We made an arrangmentDad had seen my brother and I playing grab ass and told our mom to go and scold us. She went on and on loudly to tell us not to touch each other, keep our bedroom doors closed and to keep covered with our robes when we had on our night clothes. Mom stood in the doorway to keep a eye on dad in the living room as she rambled on.

Our mom was so cool, she was the best in my sisters and my mind. Dad only came home every 3 months due to his sea job. The ship had girls ‘provided’ for the men which mom knew about. Sis and I provided for mom’s lack of affection and loneliness.

It first started one evening when we saw mom just staring out he living room window. She didn’t see us watching her. She was smiling and rubbing her tits slightly. My sister Megan whispered to me: (“Mom’ thinking about something sexy I think.”) We smiled and I agreed. I said: (“I love to see her get horny like that. She gets no sex and I bet she’s thinking about it. Let’s go and tickle her and make her more horny.”)
Megan said: (“ Chuck, that’s cruel….but maybe she’d like it. Let’s go.”)

We snuck up behind her and hugged her. We all giggled and Megan and I started in on her. We started tickling her as she giggled. We let our hand graze her tits and felt her legs and stomach Megan said: “Thinking about that guy in high school you were so hot for?”

“Yeah mom, you’ve told us before how hot he was and how he would try and feel you up.” I said. Mom was very warm to our touch and now a pink face from our guessing what she was thinking bout, and feeling herself a little. She put her arms around us and hugged us real tight. Mom was built great and she had no bra on. She had tight shorts and pulled us in and we all kinda wiggled together. “Tell us more about the guy mom, give us some ’details’ , we wanna know.” Megan said.

“So, my two little nosey kids want to know all about him?….well….let me get my robe on and we’ll all get in my bed and I’ll tell you all about ’Stan’, my old boyfriend.

Megan and I already had pajamas on and we all headed for moms bedroom, very excited. As teens we were about to hear a real life story about maybe … having sex….if she would go that far. Mom went in the bathroom and Megan and I got under the covers and talked quietly. “Chuck I bet she ’might’ tell us about her first sex!…do ya think?” Megan was getting herself all horny as we giggled and did quick feels on us. Megan had some wonderful tits and I love to feel them.

She felt my ½ a boner as we giggled. We heard mom coming as we stopped and lay their all innocent . She smiled at us and took off her robe. Oh damn…. she was built nice, full sweet tits under a tiny night top, and tiny panties. Her pointed nipples and dark bush showing thru it all. Megan and I both stared.

Megan thought….

God I hope I get a figure like moms, she’s so sexy, Chuck will get a boner over this and I’m a little wet myself waiting to hear her story. Mom laid down between us and under the covers. She put her arms around our shoulders and pulled us to her. I felt my pussy up against her leg as I put my leg over hers. I felt Chuck’s leg over mine. That meant his boner was up against her leg. Mom just pulled us tighter to her. Her big tit was against mine. Now I started getting real wet. I wanted to reach over and feel Chuck’s boner, mom had caught me doing it before but just smiled and pretended not to see. Do I dare reach over and let my hand feel Chucks boner?…naaa that would be going to far. Mom would know and might not like it.

Chuck was breathing hard and thought….

I’ve never been this close to mom when she was barely dressed. Her tit is resting on my face…oh damn….sorry mom…. but my boner feels big against her leg, but I can’t help it. Feeling Megan’s leg under mine isn’t helping it stay down any….oh well.

Mom started in with her story, telling it real sexy like and with all the details. Megan and I kinda did a slow wiggle and snuggle against her as she squirmed a little when we did.

Mom’s excited mind….

My two little horny kids, I’ve seen glimpses of them coping feels on each other and pretended to ignore them. If they only knew just how horny that makes me to watch them feel each other. I miss my brother feeling me when I was little.

Now they want a sexy story, well I’ll tell them one they’ll never forget and watch them get all horny and I’ll get the benefits. I just know they’re having sex, as I’ve heard them before. He sneaks into her bedroom late at night and she slips out a real quiet moan or two. Her bedroom is right next to mine and with my ear to the wall….omg….it makes me so horny I have to finger myself. My story will make them get it on tonight, guaranteed, and I’ll be listening real close. I love the feel of them, her wet pussy on one leg and his stiff erection on the other. Their heads on my tits are a real turn on. Now let see of I can get them to do more. Come in close kids, mom wants to get real horny.

