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My Wife’s First Time Black by wife4hungblk

Needless to say I was stunned by his admission. I wished my cock hadn’t began pulsing as I envisioned us doing everything he had mentioned but it did and the more I thought of Rita and Jenny watching me suck his dick the harder I got. I felt gay and began questioning my manhood but I couldn’t shake the visions of all of us in a pile, everybody sucking and licking on anybody that was near. I didn’t want to do something like that but deep inside I knew I would if pressed and worse, I’m sure I’d enjoy it. I knew I was going to have Jimmy’s dick in my hands, mouth and possibly my ass and was already convincing myself that when we left Jimmy and Jake and Jennie no one would ever know what I had done except Rita and I knew I could trust her. What I didn’t realize was just how much I would like being able to sex either sex freely and that I would be completely bi before I left this room. It was a knowledge that Rita and I both would come to love.


My wife and I discovered the joys of hotwifing and never looked backMy wife and I have been married 20 years and as often occurs in a long lasting relationship, the heat in our sex life has become less than lukewarm. I have expected her sexual appetite to increase as she aged and thought the added need within her might have instilled some new life in our libidos; but I haven’t really noticed any great difference in the last ten years. She is forty years old and is supposed to be in her prime sexually but other than more frequent glances at some handsome men or ones with large lumps at their crotches I see little change in her.

We watch porn at times to try and get the blood flowing sexually but even that has now gotten old after a few years of it. I decided that maybe we needed some toys to experiment with, or to use during foreplay anyway. I went online to Adam and Eve because it would be too embarrassing to go to a brick and mortar store and endure the glances of the other customers and the employees. I’d be too afraid of seeing someone I knew there. By purchasing online, they will deliver our order discreetly in the mail. While perusing their products I accidently clicked on something that took me to the porn video page. I was about to click off of it when a video caught my eye. It was a video stating that it depicted amateur white “Hot Wife” couples. Evidently these hot wife couples would have other men, mainly big cocked black men join them for the express purpose of sexing the wife and fulfilling her big cock fantasies.

Depicted on the cover was a black guy pressing his impressive foot-long black cock into a white woman’s pussy as her husband held her legs up and open. The look on the woman’s face was one of an awed pained pleasure as her gaze was upwards on her husbands’ face. I had the thought that the lady was trying not to show the pleasure she was feeling with her husband watching. I felt myself becoming aroused as in my mind Rita took her place and I thought of holding my wife open so that a black guy could fuck her like that. I couldn’t believe I was becoming aroused at the thought of another guy, especially a black guy fucking my wife. I have always had a problem with jealousy concerning other men and my wife. Rita is a very beautiful, sexy woman with a body any woman would feel envy of and for me to become aroused while thinking of another guy sexing her left me confused and wondering why. I was the guy that when Rita would say “Damn I bet that would feel good”, while watching a porn video where some guy was fucking a woman hard, really devastating her pussy with his huge cock, I would feel an instant tinge of jealousy not arousal.

I mean, I have a nice thick eight-inch cock that has always satisfied Rita but I could tell by her comments at times, that she wondered what a bigger cock would feel like. Whenever I would ask her though she would always say, “No thanks, you hurt me at times and I’m sure dicks like that would be very painful.” I began glancing at other interracial videos and was sure that it was the idea of Rita with a black guy that was hardening my dick as I gazed at the video covers. I ordered a couple of the vids curious as to how Rita would be affected by them. If they affected her as they do me then we might have some good fucking while watching them I reasoned because normal porn wasn’t really working for either of us anymore. I also ordered an eleven-inch black real skin cock that was molded from one of the black men in one of the video’s. Again for some unknown reason, the thought of her wanting to experience how his black cock would feel inside her had me becoming aroused at the thought of fucking her with it. Then, when I saw a strap-on belt that was supposed to work with the dick I was purchasing, I thought, shit, why not? Again, my dick began hardening thinking of her wanting to feel the guy’s black cock in her and me using the fake cock on her like it was my own. What is wrong with me I wondered. I was beginning to feel a trepidation at my dick hardening while watching the video’s and her not being turned on by them. I’m sure she would wonder if I really loved her if she realized it was turning me on thinking of us doing what we were watching, if she wasn’t turned on by it.

I felt an eager excitement anticipating the shipment from Adam and Eve. When it arrived a few days later I was surprised to see a few free dvd’s. All the free dvd’s were of interracial sexing, “Monster Black Cocks in Tiny White Pussies”, “White Wives Love Black Cocks” and “Master Blacks and Submissive White Couples” were their titles and each of them had my cock throbbing just reading the titles and that didn’t include the “Hotwife” videos I ordered. Because my order was over 150 dollars, they had also gifted us a remotely controlled clit stimulator that could be worn while fucking. I placed everything in our walk-in closet while my cock pulsed with my excitement. The evening seemed to drag while I anticipated bedtime. I waited till that night as Rita was undressing for bed to tell her I had some new vids for us to watch, explaining that they weren’t like the normal fare we viewed. I watched as my beautiful wife stripped nude and couldn’t help but imagine me watching her stripping while a black man was also present. I could see an excitement in her eyes as she sat down on the bed asking, “hmmm that sounds interesting, what kind are they?”

“I’ll get them and let you decide if you want to watch them”, I said as I retrieved them from the closet. I left the huge cock and the rest there for the time being. If she didn’t want to watch the vids she probably would not find the black cock very amusing I reasoned. I handed them to her and she began gazing at the photos and reading the jackets of them. She was spending quite a bit of time studying each one and was very quiet as if absorbed in them. I noticed her breathing become deeper as she stared at the pictures depicting a white woman seemingly in an anguished ecstasy as she was deeply impaled by a huge black cock. I noticed that she spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the pictures of the wife sucking a black man’s huge cock with her husband near-by or in very close proximity with her eyes trained on him as if she couldn’t believe he wasn’t stopping her. She was laying back against the headboard and I kept noticing her thighs squeezing and her hand would begin to reach down as if to touch herself but she’d stop and look up at me as if she remembered I was there and just shift uneasily. She did this a few times and then sat up cross-legged and began turning her hips down almost imperceptibly as it appeared she was trying to pressure her clit against the mattress. I saw her shift her body and noticed her heel press against her clit as I asked “You want to watch them?”

I was positive she was aroused and trying not to show it. Her eyes had taken on a sultry appearance and she was breathing more deeply than usual. She drew her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them as she lay the dvd’s beside her on the bed saying, “Well, you already have them so I guess we might as well”, while trying not to show she had any interest in them at all”. I might have thought she wasn’t interested if I couldn’t see her tautly swollen clit and the moisture seeping from her clenching pussy as her ass kept squeezing.

“Which one first, my pick would be the amateur hotwife ones. Can you believe those guys actually watch black guys fuck their wives? I’m betting they’re really porn actors and they’re just saying they’re real couples”, I opined.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, so yeah, lets watch them first. I’m also curious about how big the black guys dicks are, you know how you always hear about the black myth.”, she answered.

I could see her chest lifting and falling more rapidly than normal and she kept squeezing her legs and her ass was clenching every time she did. “Yeah I read on one of the jackets that the one guy has eleven inches. I think one of the hot-wives wanted to fuck him because he’s a porn star and her husband wanted to surprise her for her birthday. Is that the kind of birthday present you want honey”, I asked her with a big smile on my face as if joking but really I wanted to see her reaction to my asking?

She smiled at first as if she would like that, then her smile seemed to fade as she hesitated a while longer than I thought she would before saying, “That’s a dumb question, we both know as jealous as you get sometimes you could never handle seeing me fuck somebody else, unless it was a woman.” Her voice sounded as if she was disappointed when she realized I was joking after thinking for a split second I was asking her seriously.

The movie began with a white couple in a hotel room with the wife sucking her husbands’ dick. Then there was a knock on the door and the husband went and gazed through the security hole and then opened the door to admit a large black man. They smiled at each other and exchanged a few words quietly and then the guy undressed and they walked into the bedroom where the guys’ wife quickly grabbed a bedspread and wrapped it around her as she screamed. Her husband had flown a black porn star in to fuck her, the one with eleven inches. She loved to watch the guy onscreen terrorizing white wives’ pussies and now he was going to fuck hers. The woman quickly recovered as she realized her husband wanted him to fuck her. “She’s all yours to use and abuse Lex, that is if she agrees, do you want Lex to fuck your married white pussy honey”, he asked her?
Her gaze was locked on the guys’ cock and there was a tremor in her voice she was so aroused knowing he was there to fuck her. “Ohhhh my god baby, you really want me to fuck him? I..I.mean, he..he…shit, I’m so hot I can’t talk. Jim look at his dick, I.I.I’m not even sure I can get him in me and he’s not even all the way hard yet”.

“Oh yeah sweetie, we can get it in you, all of it, every hard black inch and I promise you, you’re gonna love it”, Lex told her.

The man’s wife visibly shuddered as her hand reached out to touch his cock before hesitating, she looked at her husband as she asked, “Can I touch it, do you care Jim?” Her voice quivering with the trepidation that he would say no and squash the excitement flowing through her.?

“Sure you can touch him honey, that’s why he’s here. Go on and grab his cock, you know you want to!”

She reached for his dick and lifted it with her fingers wrapped around him but his dick was too thick for them to completely encircle him causing a moan to escape her as she said, “Damn, its so heavy, so thick and long. I can’t believe you want me to feel him inside me Jim.” She stroked his now hardening cock as her excitement grew by the second. It was very evident that she wanted to fuck him. Her breathing was becoming rapid and her thighs squeezed almost continuously and she kept glancing at her husband as if waiting for him to tell her to stop. Then she looked at the black cock in her hands and her tongue ran wetly across her lips and it was obvious she wanted to suck it but felt an apprehension at doing so with her husband watching. “Are you sure you want me to do this Jim, I mean really, really sure. What if I suck him and he cums in my mouth, are you still going to want to kiss me. You know how many times I’ve told you I want to suck a black cock and taste his cum and if he wants to you know I’ll let him. You’re not going to hate me afterwards are you, or lose respect for me”, she asked nervously?

“Go on and suck him honey you’ll love it and I wouldn’t have brought him here if I didn’t want you happy. I want you to do it as much as you want to, so go on and let go and suck and fuck him. Don’t you think you’ll enjoy it”, he asked her?

