I want an Asian Girl With Big Tits by Michael Rhoden


Jim travels to Japan to pick his new girl.Chapter 1

Finding the Girl

Jim walked into his little one-bedroom apartment and flopped down on his couch. It’s been a week since his girlfriend had left him. To say he was depressed would be the understatement of the year. In the last 2 years, he had lost 4 girlfriends. Why? Why was he such a loser he thought to himself?

Finally, after contemplating his failure he got up and headed for the shower. After a long hot shower, he started drying off when his cell phone started buzzing. Glancing at it he noticed it was his buddy, Mike. He picked up the phone and read the text.

Hey bro, I’m back in town, you need to come by I got something I want to show you. Don’t fucking delay you pansy-ass.

Jim laughed and began getting dressed. “Fuck it I need to get away from this shithole.” As he grabbed his keys and sent Mike a text.

Fuck you little bitch. Headed that way.

Mike and Jim had been friends for nearly 20yrs now. Served in the military together, served in Desert Storm and a tour of Afghanistan during the first part of Enduring Freedom. They had both been each other best man in 2 failed marriages apiece. Mike had been gone on vacation for 2 weeks and had just gotten back.

Jim pulled up to Mike’s apartment complex. Getting to his door he banged in his distinctive knock. “Hey bitch open the fucking door.”

Mike opened the door and gave his friend a tight brotherly hug. “ Fuck you panzy.” As Jim stepped in Mike slapped on the back. “Boy do I have a surprise for you.”

Both men sat down and Mike started talking about his vacation. “Bro remember when we went to Japan a few years back on vacation with our second wives? Well, when were there I picked up this pamphlet I found on the street. I never gave it a thought. 3 weeks ago while cleaning up and throwing away a bunch of old stuff I found it again. So I went back to Japan. Akari come here!”

As Jim looked down the small hall a little oriental girl came down the hall. Butt ass naked. She was about 5’4 and slightly plump. She had cute little b cup tits that had a slight jiggle as she walked. Her pussy was shaved and her skin looked smooth as silk. Her English was almost perfect. “Yes my Master how may I serve you?” She stopped when she noticed Jim, a tried covering herself.

Mike looked at her as she tried covering herself. “Akari drop your hands. Let my friend see your body.”

Akari quickly dropped her hands by her side. “Yes My Master.”

Jim wide-eyed looked at his old friend. “Holy fuck dude, how did you get her back to the states, better yet how the fuck did you manage to find a girl so damn fast?”

Mike stood and walked over and stood behind her. “Bro there is a place in Japan that train girls just for the purpose of coming to America and serving white guys like us. I spent $17,000 on her, most of it pays the cost for all her papers, which are already done to come here. They have con sections in the state department to fast track the girls paperwork. I had to spend my second week there while they got all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted but we had our tickets and headed back. She will get her naturalization done in about a month but till then she is 100% legal. Best of all this girl will do whatever I tell her.”

Jim sat there amazed but then looked at his buddy. “Dude you know my luck with women. She would probably split within a month or to.”

“Buddy these girls are taught to swear their loyalty to whoever chooses them. No matter what.” Mike sat back down and motioned for his girl to go get them a drink. “Bro it will be the best decision you will ever make. And like I said these girls are trained from a young age to do the will of their Master. No arguments, no complaining, no excuses, nothing, it’s your word and only your word.”

Jim looked at Mike with skepticism. “ Yea sure she will do whatever you say, don’t bull shit me, man.”

“Bro you tell me the most far-out shit you can think of and I will have her do it just to prove to you.” As he finished Akari stepped back in the room with 2 beers. Mike took his and she stepped away to hand Jim his he swatted her ass. Akari didn’t budge at the smack, she handed Jim his drink, turned and bowed. “Thank you, my Master.”

Jim saw the handprint on her ass and knew that had to have stung like a motherfucker. “I need to go take a leak bro”

Mike looked at Akari. Turn and kneel and offer your mouth to my brother.”

Akari spun and dropped to her knees and opened her mouth wide.

Jim looked at his buddy. “Are you fucking serious bro?”

“Serious as serious can be bro”

Jim stood up, unzipped his pants and whipped out his dick and started pissing. Without even missing a drop Akari caught every drop and guzzled it down. Jim just watched as this little Asian girl gulped down his piss, and it was turning him on. Truth be told even though he and Mike had been raised in very strict homes he was a kinky fucker at heart. As his pissed dwindled her head moved forward till his cock was in her mouth. Jim looked at Mike.

“Cum down her throat bro, enjoy that hot little mouth.” He sat back and watched as his buddy enjoyed his girl.

Within just a few minutes Jim exploded a load of cum down Akari’s throat and swallowed every drop. Jim sat back down and started drinking his beer.

After nearly 3 hours, Jim finally walked out of Mike’s apartment and drove home. In total, he had pissed down Akari’s throat 2 more times cum down her throat one more time and watched Mike do the same to her. Before he left Mike called the company in Ja0an and set up Jim’s visit. In 2 week Jim would be in Japan picking out a girl.

Jim walked down the long gangway and entered the main building of the airport. He noticed a young gentleman standing holding a sign with his last name printed on it. He walked over, I wasn’t expecting a ride.

The young man nodded, grabbed Jim’s bag and motioned for him to follow. He opened the door of a very nice Limo, after putting the bag in the trunk he jumped in the driver’s seat and hurried to the hotel.

Once they arrived Jim followed the young man into the hotel and stopped in front of the desk clerk. Before he could say anything the young man spouted of in quick Japanese and left.

The gentleman behind the counter and in near-perfect English said “Mr. Rhanson the Limo will return by 7 to take you to the House. Where you will meet Mr. Yang and have dinner. He will then bring you back and at first like be back to pick you up. Here is your room key, you are in room 236 if you need anything just ring the front desk.”

Jim took the key and headed to his room. Once in his room he flopped onto the bed and closed his eyes.

At 5:40 he heard a knock and jumped up to answer. Opening the door before him stood a short Asian girl, maybe 18 at best guess.

“Sir I am Ling, I am one of Mr. Yang’s servant girls and I am here to help you get ready for dinner.” She bowed and entered the room.

Jim looked a little confused and she picked up on it. “ Sir I am here to take care of all your needs while you stay here and until you leave to return home. My orders are to take care of you in any way possible. Mr. Yang only request is that I have no marks on me when you leave. So if you will please come with me I will get you washed.”

Jim couldn’t believe what he was hearing or seeing, ok granted Mike told him what to expect but he thought he was full of shit as usual. But nope spot on. He walked into the bathroom and took his clothes off, Ling already had the shower going.

As Jim stripped, Ling unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing skin that like Akari’s was silky smooth. Her tits were at least a C cup, perky and cute. Unlike Akari though she had a very thick Bush covering her pussy. Before he could say anything Ling spoke up. “If you wish sir, I will shave while you are gone, that way I have no hair like the American girls.”

“Um, yeah sure thing.” Jim nodded as he stepped into the shower.

Jim returned to his hotel room at 9 and walked in and the first thing he saw was Ling kneeling in the middle of the room. Still naked but he noticed she had zero pubic hair. As he approached her she kept looking down. At first, he thought her asleep. “Ling, you awake?”

At the sound of his voice, she spoke. “Yes sir I am, I will not sleep till you do sir. How can I take care of you, sir, if I am asleep?”

“Ok well I need to take a piss and then get to bed, I’m beat from the flight here.” As he got closer and headed for the bathroom, Ling lifted her head.

“Sir if I may, you can use me as your toilet. I am here to serve all of your needs.” And with that, she opened her mouth wide.

At promptly 7 the next morning Ling had breakfast ordered and in the room as he woke. The smell of good old scrambled eggs and fried bacon and got coffee woke Jim right up.

“Mr. Yang’s limo will be here in 2 hours, is there anything you would like to do before then sir?”

“Well first I want to eat this glorious smelling breakfast, then while I am drinking my coffee, I think I will take my morning piss and then a nice blowjob would do.” Jim sat up in bed, his head still a little swimmy after the nights fucking he had gotten.

Jim finished the last of his breakfast and stood up as he took his coffee in hand. His bladder was screaming for release. Before he could say a word Ling was on her knees and her mouth wrapped around his cock. As he let his bladder free, Ling drank down his piss as fast as it came out and never once spilled a drop. As she was drinking she was bobbing her head and sucking him to hardness like she did last night. She was an expert for sure at what she was doing, as the last drops of piss exited his cock her sucking quickened. Within just a few minutes his body tensed and he shot his load of cum down her throat. “Holy…Fucking…Shit that was freaking awesome. Fuck “ Jim sat right back down on the bed and drank his coffee.

Jim arrived once again at the massive house he had visited the night before. And once again was greeted by a beautiful naked Asian girl. This time he was ushered into a large room towards the back of the house. There Mr. Yang stood waiting for his arrival into the room.

Mr. Yang stretched out his hand, Jim took it and they shook hands. “I hope you had a comfortable rest, and that my girl is taking good care of your needs.”

“Oh yes sir, very much so. I wasn’t really expecting all this. But thank you very much.” Jim let go of his hand.

Mr. Yang clapped his hands. 2 sets of doors on either side opened and 25 girls entered the room, all of them naked, all of the varying height, weight, and even tit sizes. Some with short hair, some with very long hair. Jim shook his head, he couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. But here he was, standing in a room with 25 naked Asian girls. All of them very beautiful.

Mr. Yang turned and faced Jim once again. “You may begin inspecting the girls, take your time. Touch squeeze talks to and ask questions of the girls.”

“Just a quick question Mr. Yang. When do these girls start their training?”

“ They begin mostly at a very young age by their mother. They are groomed to perfection so when they arrive here to my home they are ready for the next phase. By then they are 16. They are not excepted to be chosen until they turn 19. The girls before you range from 21 to 25. They are all fixed so you have no childbirth problems to worry about.”

Jim shook his head. “ Well, sir my first choice is all the girls smaller than a c cup breast can leave.” As quickly as he asked 10 girls left the room. Each one wearing a very disappointed face.

Jim approached the rest, the first girl was the tallest of the girls left, and she was also the thickest. Very cute, Jim looked her over, turned her around, bent her over. Taking a thumb he inserted it into her pussy. Removing his thumb he had her stand up straight and face him. He took each breast in his hand. They had a nice weight to them, he guessed at least a large D cup. “what size are your breasts?”

Without hesitation. “ Sir my breast are 40 DD.”

Jim grinned, “ Very very nice, kneel here and I will return.”

The girl knelt down and looked to the floor.

One by one Jim looked at each girl, and one by one they either knelt or left the room. After he was finished 6 girls remained. All had long hair, large breasts. Jim stepped back and eyed the girls.

Mr. Yang patted his shoulder. “I was told by a gentleman once, that choosing one of my girls was like buying a car. Though minus a fool test drive.” Mr. Yang laughed.

“Yes, sir that is about accurate.” Jim stepped forward again and began talking to each girl and asking each one different questions. This took nearly 2 hours of time but when he was done, 2 girls remained. The first girl he had looked at and another one that towards the last of the original 25. These 2 were the prettiest. He really favored the 2nd girl but the 1st one was almost as alluring.

Mr. Yang spoke up. “I think we should have lunch now. You can think better on a full stomach. Come girls follow us.”

They entered the dining room and sat down. Jim had never been a fan of oriental food. But he also knew it to be bad manners to refuse any food set before him.

As they ate he and Mr. Yang talked back and forth. Mainly about the facility, the housing and the girls training. Every one of the girls came from small villages scattered across Japan. Most of the smaller villages were very poor, so Mr. Yang had worked a deal with many families. They would raise daughters to train and go and live in the US, and for that, he would provide each village with money. It was a win-win for him. He could make himself look good for giving back to each village and keep customers happy.

Jim thought over a lot of what he heard. Each time he looked at both girls, trying his best to choose. “Mr. Yang what would it cost if I chose both these girls.”

Mr. Yang laughed. “This happens quite a bit. And most of the time the men who come to me and end up going home with one. They think I will cut a deal, but I won’t. 34,000 if you want both girls.”

Jim thought for a bit. His time working on the pipeline e in ND had set him into comfort mode. He thought about how much it would set him back, or maybe he could hit the pipeline for a year. He hated fucking decisions. Fuck it he thought to himself I’ll hit the pipeline if I gotta. “Mr. Yang you have a deal.” He looked at both girls. They both smiled.

Mr. Yang snapped his finger, and a young girl ran into the room. “Sue Ming take these girls and start getting their things in order, they leave next Friday.”

Jim watched as both girls followed the younger one.

“Anything you want from the girls before I have them brought to you?”

“Yes sir, I would like them to have no public hair. I prefer it bald. Their hair I want to keep the way it is.” Jim thought for a moment then took a swig of his drink. “How young was that girl that took mine to the back?”

Mr. Yang adjusted himself. “She is 16, she just started her core training. She is a little sloppy and needs some work. But she will make a fine girl when she comes of age.”

Jim shook his head. “Mr. Yang I like Ling she has been very nice and done everything I have asked of her. She is a good girl for sure.”

“That’s good to hear. And she has taken care of all your needs?” He took a drink and smiled.

“Oh yes, she has done that sir. I look forward to returning to my room.” Jim finished the last of his drink.

After some more conversation, Jim headed back to his room. As he stepped in he found Ling kneeling and naked again. “Hello, Ling you look very beautiful. How about you get dressed and we go out and you show me around?”

Ling looked up and smiled. “ If it pleases you, sir. What would you like me to wear?” Ling stood up and opened a small suitcase. Oh and sir I washed some of your clothes for you.”

Jim walked over to the suitcase and picked up a little red skimpy dress. He held it up to her body. “ This will do nicely. And thank you.”

The following Thursday morning the day before they would be leaving Jim woke to a knock on the door. As his eyes open he caught a glimpse of Ling snuggled up to him. Jim crawled out of bed and opened the door slightly. There stood his 2 girls holding light luggage. He opened the door and ushered them in.

Keiko and Mamiko entered the room. When the girls saw Ling they dropped their bags and ran to give her a big hug. They quickly started speaking in Japanese until Ling scolded them both. “From now on you will speak only English in front of your Master, anything else is a dishonor to Him and Master Yang.” She slapped both girls across the face. Then as quickly realized her mistake and apologized to Jim.

“I take it you are ahead girl at the house?” Ling shook her head. “ Well no wrong done, you are head girl till we leave.”

Ling smiled, “ Thank you, sir, I will try not to dishonor your gift.” Ling bowed and headed to the bathroom.

Jim looked at his girls then at their baggage they had. “Is this all you have?” He said pointing at their bags.

Keiko nodded. “Yes sir, Master Yang only allows for a few personal items during our training.”

Jim spoke loud enough for Ling to hear. “Get dressed we are going shopping.”

Friday noon came quickly. Ling was allowed to see Jim and the girls off at the airport. “Mr. Jim it was a great honor serving you. I pray you were pleased with your stay here, I pray you a safe trip home and that the girls and their training bring you honor. She quickly kissed his cheek then both the girls. “ Bring honor to our house, bring honor to your Master.”

Jim took Ling by the arm after she talked to the girls. “I was very happy with my stay. I put in a strong word of pleasure to Mr. Yang. You are a wonderful host.” Then leaned in and whispered. “As well as awesome in bed.” Jim kissed her cheek then guided his girls towards their gate.

The Lady from Church by Dreamboat


This started out as a short fantasy and turned into an epic. I have a ton of ideas for where to take this next, but let me know in the comments which stories you want to see.Chapter 1: The Lady from Church

I know it’s not the normal way to start a story like this, but I met her at church. She wasn’t stunning by any means, and neither am I, but she was good looking and fit. I guessed she was a little older than me, and her nose was a little crooked, but her ass filled her jeans well and she always wore nice tops that accentuated her body.

What really caught my attention were the girls. She had three daughters with her, none of which paid much attention to the service. The oldest one was definitely not wearing a bra and made sure it was apparent to everyone, the next one was wearing a soccer outfit, and the youngest just tried to get their attention with jokes and faces. That wasn’t what caught my eye though, what was most interesting was that they all had different hair colors. While the mom was a dishwater blonde, her oldest was a brunette, the middle was bright blonde, and the youngest was a redhead.

While they definitely caught my attention, three cute teenagers with an attractive mom suddenly showing up in church, I didn’t really think that much about it. Sure, I was recently divorced and was getting a little bored with Tinder, but I was fine staying in my world and not rocking the boat. I had a great job that paid me very well and a good house, plus plenty of activities to keep me active in the California sun. I probably didn’t need the mess of dealing with 4 girls anyways.

She kept coming to church for the next few weeks, always the same story. She listened intently to the pastor while her girls goofed off in the pew. I’m not sure if she was just ignoring them or had learned not to notice their antics. The oldest looked to be about 17 or 18, so she definitely should have known better. She had a nice full body without the pudgy physique of a girl who had gained the freshman 15. The other two girls, if not for the wildly different hair colors, could have been twins. I assumed they were about 14 or 15 by the looks of their bodies. The athletic one had the legs of a woman, but her upper body still looked young and the dimples and freckles made her seem even younger. The redhead was by far the cutest but still hadn’t formed any of the feminine features associated with maturity.

It was Tuesday night and I decided to try out a new Bible study…it wasn’t like I was busy most Tuesdays. I knew a couple of the people and said my hellos then sat down waiting for it to start. Then she walked in. Her body was really amazing for somebody over 40, and she must have known it. She didn’t go braless like her daughter, but it was obvious her boobs were a real C cup, and they still held themselves up. Her top hugged a stomach that was definitely tight, and went down to some hip hugging jeans that showed off a pair of shapely legs. She chatted with the hosts and sat down, seemingly oblivious to me staring at her.

After the hour was up I started to head out, hoping to avoid awkward conversation with some of the members. As I got to the door somebody grabbed my upper arm lightly. I turned to see her, looking up at me. She was about 5’9” with her heels on, and she kept her hand on my bicep even as I turned around.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name” she offered as a first line.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. I guess we didn’t do introductions. I’m Darren” and held out my hand to shake.

Her hand didn’t move from my arm, and instead she grasped my hand awkwardly with her left. “I’m Maria. I’m really glad we got a chance to meet finally. I’m new to the church…maybe we could get a quick coffee and you can help me out?”. She looked at me, almost pleading, with her hands still touching me.

“Ummm…sure. I’m not real ingrained with the church but I’ve been going here for a number of years, so maybe I can help.”

“Thanks!” she said more enthusiastically than I expected. “Can we take your car and then we can pick mine up on the way back?”

“Ummm…sure” I said for the second time. I didn’t realize then that I’d be saying that a lot.

We drove to a local coffee joint that had stand-up comedy and music. I told her a little about my background and why I had picked this church and a little about how I saw the church and some of the main members. Maria explained she had just recently moved to town and that she was having a hard time with the girls and thought church might help.

“Yeah, I noticed they seemed to be a handful.”

“Oh, you noticed them? Oh my God, is it really that bad? What the fuck am I going to do with them? Oh shit…did I just say fuck?”

She seemed to be getting flustered and put her hand on my leg, farther from the knee than I would have expected.

“Oh, it’s okay. We’re both adults here. I let fly with an occasional fuck too.”

She scooted closer to me and her hand inched up my leg. “I let fly with an occasional fuck too” she said, looking at me seriously and giving away her true intentions.

It took me less than 3 minutes to pay and get back to the car with her. Once inside, I turned and sighed, gathering my courage. It was unnecessary, she was going to give me all the courage I needed. Her hand slid all the way to my cock, hardening steadily in my pants.

“I’m sorry Darren. I don’t mean to be so forward, but I’ve caught you looking at me in church and in the Bible study. And you know how hard it is to find a good Christian guy my age that is in good shape and can carry a conversation?”

“Well no, but that’s not really my type”, I said, trying to ease my nerves with some humor.

“Let’s go”, she said, ignoring my awkwardness and starting to unbutton my pants.

Five minutes later I completed the ten minute drive home. Somehow she had managed to get my cock out and had started to work it well. And by well, I mean porn star expert level. When I pulled into the garage, I could feel the head of my cock squeezed by her throat and her tongue licking my right nut. I was almost fully hard and she hadn’t come up for air since she got me in her mouth. It felt amazing, as her swallowing moved the muscles to massage the portion of my cock that was blocking her airway. After the garage door came down she finally came up for air.

She popped her head up and looked around, “Nice place!”

I led her in and walked her towards my room, my cock hard, wet, and poking out of my pants. When we got to the room I wasted no time, I wanted to see the body I’d been ogling instead of confessing my sins. Her top flung to the side, I reached around to snap off the bra. Her boobs carried enough weight that there was a sag to them, but they were firm and proud and inviting. I licked one and then the other, rubbing her hardening nipple between my lips and eliciting a moan.

She dropped down and pulled my pants off the rest of the way, my cock starting her straight in the face. I know I don’t have the biggest cock, but it’s relatively long and quite thick, and no previous girl has ever deepthroated me. My ex? Definitely not…she thought oral sex was just a quick step before a quick fuck. But Maria…without hesitating she positioned my head in her mouth, then slid forward and made it disappear. Somehow she still had room to stick her tongue out and play with my balls. That got me worked up in a hurry, and I could feel it as I stretched deeper into her throat.

She must have decided I was hard enough, because she got up and started undoing her pants. I tried to help but she pushed me back onto the bed. She shimmied out of her pants, showing a bright blue pair of lace panties, allowing a peek at a neatly trimmed bush. She turned around so I could see her ass, outlined by the thong and showing just a tiny hint of cellulite. She spread her legs a little, grabbed the sides of her underwear, and slowly pulled them down to her ankles as she bent over. Two feet in front of my face was a gorgeous pussy and asshole begging to be taken. I hesitated again.

“You aren’t one of those guys that doesn’t know what to do with a girl, right?”


I hopped off the bed and let my hands caress her hips, thinking I’d ease into it.

“Do you normally need a written invitation? I’d like to start fucking sometime tonight.”

Maria was being awful blunt, but I suppose that’s her prerogative. I grabbed her hips tighter and lined myself up. Standing in her heels her pussy was the perfect height. My head poked against her flesh, trying to find her entrance. After a little wiggling from both of us I could feel the wetness and warmth that let me know I was there. Thinking she had been asking for it I pushed forward hard.

She was surprisingly tight for a woman her age with kids. Only my head slipped through, despite the obvious lubrication she was creating. I decided I needed to go slower, so I wouldn’t ruin the feeling for both of us. I backed out a bit, letting her juices coat the tip, then slid back in farther. I could feel her muscles relax as I pushed in. A few more back and forths and I was almost completely in. She was starting to breathe heavy, still doubled up and holding her ankles. I pulled back till just my tip was inside and paused, waiting for it.


