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Being Safe by starrynight


Cassy is a young innocent little girl that never cared about anything sexual before. When her friends start teasing her about it, this quickly starts to change.Being Safe

An original story by Starrynight


The moment the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, the girls hurriedly left the classroom, giggling amongst themselves. The four girls had been best friends for a while and as they made their way through the school, many eyes lingered on them.

First, was Amber. She was a short skinny redhead with full red lips and green eyes. She had a slim waist, a small firm ass and a pair of perky C cups that looked amazing on her slim frame.

Walking beside her was Stephanie. She was a tall brunette with very long shiny hair and long toned legs that would constantly draw attention. She would often frolick around in short skirts, had a tight little ass from years of dancing and a pair of B cups which were on the large side.

Behind her giggling sweetly was Daphne. She was a slightly chubby blonde with piercing blue eyes and an enormous DD rack. She was average height and had a plump butt that jiggled provocatively as she walked. Last of all there was Cassy. Cassy was a sweet and innocent girl. She had an adorable face with big hazel eyes that made her look younger than her eighteen years. She had dark brown shoulder length hair and was shorter than average with a very slim figure. Her breasts were cute little A cups, and her tushy was tiny and tight.

“That class is so embarrassing” Amber said in a teenagerous tone as they made their way out of school.

“Yeah, totally” said Stephanie “and of all the teachers Mrs. Beckstine is teaching it. I mean, when was the last time she got laid” she said, and all the girls laughed.

Their school decided this year to add another lesson to the Seniors’ curriculum. They called it “being safe”, and it was basically sex ed for young adults. The school assumed that most of the students at that age either had sex or had a very good understanding of what sex is, so they decided to focus on practicing safe sex.

The four girls continued chatting as they made their way to the front gate and towards the parking lot. They continued talking about the class and comparing what the teacher said to their own personal sexual experiences.

“…I mean come on, we all know what a cock looks like” said Daphne with a grin. She laughed but stopped suddenly when she noticed her friends were not laughing. “Shit, sorry Cass” she said and looked at her friend apologetically. They all knew she was still a virgin, mostly because she showed no real interest in boys. Or girls for that matter.

“What, I know what a…cock looks like” Cassy said nervously and blushed.

“Sure you do…” Stephanie said mocking. “Have you ever seen one in real life?” she asked teasing.

“I have” Cassy said confidently. She was lying.

“So, what did it look like?” Stephanie asked with an annoying smirk.

Cassy was frantically trying to come up with an answer, when all of a sudden two loud honks made them jump and look around. The man behind the wheel of the black sports car was waving to Cassy and signaling her to quickly join him.

“Sorry girls, I gotta go” Cassy said relieved and turned to go.

“I wouldn’t mind knowing what his cock looks like” Stephanie said devilishly and the other girls laughed.

“Yeah Cass, your stepdad is so hot” Amber said but Cassy didn’t pay them any attention. She just said goodbye and quickly got in the car with her stepdad.

“Hey dad” Cassy said as she entered the car. Scott married her mother when Cassy was only eight, and even though she was still in touch with her father, she quickly started referring to him as dad.

“Hi Kido, what were you all giggling about?” he asked her as he started driving home.

“Oh, just school stuff” Cassy said and without meaning to, thought about what the girls said about her stepdad’s penis. “How was work?” Cassy asked him.

“Same old” Scott said with a sigh and turned up the AC. He was a detective in the local police department and had just finished his shift. When they arrived home, Cassy’s mom was already there. Cassy said hello and went up to her room while her stepdad and mom started preparing dinner together.

For the rest of the day, Cassy kept thinking about what her friends said. It was true, she had never seen a penis in real life and the thought never bothered her before. She always told herself there would be time for boys later on, and that now she should focus on school. She didn’t know why Stephanie’s comment suddenly bothered her.

After dinner, they sat in the living room and watched a little TV. After a while, Cassy went up to her room to finish her homework and get ready for bed. She took a shower, put on her sleeping attire, which consisted of one of her father’s old shirts, reaching down mid-thigh, and a pair of plain yellow panties. She climbed down the stairs for a drink of water before going to the living room.

“Dad, would you come tuck me in?” Cassy asked her stepfather as he sat by her mother watching TV.

“Sure sweetie, go ahead. I’ll be right up” he said while looking at her.

“Don’t you think she’s too old for that?” Scott’s wife said as her husband rose to tuck Cassy into bed.

“I think it’s nice she still wants me to do it” Scott said with a smile. “And it’s perfectly harmless” he added. His wife shrugged and faced the TV while Scott made his way to Cassy’s room. When he entered her room, she was already under the light covers. She watched him with a smile as he entered.

“Daddy, can I ask you something?” Cassy asked her father nervously.

“Sure sweetie” he said and took a seat at the edge of her bed.

“Never mind” Cassy said blushing and looked away.

“You sure?” Scott said, noting his daughter’s embarrassed demeanor.

“Yeah, it’s stupid” she said still blushing.

“You know you can ask me anything, right sweetheart?” he said with a smile and saw the uncertainty on her face.

“Do you really mean it?” Cassy asked her stepfather cautiously.

“Yes, of course” Scott said intrigued.

“If I ask you, do you promise you won’t get mad?” Cassy asked.

“Get mad, why would I get mad?” Scott said confused.

“I don’t know” Cassy said innocently “but do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise” he said.

“And do you promise you won’t tell mom I asked you?” Cassy asked blushing.

“Why would you not want me to tell your mom. Did you do something bad?” he asked, knowing it was not like her.

