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Family Inheritance (Part 1) by TellTaleTick


Cynthia is fed up with her husband. He is cheating on her. She inherits a lot of money but he doesn’t want to move with her.

She meets the family next door, adult twins, man and woman who become her lovers.“It is a crazy idea, how would I get to work?”

“We don’t need to work, the inheritance covers that handsomely”

Cynthia and Patrick were repeating the same lame discussion that they had chewed over every day for the last week. Cynthia threw her hands up in the air, she was fed up of his lies.

” I know you have been screwing your new secretary, so why don’t you just be honest”.

Patrick tried to pretend but he was sick of pretending.

“Alright, it is true, Lucy and I are friendly, and I don’t want to go with you to Wuthering Heights and leave her”

” It is not Wuthering Heights, much more Daphne du Maurier, and it is in Cornwall, 300 miles from Yorkshire”

Cynthia stopped and looked at her husband, was he worth fighting for? Would it be better to make this a fresh start for her, she was now coming up to 40.

“I give up, I will move to Post House and you stay here. I will get a lawyer to draw up some agreement”.

Cynthia and Patrick had been married for fifteen years, no children, they tried and stopped trying. She had tests, he refused. Two years previously she had found out that he had started bedding his new secretary, however she pretended not to know and their life had descended into a farce. Now she had chosen.

Ten days previously, her grandmother had sent a message that Cynthia had inherited Great Aunt Cynthia’s estate. Cynthia was named after this woman but had only met her a few times and not in many years. Cynthia’s grandmother, now 87, had cut her sister off and neither Cynthia nor her mother had found out why. Now great Aunt Cynthia had died aged 93, and left it all to Cynthia.


There seemed to be some mystery about it because the lawyer had said the estate was worth many millions, but had no idea how this money was generated. His task was to give it to Cynthia. She got the house, the grounds, furniture, a car, general rubbish and a lifetime income that Cynthia could only spend if she started taking huge quantities of drugs.

The one stipulation was Cynthia must reside in Post House for at least 220 nights every year. She had no idea how anyone could check up on that but she didn’t argue. When she told Patrick she assumed he would go along with it, after all he could retire and still he could sneak off to the new girl if that was his wish, but it seemed not to have occurred to him and now Cynthia had decided she could be no worse off without him.

Next day Cynthia arranged at meeting with a lawyer, sorted out Patrick’s claims against her, the lawyer producing a document which looked to be favourable to him but in fact closed the door. Cynthia was now a free woman, still married but never actually needing to see Patrick again. Farewell “dear” husband.

Cynthia packed clothes for a week. If she had all this money she could buy new stuff, she guessed the internet worked where she was headed. She sat in her car in front of her home for the last fifteen years, said a rude word and drove off not looking back.

She stopped part way to have lunch and to phone Robert Bergen who looked after the house. He seemed polite and looked forward to seeing her. Cynthia had been told that Robert and Rosalind looked after the estate but she would need to find out exactly what. Her great Aunt was 93 and may have needed carers but she wasn’t and didn’t. All in good time.

She arrived later that afternoon, and drove into the estate, she turned through the trees and stopped the car. There had to be a mistake. In front of her was a good sized house, large by English standards, and a lake, fields and a view of the sea. Idyllic. Cynthia could not believe this was hers. As she drove closer the front door opened and a couple came out to meet her. She guessed this was Mr and Mrs Bergen. They were wearing identical tee shirts and shorts with flip flops, obviously a relaxed dress code here. As she got closer she was struck by how alike they were. She stopped the car and got out.

“Hello Mrs Bergen, I am Cynthia”

Rosalind smiled ” Nice to see you, first I am not Mrs Bergen, second I can tell you are Cynthia as you look so much like your aunt, and third this is my twin brother Robert”.

The penny dropped, they were twins! Cynthia blushed. Robert shook her hand.

They ushered her into the house and along to the kitchen. They sat down, Cynthia having to stop herself making the tea.

” Robert, I have to tell you that no one has explained anything to me so I don’t know how you and Rosalind have fitted in, but I imagined you were Aunt Cynthia’s carers and as you can see I am not yet infirm”.

