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The Family by wife4hungblk

Everything was not as it appeared in the Madigan home though. Jill loved her husband with all her heart but she had needs that he could never understand or fill. Before she had met and fell in love with her husband she had been meeting with an older black man for sex in a somewhat surreptitious relationship. She knew she could never be with a black man without losing her family and friends back then. While race relations had improved a lot by the 1990's her relatives and close friends and their families still did not believe in the races mingling sexually or intermarrying.


Jill had been faithful to her husband until an old Black lover resurfaced in her lifeKyle and Jill Madigan were happily married with two beautiful daughters aged 15 and 12 in the summer of 2012. They had a good marriage and were very much in love. They had married in 1996 and their daughter Layla was born a year later. Their lives were a struggle and when Alexis was born in 2000 they had a hard time of it until Kyle graduated college shortly after, but since then their lives had become typical of upper middle income families. Kyle had risen quickly at his firm and they led comfortable lives not wanting for anything they needed.

Jill was a warm hearted woman that was loved by everyone that knew her and her and Kyle’s relationship with their daughters was very close; so close in fact that every mother that knew them was jealous of how they seemed more friends than parents and daughters. Everyone wanted to know their secret to managing their girls. The girls themselves for all outward appearances were very well mannered, good girls.

Everything was not as it appeared in the Madigan home though. Jill loved her husband with all her heart but she had needs that he could never understand or fill. Before she had met and fell in love with her husband she had been meeting with an older black man for sex in a somewhat surreptitious relationship. She knew she could never be with a black man without losing her family and friends back then. While race relations had improved a lot by the 1990’s her relatives and close friends and their families still did not believe in the races mingling sexually or intermarrying.

Omar was 32 in 1993 and she 15 when she first met him at a 5K run for charity she was participating in. He was 6′ 2″ and very fit and muscular and his cock was outlined very plainly in his running shorts. She felt uncomfortable when he had first said something to her and she had glanced down and saw his large dick so obvious to anyone’s gaze. They talked about the race and he inquired if she run often and if that was how she acquired such a wonderful body. She had blushed and became quite embarrassed by an older man with such an enormous cock finding her attractive.

He had asked her to have coffee with him after the race but she would never feel comfortable being seen in public alone with an older black guy and put him off saying, “Maybe another time”. When he had asked for her number she hesitated, but she really found him to be a nice man in spite of his being black. She later wondered if she had really found him that attractive and nice or if it had just been the wetness she felt and the throbbing at her clit she experienced the whole time they talked as her gaze couldn’t stray from his big dick for long. She felt more mature when she talked to Omar. He talked and treated her as an adult not a teenaged girl. He made her feel special and pretty and desired as a woman not a girl. She enjoyed the attention of an older man even if he was Black. She was no virgin and loved the feel of a hard cock provoking orgasms from deep within her and she was sure his dick could perform that feat effortlessly. No matter the reason she had given him her number.

Over the next few weeks they had talked for some long minutes and gotten to know each other pretty well. He kept asking her out but she just couldn’t bring herself to taking the chance of being seen with him by her friends or family. Finally she had to tell him why she wouldn’t go out with him while assuring him that she had no problem being with him other than that. Her family was the most important thing in her life. He was very understanding of her position but indicated he really wanted to be with her in person if just to talk. He invited her to his home in a well-known gated community 20 minutes or so out of town. Every home in it was an estate with at least ten acres crisscrossed by streams and small lakes. Most of the homes were hidden from the road by stands of old oak trees surrounding them. It was a very spacious community of wealthy people that liked their privacy.

Just the fact of him living behind those big gates with a guard at the entry was enough to convince her to go. She had heard many stories of the homes behind those gates and was intrigued by the thought of seeing them. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she could do anything there and no one would ever know. Since beginning to talk to Omar she had spent many minutes with him on the phone and her hand rubbing her clit remembering his cock and the feelings it instilled in her as she gazed at it. Shortly after meeting Omar she had turned sixteen and got her driver’s license and her first car. She agreed to come to his home the following Friday evening. Needless to say Friday evening was the first time she felt Omar’s big cock stretching her pussy in ways that had her permanently addicted to fucking him.