“No” Cassy said quietly.

“Then why wouldn’t you want your mother to know?” Scott asked.

“I just don’t. So, do you promise?” she asked once again.

“Yes, I promise” Scott said exhausted by his teenage stepdaughter.

“Okay fine” Cassy said and nervously and took a deep breath. “Dad would you…” she stuttered while looking straight at her father “would you…maybe…show me…your, your…penis?” she finally asked and turned even more red.

“My what?” Scott said nearly chocking on his words. “My penis?” he asked in a hushed tone and his daughter nodded. “Why would you ask me to see it?” he asked his daughter shocked. Cassy took a deep breath and nervously told her stepfather about sex ed class and how her friends teased her about the fact she never saw a penis before.

“I just want to know what it looks like” she said innocently and looked straight into her father’s eyes. Cassy knew her stepfather was a good-looking man. With his black crew cut hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, and fit body. Women would often look at him desirably, as did Cassy’s friends.

Scott thought about his daughter’s request for a few seconds before getting to his feet and looking down at her. He was glad to know that not only was his little angle a virgin, but she had no sexual experience at all. “I’m not sure I should do this, but okay” Scott said nervously after thinking it over briefly. His daughter’s reasons for seeing his penis seemed to be relatively innocent, and he knew that it wouldn’t be hard for her to get one of her fellow teenage classmates to show her their package if she tried. He decided that he would rather give her a quick peek at his junk than having her go to someone else. “Just a quick look” he added and started unbuckling his jeans.

“Oh, thank you daddy” Cassy said happily and sat up on her bed looking at her father as he opened his belt. She was feeling butterflies in her stomach but was not sure exactly why.

“You can’t tell anyone about this” Scott said as he finished unclasping his belt and worked on unzipping his jeans. “Especially not your mother” he said whispering. He pulled his jeans down to his knees, then looked over at his daughter and grabbed the waistband of his loose black boxers. He gave his daughter another looks, took a deep breath and pulled his boxers down to his knees.

Cassy gasped as she saw her father’s penis. It was soft yet long as it hung low, reaching down past a quarter of the way down his thigh. She noted the mushroom head, thin shaft and hair covered testicles. She looked at his package for a few seconds and felt an unfamiliar tingling sensation between her legs as she did.

“Was that okay?” Scott asked his daughter after maybe fifteen seconds of her looking at his penis. He pulled his boxers and pants up and buckled his belt.

“Yes, thank you daddy. You’re the best” she said and got on her knees to give him a hug.

“Okay, okay” Scott said returning his daughter’s hug “just remember not to tell anyone about this” he said as he broke his embrace. “Good night” he said casually as he turned off the light and walked out like nothing happened.

“Good night daddy” Cassy said as she rested her head on the pillow. Even after she closed her eyes, she could not get the image of her father’s penis out of her head. The first penis she ever saw.

The next day at school, Cassy was hoping her friends would continue where they left off the previous day and ask her what a cock looks like. She already pictured the look on their faces as she described in details her father’s manhood. To Cassy’s disappointment, with no Sex ed class that day, the girls seemed to forget about it.

As Cassy waited for her friends to bring up the subject again, she could not help thinking about her stepfather’s cock. She thought about its shape and size, the tingling sensation between her legs as she saw it, and every time she thought about it, she would feel the butterflies fluttering in her stomach once more.

When her father got home that day, Cassy caught herself looking at his crotch. Realizing what she was doing, she instantly looked away blushing. She hoped her dad did not notice. Later that night, like most nights, her father came to tuck her in.

“Dad,” Cassy said when her father walked into her bedroom “would you maybe show me your…penis, again?” she asked nervously. She just had to have another look.

“I’m sorry sweetie but I already showed it to you even though I’m not sure I should have. Once is more than enough” he said looking embarrassed.

“Just one more quick look daddy. Please. I promise I won’t tell anyone” Cassy said and gave her father her best puppy dog face.

“Okay fine, but this is it” Scott said reluctantly as a smile formed on his daughter’s face. She nodded at him and sat up watching as he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. It was a warm day, and his limp penis was semi erect. It looked bigger than it had the night before, and Scott let his daughter ogle it for a few seconds before pulling his pants up. “Good night Cassy” Scott said nonchalantly and walked out of his daughter’s room.

As he walked downstairs to join his wife, Scott found himself slightly aroused by what he was doing. He knew showing his penis to his stepdaughter was inappropriate, and he never looked at her as anything other than his little girl, but the way her young innocent eyes studied his cock was getting to him. Scott took a seat on the sofa next to his wife and shook his head, shaking the nasty thoughts out of his mind.

The following day at school, Cassy and her friends had another “being safe” class.

“Oh yeah, I forget. Cassy was about to tell us what the cock she saw looked like last time” Stephanie said after class, remembering their conversation from a couple days ago.

“Yeah, I was” Cassy said and gulped as her friends watched her. She was already prepared and knew exactly what to say as she described her father’s penis in detail.

“Oh my god,” Amber said with a giggle “did you get it nice and hard?” Amber asked sensually after Cassy described the cock she saw, obviously not stating who it belonged to.

“Hard?” Cassy asked not understanding at first and noting her friends looking at her surprised. “Oh yeah, I got it real hard” she quickly said, finally understanding what they meant.

“Was it big?” Daphne asked. All three girls were starting to get aroused.

“Oh yeah, it was really big” Cassy said, and her friends giggled amused.

