Maggie Part 1 – Life in the Hollow by Backw00ds44

Fantasy, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Virginity, Voyeurism


In the backwoods of Kentucky, a small hillbilly family lives life their way.Emmitt sipped on his black coffee as he watched Maggie walking up the hallway heading to the bathroom of their mobile home. Wrapped in an old ratty white towel, Emmitt caught a glimpse of her naked hip as she turned into the small bathroom. “Hurry up in there! I’m gonna have to get it there pretty damn quick.”

Emmitt sat back in the kitchen chair and picked up the morning paper, The Hazard Herald. Their trailer sat on a hillside at the end of a dead-end dirt road about 12 miles south of the small Kentucky town. Their nearest neighbor was ol’ lady Woodson and her two sons who lived at the beginning of the hollow, about a mile back, near the main paved road. Nobody ever came back as far as their trailer. In this part of Kentucky, that could get you shot! Emmitt’s wife, Betty, worked at the tire factory in Hazard and left every morning at 5:30. They’d dated in High School and then Betty got knocked up her senior year, so Emmitt did the noble thing and eloped, marrying the only girl he’d ever fucked. Three months later, their daughter Maggie was born. Less than a year later, a second daughter, Molly, came along, followed by a son, Earl, 14 months later. Life was hard and money was tight. They’d inherited their little 36 acres back in the hollow and it was all they had. An old two bedroom trailer that thankfully had running water was home to the five of them. Emmitt and Betty had the biggest bedroom, Maggie and Molly shared the second, and Earl slept on the couch. A big garden, the barn, a few cows, two ponies and an assortment of chicken and ducks kept Emmitt busy. They basically lived off the land, except for the small paycheck Betty earned at the tire factory.

He heard the shower cut off and his mind snapped back to Maggie. She was turning into a pretty young thing. In the last year, she’d grown 5-6” in height to 5’5”. She had long strong legs and had developed quite a cute little ass. She needed a bra for her growing breasts but Emmitt raised hell when the topic of spending money came up. “Them goddamn little titties don’t need no bra and you ain’t spending our money on crap like that”, he’d yelled at Betty. Betty knew better than to argue or risk getting beaten. She bought tampons without his knowledge when her first period came.

Sliding his chair back, Emmitt stood. Wearing only his thin, ratty boxers, his half-stiff cock was quite visible. He knew he could time it perfectly to barge into the bathroom and catch Maggie naked, toweling off from her shower, to get a peek at just how well his oldest was maturing. With one swift push, Emmitt bust open the bathroom door, “Dammit, I told you to hurry up!” There stood Maggie, her naked ass towards him, bent over drying her long light brown hair. Startled, she whirled around, trying her best to cover herself. She felt her daddy’s eyes on her naked body and tried to squeeze past him to leave.

Grabbing her arm, “Not so fast missy, let’s see what kinda woman you’re turning in to”, and with that, ripped the towel off of Maggie. She stood trembling, trying to cover her breasts and pussy. She knew her daddy had a hot temper and would slap her silly in a second if she disobeyed.

“Stand up there girl, move them arms to your side so your daddy can have a look at his little girl”, as he sat down on the toilet seat for a better view.

Maggie slowly lowered her hands revealing her naked body. Ever since she started her period, her breasts were growing bigger every day and were already developing nicely. She had no idea of their size because she’d never been fitted for a bra. Emmitt smiled staring at her tits and his gaze lowered to her waist. “Damn them titties are coming along nice and that belly is hard as a rock”, Emmitt thought to himself. A sly smile came over his face as his eyes hit the top of her fine, light brown, pubic hair. It was barely thick enough to cover the top of her slit, and he could feel his cock hardening as he eyed her pussy. “You gonna be a fine looking girl, Maggie, now get yo ass ready for school”, Emmitt laughed, slapping her ass as she ran out of the room. Emmitt closed the door, turned on the shower and jerked off thinking about his daughter as he’d done almost every day for the last two weeks.

Maggie dressed quickly, then yelled for Molly and Earl, “Come on, we gotta go or we’re gonna miss the bus.” All three trotted down the steps of the trailer and headed down the dirt road. They had a mile walk to the bus stop just down from ol’ lady Woodson’s. Only two more days and school would be out for the summer.

Saturday rolled around and Betty was making a list for her weekly trip to the grocery store in Hazard. Most everything they ate came from the farm and Emmitt’s big garden but there were some things they just needed to buy. He worked the garden tirelessly.

“Take Molly and Earl with you. They can help tote groceries and sacks of feed from the mill. I’ll get Maggie to stay here and help me in the garden.” Ten minutes later, Betty, with Molly and Earl in tow, got the old Impala to start and headed out of the hollow.

“Get your old work clothes on Maggie, we got work to do.”

Maggie dug through the pile of clothes in the corner of the tiny bedroom she shared with Molly and found the old cutoff jean shorts of her momma’s that she wore for working on the farm. They were 2-3 sizes too big and she held them up with a piece of baler-twine. She only had three pairs of panties so the shorts were all she wore below the waist. Next, she grabbed her dad’s ol wife-beater sleeveless t-shirt. It too was way too big so she tied it together at the bottom to keep it snug. It was almost sheer and with a little sweat, completely see-thru. She knew why her daddy made her dress this way, and she was getting big enough to play along. She knew he would never do anything to hurt her.

