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Putting a Mouth to Work by DirtyLittleDeeds


Hey all,

This really is my first time writing and posting. Any advice, feedback, suggestions, sexy smoke signals, or other messages, are totally welcome!She wore a loose white camisole, and a soft pink skirt. Standing in the mirror she preened herself, fluffing her long blonde hair and twirling her skirt about. Her long bare legs were exposed, only covered from the upper thigh, while her top was a flattering cut for her small perky breasts. Pushing up her hair behind her ears, her blue eyes wandered over her body as she mulled over her dress choice. Was it too slutty? Or just right?

This was a first date after all. She didn’t want to ruin expectations, or to be too ‘easy’, either. He was an older man, old enough to be her father, really. What do men like that want? She picked nerviusly over for small, delicate frame. She was only just 21, and he 47.

But, after an hour of more deliberating, she huffed to herself and walked out the door. Clutching her purse as she stepped out into the cool night. Her perfectly manicured hands instantly waving down a well timed taxi.

‘So much for being early’ she muttered to herself as she shut the taxi door. Another hour onto her trip due to traffic, she’d left her date waiting. But, he was sweet, and let her compromise. He ate dinner out by himself, instead she’d meet him at home. Her guilt made her ignore all the warning flags of meeting someone for the first time at their home. In her innocence, she didn’t really think what this could lead to, or set her up for.

She wandered up to the front door, a pang of nervousness catching into her chest as she approached. The door swung open before she even knocked. He was like his picture really, if not better in some strange way. Tall and handsome, dark wavy hair, lean but muscular, a grey specklered, short cut beard across his face. His casual button down shirt tight against his arms, as he smiled down at her, his face crinkling up with thr laugh lines of age.

‘Well don’t you look like a little lost soul.. it’s nice of you to arrive’ he teased to her, holding open the door.

‘Oh!’ She blushed, ‘I’m so sorry, that car accident on the highway..’ She was already nervous and mumbling. But his charm put her at ease quickly, as he walked her into the house responding lightheartedly to her apologies.

The night ran on into late as they explored each other’s world’s over wine and nibbles. He told jokes, she laughed, he flattered her, she blushed. Forms first date, things were sailing smoothly. She wasn’t expecting it to go so well, after all, he was so much older. Did they reslly have so much in common?

A few bottles down, her nerves were now gone. She giggled along to his jokes, rested her toned porcelain legs against his at the table, and twirled her hair as he told his stories. She lingered on eye contact, but also found her eyes wandering over his muscular body. She was charmed, and he of course, knew it.

Eventually they found each other sitting side by side on the sofa, TV running duly in the background. Her toned legs lay across his lap, with her skirt hitched slightly too high to be modest. His rough hands running up and down her thighs as they stayed engrossed in eachother’s words. His seemingly innocent touch brought shivers of excitement through her.

‘Hum… It is late. I should go home, I

think’ she said between a lull of the conversation. She didn’t really want to leave, if she was being honest. The feeling of his big hands running up her thighs, edging slightly higher and higher, had actually left her wanting more. Not that she wanted to admit it, it was, only a first date. She shifted in her seat slightly, noticing he hadn’t moved his hands from her at all.

‘Or you could sit here’ he said, smirking slightly, as he widened his seat, making it obvious what he wanted. His brown eyes glinted at hers playfully. She paused, nerves suddenly taking her over. It was only the first date, she couldn’t be so forward… But, she stared over to him, biting her soft pink lips. Her feeling of nerves turn quickly to lust as her eyes roamed over him. She’d never been with an older man.

‘C’mon, I can see what you want’ He chuckled again, running his hands higher as he slipped under her skirt.

‘Oh hum…’ She murmured, feeling his rough fingers graze against her mound. Realising now her panties were slightly damp from his previous, subtle attentions. He watched her blush, and took that as confirmation, moving his hands over and grasping her waist tightly.

