What type of stories are you into tell me.

Hi my fans out there I would like to know what you the reader would like to read more of the the sex stories department make sure to comment and tell me so I can bring you the stories you love so hit me up and let me know what maked your pussy wet or your dicks hard so I can give you the hot sexy storied you want.

I love to write erotica stories and other fun stories. You can read all of my stories right here on our page please leave us a comment on how you like our stories. I also custom design all of my book covers and logos to if you need a custom book cover let me know and I will create you one for a fee. We are going to have lots of stories coming it takes time to write so you will just have to check back with us to see what's new ok enjoy.

3 comments on “What type of stories are you into tell me.

  1. I love incest stories….especially when the girl leads the man down that path with innocence and cunning. Also like when the girl tricks mom into lesbian incest….or like me, I’m married to my ex-wife’s niece. Not really incest, but nearly….and could probably make for a hot story.


  2. Shoot, I forgot one: gender swap or transformation stories…..and the guy becomes a slutty bimbo.


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