“Oh my god Jim, there’s no doubt at all that I’ll enjoy it, I want to do this so badly baby. Oh fuck Jim, I’m so scared I’m gonna love this so damn much that god knows what I might say or do with his black cock inside me. Are you sure you can handle me acting like the women we’ve watched Lex fuck in the vids because I know I’m going to completely lose it. God I’m so hot and wet right now I’m almost cumming”, she said, her voice trembling with the sexual tension she felt.
It was then that Lex placed his hand on her head and pulled her mouth to his dick and pressed it between her lips. That was all it took for the woman to allow the bedspread to fall completely away from her body as she slid to her knees in front of him. The woman’s submission was expressed as a deep muffled moan as her lips closed around his cock and her head began twisting and bobbing eagerly. Her tongue laved over his thick glans while her hands stroked his shaft as if trying to pump his cum from his balls. She would stop and gaze at his huge cock adoringly, examining his dick and balls with her fingers and tongue as she gazed at her husband with eyes glazed with the lust she felt driving her. It was evident she wanted him to see her as her tongue licked at his pre-cum exaggeratedly, her tongue tip pressing into his hole as she watched her husbands’ reaction. “Yeah, lick that nigga dick baby, show your hubby how much you love this dick. Don’t forget to suck those big balls. Yeah you want that dick all up in your pussy don’t you hon, want your husband to see you cum on this black dick. All you white sluts are the same, always needing a big black cock to cream your pussy while your hubby sits and beats his little white cock watching. Turns you on knowing he’s seeing you get fucked by a real dick don’t it baby”, Lex taunts the woman?

I was watching my wife Rita, seeing her chest rising and falling rapidly, her fingers rubbing her clit as her thighs kept opening wider and wider until one was lying across my thigh as her ass undulated into the sheet. I realized that I was becoming more aroused watching her than I was watching the video. Knowing she was thinking of us engaging in what the couple onscreen was and it was exciting her tremendously had my dick jerking its stiffness which caught her attention. “Mark, do you like watching this, seeing white women fucking black guys, does it turn you on, is that why you’re so hard right now”, she asked me, her voice strained, trembling with her arousal?

“I..I want to be honest honey but I’m afraid my answer will hurt you or make you mad. Before I say this I just want you to know that I can’t understand why I feel like this but I really do. I guess I do enjoy watching white women with black guys but what really has my dick so hard is seeing how hot you get while watching them. For some reason I find it hot as hell thinking of us doing that, me seeing you with a black guy. Is that why you’re so hot, are you thinking of how you would feel if it was you with that Lex guy with me watching you?” Hearing my words seemed to ignite something within her and her eyes closed and her thighs squeezed and she moaned loudly. Her body shuddered as if in orgasm and then her eyes opened and looked up at the TV and she moaned again and began rubbing her clit hard and it was obvious she was cumming. I glanced at the screen and saw the woman on her back with her husband kneeling straddle her head with his dick in her mouth and his hands holding her legs up and open as Lex fucked her pussy with smooth long strokes of his fat black cock. Her back kept arching, head flailing with her husband’s dick still in her mouth.

I forced my wife’s thighs apart and while laying on my side I rammed my dick into her sloppy pussy and began fucking her roughly. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt her so wet or excited as she was at that moment. She kept clenching the sheet in her fists while hunching frantically on my dick, her gaze glued to the screen as the woman screamed how much bigger Lex was than her husband, how much she loved his black cock fucking her so deeply. Lex forced his entire dick into the woman and then asked her, “Would you like me to take a break and let your husband fuck you a while”, as she cum so hard her entire body was shaking violently as his hips ground his fat glans into her deepest flesh.

“NO! GOD NO! PLEASE don’t stop…fuck me…..I want YOU to fuck me…oh god your dicks’ so much better than his……Please…please don’t stop…ohhhhyeah…like that…..oh god not again…c.c.cumming…cumming fuck me Lex……god I love your black dick..aarrgghhHHHHH……arrggghhhhHHH….d.don’t stop……so big….hard…oh god you’re …aiieeee…killing me…aaiiieeEEEEEE…YES!….YES!…..ohhhhgoddddd I love you so much…….oh god Jim his dick is soooo good baby…never cum so g.g.good before…….then she pulled his lips to hers and kissed him with an excited passion that showed her love of the pleasure she was enraptured in while pushing her husbands’ cock away as he kept trying to place it in her hand.

“You want to feel his dick in you don’t you Rita, want to feel your pussy stretched and hurt by his black cock while I watch don’t you honey”, I asked her as she hunched hard onto my dick. I could tell she wanted more, wanted to feel her pussy hurt and stretched. I remembered the toys then and stopped and rose while saying, I have a surprise for you honey. A plan was forming in my mind as I retrieved her sleeping blindfold and placed it on her as she protested my stopping fucking her as I said, “Get on your hands and knees and promise me you won’t take the blindfold off till I tell you to.”

“Ok, but what the hell are you up to Mark, I need you to fuck me baby?”

I inserted the fake dick into the strap-on belt and tightened the straps. I had to adjust where my own cock lay under the straps but soon I was standing there feeling the weight of it pulling it down and wondered what it would be like to actually possess a cock that size. I grabbed the clit stimulator and walked back to my wife and slid the straps over her feet and pulled it up her legs until they were positioned on her hips and adjusted the vibe part till it was directly on her clit. The whole time Rita was questioning me as to what I was doing and what I put on her. I picked up the stimulator remote and moved the lever not knowing it was on and the vibrator buzzed loudly and Rita yelled loudly and her thighs squeezed tightly as her hips swayed sideways quickly. Her hand was reaching for her crotch when I stopped the vibration and she said, “Oh my god Mark what is that, I almost cum. I think I’d like that if it wasn’t so intense”.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t know it was on. Uh, I’ll be right back honey, don’t peek now”, I said as I left the bedroom and went and opened the front door and closed it making sure she heard it and then I spoke in a low voice as if talking to someone while walking back to the bedroom. “Ok now we’re ready honey and I just want to say that I love you and I have always wanted you to be happy in every way possible, especially sexually”, then I knelt on the bed and positioned myself behind her.

“Who was that Mark, I heard the front door and you were talking to someone. Is there someone else here, is that why you want me to wear the blindfold”, she asked inquisitively with some trepidation sounding in her voice as she tried to cover her breasts. She reached for the blindfold and I stopped her saying, “uh, uh, uh, you promised remember”.

I then moved around a lot behind her before placing the tip of the dick at her sloppy vaginal opening and began pressing into her. Her slick wetness and the pressured thrust of my hips allowed the cock head to slide easily into her even though tightly grasped by her inner folds. “Oh my god Mark, you feel so huge like this, so good. Then she stopped and hung her head and said almost disbelievingly as I kept forcing the big dick deeper inside her, “Oh fuck, that’s not your dick Mark, oh my god you’re letting somebody fuck me….oh god its so big…..oh my god you’ve got a black guy fucking me…….oh damn… baby…..oh god I can’t…..oh fuck Mark….you…you…..oh damn its so long, thick……oh shit…fuck me….ohgodyes…YES….YES……oh god its hurting my pussy……so fucking good……….damn..damn…..oh nooooo..don’t look Mark…oh god please don’t look……c.cummin…….oh yeah…fuckit….fuckme hard……..oh god mark I’m cumming on his dick….its so good….oh Christ he’s so much bigger than you….so much deeper…aiieeeEEEE……aieeee……..aieeeEE…. fuckme!…fuckme!…aarrgghhHHHHHHHAAA ..don’t stop….don’t stop…unghhhh…please don’t stop……arghhh….arghhhh…love you…..oh fuck I love this so much…aieeeee….aieeeee…..god you’re so fucking huge…….never…never been fucked so good…..ohhhhhhgod…..ripping…..pussy…..yesssss….arghh…aaaarrgghhhhHHHHHIIIIIEEEEEEEE!

I watched my wife completely losing control as I fucked her hard. Her hips began ramming her pussy back into the black cock thinking I had a black guy fucking her. I stopped moving and her body continued to fuck the dick even deeper into her body as I watched it piston in her pussy. It was literally drenched with her juices and each backward ramming of her hips had her pussy stripping the fluids from it, her cum running in streams down over her clit and the vibe to stream down onto the bed forming puddles of her excitement. I reached down and picked up the remote and turned the vibe on low which brought an immediate response from her. Her head began flailing and her hips pressed her pussy back against the tip of the dick and began a grinding motion as she began moaning passionately, “Oh god….oh fuck…..oh god I can’t stand it…..fuck me!….god please fuck me….oh fuck I’m cummin…..oh shit…shit ..hard….please fuck me hard…..ohgod…ohgod….turn it off…oh fuck..c.can’t stop..aieeeeeeeEEEEEEE”

She was lost, unable to control her body as it hunched, jerked, tensed, as she just cum and cum, her head was wildly flailing from side to side then lifting, tossed back as she screamed and tensed. I turned the vibe up a little more and her breathing became Lamaze like and then her entire body became immobile as she trembled violently moaning, ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, noooooo, noooooo, her legs tensing as they squeezed and straightened behind her with her ass held up to my forceful fucking of her stricken pussy. She fell forward flat on the bed and my thighs straddled hers as I continued persecuting her pussy, my weight pressing her clit against the vibrator tightly causing her to moan and lift her hips as she tried to relieve the incessant vibration destroying her ability to stop hunching into the black cock stretching her forcefully. She tried to reach down to move it but I held her wrists above her head and continued fucking her deep and hard as her head shook violently and she begged her black lover to stop, saying he was killing her, then she begged me to stop him as she continued cumming and cumming. I tapped the lever a little higher and her body tensed, ass lifted, she screamed and suddenly began ramming her pussy up forcefully as she screamed, NO!, NO!, OHGOD I CAN’T….OHSHIT…PLEASE…OHNO AIIIEEEEEE…I..I…OHGODDDDDDDNOOOOOO! until her body began shaking, head flailing wildly, hips jerking, bucking and then her body fell, completely limp and relaxed, she had fainted from the intense vibration tormenting her clit as I fucked her roughly, deep and forcefully.

I smiled as my plan took form in my head. After ascertaining she was breathing I withdrew the fake dick and took off the strap-on belt and slid my aching, stiff dick into her well fucked and gaped pussy. She felt loose as I hurriedly fucked her, driven by my excitement and the loose feel of her pussy just as if she had just been fucked by a huge cocked black guy. I cum a volume of sperm like I had never unleashed within her unresponsive pussy. After lying there gasping for breath till I was flaccid, I rose and cleaned the cock and strap-on and stripped the vibe from her body and cleaned my cock up. I then cleaned the vibe and lay it on the night table where she would see it easily.

I heard her groan and saw her head lift and she immediately took the blindfold off and while gazing around hurriedly asked, “Where is he you bastard, where is the guy you gave your wife’s pussy to? He was black wasn’t he? Then she saw the vibe and swiveled around and picked it up and looked it over as she asked how do you turn it on?” I picked up the remote and smiled as I held it up for her to see. “You asshole, you sat there working that damn thing driving me crazy while he fucked his huge damn black dick in my pussy didn’t you. I’ll pay you back fucker, you can bet on that. Where is he”, she asked again?