Robert and Rosalind burst out laughing. ” We were not your Aunt’s carers we were her lovers”.

Cynthia was certain she had heard wrong! ” Sorry?”

Rosalind sat down and offered to tell the whole story.

“Cynthia and our grandmother grew up together. We have the estate next door. The two women arrived at their 21st birthdays during the second world war. They had been very friendly with each other since they were teenagers and the war made it easy for Cyn to avoid marriage, as most men were away. Our grandma had been betrothed, family to family so when our grandfather came back they married. However the marriage was a threesome, behind closed doors. When our mother grew up she married and our father came to live here, and the threesome became a fivesome. Father died before grandfather did and so when I came back from university I took his place and not so long ago Robert returned he came in”.

Cynthia looked from one to the other, her mouth open, her mind blown away.

” I am struggling here. My aunt and your grandmother were lesbians, then there was a menage a trois, then your whole family are incestuous and Cynthia mixed in as well. Is that about it?”

“Pretty much right.”

“But…..” Cynthia ran out of words.

“Until when?”

Robert looked at her not understanding the question. It dawned on him.

” Almost to the end of her life, she went downhill fast in the last six months but before that she was fine”.

” You were having sex with a 92 year old woman!?” The shock was obvious.

” Yes, we did, Rosalind and I, mother having sloped off to the south of France four years ago”. “But…….”

Cynthia asked if there was something stronger than tea in the house. She needed whiskey or brandy or both. Whiskey was found and Cynthia and Robert had a good measure.

Rosalind had a generous gin.

“Anything else you want to tell me?”

” Well we are all naturists and Cyn developed a liking for weed later in life”.

Cynthia decided she had gone mad and had lost any sense she ever had, but she was here now and had to get on with it.

“So what now?”

Robert offered to show her around the house and estate and Cynthia felt a bit of fresh air would help. The three of them climbed on board a golf buggy and Robert drove them down to the cliffs, he pointed out that the estate had its own wharf so if Cynthia wanted to sail she had a ready made harbour. Next they drove back along past many fields which Cynthia owned but were rented out to the local farmer, then back to the side of the lake away from the house. Robert stopped and they climbed out.

Cynthia wondered what came next, was he going to do a Mr. D’Arcy and dive into the water? She asked him.

“Not now but we usually swim across when we do the fitness run”.

Cynthia looked at the twins, they certainly looked a lot fitter than she did.

“We will take you out tomorrow morning, if you want”.

They climbed back into the buggy and headed to the house, coming round some bushes they drove past an enormous satellite dish.

“What on earth is that for?”

“Our business.”

“ What business?”

“The one that has made you a millionaire.”

Cynthia just stopped asking.

They walked her through the house, all ten bedrooms, six bathrooms and several ground floor rooms until Robert opened the door to a room that was completely out of character from the rest of the house. It was all hi-tech, computer stuff. Cynthia didn’t understand what it did, but Robert was ready.

“When we left for university Rosalind did a degree in fine arts and I did Mathematics. She decided to come home at the end but I was offered a job in London. I took it and it rapidly got bigger and better, as I thought at the time. I got married and I have three children. The problem was I never saw them, fourteen hours a day travel and work, work to do as soon as I got home, just about time to see them and then Monday again. My wife encouraged me to work harder and harder, basically to earn more and more. One day I just hit a wall. I probably had a nervous breakdown. I came home to recuperate and my wife decided to leave me. I no longer fitted her ideal. After a while I was talking to Cyn and she said she had seen something about trading on your computer and what did it entail? We talked about it, investigated and decided to have a go. Cyn put up a sum of money and we started, it just kept getting better and now we make lots of money. The equipment and your satellite dish are parts of the business.”

This explained a situation that the lawyer did not know how to explain. So that was the tour and Cynthia’s welcome.

“What would you like to do tonight? Rosalind asked.