I was big enough that girls knew when I filled them. The stretch of the opening and the pressure on their womb made them want more. She knew she wasn’t filled completely, and that I had the control. So she whimpered, trying from her awkward angle to get more of me inside. After pausing long enough that her legs started shaking with anticipation, I gripped harder and thrust in fully. That was what she was waiting for. I know because she rewarded me with a spray of cum against my balls and down our legs. I pulled back and drove it in again, only to get more. She was obviously a squirter and I was hitting the right spot. I kept rocking into her, building up a noticeable wet spot on the carpet. The guttural moans and convulsions let me know she was on to her second or third orgasm, and would start getting faint soon. I sped up a little, pistoning my slick cock into her hole till I felt it building in my balls. After warning her and getting nothing but a moan in response, I thrust in and felt the first shot course the length of my cock. It was enough to send her completely over the edge. Her knees gave out and she was supported completely by my cock and hands, and a thick spray squeezed out of her around my cock onto anything nearby. I pulsed a few times, filling her, then started to withdraw.


I was used to this. Her nerve endings had just been stretched and pressured, and she was feeling empty. I grabbed her and held her in place as I slowly let my engorged head slide across her vagina till it finally squeezed out. A moment later my thick white seed started to leak out too, coating her clit and heading down her thighs. I continued to hold her in place, knowing she was still getting sensations from all of this.

After a few minutes I let her go. She stood up and leaned against the wall, her hand absentmindedly rubbing her pussy lips.

“That was amazing. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was using you as a dildo, but it’s been a while since I was fucked completely by somebody who knew what they were doing.” She apologized.

“Oh no, I was going to apologize too. Your pussy felt so good that I just had to use it. I couldn’t really stop myself.”

“I would have killed you if you stopped. Can I clean up a bit?” She brought the hand that had been rubbing her pussy, slick with a combo of our juices, up to her mouth and licked a drip.


Chapter 2: Maria’s story

She came out of the bathroom, naked except for the heels. She straddled me at the edge of the bed, her pussy pushing against my softening cock.

“I want to tell you something, and I hope it doesn’t scare you. Don’t…don’t stop me please. I like you and I think you should know.”

She sat there confident in her body, not shy that we were so close we were touching. It was something new to me. Even with the lights on she made no effort to hide herself.

“I went through a bad patch in my life. I had my oldest, Lindsey, when I was 19. My boyfriend had been serious about us until there was another mouth to feed, then he bounced. I found a good paying job but I couldn’t get past the betrayal. So I changed…I started punishing guys. And I was punishing myself. I started having rough sex…very rough. My nose was broken by a guy after I punched him in the middle of an orgasm. I started inviting guys to come over, only to invite another who would come in while we were fucking. They might fight each other, they might fight me, they might both leave. I didn’t care…I just wanted to cause pain. I fucked a lot, any guy I could get. Married guys, sleazy guys, a guy on the street that looked at me. I couldn’t tell you who the dads are for my other 3 girls, although I can guess the redhead. I’m pretty sure I fucked three guys the night I got pregnant with Amanda, and don’t think I saw any of them again. And I started pushing myself to do things, even if they hurt. I’d let guys fuck my ass without lube, until I could barely walk. I’d deepthroat the biggest black cocks I could find, till I could barely talk. It got really bad.”

She stopped, looking me in the eyes. I could tell she was on the verge of tears.

“I’ve done the type of porn you can’t find on normal sites. Things so large they shouldn’t even fit. Girls treating me like their slave. But it didn’t matter. No matter how much I punished myself, I would come home to see my smiling girls, and the world was okay. And honestly, I liked it. I’d have a cock up my ass and another down my throat so far I couldn’t breathe, and I’d be squirting so much they’d need to bring extra towels. I once came just from nipple clamps.”

By this point I was hard again. Maria lifted herself up and slid back on me, sighing contentedly. She continued as she ground against my pelvis.

“I’m telling you this because I like you. And your cock. And I don’t want you to find out any other way. I want you to know that I found God and have tried to change. We moved here to change, so I could make a good life for me and the girls. And I’d like to find someone to be a part of it, who also likes sex, and wants to grow with me. Think you can do that?”

With that she pushed me back on the bed and started bouncing, impaling herself deep, my balls slapping against her ass. A stream of cum started squishing out, spraying my belly and her ass. She cried out and dropped down hard, rocking slowly as her orgasm crested. I let her peak subside and sat up.

“Maria, thank you for letting me know. And I will do my best not to judge your past, only our present. I am a very horny man, and as long as you’ll let me I’ll do what I can to keep us happy.”

I grabbed her ass, my index finger slipping over her puckered hole. I rocked her back and forth, grinding my cock deep in her, her clit rubbing my bone. I wanted to cum one more time, so that she knew I wasn’t scared about this relationship. At the tingling sensation in my balls, I stood up and pressed her against the wall, forcing myself deeper till I shot what was left of my seed. She had a last small orgasm, her nails digging into my shoulders.

“Shall I take you home now?”

Chapter 3: The girls

Friday night I got a text from her that the girls were asleep and asking me to come over. I got there and she silently invited me inside, then led me to her bedroom. We were both having trouble keeping our hands off each other, and made out once we got to her bed. We were trying to be quiet, hoping the girls wouldn’t wake up. So sex was quiet and reserved compared to the night at my place, but a satisfying orgasm later we both passed out.

I woke up to an empty bed. Maria was gone, and I wasn’t sure whether to try to sneak out or not. I made myself presentable and started heading down the hallway. Unfortunately I didn’t know the layout of the house, and turned into a kitchen with three girls sitting at a high counter all looking at me and grinning.

“Say good morning to Mr. Hill girls”

“Good morning Mr. Hill, how was your night?”. Some giggling followed.

Maria was in the kitchen making some eggs and toast with sausage on the side for the girls. I offered to help. This seemed to shock her and the girls.

“Sure, can you get some OJ for all of us?”

I searched the cabinets and found an assortment of cups and glasses for the girls.

“Introduce yourselves” Maria was obviously trying to make sure this didn’t get too awkward.

“My name’s Amanda” said the older one first. She was still not wearing a bra, in a see thru white tank top and short jean shorts. Her nipples drove perfect little domes in the fabric.

“Where do you go to school Amanda?”

“Fremont High. I’m a senior this year”

“And where are you going next year?”

“Oh, college isn’t really my thing. I’m looking for something a little more fun, now that I’m legal.”

I tried to pretend I didn’t notice the hint. “You might be surprised Amanda. I’ll tell you some of my crazy college stories sometime. And who are you?” I looked at the blonde athlete. Her hair was in a ponytail with a headband, a full soccer outfit already for her day’s game.

“I’m Kelsie. I’m a sophomore at Fremont.”

“Oh nice, did you make the soccer team?”

“Yeah, I’m on the varsity team and play travel ball too. And I’m trying out for softball soon.”

“Nice, and you are?” The redhead was obviously the shyest, but also the most giggly. She tucked her head down, her cheeks turning red to match her hair but with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I’m Stacey, and I’m just a freshman.”

“What do you like to do Stacey?”

She looked down at her food, playing with it a little.

“Not a lot.” She mumbled mostly to herself.

“I’m sure you have some things you’re interested in, you can tell me later when you think of them.”

The girls were a little quiet, so I went back to Maria and helped her finish, we sat at the table to the side, eating in a somewhat awkward silence.

“How long are you going to stay around Mr. Hill?” Amanda asked.

“Well…I’m not sure.”

Her face started to drop. I wasn’t sure what was going on exactly.

“That’s really up to your mom. But she’s a great lady and I’d like to see her again.”

I noticed Stacey elbow her sister with a little smile on her face.

I helped Maria out a little around the house throughout the day. Kelsie headed out to her game, but the other girls mostly sat inside playing on their phones. I finally said something to her about how much of the burden she took on while we were taking care of the weeds outside.

“Well, they’re all I have left Darren. And I don’t want to risk upsetting them. Their older sister Lindsey doesn’t hang out here much, mostly because we don’t always see eye to eye.”

“Well they also should know that they have responsibilities to you, not just you taking care of them.”

“At this point it isn’t a big deal. I get what I can done.”

After a while I headed inside to use the bathroom. When I came out I went to the fridge to get something to drink. A hand rubbed my back while I was looking into the fridge.

“Need anything Mr. Hill?”

A little taken aback, I stepped to the side.

“Oh, just looking for something to drink Amanda. You know your mom and I are working hard outside, we could use your help.”

She slid her hand around my waist and traced my abs before grabbing lemonade out of the fridge.

“Sure Mr. Hill. Should I bring some lemonade out to you and help?”

“Umm…sure. I’ll see you out there.”

A few minutes later Amanda came out with the lemonades…and much less of her clothing. She had on a tiny triangle bikini top that showed off boobs that matched her mom’s but without the sag of child-rearing. And her small jean shorts, the type where the pockets hang lower than the material, were unbuttoned on the top showing a peak at a matching bikini bottom. She caught my hesitation and staring and smirked.

Maria seemed to not notice, or maybe didn’t care, and took the lemonade from her. As I reached for mine Amanda brought the glass into her cleavage, requiring me to brush her skin to grab the glass. The cold glass made a quick impression, leaving some goosebumps and a noticeable tenting of the thin bikini material as her nipples extended. She was doing her best to make things…hard…for me. I took a quick swig and turned back to the work at hand.

Her shadow let me know she was just inches from my shoulder. I turned to look up to find her crotch shading my face from the sun. She bent down towards me, her boobs overflowing from the bikini top.

“Anything I can help you with Mr. Hill?”

“Umm…any place you find weeds is a good place to start”, and pointed towards the tools.

“Yeah, I’m guessing we don’t want it too bushy, right?”

She reached over to grab a tool, stretching to the point her left breast fell out of the top. She looked at the exposed nipple, looked back at me looking at her, and began weeding half-heartedly.

Maria looked up and noticed. In a hushed breath she said “Amanda! Fix your top!” I’m guessing she was hoping I hadn’t noticed. At this I did look up, and boy, Amanda decided to give me a show. She slowly stood up, then seductively scooped her breast out of the top with her right hand, holding it out. She rubbed her fingers up to the nipple and pinched it, before reaching down and adjusting the bikini top to stop the peep show. While I’d been good about staying calm through her other little shenanigans, my cock stirred unwittingly at this blatant display. I tried to stay focused on my work to calm myself.

Amanda and the girls all came out for short periods, not providing too much assistance and mostly just bothering their mom. After a couple of hours in the sun we decided to clean up. I asked Maria if I could take a shower while she made lunch for the girls.

I was just starting to get a lather going when the door opened. Amanda’s brunette locks peeked around the door, then she came in. She walked up to the glass shower door as I tried to inconspicuously cover myself and she let me know that she had to use this bathroom and the other one was full, all while smiling broadly and eyeing my package. She took a few steps towards the toilet and pulled her shorts and bikini bottoms down to expose her neatly trimmed pussy.

“See?” she said, “I already weeded my bush! Hahaha”

She squatted on the toilet, watching me the whole time, and let loose a yellow stream. When she was done, she slowly dried herself, then spent extra time spreading her pussy lips and making a show to pat around it. She flushed and waddled to the sink with her shorts around her ankles before washing her hands. Only after she came back up to the glass shower door did she finally pull her bottoms up. With a kiss on the glass, one last look at my now rigid johnson, and a satisfied smile she left.

Chapter 4: Authority

Maria invited me to spend the night again, and after closing the door I had to speak up.

“Maria, I’m not sure how everything works in this household, so I don’t want to overstep my bounds. But the things Amanda has been doing go far beyond the playful line, and I don’t want to cause problems or make things uncomfortable for anybody.” I gave her a summary of the shower experience.

“Yes, she’s been getting a little out of control about boys lately. Keeps complaining that she’s still a virgin and that if I was a nicer mom I’d let her go out with boys. But I let her older sister Lindsey date young, and found out that she was having sex very early on. I tried to restrain her activities, but by that point it just caused more issues. I don’t know what to do to make sure that Amanda, or her younger sisters, don’t start getting into trouble. But I can’t lose any more of my girls!” She started silently crying.

“I don’t want you to do anything that doesn’t help you and the girls. But maybe it’s better if I stay away for a while and we hang out at my house instead?”

“No, I’ll have a talk with her. I want you…I mean, I like you, and I want to see you more, and I want you to have a relationship with the girls too. So tomorrow I’ll talk about her behavior. But now, what I really want is to forget about her and to do something about this!” With that she grabbed my bulge through my pants.

I assume because I had already met the girls that she was less worried about waking them, because tonight was not the silent sex from the night before. It was passionate and frenzied. She was tugging my clothes off faster than they could reasonably be removed and trying to get naked herself. My cock was deep in her mouth again and she was already working it back and forth as it grew. One hand was caressing my scrotum while the other was playing with herself. I pushed her back, knowing that she hadn’t experienced my tongue the way a proper girl should.

I started by nibbling the inside of her thighs, teasing her. Moving up to the crease in her hips, I allowed my cheek to brush her clit, eliciting an intake of breath and a few beads of fluid on her outer lips. As I swept across to the other side, I let my tongue run across her lips and clit, watching her ass clench at the sudden wet warm sensation. I then moved my tongue down to the bottom of her pussy and slooooowly worked it up to her clit, stopping to flick it at the end. I leaned in and sucked her clit into my mouth, using my tongue to run circle 8’s over it. Her hips started to buck as I continued to play with it, occasionally running my tongue back to her hole and lapping up the juices that were running onto my chin. Her hands flailed, looking for something to grab onto, eventually one grabbing my hair and the other her bedsheets. I toyed her clit with my tongue until the orgasm started, then leaned down and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could. I was rewarded by a scream and a copious amount of her nectar, spraying me in the face and mouth and running down her ass.

After her breathing relaxed, she apologized again. “Sorry, I can squirt from good orgasms, and that was one of the best I’ve ever had.”

“No problem Maria, sometimes it’s nice to know when you’re doing it right!” I smiled and wiped some of her juices from my cheek.

I stood up and grabbed her legs, ready to plunge into her now very wet pussy. She stopped me as I started to push in.

“No, that’s not where I want it tonight.” She grabbed my cock and moved it down to her asshole, using her fluids to lubricate both my cock head and her anus.

“Honestly Maria, I’ve never done anal before. I’m a little bigger than most, so I don’t want it to hurt.”

“Darren, if you knew the size of cocks I’ve had stuffed into my ass you wouldn’t be worried at all. But don’t worry, I can still squeeze very tight. If I need you to back off I’ll let you know. But right now, I need you to be a man and fuck my ass!” With that she grabbed both buttcheeks and spread herself as much as she could, giving me a little entrance to work with.

I pushed in, and similar to her pussy it was much tighter than I expected. She still had cum running out of her pussy, so as I slid each inch in the next portion would get lubed up. After watching her squirm for the first few inches she must have relaxed a bit, and I was able to slide in balls deep. The sensation was way different from sex I’d had before. There was no pressure at the tip that I normally felt, no bumping into things. Instead it was very tight around the base, with pressure applied along the length. It felt a little like masturbating, but without having to be the one doing the squeezing.

She must have been in heaven. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her pussy was leaking non-stop. She would grasp at my hips to try to pull me in even deeper, scratching me with her nails. A non-stop stream of semi-intelligible curse words and demands were loud enough to definitely be heard by the girls. At some point she squeezed a little tighter, going through her own long orgasm and pushing me towards mine. With a heavy grunt I thrust deep and started squirting, which must have sent her orgasm even higher, as I was now gripped so hard I felt trapped. My cum pulsed deep inside her, warming my cock as her cum dripped out and warmed my balls before making a mess of the side of the bed and floor.

I pulled out slowly again, partly because it was difficult to move with her sphincter clenched around the base of my cock. As she stretched around the largest part she shuddered again, spraying my stomach with more pussy juice. A last pull and I was rewarded with the *whimper* that let me know she already missed being filled with cock. A mess of bodily fluids started to drain from her as she slumped on the bed.

With the last of her energy, she begged me “Please don’t ever stop fucking me like that!” and fell asleep.

Sunday morning was filled with showers and cleaning the room before we headed out to see the girls. When they saw me they all giggled and looked at each other, letting us know that Maria had definitely not been quiet and they had definitely not been asleep. I tried not to let on but could feel the burning in my cheeks of embarrassment.

“Mom, we’re starving! Maybe if you can get off Darren’s dick for a minute you could make us breakfast?” Kelsie blurted out.

It probably wasn’t my place, but this time I wasn’t going to let it go. “Kelsie, if I hear you speak to your mother in that tone of voice again your butt will be spanked so hard you won’t be able to sit down!” My voice reached a level I like to call “Bear mode”, where I make sure I’m the loudest thing in the room to scare them enough they can’t think straight. It worked. Kelsie’s eyes teared up and I saw her lip quiver.

“Whoa mom…what was that?” asked Stacey.

Fortunately, Maria played it well. “Kelsie, that type of language shouldn’t be allowed in this house, and I’m allowed to take some time for myself. So I’m sorry breakfast had to wait.”

“Girls, why don’t you start getting stuff out to help your mom with breakfast?” I suggested in a softer tone. I was somewhat shocked to see them all bound off of their barstools and grab stuff in an unorganized, unproductive, but nevertheless obedient effort.

After a nice breakfast I let Maria know I had to head home to take care of stuff. Both her and Amanda begged me not to go, but I told them I’d be back for dinner. I went home, put everything in order, grabbed a few changes of clothes and headed back. Despite some of the oddities, it was nice being in the house with people. Plus the girls were all cute and easy to hang out with, and the sex had been amazing. I hoped that Maria had a chance to speak to Amanda while I was gone.

Chapter 5: Gateway

Dinner was excellent. For a person with her past, Maria was a great homemaker and she seemed to be trying to spoil me. I knew that I needed to figure out some way to help her out, and felt like putting some pressure on the girls to pitch in more would be something I could take care of. As Maria got up to clear the table, I stopped her.

“Girls, it seems like your mom could use some help with the dishes?”

Although not quite as quickly as this morning, they all got up and started cleaning. Maria held my hand and smiled at me as the three girls moved about. At the end, the kitchen was a little bit of a mess but everything was put away in the dishwasher at least. Kelsie and Stacey went to start a movie, so I headed out to the couch. I sat down, and the two girls sat on either side of me, closer than needed on the large couch. Tangled started playing and Kelsie laid her head down in my lap. I tried to play it off but her head was resting right on my penis, and the blood in my cock mad it stiffen slightly. Stacey leaned onto my arm. It seemed a little inappropriate for a man my age to be watching cartoons with two young girls, but they seemed to be treating me like a dad or big brother. Kelsie’s head moved a little and I started to grow. I bolted up and told them I had to find their mom, who was no longer in the kitchen. Stacey giggled as I left.

I found both Amanda and her mom in Maria’s bedroom, talking seriously. I tried to close the door and leave but Maria stopped me.

“It’s okay, we’ve been talking about you and us and our family. I want you to know that everything is okay, and that we all think you’re wonderful. So please don’t take anything we say the wrong way.”

Amanda stood up and came towards me.

“We’ve decided that Amanda isn’t going to get any less horny if she isn’t allowed to have sex, but that it isn’t safe for her to be having sex with random boys from school. But the person we both trust is you.”

Amanda reached me and put her hand on my arm.

“So as long as you’re okay with it, what if YOU were the person she could go to and take care of her needs?”

I stopped as Amanda pulled me towards the bed.

“Maria, this is serious stuff. It means things for me, for you, for Amanda, for us, and for the other girls. Is this really something you want to do?”

“Darren, I am being serious. And trying to be smart. You are a loving, attentive man who means the world to me right now, and we just met. I think without this Amanda would just get more frustrated and eventually something horrible might happen. So please, if you love me, show my daughter what real love feels like.”

This time I moved when Amanda pulled me towards the bed.

“And Amanda, is this really what you want?” I asked, making sure to get consent out loud.

“Yes” she purred.

Maria headed towards the door, but stopped and came back to me.

“I love you Darren” she said as she kissed me on the cheek. With that she left and closed the door.

I was a little uncertain where to start. So was Amanda. So I decided to start where I would have in high school, with some french kissing and heavy petting. I sat down next to her on the bed and put my arm around her.

“So how old are you Amanda?”


“And what have you done with boys before?”

“I’ve kissed a few boys, but not for long like they do in the movies. And I let one boy reach up my shirt and feel my breasts.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, although he kept pinching the nipple hard”

“Do you like touching your breasts, like you did for me outside.”

She smiled and looked down. “Yes. And I like the way you look at them.”

“Is that why you don’t wear a bra?”

“Well yeah, and bras aren’t comfortable either! I hate having to wear them!”

I brought my hand up under her shirt, stopping with my hand just cupping the bottom of her breast. They felt heavy and firm, just barely resting on my hand. Her eyes closed and her lips parted a little.

“Amanda, I don’t want you to do, or let me do, anything you don’t want. But I don’t want to have to ask about everything, so you stop me if anything doesn’t feel right, ok?”

I could tell her mind wasn’t really focused on what I was saying, but she nodded and gave a slight okay. With that I gently squeezed the bottom of her breast, causing her to gasp a little. Her legs spread slightly. I brought my hand up higher, my thumb and forefinger cradling her nipple. Her breasts were a decent C cup, just bigger than my hand could grasp. I applied a little more pressure and got a small moan. I then brought my fingers together, applying pressure around the nipple. Her hand went to my leg and she squeezed.

I decided she was ready to move forward. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. Her eyes opened as she realized what was happening, then closed as she relaxed. My tongue reached out to lick her lips. She responded by opening her mouth and the tips of our tongues touched. Her full wet lips pushed into mine, our warmth merging together. I pushed my tongue through her lips and chased her tongue, hers pushing back in turn onto mine. I continued to rhythmically squeeze and release her breast while moving in front of her.

I broke the kiss and grabbed her shirt, looking at her for approval to move forward. Her hands helped mine pull the shirt over her head to reveal a perfect pair of tits. On a different girl you’d believe they were fake, but they were so perfectly proportioned for her. I took off my shirt, then knelt down and pulled a nipple into my mouth.

It was clear she’d never felt that sort of warm sensation before, because she jolted upright and pulled my head hard into her breast. I continued my tongue assault, pulling her nipple out proud and hard. I released it and she looked down at it, her hand caressing it and rubbing my saliva in. I started unbuckling my pants in front of her as she watched my hands move.