“After he filled you with his black ball juice he had to go. He said to thank you for slutting your pussy to him and if you ever want to try being his personal cocksucker he’s sure you’ll be just as good as your pussy was.”

“He cum in me? You saw him cumming in your wife’s pussy and you were ok with it”, she asked with a slight smile on her face?

Well, after watching you fuck him and hearing and seeing how much you loved it, I kinda thought you’d be perfectly fine with it. Besides, it turned me on knowing he was emptying his balls in my wife’s cunt. I just wished you had been awake so I could hear your moans as you felt it squirting inside you.

“You know I would never have done that if you hadn’t tricked me. I feel guilty even though I know I’m married to an asshole that loves me fucking other men. I still can’t believe you did that to me Mark. I mean, yeah I enjoyed the shit out of it and probably want to do it again without the blindfold and all the trickery, but still you didn’t know I would enjoy it and wouldn’t get mad. I feel like you were playing with our marriage and it kinda hurts and makes me feel betrayed somehow. I mean, you actually allowed a black guy to put his dick in your wife’s pussy and fuck the shit out of her, and by the way he fucked me better then you ever have and I definitely have never cum so much or so intensely before. What are you going to do if I want to fuck black guys all the time now, cause it really makes me wet remembering how he fucked me so deep and I really do want to feel him cumming in me with his long cock stretching me like he was. Who is he, what’s his name and just how long is his dick”, she questioned me?

“He’s just a guy I met online named Joe and he is eleven inches long.” He’s married also and it was his idea for the blindfold. He said he’d rather you not see his face because he’s married and lives around here.

“Did you cum watching him fuck me? Did you really enjoy watching me get fucked by a guy with that big a cock, especially a black cock? You know how much I loved it, there is no way I can lie about it and won’t even try. Did you get it out of your system now or now that you’ve seen how much I love big cocks, mmmmm, especially black ones do you want me to fuck more of them? Mark, is it going to bother you knowing I have another man’s cum in my pussy, could you still put your mouth on my pussy knowing a black guy has cum in me”

“Hmmmm that’s a good question baby. Would that turn you on, having me eat you with a black man’s cum inside you”, I asked as I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and sat on the floor between her thighs and began licking her pussy, plunging my tongue into her swampy cunt like I was dying of thirst as I sucked at her slimy hole.

“Oh my god baby, I thought you said he cum in me, you’re not….oh fuck Mark…you’re….oh god that’s so hot….eat it baby…eat his black ball juice from your wife’s pussy…..fuck I love you…..argghhhhhgoddd your tongue is……oh shit yes….lick it baby…taste his cum… you like it baby…like eating black men’s cum from my pussy…..ohhhhhhhhgod..I’mcumming…aarrghhhh…….yes….arrgghhh….lick his cum off my clit…aaiieeeeEEEE…yes…yes…suckit….suckithard….ohhhhhhhhhyesssss…you’re so good to me….arrghhh I want to fuck him again baby….need his cum……you suck it out of me…….aaaiieeEEEEEEEE I need more black cock honey….oh god I loved it so much…promise me you won’t hate me If want more cock….it was just so big, so deep and hard and I need to cum on black dick again”

I gathered up a mouthful of my cum and raised my head and kissed her and allowed her tongue to mingle with mine in the slickness of our cum as she moaned her realization that we had a black man’s cum engulfing our tongues as we kissed. She sucked at my cum coated tongue eagerly, gathering the cum and swallowing it until she had cleaned our mouths of our emissions. She pulled me up on the bed atop her and opened her thighs and grabbed my dick and placed it at her gaped pussy and gasped loudly, “Fuck me, god I need a dick in me. I need you to rape my pussy baby, fuck me hard”.

I began fucking her wildly, slamming my dick into her as forcibly as possible, my hips rotating as I tried to give her pleasure but her pussy was still gaped and felt loose. “Oh god Mark I need you to hurt me like you used to, fuck me hard, oh god baby you feel so different, I need more baby, oh god no, no, his big dick…..oh god baby I’m so sorry….he stretched my pussy so big…oh god what have we, no!”, she screamed as tears began flowing down her cheeks. I couldn’t stand it, I had to break this ruse off. I couldn’t let my wife, the woman I’d give my life for feel like this. I pressed her away and she took it that I didn’t want to be near her and began pleading for me not to quit loving her, saying she would do exercises and never fuck a black guy again.

I leaned over and kissed her forehead and said, I still love you and always will. I stepped into the walk-in closet and donned the strap-on and walked out with the huge cock swaying from side to side as I said, “Meet black Joe baby. Now spread your thighs and give Joe some more of that married pussy”. She loved it! She’d cuss me for a few seconds then cum for a few minutes and then beg me to fuck my black cock into her pussy hard and with each relaxation of her body cuss me again till she had to hunch her pussy up to Lex’s replica cock and again coat it with another spewing of her juices. It felt good to kiss my wife and feel her love expressed in her kiss as I stretched her pussy deeply with Lex’s black cock. It excited me feeling how she ground her pussy up into my hardest, deepest thrusts while moaning her love of what she was feeling. It also excited me knowing that any black man that fucked her would also experience my wife’s love while fucking her in a similar manner.

I felt sure, that each time she orgasmed on the fake dick, she became even more addicted to the craving to fuck black men and feel a real cock throbbing within her. My own dick was straining its skin as I thought of Rita, my wife, straining her pussy up against a black guy’s cock as her kiss expresses her love of what he presents her in the way of his fat long cock. Why do I throb excitedly at the knowledge that at that moment in time she is his, he owns her as surely as if he was her pimp. The sensations he causes to permeate every cell of her body subjugates and addicts her more thoroughly than even her love of me while he is in her. While realizing this I still have faith in her remaining my wife even though I know my wife craves black dick over my white cock and would not hesitate in choosing a black man to fuck her before me, her husband. After that day, seeing her love of the large cock she thought to be a black man fucking her I have to accept that my wife would rather have a black man’s big cock fucking her than mine. And after that day I also accept as fact that I can never afford her the pleasure a big cocked man can and every huge cocked man she fucks will know that he is giving her pleasures that I, her husband could never accomplish.

Over the next two months we finally finished watching the videos of black on white fucking while fucking her with big Black Joe. It took patience but we also managed to have Big Joe dominate her ass hole also. Who would have guessed that my wife is an anal slut for black dick also? We spent many hours with Joe in her pussy and my dick stroking fast and deep up her ass until finally she was willing to attempt to take Joe up her ass. She found that with a sizable cock in her ass she can cum as intensely as when fucking her pussy and now enjoys taking it up the ass for hours now.

We have both admitted to each other that we do want her fucked by a well hung black man and his friends also if possible. It took weeks for my wife to become comfortable with the idea that the sluttier she is the harder my dick becomes. We were watching a gang rape video where a white couple mistakenly entered a black night club and soon the man was tied to a chair nude and his wife was tied spread eagle standing in the middle of the room also nude. Every black person there was free to use the woman any way they wished. Black women ate her pussy until she was begging to be fucked and every man there fucked her at least twice. She was fucked with dicks in her ass and pussy often, cumming almost continuously while her husband struggled to be free for a while, then his breathing became rough and his dick hardened as he watched his wife losing control on one big black cock after another. Then the black women noticed that he was hard from watching his wife cum on black cocks and they began sucking his hard eight inches, fucking his white cock as he sat in the chair while taunting him saying, “Yeah white man you like watching the blacks creaming your wife’s married pussy don ya? Yeah dat girl gonna need black dick to satisfy dat pussy from now on”.

He watched as they took her down and lay her on a mattress in the middle of the room and she didn’t try to escape, instead she spread her thighs and lay there as they ran a train on her married pussy, moaning her love of their hot dicks and begging for more of their cum. They filled every hole of her body repeatedly until she was flowing cum from every hole and still begged for more. It was hot seeing her hunching up to their cocks, white hands on their black asses, her wedding rings shining brightly as she held her pussy to their deepest thrusts while continuously cumming. You could tell from her moaning how much she loved sucking their black dicks until they spewed in her mouth and on her face and hair. Rita watched that video more intently than any of the others and sat atop me on big Joe hunching and cumming, fucking down onto the big fake cock until she’d grab her breasts and squeeze them hard while her hips roughly slid forward and back on big Joe, moaning loudly. “Would you like to be her baby, make all those black men cum like that for hours while you watched those women sucking and fucking me”, I asked her?

Rita lifted and turned to face me while continuing to fuck big Joe. Her eyes were like black cesspools, evil in their intensity and my body was soaked from her gushing emissions as she cum repeatedly and she said, in a voice that told of her need, “I swear if you arrange something like that to happen to me Mark I’ll help you fuck any woman you’ll ever want. My god just thinking of being fucked over and over, black cocks cumming in me for hours as I just lay there fucking their big hot cocks, oh god I’m cumming again….how can you love such a slut as I’ve become baby….I really do want to do all these things….I NEED to experience them Mark…I don’t want a fake cock anymore…I need a man driving his cum in my pussy….many men…black men with huge dicks…God I need to feel black dicks drowning me with their cum, fucking it into my throat….ohhhgod I do want that baby…want you to see them hunching their cum down my throat, choking me, while others fill my ass and pussy. Tell me you’ll make it happen baby…please Mark! All I could do was fuck Joe up into her craving cunt as her desperate confession of need excited me until I was blistering my cock against the strap-on as I imagined her words coming true. God, I wanted it more than she did I believe.

Chapter two: Rita’s exhibitionist nature feeds the emerging slut.

That was Thursday night. The next morning when I awoke she was laying there idly rubbing her clit obviously pondering something intently. “You know baby I have been laying here thinking about everything we’ve been doing the last couple of months, especially last night and I realized that I really do want to experience those things. I really want to feel black men fucking my pussy, ass, mouth and anything else they wish to do to me. Are you really sure you could just sit and watch ten or twenty or possibly more, black guys have their way with me, using me as a common slut, filling me with their hot cum and knowing that your wife is loving every hot spurt of their balls in and on me. I’ve been trying to imagine how I would feel as I watched and felt a black man press his dick in my pussy, or I sucked his cock while I could see you watching me and I feel shame knowing how excited it makes me. I feel so damn guilty because I know I would be so much sluttier with you there with me than I would otherwise. I just get so fucking hot thinking of you watching another man’s dick fuck my mouth, pussy and asshole knowing that I love it and doubt I could ever get enough.”

