Lessons continued by lexigurl66


I was just left, and I always knew what was in store for me. I’d try to stay away from him, cling to my grandmother, but he always got what he wanted. This night though, was different.I was always at my grandparents house. One minute my parents were there and the next they were gone. I was just left, and I always knew what was in store for me. I’d try to stay away from him, cling to my grandmother, but he always got what he wanted. This night though, was different. I always slept with my grandparents, in the middle. Sometimes, before she came to bed, he’d get to me, other nights, he’d wait till he thought she was long sleeping. I always hoped that it would be a night he’d let me sleep. This night, that didn’t happen.

I always slept on my side with my back to him. What I thought was defensive sleeping actually enabled him. He’d put his hand on my hip and slide my bottom over to him. I remember feeling his cock against my back. He’d slowly grind against me while he worked my panties down and rub my pussy. Eventually he’d grab my hair and pull the rest of my body close to him. He enjoyed talking in my ear as he had me. Before he started the whispers, he’d make me cum, typically 2-3 times. He’d whisper what a good girl I am and how much I love what he does to me and that my orgasms were proof of it. Followed by what would happen if I told. He then turned me on my back and take my little hand and put it on his dick. He taught me to stroke him, but this night, he wanted something different. He whispered in my ear to get up and go to the bathroom and stay there, and if I didn’t I’d be whipped. So I did. And I waited. In he comes. There is a nightlight on. The bathroom is fairly dark. He walked over to me and took my nightgown off then told me to take my panties off, which I did. All this time I could see him stroking himself. He looked at me for a minute and stepped towards me. He told me that tonight I learn to suck his dick. I didn’t want to and he knew it. He grabbed my hair and slapped my face. I remember feeling scared and starting to tear up a little. He wrapped his hands around my face and said don’t be scared. Papaw will teach you. Open up. I slowly opened my mouth. He tapped his dick on my cheeks playfully. Rubbed the tip on my lip and said let me see that tongue. I stuck out my tongue a little and he said more. I complied. He put his cock on my tongue for a second and said see not so bad. Lick it young lady…now! I was so scared and started to cry more. He didn’t care and I started licking his cock. He held my head and showed me where to lick and I did as he said. Before I knew it, my lips were wrapped around his cock. Could’ve only been the tip. He was big and I was little. He says to me, no teeth. I didn’t know what he was talking about as he tried to fuck my mouth. Suddenly he pulled out, grabbed me by my hair and said “I said no teeth. If I feel them one more time, your pussy gets the belt”. This was new to me. I didn’t get what was happening. At this point he’s frustrated with me. He pushed his dick back in my mouth. I was trying to be good..and I was gagging on him. He stretched my jaw. I was aching. Suddenly he pulled out grabbed my hair and drug me into the back spare bedroom. Closed the door and told me to keep quiet. He gagged my mouth with something he tied around my head. Pushed me on to the bed and tied my hands and feet to each corner, put a pillow under my ass. I was face up with my pussy pushed way up. It was hurting me. He walked over to my face and showed me his leather belt and said “I said no teeth. Your going to learn, little slut”. And he walked to the end of the bed and proceed to whip my pussy with the belt. Each lash hurt so much. My entire body would buckle and I’d scream into my gag. Muffled. Eventually, I just took it. I don’t know how long it lasted, but when he stopped, he started petting my swollen pussy and apologized that he had to do that. He started pushing his fingers into me. It hurt, and then it didn’t. My body started responding to him. My hips convulsing as I realized his mouth and tongue was on my little pussy. He was sucking me. He did this till I came, seems like a few times. He then untied me, pulled my head to the edge of the bed and kissed me. He said “are you ready now?” I was frozen. Just stared. He got up, placed my head on the edge and pushed his dick down my throat. I opened as wide as possible and let him fuck my mouth. He’d hit my throat and just hold it in. After he pulled out I’d gag to breath. This went on for a bit until he came in my throat. I thought I was going to lose it right then. He held my nose and forced me to swallow. I did and cried. He scooped me up and held me tight and said “papaw loves you. You’ve been a good land I’m very proud of you. This is our secret and if you tell, I will hurt you again. Do you understand?” All I could say is “yes sir”. After I calmed down, he cleaned up the mess and we tiptoed back to bed. I slept with his dick wedged in my ass cheeks that night.

The next morning, it was as if nothing ever happened. My grandmother never seemed to hear anything. After breakfast, he hugged me and whispered to me that he wanted me to stay again tonight, as he slid his hand between my legs and patted my pussy, followed by “your my good girl”.

Lessons from Grandfather. Part 1 by lexigurl66


This is a true story of my introduction to sex. I’m not promoting incest or child abuse. I’m simply telling my story. If this is a problem for you, please move on. I find putting my stories on a page is cleansing. Constructive criticism is welcome, haters are not.My first lesson with grandfather

I was running though my grandparents house one afternoon looking for my older cousin. She is about 5 years older than me. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her Shelly. I last saw Shelly before lunch and expected we would hang out for a bit that afternoon.

