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The Sinful Nun Part #2. BY Antonio Murphy

Yes Father Orson you know how I love when you ass fuck me the women said. Back at the hotel father Orson tongue kiss the woman slowly placing his hands on her nice round ass he squeezed her softly with her pussy now wet father Orson takes the women inside the hotel. Sitting on the bed the women lay back and father Orson pulled her pants and panties off slowly.

I will be seeing you again Ron Marie said as Ron Drove away after the nasty sex session they had together. Going inside Marie saw father over bee’s door open so she went in to see what he was doing. But what she found was documents laying on the desk with three names on them. Marie,Shy,Crystal birth mother ????? 20yrs into the pass. One night a young woman had a child. she could not care for this child. So she had a tough decision to make about what to do with the child finally she decided to take the child to the Daniel town orphanage monastery. She wrapped the baby inside a blanket in her carseat and sat her on the doorstep of the monastery with a note that reads this is Joanna kingly I can not care for her as a mother should so I need you to take her in and Give her the life I could not. Mommy loves you Joanna. Ringing the doorbell. The women walked away. Headmistress watkins at the time answered the door. Looking around and finally looking down to see this beautiful child sitting in her carseat. Who would give away such a beautiful baby at this time of night. Looking from afar God forgive me the women said as she got in her car and drove away. Did you take care if it a voice said from the back seat of the car. Yes, good now let’s go to the hotel so I can fuck you good maybe put more kids in that womb of yours. Yes Father Orson you know how I love when you ass fuck me the women said. Back at the hotel father Orson tongue kiss the woman slowly placing his hands on her nice round ass he squeezed her softly with her pussy now wet father Orson takes the women inside the hotel. Sitting on the bed the women lay back and father Orson pulled her pants and panties off slowly. Placing his tongue inside her pussy he began to lick and suck her clit. Giving out a sound of pleasure the women spread her legs wide. Father Orson began to suck the woman’s clit faster causing her to cream right down his throat not removing his tough father Orson makes the women beg him for more. After father Orson gives the women four or five orgasms he picks her up turning her around cowboy style he put her in the four Nelson fucking position placing his huge cock deep inside the women. She cries from the deep penetration. The woman feels as if she’s being ripped apart by father Orson Minutes later another man enters the room. Dropping his pants to the floor he places his 14 inch dick so deep in the women’s ass she scream but she know she has to let this happen or else she’s dead. These were very powerful men and the women knew this. In and out they took turns on entering the young women’s ass and seeing her squirt cum all over the place laughing about it as they disrespected this women in so many ways. After father Orson and the other gentlemen were done with the women. Clean yourself up bitch. Placing a huge check on the bed father Orson says I’m going to take care of you just like I said I would if you be a good girl and let us do what we want with you. Yes Father the young women said. Now look at the check it’s a quarter of a million dollars there. Get a education bitch cause there is no man that’s going to want a slut bitch for a girlfriend let alone a wife now get your ass in that shower and after you come out take me back to my fucking car bitch. O and you better not tell anyone about our little bitch at the orphanage or we will hunt you down and kill you bitch. The young woman went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up. Coming out of the bathroom the woman had on jeans that showed off every curve on her body. Wow father Orson though your sexy as hell driving father Orson back to his car stopping near where father Orson car is he reminds the young woman not a word of this to anyone bitch and with that being said father Orson got out the car and drove away. Back at the Daniel town orphanages father Orson walkes in. Where have you been. If you want to keep your head on your body don’t ever in your life ask me where have i been again I’ll fire your ass is that clear bitch. Yes,yes what yes Father. Father Orson went into his study and there were men there with a young teen girl.your delivery is here sir. What’s your name young lady father Orson asked? Yelena Averin the young women replied. Do you know why your here? So men can breed with me. Yes that right are you a virgin father Orson ask? Yes father Yelena said. Pull your pants and panties off place your hands on your ankles and stay like that. Yes Father Yelena said. Handcuff her ass just like that in that position father Orson commanded of his alter boys. Now rip her asshole apart the alter boys began fucking her one at a time. The first young man entered her had a really huge cock and ripping her ass he did. Blood Streamed down Yelena’s legs as Yelena screamed and cried your killing me!!! Shut up slut bitch the alter boy said.And take this dick pushing his massive cock deeper Yelena’s ass blood streamed down faster. Squirting cum from her tight pussy that has yet to be fucked. Yelena legs shake out of control the more he stroked her the more Yelena’s legs shook. Blasting his cum