“I guess little Cassy isn’t as innocent as we thought after all” Stephanie said and gave her an impressed look. Cassy was glad her friends didn’t notice she was laying about getting it hard and blushed at her friend’s words.

That night, when Cassy went to bed, her father was at work. He was also at work the following day. He was stuck with two consecutive night shifts because one of the detectives was out sick.

“Dad, are you coming to tuck me in?” Cassy asked her father after he finally had a night at home. Her father rose to his feet, gave her a warm smile and followed her up. Cassy was wearing her usual sleeping clothes, and as her father followed her up the stairs, he couldn’t help but look at her tight young tushy. Clad in a pair of pink cotton panties.

Cassy climbed into bed with her father watching her and turned around to look at him. “Dad, how big is your penis?” she blurted out before she would change her mind.

“What, why are you asking?” Scott asked nervously.

“Just curious” Cassy stated sweetly.

“Um, around six inches” Scott said turning red.

“Is that big?” Cassy asked curiously.

“It’s about average I guess” Scott said blushing even more.

“Do you think I could see it…hard?” Cassy asked her father, almost whispering the last word. Her father looked at her shocked. He knew it was extremely inappropriate, but for some perverse reason, the thought of exposing his hard cock to his young daughter was very appealing to him. He looked down at her for a few seconds, then, without saying a word, started pulling his pants down.

The tingling sensation between Cassy’s legs was back as she watched her father remove his pants and underwear. After he pulled down his boxers, exposing his semi erect dick, Cassy watched amazed as her father closed his hand around it and started stroking.

Cassy looked mesmerized at her father as he ran his hand along his shaft with his eyes closed. He was breathing heavily as he stroked his member, then opened his eyes and released his penis.

“Oh wow!” Cassy let out in lustful awe as her father’s shaft hardened before her very eyes. She watched as blood rushed down to his manhood until, within seconds, it was completely hard, standing tall at six inches and pointing proudly forward. “Can I touch it?” she asked her father cautiously as she looked at his cock. It was thin and veiny, the base covered with trimmed black pubic hair. To Cassy’s unexperienced eyes it looked huge, and she found it so tempting she couldn’t look away.

“Yes, alright” Scott told his daughter. His aroused condition was preventing him from thinking clearly. He looked down at his daughter as she shifted on the bed and reached out. She held her index finger out and touched the tip of the hard shaft.

“It’s so soft and warm” Cassy said as she started running her fingers all over her stepfather’s dick. The tingling sensation between her legs was getting much stronger as she did this, and her nipples turned hard, poking through the thin shirt she was wearing.

Scott let out a quiet moan as his daughter closed her hand around his hard shaft and held it loosely. She stroked it gently, just like she saw him doing to get it hard and caused him to let out a few more moans of pleasure.

“Does it feel good daddy?” Cassy asked her father naughtily.

“Yes,” Scott admitted with a gasp as his daughter tightened her grip on his shaft “but I think you should stop now” he managed to say.

“Yeah, okay” Cassy said slightly disappointed and let go of her father’s penis. She enjoyed the feel of his cock in her hand, the tingling sensation between her legs only growing stronger as she stroked him.

“Sweetie, what we just did was very inappropriate” Scott said as he tucked his very hard cock back into his pants. “Please don’t tell anyone” he said softly and looked down at her young adorable face.

“I won’t daddy, I promise” she said and laid down on the bed.

“Good night” her father said as he covered her with the blanket.

“Good night daddy” Cassy said, her eyes moving to the prominent bulge in her father’s pants.

Scott’s cock was so hard as he left his daughter’s room it was starting to hurt. He quickly made his way to his bedroom where his wife was and started unzipping his pants on the way. He wanted nothing more than to shove his throbbing member into her warm twat but stopped just before the bedroom door. Suddenly, Scott realized what his wife would think if he burst into their bedroom with a huge erection just after tucking their little girl into bed. He cursed silently and made his way to the bathroom, where he jerked himself to release in frustration.

The following evening, Scott was out with friends until late, and to Cassy’s disappointment got home only after she was asleep. The day after though, Cassy knew her father was going to be home to tuck her in. She could not get the image of his hard penis out of her mind and hoped he would let her see it and maybe even play with it again.

It was already late when Scott got home from work. Cassy was alone in the house and getting ready for bed when she heard his car pull in. Her mother was out with friends, and Cassy just finished getting ready for bed when she heard the front door open.

“Dad, can you come tuck me in?” she yelled from upstairs and could feel her heart thumping.

“Be right there” Scott yelled back and put his things down.

“How was work?” Cassy asked as her stepfather walked into her bedroom looking tired. She was wearing a large plain white t-shirt, light blue cotton panties and was already in bed under the covers.

“Work was fine. How was school?” Scott asked his daughter as he stepped closer.

“Nothing special” Cassy said with a shrug and watched her father as he took a seat on the bed next to her. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach once more as she looked at her dad and took a deep breath while looking at him. “Dad,” she started saying nervously “would you maybe…let me…touch…your penis again?” Cassy asked her father and blushed.

“I don’t think it would be such a good idea sweetie” Scott said back nervously. Even though her soft nimble hands felt amazing on his cock, he knew they shouldn’t.

“Why not?” Cassy asked innocently. She knew exactly why not but she wanted to see it and touch it again so bad.

“Well, like I said last time, it’s not a very…appropriate thing, for you to see or touch your stepfather’s…penis” Scott said, his throat turning dry.

“What if I take off my clothes too?” Cassy asked as the thought popped into her head.

“What?” Scott asked with a trembling incredulous voice.