I’ve seen the way Chuck looks at me, those horny eyes of his eyeballing my tits and body. I’ve taken my time getting dressed when I know he’s watching. I don’t wear a bra just to tease him a little, it’s a turn on for me too. Megan’s is just a horny as he is too. She likes to look at my bigger tits and hope hers will grow. She is a ‘toucher’ and has let her fingers graze across my body many times.

Last time home dad and I didn’t have sex once. I guess he gets his fill on the damn ship…..well…here comes the story kids. Let’s see if I can make them so horny, they’ll want to…a….use mom to do their feel ups. I sure won’t stop them. Time to turn out the light and pretend not to see or feel a thing….
Old boyfriend Stan and I met in high school. He knew how to make me so hot, I went for him to get more. I shouldn’t be telling you kids this…but….well….let’s just say we became ‘real close.’ When your older you’ll understand.

“Come on mom, we’re old enough to know more that you think.” Chuck said as he and Megan giggled. The pushed themselves up against me firm as I got a shot of tingles in my pussy. That was just what I secretly wanted.

OK, I’ll tell you ‘all’ the details. In Stan’s car he started feeling my…a… tits. This I really liked and so I felt his leg. Soon he had my blouse unbuttoned and I had his zipper down on his pants. He had been around lots of girls, but this was my first time to have a boy feel my bare tits, ….and my first time to feel a boys erection. I stroked his erection like other girls said guys liked this. He was rolling my now firm nipples. It felt wonderful and I became …well….very aroused.
“You mean he got you real hot-n-horny, right mom?” Megan said.

Yes….but when he put his hand under my skirt, and inside my panties is when I got really turned on. His finger went all over my…a…. pussy and then inside deep as he found a wonderful spot to feel. It made me moan when he kept rubbing it. My pussy started getting so wet it clicked when his finger went in and out. That…was when someone shined a flashlight on us. We quick tried to recover and Stan opened his door to kick some ass. It was my dad. He had followed us to this secluded spot. They had harsh words and dad told me to get in his car. Stan was ready to fight my dad, but he held off. He then got in his car and burned rubber away from us. Needless to say I caught hell on the way home.

The next day Stan and I were at it again after school in another hidden spot. This time we got real hot and he took off my panties. He put his head between my legs and began to lick me there. It was so intense, and he kept licking more and more until I had my first orgasm. I’ll never forget that afternoon. I turned him and took out his erection and began to jack and suck on it. I kept it up until he shot cum in my mouth. It was a new thrill for me as he held my head on his erection as he kept squirting cum….

He said I was the best ever and we made plans to have sex. Now this next part is strictly between us, ok? Your dad must never know this as he older and old fashioned and he wouldn’t understand.

I soon got lot’s of boys attention. They all wanted to ‘go somewhere’ and ‘fool around‘. I was so flattered at all this new attention, but I was hot for Stan. Someone knew about Stan and I having oral sex, and now lot’s of guy’s came on to me.

Now keep in mind kids, I was young and very impressionable. I had never had this much sexual attention in my life…and….well….I was loving it. My tits were getting bigger, my body was getting shapelier and I was starting to feel…well….’horny’ all the time. Stan was very cool…but ….I started to wonder about…other cute guy, and what it would be like to have…a…oral sex with them. The thoughts wouldn’t go away as that first feeling of…a….well…feeling Stan squirting cum in my mouth as he licked me at the same time to an oral orgasm. It was….(gasp)…was awesome.

I felt the kids breathing hard and their hand feeling me more and more. I was sure they had oral sex with each other and were reliving the first time they snuck it and how it felt. I felt Megan’s wet pussy on my leg as she rubbed it on me. Chuck’s erection was big and laid on my leg. All this had me more horny that I could ever remember.