into Yelena’s ass the Alter boy pulled out your next he said. Now the next altar boy was even bigger than that he was 18 inches or longer. Unhandcuffing Yelena he Places her legs up to her chest as Yelena lay on the floor of Father Orson office. Trapping her legs to father Orson desk the second alter boy fucks her deep Yelena squirts cum all over the floor as the alter gives it to her ass hard as he could. Pull it out she scream but all he does is go even deeper making her bleed more and more Yelena’s so wet the alter boy comes so furiously  inside of her pussy she pass out from the pain. Now that how you will get fucked every time you slit bitch father Orson side. Get her ass to the shower I’ll have my chick wipe her into shape. Calling the women from feel her tonight father Orson ask her I have a new girl here just arrived today I need you to break her in as soon as possible. Ok father the women on the other end of the phone said. The very next day the women entered father Orson office O good your here he said now I want you to Pereira her for her sex play today father Orson stated. Dress her as sluty as you can and give her a little sex before you send her out to me. Yes Father the women said as she unzipped his pants and pulled his huge dick out and gave father Orson a nice sloppy wet blow job. The women slurped and licked father Orson’ s head of his dick making him cum in seconds cum streamed down the woman’s throat as she as she drank every drop. As father Orson pulls the women pants and panties off koo9he places his dick inside her wet pussy pumping her furiously. Trying to bust a nut before the meet father Orson couldn’t seem to do so. As the men arrived for the meet father Orson was still deep inside her. As the men took sits around the meeting table father Orson till has his duck inside the young women as the men sit getting a free porn show father Orson finally gums so hard the young women knees go weak causing her to fall to the floor. These group of men are part of an organization ran by the monastery. These are wealthy powerful people. The organization is called the nights of the diamond star. Father Orson is the founder as the meeting goes on father orson calls for yelena to come into the room. You can do this the young women told her Yelena walked into the room with her skin tight bodysuit with ass for days. All the men in the room stared at her and the bidding started out high one mob boss raised his hand saying one hundred thousand I will give you for her and the bids went up as high as a million or so this young women was hot and every mob boss and business man in the room wants to breed with Yelena and the bids proved that. Going once, going twice sold for one million the voice on the microphone said. We are going to make beautiful baby’s the man said as he walked with Yelena out of the room to go to the hotel in town to be alone with her more girls enter the room for sale the door shouts behind them these young women are scared one by one there sold off for breeding. By the end of the night father Orson is sitting on fifty million dollars from the sale of young beautiful girls. The last bid of the night is about to take place a sexy 17 year old European bombshell walks out onto the floor every eye in the room stared at her. Father Orson walks over saying sorry gentlemen bid is over. What the fuck you mean bid is over grabbing father Orson by his shoulder. The man quickly finds himself on the business end of a brutal ass kicking father Orson breaks the man’s arm and his legs in one move. Stomping the man’s face in father Orson asks is there any more mother fuckers who want to test me right now. Get over here bitch father Orson tells Mecha bend the fuck over bitch father orson said bending her over and fucking her in her ass. Just then headmistress Watson walk threw the door what is going on here, she said. Two men grabbed the headmistress and slammed her into a chair. You need to forget what the hell you saw bitch or stop father Orson orders two of his men to do I will handle it guys. Father Orson keeps fucking Mecha she screams from the deep ass penetration father orson fucks her so deep she shits blood all over the carpet. Shut up bitch father Orson demanded fucking Mecha deeper and deeper father Orson force headmistress Watson to watch him tear this girls ass apart. After it was all over father Orson grabbed headmistress Watson by her throat tongue kissing her slowly reaching under her dress he pulled her panties down ramming his huge hands right into her pussy. Whispering in headmistress Watson ear father Orson told her forget about what you saw bitch or I’m going to have my night of the diamond star track down and kill all of your family kids included. Now the choice is your I’m going to have you follow every day till you die father Orson told headmistress Watson. Headmistress Watson “gasp” for air as father Orson squeezed her throat so hard she almost passed out. Still rubbing her pussy slowly she cums so hard she pissed along with it father Orson can’t resist he bends headmistress Watson over and plants his huge dick inside her. Still choking her he fucks the shit out of her asshole pumping her ass so hard she squirts runny shit all over his dick that’s it bitch feel the hardness of this dick inside that tight asshole of your. The more he rubbed and fucked her ass the more the headmistress came I’m going to make you one of my bitches O shit here it comes and with that father Orson shoots so much cum inside headmistress Watson ass she came three