“Just getting settled in, I think, I haven’t brought many clothes but it sounds like I didn’t need any”

“You must choose, we don’t want to force you into naturism”

” How about smoking weed, is that optional as well?” The twins laughed

“No need to go naked, smoke weed or have sex with us, they are all your choices”

Oh my, sex. Cynthia had forgotten what sex was. Patrick was probably average but she had no way of proving it. She had read in books about orgasms and multiple orgasms but she didn’t think she had ever got that far. Now apparently she could have sex all the time. Her suitable response, not said out loud but inside her head.

“Fuck me.”

The twins just watched her, they were sure she would but they let her make her own decision.

“How about, you two give me a couple of hours to get settled, to sort out my few possessions and then come back over?”

Rosalind smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“See you later” Robert just smiled and waved a hand.

Cynthia pottered about, putting clothes in cupboards and having a shower. She went to get dressed and decided not to. Then went back and dressed wearing a tee shirt and shorts. Then went back and took them off. She wandered the house looking in the rooms and was comfortable naked. She heard the twins driving the buggy over from their house and she panicked, running to her bedroom she reached out for her clothes, and stopped. Naked it is!

She walked downstairs as they came through the front door, they were still dressed but once they saw her they stripped off. Cynthia stared at Robert but she measured him to be no bigger than Patrick, but she was totally overwhelmed by Rosalind’s body. Rosalind was slightly taller than Cynthia but she had such full breasts and wide hips she looked so much larger. Rosalind walked towards her holding her arms wide, Cynthia hesitatingly stepped forward and was enveloped. Robert came round and hugged both of them without really touching them other than their shoulders.

“Sex please.” Cynthia managed to say and they walked her to her room.

They all walked to the bed which easily accommodated all three of them. Rosalind pulled Cynthia’s body in line with her and Robert rolled off the bed and knelt down. Rosalind now started to kiss Cynthia with a passion, Cynthia had never been with another woman and was overwhelmed, having not had sex or even affection for so long she yearned for the intimacy that Rosalind gave. She felt Robert’s hands on her hips, swiveling her round until she was flat on her back, he then leaned in and started kissing her labia. She shivered at his touch, then Rosalind rolled across her and started kissing her again, this time with the added pleasure of her nipples being stroked and pinched. The three points of pleasure really got to Cynthia and she was bathed in wonderful feelings, which were welling up in her brain, she vaguely remembered what an orgasm felt like but nothing on this scale had ever happened to her before. Cynthia’s body started to jerk, the intense feelings were getting to her, and she knew, she was certain that she was going to come. And she exploded, the best most intense orgasm she had ever had the pleasure to receive. She lost sense of her surroundings for a moment but came back to, looking directly at Rosalind. She moved her head and saw Robert’s face still above her crotch. His face was soaking wet.

“Robert, what happened?”

“You came and drowned me.”

“I have never done that before, have I squirted?”

Robert climbed back onto the bed and spread Cynthia’s legs wide and he kneeled in between, he lifted her legs and balanced her feet on his shoulders. He wiggled forward and penetrated her, she was so wet he slid in without any problem. Rosalind now turned and crouched over Cynthia’s torso, displaying herself to Cynthia, who had never seen another woman’s intimate parts before. She could feel Robert slowly moving in and out of her, then she felt Rosalind kissing and sucking her lips and clitoris, she was off on another flight of pleasure. She looked at the body in front of her and reached out her tongue, lapping along Rosalind’s labia and getting her fingers in place she penetrated her vagina. Rosalind yelped and asked Cynthia to do more, deeper and stronger. Cynthia had no idea what she was doing or if she was doing it right but she simply did what came naturally. Robert had increased the tempo and he and Rosalind were really working hard at getting Cynthia off again. In fact this time Rosalind came, burying herself into Cynthia and squirting over Cynthia’s face. They all kept going and soon Robert knew he was coming. He pulled out of Cynthia as Rosalind looked up, took his penis in her mouth and waited a few moments until he came. She held his semen and turned herself round to face Cynthia. She kissed her and passed some of the semen to her. Cynthia gagged as she was not ready but managed to swallow the share she had been given. Robert came to the side of her head and put his penis into her mouth.

“Please clean me up.”

