I could tell she was suppressing a little grin. She put her hands on her hips with a ’he has to do what I say’ look, and said, “Follow me,”

I noticed her adding a extra little wiggle in her walk as I walked behind her. She was trying not to grin and put on a

professional look, you know, ‘all business’. We arrived at her hole in the wall office. It was a complete mess with everything not put

away and boxes every where. “Nice office, AMY,” I said, and started putting things away fast, She said she wanted this here, that

there and so on. I moved shit fast as she just watched and in no time had her office all neat. I looked up at her as she stood in the

doorway, arms folded and said, “You did a ‘fair’ job, try and be a little more careful with things, next time.” She raised one eyebrow at me and cocked her head with a ‘how did you like that, wise ass‘, look.

I smiled with a ‘fuck you lady’ look and I said in my best brown nosing voice, “Any time you need me for anything AMY, you just

page me, and I’ll be here as fast as I can.” She tried to not to grin again, but did, then quickly composed herself and said, “You can

run along now Jim. I’ll page you if I need you.” She stayed standing in the doorway as I turned sideways to pass, sucked in my

chest grinning and looking right at her beautiful tits. She couldn’t hold back and grinned with a red face as I inched past her. As I

went by her and turned, she swatted me on the ass!, and said, “Get out of here!”

As the days went by, I would steal a flower from other desks, and put them on Amy’s. I would put a candy bar in one of her

drawers. Anything I could find and sneak it into her office. Office supply’s, letter openers, notes that said, “Dear Amy, I” and nothing

more. I would pass her with my nose up in the air smiling and it would force her to grin when she didn‘t want to, and maintain her ‘all business‘ look.

Then I knew this was coming. I heard them page: ‘James report to Miss Mills office.’ (James? Oh how official.) With my cool

suppressed grin, I entered Amy’s office. She said “Sit down JAMES.” She tried to be so professional. She had on a blue blouse, nice and tight, so her tits would stick out nice, with shear light blue long sleeves, a dark blue skirt, and her blond hair pull up in the back.

She said, “James, have you been putting ’things’ in my office? “ Very straight faced. I said, “I wouldn’t do that Miss Mills, you

know that I have to much respect for you to play little games,”
She almost grinned, but kept her composure. She said, “I think

your a liar James, Glenda saw you enter this office yesterday, and I now I find some candy in my drawer.”

“OK, but (long pause) a….a… maybe….I was just doing a favor for someone who likes you?”
“and who is this person James?”
“Oh Miss Mills, he’s very shy, and I wouldn’t want to say.”
“Is he tall?” (like me)
“Oh no, a little short guy”
“Does he have sandy blond hair?” (like mine)
“Oh no, he’s bald”
With that she grinned and leaned over to me, and whispered.
( your such a fucking liar!). Her cleavage was now looming in my

face. I look at it and smiled. She sat back up pink faced and fixed the front of her blouse. I said, “Maybe if you had lunch with the guy, he would stop putting ’things’ in your office?” She didn’t answer.

“I can see why he would bring you ’gifts’, your so professional, and business like, I’m sure he admires you a lot.”
She stood up, and I stood up. She closed her door and got in my

face with her hands on her hips. We just stood there looking in each others eyes, her trying her best to suppress her grin, but couldn’t. She whispered,

(“Look you, you said ’Amy’s’ are a pain in the ass. You’re the one that’s the pain in my ass. This ’Amy’ is Not a pain in the ass,

you sly fox. You WILL take me to lunch and I will tell all about me, and you’ll see I’m…., a….) I just leaned forward and kissed

her. Her eyes went wide open in shock. She gasp. She couldn’t speak. She put her hand to her throat to catch her breath. I just

stood there looking in her blue eyes. She whispered, (why you brazen little shit!, When we go to lunch I’m going to set down

some rules for you! Rule number 1 is don’t you EVER kiss me at work!)