I don’t think she was prepared for how large a hard cock was. As I slid my pants off it tented up my boxers and pointed straight at her. She reached out tentatively and tried to pull the boxers down, but it kept catching. So I guided her hand to my cock and let her hold it as I discarded my underwear. She slowly rubbed it with her thumb, and I placed my hand over her small one, showing her how to stroke it. It grew more in her hand stretching towards her. I put my other hand behind her head and gently pushed her mouth towards it. When she got the idea she opened and played her tongue around the tip. A little more urging from me and her lips parted and my head was enveloped by her soft mouth.

I let her play for a while and then pulled back, her hand still holding me tightly. I pushed her back on the bed and unbuttoned her shorts. She lifted her ass and allowed me to pull them away, showing me her trimmed pussy again. While it was clear she was wet enough already, I leaned down anyways and took a long lick to enjoy the taste and spread her legs a bit. I climbed on top and waited, looking deep into her eyes. She nodded that she was ready.

I leaned down to kiss her passionately, our tastes mingling in each other’s mouths into a salty sweet mess. I lifted her ass up a little and guided myself to her entrance. She stopped kissing me when she felt the pressure, but I continued to try to keep her mind preoccupied with my tongue. I pushed in, her labia lips parting for something for the first time. Her hands started gripping my arms as she was stretched wider than she was prepared for. I imagine her nerve endings were firing a continuous stream of sensations to her brain. I continued to push further and she experienced her first orgasm from a guy, her legs shaking against me. As I pushed the widest part into her, she began hyperventilating and squeezing me tighter, so I backed out.

Once she caught her breath she looked up at me.

“What was that?” she exclaimed.

“I’m pretty sure that was a good orgasm, but you’re going to have to relax a little if you want more.”

“My whole body is tingly. I don’t think I can take more of that. I can’t even feel my toes!”

“Would you like to stop?”

She paused and looked at me, slightly confused.

“Yeah, but doesn’t sex mean you have to shoot your sperm in me?”

“No dear, and don’t let any guy tell you different. Sometimes you’re going to enjoy the sex more, sometimes he will. Sometimes you’ll both peak at the same time and it will feel absolutely amazing. Sometimes you’ll need to help him other ways, or he’ll have to help you. But if you love each other you do what you can to give the other person pleasure, knowing even if you don’t cum this time, they’ll take care of you later.”

She laid back against the bed.

“Oh okay. Good, because I’m exhausted.” And with that she drifted off, a beautiful naked teenager after the throes of her first real orgasm.

Chapter 6: Snowball

I put my clothes on and headed back out to the living room, where the girls were still watching the movie. I sat down at the end of the couch, but despite my best intentions Kelsie scooted over towards me and laid her head back in my lap. Her mom noticed but didn’t say anything, while Stacey was intent on the TV.

I was still semi hard from Amanda, and Kelsie seemed automatically find it. Eventually she did, and rested her temple right on it. I tried focusing on the children’s cartoon, baseball, anything to keep me from getting more excited.

When the movie ended, I quickly grabbed Maria’s hand and headed towards bed, eager for release.

Amanda was still passed out naked when we got there, but I was too excited to care. Maria pulled me on to the bed next to her daughter and started making out with me, pulling our clothes off. She wasn’t in the mood for teasing, so I dove down on her snatch. I went straight in, my tongue pressing into her and tasting her juices. She immediately started moaning, ramping up quickly. I continued to drive my tongue into her, my nose tickling her clit. She bucked against me, wrapping her legs around my neck to hold me in place while she writhed. Her juices were flowing rapidly, and I was having trouble lapping them up quickly enough. One deep tongue pushed her over the edge, and she began spraying as the orgasm peaked. I backed up and the spray splashed around the bed. Her hand rapidly flicked her clit and she continued squirting, forming a puddle under her ass. A sheen of her mother’s cum coated Amanda’s face and naked chest. Soon the orgasm subsided and Maria began to breathe normally. She scooted closer to Amanda to get out of the mess, and I cuddled behind her to fall asleep.

I woke up with a start. I must have rolled away from Maria and Amanda and faced the wall. I had that weird feeling of being watched…and as my eyes adjusted I realized I was. A dark silhouette stood over me. I watched as she climbed into bed with me, and I felt her warmth and smooth skin against mine. She could feel my body against hers, and snuggled up so more of our skin was touching. She then scooted down further, aiming my engorged cock at her mouth.

“I don’t think we should do this” I whispered under my breath.

Amanda’s voice replied, “But I want to make you feel good…”

I cringed a little since I hadn’t cleaned up from earlier, but she was insistent. I felt her lips wrap around my tip and push further down the shaft. She got about half of me in her mouth before I bumped the back. She pushed harder, only causing her to gag and have to spit me out.

Her mother woke up to the sound of her daughter coughing.

“Amanda, are you alright? Where are you sweetie?”

“I’m down here. I can’t get his penis all the way in my mouth!”

“What?!?” Maria gasped. She drew a breath and calmed herself. “Ok honey, you don’t really need to worry about it.”

“But I heard that you got him all the way down your throat, and he didn’t shoot in me earlier, so I thought I’d try.”

“Amanda, you don’t have to worry about it, it really is fine.” I interjected.

But Maria seemed intrigued. “So you want to deepthroat his cock? It is an amazing feeling for both of you. But you’ll have trouble from down there. It’s easier if you go from the top.”

Amanda twisted and turned trying to get on top of me, so I finally grabbed her and dropped her into a 69 position. My head was now pointing right at her face, her small hand wrapped around it. Although she wasn’t quite tall enough, her own 18 year old pussy was staring at me, reachable if I craned my neck.

“Alright Amanda, now you have him in the easiest position. Just relax and slide him in, as far back as you can go.”

Her tongue reached out, guiding me into her waiting mouth. I slid in, slightly further than before, before her throat constricted around me. I felt pressure build up as she attempted to get more, but my head was too big. She pulled back and breathed deeply.

“Here, let me help you honey.”

Her mom held both my cock and her daughter’s head, then aimed and pushed them together, applying steady pressure throughout. Amanda’s throat wrapped around me, then with a sudden pop I slid in. I could feel the muscles in her throat spasm at the intrusion, which only added to the intensity of the feeling. Her mother continued pressing until I felt lips on the base of my shaft, and her nose buried between my balls.

Amanda pulled back, took another deep breath, then let her mom push her back into position, faster this time. I was in heaven, as her virgin throat massaged and caressed a good portion of my member. She bobbed her head back and forth, letting me feel it slide in and out.

I was building up, and getting turned on, so I leaned forward and took a long lick of her tender flesh. This made her gasp, but with nowhere for the air to go it ended up sending a stream of saliva out her nose, coating my nuts.

“It’s too sensitive, I can’t take it!” She panted, trying to catch her breath.

So when she dove back down, Maria stuck her tongue into her tiny asshole. This time I was rewarded with a moan, rippling her throat against my shaft. This pushed me over the edge, and I held her head in place while shooting shot after shot into her stomach, her mother’s tongue pressed up into her anus.

With that I was exhausted, and the last I recall was Maria and Amanda’s bodies as I passed the fuck out.

Chapter 7: Trouble

Maria and I woke up to an empty, disheveled bed. Dried cum covered our bodies, the sheets, the walls, and spots on the floor. We took a long hot shower to clean ourselves up.

“So I just want to make sure that this is something you’re okay with?” I asked, worried that the sobriety of the morning might make her realize how wrong this might be.

“This is odd, definitely Darren. I don’t know that I’m actually happy that Amanda is figuring out how to do all these things so young.”

“Would you like me to stop her next time?”

“Oh, I love you Darren. No, don’t stop her. You are showing her real love, the kind only somebody who wants to help others knows about. She needs this from a man, and if you take it away she may look for it from the wrong person. And she needs to know that there are men like you out there, so she knows what to look for.”

“OK, but you are in charge here. So if you don’t want something to happen, you have the right to stop it.”

“There’s no way I think I can stop it now. Just let it be. My past was horrible, but the sex…I really liked the sex. I loved the orgasms and the sensations and the rush. You’re bringing that all back now, and I realize how much I missed it, how much more alive I feel when I’m being fucked like I should be. Right now, I think we all need you.”

We finished drying off and headed to the kitchen. Surprisingly, 3 young girls were getting ready for school and busy preparing a somewhat chaotic breakfast of eggs and toast with juice. What was less surprising is that Amanda was topless with only bikini underwear on. Amanda came up to us and kissed first me, then her mom on the cheek.

“Sit down, we’re just about ready to serve you!” she beamed.

Both Kelsie and Stacey smiled as they continued their preparations.

Two plates of breakfast food were placed before us, and we began eating, the girls looking at us for approval. The eggs were a little overcooked and the toast a little under-buttered, but overall it was a great first pass at assistance.

That’s when the door opened.

“Hello?” came a female voice.

“Oh shit.” Maria muttered, her face going a little pale. A couple seconds later a girl who looked like an older Amanda walked around the corner.

“What the fuck is going on?” she blurted out while eyeing her naked sister, eventually settling on me.

“Why is Amanda naked in front of some strange man?!?”

“Lindsey, Lindsey, please stop” Maria pleaded to her oldest daughter. “This isn’t what it looks like.”

“It looks like some pervert sex offender is sitting here getting off watching my sister prance naked around the house! Tell me that’s not what this is!”

“Lindsey, Lindsey, no, it isn’t like that at all. This is Darren. I mean Mr. Hill. He’s my new boyfriend.”

“Don’t be so mad Linds” said Amanda. “Mr. Hill is amazing!”

Kelsie calmed Lindsey down, who still looked confused.

“Darren…I mean Mr. Hill has been seeing me and the girls for a couple of weeks now. We have been very open with him, and in return he has been the nicest guy possible to all of us. And look, look at this, the girls made breakfast for me! Have you ever seen them do that?”

“We can make you some too Linds” piped in Stacey.

“Lindsey, why don’t you take Mr. Hill to your room so you can talk to him and get to know him better?” asked her mom. “I have to get the girls to school.” Amanda went farther, “He has a giant cock, and makes you feel like you are floating. If you fuck him you’ll see!”

Lindsey started to shut down again. “It is what I thought! You are fucking my sister?!?” She glared at me.

“Lindsey, I’m sorry, this must be a very sudden surprise for you. I’m going to go for a while so you girls can all talk about this and what it means for you all. Please listen with an open mind and then we can talk later today and you can ask me any questions.”

I kissed Maria and said bye to the girls, then headed to work. I returned about dinner time. Everybody was a little quieter than it had been over the weekend. But I felt better when Stacey gave me a hug. Lindsey and Maria were working on dinner, and the other girls were doing homework. I came up and kissed Maria on the cheek.

“You and Lindsey should go talk while we get dinner ready.” She whispered loud enough for both of us to hear.

I walked a reluctant Lindsey back to Maria’s room. I sat down on the bed as she stood to the side.

“I’m sure you have questions” I tried to break the silence.

“I’m just not sure…this seems so fucked up but everybody seems so much happier.”

“This wasn’t what I was expecting either.” I let that thought play through our minds.

After a few minutes, she piped up, “Why are you fucking my sister?”

“I’m doing my best to make your mom happy, and Amanda seems to be doing her best to become a woman. Your mom thought I’d be a good teacher, so I listened and tried to help. And I’ve found that normally works best for everybody in the end.”

“But you’re really good in bed?”

“Ummm…sure. I’m better than most. What’s your main concern?”

“That you’re going to take my sister’s innocence.”

“I promise you that if I only had your mom…that would be more than enough for me. I had no plans with your sisters, that happened sort of organically. And from what I understand, you went and found your own way of losing your innocence, despite your mom’s intentions. I think she’s trying to correct her mistakes.”

I looked at her, trying to figure out what was going through her head.

“Lindsey, I think you’ve all lived in a female-centric house for so long you don’t know what to do with a guy who treats you right. And your sister is trying to figure out how to adjust, and not knowing any better she’s jumped in head first. But I promise you I have no ulterior motive. I love your mom, and I want to make her happy. So far I think I have. And the girls seem to be happier too.”

She moved away from the wall and sat next to me.

“Yeah, you definitely have made everybody happy.” She mumbled quietly.

I didn’t push her harder. She seemed conflicted, like learning Santa wasn’t real.

She put her hand on my leg.

“Darren…Mr. Hill…I’m a lesbian. But I don’t always feel like one. I think I did it more than anything to get away from my mom. To get away from the unhappiness.”

I sat patiently…it seemed like there was a lot of pent up emotion behind this.

“I’ve never fit in. And I’ve always blamed my mom for that. But now…I’m just not sure.”

She laid her head on my shoulder, and her other arm grabbed my bicep.

“I’ve never known a good guy. But they all say you are. How do I know you’re for real?” She looked up at me, waiting for a real answer.

I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

“That’s for you to decide Lindsey. Sometimes you need to just take that step and see for sure.”

She leaned up so our lips were just close enough not to touch.

“It all seems real…..” she trailed off, and her lips fell into mine. We kissed for a while, soft, without pressure or demands. Just lips touching lips, neither giving or taking.

She straddled me and started to put a little intensity into the kiss.

“You are real, right? This is all real, right?”

It wasn’t a question that needed to be answered. Or rather, it had already been answered, and she was just confirming it to herself.

Our clothes came off, tops and then more awkwardly the bottoms. She stood in front of me naked, a perfect mix of Amanda’s young body and her mother’s more experienced one. Her breasts were bigger than her mom’s or her sister’s, with a real weight to them held up by young flesh, and a cleanly trimmed pussy that had known love but had the flexibility of youth. She climbed back on top of me, admiring my body as she did.

“I’m guessing that’s why they love you so much?” Her eyes locked onto my slowly stiffening member.

“No Lindsey, they love me because of what I do for them.” I grabbed her ass and lifted her up, positioning her above my cock.

I lowered her until my head was pressing against her lips. Her face silently pleaded with me to fill her. Instead I brought my mouth to her nipples, licking and sucking them to attention. I could feel her wetness on my tip, and her body straining to impale herself on me. I continued to tease her voluptuous breasts, pressing into them with my mouth.


That was what I was looking for. So I slowly dropped her, inch by inch. I’d occasionally lift her back up, feeling her juices coating my cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started rocking, trying to get more of me inside of her. I let her ass drop farther and farther, until finally she was sitting on my legs. She started rocking back and forth, my enlarged head wiggling deep inside of her. Her juices were flowing freely like her mom, and every motion was audible.

I stopped her. She looked up at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Is this okay Lindsey?”

“Yes Darren. This is what I’ve been looking for.”

I twisted us around so I was now on top of her. Now I was back in full control. I lifted myself out of her, just the tip playing with her pussy lips. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, and then slowly, almost painfully slowly, slid myself all the way in. Her juices squirted around my cock as I took up all the space inside her. I pulled back just as slowly, letting her feel my head stretch her all the way down her love tunnel. I kept up this pace for a while, her body unable to take the sensations and causing her to writhe underneath me.

I picked up the pace, and she started to buck against me in rhythm. Her fingernails raked against my back, breaking the skin. She spread her legs as far as possible, willing me to get deeper inside her. She moaned, asking me to go deeper and harder. I obliged, until she exploded against me. I could feel her pussy squeezing me tightly, unwilling to let go. I rocked back and forth inside her while she had a firm grip on my cock until I was ready to cum.

I pulled out as the first shot splashed against her pussy. I pulled up and shot up to her beautiful large tits, then dribbled across her stomach. Her hands spread her legs wide, showing her well fucked pink pussy leaking with her juices and coated with mine. I jerked off till the orgasm subsided and then flopped down next to her on the bed.

Her hands absently played with the cum on her body as she came back to reality. She turned and laid her head on my chest.


“Yes Lindsey?”

“Is this how it feels every time?”

“I don’t know Lindsey, but I’d try if you want to keep this up”

She thought for a moment. “Yeah, I want to keep this up.”

We took a quick shower and headed out to dinner. The girls all seemed happy. We ate, the girls cleaned up, then after the younger ones went to watch a movie, we sat down to talk.

“Ok girls, we need to discuss some rules here. While we may all enjoy this situation, we won’t be able to let others know what we are doing here.” Maria tried to make the older girls understand the gravity of he situation.

“Mom, we love you. And you’re in charge here. So you let us know what we’re allowed to do or not. We understand.” I nodded in agreement with Lindsey.

“Just remember he isn’t your toy. He’s shown that when it’s mutual there is more love, and we aren’t going to break that now.”

The girls agreed.

Chapter 8: Menagerie

Maria brought us all to her bedroom and turned down the lights. The girls all sat on the bed, looking at me.

“Darren, you’ve given us all something we’ve been missing…some of us for a long time. So we want to give you something in return. You get all of us, however you want us, tonight. Just ask and you get it. You deserve it.”

“Babe, I appreciate the offer. But I think you misunderstand. I do this for myself anyways. Your pleasure makes me happy, so I want to keep making you happy. And I hope you all want to make me happy too. We don’t have to take from each other, we just need to be prepared to give.

“So this is what I want tonight…I want us to all give pleasure to each other…whatever we want. And I’m going to start by demanding that you let me treat you to my tongue again.” I winked at her.

“Alright, but only because that’s what you really, really want.” She smiled as she wiggled her clothes off.

“You look amazing Maria” I said as I knelt between her legs.

“You do mom” the girls chimed in as they sat around her, watching me intently.

I took off my shirt, leaned in and smelled her scent. It was intoxicating. My tongue came out and slowly swiped from her asshole up to her clit. She was already starting to leak fluid, and I lapped it up as quickly as she was releasing it. The girls watched intently, obviously getting turned on. After a while she started bucking against me, and I focused on her clit, sucking it in and flicking it hard with my tongue. She started cumming and I backed up so the girls could see as she fingered her clit. A spray of juices came out, mostly coating my chest, but also hitting the girls around us.

“You’re next Lindsey”

She stripped quickly and laid back on the bed next to her mom.

I proceeded to satisfy each of the girls, all of them soaking me, the sheets and the other girls. By the end I had 3 naked exhausted girls in a soaked bed and a sore tongue. Maria kneeled down in front of me and pulled down my pants.

“Your turn big boy!”

She pushed me back on the bed and took my entire cock into her mouth with one push, my cock filling her throat. Lindsey gasped when she saw it. She bobbed her head a few times and then pulled me out, covered in her saliva. She pointed it towards Lindsey.

“Your turn baby.”

Lindsey tried to swallow me, gagging as I pushed into the back of her mouth. Amanda giggled and said “I can take it all!”

Lindsey pulled back and coughed. “Then prove it! This thing is way too big!”

Amanda lined me up like her mother had, and tried to push me in all at once. Her throat pushed back. She tried again, then looked up at her mom.

“Relax and let me help” Maria said. She put her hand on the back of Amanda’s head. “Just relax baby”

Amanda got me halfway into her mouth and stopped. Maria started pushing her head down. I could feel her throat squeezing my head, after a little more pressure I felt the wide part pop into her throat and her swallowing motion massaged my head. Maria pushed farther, until I could see Amanda crying. I pulled her head back.

“That was amazing Amanda. Thank you.”

She moved positions and angled herself from the top and plunged down to the hilt, my balls smothering her nose. She stayed there for at least a full minute, my cock continuing to grow thicker and longer as I got ready to cum. She pulled back, took a breath, and bobbed right back down. I started to leak pre-cum and she pulled back, licking her salty lips.

“Do you want to finish him Lindsey?”

She decided to line up like Amanda, her hips right above my head. She gripped me tenderly. I was ready to explode, and was waiting for release. She put me in, and the warmth of her mouth made me swell, filling her mouth with my cock head. She tried to move but it was too full to do much. So she started moving her tongue, rubbing it around the head. I was getting so turned on my legs were twitching.

That’s when Maria saved me by running her tongue over my balls. I tensed up as the feeling worked it’s way up my cock. I pushed up into Lindsey’s mouth and started to cum. The first pulse was forceful, and caused her to choke a little as it splashed the back of her throat. She pulled off in time for the next pulse to spray her lips and chin. Amanda jumped in and covered my cock with her lips, letting the last waves coat her tongue. Maria continued massaging my balls with her tongue to coax more seed out.

Amanda leaned over and started to lick my cum from Lindsey’s chin. Lindsey initially backed up causing her sister to lean forward, Amanda’s tongue sliding into Lindsey’s mouth. They both paused. Then slowly they started kissing, my cum passing between their lips and tongues. Not to be outdone, I pulled Maria up and began to kiss her passionately. The girls separated and found places to lay around me. We turned off the lights and each of us slept a deep, satisfying sleep.

Chapter 9: Confined Spaces

I woke up in a tangle of hair and breasts and limbs. I pried myself out, trying to disturb the girls as little as possible. I snuck into the bathroom quietly, leaving the light off to not wake anybody.

I hadn’t been the first though, as I heard tinkling on the toilet. I whispered “sorry” and turned to head out. Amanda whispered back “stay. please.” She finished and I heard her get up. In the dark her hands found me. She lowered them to my piss boner. “how do you pee with it pointed up?”.

“very carefully” I replied.

She moved me toward the toilet, her hands never leaving my cock. She pointed it down toward the toilet, a little too forcefully.

“Aaaah!” I bent over.

“here. carefully”

I angled myself, and she gripped me and pointed approximately at the bowl. I let flow. “I can feel it!” She exclaimed. I started to soften as I drained myself, her hands wrapped around it.

The last few squirts were left, when suddenly I felt her lips on my tip. I stopped squeezing it out. “what are you doing?”

She let me out of her warm mouth. “you tasted good last night. I wanted to taste it again.”

“those are different things. you don’t want to taste my pee.”

“no, it’s fine.” She wrapped her lips around me again, this time turning me towards her and sliding me farther in. I sighed and released. The last splash of pee dripped out, and Amanda swallowed it. But she continued sucking. I was starting to stiffen. “that was all of it.”

She continued until I was mostly hard. “I know. But I want to try this again.” She flipped around, bent over, and pushed me into her. She was definitely wet, but still extra tight. I pushed a little, hoping she’d stretch to accommodate my girth. Her breathing got faster, and I could feel her body shaking underneath me. My head popped in, and her legs buckled as an orgasm immediately swept over her. I had to hold her up to keep her from dropping into the unflushed toilet.

“it feels so good, but I can’t take it!” She cried in between breaths.

“that’s okay, we don’t have to do this.”

“but I want to make you feel good with sex! everybody else has!”

“ssshh, let’s not wake your sisters. we can clean up and talk about it later.”

“No. I want to make you cum!”. She paused. “What if…what if you tried to do it in my butt?”

“Oh Amanda, I’m sure that will be even harder.”

“I want to try!”. She persisted. She got back up, bent over, and pulled me towards her ass.

“it won’t work like that. you need some lubrication”

She grabbed some lotion from the sink, and rubbed it on my cock. “there!”

I shrugged. Not sure if this was best but she was being too persistent. So I lined myself up and told her to relax.