‘Well, if you insist’ She giggled, leaning over to him as he pulled her closer. She lifted herself up and onto his lap. As she straddled him, her hair to pool down over his neck and shoulders. Her thighs tightly squeezing his hips as she pushed into his lap. His hands roamed up her legs again as she settled into him, pushing her soft pink skirt up high, exposing her white lace.

To her surprise, she could already feel his growing bulge as she leant into him.

A large one, at that. He watched, still with a smirk, as she blushed and bit her lip.

‘Like what you feel huh?’ He asked, running his hands from her thighs to her waist. She looked up to him, only responding with her pink lips grazing against his. Her hands wound their way across his arms and chest as she kissed him deeply, feeling the gritsle of his beard against her face.

She felt his hands begin to wander further, growing from cautious to greedy. Tracing up her thighs to her plump little ass, now exposed with her skirt pushed away. He squeezed her ass between his hands as she kissed him deeply, enjoying it’s tightness.

Then, she moved her lips away from his and smirked back at him, her nerves apparently gone. She kept watching him as she began to run her hands down his chest to his crotch. Seeing the lust and want cross his face as she began to rub against his cock, still trapped in his jeans. She giggled as she heard a moan escape his lips, and felt his hands grip her ass more tightly, pulling her deeper.

Leaning back in, her hot breath flicked across his lips to his neck. She could hear his breath quickening with excitement as she moved across his face. She began to kiss him softly, sucking and nibbling her way along his neck, down to his collar bone. Her hands lead the way, working quickly to undo the buttons of his shirt. Her touch lingering on his tough skin, as she was dragging them down his chest and stomach.

Her lips followed. Kissing slowly down his length, occasionally pausing to glance up at him. She didn’t need approval… But she wanted to see him. His mouth parted slightly to an ‘Oh’, eyes half closed, enjoying her touch.

Her hands found their way to his jeans again, running them over the bulge pressing hard against him. She gazed up at him, ‘Oh.. someone wants something hm?’ She teased giggling.

‘You know what I want’. He grunted back, now not completely enjoying her teasing. She was getting.. cocky. He wasnt sure how much longer he’d let her have her fun. His eyes gazed over her cleverage as she haunched in his lap. Her thin slip of a shirt had slid down to reveal her small perky breasts, glimpsing her pink nipples.

‘Oh… Do I know? What if I don’t do it?’ She teased back. She rubbed her delicate hands against his hard cock again, while her hips gently rocked in his lap. Her smirking face still looking at him as she pushed his patience. She knew she was treading on a fine line.. but she was enjoying it.

‘Then I’ll make you’ He growled, shifting forward in his seat. He let go of her plump ass and gripped her shoulders firmly, pushing her back slightly. Spreading his legs at the same time, he tipped her off his lap and onto the floor with a slight thud.

She didn’t have any time to recover before he was moving again. His strong hands moved from her shoulders to her throat, squeezing lightly. He watched the smirk vanish off her face, and fear replace it. Nothing but a small surprised squeek left her lips as he pressed her throat, her hands instinctively rising to meet his. He quickly released her, now he the one smirking down, her cockiness suddenly gone.

‘You do as your told.’ He said more softly now, as he ran his large hand up her neck to cup her face. She only glanced to meet his gaze for a moment, and nodded. Maybe she had pushed too far? She was now aware of his strength and what he could do, her throat still stinging slightly from his grip. She was obedient.

‘Yes what?’ He asked sternly, still staring down at her small frame between his knees. She looked up at him again, her big blue eyes shimmering with a mixture of fear and excitement. Her blonde hair a fallen mess along her shoulders. The soft slip of a shirt she more askew, exposing her breasts even more .

‘Yes… Sir’. She peeped, meeting his hard gaze. His hands slid from her face to the back of her head, running his fingers through her long hair. He gripped her bundled hair tightly at the base of her neck, making sure she could feel his strength, but not enough to hurt.

‘Now, do as you’re told’ He demanded. ‘Put that sweet little mouth of yours to work’. Quickly, her hands reached forward, running up his legs to his waistband. He watched her face intently as she began unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper, seeing her blue eyes wide with nerves.