“Yeah,” Cassy said shyly “I mean, you showed me your…penis. How about I show you my…body?” Cassy said blushing and looked at her father for a response. She suddenly felt an unexplainable urge to expose herself to her father, just like he agreed to do for her. She looked at her father, and before he had a chance to protest, she started removing her clothes.

Scott was speechless as his teenage daughter started striping in front of him. He knew they should not be doing this, but he just could not look away. He watched Cassy as she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up. As she did, she slowly revealed her panties and pale flat tummy, then gradually pulled it over her cute little titties and up over her head. Scott looked at her small pink areolas and hard pink nipples and could feel his cock hardening in his pants. He kept watching his daughter intently as she laid down on the bed and placed her fingers in the waistband of her panties. She gave her father a shy look, then continued by raising her hips and shimmying out of her panties, exposing his young tender vulva to her stepfather. Scott gazed at his daughter’s pussy, her smooth skin a bright pink and the thin lips of her labia pressed tightly. He ran his eyes along the rest of her, noting her pubic mound covered with a small patch of dark hair.

Cassy sat back up on the bed and looked at her father as he studied her naked figure. She gave him a shy smile and let him look at her for a few seconds. “You can touch me if you want daddy” Cassy said innocently, noticing the way he was looking at her vulva. She moved closer to her father on the bed and leaned back, propping herself on her elbows and slightly spreading her legs right next to her father.

Scott looked down at his stepdaughter’s young pink pussy with awe. His dick was rock hard inside his pants, and he could not believe she just told him he could touch her naked body. He tried to hold himself back, knowing he shouldn’t, but his hands, as if they had a mind of their own, made their way to his daughter’s intimate folds.

“Ooohhh” Cassy cooed as her stepfather placed his warm palm over her vagina, cupping it. She watched him as he moved his strong palm along her pussy, feeling the rough skin of it on her own delicate skin. He brushed his fingers over her bush, slightly ruffling her pubic hair, then used his thumb to gently caress the top of her slit.

A shiver ran down Cassy’s spine as her father put his thumb to the little nub at the top of her cunny. She closed her eyes briefly and let out a little moan as her father traced his thumb down along her slit, caressing her tight lips. The tingling sensation between her legs was stronger than ever before and her body flushed with warmth as her father touched her.

“Daddy, can I see your penis now?” Cassy asked after her father pulled his finger away from her pussy for a few seconds. She was incredibly aroused and dying to play with her father’s manhood once more.

“Yeah, sure” Scott said, the arousal audible in his voice as he rose to his feet and looked down at his cute naked daughter. His cock was throbbing inside his pants and he quickly started fumbling with his belt to remove it. With his belt undone, he unzipped his navy-blue slacks, and immediately pulled them down along with his underwear, his hard cock springing out with relief.

Cassy looked at her father’s shaft wide eyed. It was already erect when he pulled his pants down, and Cassy got on her knees on the bed, her eyes glued to her dad’s cock. She looked at it for a few seconds before reaching out and grabbing it without asking her father for permission. The moan he let out as she closed her hand around his penis was all the permission she needed.

“Oh god” Scott let out in a mixture of pleasure and regretful disbelief. He closed his eyes as his daughter grasped his dick, but quickly opened them and looked down at her. She looked so cute, Scott thought, on her knees naked with his cock in her hand. Scott let out another moan and looked at Cassy tenderly stroking his cock. He watched her biting her lower lip, her young face looking intently at his prick in her hand. He watched her cute little breasts displayed proudly, her pink little nipples hard. He looked down at her smooth lithe legs, her unblemished thighs pressed together and her sexy little bush peaking above her nubile triangle.

“Dad,” Cassy said making Scott look back up at her face “can I…um…lick…your penis?” She asked shyly and blushed. She was still stroking his penis and her request nearly caused Scott to blow his load.

“Okay, if, if you want…to” Scott stuttered, not believing his little girl’s gaudy request.

Cassy smiled shyly and moved her face closer to her dad’s penis. Her friends often talked about blowing their boyfriends and sucking on their cocks, and Cassy always thought it sounded disgusting. But now, looking at her daddy’s penis in her hand, feeling the warm smooth skin, she suddenly found the thought of licking it and taking it in her mouth appealing. She slid her hand, so it was around the base of her father’s dick and stuck her tongue out. She then moved forward until the tip of her tongue was on the head of her dad’s cock.

Scott moaned as his daughter swirled her tongue around the engorged head of his dick. She moved her tongue to the base of his shaft, giving it a quick lick and then ran her tongue up along the hard shaft. Scott kept looking mesmerized as his stepdaughter then brought her lips to his penis and started kissing the head gently. She raised her eyes to his, hearing him let out another moan, then locked her eyes onto his and took the head of his cock into her mouth while starting to suck on it like a lollypop.

“Oh fuck, baby stop!” Scott let out in alarm after less than two minutes of Cassy blowing him. “I’m gonna cum” he announced and looked at his daughter who quickly pulled her mouth off. “Oh god” Scott moaned as he started cumming the moment his daughter pulled off, his first load hitting her splat on her face.

Cassy gasped in awe as her father squirted a thick load on her young innocent face. She watched him as he quickly took hold of his cock and stroked it as his body shuddered with pleasure. She watched in perverse fascination as her father’s penis pulsed in his hand, squirting several loads of his cum onto her chest and stomach as he groaned deeply. He kept jerking his cock until he milked the last of his cum out of it and only then let it go, a look of shameful guilt on his face as he looked down at his naked stepdaughter plastered in his cum.