It was tight. Really tight at first. But sure enough, she relaxed and I started to slide in. A steady pressure gripped my cock. She was grunting a little, but hadn’t whined at all. I continued in, waiting for her to stop me when it hurt. But she pressed back against me, and eventually I felt her ass cheeks against my legs and my balls on her pussy. I stayed there for a minute, held in place. She pulled out a little, and I started to move.

“is this okay?”

“mmhmm” she replied. “it isn’t so intense. I like this better.”

I stroked a few times, building up quickly. This was as fast as masturbating. She started to moan. I was getting bigger, and it was getting harder to move fast. A few short little strokes and I came with little warning. She gasped and moaned again. I was spent from the last few days, so it wasn’t a long orgasm. Suddenly I felt hands on my back. Maria whispered in my ear “did you enjoy fucking my daughter in the ass?” I mumbled an apology. She stopped me by wrapping her arms around me, grabbing her daughter’s hips, and pulling us together. I could feel her warm breasts on my back. She then said “watch this” and pulled me back. My dick plopped out of Amanda’s ass and Maria buried her face where it had been. Her tongue dove into her daughter’s hole, licking and slurping the sticky mess until her daughter’s legs shook with one last orgasm. Maria stood up, smiled and wiped her mouth, then spanked her daughter hard and told her to clean up.

Chapter 10: Boundaries

While we showered we talked about the events of the last few days. She seemed unfazed by it all, but I was worried about the lack of restraint around her daughters. We agreed to set some defined rules so this didn’t turn into a free for all. We dressed and went out to the kitchen.

It was nice to see the girls helping out again without being asked, but it was clear they had developed little inhibition. Lindsey was dressed, but in the narrowest sense of the word. Like Amanda, she had no problem going braless in tiny loose tank tops, and shorts that didn’t really cover her cheeks. Amanda had the shorts on (and was walking a little funny), but opted to go topless. Kelsie had a shirt on, but no bottoms, and Stacey had only managed to put on tiny white underwear, although her body had little to cover.

“After breakfast we need to have a little talk girls” their mother announced.

The girls seemed to not pay much attention, continuing to get ready for school. We ate and the girls put on school clothes, which seemed to match their church clothes. Amanda had on clothes that were a little too revealing, Kelsie was dressed in sports gear, and Stacey wore clothes that could have been for a boy or girl, her freckled cheeks and long red ponytail the only giveaway.

“Alright, we’ve all had our fun with Mr. Hill, and he’s a nice guy. But he’s still a man, and we have to get used to having a man around. You can be naked in your rooms, but when you’re out in the house, you should be properly clothed when Mr. Hill is around. In case somebody comes to the door or sees us, I don’t want them getting any wrong ideas.

Got it?”

The girls all nodded, then jumped up, grabbed their bags, and rushed out for school. Each one planted a kiss on my lips as they left, with Maria last, giving me an extra long kiss.

I decided to force a break by staying home the next few days. While being surrounded by good looking girls is fun and stimulating, it was also exhausting. I took care of some stuff around the house and had some me time. Friday night I got an urgent text from Maria.

Maria: Can I come see you tonight? I need your loving bad!

I texted sure, and 15 minutes later she knocked on the door. She looked gorgeous, obviously had put on some makeup and done her hair big. A tight top and jeans with heels completed the look.

“Let’s hit the bar. I need some adult time!” She rushed me to my car, despite my casual attire.

The bar near me was kind of a dive. Some jukebox playing too loud and quite a few chubby chicks and older guys contemplating things they’d probably both regret. We grabbed a couple of beers and found a quieter booth.

She told me the girls had been good all week, but after the sex she had been horny and wanting. She asked if we couldn’t make it more regular. I agreed but told her we might want to enjoy short breaks to keep me from being too drained. That lightened her mood and she started dancing to the next song.

This caught the attention of some cowboys at the bar, who headed over and boxed her in. They were drunk and aggressive, two things that made me give up bar hopping in my younger days. She was playing up the sex appeal, unaware that the guys thought she was ready to go for them. Eventually they started grabbing at her ass and breasts, and she realized what was going on, but had a hard time finding me in the crowd. I could see she was panicking.

Not interested in getting into a pissing contest, I came up to the guys and tried a different approach.

“Hey, the bartender says there’s something wrong with your card!”


“The bartender, he’s asking for you!”


I pointed and motioned. He moved away from Maria enough that she could slip behind me. We started to head out the door. The door was just shutting when the assholes came out.

“Mother fucker! That’s our girl”

“Dude, she’s just heading home. Maybe another night.”

“That fucking bitch isn’t going to play a cocktease. She knows she wants this!”. He was a big guy, and his friend was right behind him. We kept walking towards the car as they followed.

I opened the door and let Maria in. Asshole #1 slammed the door shut, barely missing crushing her ankle.

“Listen mother fucker. We’re going to tag team that piece of ass, and if you don’t let her go with us, we’ll kick your ass and make you watch.”

I really didn’t want to fight, and wasn’t sure I’d survive well. But they didn’t seem interested in peace. Laws of the jungle I guess. I started to push past Asshole #2 when his buddy grabbed my shoulder.

Thinking quickly, I opened the car door hard, slamming it into his forearm. He loosened his grip enough that I could shove #2 back, then dashed towards the other side. I wouldn’t have made it in time, but fortunately the bouncer had taken some interest in the scuffle and planted himself between me and them.

“Good night fellas. Time to drive that big ole pickup back home.” He made it clear that wasn’t merely a suggestion.

I got inside the car and headed out. Maria was shaking quietly. Further down the road she finally calmed down, but still quiet.

We walked inside and headed for the couch. She turned to me.

“I’m so sorry.” I started to interrupt but she stopped me. “No, it’s my fault. Younger me would have gone home with those two, let them abuse me, and then trashed their place before I left. I shouldn’t have let myself slip into that role.”

“I need to separate that part of me, especially since I’ve met a good guy. I won’t let it happen again.

I assured her that everything was alright and that I understood, and would give her time.

“So I owe you a bigger thank you for saving me. And I think I know the trick. Do you remember what I did for Amanda that morning?”

“You mean the ass thing?”

“Yeah. Trust me, guys can enjoy it too. Strip off your clothes and I’ll show you.”

I stripped and laid back on the couch. She took her top and bra off and leaned down. Her tongue started at the base of my cock and worked up, then back down and arpundy freshly shaven balls. Her hands went under my thighs and lifted, and her tongue trailed lower. The sensation was incredible. I’d never been into ass play, but her warm wet tongue made my whole body warm up. She traced the tip around my hole, up to my balls, and back again. My cock was rock hard and pointing up from my stomach.

She stopped at my hole, and I felt force building up. The sensation made it hard to relax, but more massaging and she slipped in further. Suddenly I felt her tongue push in and out, and I could feel an orgasm building without any contact with my cock. She must have sensed or felt it, because she dove in hard, her nose stuffed into my ballsack. Her hand reached up and rubbed me, giving me so many different feelings it was hard to concentrate.

My breathing intensified and I felt my cum building. Her tongue must have been deep, and stretched my asshole with each thrust. She would exhale into my nuts when she needed a breath. And her hand pushed a little harder on my cock.

“Maria, I, uhhh, ohhhhhhh!”

I heard the first shot hit the couch near my head. It may have been the most forceful ejaculation I’d ever had. The next shot hit my shoulder, and the next, which was rare for me to keep shooting so far. I realized my butt cheeks were clenched on her face, but she didn’t seem to care, rimming me till I completed. I got up to clean myself.

“I’m not done yet!” She said, her cheeks and chin wet with saliva. She leaned down and licked up the streams on my shoulder, then dove in and sucked the pool of cum off my stomach and chest. She swallowed and then deep throated my cock, giving me a mini orgasm and one last shot of seed for her stomach.

“Ok, my turn!”

She pulled her pants down and straddled my face. She was dripping juices onto my chest and chin. My tongue darted out to catch the drips, before touching her clit. She moaned and dropped onto my face harder, smothering me with her scent. My tongue went to work. After playing with her pussy, I decided to give her a treat, something I’d never done before. My hands pushed her up a bit and my tongue pressed against her puckered hole. She obviously knew how to relax faster and my tongue pushed through her sphincter easily. My nose was physically buried in her pussy, and her juices were flowing so well I had to close my eyes.

“Ohmygoddontstop” she screamed, bucking against me to drive both my tongue and nose deeper. I gripped her ass cheeks to make sure she didn’t fall off, and continued rimming her asshole. She must clean it well, because I didn’t taste anything but a little hint of sweat and her juices. After a few minutes of build up she screamed out, squeezed tight, and gushed. Like shower head force on my face. My tongue and nose were clamped in place, and I couldn’t breathe for fear of drowning, but I tried to suck it up and not stop.

Eventually her back stopped arching and her butt relaxed, and I pushed her onto my chest. I wiped my face and sat up a little, looking for something to clear my eyes. Finding my shirt, I wiped them clean, then looked down.

Maria’s skin was flush, bright red, especially over her breasts and her shoulders. She was slumped forward and panting, using the couch to support her. Even after the stream of juices, she flowed continuously on my chest, and I could see her pussy quivering as if it was still going through orgasms. I touched her arm and she moved away.

“Too much! It’s too sensitive. Give me a minute.”

She leaned down on me and started kissing my face, tasting herself on my chin and cheeks. We kissed passionately, unconcerned about the mix of bodily fluids. She took a few deep breaths, then asked me to take her to bed.

Chapter 11: Domination

The next morning we headed over to her house. The girls were sleeping in when we got there, and the house was a bit of a mess from the lack of parental supervision. I worried that they had regressed while I was gone. The girls woke up with giddy excitement that I was back. I reminded them that they were part of the house too, and had them clean up for their mom.

Lindsey came over later that morning, and brought a surprise. According to Kelsie, this was the first time Lindsey had ever brought her girlfriend over to meet Maria. And what a girlfriend. Lindsey had a great body, but Lior was something else entirely. Tall, leggy, with a cute Israeli face and brownish red hair, she looked more like a runway model than any lesbian I’ve seen. I tried to behave, but I couldn’t stop glancing over at her. She had on a small jean skirt and bright green crop top, showing abs that were more toned than most swimsuit models.

The girls were excited, but there was noticeable tension between Maria and Lindsey, even if no hostility percolated to the top. I tried to calm Maria down with occasional hugs and kisses. But I could see her body tense every time Lior walked in, or showed affection with Lindsey. The one benefit was that the girls weren’t putting their attention completely on me.

Later that afternoon most of the girls had found something to do, and Maria was working outside. Lindsey and Lior approached me, Lindsey grinning awkwardly.

“Hi Mr. Hill. Have you had a chance to meet Lior?”

“Only briefly. It’s nice to meet you Lior, everybody seems excited you’re here.”

“Thanks Mr. Hill. I’ve been a little nervous but you’ve all been really friendly. I’m especially glad to meet you, Lindsey tells me you’re amazing!”

I blushed a little, not 100% sure what amazing things Lindsey had told her about. Lindsey must have noticed because she piped up.

“Yeah, you’ve treated all of us girls so nicely, and helped us out, and taught us…stuff, you know!”

Both Lior and I looked at her, knowing that wasn’t the whole truth.

“Can we go talk somewhere private?” Lior said lightly, her voice as sexy and enticing as her body.


We went into the office and both girls got quiet. I waited expectantly. Lior finally started explaining, and Lindsey jumped in to help out with the story. Turned out Lior wasn’t always lesbian, she had a long-term boyfriend who was good looking, but conceited and self centered. So what she wasn’t getting in bed, Lindsey was able to provide.

“…everything except a big dick. Girls are too crazy to have a normal relationship with, but they are THE BEST in bed.”

“I can’t agree with you more Lior. But then what help do you need? Sounds like you have everything covered.”

Lior paused. Lindsey finally blurted out “I told her how amazing the sex was with you, and she wants to try it. Her boyfriend is HORRIBLE in bed!”

Lior blushed brightly and covered her face in her hands. “Lindsey….” she mumbled and trailed off, too embarrassed to admit or deny it.

Lindsey continued. “He is! You tell me about it all the time. Mr. Hill, I told her about the way you make love, and what it felt like, and how amazing the orgasm was. She was so turned on we made love right on the table!” Lior finally stopped her, “Lindsey, I think that’s enough, he doesn’t want to hear about us.” Lindsey corrected her, “I’m pretty sure Mr. Hill really enjoyed hearing about it”, and guided Lior’s attention to the tent forming in my shorts. Lior gasped. Lindsey asked me to show it to her.


Lior nodded her head when I confirmed she really wanted me to show her. I pulled my shorts down first, allowing her to see the bulge through my boxers, the outline of the head almost poking out the bottom. Eager to see more, Lindsey grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled them all the way off. My cock wasn’t completely hard but it was thick and pointing straight at the girls. Lior hesitantly reached out and began to touch it. She wrapped her hand around it and looked at Lindsey with an amazed smile on her face. I was surprised how naive she seemed for somebody so good looking.

“Well, my parents are very religious, so they kept me away from boys for the most part” she explained when I asked. “That’s how I got into girls really…they were the only people around when I was just starting to learn about sex. Then I moved out here, and met my boyfriend, who is a model with a great body, but he’s not very smart and definitely doesn’t have anywhere near as big of a penis. But he lets me date Lindsey to keep me from getting frustrated.”

“But this” she continued “this is…wow…it’s huge.”

I stopped her. “Lior, this isn’t even that big”. Lindsey added, “But it feels amazing inside you, and you know how to make love better than any boy I’ve ever been with.”

I stepped back and dressed again. We agreed to discuss this more at my house Wednesday night for dinner. We headed back out into the living room, where Amanda spotted us first.

“Lior, did you get to see his cock?”

“Amanda!” My voice started to grow. “I told you we don’t use that kind of language in the house!”

“What? I can say cock. You have a cock, and I’ve sucked your cock, and Lior should fuck your cock. Cock cock cock.”

I’d had enough. The girls were behaving better, but still too unruly for me. I grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her over the back of the couch, her legs off the ground.


My first spank nailed her hard, taking the wind out of her. “What did I say about what I’d do if you talked like that again?”


I was a little upset and wanted to shock them into some respect.


I turned around. All of the girls were watching the punishment. I gently pulled Amanda back up, who was obviously in pain. I told her to apologize to her mom and Lior for using that language. In between sniffles, she mumbled an apology, then looked at me, tears starting to form in her eyes.

“Your mom and I deserve your respect. So when we tell you not to do something, you should listen and pay attention. From now on, you girls will pay attention to your mother, or this will happen again.”

Amanda nodded, then sprinted off to her room as she started to sob. I was sad that I had to punish her, but hoped there would be a change around the house. Maria deserved it.

I was pleasantly surprised that Maria came up and gave me a hug. She whispered in my ear “It’s okay. Thank you.” The other girls were quiet, and then started to head back to what they had been doing. Lior stood and watched the longest, holding hands with Lindsey but not saying anything.

Dinner was a little quieter that night. I had been true to my word, you could see that Amanda was uncomfortable sitting in her chair. After dinner, without being asked, the girls cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen. I’d even say they were improving. We headed to the couch to watch a movie.

Amanda sat next to me.

“Mr. Hill, is it okay if I lay my head in your lap?” Amanda asked softly.

“Yes Amanda, that would be nice.”

The movie started, and Stacey turned off the lights. I felt Amanda’s small hands start rubbing my penis. I decided to let her do what she wanted for now. She slid my zipper down and reached in, extricating my cock from the cramped confines. I heard her take a deep breath, and then the warmth of her mouth around my head.

She pushed her head down until I could feel the pressure of her throat on my head. But she didn’t stop, continuing to push. Unfortunately my large knob wasn’t able to slip through at this angle, but she wasn’t giving up. She came up for air and grabbed my hand. Placing it on the back of her head, she took a deep breath and went down again. At the back of her mouth, she bobbed, and I got the idea. I started applying gentle pressure to her head, that resulted in tighter pressure on my head. She adjusted slightly, and with another push I could feel my cock slide in, and her lips touch the base of my cock. It was unbelievably good. She wiggled her head a little and every sensation excited me more. She pulled back and breathed in through her nose, then dove down again. Between her motion and my pressure, she was able to stroke the entire length of my cock into her mouth. It wasn’t going to take long at this rhythm. I felt myself start to swell, and at the same time Amanda starting choking. But she didn’t stop, driving me as deep as she could. I had tried to stay quiet, but couldn’t any more.

“Oh my God, here it comes!”

She forced herself all the way down, the first blast going straight down her throat. She continued to bob up and down, and the next shot sprayed the back of her throat. She kept going, milking my cock until there was nothing left. When she pulled up, her mouth and nose were covered in a mix of cum and saliva.

After the movie, the girls went to get ready for bed, but I stopped Amanda.

“You know why I had to spank you, right?”

“Yes Mr. Hill. I need to talk right, and respect you guys.”

“I don’t want to do it again, okay? Tonight, why don’t you come to bed with us?”

“Really! Yes Mr. Hill, thank you!”

She gave me a hug and went to get ready for bed.

Maria looked at me with a smile. “You were just what we needed. I think God answered my prayers.”

“You’re still okay with all of this?”

“Oh my God yes! I’ve never been happier, and the girls are more helpful and happy when you’re around. I just hope we aren’t too much for you to handle?”

“Not yet! But I’ll let you know if I need my space.”

We headed to bed. Amanda was already there, laying in bed wearing a thin shirt that didn’t quite cover her trimmed pussy. I crawled in between her legs, kissing the insides of her thighs. I worked my way up to where a small patch of hair pointed to a tight, plump set of pink pussy lips. My tongue stretched out to wipe the lips, one by one. Amanda was shaking with anticipation. I finally pressed through, my tongue grazing her clit, and her back arched.

Maria put her hand on my back. “I have an idea…”

She had me lay on my back, and Amanda got on all fours, her pussy directly above my mouth. I leaned up and continued licking, her legs shaking and back arching with every deep dive of the tip of my tongue. I felt Maria’s hand on my cock, and she started to stroke me till I was hard. She plunged her mouth to the base of my cock a couple of times, lubricating the full length, then straddled me and started to ride my cock.

Then I felt Maria lean forward, her weight resting on my chest. I continued to try to concentrate on Amanda’s pussy, and her moaning let me know I was close. Suddenly I felt Maria’s chin bump mine, and Amanda said “Whoa!”

Maria calmed her, “Just enjoy baby”, and leaned back in, pushing her tongue against her anus. Amanda shuddered through an orgasm, and I was rewarded with a gush of sweet nectar. I slurped and sucked as she continued to shake, the dueling tongues extending her peak. Maria’s tongue would dive down and mix with mine, then trace back up to her daughter’s asshole, until finally Amanda’s arms gave out and she collapsed on top of me. She slid up, and I began to passionately kiss Maria, trading tastes of Amanda’s ass and pussy. I held her tightly as she continued to grind her pussy onto my cock. I was spent from Amanda’s blowjob, so I focused on her, meeting every thrust with one of my own until she started to tense. Her pussy started spraying, cum soaking my balls. She rode until she was through, then laid down next to me.

Amanda was alert again, and moved her way down, cleaning up her mother’s cum by licking and sucking my cock and balls. She hesitated, then leaned forward and started to clean her mother’s legs. She then tentatively started licking her mom’s pussy, until her mom grabbed her daughter’s head, pulling her face deeper into her pussy. I could see Amanda licking as hard as she could, trying to keep her face on her mother’s bucking pussy. Maria let out a scream and sprayed her daughter with the last of her orgasm. Amanda wiped her face, then stuck her tongue into her mother’s crack wiping the last of the cum that had dripped down her ass, earning one last shudder from her mother.

“Oh baby, that was amazing. Thank you both.” Maria said breathlessly.

Amanda smiled, her lips glistening with her mother’s juices, then climbed up between us, her ass pushing against my semi-rigid member until we all fell asleep.

Chapter 12: Toys

I woke up Sunday morning feeling refreshed. Amanda was still nestled between us, her head resting on Maria’s breasts and her ass cradling my cock. I was hard as a rock and more than a little horny. I scooted around, then slid my cock between Amanda’s legs, rubbing against her mound. I started moving slowly and steadily, letting the pressure and warmth of her legs jerk me off. She started to stir, and pushed her ass back further to get more contact on her clit. She noticed her mother’s breast, and started to lick and suck on the nipple. This woke up her mother, who held her head against her breast and moaned. I started to thrust harder, Amanda’s juices making it easier to slide. Maria noticed my cock poking through her daughter’s legs and reached down to stroke it. Between how small Amanda was and my length, there was still enough for Maria’s hand to grip.

Maria moved down the bed, till her face was between her daughter’s legs. She wrapped her lips around my cock and began sucking. She pushed forward till her nose was in her daughter’s pussy, and starting running her tongue along my shaft and Amanda’s lips. This was heaven, and both Amanda and I were building up. She came first, coating the length of my cock, which turned me on enough to start cumming in Maria’s mouth. Maria swallowed every drop, then pulled out and licked both Amanda and I clean.

We headed into the shower and told Amanda to clean up and get the girls ready for church. After soaping each other up and teasing ourselves till we were horny again, we realized we’d be late if we spent more time. We rushed to get church clothes on and went out. The girls were all ready to go, although they continued to wear their normal attire. No bra for Amanda, sports clothes for Kelsie, and random sparkly outfit for Stacey.

Lindsey met us at church, and we all headed to Maria’s normal spot near the front of the church. Amanda was on her best behavior, and Lindsey seemed to be paying attention to the pastor, but Stacey and Kelsie were goofing off and making faces. I finally grabbed Stacey by the shoulder and threatened to spank her like I had Amanda. That quieted her down, although they still didn’t pay attention, mostly goofing off on their phones.

As we drove home, I told the girls they needed to change their attitude at church. If they needed new clothes I’d buy them some, but they needed to show some respect. They nodded in the back seat and I told them I’d take them shopping next weekend.

We got home and decided to relax outside, soaking up a beautiful sun. We all threw on swimsuits and laid out on the grass, drinking lemonade and eating chips. The girls were beautiful and sexy, all wearing small bikinis. Maria wore a plunging halter top that held her breasts in place, with a modest black bikini bottom. Amanda had her small red triangle top on with a cheeky red bottom that showed off a good portion of her ass. Kelsie had a bright blue sport swim top on along with a matching sport speedo bottom, perfect for an athlete. And Stacey wore a cute flower bikini.

I was in a constant state of arousal, and Amanda would offer or ask for more sunscreen regularly. Eventually, Maria decided she wanted to get rid of her tan lines, and proceeded to pull off her entire outfit. I rubbed sunscreen on all the pale spots, which enticed Amanda to follow suit. Here I was rubbing sunscreen on my naked ladies after church on a Sunday in front of the kids.