The door to my grandparents bedroom was cracked, and being young and clueless, I just ran right in. I stood at the end of the bed. Papaw was laying behind Shelly, both on their right side. He was moving his body and she was moaning “yes papaw. Oh yes”. He had his hand in her hair and was making weird grunting noises. In retrospect, processing what was happening, she was enjoying being fucked.

So I stood there. I didn’t know what to do. I had a feeling I should leave, but I just continued to watch. Suddenly he looked up. He froze and then sat up. He held his hand out to me and said “Come on in baby, join us. But you have to be quiet. This is our special secret”.

Side note- Me: I was very quiet and passive then. Yes sir/ma’am. Respectful and VERY scared of my grandfather. He was domineering, mean and just generally cranky.

So I took his hand and crawled up in the bed. He put me between them. I vaguely recall him asking Shelly to tell me how much she likes it when he touches her. She enthusiastically responded that she loved it. She made it sound like Disneyland or something! He went on to explain that he and Shelly will teach me how to be a big girl, but I had to promise not to tell, which I agreed to. Actually, I probably didn’t say a word, just sat and stared….confused. While he was talking to me, he was rubbing my tummy and pushing his cock against my back. At the time, it was scary as hell. He then took Shelly’s hand and put it between my legs. He said “touch her the way I touch you. The way you like it.” He pulled my legs apart some and she rubbed on the outside of my panties for a little while. He told Shelly that she needed to teach me and proceeded to tell us to start having sleepovers at her house. (She lived two houses down from him) to which she eagerly agreed.

He then put her back in the middle and they seemed to pick up where they left off. He said to me, “babygirl, watch how good papaw makes Shelly feel.” I was sitting to the side of them. They were on their right side. He took his cock and slid it into her. She arched her back to accommodate his movements. They moved slow. He moved his hips back and forth He held her left hip still with his right arm draped around her torso. I renebfer hearing the wet sloshy slapping noise each time he entered her. He started pumping her harder and faster, she closed her eyes and started her “oh yes” chant. This lasted for a while, and then she started getting excited and talking more and more. “Papaw..papaw. Fuck me harder More!” He hushed her and reminded her to be quiet, but oh he was pounding on her pussy hard. Her eyes rolled back as he put his hand over her mouth and said “You can cum now.” then he grunted, real deep and hard and they stopped. Breathing heavily…rubbing each other, both looking deliriously satisfied. After a few minutes, he said “did you enjoy watching babygirl? We’re going to teach you everything. Shhhh…it’s our secret.”

Up to this point in my life, this was the nicest I had ever seen him behave. I was still scared of him. Shelly wasn’t scared at all. She was happy….deliriously happy.

He pulled me back in the middle of them, with my back against him. He slid his hand down my side , put his fingers in the waistline of my panties and slowly pulled them down and began rubbing my pussy. He whispered in my ear a promise that he’ll make me feel good too. He then spread my legs apart and kept rubbing. He kept going and going, rubbing me like a maniac. In the meantime, Shelly had her head on my neck quietly saying things like “don’t you love it? It feels good, doesn’t it? Oh it feels so good.” And on and on. She made it feel like it was no big deal. I was very wet and his hand on my pussy was making wet slapping noises I started shaking and thrashing, and came hard on his hand. After I came, he pulled my panties back up, gently patted my pussy and said “good girl”. Then we all got up, got dressed and quietly left the room like nothing ever happened.

And that was my first threesome.

Later that day my cousin asked me to come over the following night for a sleepover The next afternoon, I walked over to her house and hung out for a while We did normal stuff like listened to records, talked about boys, made cookies. Once night cane though, she was on. At bedtime, she told me to take off my panties. The first time she touched my pussy, I shivered in anticipation. I was wet and wanted it. She started slow and deliberate on my clit. She circled and rubbed my wet little pussy over and over, until I couldn’t take it any longer. I came all over her hand….and she kept going. Then she slowly put a finger inside me. “Relax. You’ll love it” I recall being shocked and frozen. After she could tell I kind of liked it, she got busy. She started finger banging me. I asked her to stop. Her reply was “Stop being a baby!” And she took my arms and made me hold on to the headboard. She slammed my little pussy over and over. I was wet and shaking, with my hands tightly holding on the bottom of the headboard. I came hard, and she didn’t stop. I came many times that night. I didn’t touch her that night and she was very irritated with me.

The next day, with a sore little pussy, I walked back over to my grandparents house. My Grandfather grabbed me from behind and pulled me in to him His arms draped around my body. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back. He whispered in my ear “give me that pussy” as he reached down and pressed my pussy with his huge hands. Even being so tender down there, I immediately got wet for him. Wet and wanting more.

I have more to tell So much more

The Naked Weekend by Jen’sLustFriend


What happens when you spend the entire weekend naked?The Naked Weekend


We both get off work and meet at the bar with about 10 great friends. I change shirts in the parking lot. You change at work into a tight strapless dress and a see-through blouse over it. We get there about the same time and greet each other with a big hug in the bar that last about 30 seconds. Then a kiss on the lips that lasts more than 10 seconds. It is great to see each other. We then separate and start to mingle with our friends, laughing and having a great time. After about an hour, we run into each other, “I need to eat, do you want to order”, I ask. “Yes, can we sit at the table”, she asks. We go over to the table and get the waitresses attention on the way and ask for menus. I set in the corner chair, and she sits on my lap. The waitress comes over and takes our order. After she leaves, I ask “are you wearing anything under that dress”, “only one way for you to find out” she teases as she spreads her legs slightly.