Her small hands dragged his zipper down, letting his hard cock spring out, tenting against his loose underwear. He watched her bite her lip, and glance up at him, searching for encouragement.. or reinforcement.

‘You know what to do. Now do it.’ He said, pushing her head forward towards his crotch with his hand.

‘Oh!’ She squeeked. ‘Y-yes Sir!’

Her hands tugged his jeans down further, then slowly ran back up along his thighs to his crotch. Running softly along his hard cock, still pressing against his briefs. His cock twitiched with excitement at her touch. Her fingers reached the waistband, and she pulled them down. His hard, throbbing length sprung free.

‘Oh!’ She gasped quietly. ‘Oh god’. Her eyes widened as she stared at his thick, hard cock, already wet with precum.

‘Is there a problem?’ He smirked down at her, seeing her awe at his size.

‘N-no Sir. You’re just… just bigger than I thought.’

‘I’ve been patient enough. Either put my cock in your mouth, or I’ll make you sorry’. He reminded her of his strength with a tug on her hair.

She nodded, and licked her lips as she leant forward. He could see her uneasiness, he wouldnt be surprised if she’d never been with a man so large. She slid her hand up his crotch to the base of his shaft. Her small hand gripped around his thick girth, though she wasnt able to hold his full width in one hand, he still groaned out at her touch.

Impatient, he began pressing his hand into the back of her head, guiding her head forward to his large shaft. She didn’t resist, opening her mouth obediently. Her lips were wet with saliva, he could feel her hot breath on his tip, as she inched closer. She licked his glistening head, tasting the salty precum, hearing him moan out. Her tongue pressed flat along his tip, as she slid it down his length to his base, then back up. Her hand followed, tightly grasping his thickness as best she could.

‘Good girl..’ He crooned, moaning unit the words as she began to work his thick cock.

Her tongue flicked along his length as she lapped up and down. His hard cock was wet and sloppy with her saliva in moments. Pulling away from him, she licked her lips again, cleaning herself off of precum. But, she leant back in again quickly, as she felt his hands press her head down. Parting her mouth she pressed his pink tip against her soft lips, her tongue lapping up his precum eagerly. He moaned out as he felt her tongue darting across his head, tracing his sensitive underside around in circles.

Her hand gripping tightly, she pushed his head through her lips and into her hot little mouth, making him groan out more. She then sucked on his tip, pressing it in and out of her mouth, again and again. Her tongue flicked along his sensitive head as she bobbed on his cock. Her hands continued to grip his throbbing length and rub up and down as she sucked.

‘Take all of it’ He grunted out between moans. His hands still pushing slightly against her head with each movement.

She obeyed. Pushing his cock into her mouth inch by inch. Her mouth wide open, drooling as she tried to fit his length and girth. Her tongue slid along his cock as it pushed into her mouth. Not stopping until she felt him hit the back of her throat, making her gag slightly.

‘Mmm.. good girl’ He moaned. Feeling her hot little mouth take him deeper and deeper.

She began bobbing up and down his length, her tongue flicking along as she went. Her soft lips stayed pressed firmly against his girth, as she sucked and slurped on his cock, straining against his size. While her hands gripped tightly along his thick shaft, rubbing and twisting up and down as she bobbed. Spreading her saliva along his length, making him sloppy and wet.

‘Oh fuck!’ He moaned as she sucked along his length. He listened to her muffled moans as she struggled to take his length and girth. The slick sound of her spit as she lapped up all his cock. Her tongue continued to twirl along his shaft as she shoved him to the back of her throat again and again.

‘Fuck.. you’re a good little cockslut’ He moaned. Greedy for more he pressed his hands into the back of her head, fingers wrapped in her hair. He could hear her protest, soft muffled gasps as she shoved her down. Her groans as she took his cock deeper, his throbbing length straining against her mouth.

‘Fucking take it like a good little slut’. He grunted out. Now gripping her hair tightly as he forced her head up and down his length further. He pressed her face down into his cock, feeling her squirm and gag against him. Her hands now desperately clinging onto his waist and thighs, trying to keep control.