Eventually I couldn’t take it any more, and went over to Amanda. I kneeled between her legs and started to play with her clit with my tongue. She jumped.

“Oh my God that’s too sensitive!”

I backed off and went slower, applying less pressure with my tongue and suction with my mouth. I continued to focus on Amanda, who was building up and gripping the grass on either side of her. Since I couldn’t speed up my pace or pressure, it was drawing out her pleasure and her frustration, waiting for release.

With a couple more circles around her clit, she started to moan and writhe. I pushed my tongue as far as it could go up her hole, pushing her over the edge. I licked up her juices as they came, continuing for a full two minutes as she lost her breath and shook her head side to side. When I finally stopped, she looked at me with dazed, dreamy eyes.

“That was sooo intense. My arms and legs and lips are tingly, and I’m seeing spots.”

I told her to relax, then sat up. Both Kelsie and Stacey were watching, wide-eyed, and then asked if I could do the same for them.

“Oh girls, you are young and small. I don’t think it’s a good idea, and you should wait till your older.”

“But I want to feel what it’s like to have an orgasm” Stacey whined.

“Me too!” piped Kelsie.

Maria cooled off their urges by promising ice cream and a movie, and took them inside. I can only imagine what their teenage brains were thinking. Maria came back outside with a surprise. This lovely naked woman was holding a giant purple double-headed dildo. This purple monster had to be two feet long and as thick as a Coke can. It was sexy and my dick immediately jumped to attention.

“Amanda, why don’t you repay Mr. Hill for his oral attention?”

I laid down on a blanket, and Amanda kneeled between my legs, working on my cock. She was getting really good at this. She then stopped, and leaned down further to lick my nutsack. She would roll them around on her tongue, one by one, then slowly suck one into her mouth, then move on to the other. It was intense. Suddenly, she gasped and face planted into my package.

I looked back to an amazingly sexy sight. Maria was kneeling ass to ass with her daughter, the purple monster poled between them, Maria pushing against her to drive the dildo deeper. At least six inches was in each girl, and it looked gigantic between them. Their luscious breasts swung wildly, sweat dripping off of each of them. Maria was spraying cum with each thrust, and Amanda seemed to be just on the edge of an orgasm. She could barely focus on my cock, instead just resting her head against it and lunging with each push. Her mom rocked back hard, making most of the toy disappear and sending both girls into ecstasy. Their hands gripped the ground and their heads tossed back, moans almost more animal than human. Amanda’s legs started quaking beneath her, and she slumped forward into me, pulling off of one end of the dildo, which spring free and shook out of Maria’s ass like a tail. Maria’s ass was stretched to the limit, and I pulled the toy out, showing at least 12 inches had been embedded in her. It popped out, leaving her gaping and her sphincter clenching, more juice dripping out of her pussy. She also slumped forward onto her towel, exhausted.

We laid down on the grass for a little longer, the girls talking about what it felt like to be penetrated by something that large. The sun got lower and we decided to go in for the night. We ordered some pizza and headed out to watch a movie. All of the girls, including Maria, fell asleep during the movie. I carried each one to bed, gave them a kiss, and then headed back home, ready for a little alone time.

Chapter 13: Bondage

At work it was difficult to concentrate. My mind kept thinking about Maria, Amanda, the girls, the sex, and how much I already cared for this group of girls I just met. My boss noticed my distraction and called me into her office. Normally I would have been ogling her breasts, held in place carefully with a lacy pink balconet bra under a see through white blouse, or the fact that the slit in her skirt was positioned so that I could see the matching pink panties against her tan Asian skin when she leaned back against the desk. I was pretty sure Jessica wanted me, and I would have probably given in, if not for our work situation. Regardless, she generally teased me with peeks and glimpses, but after the things Maria had shown me my interest wasn’t there. I tried to focus enough to be excused, then went back to my desk to daydream about sex with the girls.

Wednesday night came, and I had been looking forward to it all week. I had cleaned the house (including the stains on the couch from the previous week), and prepared a chicken parmesan for the girls. Some Jack Johnson played in the background, a decent pair of slacks and relaxed shirt, and I was ready when they rang the doorbell.

Lindsey looked amazing. Her breasts were barely covered by a flowy blue top with a very low plunge neckline, that threatened to give me a peek at her nipples every time she turned. She had on a pair of tight white shorts and finished it off with heels. Her hair had been curled, and her eyes popped with mascara, eyeliner, and a blue eyeshadow that matched her shirt.

But Lior…Lior could have been on a catwalk. She was wearing a mint green strapless wrap minidress. Her breasts filled the top perfectly, the curves blending into each other. Her long legs were tanned and exposed, with some white stiletto heels that made her stand eye to eye with me. I took her hand, but she pushed in and gave me a hug. I’m assuming she noticed the bulge in my pants pressing against her hip.

We sat down and ate, drinking wine, talking about how they met, what Lior did, and what Lindsey was trying to get into. Turned out that Lior was an engineer also, and had met Lindsey who was working as an executive assistant at her medical device company. Lindsey was hoping to get into finance, and took classes occasionally but hadn’t always been motivated.

I cleaned up while the girls relaxed on the couch. The wine had loosened us all up, and I could hear them whispering and giggling. They had guilty looks on their face when I walked in.

“Mr. Hill?”

“Please, you girls are adults, call me Darren.”

“Well Darren…ummm…you know that thing you did with Amanda? Where you…you…” she trailed off, blushing bright red against the dress.

“Her spanking?”

“Yeah. I was…ummm…I was wondering if you could, you know, maybe you could…ummm…maybe do that with me?”. She kept her eyes looking down at the floor the whole time.

It was clear to me what she was looking for, so I started speaking bluntly. “I’m sorry Lior. I couldn’t really understand what you are asking for. You’ll have to look at me and tell me what you want.”

She looked up, her doe eyes pleading. “Please Mr. Hill, I mean, please Darren, will you spank me like that?”

This was going to be fun. “Have you done something wrong Lior?”

“Well not yet. But Lindsey wants me to cheat on my boyfriend with you.”

“And what sort of bad things are you girls planning?”

She started to look away. I cleared my throat loudly, and she looked back up.

“I wanted to feel your big cock. Inside me. Like you did with Lindsey.” Her eyes wandered down to the outline of my cock showing through my pants leg.

“That doesn’t sound like something a good girl would do. I think you should come over here.” I grabbed her arm and pulled her off the couch, then led her to the side, where I pushed her over the arm of the couch. I ran my hand up the back of her leg, till I got to her skirt. I flipped it up over her ass and got a surprise. She hadn’t been wearing panties! Her ass and pussy were totally exposed.

“Oh, you are a bad girl, aren’t you? Stay here, just like this, while I go talk to Lindsey. If you move I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

I took Lindsey into the kitchen.

“What are you doing Mr. Hill? I wanted you to show her gentle lovemaking like you did with me. I don’t think you should be so rough with her.”

“Lindsey, I appreciate your concern. But the reason I can make you feel so good is that I pay attention to what you want. And you needed something gentle and close. Lior doesn’t, she needs somebody authoritative and aggressive.”

“But she’s not like that with me.”

“Yeah, I think because of her past she needs a guy to do this. And I’m assuming her boyfriend doesn’t. This is what she wants, and it is what will make her enjoy it more. Just like you want me to be gentle.”

I explained to her what I wanted her to do, and what I planned for the rest of the night. She agreed, but told me to go easy on Lior, in case she didn’t know what she was asking. I assured her that I would make sure Lior was cared for.

We walked back to the living room. Lior was still bent over the couch. What a sight! Her long legs, stretched even higher in her heels, ending in a perfectly toned ass. Lindsey started undressing.

“Lior, I need you to do something for me. I will punish you, but only if you eat out Lindsey. If you stop, I stop. Ok?”

“Ummm, yes Darren.”

Lindsey climbed into the couch, positioning her pussy right in front of Lior’s mouth. Lior bent over, exposing more of her pussy, and started licking Lindsey. Lindsey moaned immediately. It was obvious Lior was good at this.

I turned back to Lior’s ass. I rubbed my hand on it, admiring the shape and curves. My fingers roamed the curve into her waist, the muscles of her hamstring and glutes, and the crack of her ass. Then without warning I reached back.


I heard her yelp into Lindsey’s pussy, but she kept going. I watched as a red image of my handprint started forming across her ass cheeks. Lindsey’s eyes were watching me, although I could see she was enjoying Lior’s tongue.


A low Ohhhhh sound escaped from Lior, muffled by Lindsey’s body. She seemed to be getting turned on by this. I ran my hand over her ass, the redness spreading. I trailed down her ass, onto her pussy, which was starting to open, her clit protruding through her lips. I flicked my finger over it, making her jump.


With one very hard swat, Lior’s legs started to buckle. But she quickly caught herself, and dove right back into Lindsey’s snatch. Lindsey’s head went back, ecstasy starting to build up. Lior knew she could stop the spankings if she stopped on Lindsey, making it clear she wanted more. I pushed my finger through her pussy lips, coating them in her love juice, then sucked on it.

“You taste really good Lior. Does your boyfriend know that I’m about to fuck this tasty pussy?”

She shook her head and mumbled into Lindsey’s pussy.

“Shall I continue?”

She nodded her head and mumbled affirmatively.

I grabbed both of her arms, forcing her to try balancing with her face stuffed into the pussy. I held both slender wrists behind her back with one hand, then pulled back again.


I gave her ass the hardest smack yet, pulling her back into it. Her legs buckled again, pushing her completely into Lindsey. Lindsey’s eyes went wide, I’m assuming because Lior’s tongue and nose were pressed deep into her. Lior composed herself again and straightened her legs, then went at Lindsey again. I could tell Lindsey was getting close. So was Lior. I pushed my finger into her vagina, easily sliding in to the second knuckle. I pulled it out and trailed her slickness up to her asshole.


That did the trick. Lior moaned loudly and slumped completely into Lindsey, which pushed her over the edge and she followed with her own moan. Both girls started shaking as the waves of pleasure ran through them. I let Lior’s hands go and she pushed herself up.

“What was that?” She asked, still trying to catch her breath.

“Did you have an orgasm from the spankings?”

I asked.

“But you didn’t even fuck me! How could I cum so hard?”

“Well Lior, I guess we just found what really turns you on.”

Lindsey reached down and brought Lior up to her face. They kissed passionately. Lior’s ass was bright red and her pussy was swollen. I was aching to fuck her.

“Let’s head to bed girls.”

Now I’ve always loved four-poster beds, so much that I bought one when I had the opportunity. It was a giant California King. Fortunately, I finally had somebody who I could really use it with. Lindsey helped Lior out of her dress and both girls rolled into the bed, kissing and making out. I grabbed my silk bonds and started tying them to the four corners of the bed. Lior and Lindsey definitely seemed interested. I then had Lior lay on her back and, starting with her arms, I tied her so she had minimal room to move. She was gorgeous, naked and spread eagle on my bed. My cock was trying to punch a hole through my pants.

Lindsey came over to me while Lior watched our every move. She helped me out of my shirt and then sat on the bed, framed by Lior’s legs, delicate ankles wrapped in blue silk. She teasingly unzipped my pants slowly, brushing her hands against my bulge as much as possible. She let my pants fall down to my ankles. My boxers had a giant wet spot where I had been leaking pre-cum during the spanking activities. She put her mouth around it, nibbling at my head. She pulled the waistband down and my cock sprang up, nearly slapping her chin.

I caught Lior straining her neck to try to see around Lindsey, who was blocking her view. I gently grabbed Lindsey’s head and pushed her against me, sliding between her wet lips, making sure to keep her in between Lior and what she wanted. I described out loud what Lindsey was doing, how good it felt, and how big I looked stretching her lips. Lior writhed on the bed, noticeably turned on, nipples hard, but with no way to touch herself and provide release.

Lindsey was doing a great job working my dick. One hand was cupping my balls, stroking each nut with the extra saliva and pre that dribbled out of her mouth and down my shaft. Her other was wrapped around the base, stroking me in rhythm with the bobbing of her tongue. I could feel pulses of pre cum leak out. She seemed intent on making me cum, but I needed to last tonight.

I pulled her off and had her turn around, bent over, her face inches from Lior’s pussy. But I told her that she couldn’t lick or touch Lior, Lior was still being punished. Lior arched her back, aching to be touched to help her explode, but even with her amazing flexibility and core strength Lindsey was too far away. It was beautiful to watch.

I rubbed my hands over Lindsey’s back, running them down her hips, up to the edge of her boobs, and then back. I gripped her hips and slowly pushed into her from behind, continuing to provide every excruciating detail to Lior. The way her pussy lips extended as it gripped the meat. How the wetness and warmth coated me, making my cock slick and shiny when I pulled back. How I could feel her vagina adjusting to let my head squeeze up to her cervix. I had Lindsey describe her feelings as well. Every thrust of mine would push her close to Lior, her breath teasing the nerves tingling with excitement.

I had worked Lindsey up slowly and methodically. She was breathing harder and having a difficult time explaining the sensations to Lior. I would push in until she had swallowed me completely, then give an extra push before pulling out slowly and doing it again. Her legs started shaking and I could feel her ass muscles tighten. I began short strokes, buried deep within her, as her orgasm crested and she started moaning and grunting as her body went tight. I held myself deep in her, letting it subside.

When Lindsey’s breathing returned, I leaned forward harder, putting my weight onto her and forcing her into Lior. She got the hint and started lapping at the wetness. Lior exploded almost instantly. Her muscles looked amazing, strained and tight, as she lifted her whole body off the bed with the exertion. I pulled out of Lindsey and moved to the head of the bed. Her mouth was already open, eyes closed, waves of orgasms breaking as Lindsey continued to play.

I rubbed my cock, still slick with Lindsey’s juice, around Lior’s lips. Her tongue instinctively darted out and licked at my bulb, tasting her lover on me. A thin string of my cum stuck between the head of my cock and her mouth. I pushed into her waiting mouth, and she eagerly swallowed me. I reached the back of her throat but didn’t stop, leaning my weight into it to force it through the constricted space. Her eyes opened wide at the intrusion. But I continued, a steady pressure till the outline of my head was visible, bulging her throat like a cartoon.

She peaked into another orgasm as Lindsey continued sucking and probing her box. Tears ran from her eyes as the lack of oxygen and tensing of muscles caused her to swallow around me. I almost came but instead pulled out. Lior gasped, choking on the excess saliva and my fluid. Her face was red and her breasts were heaving.

I moved Lindsey out of the way and plunged my entire sticky, messy member balls-deep into her. Lindsey’s tongue and her orgasms had lubricated her extremely well, but she hadn’t ever had a guy this big, and the multiple orgasms had left her super tight. But my rod was stiff and I wasn’t trying to be gentle. Her body immediately convulsed in a string of orgasms, her head tossing side to side and her voice screaming out incoherent sounds.

I pumped hard into her, until my own pent up orgasm was ready. I pulled out and shot a stream up to her neck, then a few more pulses on her tight abs, and then dribbles onto her pussy.

Before I released her, I moved back up and had her clean me up, cock and balls. I finally untied her arms, and she got up and hugged Lindsey tight. I untied her legs and she stretched fully, showing every inch of her impressive physique.

“That was the most intense I’ve ever felt! That was crazy! My whole body is still shivering and I keep having little aftershocks.”

She kissed me hard on the lips, despite the slobber, and then gave me a big hug.

“This was wonderful! I hope we can do it again! Soon!”

“You really enjoyed that? He was so rough!” Lindsey still couldn’t get over the fact that not everyone has the same turn ons.

“Oh my God yes. And next time, you can go harder.” She purred, running her hands along her body. “But I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I may have to skip the gym and soak in a hot tub.”

The girls took a shower together while I changed the sheets. They came back in together, and we all crawled in bed, hugging contentedly.

Chapter 14: Tag team

I was now even more distracted at work. And it didn’t help that Lior would send me messages like:

“I can still feel where your cock in my throat whenever I swallow. Love, Lior”

I felt a little guilty and was worried a little about Maria. I went over for a calm dinner Thursday night, and then talked to her before we went to bed.

“And you’re sure you’re okay with me sleeping with your daughter and her girlfriend?”

“Lindsey keeps telling me how happy she is, and how much she loves you and Lior. I don’t want to ruin that, and I know they’re safe with you. So while I may be a little jealous of Lior, I don’t want to do anything to get between you and Lindsey.”

“Well you let me know if there’s anything you need.”

“Right now, I need this” she grabbed my cock “filling me up until I pass the fuck out”

I couldn’t say no to that. I spooned behind her, easily sliding in to her. There was little motion, just a gentle rocking, the tip of my penis rubbing her g-spot over and over. Her orgasms weren’t the strongest, but they kept coming, and her love canal was squeezing my entire length. I came, deep within her, pressed against her back, and then drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with my cock still inside her. Her pussy had managed to massage me hard all night. A few thrusts and she woke up, pressing back against me, continuing what we left off with the night before. We shared a small orgasm and then got ready for work. As I was leaving she stopped me.

“Why don’t we go back to that bar near your place?”

“Ummm…sure. But are you comfortable there?”

“I think I can find a way to get comfortable.”

We met there that night, packed with the cowboy crowd again. Maria would occasionally get me on the floor to dance, but mostly danced by herself, swaying to the music and overall looking sexy. She had on a mid-length loose skirt and a tight tank top, with her nipples showing through the built-in bra. A tall cowboy asked her to dance, and she tried to follow his line dance moves on the floor. Then they two-stepped around the room, her laughing the whole time.

She came over to the booth where I had been drinking my beer and watching her. She smiled.

“I figured out what I’d like to do. You know, to get back at you for fucking my daughter’s gorgeous girlfriend.”

“I knew you weren’t going to be happy about that. I said I was sorry…and I won’t do it again.”

“Oh no. You’ll keep fucking her, I’m not going to stop you. And you’ll keep fucking me and Amanda. But tonight, I’m going to give you a little peek into the type of whore I used to be.”

“Maria, you were never a whore. And you don’t have to prove anything to me.”

“I’m not. I’m proving it to myself. I’m going to let myself be a whore, but this time I’m going to be in control, and do what I want, without hurting myself or others. And I know I’m safe, because you’ll be there, watching me.”

“Like a cuckold?”

“No my love. Like my pimp. You’ll be my pimp, and at the end of the night, you’ll get to fuck my ass to prove you’re the dominant guy in my life. Ok?”

I nodded. She still hadn’t let me know what she was doing, and I was a little worried, but I was in no place to say anything.

“Let’s get shots!” She yelled, and ran to the bar. She walked back with the tall cowboy and six shots of tequila.

“This is Dave. Dave, this is Darren. Darren’s here to protect me, so don’t get any bad ideas, okay?”

I looked at Dave, who had to be 6’6″ and 220 pounds, and thought to myself that hopefully he’s as nice as he seemed.

We did the first round of shots, and Maria asked Dave for details about himself without sharing too many of her own. She tipped back the other shot and dragged him back onto the dance floor. I could see she was getting closer to him, grabbing his thick arms or grinding against his leg. As the lights came on in the bar, I could see her actively stroking his neck and thighs.

“Ready to head outside handsome?”

I don’t think Dave or I knew who she was talking to, but we grabbed our stuff and started to walk out with her.

When we got outside, Maria stopped at the bouncer. He was a thick black guy with a shaved head and muscles on his muscles.

“I never properly thanked you for what you did for us the other night, did I?”

The bouncer looked her up and down, a moment of realization crossing his face.

“Those two were due for some smackdown. I’m sorry you had to go through that. But they won’t bother you again. They step foot on this property and I’ll leave them hurting.”

“Yes, but what you did was amazing. You deserve a big thank you for saving me.”

She leaned over, putting her hands on his upper thighs. He was sitting on a barstool, arms still crossed but definitely tense and prepared to move if she did something stupid. Instead, she moved her hands to his zipper.

“Ma’am, I can’t do that here and now.”

“The bar’s closed! Your job is over. Now relax and let me take care of this.”

At that she pulled the zipper down, reached in, and pulled out the longest snake I’d seen in real life. Even soft, it had to be 10 inches. I smiled, knowing I was still thicker. Regardless, the amount of cock hanging out of his pants was impressive.

Maria seemed impressed too. She held it with both hands, admiring it. She licked it from the tip to her hands, still at least four inches of exposed cock. She then took it into her mouth, making the bouncer sigh with contentment. She pulled off and turned around to Dave, who had been watching intently.

“You aren’t one of those guys that doesn’t know what to do with a girl, right?”

I chuckled, recalling our first night together. Dave walked up behind her, looking around. A small crowd had gathered to watch her, and both girls and guys urged him to take her. He lifted her skirt up over her ass, revealing a bright red satin v-string. He pulled it to the side, a bright red stripe running across her buttcheek. He undid his pants, gripped her hips firmly, and plunged his large rod into her.

She went back to her magic act with the bouncer’s cock, making more of it disappear, even as it grew. He was at least a foot long, and Maria had pushed at least eight inches down her throat. Somehow she didn’t breathe, didn’t gag or cough, despite his meat blocking her airway. She adjusted her position, and at the next thrust from Dave, let herself sink to the hilt. The bouncer was in heaven. He gripped the sides of her head and held her in place. I smiled, knowing the sensation he was going through as her throat massaged his entire length with each swallow. Amazingly, her tongue had enough room to lick his giant black balls.

She pulled back, slowly sliding his foot long out until just the tip remained. She then turned to Dave.

“Don’t come in me. When you’re ready to blow let me know…I want it on my face.”

She proceeded with her magic trick, pushing his snake back down her throat and holding it there, using Dave’s motion to excite the bouncer. I could tell when she hit her orgasm, her body starting to quiver, locked between these two giant dudes and held in place like two meat hooks. Her orgasm must have tightened her muscles in all the right places, because both guys started grunting. She began to stroke the bouncer’s cock harder, until she felt him start to jizz and pulled out. Thick white streams of cum squirted on her cheeks and lips.

She then focused on Dave, letting him slam into her a few more times before she spun around and kneeled down in front of him. He jerked himself off, shooting an impressive load into her hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. She was a mess. The crowd cheered. One girl came up and kissed her hard on the lips, then helped her scoop it out of her eyes, licking both guys seed off her fingers.

Maria turned to me. “Did you enjoy that? Did it turn you on to watch them use me?”

“It was amazing Maria. You looked like you enjoyed yourself, and these guys have a great memory that I’m sure they’ll be jerking off to for a while.”

“Well it’s your turn now big boy. Come fuck my ass.”

“Why don’t we go home and get you cleaned up.”

She turned to the few people left, including the bouncer. “Don’t you want to see him plow my ass? Tell him not to be such a pussy!”