My hand goes slowly exploring up her leg until I get to her underwear less pussy and quickly touch it, moan and then pull my hand out since we are among so many friends. Our conversation during dinner turns to what we are going to do this weekend. Not having any plans, it occurs to me to suggest, by whispering in her ear, “why don’t we have a naked weekend?” “What does that mean?” she asks. “I don’t know, other than no clothes at any time”. Her pussy starts to get wet as she agrees to this plan. After dinner we socialize some more before we realize it is 9 pm and we are both tired from a long day. We take our time to say goodbye to everyone and head out to the parking lot. We kiss for about 2 minutes near our cars, tongues going crazy in each other’s mouths and hands all over each other’s bodies before we get in our cars and drive to my house.

When we get home, we walk in the house and start making out. “Doesn’t naked weekend mean no clothes?” she asks. I pause, nod my head and start taking off her clothes. She enjoys the attention and my hands all over her body as I take off her shirt and then remove her dress very slowly accidentally touching all her good body parts. When she is naked, she looks at me with a “it’s my turn” look and grabs my shirt and roughly pulls it over my head. She then grabs my belt, loosens it, unbuckles my pants and roughly pulls them down and off. Standing there in my underwear with her naked body right there, you can visibly see the erection in my pants. She gets on her knees, and very gently and slowly pulls my underwear down, my dick springs up and brushes against her face.

She pulls my underwear off, never taking her eyes off of my dick. She throws them off to the side, grabs my dick in both hands and looks up at me as she slowly puts it in her mouth and starts sucking.

She takes it out and starts licking up and down the shaft very slowly to drive me crazy as I start to moan and grind against her face. “No blowjobs tonight” she says as she stands up, grabs me by my dick and walks me into the bedroom. When we get there, I push her down on the bed and immediately get my face between her legs to start licking her pussy.

After a few minutes, I can’t take it. I climb on board and insert my rock hard dick into her pussy and start to fuck her with a quick pace already. The moans that started with the pussy licking suddenly become louder and more frequently.

We were both so horny and ready that she has an orgasm in about 5 minutes and it causes me to come immediately.

I roll off of her and grab her close and lay her head on my chest. “I just realized how tired I am” I state. “It has been a long fucking day” she states. “Don’t get mad, but I am about to fall asleep” I say. “Me too” was her answer. And we fell asleep, naked and satisfied.


I wake up a couple of times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and to get something to drink. She wakes up once to go to the bathroom. It is a great weekend as we lay there in bed, naked until 10 am since we have nothing that has to get done. As we lay there spooning with me behind her, my dick starts to get hard rubbing up against that tight hard ass. She turns her head to look at me and says, “are you going to do anything with that hard dick”. “You realize the fucking thing has been poking me all night”. “Sorry” I say quietly. “Mind if I fuck you now” I ask. “No, I don’t mind, that’s what I was telling you to do” was her answer. From behind on our sides, I insert my dick into her completely wet pussy.

I don’t know if it is still wet from last night or from this morning, and I really don’t care. I start with some long slow strokes as I am still a little asleep. At first, I am not sure she is even enjoying this, but once the moans start, I know this is feeling good for both of us. Because I am still not completely awake, I continue to slowly fuck her for several minutes as she is quietly moaning. Eventually it starts to feel way to good, “I am going to come” I state as I begin to pick up the pace of fucking her. “Finish my love” she answers in between her moans. I pound her from behind and come rapidly after that. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get you to come this morning”. She laughs at this, “there is no way you can give me an orgasm every time”. “But what a great fucking way to start Naked Saturday in the middle of the Naked Weekend”. “I agree completely, great way to start. You are incredible” I say admiringly.

After laying in bed for another 15 minutes holding each other’s naked bodies I ask “How about breakfast? I will make some eggs, how do you like them”. “Over easy with toast, please” she answers. “I will meet you in the kitchen in 5 minutes.” I make breakfast and we eat quietly in the kitchen. “My favorite college team plays at noon and there is another game at 3, is there any chance you want to lay around naked and watch the football games with me?” I ask. “I am going to be naked around you all weekend, and there is a chance you might miss some of the game because you won’t be able to keep your hands off of me” she states in a very confident tone. I get up and go over and hug her as my dick seems to somehow get stuck in between her breasts. “This could be the best weekend ever” I state loudly.

We go to the shower and very slowly wash each other. I wash her hair and rinse it. I wash her body, spending way too much time on those wonderful tits. I then spend way too much time on that beautiful wonderful pussy washing and rubbing it for what seems like ten minutes accidentally inserting my fingers several times. I spend way too much time washing her ass all over the cheeks and all around and even inserting a finger in her asshole. I rinse her body off and she turns her attention to me. Very quickly washes my hair and back and chest, and then spends way too much time washing my dick.