“And what I really don’t understand is, that I know I don’t ever wish to love anyone but you and I’m sure you feel the same towards me, and I don’t ever want that to change. Why are we like this Mark, we’ve never needed anyone else before? What has instilled these desires in us? I feel like we’ve both became nymphomaniacs somehow. I sit and think about different things that turn me on now that I know I would never have dreamed of doing before, crazy things, exhibitionistic things like showing men my pussy, you know flashing them in bars and places. I’ve even been thinking of us sexing women together. Everything turns me on now, it’s like something broke inside me and I can’t repair it and don’t really know If I want to. It scares me, scares me that you might quit loving the slut I’m becoming. It was those damn dvd’s and Joe. I can’t believe how much I loved you fucking me with Joe when I thought it was really a black guy. I thought I knew then that you really did enjoy me fucking other men and I wanted more right away. I was going to tell you to find more guys to fuck me I loved it so much. I was really disappointed when I found out Joe was a fake cock especially after you saw how much I loved having a black guy fuck me. God I’d never felt anything so deep in my pussy before then and it really drove me crazy, still does for that matter”

I was intrigued at her admission to exhibitionist tendencies. It turned me on thinking of her flashing people or us fucking with people watching while we pretended we didn’t know they were there. Once years ago I had picked her up from a bunco party and she was pretty drunk and she had decided to suck me off while I was driving and we’d stopped at a traffic light and a woman in a pick-up truck pulled up beside us and was watching her suck me and I could see how hot the woman was becoming and we both sat there through two turnings of the light until I cum. It really turned me on knowing she was watching us and seeing how hot she got. I’m sure she was rubbing her clit as she watched us and when I cum her head lay back and her body shuddered and she glanced at us and I winked at her and she smiled and pulled quickly away running the light. I never mentioned it to Rita because I was afraid she’d think I was weird or wanting to fuck the woman. Really I did wish she’d climb in with us. Rita was drunk enough she might have even ate her pussy with the right prompting I realize now.

I told her about that night and she said, “If that happened now I might ask her if she wanted to help me and if she did, god knows what you might be in for the way I am now. I think I’d like watching you fuck another woman, and maybe me messing with her while you did it. I bet with you fucking her she’d eat my pussy….mmmmmm…..Maybe we should go for a drive tonight Mark, maybe we’ll find a black guy that wants to help you with me.”, she said seriously! My dick was getting hard. I think I like this new woman my wife is becoming. I know I like the way she’s thinking!

We went out for dinner that evening and Rita wore a wrap-around dress that had only a sash belt that held it closed. While we were dining I noticed that she was showing more breast than I remembered when she last wore it. I asked her if she had on a different bra and commented on how much I liked it. “You mean you really don’t know that I am nude under this dress Mark. See that guy in the sport coat at the bar over there, he could have told you, he has been sneaking looks at my pussy the entire time we’ve been here. So has the blonde girl tending bar”, she said nonchalantly.

I felt my dick hardening as I watched the guy trying to gaze up my wife’s dress discreetly. It was a “U” shaped bar with the closed end towards us. He was sitting at the right side of the bar at this end slightly turned towards us with his thighs open and his hard dick imprinting the material as it grew down his inner thigh. The blonde barkeep was more openly staring directly at Rita as she stood behind the bar talking to a customer down the bar a bit. She was smiling and her tongue slid across her lips frequently as she admired Rita’s open thigh exhibition of her pussy. She stopped staring and walked to the end of the bar and wrote something on a piece of paper and called our waitress over and handed it to her and said something and then walked back to the customer and resumed talking and staring. Rita said, “We should go before I soak the back of this dress baby”. We were about done anyway so I motioned for the waitress and asked for the check. When I opened the check holder there was a coupon for free drinks inside and the words, “Delicious, thank you….Laura 502-367-6969”, written on the coupon along with the check. I handed the coupon to Rita saying, “I believe this is for you”.

Rita read it and looked up at the blonde girl and smiled as she stuck her tongue out and lightly licked the coupon, holding it to her lips as if kissing it while winking at Laura. The woman held her fingers to her lips and blew Rita a kiss while surreptitiously allowing her tongue to slide between them as if pressing it into a pussy. I paid the check and Rita whispered, “I am so wet and horny right now”. Rita opened her purse took out her phone and made sure the woman was watching as she took the coupon and added Laura as a contact. Then she kissed the phone before placing it and the coupon into her purse. Rita was blushing as we walked out.

“Oh my god Mark, I could just feel her crawling between my thighs and licking me as she stared at my pussy. I don’t think I would have stopped her if she had. Did you see that guys hard dick, mmmmm I think I like showing my pussy off”, she said as I reached in the back and grabbed a cover off the mattress?

I handed her the blanket and smiled as I said, “Here pull your dress up and sit on this so you don’t soak everything you little slut.” She folded the thin blanket and draped it over the seat and scooted her dress up and sat down before feeling her pussy.

“Damn I’m so wet, ummmmm I could sit here and finger myself thinking about the look in her eyes and that guys hard dick”, she said almost moaning the words.

“Hmmm that sounds hot. Why don’t you open your dress up so I can watch, and turn the seat around facing this way”, I suggested to her. We were driving an old van I had purchased and outfitted so that it was a camper with a mattress bed and hot and cold running water courtesy of an old retrofitted Bunn coffee machine. The captain’s chair on the passenger side had an integral seat belt and could turn 360 degrees with 1/8 turn locks.

I watched a slight smile appear on my wife’s face as she glanced around before saying, “Are you serious, you mean sit here almost naked playing with myself while people are driving by all around us?” Her eyes closed and she moaned as her thighs closed and squeezed her hand as she clasped her pussy tightly. She pressed her head back against the headrest and when her eyes opened I could see the smoldering heat within her as she slowly untied the sash belt and unwrapped the dress from her body. It was such an erotic sight, seeing her draped by the dress, her breasts exposed fully and her thighs hanging open. I watched as she placed her feet on the console spread as widely as possible and lifted her ass and moved down until she was positioned at the edge of the seat facing directly at me. Her nipples were hard nubs that rose and fell as her breathing became labored, her hips beginning a slow undulation as her fingertips rolled her clit idly.

I was hard and throbbing as I started the van and pulled out of the parking lot saying, “How about we take a drive while you entertain me”. Her face was cloaked with arousement as she watched me, her gaze darting around furtively to see if anyone was watching her.

Her chest was rising and falling heavily as she said, “Doesn’t it bother you knowing someone might see your wife naked playing with her pussy, might want to fuck her, fuck their hot cum in her pussy? Does it bother you knowing I would love for them to do it, to fuck me right here in this seat, with you watching me cum on their hard dicks? Hmmmmm I’d like that, like feeling their hot cocks stretching my pussy, sliding in and out as they feel me squeezing my pussy on their dicks, wanting them to fill me with hot cum…ooohhhhhgod I need that so bad. Her hips undulated faster as she fingered herself, her excitement plainly evident as her own words instilled a torment of desire within her. She did need that, she needed a black guy in her pussy, pounding his dick deeper than anyone ever had. It was that thought that allowed her to continue raping her pussy as a sexy young woman passenger in a large box truck passed them, her gaze locked on her lewd exhibition of lust. The two vehicles speeds were almost matched and it seemed forever that the truck rode alongside them as it creeped forwards. That time was not lost as the woman and Rita’s gazes locked and their minds made love. They were massaging each other’s bodies through their thoughts as their needs at that instant were communicated across space and time.

Rita could feel the woman’s mouth and hands on her body, feel the passion expressed by her eyes as their needs became as one and she cum. It was as if the air between them was a conduit by which their supercharged desires melded and that volatile mixture fed the firestorm of need raging within her body. Her fingers groped deeply within her flooding cunt, the heel of her hand roughly mashing her clit as in her mind she ground her pussy onto her female lovers’ tongue. For those seconds they were locked in their own private mental embrace. As the truck slowly pulled away she saw the woman’s face in the rear view mirror and knew that like her she too wished to continue their chance encounter. Her gaze focused on Mark stroking his dick as he drove while watching her. She wanted him in her, wanted to be fucked while being watched. She had loved the heat in the eyes of the woman that saw her like this, loved knowing she had aroused her with her carnal display of need. The fact that such a younger woman found her desirable intensified the arousement she felt driving her. Her actions became uninhibited as the woman watched her. The fiery need in the woman’s eyes communicated her desire to be with her. It was that desire that made Rita want to perform, to instill the same level of molten heat within the woman’s mind and body as her voyeuristic participation in Rita’s debasement had instilled in her own psyche.

Rita couldn’t help herself as she leant forward and took Mark’s cock in her hand and felt his hard inner core stiffen in her grasp. She wanted it inside her, needed to feel it jerking stiffly in the wet grasp of her pussy as she massaged it, squeezed it as she savored its hot throbbing need. Just the thought of the sating feel of his hardness penetrating her, soothing the need she has makes her thighs squeeze and a moan to escape her as her lips slide over his swollen glans. She feels the van swerve as he reacts to her sudden engulfing of his straining cock. “Damn that feels so good, god you’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up honey. You saw that woman watching you didn’t you? You liked knowing she saw you, that’s what made you cum isn’t it?”, I ask her as her tongue slid slickly around my glans. The feel of her tongue caressing me as she sucks and licks at the pre-cum flowing from my urethra have me bending, folding over her head; My hand grips her head and I hold her, moaning my love of her efforts as she continues bobbing and sucking on my dick. I feel my body experiencing a weakness that prevents me controlling the van properly so I decide to pull to the side of the road and stop.

Feeling the vehicle stop Rita lifts her head and says, “Fuck me baby, let’s get in the back and fuck, god I need it!” I was unaware that a young Black guy had been hitchhiking and thought we were pulling over to give him a ride. Just as Rita raised her head pleading to fuck, the guy was there trying to open the door. When he glanced inside he backed up and stood there looking confused. It took a few seconds to realize what was transpiring. Instantly my mind became seething as I realized we had a black guy wanting a ride, standing watching Rita holding my hard cock. I motioned for him to enter the man door I had fabricated in the side of the van as I unlocked the door.

He entered and I said, “You can ride back there on the bed, where are you headed, I’m Mark and this is my wife Rita.”

“I’m headed to Florida for spring break, my name is James but call me Jimmy”.

I pulled back onto the highway and began driving as Rita lay back in her seat. I could see that she was thinking the same thing I was by the gleam in her eyes. It was like the flames within her were dancing in them. Her thighs were opening and closing and she still had her dress open revealing her entire nude body. Jimmy was laying back on the bed with his shoulders against the back of the van. I glanced in the rearview mirror and Jimmy’s erection was running down his shorts and poking from the leg opening. I found it hard to keep my eyes on the road his cock was so large. He was thin but it was easily discernable that he was fit and muscular. I glanced at my wife and said, “Why don’t you get back to work on this”, while shaking my hard cock.