They met at his home at least once a week for months and she would have been there every day if she could have accomplished it without arousing anyone’s suspicions or curiosity’s of where she went. Then there was the day she was out shopping and Omar called and asked her if she wished to come to a small party he was having with some friends at his home. She wanted to go for sure but she asked if there was any chance anyone could know her. Omars laugh should have instilled a premonition of what was to come but when he said, “No baby, I can assure you nobody here knows you…yet!”, she began walking to her car with a hunger in her pussy and a smile on her face knowing shortly she would feel his huge cock pummeling her pussy.

When she arrived she found out the “Small Party”, was actually a group of well hung black men sitting around the pool drinking nude and she was to be the party favor for them all. She couldn’t lie and say she didn’t welcome what she got as they fucked all her holes repeatedly for hours and hours but she was surprised that Omar would put her out there like he did. That was the day she realized that she would always need black men in her life. It was also the day she realized how she loved being an exhibitionist sexually, having people watch her being fucked and fucking black dicks. The feeling of her pussy being stretched painfully while a black man’s hot cum spewed deeply inside her, soothing the hurt of his dick as she begged for more became an ingrained need that day.

Then she met Kyle and learned to love him as a person and she felt guilty each time she met with Omar and his friends so she told him of her feelings and that she wasn’t coming anymore. As usual he was very understanding and wished her the best while assuring her she would be missed badly and was welcome anytime if she changed her mind. She knew Omar wouldn’t do without. He had brought other women to their get-togethers very often the last few months. While full of hard, fat black dick it had been reasonably easy to talk her and the other girls into having sex for the pleasure of the guys present. She had learned to look forward to those encounters. She loved to suck a woman’s pussy while people watched. She held nothing back when at Omar’s, his home was where she could unleash her inner slut completely, her sanctuary from the morals that restricted her enjoying every moment of her “Normal” life.

Her and Kyle married, had kids and were happy. But, every time she saw an attractive black man with a large bulge in his pants she filled with a hunger to feel him inside her. Throughout those years she had masturbated often to the memories of Omar’s house. Even more than the black dicks she missed the feel of another woman’s mouth and hands on her body. Kyle’s dick alleviated her hunger for black dick somewhat but nothing replaced the feelings she had while sucking a woman to an orgasm while others watched. She wished she had become better friends with the women frequenting Omar’s home so she could meet them for sex, even possibly having Kyle there with them..

Jill’s needs seemed to grow exponentially with the birth of each child. Kyle’s cock no longer filled her or sated the needs she had. She relied more and more on her large black dildo’s and her memories to try and sate her desires. She spent many hours trying to think of a way to get her husband to agree to her fucking black men every once in a while but always realized she would never have the courage to risk their relationship and marriage by actually speaking to him about it.

Maybe it was fate that one day while shopping she saw a man that resembled Omar. She had stopped for a sandwich at the food court and across the court she saw the man drinking a cup of coffee and eating a sandwich. Her pussy filled and her breathing became deep, quicker as her mind flooded with memories of Omar and his friends. She had to cross her legs and her thighs squeezed tightly as her leg pumped to the tempo of the throbbing at her clit. Could it be she wondered? He looked older but the bulge in his pants was just as large as years ago. He noticed her staring at him and his gaze moved up and down her body, lingering beneath her table on her exposed thighs before again rising to her face. She saw the recognition register on his face and his mouth showing a big smile as he rose and approached her saying, “Jill, is this really you?”

Jill’s heart was pounding. She knew she should deny being herself and run from him but she was frozen, unable to move. Her hesitation became embarrassing and she stammered, “Er, I,,,I,,,Omar is it really you”?

“Oh my god girl, you look as delicious as the first time I saw you at that run all those years ago. How have you been…he asked?”