She rinses it off, leans over and sucks it for a minute, and states “not clean enough”. She then soaps it back up and washes it some more. She then washes my ass, all over the cheeks and then inserts a finger in my asshole, “I hope you like it as much as I do?” she asks. I had never had that done and was a little surprised. I guess I liked it. Something to check out another time. With the shower completed, I grabbed a towel and gently dried her hair. Then I proceeded to dry her off completely head to toe, again spending too much time at the tits and pussy. When I was finished, she dries me off, head to toe spending way too much time on my dick. “Best shower ever” I exclaimed as we left the bathroom.

We got down to the living room with about 10 minutes before the game. I found another game on the 2nd tv and we snuggled naked on the couch holding each other close. Just before kickoff, she asks “beer time?”. “Yes, you incredible mind reading beautiful sexy wonderful woman” was my over the top answer. She gets up to get us beers and I watch her walk away. She notices, slows down, bends over pretending to pick something up, looks back and says, “you like the show”. I just point to my now rock hard erected dick. She laughs grabs us some beers and lays next to me on the couch. During the games over the next 6 hours, hands would constantly roam over each other’s bodies. “Best game ever” I exclaim after a victory.

When all the games are over, she coyly looks over at me “what’s next big boy”. “Whatever you want after putting up with 6 hours of football” I answer. “I didn’t put up with 6 hours of football, I enjoyed every minute with you. But you are correct, it will be whatever I want. Naked grilling of steaks on the grill and the rest of the day on the patio, I love the view”. I start the charcoal grill, slightly afraid for my naked body, but there are no problems. I am cooking the steaks when she states, “let me watch the grill, and you watch me”. I do not argue. She is exaggerating the bending over the grill pointing her ass up at me so I can see her pussy lips. They are so inviting and slightly wet for some reason. “Stop that, or I am going to fuck you while you grill” I order her. “I will not stop, so you do what you have to” she answers in a confrontational voice. I get up slowly as my dick is starting to get hard again. She looks over at me and bends over even more and then spreads her ass cheeks open, so her pussy is wide open for my dick.

I walk up and insert it roughly and hard immediately thinking that is what she wants. I was right, she wants it hard and fast. I pound her from behind, I grab her hair and use that to fuck her faster. I slow down, lean over and check the steaks, since they still need more cooking, I get back to fucking her hard and fast. She is moaning and loving the entire pounding, the hair pulling and the hard fast sex. “You are a fucking incredible woman”, I slowly state in between the long hard fast strokes. “Shut the fuck up and fuck me harder” was her not so nice answer. With that I picked up the pace and fucked her until she came. Several more strokes and I was releasing inside of her, on my patio. “I love naked weekend” was my thought.

After naked dinner during naked weekend, we snuggled on some blankets on the floor to watch a movie. Didn’t care about the movie at all, just enjoyed holding this hot naked chick for another couple of hours. When the movie was over, she reached over and grabbed my dick suddenly. Get this thing ready because I am going to take it for a ride. She looked at me then my dick, it was large but not hard. “Do I have to do everything” she says in a slow sexy voice. “Maybe” was all I said. She took my dick and put it in her mouth and started sucking, licking and even some small biting, which felt good and yet made me uncomfortable, although I don’t think she cared. After so much sex, it took a while to get hard, but as soon as it was, she climbed on and started to ride me fast and furious.

Her eyes closed she kept going up and down on my dick as slowly or as fast as she wanted. She couldn’t stop moaning. There were many “yes oh my god yes” and “holy shit this feels great, oh yes”. She rode me for more than ten minutes before she finally came her body quivering and shaking with her orgasm. With that I shot another load up into her as I moaned as loud as I think I ever had during sex. “She is the greatest ever” I was thinking as she rolled off and snuggled up next to me.

“I have had enough for tonight. Any chance we can go to sleep without you attacking me” I ask. “Maybe” she answered. Up to bed where we spooned until we fell asleep.


In the morning when we woke up, she asked “Why does that thing have to poke me all night? Why do your hands have to grope all over my body all night? “Sorry, I can’t control myself in my sleep” I complain. She laughs, “I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I was just wondering why?” After holding her for a while I ask, “Can naked weekend last through the pro game today?” “Yes, but I can’t guarantee that I can have any more orgasms” was her answer. “I don’t even think I can get it up any more” I state. She looks up at me and states, “Challenge accepted, sex at halftime will happen. You will orgasm, I guarantee it” “I thought you said no more orgasms” I ask. “I meant me, my body can only take so much, I could probably get 2 or 3 more out of you on naked weekend if I wanted” she answers confidently.

I get up and make breakfast, I seemed to remember her saying that french toast was her favorite. Along with breakfast, I serve what looks like orange juice until you see the slight red color. She looks at me “what drink did you make” she asked. “Tequila sunrise, I would be glad to drink yours if you only want orange juice” I ask. “Drinking with you on naked weekend sounds wonderful” she answers. After breakfast and another shower and complete washing and drying of each other’s bodies we head out to the patio for naked relaxing before the game.