“Mark, you’re being rude. Jimmy would be embarrassed, he doesn’t want to watch us with him back there alone do you Jimmy”, she asked as she glanced back at him. I saw her swallow hard and her eyes open widely and I knew she was seeing his swollen dick.

“Er, well, to be honest I kinda enjoyed what I was watching before I got in. I mean, Mark you have a beautiful woman for a wife and seeing her body and watching her give you head is goddamn hot. I’d love to watch you two, damn it would be like having my own private porn video. Would it bother either of you if I just lay back here stroking my cock while I watch”, he asked?

Rita was on fire! Being so close to a black cock that is possibly larger than Joe has her breathing heavily and she responds, “No it wouldn’t bother us, in fact if you want you can come up here close and watch but you have to take those shorts off first because I like to watch too”, she said, the sexual excitement obvious in her voice. Her head then lowered once again to my cock and my dick stiffened as hard as it has ever been in my life as I felt her lips engulf my straining glans. Rita was excited and sucking my cock avidly when Jimmy appeared beside us. His left hand was on my seat back and his right was slowly stroking his huge black dick just inches from Rita’s body. I saw her gaze move down to his dick and a moan escaped her that told of the excitement his size instilled in her. She couldn’t help herself and her left hand reached out and her fingers clasped his fat cock and she began pulling at him strongly. Her breathing was becoming labored, her hips moving sensually, hungrily as she choked herself with my dick.

“Damn man, you ok with your wife grabbing my dick, I don’t want to get in the middle of something here”, Jimmy exclaims as Rita strokes him feverishly.

“I think she might want to do more than just hold you Jim, an yeah, I’m ok with anything she wants to do”, I replied as I pressed her dress off her shoulders and allowed it to fall down her arms. I don’t think she’ll mind if you touch her Jim, feel free if you want.”, I added.

“Daaammnn, you are one beautiful white lady Rita”, he utters as his hand begins running over her back lightly and pressing down to her ass beneath the dress. Rita pulls her arms from the dress and pulls it from under her and tosses it in the back. I can see Jimmy’s excitement as his hand slides down my wife’s ass to feel her pussy before exclaiming, “Damn dog, she’s soaked. You have one hot ass lady here Mark. Tell me something, you gonna be alright with me tapping this pussy? You into that man, watching your wife fuck guys and shit?”

Seeing Jimmy fingering my wife as she jacked his cock off and sucked my dick was the culmination of so many fantasies that I couldn’t help but hold her head down as I began hunching up into her sucking and licking mouth. “I’d like that…… a lot Jimmy, watching you…… fuck my wife…ahhhhhhgodddyeah ….oh shit…suck it baby….yeah empty my balls so you can suck Jimmy’s black cock”, I gasped, as I tried to maintain control of the van as I hunched forcefully up into her throat. She choked, but never relinquished her strong suctioning until I pulled back into her mouth. Her tongue played over my urethra gathering my hot, slick emissions as my balls kept a constant stream of pre-cum flooding out onto her tongue. She was lost to the emotions and arousement of sucking her husband’s cock while a black guy fondled and groped her pussy.

We both knew that the craving that had tormented her for so long would finally be sated by Jimmy’s fucking his massive cock deep inside her body where no man had ever been. As I spewed my hot elixir into my wife’s throat I actually felt an elation at knowing this would be the culmination of months of craving to watch a black man’s cock enter and fuck my beautiful white wife’s pussy. “Suck it, yeah suck it like you’re gonna suck Jimmy’s cum from his black cock baby. Show me how you’ll swallow his hot cum as his black balls explode in your mouth”, I exclaimed as she swallowed my cum greedily. I knew she could tell how excited that thought made me, by the way my cock stiffened and strained into her mouth, jerking strongly as she mouthed it. The reality of knowing I was as excited as she was by the knowledge that Jimmy was going to be her first black cock had her pulling at his dick hungrily as she pressed her flowing wetness back onto his penetrating fingers. I observed her arousement consuming her, overwhelming her senses and emotions as the inner slut she had kept hidden all her life emerged to take complete control of her mind and body.

I felt her teeth grip my cock as her moans told of her orgasm. I felt a real fear of her biting my cock but I couldn’t stop cumming as she squeezed Jimmy’s fat cock as her body shook with the intensity of her plight. She lifted her head from my spurting cock and lay it against my thigh as she moaned deeply, unable to move as Jimmy roughly fucked his fingers deep in her pussy. Her hands gripped my thigh so tightly I felt her nails digging into my flesh as I pumped my dick feverishly as I watched a black boy giving my wife what would become the first of many black induced orgasms. Her hips worked excitedly as she pressed her pussy back onto his deep raking fingers. ARRRGGHHhhhgod, she moaned, as her hands grabbed her breasts and she squeezed them hard, her entire body rocking to and fro from the rhythmic persecution of her inner walls by Jimmy’s fingers. Her knees fell to the console as her hips turned up, then down as I watched her excitedly fucking her pussy down hard onto his impaling fingers. Raising her head, she began fucking my cock with her mouth and throat, milking my dick with her suctioning lips until my balls were erupting once more, dick thrilling as if I were cumming but it was just dry heaving and it wouldn’t stop. We were both realizing fantasy’s that had plagued our minds and body’s for months and the sexual excitement we felt had us both awed at its intensity.

As if she had just heard my remarks about it being ok for Jimmy to fuck her, lifting her head she asked, “Oh god baby, are you serious, you really want me to fuck Jimmy? My god Mark have you seen his dick, its enormous, like a fucking third leg”, she asked. Then as she sat back, she turned to face Jimmy and his stiffly jerking man-meat. She placed both hands on his fat girth and began slowly stroking him. Her eyes actually seemed to gleam with the inner heat she experienced as she used both hands to stroke his entire length adoringly. Her chest began lifting and falling steadily and a calm came over her as she said, “Fuck, I need this in me so bad Mark, are you really sure honey? I know I’m gonna love this so much if Jimmy can get it in me.” Then she stopped and looked at me and said solemnly, “Mark if he gets it in me I won’t be able to stop, not even if you beg me, so please tell me now if there’s any doubt in your mind. I’ve never been this hot before and I………Oh shit I’m gonna suck him mark…watch me baby and see if you can handle seeing me enjoying another man’s dick. Lay back on the bed Jimmy”, and then she slid off the seat to the carpeted floor in back and crawled to the bed and moaning her submission to this young man’s using her, she began licking his long fat cock, tasting it as Jimmy reached down and squeezed first one breast then the other. I saw him looking at me as he squeezed her nipples, rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers, causing her slight pain that displayed itself by her hungry moan as her mouth opened and I watched as my wife took one large nut into her mouth and caressed it lightly, suctioned it as Jimmy said, “Yeah, you a nasty girl, you like your husband seeing you suck those black balls don’t you baby. Yeah, well he’s gonna see me drain those big balls in your pussy more than a couple times tonight.

Rita’s thighs squeezed and her moans were rife with the need overwhelming her as her lips opened wide and slid over his fat, swollen glans. My dick was as hard as steel again as she devoured his dick. She didn’t seem to ever want to stop licking and sucking at his blackness. She would stop and hold his dick as if adoring it and then glance at me as her tongue caressed his tip, gathering his slick pre-cum and swallowing it as I watched her perform for me. Her eyes seemed almost demonic as she pumped his cock, her hands following her mouth up and down his black cock. The sucking sounds she made as she devoured his cock excited me. Knowing how much she was enjoying his black dick had me hot as hell for reasons I still don’t understand.

“I think she loves your big black dick Jim”, I said.

“Yeah she’s making me love her sucking my dick too. You two do this often? Don’t take this in a wrong way but your old lady is a real black cock slut it seems. She always get this worked up with black guys?”, he asked as he held Rita’s head and began fucking her mouth with forceful thrusts of his cock. His thrusts were met with my wife’s own pressured swallowing of his dick as her hunger for his ball juice expressed itself by her roughly throat fucking his cock.

“This is our first time and you’re her first black cock. We have both fantasied about this for months and now that’s it’s happening we’re both sort of overwhelmed by our response. Are you in a hurry to get to Florida Jim, cause if you aren’t how about I get us a motel room and you can use my wife for your slut all night or maybe even all weekend”, I asked?

“Hell no I ain’t in no hurry at all, none whatsoever if it means I can fuck your fine ass wife for a couple days. There ain’t no pussy in Florida that can hold a candle to your wife’s beauty! Yessir, this is what a goddess looks like. Shit I’m honored to be your first nigga girl, hell yeah, I’m gonna fuck you like you ain’t never been fucked before. Hope you can handle your lady screaming her ass off cause Imma gonna stretch her white pussy out and unload a flood of nigga babies all up in her.”

Hearing his words had Rita moaning loudly as her thighs clenched, hands rubbing her pussy hard as she cum intensely. Her body shuddered repeatedly as she hung onto his cock with one hand while pressing her clit hard with the other. The spasms roiling her body were so intense she was immobilized, unable to speak for long seconds. When finally, she was able to speak, she gasped, “Oh my god yes Mark, get us a room baby. I need Jimmy to fuck me, mmmmm I want him in me now. I want you to watch Jimmy fuck your wife’s married white pussy, hear me scream how much I love it and watch me cum on his hard black meat. I want to know you’re watching when I feel his hot cum squirting in my pussy deeper than you can ever give it to me baby…..I want to be Jimmy’s black cock slut all weekend!

“Don’t fuck until we get in the room baby. Its getting dark and I want to be somewhere well lit when Jimmy puts it in you the first time”, I said as I watched my wife straddle jimmy’s body and begin rubbing her pussy along his fat dick. Her body twitched and jerked as she rubbed her clit along the thick mass of his lengthy cock. I could see the arousement within her mounting, heightening until her emotions made her lower her lips to his and they kissed, a long, lingering, passionate kiss that had her moaning, hunching her clit strongly against his fat meat as his black hands contrasted against her whiteness as he held her ass down against his undulating cock. I could hear my wife’s breathing becoming deep, rough as they dry fucked. I heard her whisper, “I need you to fuck me Jimmy, need to feel you fucking your black dick deep inside me until you make me cum. I want my husband to see how much I love you fucking me, hear my moans as you fill me with your black babies, god that makes me so hot.”