times back to back. Remember what the fuck I told you Watson tough kissing her she didn’t fight him off as if she wanted this the whole time. Pulling her panties up and slipping on her pants the headmistress was so sore she walked slowly to her car she was just about to put the key in the lock when wack” someone smashed her head in with a tire iron. Headmistress Watson body drops to the ground in a pool of her own blood. I don’t trust you bitch a voice said from the darkness outside and just like that headmistress watson was gone Taking the body putting it in the trunk of car and driving it away the strange figure in all black seemed to know just what to do with the headmistress body. As the stranger pulled deep into a wooded area the figure dressed in all black set the car on fire and disappears into the night. Now Joanna is about fourteen years old a very skillful young lady smart beautiful and on her way to class Joanna stops by to see father orson why are you here he asked shouldn’t you be going to class. Yes father orson Joanna said I was just stopping by to ask if I may stay after school and work on my tennis swing a little. I don’t see why not Joanna father orson said. Joanna has no idea that father orson is her father he pulls Joanna to the side and tell her some bad news. I will be retiring next week so I will no longer be here of you girls but I have hired a new priest to oversee the school. His name is father over bee and he is a fine man I will be holding an assembly to let him meet the whole school. Joanna stands there shocked about the news she just received. Father Orson is sitting in his office when police arrived at the monastery. Good morning sir we are here to investigate the whereabouts of headmistress Watson the officer said the family has not seen or heard from Miss Watson in a week have you seen her? Yes the last time I saw her she was going home about a week ago officer. Good lord father orson said, we found a pool of blood on the monastery grounds and would like to question everyone here. Well I would but you have to have a warrant of that and since you don’t I will show you the way out. Ok father orson is this how you want to play it, officer I would advise you to watch to whom you speak or you and your family might disappear next don’t push me cause I tend to push back just with more force. Father orson is furious thinking to himself who could have done this to headmistress watson. Juat then the young woman father orson was fucking walked in. I just received some bad news the headmistress is missing. I know said the young woman I killed her and burned her in her car about a week ago. What father orson said, I didn’t trust that bitch with what she saw that night father so i had to protect what you have going on here the young woman said. Your about to start college in the fall you can’t go down for this. You have to go now! Where the young woman asked go to the college where you are going to and get a room at a hotel and stay there until school starts. And I want you to be there till you graduate in four years. I will give you money every week to keep you safe ok father orson said. Now go! The young woman got into her car and was gone for good. Father orson  called a meeting with the school, letting them know what had happened to the headmistress. I ask that all of you do as the police say when they return with that warrant. Father orson moved quickly to have all the girls move out of state to a safe house in a secret location. He orders the knights of the diamond star to stay by his side till this is over. Father orson calls in a huge favor to get this investigation drop right away. And who did he call the mayor with one swift call to the chief of police the case was closed. They never found out who killed the headmistress. The day has come of father orson to retire and all the kids at the school is upset because now they have to under the rules of the new priest and Joanna looked at him and got a real bad feeling about this man. But she kept her mouth closed she didn’t need a bullseye on her back. But little did she know it was already there. Father over bee had been seeing her outside practicing her sports the way he looked at her was unsettling. And the massive hard he got on for this girl when he saw her. Thinking to himself I want that little bitch he thought but now is not the time to do so he waited years until Joanna was around nineteen that’s when it all started. Father over bee hired a new headmistress by the name of Miriam Channing whom was his girlfriend and she would do anything he asked of her. One day Joanna was after school play a round of tennis with a friend when headmistress Channing came over saying father over bee and I would like to see you in his office Joanna Now! Joanna now! Mrs channing said. It ok kids she’s going to be fine. Joanna was nervous and shaking, no one was there but the mrs channing herself, and father over bee. Just then two men walked into the room lock it behind you father over bee said. Now mrs channing said remove the dress, what Joanna said about to cry please don’t do this. Take off the dress now Joanna knew she had no choice but to do as they ask. Taking off her dress mrs channing asked Joanna. Now get your ass on the desk and spread your legs, where going to give these men a show, and I’m going to turn your sexy ass out. Laying on the desk Joanna spreads her legs wide for mrs channing. With tears in her eyes she knew she would never be the same again. Spread your vagina lips apart mrs channing ask