“I’m so sorry sweetie” Scott said regretfully as he looked down at the mess he made on his stepdaughter.

“It’s okay dad” Cassy said with a shy smile.

“No, it’s not” Scott said, mad at himself “give me just a sec, I’ll get you something to clean up” Scott added and quickly left the room. He came back a few seconds later with a box of tissues and handed them to Cassy, looking at her as she wiped his sticky matter off. In the meantime, Scott put his clothes back on, and after Cassy wiped herself clean, she too put her pajamas back on. They said nothing to each other as they got dressed and all Scott said to his daughter was good night as he walked out.

The next day at school, Cassy could not stop thinking about what happened between her and her stepfather. She could still feel his fingers caressing her tender cunny, his rough thumb on her little nib and the wave of pleasure that ran through her. She wanted him to do it again, to feel his hands on her body, and then in return to take his hard penis in her mouth and make him moan in pleasure while making him ejaculate again. By the time she got home her panties were so wet, she had to change.

Scott was so ashamed of what he and his stepdaughter did, he could barely face her. Letting her see and even touch his dick was one thing, but allowing her to give him a blowjob, even though she asked to do it, was completely different. Not to mention how he came all over her like a horny inexperienced teenager. He was embarrassed just thinking about it, but that didn’t stop him from getting an erection.

That night, Cassy waited for her mother to go to bed before she asked her father to come tuck her in. She was wearing an old shirt of hers and a pair of pink panties. She could feel once again butterflies as she sat on her bed waiting for her stepfather.

Scott’s heart was pounding as he climbed the stairs to Cassy’s room. He felt so bad for what he did with her and knew he had to set things straight. He stood in front of her bedroom door and took a deep breath before stepping into her bedroom.

“Hey dad” Cassy said sweetly as her father entered her room and closed the door behind him. She could see the way he was looking at her and knew that although he was trying to fight it, he was as turned on by what happened between them as she was.

“Hi sweetie” Scott said back, his heart racing as he studied his sexy stepdaughter. He couldn’t help noticing that she wasn’t wearing the same clothes as she did the previous nights, and instead she was wearing an old shirt, a size or two too small, hugging her small breasts and revealing her cute naval and cotton panties. “Cassy, we need to talk about last night” Scott said in a serious tone as he took a sit at the edge of his daughter’s bed.

“What about it?” Cassy said in an innocent voice that turned her father on so much.

“You know what we did was very wrong” Scott said in a fatherly tone and watched Cassy as she nodded. “I don’t want to think what would happen if your mother found out about it” he said with slightly worried expression.

“I won’t tell her, I promise” Cassy said and looked so cute it was driving her dad crazy.

“Still, we can’t do anything like that ever again” Scott said and noted the disappointed look on her daughter’s face. “Honey, you’re beautiful” Scott continued “you should go out and get you a handsome young boy” he said and watched his daughter blush slightly.

“Dad?” Cassy said and looked up at her father with puppy dog eyes “could you maybe show me your penis one last time?” she asked cautiously.

“Cassy!” Scott said in a scolding voice at her request after all they just talked about.

“Please!” she pleaded “Just one last time.”

“Do you promise that after that you will never ask me again?” Scott asked.

“Will you let me touch it?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Only if your promise that it’s the last time” Scott said, hiding his disgusting arousal.

“I promise” Cassy said with a small grin. She got to her knees and slowly moved to her father.

“Okay, but not tonight” Scott said to his daughter’s disappointment “your mother is asleep and I don’t want to take any chances” he told his daughter. “Friday night she’s going to your aunt’s place and staying the night. We can do it then” he said and rose to his feet. “Until then not a word” Scott said and shifted his growing erection as his daughter nodded.

“Good night daddy” Cassy said to her father as he gave her a final look before leaving.

“Good night sweetie” Scott answered back and left, shaking his head and trying to understand how they got to where they did.

The following days were the longest in Cassy’s young life. She would constantly feel a tingling sensation between her legs and found herself often looking at the crotch of handsome guys around her. She thought about what her father said about getting a boyfriend, but despite looking at some of the hot guys in school, they all suddenly seemed to her like children next to her strong, handsome stepfather.

When Friday finally arrived, and Cassy came home from school she was ecstatic. She was so looking forward to seeing and touching her father’s penis again she could barely concentrate. She knew it will be for the last time and hoped he would touch her again and let her make him cum. She declined her friends’ invitations to hang out that night and just fantasized about seeing her daddy’s cock one last time.

At around 6 pm, her father called and let her know he would be home only around 10 pm. He asked her if she was going out, some part of him hoping she forgot about their arrangement for the night, but she assured him she would be at home waiting for him when he got back.

An hour before her dad was due back, Cassy stepped into the shower. She took a nice long shower, feeling both excited and nervous about seeing her father. After stepping out of the shower and drying herself off, Cassy admired her naked body in the mirror for a while. She decided not to put her clothes on and stay naked for her father, the thought only strengthening the tingling sensation between her legs and the butterflies in her stomach.

A few minutes before ten, Cassy heard a car pull into the driveway, and a few minutes later the front door opening. “Cassy?” her father called from downstairs after putting his things down and moving towards the stairs.

“Up here dad” she called back from her bedroom and ran a hand through her soft hair as she waited for him nervously. She listened to his heavy footsteps as he climbed up the stairs until he reached her bedroom and walked in.

“Hey Hon…” Scott started saying but his words trailed off and his eyes wend wide as he saw his stepdaughter laying naked on her single bed facing him. “Wha…what are you doing naked?” Scott managed to ask as his eyes roamed along her hot nubile body, studying her cute tits, flat stomach, smooth creamy thighs and the top of her bush peaking between her closed legs.