I whispered back, (“why, does it make you wet?)

If looks could kill I would be dead at that point. With an evil look and scowl she whispered loud, ( “I should slap your face! For

your information I have a boyfriend and I don’t need you to…”) I interrupted her and whispered, ( “damn your beautiful, he doesn’t

stand a chance with me around.”) She just glared at me. She said, “We have to talk mister, you be at that little caf?own at 2nd and

Vista streets at noon today!, and don’t be late!” I said,
“Yes Madam , oh, since we won’t be at work, can I kiss you there?” She got red in the face and said, “GO, get out of this office!” I left quickly and checked the time. 2 hours to go. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Those tits, that ass, she was so hot.
What Amy didn’t know.

She didn’t know I was spying on her boss. A real asshole and selling company secrets we suspected. I actually worked for corp.

security, but was posing as “Office coordinator 7”, the highest so I could have access to all areas.

I got to the caf?irst and got a booth. Right on time Amy came in and sat down.

“Your buying, of course,” I said.
“NO, your buying me lunch, Mr. Trouble maker.”
“ OK, I am, you sure have beautiful eyes.”
“Never mind that, now pay attention to me.”
“I have been, a lot!”
“Do I have to really slap your face to get your attention?”

“Amy, you have broken the ‘Amy’s are a pain the ass’ curse on me. I think you’re the hottest girl I‘ve ever met.” She sat stunned for a minute, smiled and slowly shook her head, like, ‘your

She said, “Your going to listen to me if it takes all night! ( I raised my eyebrows and mouthed the words, ‘all night?’)

Now listen up. I work for a demanding asshole. I want his job because I can do it better and your going to help me get that job.

Then I can hire a coordinator, maybe you?, if you help me.
I leaned over to her and said, “Can we kiss at work then?” She

shook her head and smiled. She leaned over and kissed me, very sexy and whispered, “Yes, we can kiss at work, if were careful.”

Well, I knew her boss was going to get fired, and his job would be hers, but I couldn’t tell her so.

“What about your boyfriend?” She laughed and said, “What boyfriend?” I said, “Why you little liar!, you have no boyfriend, do

you!” She got red in the face and talked quietly, “Looks like you’re my boyfriend now, all though ‘Jim’s’ are a pain in the ass.

You dared to ask me if that kiss made me wet. Well Mr. smart guy, I got wet the first time I met you, putting me down like you

did excited me and I was going to show you that this ‘Amy’ was not a pain in anybody ass, “ I WIN!” I said “Oh no you don‘t!,

because I made you wet, so I win.” She said, “I know I made you get a boner, so I win!.”

I moved around to her side and sat next to her. She reached over and felt my boner. I felt her leg and pussy as we both smiled

and kissed. I said, “Now that I’m your boyfriend, will you be gentle with me?” We laughed out loud. She said, “No I won’t, your

going to come over to my place TONIGHT, and you WILL bring me flowers and candy at 8 o’clock. Then I will give you instructions from there.” (oooo bossy!)

I looked down her blouse at those wonderful tits, and sighed. She whispered, (“you like my tits?, well I like what I feel in your

pants. You better not be late tonight or you won’t even get to touch them!”) We were in heaven, knowing tonight we were going to fuck ourselves crazy.

We went back to work and paid no attention to each other. I needed more proof on her boss, to make sure he got fired. As luck

would have it, Amy walked by me and said, “Here Jim, would you put this in the mail please, “ and just walked on by. It had no

stamps on it and no return address. I would have to go to the cashier and have her stamp the postage on it. I headed for security.

Glenn, my boss carefully opened it. It was just what we needed to nail Amy’s boss. I couldn’t tell Amy yet.