Something Within Me – A Halloween Story by The_Technician


Philip Westmont has samhainophobia, the fear of Halloween. So he spends Halloween in his bed, cowering in fear while his flat mates go out to a very interesting Halloween Party. They come back the next morning to tell him all about their adventures.WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2019 by The Technician.

Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Philip Westmont woke groggily to the sound of his room mates running up the steps to their second floor flat. As usual when he awoke on All Saint’s Day, his body was covered in sweat and who knows what else. He pulled the sheet tightly up to his armpits and waited for them to burst into his room.

The three of them were still more than slightly drunk. William– known to everyone as Billie– was dressed in what had been a Spiderman costume. The gloves and head covering were gone and there were tears in both the tight-fitting top and bottom. The boot covers were also gone and his black boots looked out of place with the blue legs. He pulled the desk chair over to the bed and turned it around so he could sit with his arms crossed on the top of the back. “I assume,” he began “that our resident samhainophobic spent Halloween night cowering in your room again this year.” He paused and then continued, “You really have to get over your fear. You missed the greatest Halloween party ever.”

Philip never went out on Halloween. On Halloween night, he wouldn’t come to the door if someone called on him. He wouldn’t even look out his windows. Instead he stayed in his room with the shades drawn, apparently too frightened to even get out of bed. When pressed, he would say, “There is something within me that won’t let me do anything on Halloween.”

Since it was his only peculiarity and he was otherwise a great flat mate, Billie, Juan, and John tolerated it. But each of the four years that they had shared a flat together, they had pestered him to go out with them to one Halloween party or the other. When he refused, they would go without him and then come back to regale him with tales of debauchery. This year was no exception.

Billie’s round face was flushed slightly red and he had that continuous silly grin he got when he had too much to drink. Juan and John, with their darker skin, didn’t flush with drink, but you could tell when they had gone over their limit because they started sounding more and more like their mother. They were twins. Their father, John, was Anglo. Their mother, Juanita, was Hispanic and had a slight Spanish overlay to her speech. John and Juanita had agreed to name their first boy John, but when twins were unexpectedly born, the doctor asked what to name them. John said, “John,” and Juanita said, “Juan”– also meaning John. The doctor replied “John and Juan it is,” and that is what they were named.

Their costumes consisted of red sweatshirts, red pants, and red running shoes. On the front of John’s sweatshirt was a large white circle. In the center of the circle it said, “Thing 1.” In the center of Juan’s circle it said, “Cosa 2″

“You would not believe this party,” John said.

Juan continued John’s thought as he often did, “It was the third party we stopped at and we almost left.”

“Then SHE arrived,” John said, letting out a deep sigh.

“She was dressed as a Gypsy in gauzy harem pants and a bunch of scarves that were wound loosely around her upper body,” Juan continued. “I don’t know if she arrived barefoot, but she was barefoot as she glided around the room dancing and swaying to the music.”

“I have never seen anyone so… so… sexual,” Billie said. “It was like a cloud of perfume that followed her into the room and enveloped everyone there. She walked around the room kissing everyone– boy or girl– and by the time she had made one round of the room, the party totally changed.”

“Before she arrived, I had pretty much struck out,” John said, “but right after she arrived, one of the girls who had brushed me off grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into one of the bedrooms. She practically tore my clothes off and then stripped off her own and lay back on the bed and yelled, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me hard!’”

He smiled broadly and said, “And you know I never turn down a lady’s request.”

“I think the ladies knew they were wasting their time with me,” Juan said. “I was holding back because it normally takes a little while to scope out who is safe to come on to, but this gorgeous hunk of a man tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Do you want to go someplace and fuck?’”

His smile was wider than his brother’s as he said, “I thought we were going to melt the condoms, he was pumping so hard into my ass. I often have to use my hands to take me over the top while someone is fucking me, but I spurted all over the bed at the same time he erupted inside me.”

“And that was just the beginning,” Billie said. “The Gypsy girl had brought some of her own music, and when she started dancing to it, several of the girls joined her. There were six of them, plus her, and they formed sort of a circle as they danced. She loosened the scarves so that her boobs were a little more visible. Then the six girls started stripping in time to the music.”