We sit on two lounge chairs enjoying the view and the weather and each other. After I while, she gets up spreads my legs open and slides right up against me, so her back is lying on my chest and my arms are holding her and somehow grabbing her tits. “Funny how those hands just seem to always find my tits naturally, huh” she teases. I don’t care, holding her tight is so relaxing and enjoyable. After a while she takes one of my hands and moves it down to her pussy, sliding up slightly to give me access. “My pussy wanted some attention, hope you don’t mind” she says. I did not mind, as I very slowly rubbed my fingers around the outside of her pussy lips hoping she enjoyed the teasing. Then I started to rub the pussy lips and in between and slowly going up and down touching her pussy and clit. she was starting to get extremely wet down there as my dick started to grow poking her in the back. I would then insert two fingers inside of her and stroke 5 or 6 times and then pull out and slowly stroke up to her clit and play with that for a few strokes before going back to the pussy and repeating this process many times driving her wild the entire time.

All of a sudden, I stop, move her slightly forward and get out of the chair. “The game is about to start” I exclaim and leave her on the chair. “I wonder how mad she is going to be at that” I thought as I walked in the house. When she comes in the house I apologize and ask, “Sorry, I didn’t notice the time. Can we finish later”. “Not a problem” I hear her say with no anger or frustration in her voice. “Beer time?” she asks. “Yes please” I yell into the kitchen. She brings me a beer right as the game starts and snuggles up to me without saying a word. At that first commercial I turn to her and say “I’m sorry. I really wasn’t trying to get anything started and then leave you hanging there”. “I’m not mad, I very much enjoyed the pussy rubbing attention. It was fun to have some naked patio time on naked weekend before the game. Thank you for all the touching”. For some reason this really turned me on, and he started to grow large again. “You will get yours at halftime” she told my dick. “And you will be very happy”. As usual I get too worked up at the game and swear a few times. In the boring moments and commercials there is more snuggling and hand groping from both of us. Stopping right as the game starts again.

Halftime arrives and she hits mute on the tv. “I left the tv on so we can see when the game starts again” she states. “Holy shit”, I think. “This hot naked sexy wonderful woman really gets me”. “Now lay on you back on the floor and prepare the orgasm you didn’t think you could have” she ordered. She grabbed my dick with both hands and started to stroke up and down while looking me in the eyes enjoying my reaction. After a little while she brushed her hair to one side and started to lick the tip while continuing to stroke with her hand. Then she slowly took my dick in her mouth all the way down to the base and very slowly came back to the tip. Then she took it out of her mouth and started licking on the sides and then the top and then the sensitive area under the tip. He was fully erect but after so much sex in such a short time I didn’t know if I could come again. Then I remembered, she wanted a challenge, let’s see if she can complete the mission. I started to relax a little and started to moan slightly. After teasing some more with her tongue, she grabbed it with her hands again and started to stroke as she repositioned her body to put her pussy right on my face in a 69 position.

Seeing that beautiful pussy up close and getting to stick my tongue inside of her and lick up and down, I realized I would orgasm, and she would be correct about her abilities. As I lick her some more, she starts to moan which I can barely hear because my dick is back inside her mouth as she is started to go up and down in a slow deliberate pace. This blowjob is incredible, and I start to moan as I continue to lick her and now insert my fingers into her pussy. It doesn’t take long before I stop what I am doing and warn her that I am about to come. She speeds up the sucking until I explode in her mouth as she swallows every drop moaning as she is doing this. “Can I continue” I ask. “No, the game is about to start and there is no way you could give me another orgasm this weekend” she tells me. “Challenge accepted” I reply. “Get your dildo out before the game ends. I don’t think it’s possible to expect him to accomplish anything for several days after the workout you have given him” I exclaim. “You will not be able to give me another orgasm, but I will sure let you try” she answers. As we climb back on the couch to snuggle some more.

My team plays great in the second half and it is by the far the best football game ever because of all the naked stuff, even better than the Super Bowl wins. When the game is over, she walks over with her dildo and coyly asks “whatcha gonna do with this”. I get up and go to the closet where I have a little gift her. I hand her the box and she opens it. “Wow, this is some large dildo” she exclaims with a huge smile on her face. I take both dildos from her and walk her to the bedroom. I lay her on the bed and climb next to her with my dick touching her shoulder. I slowly start to lick her pussy lips and pussy and clit to get her going again. I then take the new bigger and better dildo and start to rub her pussy up and down with it before I slowly insert it all the way into her pussy and start moving it in and out in a nice steady pace. She starts to moan and squirm a little as you can tell she is enjoying it. I then start to lick her clit at the same time that I am pounding her with the dildo. After a minute or so of this, I pick up the older slightly smaller dildo. “What are you going to do with that” she asks anxiously. “You know exactly where this is going, and you are going to love it” I told her.

While still pounding her pussy with the one dildo, I slowly insert the second dildo in her ass. I hear a very load moan as it goes all the way in. She has now grasped my legs with her one hand very tightly as she is really enjoying it. I am speeding up the rhythm of the pussy pounding and am now matching it with speed of the ass ramming. I am really doing this very hard and very fast and you can tell she is about to come, when I then start licking her clit again at the same time as ramming a dildo in her pussy and another one in her ass. She is screaming “Oh god, fucking oh yes, oh yes keep going my god keep going”. Her entire body starts to shake as she has the strongest orgasm of her life. Her hand is grabbing my leg so tightly it hurts, but I don’t care. I keep pounding away with both a little longer and continue to lick her clit. I slow down the in and out to a very slow pace just so I can enjoy looking at the double penetration a little longer. I pull both out and throw them on the floor. Her body is still trembling as she rolls over slight and grabs my dick and starts sucking knowing nothing more can happen there this weekend. “After that incredible orgasm I just had to suck on him some more” she explained. “Suck on him anytime you want” is my answer. After a couple of minutes, she stops and rolls back on her back. I join her as we hold hands and slowly catch our breath back.