I pulled into the motel parking lot and rode around the building until I found a side entrance where I could park near the door and there was no one around. I parked and said, “You two kids be good while I’m gone and I promise you can play all week-end”, while exiting the van. I noticed that Rita had Jimmy’s cock in her mouth again and was sucking him like she needed his cum to survive. I smiled as I thought of the week-end ahead. This was going to take our marriage in a whole new direction I knew. I felt a trepidation at just how our lives would change and for a split second thought of returning to the truck. But then I recalled the vision of my wife thoroughly enjoying Jimmy’s dick and knew I could not ask her to stop after allowing her to go this far. That and the fact that my dick was throbbing as I envisioned Jimmy’s black cock disappearing into my wife’s receptive pussy as her hips undulated as she hunched up onto his thrusting cock. God, I longed to hear her pleasured moans as his dick opened her deeply.

I noticed a swimming pool and hot tub room on my left as I walked towards the desk and when I asked about a room I inquired if they had a double bed room near the pool. The desk clerk looked at his computer screen and said, “Hmmm it appears the only thing in that wing is on the 2nd floor. There is an elevator directly across from the pool will that be adequate”, he asked. I agreed and took the room after informing the clerk we planned on spending the week-end there.

I had missed the elevator on my walk in, probably because it was located in an alcove like space off the main hallway. I walked back to the van hurriedly after noting how deserted it appeared along the hallway. I opened the man-door to find Rita on her back with her legs spread widely with Jimmy’s hands holding her ankles and his black dick positioned at my beautiful wife’s pussy. “I have the room if you two want to wait a couple of minutes. If you hurry you don’t even have to dress. We can sneak up the elevator and right into the room. I saw the need in Rita’s eyes and knew she wanted Jimmy to fuck her right then, not to wait another second. I saw the excitement building in her as the thought of entering the motel naked, chancing an encounter with strangers, added to her already overpowering arousement.

“You mean for me and Jimmy to go in there naked and ride the elevator up while there’s a chance somebody might catch us. Oh my god Mark, what if people see us, won’t you be afraid they’ll figure out that I’m your wife and Jimmy is going to fuck me?”

I could see her pussy clenching and hear the excitement expressed in her voice as she looked at Jimmy and said, “I’m game are you Jimmy?”

“Hey I’d never be embarrassed to be seen with a beautiful woman like you Rita, not even naked.” Then glancing at me he smiled and said, “Man you’re fucked up you know that, but I like that in a white husband”, he exclaimed as he laughed”.

I went to the door and checked out the hallway and motioned for them to come on. Rita started to take off running but Jimmy grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him and lifted her and sat her down with her pussy atop his stiffened dick and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he ran to the door with her bouncing on his cock while he held her ass cheeks with his black hands. I walked ahead of them to the alcove and pressed the elevator button and it immediately opened and we entered with Jimmy standing with his back to the rear of the elevator and my wife squirming her cunt down on his rigid rod. His dick was standing out a good four inches from between her ass cheeks with his fat black glans visibly throbbing. Rita was hotter than I believe I’d ever seen her. The entire situation had her overwhelmed emotionally. Here she was astraddle a huge black cock kissing the bearer of it while they stood nude in a public elevator. Surely anyone seeing them would know it was her husband standing beside them, watching her rutting her pussy down upon the dick she craved so badly.

Just as the doors were about closed a hand stuck between them and forced them open and a white couple in their early thirties hurried aboard. It took them a few seconds to realize what they had walked in on. The doors closed and they were trapped, embarrassed by Rita’s riding Jimmy’s cock while moaning her need right beside them. The guy kept staring at Rita’s body and the woman was mesmerized by Jimmy’s lengthy fat girth. Rita’s hips began rubbing her pussy along Jimmy’s cock exaggeratedly as she saw them staring at her and Jimmy. She leaned over towards me and pulled me to her and kissed me passionately before breaking off the kiss and saying, “Oh my god honey thank you, this is the best birthday present ever”. I felt myself blushing as she pressed her hand behind her and grabbed Jimmy’s cock and pulled it up against her pussy as her hips ground down on to him.

The woman looked at her husband and said, “Now there’s a man that knows how to make a woman happy”. The man blushed and said, “You know you’d never do it”. The woman was obviously very aroused and her gaze met with Rita’s and she rolled her eyes back in her head. Her gaze kept falling to Jimmy’s dick and her tongue ran wetly over her lips repeatedly. Rita reached down and took the woman’s wrist in her hand and lifted it, pulled it to Jimmy’s fat girth and placed it on his black dick. She squeezed the woman’s fingers around his cock with her own hand and the lady’s chest began heaving. The lady’s husband was unaware of what was transpiring and that added to the woman’s excitement as she squeezed and pulled at the massive blackness in her hand. The woman’s hand clenched his thick cock as she felt its meaty thickness, its core throbbing beneath her fingertips. Just then the door opened and her husband began pressing her forward with his hand at the small of her back. Her hand refused to relinquish its grip on Jimmy’s cock and her body jerked sideways as her arm stretched rearward. The jolt of her arm stiffening brought her out of her mesmerized state and she quickly let his dick slide from her fingers. She glanced down as if she had tripped as she glanced at Rita’s face and smiled and winked.

The couple turned to the right and walked to a room a few doors down and our room was directly to the right of theirs. The guy was having trouble getting his key card to work and I walked over to assist him. I noticed his wife’s eyes open widely and she swallowed hard before glancing at my face. I heard a loud “OH MY FUCKING GOD…YES…YES” and turned to see Rita’s back pinned to the wall, her thighs hanging over Jimmy’s arms and his dick being hunched forcefully up into my wife’s pussy as we all three stood there gaping our surprise. Rita’s head was turned sideways as she stared at us, her face masked with the anguished pain of her pussy being opened deeply, moaning as her hips rotated wildly around the massive dick impaling her. Jimmy was fucking my wife right there before us and she loved it! Her arms were stretched down with her hands pulling at Jimmy’s ass while she moaned how big his dick was, how she’d never been fucked so good, so deep. He was obviously wanting us to see him as he withdrew till his glans was positioned at her entrance before thrusting his hips up, driving his dick into her pussy until it met the resistance of her deepest flesh.

Rita’s head was flung around like a rag doll every time his cock bottomed inside her and she was lifted by the stiffness of his animal like cock. My dick was straining my pants. This was not how I had imagined it would be watching Rita take her first black dick, this was so much better. The guys cock was also straining his pants and his wife was rubbing it as her own arousement was displayed openly. The woman gasped, “Oh my god look how big his dick is, he has to be hurting her. I can only imagine how good that must feel. Listen to her, she really loves him fucking her. Then I absentmindedly pressed the key card into their lock and it buzzed open. I could tell they didn’t want to leave the show my wife and Jimmy were putting on but they hesitantly entered and closed the door.

I walked over and unlocked our room and said, “Goddamn that Is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life”.

“Oh my god Mark jimmy’s dick is so fucking huge, oh shit yes, oh god its hurting my pussy so good baby”

Jimmy pulled her away from the wall and held her legs wide open by her ankles leaving her hanging suspended on his dick with her weight bearing down on her pussy as he began bouncing her rapidly. “Oh no, no, oh god I’m cumming again, oh god mark he’s hurting me baby, oh damn,,,pussy…feels ripping….dick…so f.f.fuckin big…soooo good…aiieee….aiieeee……fuck meeee…..oh sweet jesus I can’t stop…..fuck me Jimmy….give me that dick…..FUCK MEEEE….aaarrghhhHHHHIIIIEEEEE”, she screamed as her hips began hunching and rolling faster than I would have thought humanly possible as his dick overwhelmed her completely. Every few seconds her ankles would hold her heels against his ass while she ground down onto his ever thickening girth as she cum fitfully.

Jimmy began walking into the room as she used her arms around his neck to try and dislodge his deeply impaling cock, lifting her body, but unable to lift high enough to rid her pussy of his black dick. He fucked her smoothly as she tried to hold herself up off his cock but inevitably her arms weakened and her body fell heavily and his deep impalement provoked another tensing release that had her begging him to fuck her forever. I watched as my beautiful wife was completely subjugated by his extreme manhood, addicted to feelings and sensations that I could never gift her. I heard her crying out that he was killing her, that she was losing her mind, that she couldn’t cum anymore and in the next breath pleading for him to fuck her forever, screaming how I, her husband, had never made her feel like he did fucking her with his black cock. All this and she had not even made it to the bed with him yet.

I went into the bedroom and undressed and lay down and could plainly hear the headboard of the bed next door being hammered against the wall violently. I smiled knowing that she was placing herself in Rita’s position and that he was imagining his wife similarly being fucked as my wife had been as they fucked frantically, both remembering Jimmy fucking my wife in the hallway. I also knew that his wife was remembering the steel-like core of Jimmy’s dick as she held it in her tight grasp. I wondered why Jimmy and Rita hadn’t made it to the bedroom yet, so I rose and walked back to the front room of the suite. There was a square leather ottoman about 3 feet by 3 feet in the middle of the room and there on it was my wife on her back, legs in the air and Jimmy between her thighs slowly stroking his long cock in and out of her distended pussy. I walked over and took her ankles in my hands and held them up as he labored in her pussy.

When Rita saw me above her holding her open so that Jimmy could fuck her she moaned loudly and squeezed her breasts roughly as her entire body began writhing. Her hands reached down and grasped Jimmy by his ass and held him tightly to her wildly hunching pussy. She was cumming hard, screaming for Jimmy to fuck her married white slut pussy. She kept staring up at my face as her body tensed as she cried, :Oh my god mark, he’s stretching me so deep, hurting me, fuck….can’t stop…..yes…yes….so much…bigger..than…you….unghh……unghhh…yes…YES…LIKETHAT….ohhhhhhhhHHHHHGODJIMMY! It was easy to see how much it affected her having me hold her open to a black man’s using her pussy. Her body jerked, bucked, trembled and then shook violently as he continued fucking her methodically, stroking her deeply using his entire cock from his tip to his large black balls.

When he ground his body roughly against her while his glans swelled against her deepest flesh, distending her painfully, her back arched, her hands squeezed the edges of the ottoman and she moaned, “Oh god you’re holding me…..fuck me……aiiieeeee……fuck it hurts……cumming…..oh no I’m cumming again……aieeeee…..fuck me…….holding me…cumming….on….black dick…….FUCK ME!…god fuck me!” She lost it completely as she grabbed his ass and held him to her as she tried to jerk free from my grasp. I let her legs slip free and she immediately began pulling at his thighs with her ankles holding him to her pussy as she insanely hunched up onto his most forceful thrusts. My dick was straining as her head flailed wildly as she screamed for his cum, begged him to give her his babies.

Hearing her pleadings Jimmy looked up at me and smiled, he knew she was his, that at this moment he owned her body and soul and I was completely helpless to prevent it. I felt humiliated, like my manhood had been stripped from me by my wife’s utter subjugation to his large black dick. “I’m gonna nut your beautiful wife’s pussy Mark, you might be raising a black baby after I empty these black balls deep inside her. You want my cum baby? Tell your hubby you want my niggar cum, beg him to tell me to fill your slut pussy with hot niggar cum.”