“One of them was Darlene from the shop downstairs,” John said. “I couldn’t believe it. She is usually such an uptight little prude, but she was swaying with the music and shedding her clothes like she was possessed.”

“I tried to take her back into one of the bedrooms,” Billie said, “but we only got as far as the hallway when she knelt down in front of me and opened the zipper on the front of my costume.” His eyes got wide as he said, “She practically sucked my balls up through my prick. I’ve never felt anything like that before. And then when she was done, she stood up, smiled at me, wiped off her mouth with the back of her hand and said, ‘You taste like you could use another drink. So could I.’ She pulled me over to the bar and stood there naked while we talked.” He shook his head, “It was as if she didn’t even notice that she was naked.”

“I noticed,” John said. “She has a perfect body with those dark brown nipples and a thick black bush.” He paused and then said, “I wish she wouldn’t keep it all so covered up most of the time.”

“After we finished our drink,” Billie continued, “Darlene said, ‘Why don’t we show them how it’s done?’ and started pulling the shirt to my costume up over my head. She stripped me bare and then pulled me over to where a bunch of pillows were piled up next to the couch. She pushed the pillows around with her foot so they formed sort of a bed and then lay faced down on it. ‘If we go doggy style,’ she said, ‘you can play with my tits while you fuck me.’”

Juan interrupted. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when we came back out of the bedroom,” he said. “Billie and Darlene weren’t the only ones fucking in the living room. That guy from down the block had one of the Fisher sisters bent over an overstuffed chair and was ass-fucking her. He was shaking like mad as he moved slowly in and out of her ass. She was almost singing a keening wail that got shriller as he pushed in and deeper as he pulled out. I couldn’t believe it, but they were doing that for over a half-hour.”

“And all the while,” John said, “the Gypsy was dancing and swaying to her music.”

“The scarves would slip and slide around while she danced,” Juan said. “The harem pants didn’t really hide anything, but she ditched them and wound some of the scarves a little lower on her body. All of the scarves were moving around as if they had a life of their own. If you stared at her, you could see just about everything, a piece at a time.”

“There was this really strange tattoo on her abdomen,” Billie said. “Two snakes came out of her belly button. They went up and then back down so they formed two points of a star. Then it looked like there were two more snakes coming out of their mouths… or maybe they were supposed to be eating the second pair of snakes. The new pair of snakes formed two more points on the star and then ate another pair of snakes. That pair of snakes formed two more points leaving just the area right above her slit bare. The snake on the left side of her abdomen ate another snake while the one on the right kept going as they merged together to form a single mouth that was tattooed right over her cunt. There was some form of weird writing with one letter in each point of the star.”

“That’s a form of an ouroboros,” Philip said calmly. “Normally it’s a circle. It’s a very powerful occult symbol.” He sat up against his pillows, being careful to keep the sheet over his body.

“When the seven snakes are combined with the seven-pointed star,” he continued, “the ouroboros becomes the symbol of Babalon, also known as the Scarlet Woman or the Mother of Abominations. It is spelled similar to the city of Babylon, but it is pronounced totally different. Both a’s are sounded as long, and the o is just a little bit different. He then sounded out the name as “Bay, bay, long.” He smiled and said, “Drop the g, but that’s how it is supposed to be pronounced. The letters in the points of the star spell out her name. The star of the Scarlet Woman is one of the most powerful symbols of the occult, and Babalon, herself, is one of the more powerful spirits or deities.”

“I don’t know about that,” John said, “but this girl was the mother of all sluts… and she turned those six girls into…”

“Fucking machines!” Juan said loudly. “Just before Midnight she yells out, ‘Clear the floor,’ and a bunch of guys start moving all of the furniture to the edges of the living room.”

“Then,” John took back up, “she calls the six girls back and says, ‘Time to form the star.’ They lay on their backs in a circle with their heads to the middle and their legs spread out until their feet are touching the next girl’s. The Gypsy girl stands so that her feet are touching the feet of two of the girls so it completes the circle or star or whatever it was. Then she starts dancing and swaying again.”