We finally get dressed for the first time in nearly 48 hours. “I am taking you out for a great dinner.” I tell her. “No fucking way, I am taking you out. After that orgasm you can order anything you want.” she tells me. “Greatest weekend ever” I tell her as I hug her closely. “You are correct” she agrees.

Maggie Part 1 – Life in the Hollow by Backw00ds44

Fantasy, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Virginity, Voyeurism


In the backwoods of Kentucky, a small hillbilly family lives life their way.Emmitt sipped on his black coffee as he watched Maggie walking up the hallway heading to the bathroom of their mobile home. Wrapped in an old ratty white towel, Emmitt caught a glimpse of her naked hip as she turned into the small bathroom. “Hurry up in there! I’m gonna have to get it there pretty damn quick.”

Emmitt sat back in the kitchen chair and picked up the morning paper, The Hazard Herald. Their trailer sat on a hillside at the end of a dead-end dirt road about 12 miles south of the small Kentucky town. Their nearest neighbor was ol’ lady Woodson and her two sons who lived at the beginning of the hollow, about a mile back, near the main paved road. Nobody ever came back as far as their trailer. In this part of Kentucky, that could get you shot! Emmitt’s wife, Betty, worked at the tire factory in Hazard and left every morning at 5:30. They’d dated in High School and then Betty got knocked up her senior year, so Emmitt did the noble thing and eloped, marrying the only girl he’d ever fucked. Three months later, their daughter Maggie was born. Less than a year later, a second daughter, Molly, came along, followed by a son, Earl, 14 months later. Life was hard and money was tight. They’d inherited their little 36 acres back in the hollow and it was all they had. An old two bedroom trailer that thankfully had running water was home to the five of them. Emmitt and Betty had the biggest bedroom, Maggie and Molly shared the second, and Earl slept on the couch. A big garden, the barn, a few cows, two ponies and an assortment of chicken and ducks kept Emmitt busy. They basically lived off the land, except for the small paycheck Betty earned at the tire factory.

He heard the shower cut off and his mind snapped back to Maggie. She was turning into a pretty young thing. In the last year, she’d grown 5-6” in height to 5’5”. She had long strong legs and had developed quite a cute little ass. She needed a bra for her growing breasts but Emmitt raised hell when the topic of spending money came up. “Them goddamn little titties don’t need no bra and you ain’t spending our money on crap like that”, he’d yelled at Betty. Betty knew better than to argue or risk getting beaten. She bought tampons without his knowledge when her first period came.

Sliding his chair back, Emmitt stood. Wearing only his thin, ratty boxers, his half-stiff cock was quite visible. He knew he could time it perfectly to barge into the bathroom and catch Maggie naked, toweling off from her shower, to get a peek at just how well his oldest was maturing. With one swift push, Emmitt bust open the bathroom door, “Dammit, I told you to hurry up!” There stood Maggie, her naked ass towards him, bent over drying her long light brown hair. Startled, she whirled around, trying her best to cover herself. She felt her daddy’s eyes on her naked body and tried to squeeze past him to leave.

Grabbing her arm, “Not so fast missy, let’s see what kinda woman you’re turning in to”, and with that, ripped the towel off of Maggie. She stood trembling, trying to cover her breasts and pussy. She knew her daddy had a hot temper and would slap her silly in a second if she disobeyed.

“Stand up there girl, move them arms to your side so your daddy can have a look at his little girl”, as he sat down on the toilet seat for a better view.

Maggie slowly lowered her hands revealing her naked body. Ever since she started her period, her breasts were growing bigger every day and were already developing nicely. She had no idea of their size because she’d never been fitted for a bra. Emmitt smiled staring at her tits and his gaze lowered to her waist. “Damn them titties are coming along nice and that belly is hard as a rock”, Emmitt thought to himself. A sly smile came over his face as his eyes hit the top of her fine, light brown, pubic hair. It was barely thick enough to cover the top of her slit, and he could feel his cock hardening as he eyed her pussy. “You gonna be a fine looking girl, Maggie, now get yo ass ready for school”, Emmitt laughed, slapping her ass as she ran out of the room. Emmitt closed the door, turned on the shower and jerked off thinking about his daughter as he’d done almost every day for the last two weeks.

Maggie dressed quickly, then yelled for Molly and Earl, “Come on, we gotta go or we’re gonna miss the bus.” All three trotted down the steps of the trailer and headed down the dirt road. They had a mile walk to the bus stop just down from ol’ lady Woodson’s. Only two more days and school would be out for the summer.

Saturday rolled around and Betty was making a list for her weekly trip to the grocery store in Hazard. Most everything they ate came from the farm and Emmitt’s big garden but there were some things they just needed to buy. He worked the garden tirelessly.