“Married and raising kids Omar, and you?” she replied hoping when he found out she was married he would exchange pleasantries and then leave. She knew if he wanted to she would fuck him right there in front of god and everyone at the mall. Just being in his presence was enough to cause a veil of passionate need to fog her mind and cause the seething that was always dormant in her loins to flare and become an inferno of craving need in her pussy. She knew if she didn’t get away from him she was lost. She wanted to beg him to take her somewhere and fuck her brains out but her love for Kyle and her kids stood in the way just as they had for years.

“Oh I guess I’m just like you left me sweetie, nothing changed much except I’m older now”…he replied.

” I’m sorry Omar but I really have to run” she said as she looked at her watch. “It was really nice seeing you, it brings back a lot of good memories of my crazy youth”

Omar sensed her uneasiness and suspected the cause of it and said, “Sure Jill, but hey let me walk you to your car while we talk a bit. I really enjoy seeing you again. I’d love to meet your family sometimes.” he said casually.

Jill felt relief when he said that about meeting her family. It led her to believe he didn’t have any sexual intentions which is exactly what Omar wished her to believe. As they walked he asked her, “Are you happy Jill? I remember you as a laughing, care-free young woman with a ravenous appetite for sex and now here you are all serious and responsible. Is your husband a good man Jill, say, is he the guy you met when you quit coming over?

Jill had to smile as she said, “Yes Omar, the same guy. I told you I loved him. Do you think I would have given up what we enjoyed if I wasn’t sure he was worth it?

“Yeah I remember thinking that he must have a huge dick to keep you from having what you were getting at the house?”

Jill laughed loudly as she said, “No, he doesn’t at all.” Then feeling guilty at speaking about Kyle like that she added, “He is hung pretty good but nothing like you and the guys at the house. I don’t love him for his sex Omar, he is a good man and I respect him and would never want to hurt him intentionally. Their talking of their sexual pursuits back then had the hunger within her almost unbearable as he hugged her as they walked. Feeling his hands on her, squeezing her through her dress as she remembered them holding her hips as he plowed her pussy, had her panties soaked. Omar exuded an air of manliness, an inner strength that drew women to him. He was confident of his manhood and never pressed himself on a woman until she indicated she wanted him to, and then he became an alpha male and took complete control of her body and mind.

As they approached the car Jill felt both relief and regret at knowing she would be leaving Omar’s presence. This was the biggest test of her fidelity to Kyle since they married and she needed it to be over lest she succumb to her inner sexual desires as she did those many years ago when with this stud man. Back then she was young and inexperienced and didn’t know what she was going to experience and its effect on her. Today she was fully aware of the immense pleasure to be found on Omar’s huge black cock and to have him so near knowing he would give her what she needs so very readily was becoming unbearable. The yearning that knowledge instilled in her pussy and mind was overwhelming in its intensity.

They rehashed the memory of her first “Small Party” as they made the long walk to the back of the lot where she parked. Those memories caused an anguish in her mind as she tried to repress the hunger that was permeating her comletely. She tried to remain composed even though she had a fire seething in her loins. She noticed that there was a pick-up truck parked on both sides of her car as they approached it. She stopped at her door between the car and the truck and turned to face Omar to say good-bye.

Without thinking she stretched up on her toes to place a slight kiss on his lips. As she did it Omar’s hand encircled her waist and pulled her to him and he kissed her passionately. She tried to turn her head as her mind cried out, “No, no, you can’t”. She felt the large knot of his dick pressing against her clit as he lifted her by her ass and ground it against her. The intense thrills racing from her mashed bud caused a hard shudder to run through her body and her mind succumbed as his lips pressed to hers. Her arousement was overwhelming as her thighs spread and she ground her hips into his body as his large hands squeezed her ass cheeks tightly. His hands slid beneath her dress to cup her ass cheeks while his fingers teased her asshole and pussy as her tongue entered his mouth. She heard his zipper being drawn down and realized he was about to fuck her right there in the parking lot. Breaking their kiss she pleaded, “NO, no oh god Omar no….I can’t…..husband”

Omar sensed her need and paid no attention to her pleas. He ripped her panties from her body before lifting her legs as he pressed her back against her car. His stiff cock was sliding over her clit as he hunched it against her while saying, “I remember what you like Jill and I’m gonna fuck you right here in public with everyone watching. Put it in baby, you know you need it, take my black cock like you used to.