They worked in the garden for an hour or so before Emmitt declared, “Damn, it’s hot. Let’s go get some water.” There was a hose in the barn on the upper side of the garden. Emmitt lifted up the spigot handle and water shot out of the hose. He gulped the water down, and then leaned over, running it over his head, then handed the hose to Maggie. She sipped at the stream of water, and then sprayed off her dirt-covered legs. She then stood and let the water run over her face and down her chest. Her t-shirt was soaked and Emmitt’s eyes were locked on as her dark nipples stiffened against the thin shirt. He watched the water run down her belly and into her jean shorts, then run down her legs. He could feel his manhood stiffening.

Flopping down on the closest hay-bale, “we’re gonna have a long summer if it’s this hot at the end of May, daddy”, Maggie groaned as she lay back on the bale, legs hanging over the end. She could feel her nipples pointing skyward as a breeze blew through the barn. Emmitt’s cock continued to stiffen as he admired his oldest daughter, lying flat on the hay-bale, her perky firm titties almost completely visible through her shirt. Trying to cool herself, she fanned her legs back and forth. As she did this, her light brown bush was visible to her daddy, and he was about to explode. He couldn’t take it any longer.

Emmitt stood and walked over to Maggie. Her eyes were still closed and legs still fanned apart as he leaned down and put his hand over her mouth. Maggie jumped and her eyes flew open. “Now be quiet, I ain’t gonna hurt ya, but there’s a few things a young girl needs to know. Now what happens here today in this barn, don’t go no further.” Tightening his grip over her mouth, “ if’n you tell anybody about this, you’re gonna be in big trouble little lady. You got me?” Maggie nodded her head and Emmitt slowly released his grip. “Now sit up!”

Maggie spun around and sat on the hay-bale as Emmitt stood, unleashing his bib overalls at the shoulders. They dropped to his ankles, exposing his rock-hard 8” cock, a foot from Maggie’s face. He leaned forward and grabbed her wet t-shirt, pulling it off over her head. His cock throbbed as he rubbed her hard nipples. He grabbed Maggie’s head gently with his left hand and holding his cock in front of her face, “Now I want you to suck this.”

Horrified, Maggie leaned towards his cock, something she’d only seen when her lil’ brother was a baby. She slowly put it to her parting lips and touched the end with her tongue. She was amazed at how soft and smooth if felt and opened her mouth wider to take it inside. Emmitt moaned as her tongue worked around the head. He could feel the pre-cum easing out.

“What’s this daddy? It tastes funny.”

“Just consider it lube, and there’s a lot more to come. Now get to sucking”.

Maggie’s head bobbed back and forth as she took her daddy’s cock deeper into her mouth. The texture was something she’d never felt and she was enjoying the salty, sweaty taste. She sucked deeper and harder, never sucking very fast. As she fell into the trance of this newfound oral pleasure, she could feel her loins starting to moisten. She wasn’t sure what was going on but it felt good. Emmitt massaged her titties as she continued to swallow his cock. With the pressure building in his balls, he pulled her head back as his cock popped out of her mouth, “Stand up”. Maggie stood and Emmitt could feel her nipples rub against his belly. Her head barely came up to his chin. He reached and pulled the bailer-twine belt loose from her jean shorts and they immediately dropped to the dirt floor of the barn.

Stepping back a step, Emmitt admired his daughter’s naked, budding body, and his cock yearned to be inside her. Easing her aside he laid back on the hay-bale and guided her over him. She had one foot on the ground and the other on the edge of the hay-bale as he guided her young pussy down towards his cock. She jumped as if shocked when she felt his cockhead rub against her virgin pussy lips. He moved it back and forth until her lips parted, exposing the entrance to her hot, wet cunt.

“Now I don’t want to hurt you so I’m gonna go easy, OK?” Maggie nodded nervously.

With the head just at the entrance of her tingling, wet vagina, Emmitt slowly eased her down. One inch, two inch, then almost all the way back out. Easing her down again, he pushed deeper into her trembling love hole. Maggie’s gasp turned to a moan of pleasure. His hands on her hips, he moved Maggie up and down, each stroke going deeper and deeper. She was so tight and wet he was about to explode, but he knew he had to keep it together, until finally he was buried into her cunt. He noticed her virgin blood trickle down his cock as she rose up. Maggie was losing control. She planted both feet on the ground, forcing his cock deeper. She bounced up and down, fingernails clawing at his chest. Emmitt grabbed her tits, massaging them and pinching her nipples. Maggie’s moans suddenly turned to screams. Emmitt gripped her mouth to stifle her screams and she continued to writhe in pleasure. He could feel her pussy tighten on his cock and he knew she was ready to experience her first orgasm. The thought of that was all it took and he exploded into her cunt. Maggie dropped onto his exploding cock, raising both feet off the ground to force his cock deeper. Her whole body quaked and jerked in orgasmic ecstasy, as she bit at her daddy’s hand trying to scream out.

Emmitt was shocked by the animalistic pleasure his young daughter displayed. He eased his hand from her mouth and she collapsed on his chest, hugging him tight.


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