Joanna did as she was told. Mrs channing slowly licked Joanna’s clit, driving her to let out a moan so sexy the two men and father over bee cocks got so hard. As mrs channing sucked and licked Joanna she started to squirt cum all over Mrs Channing’s face moaning very loudly Joanna started to like what mrs channing was doing to her moving her hips in a circler motion and fucking Mrs Channing tougue, O my god joanna screamed out fuck yes wow it feels so good rubbing Joanna’s stomich slowly Joanna started to shake out of control when mrs channing saw this she sucked and licked joanna’s clit harder causing joanna to speak in tougues the more Mrs. Channing lick the more Joanna came. Don’t stop Joanna screamed out I’m cumming again. With cum all over father over bee’s desk he stroked his dick and continued to look on fucke me Joanna screamed out fuck me. Fuck me she scream again Mrs channing stopped to let the men go to work on Joanna now that she was in the heat of the moment. Father over bee would wait out his time to have Joanna But the other two men would not they tag team that ass for about three hours or more. Joanna would scream as they both enter her there huge fifteen inch cocks at the same time. One in Joanna’s ass and one in her pussy. Lifting Joanna off the desk and into the air the two men fucked her standing face to face. The two] of them plowed her pussy and ass good faster and faster they went. The deeper they went the more cum squirted to the floor. Joanna relaxed and gave in to the wonderful world of sex. Now this was the beginning of what would become closet nympho. Joanna screamed nonstop for the whole three hour at last the men were ready to cum pulling out of Joanna they squirted cum all over her face her ass and her back. Joanna felt just like a slut after what had taken place in that office that evening. Mrs Channing went over to Joanna just when joanna thought she was done, nope it’s my turn now you little slut bitch. Getting up on the desk Mrs Channing spread her legs wide mama’s waiting Mrs Channing said, don’t make me ask again bitch. Joanna licked mrs channing pussy for the first time ever grabbing the back of Joanna’s head Mrs Channing faced her face till Joanna drank all of mrs Channing cum that’s it bitch drink it all mrs channing came about seven times straight so Joanna knew she had tongue skills. Mrs Channing scream so fuckinh loud her voice echoed through the halls of the Joanna licked and slurped all over Mrs Channing clit. The more she did so the Mrs Channing screamed for more Joanna’s body was so hot she didn’t know what was going on with her finally Mrs Channing came two more times as they kissed and rubbed each others body Joanna knew from that day on she would never be the same girl she was. Not wanting to make father over bee feel left out Joanna walked over pulled his pants down pulling his huge cock out and began sucking him off. Pulling her mouth from father over bee’s dick Joanna told them all in that office you have know idea what you have awaken inside of me and now your all going to feel my sexual inner spirit run wild all over this school starting with you father over all just put every kid here in my line of fire and i want to thank you for that cause now I’m going to fuck the shit out of every boy and girl here. Then Joanna went in hard on father over bee’s cock sucking him to a fast but powerful orgasm. After it was all done Joanna walked back to her dorm room to take a shower and get some sleep. The next day Joanna was taking a shower before class when she started to touch herself just then one of her roommates came into the bathroom it was Miranda. Joanna ask Miranda to wash her back when Miranda got into the shower with Joanna to wash her back joanna starts turns around and starts rubbing Miranda tights nice and slow Miranda body shivers from Joanna’s touch putting one finger over her lips Joanna stoops down and started to give Miranda clit a little lick. Miranda Let’s out a sound of approval. Joanna starts to suck Miranda’s clit faster then slowing down to lick her slowly then gave Miranda’s clit a little nibble this drove Miranda wild. Joanna did this about five or six more time then just sucked her clit to a powerful creamy orgasm. Miranda begged her to stop that’s enough Joanna she said bitch I stop when I want to stop Joanna told Miranda. Turning Miranda around and bending her over Joanna starts to lick her asshole slowly making cum stream down her legs and into the drain on the shower floor reaching for her dildo Joanna put her strapon on and gave Miranda an ass fucking she would never forget. This dildo was about 19 inches long 10 inches thick. Miranda’s ass was numb for the deep ass fucking she got before class. Joanna fucked her till about five minutes before class. Then she made Miranda cum so fucking hard she lost all feeling in her body. Looks like your going to be late for your first class bitch. O and i will be fucking you again tonight you got that? Yes Miranda said as she lay on the shower floor naked and shaking from the powerful orgasm. Headmistress Channing called Joanna to her office. You wanted to see me Mrs Channing Joanna said. Yes you sucked my mans dick so now i have to return the favor to you with a good deep fucking. Come on in guys Joanna eyes got as big as boulders when the men came into the office and stripped down to their nude bodies. O damn Joanna said out loud those are fucking ancondas they got between their legs. Yep Mrs Channing said and your giong to fuck them all till I say stop. But Mrs