“Maria, you’re drunk and horny. Let’s head home.”

“No! I’m sure this guy” and she grabbed at one of the last few random guys, “I’m sure he’d fuck my ass right here and now!”

The guy looked at me, unsure what to say or do. I looked straight at Maria.

“Maria, you’re amazing. I’m sure every guy and many of the girls would fuck you. But you don’t need to do this. If you feel like you have to, go ahead. But I’m heading home.” I turned and headed towards my car without looking back.

As I drove off, I saw Maria leaning on the bouncers stool, ass exposed, waiting for the older guy to start fucking her. I shook my head and drove home.

Chapter 15: Group Love

I went over to Maria’s house the next morning. The girls were awake, cute as ever. I asked them about Maria and they told me she wasn’t home yet. I started to get worried, but Amanda told me this was normal for her mom “before you came around.”

I helped make breakfast and had the girls clean up the house. They seemed unfazed by Maria’s absence, which I guess was a good thing.

She walked in about 10:30. She was a mess. Mascara running down her face, a rats nest of hair, clothes dirty and disheveled. She looked exhausted. I ran up to her to help her.

“Oh, you’re here! I didn’t expect to ever see you again.”

I took her to her room, and helped her out of her clothes. I ran a hot bath for her, and had her climb in. She sunk into the tub, bruises on her body already visible. She started sobbing quietly.

“I’m so sorry Darren. I’m so so sorry. I don’t know what got into me. Why are you even here? You don’t want a whore like me! You should get the fuck out while you still can.”

I let her go for a while, knowing she needed to release some pent up emotion. Then I stopped her.

“Maria, I love you. You are an amazing woman and an amazing mother. I’m sorry that I pushed you into this. But I’m not going to leave you. I’m not like the other guys. But I’d rather not have this happen again.”

She nodded silently. I grabbed the sponge and started washing her gently. I shampooed her hair and helped her clean her face. When I got to her nether regions, she cringed.

“Oooooh, I’m sore. Sorry.”

“Stop apologizing. It’s all okay.”

I gently cleaned her vagina and asshole, massaging the abused tissue. She was quiet, pensive. I toweled her off and we went out to see the girls. They got her some food and drink and chatted with her about random girl stuff.

I went back to the bedroom and cleaned it up, stripping the bed, cleaning the bathroom, and running some laundry. She came in as I finished vacuuming. She hugged me quietly, then climbed into bed with me. I snuggled against her until I felt her relax and drift off. I went out to talk to the girls.

“We need to help your mom this weekend. So today, I want to fully clean the house, scrub it all down. Tomorrow, we are going to head to church. You’re going to dress up nicely, showing respect for both your mom and God. You’re going to behave and pay attention during church. Then afterwards we can all head over to my house for a BBQ. Think you can do that for your mom?”

They all agreed, although the scrubbing part required constant supervision. But by the time Maria came out, the house was nearly spotless and everything was put away. Once again, she hugged me quietly. We decided to go out to dinner to keep the house clean. Maria started to liven up during dinner, and by the end we were all laughing like before. It was late when we got home, so I kissed the girls good night and after assuring Maria that I loved her and that I was okay, went home to prepare.

I met them at church the next morning. They were on time and all the girls were wearing sundresses. They looked beautiful. We sat down, and soon after Lindsey and Lior joined us. I could see Maria tense, but I held her hand and smiled. I was glad they all showed up.

We headed back to my place, where I fired up the BBQ and threw on some brats and chicken. I poured out some wine, even letting the young ones have a half a glass. We played bocce ball and badminton outside, enjoying life and the California sun. Lior was helpful with the girls and the games. We all talked and laughed about where we wanted to go on vacation and where we would live if we could.

Throughout the day I made sure to touch Maria, squeezing her hand, touching her back, holding her arm, hand on her knee. I wanted to make sure she felt loved. Everybody was sitting down in the living room so I got up to speak.

“First, I want to mention how much I love your mother, Maria. She has been nothing short of amazing as a friend, mother, and lover. I have never felt so connected to anybody in my life.

Second, I want to thank your mother for introducing me to all of you girls. I have never been surrounded by so much love…or so much girly stuff. But again, you’ve welcomed me into your house as both a father figure and a friend, and I appreciate it.

Third, I want to thank all of you for being open and honest about your feelings and your sexuality. It has allowed me to connect with each of you mentally and physically in a way that has made me grow stronger and wiser.

But last, I want to apologize. I am sure I’ve overstepped my bounds, doing things a man in my position shouldn’t. I have taken advantage of the situation, and am sorry that I’ve hurt you in any way. Because I love your mom so much, I am going to step back, and allow her to set my boundaries in regards to all of you.”

They sat motionless for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Kelsie bolted up.

“No! And I don’t care if you have to spank me for saying this, but this isn’t right and it’s not fair! She’s our mom, but until you came along we were a mess. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the best thing that ever happened to all of us and I’m not letting mom take that away!”. She stayed standing, looking me straight in the eyes. Damn I loved that girl’s fight.

Maria didn’t stand up, and she was talking so quietly we didn’t all realize at first.

“You’re right Kelsie. And while I love what you said about us, you’re wrong Darren. I shouldn’t be making any decisions, especially about matters of love and the heart. I am still too bitter and cold inside, and I let it show too often. You, Darren, you’ve helped me. You’ve helped all of us. The girls have all seen what a real man, a good man, is like. And taking that away from any of us” and she glanced at Lior “is wrong, unfair, and unhelpful. I need you Darren. I know I need you. And the girls need you too.

To my girls, oh Linds, Amanda, Kelsie, Stace…you are the most important things in the world for me. And I don’t show it enough. Lindsey, I wish we never fought, and I wish I hadn’t pushed you away. Lior is a wonderful woman, and you deserve to be happy. And Lior, I am sorry for any coldness I showed you. I wanted to protect my daughters from what I went through, and instead I pushed them away. I’m lucky that she found somebody like you.”

She was getting bolder and louder, and was now looking at all of us directly.

“I promise to do my best as your mother, and as your friend, and if you’ll have me Darren, as your lover. And what’s best is to let the one person who has consistently put others above himself be the one who makes the decisions and sets the rules. Darren, you have shown real love and attention to all of us. Please, despite what I may say or do, don’t ever stop.”

She looked around. The girls were quiet, looking back and forth between me and their mother. But it was Lior who moved first. She walked up to Maria, and hugged her. Maria hugged her back, holding her tight. Lindsey joined in, hugging them both, then the rest of the girls swarmed them. I followed, and squeezed myself into the group, eventually face to face with Maria. I held her face in my hands, with everybody watching, and kissed her. Gently at first, tender kisses on her lips, then more passionate, pressing hard, until a hunger consumed us and our lips locked, tongues wrestling for control.

Lior took the younger girls outside and set them up playing a game. Maria, Lindsey, Amanda and I headed to my bedroom, holding hands down the hallway. When we got to the bedroom, Maria took control.

She unbuttoned my shirt, kissing down my chest and abs. Lindsey then pulled my face to hers, kissing me with smooth, unforced pressure, the tips of our tongues just grazing sensually. She moved Amanda over, and our three tongues explored.

Maria had unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. Amanda kneeled down next to her, helping pull off my boxers. She held my thickness in her small hands, offering first taste to her mother. Lindsey broke away and started kissing my chest, with her hands on both her mother’s and younger sister’s heads as they took turns licking and stroking me.

I pulled the girls up and suggested we move to the bed. Lior came in and saw what had happened while she was gone, then moved up to Maria first. She started to unzip her dress from the back, proceeding to kiss her neck and shoulders as she slipped it off. She whispered in her ear, “You are a very beautiful woman” as she undid the strap of her bra and caressed her breasts, feeling the weight in her hands.

Meanwhile I sat down on the bed, and after stripping everything off was joined by Lindsey and Amanda. They took turns kissing me, playing tug of war with my tongue. I tried to guide their tongues with mine. Lindsey reached down and gripped me, stroking me. Amanda noticed a bead of pre-cum on the tip and licked it off. She then kissed her sister, forming a sticky line between their tongues.

Lindsey and Amanda got undressed, and Amanda leaned over and sucked her sister’s nipple into her mouth, playing with it. Lindsey’s head tossed back and she gasped, enjoying the sensation. She pulled her sister’s head against her breast, forcing her to continue.

Lior finished undressing Maria, small kisses tracing her body. She motioned her over to me, where the girls parted and held my penis straight up, an invitation to their mother. Lior helped her straddle me, and she slowly slid down. Maria scrunched her face up, obviously still sore from the events of Friday night. But she fit me in, and started rocking to build up a rhythm.

Amanda and Lindsey were eye level with Maria’s breasts, and latched on. This sparked Maria noticeably, and she started to leak copious amounts down my shaft and balls. As she built up, it began to spray the edge of the bed, squishing with each thrust. She peaked into a small orgasm, nails digging into my back and head on my shoulder. She kissed me, full of love, and pulled herself off.

She surprised me by turning to Lior, who was the only one fully dressed. “I’m too sore to give this man everything he deserves. I think you should do the honors.” Maria undressed Lior, kissing her neck, chest, and abs as she went. When she was done, she stepped back, admiring the body in front of her.

“Yes, you deserve both Lindsey and Darren. You’ll always be welcome in my house.”

She motioned her to me, where Amanda had just finished cleaning her mother’s cum off of me. Lindsey kissed her again, sharing the taste. Lior climbed up, agile and lithe, positioning herself over me. I put my hands under her ass and lowered her slowly. When the tip was pushing in, I stopped her, holding her with her lips just beginning to stretch. She bounced, trying to increase the sensation, but I stopped her.


At that sound I released her ass, just as she was bouncing down. My full 8 inches punched into Lior, and her eyes rolled back in her head. She had to stop, impaled by my rod, waiting for her vagina to adjust to the size. Lindsey and Amanda, still sitting on either side, turned their attention to Lior’s breasts, standing proud in front of their faces. Maria rubbed her back, whispering in her ear. “Isn’t it magnificent? I just love the feeling of being filled. You’re doing great dear, relax and enjoy this.”

Lior shifted around, squatting on me with her arms holding the posts of the bed. She started moving up and down, until I was sliding smoothly.

I leaned back on the bed, pulling Lindsey up with me. Lindsey threw her leg over my head, exposing herself to me. I leaned in, using my tongue to probe her ass and pussy.

I reached out to feel for Amanda’s body. I ran my hand down her smooth, supple skin, under her ass, where my fingers found her pussy as she concentrated on Lior’s nipples. I inserted two fingers a little, feeling her tight flesh grip me. She rocked and grinded on my fingers, forcing herself deeper onto me.

Maria didn’t want to be left out, and crawled in between my legs, her tongue tracing the line between my asshole, my balls, my cock, and Lior’s pussy and ass, then back again. The intensity was off the charts.

I want to make sure you understand the whole picture. It was a complicated arrangement, but the mutual satisfaction and the intimacy made it work. My face fully engulfed in Lindsey’s beautiful young ass. My fingers fully extended into the tight pussy of her nubile younger sister, whose mouth was sucking on the impossibly perfect breast of an Israeli model/engineer. Her athletic body riding my cock like a merry go round horse, while her girlfriend’s mother alternately poked her tongue into hers and my assholes.

Amanda’s orgasm started first, flooding the palm of my hand with her sweet-scented nectar. She moaned into Lior’s breast and steadied herself against the goddess. Between my tongue and her sister’s moans, Lindsey soon bathed my face in cum. Lior, seeing her girlfriend orgasm and feeling the vibrations of the young girl through her breasts peaked with a load groan, her fingernails digging into my chest as she slammed her pussy forcefully against me. This all built up, while Maria teabagged my balls, until I pushed Lior off of me and shoved my cock fully into Maria’s waiting mouth, draining an hour of passion and lovemaking into her esophagus.

The girls, exhausted, climbed one by one off the bed. Each one went up to their mother, kissed her on the lips, and gave her a big hug. Lior was last, and she tenderly pressed her tongue into Maria’s mouth, tasting my salty cum and leaving both ladies in a dreamy daze. I was last, running my hands over her body and caressing every curve.

“I love you Maria. You have made this all possible. You are an amazing woman, and an amazing mother, and you deserve everything you need to be happy and cared for.”



I’m still with Maria. We’ve continued to explore every depravity we could think of. We travel a lot, and I’ve had sex on six continents now. Outside on five of them, and multiple times in international waters! Lior dumped her boyfriend, and the two girls moved in with me. Occasionally Maria joins us in a foursome, but mostly she lets her daughter live her own life. I have a decent collection of bondage gear for Lior, and taught Lindsey how to be a Dom. Lindsey was able to focus on school, and is about to graduate.

Amanda buckled down her senior year and went straight to a four year university in LA. It sucks that she’s not here, and the younger girls miss her, but she’s doing well and found a real boyfriend. Maria reminds her not to do anything “stupid” every time they talk. I occasionally fly down to visit so she can expend her sexual frustration on me. She’s still too sensitive for regular sex, but the anal is amazing.

The two younger girls are doing great too. Kelsie has become a star in athletics, and has grown into a gorgeous, athletic, blonde woman. Now that she’s legal, we’ve started making love, aggressive sex that would be easier if I was half my age. But her dimples and freckles still give away her youth. And Stacey finally found something that interests her…psychology. She wants to help women in abusive relationships. She’s also grown, beautiful red tresses surrounding blossoming breasts. She decided she’s going to wait for the right guy (“somebody not so old!”) before having sex. I’m there to beat away the hordes of losers that think they are worthy.

Me? I couldn’t be happier. I have people to take care of, and they take care of me. I’ve been promoted at work and replaced Jessica, who got in trouble for sexual harassment. She texts me regularly, but that’s another story…

Carol’s Christmas Story – Part 2 by Sadistic_Dominant


These stories are all fantasy. Don’t try to make fantasies into reality and ruin people’s lives.

Comments are always appreciated.Carol Johnson couldn’t believe what was happening. Santa, the completely real Santa, had kidnapped her and said he wanted to use her body. “I must be going crazy”, she thought, but immediately she began to calm down.

“You’re not crazy”, Chris said as his body turned into the fit, muscular body it had been moments ago. “Why would you think you’re crazy?” “For one thing, Santa doesn’t exist”, Carol said, although she was beginning to realize the truth. “How can you deny what’s right in front of you”, Chris asked.

Carol started to say something, then realized that she had no answer. “I don’t know”, she admitted, giving in to the truth surrounding her. “Good. That’s the first step to becoming a good girl, admitting that you don’t know everything”, Chris said.

“What do you mean, becoming a good girl”, Carol asked. “As I told you, I want to enjoy that body”, Chris said. “But I’m not just going to fuck you. I’m going to mold you and remake you into a good girl. You will become the obedient, quiet, submissive girl you were always meant to be. And I will enjoy every step of it.”

Carol’s eyes grew wide as she realized that she wasn’t going home. “Why me”, she asked, looking at her lap. “Because I find you sexy”, Chris said. “And you are still a virgin.” “How do you know that”, Carol asked, her head snapping up quickly.

“I checked when you came to visit me yesterday”, Chris said with a wry smile. “What the fuck are you talking about”, Carol exclaimed. “Yesterday you went to the mall in your hometown with your friend, the one with the red hair. You sat on my lap and told me what you wanted for Christmas. When you got up, I froze time and inspected your body.”

“What do you mean, you inspected my body”, Carol said, feeling violated. “I checked how big your breasts were and how tight your pussy was. And I found your hymen intact, much to my delight”, Chris said as he finished eating. “You’re a monster”, Carol said, but the magic in the air was already calming her down.

“You won’t think that way for long”, Chris said. “It won’t be long before you’ll be begging me to fuck you and you’ll be completely submissive.” He stood up and walked over to bed, sitting down on it.

“Now, come over here and kneel in front of me”, Chris said. “In your fucking dreams”, Carol said, but she felt the fight draining out of her. “Why do I keep going from angry to calm”, she asked. “A little spell in the air, designed to keep you from experiencing negative emotions”, Chris said. “Now, come kneel before me.”

“No”, Carol said, although her voice was remarkably weaker this time. “Look”, Chris said, clearly getting frustrated, “there are two ways this can happen. Either you can submit and obey or I can have some of the other girls come in here and force you to obey. It’s your choice.”

“Not much of a choice”, Carol said, but she reluctantly stood up. She walked over to him, trying to maintain a defiant attitude, but she felt it slipping away. With a glare in his direction, she knelt in front of him.

“Good girl”, Chris said, patting the top of her head. Despite how she felt about what was going on, a small part of Carol beamed at the praise. And that part wanted to be praised again. “Now”, Chris said, “unbutton and unzip my pants. It’s time for you to meet the new focus of your life.”

Although she wanted to resist, Carol knew it was useless. She leaned forward and found the button on his pants. She undid it and then pulled the zipper down. Her eyes grew wide as she saw his dick. It had to be at least nine inches long and three inches thick and it wasn’t even hard.

“Now, show me how much you appreciate me bringing you here”, Chris said, his eyes looking down at her sternly. She hesitantly wrapped a hand around his thick shaft. She’d never so much as touched a boy’s dick, but she had seen plenty of porn. And, despite her mixed feelings, she was getting turned on by how much he wanted her.

She slowly began to stroke his cock with both hands, going all the way to the tip before sliding back down to his groin. It didn’t take long for his dick to stiffen and begin to grow. Her eyes got even wider as his dick got larger. It was almost twelve inches when it was rock hard. By this point, she was using one hand to stroke it and the other was playing with his balls.

Part of her felt proud that she was arousing him so much, but another part of her felt scared. Mostly because she knew he planned on putting this monster inside her. “Enough stroking”, Chris said suddenly, breaking her from her thoughts. “I want to feel your mouth on my dick.”

She took a breath and began by licking the tip. Some precum had already begun leaking out and she tasted it, surprised by the taste. Most of her friends said cum tasted salty, but his tasted sweet, kinda like sugar cookies. This made her want to taste more.

She parted her lips and began sucking on the head, wanting more of that sweet substance. More of his dick slipped into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat, poking her uvula. She started to freak out because she couldn’t breathe, but the magic in the air quickly calmed her. She started breathing through her nose and sliding her mouth back and forth on his dick.

It surprised her how wet she was getting just from pleasing him like this. She looked upward and could see the pleasure in his eyes. “Fuck, you’re a natural at this”, Chris said. “Now, prepare yourself. I’m going to fuck that pretty face and decorate it for Christmas.”

Without another word, he grabbed a handful of her hair. It hurt, but it also turned her on to feel him take control of her like this. It felt like she had no control and he could do whatever he wanted to her. Instead of scaring her, the thought excited her.

He slowly pulled his cock back until just the head was left in her mouth. Then he thrust forward, pushing a few inches down her throat. She gagged a little, but he didn’t stop. Before long, the room was filled with the rhythmic slap of his balls against her chin. Drool leaked down her chin and, with each thrust she felt something inside her giving in more and more. Somehow, this all felt right, being used like this.

He fucked her face for almost ten minutes and she felt his balls swelling every time they slapped against her chin. Then he suddenly pulled out. “Keep your mouth open, slut”, he ordered and she obeyed. Something in the tone of his voice told her that she had no choice in the matter.

He gripped his massive cock and stroked it a few times before his orgasm hit. It exploded all over her face, spurt after spurt hitting her. A few landed in her mouth, but most of it got on her face and in her hair. “Now, swallow”, he ordered and she gulped down the sweet, thick cream.

As she looked up at him, her pussy dripping wet, his cock was still rock hard. “Now, slut, stand up and take that nightie off. It’s time for you to take Santa’s package in that sweet, virgin cunt.”

To be continued…

Carol’s Christmas Story – Part 1 by Sadistic_Dominant


These stories are all fantasy. Don’t try to make fantasies into reality and ruin people’s lives.

This one is a little slower and not a lot of sex, but I wanted to set up the story right.

Comments are always appreciated.December 24th


Carol Johnson walked into the crowded mall on a Saturday, surrounded by her friends. They were talking loudly, mostly about guys at school, as most freshmen girls do in high school. Carol normally wouldn’t have come to the mall on a busy day like this, since she hated large crowds of people, but she still needed to get a gift for her mother.

She and her best friend Lindsay broke off from the main group and headed toward a small jewelry store. On the way they saw Santa’s village, with the fat man sitting in a chair, talking to a small boy about what he wanted for Christmas

Lindsay suddenly got a devious look on her face. “I dare you to go sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas”, she said giggling. Carol just sighed and laughed along. She was used to her friend trying to get her to do weird things.

“I’m too old for that”, Carol said. “After all, we’re in high school now.” “Come on, live a little”, Lindsay whined, grabbing her arm and dragging her toward the line of people. “I’ll do it if you will.” “Fine”, Carol said, giving in to her friend’s cajoling.

As they stood in line, Carol was glad she had given in. She still secretly believed in Santa, even though she knew it was foolish. She knew there wasn’t actually a man living at the north pole with elves who delivered toys all over the world in one night. But she still believed in the idea of Santa, that the world could be full of magic and wonder, if you only looked.

Before she knew it, it was her turn in line. As she walked up to the mall Santa, she could have sworn she saw a strange look on his face. But she decided it was just her imagination and she quickly sat down on the man’s lap. He laughed in the traditional Santa laugh and asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

She picked some random thing she’d seen online, since she knew she wouldn’t be getting it. He smiled and promised to bring it to her. Then, just as she got up and went to leave the area, she felt a strange sensation, almost as if a chill passed over her body. She shook it off and waited for Lindsay to finish her turn with Santa. Then the two girls headed toward the jewelry store.



If Carol could have heard Santa’s thoughts, she would have been astounded and maybe horrified. When the girl had walked up, the man had quickly looked up and down her body, very excited by how sexy she looked.

Her honey blonde hair hung just past her shoulders, her eyes shone a bright green, her body was trim and fit, just the way he liked them. Her breasts were about a c cup, but still looked like they could grow some more and her ass looked amazing in the Christmas themed legging she was wearing.

Then, when she sat on his lap, it took every ounce of willpower to keep his cock from making a tent in his pants. Every bit of will power he possessed, and a little bit of magic. Yes, magic. For, unlike most mall Santa’s, this guy was the real deal. Chris Kringle himself.

He’d come to this town on a mission and it seemed he had found his target. The girl had told him what she wanted for Christmas, her very voice turning him on. Then, when she got up, he used a little magic to freeze time.

He stood and lifted her shirt, exposing her braless tits. They were perfect, firm and just the right size for his hands. It had been a long time since he’d held a pair of fresh teen tits. Then he grabbed the hem of her leggings and pulled them down.