“Take Molly and Earl with you. They can help tote groceries and sacks of feed from the mill. I’ll get Maggie to stay here and help me in the garden.” Ten minutes later, Betty, with Molly and Earl in tow, got the old Impala to start and headed out of the hollow.

“Get your old work clothes on Maggie, we got work to do.”

Maggie dug through the pile of clothes in the corner of the tiny bedroom she shared with Molly and found the old cutoff jean shorts of her momma’s that she wore for working on the farm. They were 2-3 sizes too big and she held them up with a piece of baler-twine. She only had three pairs of panties so the shorts were all she wore below the waist. Next, she grabbed her dad’s ol wife-beater sleeveless t-shirt. It too was way too big so she tied it together at the bottom to keep it snug. It was almost sheer and with a little sweat, completely see-thru. She knew why her daddy made her dress this way, and she was getting big enough to play along. She knew he would never do anything to hurt her.

They worked in the garden for an hour or so before Emmitt declared, “Damn, it’s hot. Let’s go get some water.” There was a hose in the barn on the upper side of the garden. Emmitt lifted up the spigot handle and water shot out of the hose. He gulped the water down, and then leaned over, running it over his head, then handed the hose to Maggie. She sipped at the stream of water, and then sprayed off her dirt-covered legs. She then stood and let the water run over her face and down her chest. Her t-shirt was soaked and Emmitt’s eyes were locked on as her dark nipples stiffened against the thin shirt. He watched the water run down her belly and into her jean shorts, then run down her legs. He could feel his manhood stiffening.

Flopping down on the closest hay-bale, “we’re gonna have a long summer if it’s this hot at the end of May, daddy”, Maggie groaned as she lay back on the bale, legs hanging over the end. She could feel her nipples pointing skyward as a breeze blew through the barn. Emmitt’s cock continued to stiffen as he admired his oldest daughter, lying flat on the hay-bale, her perky firm titties almost completely visible through her shirt. Trying to cool herself, she fanned her legs back and forth. As she did this, her light brown bush was visible to her daddy, and he was about to explode. He couldn’t take it any longer.

Emmitt stood and walked over to Maggie. Her eyes were still closed and legs still fanned apart as he leaned down and put his hand over her mouth. Maggie jumped and her eyes flew open. “Now be quiet, I ain’t gonna hurt ya, but there’s a few things a young girl needs to know. Now what happens here today in this barn, don’t go no further.” Tightening his grip over her mouth, “ if’n you tell anybody about this, you’re gonna be in big trouble little lady. You got me?” Maggie nodded her head and Emmitt slowly released his grip. “Now sit up!”

Maggie spun around and sat on the hay-bale as Emmitt stood, unleashing his bib overalls at the shoulders. They dropped to his ankles, exposing his rock-hard 8” cock, a foot from Maggie’s face. He leaned forward and grabbed her wet t-shirt, pulling it off over her head. His cock throbbed as he rubbed her hard nipples. He grabbed Maggie’s head gently with his left hand and holding his cock in front of her face, “Now I want you to suck this.”

Horrified, Maggie leaned towards his cock, something she’d only seen when her lil’ brother was a baby. She slowly put it to her parting lips and touched the end with her tongue. She was amazed at how soft and smooth if felt and opened her mouth wider to take it inside. Emmitt moaned as her tongue worked around the head. He could feel the pre-cum easing out.

“What’s this daddy? It tastes funny.”

“Just consider it lube, and there’s a lot more to come. Now get to sucking”.

Maggie’s head bobbed back and forth as she took her daddy’s cock deeper into her mouth. The texture was something she’d never felt and she was enjoying the salty, sweaty taste. She sucked deeper and harder, never sucking very fast. As she fell into the trance of this newfound oral pleasure, she could feel her loins starting to moisten. She wasn’t sure what was going on but it felt good. Emmitt massaged her titties as she continued to swallow his cock. With the pressure building in his balls, he pulled her head back as his cock popped out of her mouth, “Stand up”. Maggie stood and Emmitt could feel her nipples rub against his belly. Her head barely came up to his chin. He reached and pulled the bailer-twine belt loose from her jean shorts and they immediately dropped to the dirt floor of the barn.

Stepping back a step, Emmitt admired his daughter’s naked, budding body, and his cock yearned to be inside her. Easing her aside he laid back on the hay-bale and guided her over him. She had one foot on the ground and the other on the edge of the hay-bale as he guided her young pussy down towards his cock. She jumped as if shocked when she felt his cockhead rub against her virgin pussy lips. He moved it back and forth until her lips parted, exposing the entrance to her hot, wet cunt.

“Now I don’t want to hurt you so I’m gonna go easy, OK?” Maggie nodded nervously.