Jill’s mind was torn but her body screamed its need as a weakness flooded over her and she resigned herself to what she knew she wanted. Her hand grasped his fat cock and a loud moan escaped her lips as she remembered the feeling she was about to receive. She felt his fat glans at her flooding pussy, felt its hot rawness pressing against the wet flesh there as it opened her to its huge girth.

Omar wasted no time forcing to her depths as he rammed his long black dick incessantly into Jill’s undulating body. He fucked her roughly, deeply as her weight forced her pussy to accept every hard inch of his huge dick. Jill was out of control, hunching her pussy wildly into his up thrusting dick as she screamed how badly she had missed his big cock. Seeing people driving and walking by only incensed her need for his cock. She screamed her love of him and swore she’d never quit fucking him again. His dick felt hot inside her, stretching her until her pussy felt ripping and when she cum her hands reached down and pulled at his ass, her fingernails digging into his flesh through his trousers as she roughly hunched into his swollen cockhead.

Jill heard a woman exclaim, “My god honey look at his dick, where does she put all that black cock.?” Turning her head she saw a couple in a car stopped in the aisle watching them fuck and every cell of her body seemed to explode with its own orgasm knowing she was being watched as Omar fucked his huge black dick up into her white cunt. Her eyes closed as the intensity of her spasms had her begging Omar to fuck her hard, to hurt her pussy. Her orgasms felt like one continuous outpouring of intensity. One hard spasm would course through her and as it waned another of more powerful proportions would immobilize her as Omar held her to his dick and power fucked her pussy until she thought she was going insane. Her head was flailing wildly, hips hunching ferociously each time a waning of her orgasm occurred and then hips out-turning as she stiffened under the assault upon her deepest walls.

Tears flowed down Jill’s face as she sobbed at the pleasure she had longed for so many years. She felt so much love for Omar and his huge black dick, so much gratitude for taking her even though she indicated she didn’t want it. She felt so womanly as she rode his dick, so special that Omar wanted her pussy so badly that he just took her right there in the parking lot after all these years. She cried at the thought that she had cheated on Kyle and sobbed hard at the knowledge that she was going to do it again and again. None of those thoughts mattered as long as Omar had his big dick buried to his balls in her husband’s pussy, he owned her, owned her pussy like no other man could. She would always love Kyle but she now knew she would always fuck Omar. She drew him to her and kissed him passionately as she accepted in her mind that her pussy belonged to this Black man even if her heart belonged to Kyle and her kids.

Jill didn’t hear her phone ringing in her purse that was laying on the ground beneath her as she was totally engulfed in making up for all the years she had craved what she was receiving so deeply from her old lover. She knew there would be changes in her life from this newly awakened hunger but she couldn’t think of that as long as Omar was inside her.

Layla and Alexis knew their mom was at the mall so when they decided they wished to attend the show that evening Layla had driven them to the mall in search of her. They needed some money from their allowances and besides they enjoyed hanging at the Mall anyway. The mall was packed and they had to park all the way at the back and walk to the mall proper. They searched the mall and visited a few of their favorite stores but never found their mom. Realizing they weren’t going to find and surprise her they began walking to the exit while Layla tried to call Jill. As they exited the building their mom’s phone went to voicemail and Layla just hung up. Alexis was talking to some school friends she had run into so Layla told her she would go get the car and pick her up right where she was. Alexis said Ok and went back to talking with her friends.

Layla wondered why her mother hadn’t answered the phone, she always answered her phone. As she neared her car at the back of the lot she heard what she thought was a woman crying a few aisles over. Stopping, she gazed around until she saw the source of the sounds. Her jaw dropped open as she saw a woman pressed up against a car, her legs held up by a large black man’s arms as he appeared to be fucking her senseless. It was then that she had the thought that the car she was held against was like her mom’s. She couldn’t see the woman’s face but the hair was the same color as her mom’s. Layla became instantly fearful as she thought her mom might be being raped by the black man. She ran up the aisle until she was across from the couple fucking and moved nearer between the cars until she was only a cars’ length from them.