“I do, I do Mark. God I need to feel it shooting in my pussy. Tell him baby, please tell Jimmy to cum in me…god I need his hot cum….Oh God Jimmy please fuck it in me…doit baby”

“Give it to her Jim, fill her up”, I said weakly.

“Say it Mark, tell me you want to see a niggar nut your wife’s cunt while you jack off watching me.”

“Oh shit Mark, say it, tell him baby. You know you want it as bad as I do”, my wife pleaded with me!

My dick was jerking strongly, glans swelling and receding as I said, “Do it Jim, fuck your niggar cum as deep as possible in my wife’s cunt, give her your sperm, fuck it in her deep, hard like she needs it!”

Jimmy lifted her legs, placing her ankles on his shoulders and began fucking her using deep forceful strokes. His ass rose and fell rapidly, his body making slapping sounds as it contacted Rita’s sloppy pussy. He literally persecuted my wife’s pussy, pounding her till tears were running down her cheeks but still she begged, “Doit, oh god cum in me. Don’t stop, please cum…..oh damn I love your black cock”

I felt like I should prevent his hurting my wife as he was, but her pleading for his cum along with my own need to hear her screams as he filled her prevented me from doing anything. All I could do was stroke my cock as I watched my wife craving another man’s cum to be deposited deep inside her widely stretched cunt. What was wrong with us I wondered, what kind of madness were we experiencing that had us both craving for Jimmy to cum in her pussy. I can understand her need to feel as if she presented Jimmy with as much pleasure as he has gifted her. She needs that affirmation of her womanhood, but, why was my need as intense as hers for that same act? Why did I crave to know that my wife was feeling his hot juices squirting deep inside her married pussy and loving it, how could it possibly have my dick straining with hardness needing to hear Jimmy’s grunts of satisfaction as his balls drenched my wife’s inner flesh with his steamy juices?

I was brought back from my thoughts by a loud scream, Rita was excitedly hunching and rolling her hips as she screamed, “YES…DOIT…OHGOD ITS SWELLING SO HUGE….Mark, Mark….he’s gonna cum in me….yes..yes….oh god baby a black guy is gonna fill your wife’s pussy with niggar cum……oh fuck yes….. oh baby I feel it…..oh shit its so good…so hot..don’t stop….OH FUCK PLEASE DON”T STOP……..oh god Mark…I love it! Damn baby, he’s cumming… much cum…..aarrghhhhhhYEAH…..oh shit….oh god it hurts so good….shit….no…no.. not again…aarrgghhghhhh….cummin……fuck me….fuck it in me haard …aaiieeee oh god I love you so much Jimmy…….aaiieeeEEEEEEE……aiiiiieeeeeEEEEEEAARRGGHHH……so fuckin hard…deep…..oh god Mark he..he’s….oh fuck he’s still cumin….aarrggghhhHHHHHHHHGODDDDD

I knew I was about to cum and I wanted Rita to see it and know that her submission to Jimmy had thrilled me as much as it did her. I stood beside her jacking off and when she saw me she reached for my dick and pulled me to her mouth hungrily. Her mouth sucked at me while her tongue slid over my glans as she sucked my profusely oozing pre-cum from my tip. Every hot expulsion of Jimmy’s cum left her tensing, immobilized, with her teeth pressing into my dick as she strained. The pain of her bite set me off and I felt my cum racing from my balls as I cum, or I should say, tried to cum. The pressure of her bite had my cum stifled, blocked from exploding from my tip, once, twice my balls pumped as I felt my dick swelling its need for release. When she finally relaxed for a second my cum literally exploded out onto her tongue causing me such a sating thrill I cried out loudly. I heard her choking but I couldn’t help myself as I fucked her mouth roughly, driving my cum into her throat with each hot expulsion. Her entire body writhed and convulsed as she experienced a black guy filling her pussy while her husband flooded her throat with the excitement he felt at watching her succumb to her need of black ball cum.

I was straining as I forced my dick down her throat, my body jerking hard with each tightening of my constrictor muscle as her tight throat milked my dick. I saw her white hands contrasted against Jimmy’s dark ass, her wedding rings gleaming brightly as she pulled him into her uncontrollably. Seeing the rings that represented our marriage pressed against Jimmy’s ass as her hunger drove her to crave another man’s cum only intensified the excitement driving my own hunger. I can only imagine the emotions she felt as her husband fucked his cum into her throat while a black man filled her pussy with huge loads of his cum. Feeling the pain of his huge dick as it induced orgasm after orgasm while his balls jerked and spewed deeply within her, consumed her mind and body in the firestorm raging within. The knowledge that her husband found it thrilling to watch her receptive pleasure, completely overwhelmed her mind and addicted her body to these newfound intense stimulants.

Cum spewed from her nostrils as she choked but still she refused to part with my spewing dick, driven by her need for me to find pleasure in this act so that she may enjoy it again and again at later dates. Jimmy’s grunts and groans told of the pleasure he was finding within my wife’s white pussy as his ass clenched with each deep expulsion her squeezing and milking pussy afforded him. Gasping for breath I finally had to extricate my dick from her still avidly sucking mouth and sit beside her head as she continued holding Jim’s ass while he sporadically hunched the dregs of his ball juice inside her. Each hard thrust of his cock caused her to moan her pleasure and her thighs to tighten pulling him into her forcefully as her hips ground sensually up to his pulsing glans.

When he finally quit fucking her, he kissed her passionately for long minutes and I felt pangs of jealousy as I saw my wife’s enjoyment and the way she gave herself over to this young black guy. Her hips undulated around his failing dick expressing her need for more of his deep fucking as their tongues entwined. Even after they broke the kiss I could see the love expressed on Rita’s face as she held his ass and hunched slowly up against his still embedded dick, her eyes closed as she savored the feel of his black thickness within her. Jimmy finally rose and sat back on the floor leaving her lying there nude, pussy gaped widely, cum pouring from her to join the puddle pooling atop the ottoman, with a smile on her face. When her eyes opened, she looked up at me smiling broadly and said, “That was by far the best goddamn fucking I have ever had. I think you should suck Jimmy hard again so he can put that big black cock back where I need it baby”

I actually had to think about it for a few seconds before replying, “Umm no, I don’t think so”, but I knew inside that if she persisted she could talk me into it easily. I too wanted him back in my wife’s pussy pounding orgasm after orgasm from deep within her body. I sat there staring at Jimmy’s failing cock. It was even thicker than before. It was covered with my wife’s and his own cum, soaked and glistening in the light. It actually hung all the way down to the carpet over his still bloated balls and lay sideways it was so long. I knew I could never compete with such a cock, especially after seeing my wife’s reaction to feeling every inch of him buried inside her receptive pussy. I was actually afraid she might want to stay with him. I mentally decided that I should have as many black guys fuck her as possible so that her love of black dick wasn’t centered on just one person. I also knew she would be very receptive to that idea also. I knew there was a gang-bang in my wife’s future now that we knew we both wanted more of this.

I retrieved us drinks from the minibar and we sat talking and found out Jimmy was only nineteen years old and that Rita was his first white woman, which surprised me because of his maturity and comfort level in this experience. We explained our situation and about the last few months of craving for Rita to experience a black man’s cock and how it came about for us to be on the road today. We had moved to one of the beds and Rita was sitting between us, thankfully it was a king size bed. She was idly toying with both our cocks while chiding me about how much bigger and better feeling Jimmy’s was when we heard something. Listening, it sounded like a light tapping sound which we realized was someone knocking on the door. I went and cracked the door a bit and was surprised to see the girl from next door standing there in a robe glancing up and down the hallway furtively.

I opened the door and invited her in not thinking of my nudity. She walked past me while giving my cock a seemingly approving smile before saying, “Damn, does everyone have a bigger dick than my husband?”

“Speaking of your husband, where is he I inquired”, as my dick pulsed under her obvious scrutiny.

“He’s asleep. I gave him a couple of my sleeping pills so I could come over here and join the three of you, especially the black guy with the big dick. I don’t want you thinking I’m some kind of slut but I just can’t get the memory of how his dick felt in my hand and watching him fuck your wife. I can’t go the rest of my life wondering what it would be like to fuck a guy like him. You think your wife will mind”, she asked seriously?

“Lets go see, by the way I’m Mark and he’s Jimmy and my wife is Rita, what’s your name”, I asked?

“I should lie but I’m sure you didn’t so I won’t, my name is Jenny and my husband is Jake”, she replied.

When we entered the bedroom Rita was sucking Jimmy’s cock, pumping it in an effort to re-vitalize it to its massive state. “Hey Honey, would you like to share that black dick with another horny white woman in need of some black cock”, I asked smiling.

Jimmy’s eyes grew large as he gazed at Jenny and he said, “Damn girl, why don’t you just slip out of the robe and come help Rita with this black cock?”

Jenny pressed the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor exposing her nudity. She had a goddess like body like Rita, firm breasts, a perfectly round ass and a shaved pussy that had her husband’s cum oozing from it. She slowly walked to the bed allowing us all to see her fully, then crawled up on the other side of Jimmy and placed her hand on his cock and moaned as she felt its heft and size. “Oh my god Rita did you get all this in you”, as she began pumping him. Her eyes seemed to gleam with a devilish admiration as her mouth found his black dick, her breathing becoming deep as her hand began rubbing her pussy. I placed my hand on her pussy and began fingering her as her chest began heaving while sucking on Jimmy’s thick glans. She raised up on her hands and knees and removing her mouth from his dick looked at Rita and asked, “Can your husband fuck me Rita, can he fuck me while I suck this black cock?”

“Rita’s eyes cloaked with lust as she said, “Hmmmm I think I’d like that. You probably need to be loosened up a little before trying Jimmy’s cock. How big is your hubby’s dick baby”, Rita asked her?

“He’s like a baby next to these two. I don’t guess I’ve ever had a real man’s dick, but I really need to feel them, can he, please”, she begged?”

I didn’t wait. I positioned myself behind her and wet my cock head with her husband’s cum and began pressing into her pussy. She was tight and her pussy resisted my entry as she moaned, “Oh god that feels so good, you’re so thick, please fuck me….ohhhhhhhhh god…oh shit….oh god Rita he feels so good! Oh god do it, fuck me….fuck me please…oh shit you’re so big…so deep…aiiiieeee…..oh god yes…hurt me…damn I.I.I’m….oh my sweet jesus….I’m cumming….oh shit its so big…so fuckin hard…aarrrggghhhh Don’t stop……oh my god I never knew…aarrrgghhHHHHH…..thank you Rita…oh god thank you..aiieeeEE!