Underneath he found a red, lacy thong, which he promptly pulled to the side. “She’s wet already”, he said aloud as he slipped a finger inside her cunt. He quickly found her hymen intact. “Good. I want to be the one to corrupt her”, he thought as he returned her clothing to it’s original state.

Then he whispered a few words in her ear, words that would ensure his success when he visited her house tonight. Finally, he returned to his seat and let the flow of time resume, as if nothing had happened. Her friend, not nearly as hot, was next in line. But Chris wasn’t even paying attention to her. All of his focus was on Carol and what tonight would bring.



As Carol got ready for bed that night, she could barely contain her excitement. She loved Christmas and she couldn’t wait to see her family’s faces when they opened the gifts she’d bought them.

As she changed into her nightie, she stopped for a second to admire her body. A flat stomach and a small waist. Sure, her tits could be bigger, but she knew she was sexy. She loved all of the looks she got from boys at school. And the looks from her friend’s dad’s, although they thought she didn’t notice.

She suddenly yawned and started feeling tired. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. “Why am I so tired? It’s only nine”, she thought, but she couldn’t escape the exhaustion that was setting in. She crawled into bed, snuggling up to her teddy bear and quickly fell asleep.



It seemed like only moments had passed when Carol opened her eyes, but she could see light coming in through the window. As she sat up and stretched, she looked around and a startling revelation hit her. She wasn’t in her own bed. “Where am I”, she wondered, although, for some reason, she didn’t feel scared.

As she stood up, the first thing she noticed was the smell. The air was filled with scent of peppermint, cinnamon, and something she couldn’t identify. Whatever it was, she loved it. She looked around the room, trying to find something that could tell her where she was.

It was a large room that clearly served multiple purposes. Besides the large bed, which was very expensive looking, there was a large homemade table in the corner. A large fireplace filled one wall, a fire burning inside.

Suddenly a door opened and a girl walked in. She was wearing a green miniskirt with a red, sheer blouse. Long, black hair hung down her back and she was carrying a tray of food. As she bent over to set the tray on the table, the skirt rode up, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Carol tried to look away, but couldn’t and she felt her pussy getting wet at the sight.

“Excuse me, where am I”, Carol asked as the girl turned back around. “I’m not supposed to tell you. He’ll be in soon and he’ll tell you everything”, the girl said. “Who will be in soon”, Carol asked. But the girl didn’t answer. She just left the room without another word.

Carol tried to follow the girl out, but the door was locked. She sighed and went over to the table. The food did smell delicious and she realized she was starving. She sat down and grabbed a spoonful of eggs. Just before she brought it to her mouth, the door opened again.

A man entered this time, his very presence commanding her attention. He stood just over six feet and looked very muscular. His silver hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he had a trimmed beard on his face. “So, you’re awake”, he said.

She couldn’t even answer before he walked over and forcefully knocked the spoon from her hand, the eggs scattering on the floor. “Don’t you know it’s rude to eat without the host present”, he said. “Yeah, well, it’s rude to kidnap someone too, so there”, she said and stuck her tongue out at him.

What happened next shocked her. Carol had been a good girl all of her life and rarely got into trouble. Yet, the second she mouthed off to this stranger, her abductor, he slapped her. Her face stung and tears welled in her eyes as she rubbed her cheek. “You will not speak to me that way. You are in my home and you will respect me”, the man said.

Carol was so shocked that she couldn’t even respond. The man sat down and began eating. “You may eat now”, he said as he took a sip of coffee. She wanted to refuse, but she was starving. As she started eating, she looked him over. Everything about this man exuded strength. She would have to think long and hard to find a way to get away. “But why should I get away”, she heard herself thinking. “This place is wonderful and, aside from the slap, I’m happy.”

“Who are you and why am I here”, she asked suddenly. “I’ll tell you who I am in good time”, he said. “As for why you’re here, because I wanted you here. I find you sexy and I want to enjoy that perfect young body”, the man said. Carol was shocked at his bluntness, but a small part of her was excited. No one had ever told her she was sexy before. And, without even realizing it, she found herself looking forward to whatever he was going to do to her.



Chris Kringle loved eating. It was no secret to any of the girls who lived at the north pole with him. Yet he managed to stay shape, thanks to his magic. It was this same magic that created the smell around the place that kept the girls he had kidnapped docile.

So when he entered the room and found Carol eating already, he was understandably upset. Yet now, as he ate and watched her do the same, he only looked forward to what was to come. “So, how did you kidnap me”, Carol asked after setting her fork down.

“It wasn’t hard”, Chris said. “Yesterday, when you came to see me at the mall, I knew I had to have you. So I froze time and placed a spell that would ensure you fell asleep early and would stay asleep until you got here.” The girl looked dumbfounded.

“Wait a minute, what do you mean? I’ve never seen you before”, Carol said. “Sure you have”, Chris answered. “I just looked a little different.” “You’re crazy”, Carol said. “And also, there’s no such thing as magic spells.” “Sure there are”, Chris answered. “How else would I be able to travel all over the world in a single night?”

“What are you talking about”, Carol said although she was beginning to get an idea. “Come on”, Chris said. “You’re not a stupid girl. You can figure it out. You visited me at the mall yesterday and I travel all over the world in one night. But perhaps you need some help putting it all together.”

He stood and snapped his fingers. Suddenly his body began to change and became the familiar figure that children all over the world knew as Father Christmas. “No fucking way”, Carol said, her jaw dropping.

To be continued…

SHHHH..HE’LL HEAR US by blueheatt


…she had the right stuff___I was very young when it all started. I’m Jan. I had a growing figure and my tits were now full and perky. I was happy with my body, and boys liked it too. (…and…well let’s just say some girls did too.)

I had let my reddish brown hair grow long. It went to my waist. Boys liked to play with it and I got attention from it.

My brother Chuck, loves to try to feel me up, once and while….well…..let’s just say sometimes…. (I would let him!)
He had the bedroom next to mine. I would hear him sometimes when he had his girlfriends over, and mom or dad was not home. The sounds made me wet.
I discovered if I opened my sliding closet door quietly, I could hear real good. That’s when I discovered the secret panel. I saw a trickle of light around it.
Someone had put in a pass thru sliding panel in that closet. I came home from school one day and no one was home. I went to my closet and slid open the panel. It opened into my brothers bedroom.
It was narrow but just enough for a person to pass thru. I looked and you could see my brothers bed perfect. I thought, wow, and all the things I could see now.
I stepped thru and I was in my brothers bedroom. The pass way was at one end of a bookshelf and my brother only kept some shoes on the floor there. No wonder I could hear so well. The panel was very thin. I went back into my room and closed the panel, which was silent when it slid closed. I checked when I had it open just a crack.
I could see just about everything in his room. I got excited just thinking about all the things I might see. My brother making out with his girlfriend, watching him jack off or anything else that went on in there. Oh my god…his computer!
I bet there was porn on it and who knows what else. He kept his door locked when he wasn’t home. I had about an hour until mom or him would be home. I stepped thru the panel again and carefully looked around. I looked for hidden places to see what I could find. That’s when I found a folder hidden behind the book shelf.
I opened it up and there were all pictures of my mom…naked. Some had been cummed on. I realized mom had to have let him take those pictures! Her face was blocked out, but I know my mom, and it was her. The clothes and a little scar on her shoulder verified that.
I was shocked and quickly put the folder back into hiding, exactly where it was. I returned to my room and closed the panel. Wow, dad would go crazy if he knew this was going on.

Dad worked in the field and was gone on location for weeks at a time. He was like never home. Mom must have gotten lonely and started something with my brother is guess. All this was a new turn on for me I got excited about what my mom and brother were doing. Were they touching each other? Were they fucking!….oh my god…my pussy was getting wet thinking about all this. Now that I could see in his room, I wonder what I might get to see going on between mom and Chuck.

I wanted to masturbate right now, as the thoughts were making me so hot. Where was my boyfriend Sean when I need him! I had just put my hands in my panties to feel me when I heard mom come in the front door down stairs.
I quick rubbed my clit fast and got a little orgasm, to hold me over till tonight. I loved to masturbate, and with my girlfriend Tara, too. We loved to masturbate each other during sleepovers, but Sean’s fingers were the hottest. Oh my god! Tara, I had to tell her about my find! Sleepovers may be getting real hot now if Chuck is doing something in his bedroom!
I called her and filled her in. (“he jacked off on pictures of your mom!”) she said. She said that news made her so hot too, she wanted to sleepover that night. I set it up with mom, who didn’t care at all.

I looked at my mom differently now. Such a beautiful woman, I couldn’t blame her for wanting attention from a male. She was use to that starting as a little girl. I was just dying to know how far her and Chuck had taken their attraction to each other. I knew about the pictures for sure, but what else? Seeing the cum on her pictures told me Chuck wanted to have sex with her, but had he? I decided to just ‘observe’ things. Tara came over and I showed her everything, as Chuck was gone to a game.

That night we masturbated each other and she ask me again if she could lick my pussy. I always turned her down, but we were both so turned on I just whispered: (“ oh…. go ahead”) I liked the way Sean did it to me, but Tara was different, and she knew just how to do it. It was hot and exciting as I felt her tongue on my clit. This was all very secret and we agreed never to tell anyone. We both had very hot climaxes and I kinda wanted to …well…to return the favor?….maybe next time. We planned if anything hot happened in Chucks room we would finger each other later. I thought…(maybe then I would …lick her clit…just a little.)

I started to notice little things I just never paid attention to before. Chuck sliding his arm against mom’s ass as he walked by her. She would slightly smile. Smells of my mom’s perfume in Chuck’s room. Late night little noises coming from mom’s bedroom. Was Chuck in his room?…or hers….now I would know!
I waited for something to happen in Chuck’s room…..nothing. Night after night, nothing. I think they were using mom’s bedroom to do whatever. Finally I heard noises one night. I quietly opened my door a crack. They were coming from mom’s bedroom, and dad was out of town again. Now was my chance to see if Chuck was in his bed. I slid the panel back so careful and slow. No Chuck in his bed. I closed the panel and went back to my door. I could hear moaning just slightly. Oh my god, they were fucking!…

I was suppose to be spending the night a Tara’s house that night. She called me late and said she couldn’t, so I just played on the internet and went to bed early. I never told mom the sleepover was canceled, as her and Chuck had gone somewhere. I awoke to sounds from Chuck’s room. I listened for a while and then went to take a look thru the panel. I quietly slid it back and looked thru the crack. Oh my god! There stood mom and Chuck kissing! He was naked and mom had on a long robe. My pussy started almost dripping right then. I watched them feel each other up and Chuck removed her robe. My heart was banging away, I was afraid they might hear it. Chuck felt my mom’s tits as she moaned and felt his big dick. My finger found it’s way to my clit with out me even thinking about it. My legs were jittery. Chuck reached over and flipped off the light. SHIT!…I couldn’t see a thing. I waited and listened to them moan and breathe hard. I heard mom saying: (“oh baby…yes…you make mommy feel so good…make mommy happy…”) Then I heard the distinct sounds of them fucking big time. My finger was wet and rubbing my clit fast. I was about to cum with them. Then they stopped. I heard movement and then Chuck turned on a little night light. Yeaaa!…I said to my self.

Now I could see some things. Mom was on her back and Chuck was lifting her legs up. He began to lick her pussy. I was disparate for air as my pussy tingled bad. My brother was licking my mom’s pussy. I almost felt faint watching them and hearing them was making me so very light headed. I steadied my self and kept watching as my fingers were working my pussy real good. I sure couldn’t moan, and I was hotter that I could ever remember. I watched as he climbed on mom and put his dick in her. I orgasmed right then….oh god!… and my knees went weak. I could only moan in my head. God this is sexy to watch! I kept rubbing my pussy for more. Tara is gonna die when I tell her! I decided not to ever tell Sean about this, if it ever got out I’d just die. Chuck began to slowly fuck mom and I watched her legs wrap around him. I was gasping for air.

I watched my brother slowly fuck my mom and mom began to moan and kept calling him ‘oh baby’. My brother seemed to know just how she liked it and he kept pushing his dick in her deep. She talked to him quietly…”oh baby yes…deep for mom…that’s it deep, deep…I want to feel your hot cum fill me…oh yes!…make mommy cum good”… She started to get louder and fucking her hips with him as they speeded up and started breathing heavy together… My brother started moaning in pulses. Saying: “oh …oh…oh,.. Oh…mom…it’s …it’s…cuming…oh god yes.” She knew he was about to cum and grabbed him and shook hard as he gave out with a long moan and drove his dick in her as deep as he could. They both moaned together at he shot her pussy full of his cum, over and over. I could see his cum overflowing between her legs as she shook and squirmed. They both gasp for breath and they moaned together and jumped at the spasms jolting them. I had climaxed big as my body was cuming with them during this. My wet fingers were trembling in my pussy. I sunk to my knees as my body went weak. I felt exhausted as I stumbled back into my room. I laid down panting for air.
I saw Tara the next day at school. She saw my smile and knew something had happened. I tried to tell her, but I couldn’t explain it, there were no words to describe it. She knew it was big, and made plans to do sleepovers until she could watch it too.
We figured Monday night they would do it again, dad out of town again, we’d do a fake sleepover with me supposedly gone. I talked to her on my cell phone in my room, and it was all set.
* Note:

Chuck listened at the panel to all their plans. They never once thought that he could hear and watch them too. He set a trap for the two little spy’s. He needed to get them together and make sure they never talked about what Jan saw. His digital camera held the leverage he needed when two little girls decided to lick each others pussy’s.

Sunday night Tara slept over at my house. We were both excited at what was going to happen tomorrow night. When we went to bed we talked and I tried to describe to her what all I saw. We got ourselves all hot and decided to masturbate each other. Instead of side by side, Tara went to 69 and did it that way. She knew since I let her lick me once, she’d just do it again. I didn’t resist, in fact I had the desire to lick her for the first time. We were both so hot she went for my clit with her tongue. I squirmed and moaned quietly. I looked at her pussy. I wanted to lick it, so I just did. She went wild and so did I. We had to be quiet, and it was very hard as we moaned in our muffled mouths. I loved it, making her feel as good as I did licking her little clit. We licked till we both had big orgasms and panted how great that was.
* Chuck’s camera made no noise, no flash as he clicked away thru the little panel opening. He quietly closed the panel and downloaded the pictures on his computer. He found the one that showed both their faces all wet with pussy juice and tongues licking away. He printed out one picture quietly.
Tara and I played late that night, with new things to try. I told her that watching Chuck and mom was the hottest thing I ever masturbated to. She wanted us to masturbate each other when we watch them. I loved that idea and agreed.

I couldn’t concentrate in school my mind was on tonight. I was wet all day it seemed like. I saw Tara and she too was turned on about tonight. She always had the hots for Chuck, she liked the sports type. That evening we acted normal as we got ready for me to do a sleep over at Tara’s house. Mom was happy too as her and Chuck would be alone in the house. Tara and I waited until mom went somewhere and I left her a note saying ‘see ya tomorrow’. Tara and I closed my door and left the light off, and started our quiet evening of waiting. I heard some talking in mom’s bedroom, and giggling. I hope they don’t fuck in there, we won’t get to see a thing. It was quiet a while and then we hear some moaning from Chuck’s room. Oh god, it was happening! Tara and I got naked and rubbed our pussy a little anticipating the up and coming fucking between Chuck and mom. We got in position, fingers in each others pussy’s. I quietly inched open the panel.

Chuck was just waiting for me….Chuck’s fingers slid in and opened the panel wide open!

We screeched as he grabbed both of us and pulled us into his room. We gasp for breath as I could barely speak…”What are you doing Chuck!” He had a big smile and said: “Catching two little spies!…now sit down on the bed!”….Tara and did quickly, we were both naked!. and we tried to cover our over our tits and pussy’s. Our hearts were throbbing with them beating so fast. We were caught and caught good.
Now what was he going to do to us!

“You two little shits have been spying on me! Now your NOT going to ever say anything about what you saw!” We nodded big and said ’oh no, never, never’…we were so scared, we both almost peed. He reached in his desk, and pulled out a picture and held it face down. “To make damn sure you keep your little mouth’s shut, I have a picture you wouldn’t want shown all over school, or shown to MOM and DAD!” We wondered WTF he could be talking about. He smiled big at us and lifted up the picture.
Tara yelped! I yelled something in shock. There it was, Tara and I in the middle of licking each others pussy’s. Our mouth’s remained open as we looked. We both started to beg at the same time…’oh god Chuck, don’t ever let anyone see that!…our parents would…oh shit…PLEASE let us have that and we’ll never ever ever spy on you again. I turned on the tears and Tara joined me. We’re (sniff) sorry Chuck, we were just having some fun…we didn’t mean to make you mad at us….

Chuck just sat there smiling, letting us beg and suffer. When he figured we had suffered enough he held up the picture and started tearing it in half. Then quarters, then ripped it up into little pieces. He put the pieces in his ashtray and lit them as we watch them burn up. We gave out a big sigh, and I said: “Oh god Chuck, we can’t thank you enough, we’ll never peek thru that panel ever again.” He said: “I don’t trust you guys. I could nail it shut, but I have a better idea. I have a bunch of pictures of you guys on disk, hidden away from here. They will stay hidden as long at you girls…ahh…’cooperate‘ shall we say?” We said: “Oh yes, we’ll do what ever you say.” Now he had an evil smile on his face, and looked at us all naked. He said: “Here’s the deal. I’ll let you watch mom and I do our thing, but I want to watch you guys play lick my pussy and just one more thing. When I want one or both of you to come and …’keep me company’ , you’ll do it. Get it?”

Tara smiled at me and we agreed. Tara already had the hots for Chuck, and Chuck I knew he had the hots for me, so it looked like a win/win deal. He said:” Mom is next door and she will be coming in this room later. You guys can watch all you want, but not a FUCKING sound…Ok?” We happily nodded yes! “I’ll fix the panel so you see better by putting some see thru stuff in front of it. Now rub your pussy’s for me and then get out.” We stood up and rubbed away and he watched us. This was a kind of turn on and Tara like showing off for him. She wiggled her butt and pushed her tits up. I couldn’t let her get all the attention and I pushed my pussy out and rubbed it all sexy like. Chuck smiled and said to get back to my room. We dashed thru the panel door as he began to hide the panel, to where it was open more. Tara and I laid on my bed holding our hearts in relief.
I finally got up and closed my closet door so we could have total privacy. We turned out the lights and returned to thinking about Chuck and mom getting it on. Mom thought I was sleeping over at Tara’s and so we whispered and kept quiet. Later we heard mom come in the door downstairs and start up the stairs. We listened as she entered Chucks room. We heard little moans.

Tara and I quietly opened my closet door, then the panel door a crack and took a peek. Chuck had a thin camouflage curtain up and we could open up the panel door quietly all the way. He had also moved his night light so his bed was lit up dim. Tara put her finger in my pussy as I did hers. We watched all excited.
Mom and Chuck were standing up and kissed first, and felt each other up. He turned her so we could see his hands feel her tits and pussy. We were getting wet as we watched him put on a show for us. He would wink at us at times. Mom didn’t know anything as she was breathing so hard and feeling his dick. He slowly peeled off her robe and went down and licked her pussy. Mom looked so hot naked. She had big tits and a full bush, hot legs and such a good figure. Mom held his head and panted as she rubbed her pussy on his face. She whispered: (….”oh my god baby…oh baby….your tongue feels so good in mom. Keep that up baby….make mom feel good again“….)
She had this wonderful look on her face I’ll never forget…pure contentment. Tara got on her knees quietly and started to lick my pussy while putting two fingers in it. I couldn’t moan! I felt her tongue circle my clit, oh god, I had to stop her or get us caught by making moaning sounds.
My brother stood up and picked mom up and laid her on his bed. Tara and I started feeling us up and it got real hot in that closet. We joined them in the feel up part. We even kissed together to really get into it what they were feeling. We watched as Chuck kissed mom over and over as mom moaned and gasp for breath. Her legs went wide waiting for him to put his dick in her. He teased her a little, just to make her hotter. She moaned and squirmed and whispered: (“..oh baby…put it in mom…go ahead…now!”)
He winked at us as mom’s head was blocked and couldn’t see us. We watched him put his dick in her waiting pussy…She went wild, pulling on him and putting her arms around his neck tightly. I’d never seen mom act this way, out of control acting like an animal and making sounds like desperate lust. My pussy was dripping in Tara’s mouth as she licked me. The sounds alone made us so hot,

I finally had to lick Tara’s pussy. I stood her up and I went down to lick her. We glanced sideways at mom and brother fucking like to caged animals, moaning and starting to make those getting ready to cum sounds. Mom was almost crying with pleasure, calling out: “Oh baby fuck mom!…argg…FUCK MOM!…,oh oh oh oh Oh Oh OH eeeeee YESSSS!”…..
They came together, banging the bed against the wall, thrashing themselves together in a glorious cuming climax. I squirted a little and so did Tara. She soaked my face in her hot juices, as my pussy dripped my juices on the floor, my pussy had soaked my hand as I shook and thrusted it in my pussy. I had an over the top climax. Tara’s legs went weak and sank to the floor as she kissed me over and over. We shakily moved back into my room, legs so weak. Mom and brother were still both moaning and jumping in the aftermath. I quietly closed the panel door. Tara grabbed a towel and we slowly dried us off with shaking hands.
We crawled in my bed holding each other and fell asleep, locked together. Mom and brother laid holding each other all night.
The next day, Tara and I acted like we just got back from sleeping at Tara’s house. Mom was still asleep. Chuck was in his room also. We took a shower together, (for the first time) and started washing each other….that was hot.

We messed around all day, but that night late….the panel opened and in walks Chuck. “How was that my little spies?” he said. We told him how hot it made us and thanked him for the thrill. He told us that mom just went to bed and in one hour to come to his room, and went back to his room. I got a hot shot in my stomach as to what he might have us do. Tara smiled and hoped to have sex with him. I had never had sex with my brother and it made me excited, but the risk was giving me the jitters. Chuck had other ideas….

In one hour, we opened the panel and stepped through. Chuck was sitting in his chair naked.
He told us to be quiet and lay on his bed, in a 69 position. Tara giggled and I was not sure about all this. He told us to start licking while he watched. We closed our eyes and went at it. I was really exciting in two ways. Being watched by my brother and wondering if he wanted to have sex with me, or Tara or ….both? He got up from his chair, stroking his dick as we licked us and sucked our clits making us hot. He walked over and got close. We got more excited with the tension. Tara was making me want to cum bad and the same for her. Then Chuck whispered for us to sit up, side by side. Our hearts were beating fast, as we took a deep breath. He leaned over to us and said, “Start sucking this.”