I whispered: (“…we need an intermission..”) Their hands started adventuring further on my body. I encouraged them by lifting my top up and let the feel my bare tits on there faces. Chucks fingers were getting closer and closer to my bush. I spread my legs some for him. Soon Megan hand creped over and right towards Chuck’s erection. She slowly started just letting one finger rub on it.

My hand were not still either. I felt them both. Chuck’s face and arms and Megan’s tits. We all moaned with pleasure ’mmmmm’s’ as we progressed. Megan had Chuck’s erection fully out of his pajamas and stroking it…..then…Chuck and Megan’s fingers both slowly started rubbing my wet pussy. Their body felt so very hot next to me.

I was being felt up by own kids, and I was loving it. They too were very turned on and the heat between us was awesome. Three people all turned on and hot and breathing hard. We all kept going. My hand now went for Chuck’s erection as I joined Megan’s hand stroking him. Our hands trembled a little as we felt every inch of him. All you could hear was little moans and heaving breathing.

The darkness was awesome as it put a very taboo secret thing atmosphere on what we were all doing. Megan had to get naked as she was so hot. Chuck got rid of his pajama bottoms….and now my two horny kids both lowered my panties.

My top was already pulled up so they both started sucking on my nipples. I felt their hands feeling my wet bush and both their fingers sliding up and down my slit. I opened my legs slowly wide for them.

Chuck’s excited thoughts….

Oh damn, this was so hot. This was way more that Megan and I had could imagine. Megan and I were really gonna have a great super fuck later, in the middle of the night!….

Megan new thoughts…..

Oh My God….I would have never expected to be doing this in a million years! I’ve never been with a woman and this is all new to me, but being my mom, make it all different. All this has my pussy dripping, I’m so turned on. She letting me feel Chuck and I get so hot around him. Later we’ll have our time to fuck and fuck all we want… Feeling mom is just adding to my mega hornies. Her big tits and now her pussy to play with is mind bending. I want Chuck so bad right now, my pussy is begging for me to finger it…..

Mom thinks of nothing but her present euphoria..

I’ve had several dreams about sucking on Chuck’s erection. I was shocked I had dreamed such a thing…but it was so awesome…I woke up all hot and aroused. Now his erection was big and up against my leg, all warm and I could feel it throbbing on me. Just as I contemplated moving to get my face close to it…he started turning to get his face close to my pussy.

Megan then turned too. When I lowered my arms, they were right between their legs. The both scooted his erection and her pussy towards my face. My pussy began to quiver as orgasm shot thru my pussy. Their fingers and hands on me must have felt it. Chuck wasted no time in putting his tongue in my slit. I squirmed and moaned as Megan’s fingers joined his tongue. I went for it now. I had Chuck’s erection in my face on one side and Megan’s wet pussy on the other. I began to finger Megan’s pussy. I had never done this before and it was sure excitingly different.

She moved her pussy to get a rhythm going with my finger. I let my finger feel her pussy all around as she quivered and moaned. I found a spot that made her jump and moan each time I rubbed it. This was so hot to make her so hot and now I want to finger her to orgasm.

In the mean time….I …for the first time began to fondle Chuck warm erection. Now for my dream delight. I started licking it slowly. He squirmed and moaned as I slowly put it in my mouth. I knew it wouldn’t take long so I was so ready for it…..he began to fuck my mouth as I felt the head grow big…..he reached up and grabbed my hair and thrust his erection deep and I felt him jolt…he pushed and shook as a huge shot of hot cum came shooting in my mouth. His tongue sucked firm on my clit as I shook and the climax from heaven.

We twisted in euphoria as it happened. Megan must have heard us and grabbed my finger to finger herself faster. I felt her pussy quiver on my finger as she trembled with her orgasm. I felt her tongue along with Chuck’s on my clit. Both their fingers fucking my pussy together…..I lost it…and I went dizzy with the highest feeling of my life taking place…..Chuck kept pumping his cum in my mouth as both their tongues kept my clit jumping with over the top feelings…..Megan kept my fingers working the feelings in her pussy as she rubbed her clit. We all moaned like none of us had ever moaned before….this was granddaddy of all cums….. for all of us……

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