“Dad, you said you would show me your…penis again tonight” Cassy said nervously.

“Yes, but…” Scott started stuttering as he felt the blood already rushing down to his member.

“I thought you will get harder faster if I was like this” Cassy said in an apologetic tone, giving her father a sweet innocent look that said I was just trying to help.

“It’s okay, never mind” Scott said to his daughter nervously as he kept looking at her. His eyes glued to her small hard nipples. He watched her as she slowly rose to her knees on the bed, his eyes shooting down to the virgin pink triangle between her legs and only encouraging his growing erection.

“Can I see it now?” Cassy asked her father, waking him from the trance he was in as he looked at her mouthwatering vulva.

“Yes, but just remember, this is the last time. I don’t want to you to ever mention this after tonight” Scott said and waited for his daughter to nod her agreement before reaching for his belt. He unfastened the belt, then removed his shoes before unzipping his pants and slowly pulling them down. He decided for his last time displaying himself for his stepdaughter, he will strip completely. There was already a visible tent in his boxers as he pulled his shirt and undershirt over his head and threw them on the floor, before giving his young daughter another look and pulling his boxers all the way down, exposing his rock-hard dick to his young eager daughter.

Cassy waited for her dad to take a step forward, then reached out and grabbed his hard cock. He let out an involuntary moan as she closed her delicate fingers around his shaft and watched her as she started stroking it tenderly. Cassy could feel her father’s rod pulsing in her hands as she stroked it and it made her pussy tingle stronger than ever before. “Can I?” Cassy asked nervously, looking up at her father as she brought her mouth to the tip of his cock.

“Alright, but not for long” Scott said reluctantly and let out a moan as she took the head of his cock into her warm mouth. His daughter sucked on it briefly, then pulled it out and ran the tip of her tongue around the tip. She heard her father moan again as she did this and smiled to herself as she held his shaft in her hand and ran her tongue along its entire length. She did this a few times, then took it back into her mouth and sucked on it to her father’s groans.

“Dad, would you touch me again?” Cassy asked her father after pulling her mouth off his hard dick.

“Okay sweetie” Scott said with another moan and looked down at her pink pussy. After she treated his cock so well, he could not deny her request. He watched Cassy as she gave his cock a final lick, then let go of it and sat down on the bed.

Scott sat down next to Cassy and looked at her gorgeous naked body. He pulled her towards the edge of the bed next to him, then gently placed his hands on her knees and pulled them apart, exposing her perfect little pussy.

“Ooohhh Dad” Cassy moaned softly as her father placed his hand on her bush and ran his thumb along her tight slit. She moaned as he gave her clit a teasing touch, then slowly traced it back down her slit, tracing it along the wet lips of her vagina. Cassy closed her eyes and let out another moan as her father moved a second hand, placing it on her thigh and rubbing it as he continued to caress her slit, slightly opening her tight petals to expose her wet pink interior.

Scott’s cock was twitching with arousal as he played with his daughter’s pussy to her audible pleasure. He was rubbing his fingers along her vulva, feeling her slick juices on them lubricating his fingers. He looked down at her enticing snatch as he spread her lips a little more and stared at it hungrily as he slowly got on his knees on the floor between her legs, not able to resist.

“Oh my god dad!” Cassy moaned, her eyes shooting wide as her father took his place between her spread legs and pressed his tongue to her vulva. He kissed her intimate folds seductively, placing his lips on her labia before snaking his tongue out and running it along he slit as she moaned.

Scott looked up at his daughter’s face studying him as he ate her pussy. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, yet he could not make himself stop. He slid his palms all the way up Cassy soft thighs and caressed them as he dipped his tongue into her honeypot, getting his first taste of her womanly nectar. She tasted so sweet to him that he quickly slipped his tongue into her for another taste, then moved his mouth up to her clit and sucked on it gently.

“Ugh yes, that feels so good” Cassy whimpered in pleasure and closed her eyes as the brief pleasure hit her. She opened them again moments later and looked back at her dad as he moved his tongue back to her folds. Cassy watched moaning and groaning as her father switched back to using her tongue to lick along and around her pussy. He ran his tongue along her slit a few more times, then used his hands to spread her pussy open slightly and snaked his tongue out, pushing it into her virgin cunt and lapping up her flowing juices in the process.

The fact that he was eating his stepdaughter’s pussy was slowly starting to sink in as Scott devoured her sweet young twat. He kept telling himself he needs to stop but could not bring himself to pull away from her prized jewel. He kept telling himself that he would stop after another lick, then another, and another, until he finally managed to pull himself off, his chin wet with her juices. As he raised his head from between her legs and looked up at the dazed expression on her face, he noticed her nipples, extremely erect at the top of her young buds. He told himself that a quick taste of them would not hurt after what he just did and leaned into her small delectable titties.

Cassy watched her father as he moved to her and grabbed her boobs. She let out a small moan as her father leaned in licked her left nipple with the tip of his tongue. He gave it a small lick, then a playful flick before taking it into his mouth and sucking it to another moan of hers. “Ugh god dad!” Cassy moaned as her father sucked on her tit, then let out a sharp gasp as she felt her father’s very hard cock touching her vulva while her father shifted to take her other tit in his mouth.