Billie continued, “All of the girls on the ground started moaning and humping up into the air. They were groaning and calling out, ‘Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…’ It was unbelievable.”

“Pretty soon,” Juan said, “all of the guys at the party were naked and standing in line. I prefer men, but somehow I just had to fuck one of these girls. Every guy there– including the hunk who had gone to the bedroom with me– was lining up for a shot at the girls in the star.”

“The other girls at the party were standing in line, too,” John said. “It was like it had turned into some kind of orgy.”

Billie shook his head and said, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean, I usually want some privacy when a girl and I are going to go at it. But for some reason, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Neither could I,” Juan said.

“Nor me,” John added. “And for some reason, I had more… staying power… than normal. I think I fucked that one chick for like an hour before I finally shot my wad into her. … and she was still yelling for more.”

“And one thing really weird,” Juan said.

“Like the rest of it wasn’t?” Billie interrupted.

“Every time one of the guys got finished and stood up,” Juan said rapidly, “the Gypsy girl would reach down and scoop all of the cum out of the girl’s cunt and smear it on her body. You could see her skin glistening with cum through the scarves.”

“We all sort of lost track of time,” John said.

“That’s easy to do when you are fucking one girl after another,” Juan added.

“A couple times,” Billie said, “one of the other girls would kneel down between one of the six girls’ legs and start eating them out. They would wiggle their ass in the air and one of the guys would kneel behind them and take them doggy style.”

“When they got done,” John continued, “they would stand up and walk over to the Gypsy girl and spit the cum they had sucked up from the girl on the floor out onto the Gypsy’s skin . Then they would stand with their legs wide apart and let the Gypsy girl scoop the cum out of their own cunts.”

“It was crazy,” Juan said.

“It must have been around six or seven in the morning,” Billie said, “at least it wasn’t really dark out anymore, when the music suddenly got louder and louder and louder.”

“The Gypsy girl started taking off her scarves, one at a time,” John said.

“And throwing them out to one of the boys,” Juan added.

“For some reason,” Billie continued, “the guys started counting as soon as she threw the first scarf.”

“With each scarf,” John said, holding his hands like he was catching something, “the count got louder.”

“The guys were practically screaming by the time it got to six,” Juan added.

“There was only one scarf left,” Billie said, “and when she threw that, she would be totally naked.”

“She had it wound up around her so it covered her tits and the front of her crotch,” John said.

“So, we were all really waiting for that seventh scarf,” Juan added with a deep laugh.

“But just then,” Billie said slowly, holding his hands out in front of himself like he was trying to protect himself from something, “the snakes started moving.”

“We all stepped back and stared,” John said excitedly. “Those snakes were twisting and wriggling their way around the star. It looked like one by one they went into the Gypsy’s cunt which was still hidden behind the seventh scarf.

“And then it got even weirder,” Juan said. “She disappeared in a puff of smoke.”

“No,” Billie said, “she became a puff of smoke. Her whole body shimmered for a moment, then there was just smoke in the shape of her body.”

“That seventh scarf sort of hovered in the air for a moment,” John said, moving his arms to indicate something in the air in front of himself. “Then it dropped to the ground.” His arms dropped flat against his body.

“As soon as that scarf touched the floor all hell broke loose,” Billie said rising from the chair. “Darlene jumped to her feet and started screaming.”

“The other five girls in the star,” John said, “were also on their feet, but they looked more confused than anything else.”

“At least they didn’t scream,” Juan said.

“One of them yelled, ‘Somebody drugged us,’” Billie said. “That’s when Winston, whose flat the party was in, yelled loudly, ‘There’s nothing in the food… or drinks. It was that woman.’”

“‘What woman?!’ Darlene yelled back. ‘The Gypsy woman,’ Winston said firmly, ‘the one with the seven scarves and the weird tattoo.’”

“That’s when,” John said, “someone threw one of the scarves to the girls. Pretty soon, everyone who had caught a scarf threw it to one of the girls. I picked up the one that had fallen to the floor– the seventh one– and threw it to Darlene.”