It was her mom, but she seemed to be enjoying the guy fucking her, even begging him to fuck her harder, deeper. People were watching them from cars stopped in the aisle and standing nearby. Layla then lowered her gaze to the Black guys cock as it pistoned in her mom’s pussy. My god he’s huge, she thought, where does it all go. Layla watched mesmerized at the way her mom’s hips rolled and hunched into his hardest thrusts. She felt her own pussy filling with a wetness unlike any she had ever felt. Did the guy rape her and she liked his huge cock fucking her she wondered. She knew her mom loved her dad and couldn’t believe she fucked this guy willingly…but…she could hear her mom screaming how much she loved the guy, even crying out things like, “Oh god fuck me hard Omar, oh fuck I’ve needed you so long baby’.

She also heard “Omar” say, “Let these people see you cum on this big nigga dick baby, show em how much you love them watching you fuck a black man”, and she also saw the effect his words had on her mom as her thighs tried to straighten and she cum hard over and over. Layla was watching as the guy groaned and began fucking her mom fiercely causing Jill to scream with the ferocity of his assault on her pussy, “YES, YES!…Cum in me….oh god yes…doit Oh shit your dicks so good….aiieeeeeEEEEEEE…. oh god it hurts…….yes yes! oooohhFUCKYES!

Layla was holding her pussy as she watched her mom screaming as his dick filled her with his cum. She saw his white cum spilling from around his dick as he pumped her full repeatedly. She saw her mom cum hard, clawing at his body and grabbing his head in her hands and kissing him passionately as he continued ramming his black dick up forcefully into her pussy. Layla wanted to feel what her mom was feeling right at that moment. Her pussy was crying out to be fucked. Her knees got weak and she sank to the ground as she heard people applauding and whistling and cat calling as the black guys cum spurted from around his huge dick as he hunched violently into her mom’s cunt.

Layla was shaken. If she hadn’t seen it herself no one could have ever convinced her that her mother would fuck a black guy in the mall parking lot with people watching and cumming her ass off while she did it. What she saw next was even more shocking as the guy slid from her mom’s pussy and she knelt before him and began licking and sucking his now fully exposed cock clean. She heard other women exclaiming how huge “Omar’s” cock was and how could she have taken all of it up in her pussy. Her mom literally adored his cock with her mouth but for some reason she had tears running down her cheeks as if crying. Her actions implied they were tears of joy as her mouth engulfed his fat glans and she pumped it like she wanted him to cum in her mouth. It was obvious to Layla that she wanted more of this man’s dick. Her mom’s eyes kept glancing at the people watching her and it seemed to drive her knowing they were seeing her mouth his cock.

She saw the man lift her mom from the ground like she was a toy, open the car door and place her in the drivers seat and close the door before picking up her bags and purse from the ground and handing them to her. This whole time his cock was hanging from his pants and Layla couldn’t take her eyes from it. God she wanted to feel him fucking her as forcefully as he had just fucked her mom. She understood perfectly how her mom could be influenced to fuck him, hell any woman would, married or not. She watched as he then leaned in the door and kissed her mom with obvious passion. It wasn’t a hurried kiss like he was afraid of being caught, but a slow meaningful kiss that seemed to go on forever. Layla could easily discern their tongues were entwining as they enjoyed their soulful kiss. Surely her mom had feelings for this black man. Layla wanted to be mad at her mom for cheating on her dad but she just couldn’t, not with her own pussy craving to fuck the same cock her mom had been seduced and subjugated by.

Omars cock had stiffened as he kissed Jill and stood straight out from his body as Layla’s clit throbbed in a crescendo of need and her pussy ached to feel him in her deeply. Omar glanced at her mom and said, “I’ll save this for you baby, don’t keep me waiting long”, and opened his pants and pulled his cock upright and closed his pants over it and allowed his shirt-tail to hang down over it but it was still very discernable. He walked away without a glance back towards her mom. The show over the people who had been watching began leaving. Layla sat down and leaned back against the car she had been peering from behind as she debated following the guy and trying to seduce him into fucking her also. Just then her phone rang. It was her mom. She answered and her mom said, “Hi sweetie, I’m sorry I didn’t answer when you called, I must not have heard it, what did you want?”