A jolting sensation filled Cassy as her father’s penis met her vagina. It was not intentional, yet as he moved his body to better reach her right breast, his dick ended up gently sliding along her pussy, shortly rubbing against her clit before coming to a stop on her hair covered pubic mound. Cassy suddenly noticed her breathing becoming even more strained and her heart began pounding even faster. Her father, focused on her breasts, barely noticed, and just kept sucking and licking her tits until she reached between them and grabbed his cock.

“Oh god baby, what are you doing?” Scott asked in between moans as he extracted himself from his daughter’s boobs. He moved his gaze down between them and saw Cassy, holding his rock-hard cock in her hand and rubbing the engorged head onto her begging clit.

“It’s okay daddy,” Cassy said reassuringly while rubbing him onto her. “Oh my god!” she said exhaling deeply “this feels so good” she said, her tone sounding almost like a sob.

“Oh fuck” Scott moaned with disgusting pleasure as his daughter used his cock to play with herself. “Here, let me” he told her and waited for her to let go of his shaft before grabbing it and continuing to rub it on her, now also briefly running his cock along her slit before returning to rubbing it against her clit.

“Dad,” Cassy started with a nervous look between moans “would you put it inside me?” she asked quietly, the pleasure of his cock on her pussy overwhelming and making her sexual hunger grow.

“What?” Scott asked shocked, his mind clouded by the primal sexual urges in his current state.

“Just the tip. Please” Cassy said with a pleading look and noted that her father had not stopped rubbing his cock onto her.

“Just the tip?” Scott asked, making sure they understood each other.

“Yes. Please. I want to feel your penis inside me, even if it’s just a little” she said sweetly, almost begging and looked up. By the look on her father’s face she knew he was thinking it over, torn between how wrong it was and how much he wanted it.

“Okay, just the tip” Scott finally said, convincing himself that it wasn’t worse than what they had already done. He grabbed his little girl, positioning her a little higher up on the edge of the bed, then spread her legs and took his place between them. He moved forwards, his heart racing, until his cock once again touched her pussy. Scott took a deep breath and raised his eyes to meet his daughter’s. She gave him an approving nod, before he grabbed his cock and guided it forward to where no man has ever gone before.

“Oh god!” Cassy called out and watched as her father guided his member to her sacred hole, pressing the tip to it. She could see his hand was trembling as he held it there for a few moments. He looked back up at her, then back down at their merging bodies, and as slow as he could, he pushed his cock into her, parting her pussy until the head disappeared inside her tight womanhood and he froze.

A stifled grunt escaped Scott’s lips as his cock entered his stepdaughter’s virgin snatch. She was so tight and wet, the feeling amazing, that he had to stop himself from pushing in further. He looked up at her, watching her eyes glued to the hard shaft sticking out of her, then slowly pulled the head out. He pressed the tip back to her scorching pussy and gently pushed it back in.

“Ugh yeah!” Cassy moaned softly as her dad pushed the tip of his cock back into her, sending an electrifying pleasure through her. She watched her father as he placed his hands on her upper thighs and moaned as he began to move just the head of his cock in and out of her pussy, the pleasure of it causing them both to moan and groan.

Scott was fueled by nothing more than primal sexual lust as he slipped his cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy. What little self-control he still had left he used to keep himself from plunging his cock deep inside her and actually taking her virginity. As the pleasure of their act grew, so did his boldness, and he started trying to push his cock just a bit deeper each time until he felt her barrier of innocence. Afraid he would not be able to stop himself, Scott pulled his tip out of his daughter and returned to rubbing it onto the clit.

“Dad, put it back in, please” Cassy begged as her father returned to rubbing her clit with his cock. The feeling of his dick inside her was so good she wanted it to last forever.

Scott looked at his stepdaughter and just nodded. His cock was so hard and his arousal so extreme he wasn’t thinking, just acting. He slid the tip of his shaft down her slit, guiding it to her opening and pushed it in. A loud moan left his mouth as he parted her lips once more and pushed the head of his dick inside her. He kept pushing himself in until he felt resistance. Some part of him knew he should stop there and pull back out, but he didn’t. Without giving it any thought, his body acting on pure instinct, Scott found himself pushing hard, popping his girl’s cherry as he shoved his entire six inches deep into her tight wet virgin pussy.

“No!” Scott suddenly yelled, the pleasure not escaping his voice as he realized what he had done. Cassy let out a sharp scream of pain and winced as her stepfather stripped her of her innocence. “I’m so sorry baby” Scott said with alarm in his voice, his shaft buried deep inside Cassy’s tight vagina. He never intended for this to happen and knew there was no way to take it back.

“It’s okay dad, it’s what I wanted” she said reassuringly, the pain of losing her virginity fading away. She could feel, for the first time in her life, the sensation of having a big hard cock inside her and looked deep into her father’s eyes. “Keep going” she said, barely louder than a whisper.

“Are you sure?” Scott asked uncertain. He could not deny that being inside his daughter’s tight twat felt amazing, but he also could not stop thinking how wrong it was.

“Yes, please” she begged and bit her lower lip seductively. She let out a whimpering moan as her father started pulling his shaft out of her, then let out another moan, part pleasure and part pain as he slowly pushed himself back into her. She leaned back, laying on the bed with her eyes closed and started cooing sweetly as her father began to gently thrust his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her tight snatch, as he gave his stepdaughter the first fuck of her young life.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this” Scott said breathing heavily as he breached his daughter’s virgin pussy. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up, keeping them spread as he continued to violate his girl’s forbidden hole. He groaned as he slowly pushed himself into her, amazed at how tightly her pussy constricted around his cock as he pushed it in, reluctantly stretching to let him into her intimate depths. After a minute or two, Scott felt his cock starting to glide more easily inside her. Her pussy seemed to adjust to the intruder, and her growing wetness made her nice and slick.