“The girls stood around talking to each other for a few minutes,” Juan said. “They kept shaking their heads and pulling the scarves through their hands. ‘It felt like a dream,’ Darlene finally said. ‘But it was real.’”

“Winston walked to the middle of the room and said softly,” Billie continued, “‘I think it is time for all of you to leave.’”

“So…” John said, holding out his arms, “here we are.”

Billie suddenly looked a lot more sober as he said, “Philip, you seem to know a lot about this. You’re the one working on a degree in the occult arts. Can you tell us what happened?”

“My degree,” Philip replied, “is in Ancient Mythology and Rituals, and I think somebody gave you all some magic mushrooms.”

“But you knew about the star and the snakes,” John said firmly. “You KNOW what happened, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know about the star… and the snakes,” Philip answered, “and about Babalon, the Mother of Abominations.”

“Then tell us what you know,” Juan insisted.

Philip grimaced and looked out at his three flat mates. “OK,” he finally said. “The snakes… the ouroboros is a symbol of rebirth or perhaps eternal life. The seven-pointed star is the symbol of Babalon. According to the myths, when the symbols are combined the resulting symbol is more than a symbol, it is Babalon, herself.”

Billie raised his eyebrows and said, “Meaning?..”

“It means that Babalon lives in the symbol,” Philip said. “And the symbol itself is alive. If necessary, it can survive on the walls of a tomb for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and then transfer itself to a suitable living host looking sort of like a tattoo. The snake star of Babalon was supposedly found in an Egyptian tomb when it was opened on October 31, 1927, but all traces of it disappeared before any photographs could be taken. The diggers said that it must have transferred itself to one of the scientists, or perhaps one of their helpers, but no one knows because all of the scientists died before they could publish any of their findings. Many of the diggers also died. Only one helper– you would call them interns today– survived, but no one knows what happened to him.”

“Wow,” Juan said using his hand like a claw to clamp over his face. “It’s a giant parasite eating away at you like in those Mummy movies.”

“No,” Philip said, “according to the legends, it actually benefits the host. In exchange for keeping and protecting the symbol, the host is given eternal youth… essentially eternal life. It doesn’t kill anyone. Those scientists all died from inhaling a toxic fungus that had been sealed up in the tomb. If they had taken rudimentary precautions, they would all have survived.”

“So where did the Gypsy girl come from?” John asked.

“That was Babalon,” Philip said. “On nights like Halloween, she can materialize a corporeal form so that she can absorb the energies of life.”

“That’s why she was smearing the cum all over herself,” Juan said excitedly.

“Yes,” Philip answered, “but when the sun rose, she had to return to her wall or host or wherever.”

“Weird,” Billie said.

“And she is not the weirdest or most dangerous spirit that roams on Halloween,” Philip said. “There are many much more dangerous entities that could have crashed your Halloween party.”

“You believe all that shit, don’t you?” John said.

“No wonder you hide on Halloween,” Juan added.

“Yes,” Philip said flatly, “I believe it. I have reason to. And, yes, that’s why I hide on Halloween.”

He paused and then said, “And now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get up and go take a shower.”

He made a motion with his hands shooing the three out of his room and they left. Then Philip slowly pulled the sheet back and looked down at his body. The cum was dried and caked, forming a thick coating on his stomach and legs.

He ran his fingers down his abdomen, tracing the star that was just beginning to sink further into his skin and disappear. “I hope you fed well,” he said. Then he watched as the symbol, with its writhing snakes, slowly faded.

Rising to his feet, he said, “I think we can stay here one more year before too many people begin talking about a Gypsy girl who crashes their Halloween parties.” He shrugged. “Or perhaps they will begin noticing that I don’t age.” He opened his closet and pulled a robe tightly around his body. “In any case,” he said, “I will soon have to find a new university to attend… someplace where I can study the ancient myths… and someplace where you can find enough life essence to sustain you from Halloween to Halloween.”

He opened his door and walked down to the bathroom at the end of the hall. As he walked, he was quietly humming a tune. If any of his flat mates had been able to hear it, they would have recognized it as the tune that was playing as the Gypsy girl disappeared.

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