‘Muhh uh uh’. She groaned out, her mouth full of him. He shoved her face down still, hitting the back of her throat, feeling her squirm. He kept pushing as his cock was pressed tightly into her, making her gag beneath him. He held her there for a moment, before dragging her back up. Gasping her air and coughing, he watched the drool run from her mouth as he pulled her away, only to return her back to his throbbing cock.

Again he pushed her down, shoving her face into him, forcing her to take his length. He moaned as she gagged, feeling her tight little throat spasm against his cock. Drool running down his length as her muffled squeels lingered. Her hands frantic and desperate for control.

‘Oh fuck you’re a good little cockwhore!’ He moaned again. His breathing deepening as he fucked her face. Feeling her hands scramble across his thighs and waist, still searching for relief. He kept fucking her throat, shoving his full length down until she gagged. Forcing her throat to stay impaled on his cock until she ran out of air. To pull her up, coughing and drooling, tears running down her face. His hard cock sloppy and wet with her spit, to just shove her back down again. He loved the feel of her throat twitching and tightening against his cock as he fucked her face.

He fucked her throat over and over. His hands shoving her face down, holding her until she struggled for breath. Dragging her back up for air, only to push her down again. His cock began twitching and aching with each pass through her tight, hot little mouth. Her gags and muffled moans only making him edge closer and closer.

He thrusted her face harder and faster as he grew more desperate. Bringing his hips up to meet her mouth as his throbbing member twitched inside her throat. Not stopping until his balls rested on her chin, and her throat clamped tight around his tip. Hearing her slurp and gag again and again. He could feel his orgasm quickly approaching.

‘You’re such a dirty little cum slut huh? I bet you love this.’ He grunted, pumping up and down into her face. Feeling his balls twitch and spasm as he pushed her face down again. Her gaging spasms driving him over the edge as her tight throat squeezed him.

The room was filled with the soubds of her wet gagging, his cock dripping in spit, her face wet with tears.

He moaned out loudly again as he thrusted himself deep into her, feeling his climax come over him. He felt his balls aching as his cock twitched and spasened in her mouth, shooting his cum down her throat.

‘Oh fuck!’ He moaned out. He held her head against his cock tightly as she gagged and squirmed against him. His hot cum painting the back of her throat as it spurted from his spasming cock. He pulled her head away as he was still cumming, watching the spit and cum run from her mouth as he pulled out. Her blue eyes wide and desperate, staring up at him, begging for him to stop.

‘Uhg fuck!’ He moaned again, pumping the last of his cum over her lips and face as he pulled her off him. His hand now milking the last of his cum onto her cute little face. He stared down at her sitting haunched between his knees. Her mouth still slightly open, slack jaw with a mixture and drool and cum dripping from her lips. Her cheeks wet with tears and cum as she panted for breath recovering from his brutal face fucking.

‘Now that’s a good girl’ He groaned, letting go of her hair to run his hand down her face gently. ‘But you still need to clean up’ He added.

Getting out of her daze, she slowly licked her lips free of cum. Tasting his thick salty musk that invaded her senses. She parted her mouth once more and softly press against his swollen red cock. Gently she began sucking up and down his length, tongue greedily lapping up his cum like she’s been told to.

‘Mm.. good.’ He moaned, watching her bob up and down, cleaning him off. ‘You did good today’ he added, as she finally pulled away from his now softening cock.

‘Was I good enough Sir?’ She peeped innocently, staring up at him. Her face still hot and flushed, cum splattered against her cheeks.

‘Oh yes, you did well my sweet. I’ll have lots of fun training you Lucy’ He chuckled.


I love to write erotica stories and other fun stories. You can read all of my stories right here on our page please leave us a comment on how you like our stories. I also custom design all of my book covers and logos to if you need a custom book cover let me know and I will create you one for a fee. We are going to have lots of stories coming it takes time to write so you will just have to check back with us to see what's new ok enjoy.

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  1. Incredible story. Thank you for sharing this.


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