Rita told me to lay down on my back with her facing up atop me and I did. Then she moved between our thighs and I saw her face and she had this intensely lustful look etched on her face and her tongue ran slickly over her lips and I realized what she was about to do and began fucking forcefully up into Jenny’s pussy as my wife’s face lowered and I felt her tongue begin licking at Jenny’s clit which provoked a loud scream from her lips and her hips began rolling as she pulled Rita’s head to her tightly. “Oh my god…oh my god…..oh damn I can’t…aarrghhhhh…..oh god don’t stop……aaiiieeEEEEEE…fuckme….fuckme Please fuck me hard……ohhhhhhhhhhhnoooooooo……oh god you’re killing me Rita…….Shit that’s so good…….oh god not again…..oh shit stop…you gotta stop….aarrgghhHHHHHGODNONO”, and she tried to get away to prevent the insanity of pleasure she was being subjected to from driving her to a place she feared she’d never return from. I held her down atop me as I fucked up into her as deeply as possible while Rita sucked hard on her clit, her tongue sliding over it slickly, wetly.

Her screams became so loud, Jimmy stuck his hard dick in her mouth and she began devouring it as it offered her an object to distract her from the intense pleasure at her pussy. “Jimmy, come fuck her pussy for awhile, honey let Jimmy have her pussy”, Rita said. I knew by the mischievous look on her face she was up to something and I really wanted to dump my balls in Jenny’s pussy but hell we had all night I figured so I withdrew. Jimmy wasted no time getting between our thighs to take the new white pussy he knew he could addict to his black dick.

“Oh god no, its too big, I.I.can’t…oh shit you’re hurting me…oh god I want it so bad but I.I.I just can’…..oh my god….oh my god……OH YES..mmmmmmm..oh fuck don’t move….oh damn its in me…oh fuck I have a black cock in me….oh damn…….oh fuck it feels so good, so fucking good……so thick…..god its hard…..oh god fuck me…fuck me Jimmy…..oh damn I want it so bad….fuck me like you fucked Rita in the hallway……aaiiieeeeEEEEENOOO you’re hurting my pussy….oh god you’re so huge….sto.sto..oh damn fuck me…..damn you’re both so much better than my husband……oh god I’m cumming……..oh no, no…..ohhhhhhhhyeah….fuckit…fuckit Jimmy…..gimme your black cock……doit….doithard….oh god it hurts me so fuckin good…aarrghhhhhhh.

I slid out from under her and jimmy lay down fully upon her and began fucking her with a methodical rhythm using long forceful strokes that stretched her pussy with each forward thrust of his thin black hips. Jenny was out of control. Never in her life had she experienced such deep forceful fucking by men of such girth and length and she loved it. Her hips hunched insanely up to his deepest, hardest strokes, grinding her pussy into his cock as her hands and feet pulled him into her strongly. She held her pussy to his hard grinding as her hips rotated around the massive hardness impaling her pussy deeply. She cum continuously, unable to speak or even to cry out except with his deepest most painful descents into her distended cunt. She would never be the same, she would crave these feelings the rest of her life and experience them every chance that presented itself.

“Roll her over Jimmy”, Rita said with a devilish grin on her face.

Jimmy rolled her over atop him with her knees on the bed as she hunched down roughly onto his cock, straining down onto him as she attempted to take him inside her fully. Rita lay behind them and spread Jenny’s ass cheeks with her hands and began licking her ass hole roughly causing Jenny to lay down fully atop Jim and roll her hips sensually as she felt my wife’s probing caresses. “Damn, nobody has ever done that to me. God that feels so nasty makes me…ohhhh yeahh I like that….oh damn I want something in me there…in my ass”, she moaned.

“Hold her ass open Jimmy”, Rita said as she motioned for me to fuck her ass.

I got behind her and placed my glans at her raw ringed muscle and held it against her as her anus squeezed and relaxed alternately. Each time she relaxed I pressed my cock into her a hair more. After 5 minutes or so my glans was buried in her ass with her anus squeezing my shaft behind my glans. “Oh god that hurts, its burning, your too big for my ass Mark….Don’t move…oh god it hurts, burns like your ripping me…I don’t think……ohhhyeah……fuckme……oh fuck your black cock is in me so deep…..fuck me Mark…fuck it in me just a little….ohhhhgodyeah…….oh damn…black dick in my pussy and a white cock up my ass….shit I feel so slutty… hot…..fuck me…..oh..oh….oh yeah fuck my ass….doit…oh god I’m cumming…..oh shit I feel your dicks rubbing inside me…..don’t stop…fuckme faster….harder oh god I can’t stop cumming…….FUCK ME…FUCK MY ASSHOLE…aaaiieeeeEEEEEEE……..arghhhHHHHHHH…YES YES…..oh god I love this…don’t stop…aiiieeeee…don’t ever stop…Please don’t stop…aarrgghhhhhhh”

I watched Rita get on her hands and knees and back her pussy up over Jimmy’s head until it was directly in front of Jenny’s face. Jenny just lost it, she knew what Rita wanted and she gripped my wife’s ass and pressed her face into the beautiful cleft of her ass and began licking and sucking insanely. Rita turned her hips up where Jenny could tongue fuck her pussy and lick and suck her clit and Jenny obliged her in a maniacal fashion. I watched Rita pressing back onto Jenny’s tongue and I reached down and held her head as my wife smothered her with her soaked cunt. Jenny loved it and I heard the sucking and licking noises as she mouthed her deeply. Jenny wasn’t thinking, she was responding to the feeling of our cocks fucking her and her cumming repeatedly. I saw Rita’s hips begin hunching back against Jenny’s face forcefully and knew she was cumming as she ground her pussy into Jenny’s deeply licking tongue. “Oh damn eat it Jenny…cumming….suck it baby….eat my cum…god I love the way you make me feel……fuck me with your tongue……ohhhhshit…..oh god..oh god yeah suck it…..oh god she’s sucking my clit so harddd…..aaiieeEEEEEE……..don’t stop…fuck her Jimmy…fuck her ass baby……oh god make her cum….she..she’s making me cum so good…..cum in her……let her feel those black balls unload in her white cunt…….Mark, cum in her ass baby…..let her feel my man flood her slut asshole.

She hadn’t needed to tell me because I was already fighting not to cum and losing the battle. Jenny adapted to having a dick up her ass very quickly and now couldn’t seem to get enough. She was fucking both our cocks as she moaned into Rita’s pussy, squeezing my dick with her anus as she clenched Jimmy’s big cock with her pussy. “Oh yeah, oh yeah baby, get ready for some niggar cum up in that tight white pussy, arrrgghhhh yeah that’s it fuck that pussy down on this dick…get that cum slut….unghhh”, Jimmy groaned.

I knew he was about to spew so I began fucking Jenny’s asshole as fast and hard as I could using my full dick’s length. She screamed and I knew Jimmy was creaming her pussy. Her hips ground her pussy down onto his erupting cock forcefully as she screamed oh god I feel it, oh god your dicks so huge, don’t stop, cum in me, cum in my white pussy, oh god there’s so much cum. I love your black its hot cum in my husbands pussy…oh god he never cums like this….cum in my ass mar….oh god yeah, doit, oh fuck I feel so nasty…feel it squirting in my asshole….Oh fuck I love this so much….thank you Rita, god thank you so much……oh damn…ass so slick…fuck me Mark….don’t stop…fuck your cum up my slut ass.”

Jimmy and I both began a flurry of forceful thrusts that had her cumming uncontrollably, her body began trembling, then shuddering, then she began shaking violently as her legs extended and tears began flowing from her eyes and she began sobbing hysterically, choking as she cried and tensed, body bucking, jerking until she collapsed limply and lay there sniffling as she choked and asked, “Oh my god how am I gonna tell my husband he can’t satisfy me anymore. I want more of this. I love him I really do but just thinking of him fucking me now frustrates me. I don’t want a divorce. What can I do?”, she asked as we separated and we all lay there panting for breath.

“We need a plan. I know your hubby was turned on watching Jimmy fuck me in the hall because I saw his dick hard in his pants. That means he would probably be turned on watching Jimmy fuck you. Did he say anything last night while you were fucking”, Rita asked her?

“He asked if I could be like that but of course I asked him if he wanted me to be like that. I wasn’t about to admit how much I wanted to be like that, not to my husband anyway. Now that I think about it he never answered. Do you think he would want to see Jimmy fuck me, that it turned him on that much watching you two fuck?”

“Ok, here’s what we’re gonna do. Tomorrow at about eleven o’clock in the morning make sure you’re out of ice and ask your hubby to go get some. This ice machine up here is out of order so he’ll have to go down to the ground floor to get it. When he gets there he’s gonna see Mark sitting there and Mark will ask him to have a cup of coffee with him. You know the conversation will get around to the hallway tonight and Mark can find out if he’d like to see you with Jimmy. Just be sure you don’t have sex with him before then cause trust me your pussy will still be gaped and you won’t even be able to feel his dick at all. Hopefully Mark will have you two coming over for drinks shortly after that and Jimmy and I will put on a show and you two will get involved and we’ll just all go with the flow and trust me once he watches you fuck these two guys and I suck the hide off his dick he will be as addicted as Mark is to you fucking black guys. Can you do that? Remember you have to get him to get the ice.”

“We need to get your hubby to suck this black dick Jenny, that would seal the deal if you both wanted black dick”, Jimmy said smiling broadly.

“Yeah maybe Mark can suck your cock first then Jake might just join in”, Rita added smiling mischievously.

“Yeah then Jimmie can suck both our white cocks for you lady’s enjoyment”, I said while looking at Jimmy.

“Hey, I’m up for that as long as you guys suck me too. I’d love to see these two girl’s eyes as I sucked the cum from your white cock man. I mean hell its just sex, it ain’t like I’m gonna fall in love with you. I’m up for anything that’s reciprocal, even taking your white cock up my ass, but remember you have to take this black cock up that white asshole.”

Needless to say I was stunned by his admission. I wished my cock hadn’t began pulsing as I envisioned us doing everything he had mentioned but it did and the more I thought of Rita and Jenny watching me suck his dick the harder I got. I felt gay and began questioning my manhood but I couldn’t shake the visions of all of us in a pile, everybody sucking and licking on anybody that was near. I didn’t want to do something like that but deep inside I knew I would if pressed and worse, I’m sure I’d enjoy it. I knew I was going to have Jimmy’s dick in my hands, mouth and possibly my ass and was already convincing myself that when we left Jimmy and Jake and Jennie no one would ever know what I had done except Rita and I knew I could trust her. What I didn’t realize was just how much I would like being able to sex either sex freely and that I would be completely bi before I left this room. It was a knowledge that Rita and I both would come to love.

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