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Judy, Chrissy, Max the dog and Me by butliquor55

I walked in the door and went straight to the fridge and got a cold beer. I opened it and took a long drink. God, that was good! I rubbed the ice cold bottle along my forehead, it was hot outside. It had been a long day at work and the boss had let me go early because of the heat. My plan was to make some laps in the pool before supper.

I walked out the back door and walked toward the pool removing my dirty work clothes as I walked. I was down to my pants & shoes when I got to the table by the pool. I noticed that there were two drinks there with ice in them. This meant that I was not alone. I couldn’t see anyone else so I walked toward the pool house. It’s not very big, it’s just to keep the pool cleaning stuff and it has a shower and a small dressing room.

When I got up by the door, I could hear the girls talking. I couldn’t tell what they were saying so I went closer. I looked inside and saw my sister Judy and her good friend Chrissy. They were talking about Max, our black lab. They were both on their knees and were playing and stroking Max’s dick. He was standing there letting two pretty girls jack him off. I was jealous! Then Chrissy saw me standing there and said “Oh, hi Art” and she quickly stood up. She was about half dressed in a beautiful orange string bikini. It was about two sizes too small and left nothing to the imagination. Judy kept on jacking on Max and said “Hi big brother, what’s up?”

“The boss let me go early and I thought I’d get in some laps in the pool” I said. “I could use the exercise.” I looked at Judy and Chrissy and immediately started to get hard.

“What’s the deal with Max?” I asked.

“Well we have been looking at dog sex on the internet, and we were curious. We wondered if Max would like to screw around with us? “ Judy replied.

“I’ll bet Max would love to play with you two, I know I sure would.” I said as I looked at Chrissy who was blushing red. “Sis, I guess you haven’t told Chrissy about our relationship. Have you?”

Judy looked at her friend and said “We have an agreement to have sex with each other and our special friends so we will learn all we can and become the best lovers we can be. You can become part of our group or you can walk away and never have to worry about us bothering you. We just ask for your silence in return for our friendship.”

Chrissy looked at us and began to smile “I knew something was up. Judy always looked like someone was screwing the shit out of her and now I find out it’s her brother! You guys have it figured out. I don’t have a sister or brother so I guess you’ll have to adopt me into your wonderfully sick little family. I want to go to school every day with that freshly fucked look and feel, too.”

“We’ll do our best” Judy responded “Now what about Max?”

“Let him go” I told her. She released him and he went across the room and sat down and began licking himself. I tried to think of the best way to do what Judy and Chrissy wanted. “Do either of you know about the dog’s knot?” I asked.

“That’s that big ball in the middle of his dick” Chrissy said. “I don’t think that would ever fit inside me”.

“Well it probably will, but it will take a lot of time and patience. The girls I read about on the net say they had to work at it for some time in order to take the knot. You can still fuck him, you just won’t be able to let him tie you up. If he does, it will be painful the first few times I think. But Max has enough dick to screw the both of you.”

“Well, let’s see what he has “ Judy said as she winked at Chrissy.

I called Max and he got up and came right to me. He licked my face and I petted him and rubbed his soft black coat. Max is a good sized dog and a healthy pet we loved and cared for like a brother. He is loved like one of the family. As I petted him I said” He would probably like you girls better naked. I know I would.”

They replied that it probably would be better if we were ALL naked, and I agreed. In a couple seconds we were all looking at each other, Judy and I eyed the beautiful ass Chrissy had and also her long blond hair. She was the perfect California girl. She looked at Judy’s ample tits and I caught her checking out my 8” dick even if it was just beginning to get hard.

“Lie on your back and open your legs just a little” I told Judy. She moved around and sat down with her legs crossed. “Now call Max”.

She called Max and he trotted over to her and she began stroking his fur and he licked her face. Then He got a whiff of what was between her legs and you could immediately tell he picked up the pace. He tried to get his nose into her crotch. She tried to stop him but he would not be denied. He pushed her over onto her back and began to lick her pussy from bottom to top. Judy screamed and told us that Max’s tongue felt like sandpaper and felt fantastic!