I arrived at Amy’s house and rang the door bell. She answered the door in a white nightgown. I stood speechless. She said, “Well,

get your ass in here!” I handed her first a weed from her yard and 3 M&M’s. We laughed as she just stood there looking at them in her

hand. Then I went to my car and brought in fresh flowers and a fancy box of candy. We kissed so hot I was on fire as she fondled

my boner and I felt those tits (no bra) for the first time. “Stand right here.” she commanded. She laid on the couch and said, “Feed me

some candy. Hand me that glass of wine, feel my tits, kiss me, rub my pussy, more wine, more kisses.” (It was nice work,)

Finally I whispered, “Excuse me Amy, but I would really like to get naked and lick your pussy.” She said, “Get naked? I’ll

undress you when I’m good and ready, and I’m ready right now, and eat my pussy? I’ll let you know about that in a minuet.” She

pulled me into her bedroom and we undressed each other, kissing all the way. Wow, she had a hot body, sweet butt, nice hips, hot

legs and ’those’ tits. I held her face in my hands, as she held my dick. I said softly, “Amy you’re driving me wonderfully crazy”

She said, “I knew I would, I win.” I held her shoulders and said, “Oh no you don’t!, you bossy little shit!, now get in that bed and spread um!

She said, “ooooo, yes boss!” I pushed her on to the bed and started licking her sweet pussy as she moaned. I licked her clit to

watch her squirm, I ran my fingers in her pussy and massaged it deep, She orgasmed hard and shook. She pulled my other hand up

to feel her tits. I rolled her nipples between my fingers, I moved up and rubbed my dick on her pussy. She said, “Oh boss, are you going to make me have sex with you?”

I said, “Yes, you DO want that promotion don’t you?” We giggled as I pushed my dick in her. Damn, we started fucking us

hard, deep. She turned into a wild woman, wrapping her hot legs around me saying, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, over and over. She

was tight and felt so good as we fucked faster and faster, she kept moaning ’oh Jim, you feel so good’ and then she orgasmed hard

and stiffened up and yelled, “Yesssssssss!” I let go with all I had. I could feel my hot cum thrust into her hot pussy, pumping and

pumping. Damn, she could make her pussy squeeze my dick so good! We lay spent for a long time. I left her sleeping as I went home in a happy daze.

Her boss was gone in 3 days. I asked my boss if I could play a little trick on her. She was already chosen to take his place. She

was not to be told until 9am Monday morning I had my boss take me to her new office like he was showing me around, like I was the

new boss. Amy watched and figured she didn’t get the job, but why did they pick me? She was all confused. I sat at the office desk

with my feet up and buzzed her to come in. She came in trying not to look disappointed. I told her to sit down.

I said, ”Well, how do I look as YOUR new boss?” She was painfully stunned, but tried to be happy for me. I said, “Oh there is

something under my desk would you get it for me girl.” I scooted back in my chair, not helping her at all. I could tell she was livid.

First me calling her ‘girl’, and then making her do this. She had to crawl way under on her hands and knees, (oooo, what an ass!) and

picked up a desk name plate, lying face down. She backed out all red faced and got up. I said, “Read it.”

It said ‘AMY MILLS East Wing manager’ on it. I said, “You win.” She began to tear up, and just stood stunned, holding her new

name plate. I held her as the tears flowed. I yelled, “OK.” and a bunch of people all came in to congratulate her.

I explained it all later as we lay naked in bed that night, all snuggled up and me playing with her tits. She looked at me with an

evil grin this time. (she had that ’paybacks are hell’ look in her eyes).

She rolled on top of me, holding my arms down next to my head and said, “You little shit!, so you knew all this the whole

time?” I smiled and said, “Miss pain in the ass AMY, I told you I would do anything for you.” She giggled, and rolled me on top of

her now. She took her feet and pushed me off end of the bed! With her legs dangling off the end, her hands behind her head said,

“ OH, Now look what you’ve done, I’m all wet!, Well,,,, I’m a big boss now, so you just get down there on YOUR hands an knees
and lick my pussy!, RIGHT NOW!

I said, “yesssssss boss”.

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