“Where are you mom, me and Alexis have been looking for you at the mall and couldn’t find you?”

“Oh really, are you still there”, she asked, her voice seeming to tremble a little.

“Yeah Alexis is talking to some friends and I’m walking to get the car and I’m gonna go back and get her, why, are you at the mall”, she asks, pretending not to know where she is?

“Well actually I’m sitting in the car in the parking lot but you’d probably never find me it’s so packed”, Jill replied.

Layla ran stooped over back a few aisles and back towards the building before standing and saying. “We just wanted some of our allowance money to go to the show, what aisle are you in and I’ll try to find you,” She began walking where she was sure her mom would see her as she said, “Just look up at the light towers, they have aisle markers on them and see what aisle you’re in.”

In just seconds she heard her mom say, “I see you baby, you’re right in front of me just a couple of aisles over. Look to your left, I’m waving at you”!

“Oh yeah I see you now mom”, she replied as she began walking to her mom’s car. Layla couldn’t help but notice the large wet spot on the ground next to the car and the whitish cum clinging to the side of the car and the trail of moisture down the door as she thought, my god she cum a bucket full and that must be his cum sliding down the door. Jill looked like she had been rode hard and put away wet and the truth was she had been. “Damn mom why are you perspiring so much, you look like you’re burning up”, Layla asked inquisitively, knowing it would make her mom uncomfortable.

“I’ve been walking so much in that damned mall and I had to park all the way back here and I’m wore out and just need a good hot shower baby”, she replied as she took out her wallet and gave Layla a hundred dollars while saying, “Here baby, you two have a good time and it’s on momma.”

“Gee thanks mom, I’ll split it with Alexis”, she said as she placed her hands on the window sill and leaned in to kiss her mom good-by.” She knew her mom had traces of their cum on her lips from sucking his cock clean and Layla wanted to taste it. As she kissed her mom the scent of her sexing wafted up from her lap. “Damn mom your breath stinks like ass, you should stop and get a breath mint before you kiss dad, what did you eat anyway”, Layla asked just to see her mom squirm? Then as she lifted her hands from the car she said, “EWWW, what is all over your car mom, it’s all down the side of it and it looks like…….I don’t know what it is but it’s slimy and sticky and there’s a puddle of it on the ground. Did you spill something?”

Jill’s face turned a bright crimson and she averted her eyes as she realized her daughter had placed her hands in her and Omar’s emissions from their coupling just minutes before. “Well crap, somebody must have spilled something as they walked through honey. Shit, I don’t even have a tissue sweetie”, she said pretending ignorance.

“That’s ok mom I have some in the car but you really should get that cleaned off. Then laughing she says, it almost looks like some guy cum on it. Don’t let dad see that”, she turned and left as her mom sat there with a look on her face as if wondering if she knew.

Layla gazed at the glob of cum sticking to her left thumb knowing it was the black guys ball juice and on impulse licked it off and savored it on her taste buds while her pussy clenched at her action. Not bad she thought, I could get to like that if I could suck it from its source as she remembered his huge cock and the affect it had on her mom and herself just watching. She started the engine and was pulling out as she pondered if she should tell Alexis what she saw. Probably not she decided, it would just cause her to worry if mom and dad were going to get a divorce and she might be pissed at mom fucking a black guy. She knew she would have to have a talk with her mom about what she had seen but it had to be the right time and place. She may even have to tell her dad if the circumstances become right for it.

To be continued: Should I

I love to write erotica stories and other fun stories. You can read all of my stories right here on our page please leave us a comment on how you like our stories. I also custom design all of my book covers and logos to if you need a custom book cover let me know and I will create you one for a fee. We are going to have lots of stories coming it takes time to write so you will just have to check back with us to see what's new ok enjoy.

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