“Oh my god!” Cassy called out, moaning and closing her eyes briefly. She opened them and looked at her father, realizing her began going faster, strengthening his plunges into her tight twat. “Oh yes daddy!” she moaned as he shoved his cock harder into her pink pussy. “Oh, it feels so good” she let out in a whining voice and cried out in pleasure once more as her father thrust his entire six inches deep into her.

“Ugh yes baby, daddy’s gonna make you feel good” Scott heard himself saying with a moan and surrendered to his body, letting it make hot incestuous love to his teenage stepdaughter. He slid his hands down her legs to her thighs, grabbing them just under her knees and continued eagerly pounding Cassy’s tight pussy, his balls slapping into her ass with every powerful thrust.

A pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced before filled Cassy and it was only growing stronger. “Yes daddy, your penis feels so good inside of me!” she moaned as her father continued to defile her. The feeling of his shaft quickly sliding along her vagina made her entire body tingle with pleasure, causing more and more of her womanly juices to leak out of her pussy. She was moaning louder and louder by now, her body covered with sweat and the pleasure she was feeling only growing as her daddy fucked her so good. She could feel a sort of tension growing inside of her, building up with each of her father’s powerful thrusts until she could not take it anymore and finally, she exploded.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” Cassy squealed as her young body erupted in a sudden jolt of excruciating pleasure. She lost control of her body as the heavenly feeling ran through it. She started writhing on the bed under her father when suddenly, a clear stream of liquid squirted out of her pussy and onto her father’s penis, sending another numbing wave of unbearable pleasure all over her trembling young body.

Scott looked lustfully at his little girl as she started cumming on his cock. He continued fucking her and his eyes went wide with shock and arousal as his teenage daughter squirted on his shaft. He listened to her cock hardening squeals of sexual delight as her orgasming body shuddered from the pleasure, only urging him to fuck her harder.

“Oh my god!” Cassy whimpered in a shaking voice as another wave hit her, making her pussy squirt another stream onto her father as her body continued, after a brief pause, to spasm uncontrollably. She closed her eyes and succumbed to the feeling, letting the euphoric sensation of her first orgasm wash over her young trembling body.

“Ugh god” Scott grunted as he kept thrusting his hard dick into his stepdaughter. He was sensing his climax approaching for a while now, but after seeing his daughter squirt for the second time he couldn’t help it anymore. With her tight pussy convulsing around his hard cock and the last waves of her orgasm causing her young body to shiver, Scott started cumming deep inside his little girl’s tight pussy. “Oh fuck!” Scott groaned, switching to long slow thrusts as the orgasm took over him. He shot his first load deep inside Cassy’s tight pussy, not caring about anything but his immediate release and continued pumping her. He let out a series of deep pleasure filled groans and moans as he shot load after load of his incestuous seed into his daughter’s cunt. He kept fucking her, letting out disgusting animalistic sounds of delight until he emptied his balls inside his stepdaughter. After he finished cumming, Scott pulled his still erect shaft out of her and squeezed it, milking the last bit of cum out and wiping it onto Cassy’s young bush as a mixture of their combined juices started trickling out of her cream-pied cunt.

Scott and Cassy raised their gazes and looked at each other as the depraved act they just committed started to sink in. They kept staring at each other, panting, as the last of their arousal faded away and made way to reason.

“Dad, did you cum inside me?” Cassy asked, a sound of uncertain fear creeping into her voice.

“I’m so sorry baby, I didn’t mean to” he said with alarm on his face. He watched a look of terror form upon her face and tears fill her eyes. “But don’t worry, we’ll get you a day after pill and you’ll be fine” he added and saw the terror leaving her face as she started crying with relief.

Scott sat beside his stepdaughter and grabbed her in his arms, hugging her. Her pressed her naked body into his and embraced her as she sobbed softly. “I’m so sorry baby” Scott said sweetly and kept holding her until she finished crying and pulled away from him.

“It’s okay dad” Cassy said, wiping the tears from her eyes “it was my idea to do this” she added and looked at her dad.

“We shouldn’t have done that” Scott said ashamed.

“I’m glad we did” Cassy said and a small smile formed on her lips as she looked at her father with a rebellious twinkle in her eye.

“Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I’ll run out and get you the pill” Scott said ignoring her last comment. “For now, I think we both need some sleep” he said and rose to his feet. He gathered his clothes from the floor and headed towards the door.

“Dad?” Cassy called to him on his way out and waited for him to turn around. She looked at his limp cock, then up at his eyes. “You think maybe we can do this again sometime?” she asked with a naughty grin on her face.

Scott studied his daughter shocked as he searched for words. “I thought we said this is the last time?” he said in a shaky voice.

Cassy looked at her father and shrugged as a devilish smile spread openly across her face. “Maybe bring a condom next time.” She said and noticed a hint of a smile on her father’s face as he shook his head with disbelief.

“Good night” Scott said, thinking his daughter would never cease to surprise him as he closed the door behind him.

“Good night daddy” Cassy said sweetly and climbed out of her bed. She looked at her drenched sheets with a perverse smile and walked over to the closet to get fresh ones, slyly smiling to herself and at the thought she was not a virgin any longer.

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  1. Even though I knew where the story was going, it was still a delicious delight to read. Its always hot to see the sexual awakening of a young woman as she entices a close relative to commit incest in order to satisfy her lustful desires.
    Great story!


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