With the head just at the entrance of her tingling, wet vagina, Emmitt slowly eased her down. One inch, two inch, then almost all the way back out. Easing her down again, he pushed deeper into her trembling love hole. Maggie’s gasp turned to a moan of pleasure. His hands on her hips, he moved Maggie up and down, each stroke going deeper and deeper. She was so tight and wet he was about to explode, but he knew he had to keep it together, until finally he was buried into her cunt. He noticed her virgin blood trickle down his cock as she rose up. Maggie was losing control. She planted both feet on the ground, forcing his cock deeper. She bounced up and down, fingernails clawing at his chest. Emmitt grabbed her tits, massaging them and pinching her nipples. Maggie’s moans suddenly turned to screams. Emmitt gripped her mouth to stifle her screams and she continued to writhe in pleasure. He could feel her pussy tighten on his cock and he knew she was ready to experience her first orgasm. The thought of that was all it took and he exploded into her cunt. Maggie dropped onto his exploding cock, raising both feet off the ground to force his cock deeper. Her whole body quaked and jerked in orgasmic ecstasy, as she bit at her daddy’s hand trying to scream out.

Emmitt was shocked by the animalistic pleasure his young daughter displayed. He eased his hand from her mouth and she collapsed on his chest, hugging him tight.


Beggars can”t be choosers. by Bear66


Comments and advice welcome.I’m a fifty eight year old disabled man. I’m to be honest fat and ugly without much of a chance to meet that right woman. Due to my disability , pinched nerves in my back , my mobility is severely limited. I spend most of my time on my bed that I had put in the living room for convenience. I’m low income so they assigned me a home health care aide to help keep the apartment and see to my daily needs. The aides changed occasionally and my current aide was average in the looks department while slightly heavyset she was pleasant and as they say beggars can’t be choosers.

One Saturday she showed up in the morning saying she had no other clients until Monday. I finally decided to get what I wanted and as she stood next to my bed I looked at her short brown hair , light brown skin , small breasts with a belly that stuck out further than her tits. Well padded ass with firm toned legs which were her best feature. As she stood there I grabbed her crotch with one hand pressing my thumb firmly into her camel toe. She gasped as I forced her to back against the bed and told her to remove her shirt and bra.

She did this revealing small but firm breasts with quarter sized aureoles and slowly expanding hardening nipples. Grabbing her nipple on her left breast I released her cunt and told her to remove her pants and panties. Doing this exposed her smooth shaven sex that was already wet and leaking as her juices ran down her upper inner thighs. Now that she was naked I again grabbed her by her cunt pushing my thumb into her and using it to guide her like with a bowling ball. I made her lay naked across the bottom end of my bed and spread her legs as far apart as they would go.

Using my right hand I spread her nether lips and as she whimpered I rammed my hand into her vagina going deep into her pussy. My arm was in her up to my elbow as she screamed in painas I made a fist and began fucking her until she passed out. While she was unconscious I took pictures of her naked and performing sex acts on me. I stored the pics on the cloud and showed her when she regained consciousness. Now that I had her under my control I had her fuck me and told her that from now on she would not wear any panties or bras.

The only clothes she could wear were short skirts or dresses and her blouses would be thin , collarless , sleeveless front button. She would also wear dark , thigh high , silky stockings with dark flat shoes. She begged me not to make her wear these clothes explaining that she did not have the body to wear those clothes. I laughed telling her to wear it anyway. I told her to keep her Sunday open. That Sunday she showed up dressed as I dictated and she drove us to the local mall. Arriving there I sent her in to get a public use wheelchair and then we entered the mall at the food court entrance.

We went around picking out foods and sitting down to eat. Across the way a group of four males and one female teenagers began staring at us. I put my hand on my aides inner left thigh pulling her legs apart giving them a great look at her shaved pussy. The five teens laughed and rose walking towards us. Passing by they headed towards the arcade. After eating we followed them to the arcade where I had my aide start playing a video game. The group of teens gathered around my aide as she played and each guy took a limb holding her in place.

The girl reached around and unbuttoned her blouse redoing it behind her back baring her boobs and torso to every ones gaze. Then she slid the skirt down her legs where the two leg guys removed them. Then the girl shoved her hand up into the sides vagina fist fucking her bringing her to a very public climax. After which she offered the other arcade customers the chance to fuck the aide. Many males accepted the offer and a line formed behind the aide that never seemed to shrink as more joined the line through out the day.

By the end of the day the count stood at two hundred and fifty males having fucked her. As the day ended she needed to be held up having no strength to stand. The gathered customers heard her whimpering a d begging that no more would fuck her. The women took her to a horse ride and gluing a dildo onto the saddle forced her onto it and hand cuffing her in place set it on automatic leaving her on it as the mall shut down. When it reopened the next morning she was found still on the horse with shit and piss running down the horses sides puddling and pilling beneath it.

She was babbling as orgasms would shake her body. She was released from the horse and again spent the day being fucked in the arcade. This was repeated every day for a week at which time the number that had fucked her stood at one thousand eight hundred people a d she was a babbling nymphomaniac begging to be fucked by anyone or anything. The arcade owners installed her in the back room in the arcade and charged fifty dollars to ride her for fifteen minutes. She became the arcades most popular item with many returning customers.

Many men would go as a group seeing how many it took to fill her womb with sperm watching as her stomach expanded with their spunk capping it between clients. After two years she had slimmed down to an attractive fit woman due to all of the sex and healthy food. She finally had to be released and retired after a group of women brought in three ponies that when they fucked her it ripped her vagina and anus due to their cocks size and broke her jaw as it forced it’s over large cock down her throat. The aide never recovered from her experience as a sex toy and continued to be used and abused to the end of her life.