“Please don’t let him stop” she moaned “This is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced”
Max didn’t even slow down, he continued licking her pussy and asshole for all he was worth. Judy wasn’t worth a fuck as she had turned into a pile of moaning flesh. Pussy juices were running down her legs and Max was lapping them up for all he was worth. “Look at his cock” Chrissy exclaimed ”Look how big it’s getting. Man, it’s huge.”

She was right, Max was becoming hard and his dick was swelling up. “Go ahead and lick it, Chrissy. I’ll bet he likes blowjobs like all men do.” I told her. “Just lie down beside him and work it from underneath. You watched those girls in the movies do it.”

Chrissy moved around and lay beneath Max and reached up and tentatively touched his dick. Max stopped licking Judy, turned and looked at Chrissy and licked her face. He then went back to Judy’s pussy. “He’s ready for you to perform your magic, Chrissy” I told her as I began to stroke my own cock.

Watching my sister get eaten by the family pet and her gorgeous girlfriend blowing him was making me pretty excited too. I reached around and grabbed Max’s cock behind the knot. I heard the girls on the website say that he wouldn’t cum unless he thought his knot was in tight so the cum couldn’t escape.

Before long Max was cumming in long slow spurts in Chrissy’s mouth and all over her tits. She said ”He tastes pretty good, it’s different but good”.

“I want to fuck him” moaned Judy, “I want to fuck him bad”.

I told her to get up and assume the doggy position, Chrissy let go of his dick and he was trying to mount Judy as she moved into position. “He’s hornier than me” she laughed as she got on her hands and knees. Max was on her back and trying to mount her, but he missed a couple times.

“Chrissy, guide his dick in my pussy” Judy barked. Chrissy got in place and when Max tried, Chrissy grabbed his cock and positioned it at her pussy. Max did the rest. As soon as his cock felt the heat of her pussy he began to hammer away at a pace no man could keep up. He plowed into her like it was life or death. The knot of his cock came up against her pussy. It wouldn’t fit inside so he just pushed and held it against her cunt. His back arched and you could tell that he was filling her womb full of cum. He kept it up for about a minute and the whole fuck only lasted about three minutes! Chrissy and I watched in awe.

When Max pulled out his cock, it was about twice the size it was before and it was bright red. Cum ran out of Judy like a waterfall. It streamed out of her well fucked hole like the fountain of youth. Judy was lying flat on her face and I watched as Chrissy leaned up and began to lick the cum from her pussy. This made me so hot that I had to slip my dick in Chrissy from behind.

Here I was watching my sister’s friend eat the dog’s cum from Judy’s pussy while I’m fucking her sweet pussy. I looked across the room and noticed Max was cleaning off his dick. I thought that if I could do that I’d never be horny!

I proceeded to pound into this lovely girls pussy and I looked down and saw a beautiful asshole. WOW, how I love assholes. I pulled out and bent down and proceeded to lick and finger this pink spot. I licked it and tongue fucked it for all I had. I rose back up and slipped my cock into her pussy and started to pound away on it.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer so I gave her about three good cum shots deep inside her and then pulled out and dumped the rest of my load on her back. Chrissy screamed she was cumming and collapsed on the floor.

Judy looked at her and moved over and began to lick the remainder of my cum off her back. Max got up, came over and helped Judy clean up my cum. Judy looked at him and he licked her face and she licked back. They kept at it for several seconds and she even sucked his tongue like a cock.

Everyone was covered in cum and sweat. We all got up and stumbled out to the pool and jumped in. Even Max had a good swim before supper. Even though we had already had dessert.


I love to write erotica stories and other fun stories. You can read all of my stories right here on our page please leave us a comment on how you like our stories. I also custom design all of my book covers and logos to if you need a custom book cover let me know and I will create you one for a fee. We are going to have lots of stories coming it takes time to write so you will just have to check back with us to see what's new ok enjoy.

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