Channing I’m in class right now not anymore you’re not I just freed up your day so lets get to it then. But Mrs Channing I can’t handle all of that dick like that, do it or I’ll tie you down and force you to take it bitch. You have five minutes one two three four Joanna tried to run but was stopped at the door ok Mrs Kingley tie you down it is. Mrs Channing tied Joanna down tight so she could not move, with her legs pinned up the men took turns fucking her hard and deep not stopping for anything. Cum and blood rushed down her legs shit ran down Joanna’s leg also like lava from a volcano but the men didn’t stop they just went deeper and deeper inside of her. One of the men had his dick so far down her throat she vomited all over her own face but he didn’t stop there he just fucked Joanna’s throat hard and deep the deeper he went down Joanna’s throat the more vomit streamed out onto her face this went on for about five hour. The men fucked Joanna so bad she could not walk for three weeks these men but so much cum in Joanna she would soon get a big surprise. After the men were done Mrs Channing whispered in Joanna’s ear don’t ever suck my mans dick again you got that bitch. Joanna stayed in bed for the whole three week her body was so sore and her throat was brusied from the deep throat fucking Joanna had gotten. Joanna was so weak that Miranda thought she would get payback for missing class that day. Miranda got the huge dildo out of Joanna’s bag and strap it on Joanna couldn’t move at all. So Miranda rolled her over on her stomach and arched Joanna’s ass into the air, then she tied her down and ass fucked Joanna till she passed out from the pain. After about seven week Joanna could finally move and she would go see a man that would teach her to defend herself as if she was Bruce Lee. Joanna would go study kung fu still she was the best there was around the whole city of daniel. Now she would be in charge of other people’s fate. But the victory would be short lived. One morning Joanna was in class when all of a sudden she vomited over and over Mrs walters sent of the headmistress to come take Joanna to the doctor. Come on bitch let’s go see doctor Ross. while they waited Joanna stayed in the bathroom vomiting she vomited so much she made herself weak from doing so. Finally doctor Ross can see her after a quick blood test doctor Ross came back and you’re going to be a mom! Joanna looked so shocked as if she would die from the news. Your having three babies joanna so you have to rest and take your pills to help keep babies healthy and strong. Joanna cried for hours. O yes that pussy good and wet joanna would stop mrs Channing’s hands from touching her pussy your days of ruling me are over Mrs Channing you got that. Slamming Mrs Channing head on the steering wheel Joanna would ask her again are we clear on this shit Bitch. In the coming months Joanna will be forced out of school and be on bed rest until it’s time for the babies to be born but what she doesn’t know is she will never see her three kids until later in life. Headmistress Channing has a plan that is sure to work. Now in her ninth month Joanna is ready to give birth to her three baby. But instead of going to doctor Ross Mrs Channing takes her to one of the doctors father Over bee orders her to take Joanna to. Joanna ask father Over bee for a drink of water, he gives it to her but he spikes the drink with a very high dose of sleeping pills. This knocks Joanna out for five hour while Mrs Channing takes her to have the babies removed from her womb the doctor works fast to deliver the baby before joanna can wake up. Mrs Channing tells him to give her the special drug that makes a person lose part of the memory for the better part of five to ten years. By the time Joanna wake up she doesn’t remember anything not even being pregnant with three babies. She spends the night at the hospital to let her body recover from the surgery. The next day Joanna is released from the hospital and back to school to prepare for graduation. She doesn’t know anything like she knew before she didn’t even know who father over bee was at all. She didn’t even know who Mrs Channing was. Upon graduating from high school Joanna goes on to study law at the best university their is ……. Will she ever see her babies again only time will tell? ( Hi it’s me the women that drop Joanna off at the monastery you may be wondering what my name is but before we get into that father orson was the man fucking me all those years ago yes he is a bad man but I’m just as bad and you will find out why in my story coming up after this one who I’m I I am joanna’s mother) My name is Mary Kingley from the first story I was fucking John. But there is more to me that you need to know but in order to do that you have to wait for my story when I tell it to you later in the year. So keep reading and my boss Antonio Murphy will make sure you get the best out of my story that only he can deliver… Thanks for reading and stay tuned for.more closet nympho stories and Sinful Nun stories as well.

I love to write erotica stories and other fun stories. You can read all of my stories right here on our page please leave us a comment on how you like our stories. I also custom design all of my book covers and logos to if you need a custom book cover let me know and I will create you one for a fee. We are going to have lots of stories coming it takes time to write so you will just have to check back with us to see what's new ok enjoy.

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