OMG…..Tara and I had never sucked a dick before. We looked at each other and Tara started first. I joined in licking him. We played with his balls and now I was really getting turned on by this. We both got to going with it then he said to start fingering each other pussy’s. We gladly did and now we were really hot. He took Tara’s hand and mine and had us stroke his dick, while we sucked him. We both started moaning as we fingered and sucked, I really was turned on by this and we both wanted him to cum. He started to moan, we both put our lips on his big head and waited for his cum. I moaned as I had a big climax as did Tara when he shot in both our open mouths and on our faces. Wow, he shot a lot as our faces were covered with his cum. It jolted us and him as we all moaned as quiet as we could.
Tara and I went back to my room, Tara started licking Chuck’s cum off my face, I got major tingles and did the same to her. We had just had the most intense climaxes of our life, and our pussy’s were still tingling. The licking of our faces was making us so hot, we laid down and licked every drop we could find on us. We both wished we had Chuck’s dick in us to feel that mega cum he shot in our mouths and faces. We couldn’t wait till he called us in his room again. I now had the hots for my brother bad. Tara started feeling my pussy as she told me how she wanted Chuck’s dick in her. This just made us hot all over again. We turned 69 and began to lick each others clits and pussy’s. We came fast and closed our eyes and pictured Chuck licking us.

We planned another sleep over and I… just happened… to tell Chuck the day. He smiled at me and pulled me to him. Our hands were all over us quick. I gasp and was not expecting a major feel up from him or me. I couldn’t believe I was feel up my own brother. It was shaking me up as my heart raced and I gulped down more air. He felt my wet pussy and then turned me around and laughed and pushed me out of his room! That little tease! …grrrrr….time to tease back!

I started in on him. At dinner I would rub my ass against him, brush my hand against him close to his dick. I was having major fun copping feels behind my mom’s back. He was a little shocked, but was turned on by it, I could tell by the way he would take a deep breath afterwards. The funny part was him and my mom were doing it too! I watched their hands take little feels when they thought I wasn’t looking. Poor Chuck was getting felt from two of us now, and it was my turn to just…smile at him. We both were now getting so hot for each other as it was growing.
I would picture in my mind him cuming on Tara and I while I masturbated to intense cums myself. I peeked at him one night when I heard some noises from his room. I watched him holding a pair of my panties he swiped!, then jacking off after smelling them. He shot about a foot in air as he gowned. I knew he was thinking about fucking me, and it made so hot, I orgasmed watching him.
It was Friday night. Tara’s night to sleep over. Mom would be out late playing bingo.
We waited for Chuck to open the panel door. Finally it opened and he motioned for us come in his room. He smiled at me with a devils grin. He felt my tits and whispered: (“you can just watch.”)
Grrrrr…he was going to fuck Tara and make me just watch! I sat in his chair and gave him dirty looks. I finally started rubbing my pussy as he started slowly taking off Tara’s panties.

Chuck smiled at me watching and rubbing my pussy while he slowly undressed Tara. They kissed real hot and felt their body’s. He laid her on his bed, opened up her legs wide and began to lick her clit. Tara was in heaven and moaned and squirmed. Chuck kept looking over and grinning at me. The ultimate tease.

Then he stood up and came over and stood me up. He kissed me so passionately and I kissed him back in shock. For the first time our tongues met and we both gasp for air. He felt my tits and wet pussy and led me to his bed. He had me lay on top of Tara face to face with her. He had both our legs wide open as he started putting his dick in Tara and them me, back and forth. He was going to fuck both of us!
Tara and I got so hot we were kissing, moaning and feeling our tits. He kept it up until we all were panting and going to cum.
Tara and I both moaned and started cuming hard, feeling both of ourselves cuming was a very hot turn on. Her breathing and feeling me cum was making us cum even harder, along with my brothers dick going in and out of us. She squeezed my tits hard as I had reached down and fingered both our clits. We kissed as we hit the peak and rubbed our pussy‘s together. I don’t know which of us Chuck came in first, but we got a big load of his cum in both our pussy’s. We were a warm pile of shaking people, all kinds of moaning came out of all of us. Chuck was not expecting this, and held us both tight, as his cum dripped out of my pussy and onto Tara‘s. I couldn’t help but shake…pause…and shake some more. My pussy was squeezing his dick each time he stuck it in me, and Tara’s pussy squeezed him too. We laid there letting the spasms continue, which seemed like forever.
My head was spinning, and my heart couldn’t get enough air. Feeling Tara climax as I held her, and her holding me as I climaxed, was over the top when he dual fucked us. Chuck’s weight and heat was a hot turn on for us. It drove Tara’s and my body together and mashed our nipples tightly together…no wonder I kept spasaming. We all just lay there, Chuck still switching his dick from my pussy, to Tara‘s and then back.
He finally rolled off of us…but Tara and I continued to hold each other till the last spasm left us.

Chuck completely changed. He couldn’t have been nicer to us. Mom played bingo 2 nights a week, we planned another 3 some for one of those nights, but there was something I wanted.
I now wanted to fuck my brother privately one on one bad and I told him so. He held me tight and kissed me so hot and said he to wanted to also, real bad, so we planned a night to do it. Mom kept him busy fucking her every chance she got. All I could do was watch and masturbate hearing them fuck and moan from the panel door. I did a lot of sleepovers at Tara’s house to get away from it. Chuck and our special night wasn’t happening.

Tara and I had great cums together, but I wanted Chuck bad. Mom stopped going to bingo and there went our 3 somes also. Chuck whispered to me in the hall and told me how bad he wanted me. We snuck a hot kiss, and felt us up right there, while mom was downstairs. Finally we decided to sneak a night and do it quietly with mom home.
Her bedroom was right across from ours and she was a light sleeper. That night Chuck came into my room thru the panel door. Our hearts were beating so fast as we immediately went into a kissing frenzy from having to wait so long. He whispered: (“..Jan…I have to have you or go crazy….I can’t stand it anymore.”) Still standing he dropped to his knees and ran his hands up my night gown and pulled down my panties and started licking my pussy. I ran my fingers thru his hair and my pussy jumped each time he licked my clit.

We quietly laid down on my bed in a 69 position and I wanted his dick all to myself. His dick was so warm in my mouth, It made my pussy shiver with delight. I took my time feeling and licking his balls and suppressing my little moans. He lifted my one leg and pushed his tongue in deep and licked me so good, I orgasmed and a little squirt of my pussy juice squirted on his tongue. He and I both moaned
(…‘oh my god… that was so hot!’) I put his dick in my mouth as far as I could get it.

* Chuck thought: “To have 2 young hot girls and a woman to fuck all the time…life is good.”

That’s when my bedroom light came on.

There stood mom in shock. Chuck quick jumped up and started talk fast to her. She just glared at me. Chuck tried to take all the blame as mom wasn’t listening at all. Chuck pulled her out of my bedroom and closed my door. I wet my self some, it scared me that bad. I heard mom yelling something. Time stopped while I waited for mom to come in my room and lecture me. After a long time, my door opened and Chuck came in.

Chuck had told her that I knew that they were having sex together. He said later mom settled down and that she didn’t want to stop having sex with Chuck. Chuck told her they would keep on if she ignored him and I. They agreed and acted like normal and the usual.
I gulped….. with that news my heart finally stopped pounding. Chuck smiled and he kissed me, starting all over with our date to finally have private sex.

Mom went back to her room and shut the door. Now Chuck and I looked in each other eyes and we melted together in our arms. His warm hands felt my body as I felt is growing dick. He felt my tits so firm my pussy spasmed. Chuck turned the lights down low as his hands felt so warm sliding up my legs underneath my nightgown. I shivered as I felt the juice in my pussy start to gather. We just knew mom was listening, but our moaning was now released and I was the loudest as I felt Chuck’s finger slipped inside my wet pussy. We were going to have one on one sex with each other for the first time. The taboo thing of ‘you don’t have sex with your brother’, just made it all the more exciting.

He slowly lifted my nightgown off, savoring this moment. I felt his lips touch mine and our tongues slipped in out of our mouths dancing with each other. We could feel our hearts pounding as we gasp for breath. The feel of his warm full boner in my hand was awesome. I could feel his warm pulse in it as the tip was oozing with his pre cum. His slight moan let me know I was pleasing him like I wanted to. Our kisses increased with passion as our hands continued to feel our warm body’s Our fingers trembled with excitement. We savored this moment of sexual ecstasy.

I dropped to my knees and let my tongue feel all it wanted to around the head of his dick. He moaned again, as my pussy began to drip it’s juice down my leg.
Knowing mom was intently listening to our every moan was sadistic pleasure. Knowing her son was having hot sex with her daughter must have been hard to take. She couldn’t have him all to herself now. Little Jan had drawn him away and she was forced to share.
Chuck played with my hair and felt my lips and tongue getting his dick all wet. He jumped some each time I took the tip of my tongue as just touched it to the tip of his dick. I sucked down all of his pre cum.

I took all of his dick in my mouth I could. I could hear his breathing increase. Once I got his dick completely all wet, I pulled him down on top of me. Our arms were jittery as he lowered himself down on top of me. I opened my legs wide as I felt his wet dick slide in my wet pussy without us even touching it.

I just knew that mom was listening hard as she had probably opened her door a crack to listen better. She wanted to be me so bad. I just knew what she must be thinking….

(“…I can’t stand this! Hearing them having hot sex, and me nothing! Well, I have three fingers in me and I’ll just cum with them. I know what Chuck feels like in me and that little Jan is cutting into my good sex. I’ll keep Chuck so fucked out, he won‘t have any cum left for her!…”)

I felt Chuck’s dick slide in and out of me slow at first, but then we both started fucking faster as we felt so good to each other. We felt our warm skin together on us and I ran my fingers through his hair. I let my legs come up and wrap around his warm body, feeling his hips pumping me so good. Our hot tongues went deeper between gasps for air. I moaned loud at it built up in me with all the good feelings my body was feeling. The feeling of his dick in me was building a climax just waiting to be released. I heard his little moans telling me he was cuming soon. I began to squeeze his dick slightly with my wet pussy, as we increased our speed. The slight slapping noise of our body’s coming together began to increase. We began to moan together. I began to tremble inside my body as Chuck’s moaning in my ear was awesome. My arms around his back pulled tighter and tighter as the rush of our passion began to peak. I moaned a crying sound and yelled ..”OH Chuck…., yes,…Yes,….Ohhhh God YES!!
I lost it and fucked him as fast as I could as I felt his hot cum fill my pussy and overflow. He moaned a strained moan and his cum kept coming and coming as I shook and squirmed out of control. I felt like I was losing my mind in pleasure. We held each other tight as his dick kept pumping his cum in me. I squeezed his dick with my pussy as hard as I could. It quivered as it did so. My pussy let go with the biggest squirt I had ever had, and kept squirting two more times. My body went crazy shaking over and over violently. I don’t know what I moaned but It know it was loud. Chuck held me so tight as his dick pumped in me until we both started to collapse, spent beyond anything we had ever experienced. We lay trembling in our wet juices.
( Now Chuck and I always leave the panel door open, so at any time……,

we can pass right through ……..

LICKING THE MAID by blueheatt


her hands felt in the…………We are an average couple….except at night we become sex animals. Nina has a great body, long reddish brown hair and nice 34 C tits. My close buddies said she was hot looking. Me, Mark, I am tall, blondish and Nina’s close friends said I looked hot. We were both 22, and living together, we have no kids and plenty of time to have great sex.
Slowly I noticed a trait of hers. If we were in the mall, sitting on a bench and people watching, she would comment on the women having nice hot looking hips, ass and tits. She was eyeballing all the women who walked by. I noted this and chimed in feeding her comments. I would say how I would like to see that girl naked. Nina would quietly gasp, and say how hot that would be. On TV she would do the same. She would comment on how a girl had hot legs, or nice tits or lusty eyes. I decided to see just how maybe bi curious she was. I felt she might be ‘bi desire’ instead of just ‘bi curious‘, which was fine with me. (I pictured 3 somes in the future.)

I started off one night when we were laying in bed naked and I started telling a hot story.
She loved these and the stories always got her hot, only this time I made it a bi story.

I told a story of a maid, I called her Lacy, similar to Gracie. (* That was her girlfriends name who I felt she might have had a one time affair with, when they got drunk one night. She did tell me once that they ended up in bed together naked, but wouldn’t tell me any more.).

I described the maid like her girlfriend looks, as I knew it was to her liking.
The maid ask if she could give lady a massage due to a sore back the lady had. (Nina started to breathing heavy.) I went into detail about how the maid Lacy, ask the lady to go take all her clothes off and lay down on the bed, face down. Lacy watched her get undressed as the lady blushed a little.

Lacy smiled real sexy at her. She started out massaging her back, then neck, then legs and then turned her over. (By now I heard Nina’s breathing increase, and she squirmed a few times.) As the maid massaged and got closer to her boobs, the lady didn’t move, and just let her do it. The maid started slowly brushing against her boobs. She slowly did her tummy and all around her pubic hair. The maid opened the lady’s legs wide and the lady just let her do it.
The maid stopped.
There was a pause.
The lady opened her eyes and the maid was smiling at her. The maid leaned over and whispered:….(“…you look so content, did you want me to keep going and make you feel even better?”)
The lady thought…..
(‘….oh god, don’t stop now!…I’ve never been this wet and turned on since my girlfriend in school, keep going. I better let her know what I want right now.’)
The lady slowly reached out with her trembling hand and took the maids hand and put it on her damp pubic hair. She whispered back:
(“Lacy,…. (gasp) why don’t you get in bed with me, and we can both ‘feel’ real good?“).

The lady thought….
(I cant believe the words that just came out of my mouth. I just got a hot feeling in the pit of my stomach. Did I actually just say that? I can’t believe I am so hot over a woman since that girl in school.)


The lady watched the maid smile and slowly start to undress. She unbuttoned the front of the maid’s uniform. She laid it on a chair. She unhooked her bra and in slow-motion let the straps down. She had a real nice set of tits and squeezed her arms together forming a great cleavage. The lady squirmed watching her. Lacy let her bra straps slowly slide off her arms, putting a sexy strip show for the lady

. Lacy inched down her little panties showing her dark bush, matching her long wavy black hair. She got up on the bed and got between the lady’s legs. As the lady watched, Lacy began to feel her own tits and massage them slowly while rolling her nipples with her fingers. The lady eyes went wide having never seen a live woman do a ‘feel up’ show.
Lacy teased the lady by rubbing the lady’s inner thighs and letting her finger just slide across the lady’s pubic hair. The lady wanted to suck on Lacy’s hot looking tits so bad, her lips tingled.

(I looked over at Nina, as she had her eyes closed, breathing deep and licking her lips. Her hand was between her legs moving slightly.)

The maid Lacy continued. She fingered and massaged her own pussy as the lady watched and took a gasping breath. Then she lowered her mouth down to the lady’s pussy. The lady could feel Lacy’s hot breath on her pussy.
I stopped the story and said more tomorrow night.
Nina said: “NO!, your just getting to the best part!” I noticed Nina had been fingering her own slit and she was very wet. I started in saying that a woman would know,….. just the right places to massage. Nina eyes were closed and whispered:…. ’yes, I know a woman would’. I asked her if she had ever had a woman give her ‘that kind’ of a massage.

There was a long silence, then she slowly began to tell about her girlfriend Millie when they were young girls in school.
She still had her eyes closed and fingering her pussy as she told this never before told, true story.

Nina said they were young, and did a slept over at Millie’s house and started comparing bodies that night in bed. The room was pretty dark and they decided to feel and compare each others boobs. Nina said they both got turned on doing this. The excitement made them to go further. Then on to feeling and comparing their little slits. Millie said she had found her clit, and it felt good when she rubbed it,

and took Nina’s finger and showed her the spot on Nina’s own little pussy. Nina got a hot pleasure jolt when Millie did this. Millie’s hand guiding Nina’s finger made her really hot. She remembers trembling in her tummy. She wanted more of this. Nina, trying to hide her hyper breathing and suggested they might…. rub “each others” clits.

Millie turned around to a 69 position laying on her side as they raised one leg and rubbed each other clits. Nina and Millie got really excited as it was the first time Nina had done this. Millie put her finger in Nina’s vagina and felt it all around, so, Nina did the same to her. They did this till they both were wet. She said they kept it up and up, then faster until Nina had her very first orgasm. They were exhausted and stopped, the girl kissed Nina’s clit,

……Nina gasp!, and they went on to sleep. Nina said she never forgot that kiss as it sent waves of pleasure thru her pussy.

Nina stopped and realized what she had just told me.
This answered my question about bi, as she had an experience she liked and it lingered in her mind.

I got down and kissed Nina’s clit and she bucked and shivered. I had her rub her own clit as I opened her legs wide and put my dick in her very wet pussy. Nina held me tight and I knew she was thinking about a woman. I placed her hands on my chest. She started feeling my tits and twisting my nipples. She started to peak with a big moan. She had a squirming moaning yelling climax, bucking as she kept rubbing her own clit fast. She started lifting her hips up and shaking violently….she started to yelled out “Oh Gra….”
I let go with a big load of cum in her that took my breath away. As I kept shooting in her,
she had a squirt for the very first time. She shuddered and shook as she moaned. She was way hotter and more excited this time then we could ever remember, and I think I knew why. What was it she started to yell?

The next day she said how great last night was, as she grabbed my dick and squeezed it and said that she couldn’t wait to hear more of the story. Nina was extra horny all day, and she fondled me every chance she got.

I was mean, and made her wait 2 days till Saturday night. I felt there was more to her bi adventures and I wanted to hear all about them. On purpose I had told the maid story so she could relate it to her girlfriend Gracie. Every time her girlfriend Gracie’s name came up, she would always smile and stare into the distance. She had told me many times of how hot Gracie was, long black wavy hair, big tits, her curvy figure and long legs. I had a plan to see if her and Gracie ever had a bi affair.

Saturday night came, and back we went to the story that night. She was already wet and started fingering herself right away. I had earlier started in letting her know I felt turned on watching two women making out, in fact it made me hot just thinking about two women having sex. She would smile but only say it would have to be the right woman for her to do something like that with.
I continued with the story.
The maid was just about to lick the lady’s pussy. She smelled the aroma the lady’s perfume mixed with her sex between her legs and it made the maid’s own pussy start to get wetter. She started licking around her pubic hair, causing the lady to twitch and jump as her tongue hit certain areas. (I then turned out all the lights so Nina could concentrate on the story.)
I got down and acted out each description I told. I ran my tongue around her pussy hair like Lacy the maid did in the story.

“Lacy used the tip of her tongue to go up and down the lady’s slit“….. (I did the same to Nina. I removed Nina’s finger from her clit and sucked on her finger then licked her clit and got it very wet. I placed her finger back.)
“Lacy then took her lips and nibbled on the lady’s clit. Her long hair brushing the lady’s legs. She then slowly put three fingers in the lady’s pussy and found her G spot and massaged it.” (Nina moaned as I did it to her.) “Lacy lifted up the lady’s legs at the knee, and push them wide open.”

(Nina did it without me touching her.) “Lacy licked the lady’s clit firmer, and speeded up her G spot massage. The lady bucked her hips up in pleasure.” (Nina moaned steady now, and did the same.) “The lady held Lacy’s head and humped her face steady now. Lacy now speeded up and teased the lady by taking her finger and just touching her butt hole. (Nina’s butt went up for me to finger her butt hole. I ran my finger around it, teasing it as she jumped and moan loud. She took my finger now and led it to the entrance and darted it in and out slightly, teasing herself. I continued )

“Lacy could take no more, and reached over and put an vibrator in the lady’s pussy and pumped it in and out, while pushing the tip of her finger in the lady’s butt hole. The lady yelled in pleasure.”

With that I crawled up and slipped my hard dick in Nina’s pussy and started pumping. I reached around and put a finger slightly in her butt hole, and moved it in and out. She was moaning loud, bucking and squirming now saying, “Oh baby, oh baby, oh my god!, oh my god!!!” She lifted her pussy up as high as she could and I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick as she began to climax and yell, “OH BABY, YESSSSSSSSSSSS” as she climaxed hard, shaking and bucking, her butt clamped down tight on my finger.

I let go with a huge load of cum, making me yell with her. We pumped and pumped it deep in her pussy as we both now shook and gasp for air. I’d never seen Nina so hot, ever. She shook and moaned for a long time, squeezing my dick with her pussy.

She knew she had exposed herself as getting turn on real hot by thinking about being with a woman. Her bi curious had moved to ‘bi desire’.

I wanted her to admit it to herself. She was resistant. She knew by now I liked the two women thing, but I had to find the right woman for her to really go ahead and have sex with a woman.
Yes,…. I fantasized about a great threesome and I wanted that to happen. I thought how can I do this. Gracie had moved to the next town, so she was out.
As I thought….it hit me…
Where was she today? I tracked her down to where she worked in town, at a little store. I went in and asked where was Millie? A woman pointed her out. She was a tall redhead with green eyes. I was stunned. She was a hot looking girl. Long red hair, very white skin and green eyes. She had great tits and hot legs. She was putting stuff away as I approached. “Millie?”…”Yes”….”I know you Millie.”

I told her who I was and slowly we blended real cool. I told her Nina had feelings for her beyond just girlfriends She caught on quick and smiled at me and winked. She whispered: (“…do you mean ’girl’ feelings?”) I said: (“you catch on quick Millie. She yeans inside for you, but resists the bi thing.”) She smiled a sexy smile said: (“ I can fix that, just let me visit her.”) We arranged it and I quick hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She pulled me to her and looked all around and kissed me quick with a slip of her tongue. She held my hand and squeezed it as I left.

I was excited now, Millie was a very hot girl and she was game to go bi with Nina. I had mental pictures of a great 3 some with those two. I talked to Millie on the phone and we started talking a lot. We got into hot discussions and that led to phone sex. She was bi sexual and liked to make me hot, I loved making her hot. We decided to have Millie call her first and get together for old time sake. Nina jumped at the chance. I would leave them alone for her first visit and Millie would try and get her into bed with her. It took two visits and then it happened.

Millie told me Nina was so hot for her finally, a few glasses of wine and she let Millie lick her pussy into a climax. The next visit, they both went all the way with the licking and feeling of everything. Nina was worried what I would think, so Millie said not to worry that she’d have a talk with me. Of course it was a done deal already for Millie and I.
Now, I looked forward to our first 3some.
Millie suggested she come over Saturday night for a visit. Nina was all for it. Millie brought a big bottle of Nina’s favorite wine. I put on a 3some porn video and we all settled in. I was in my easy chair while they sat on the couch. The more Nina drank, the more she sat closer to Millie as they whispered.

They were off to my right and behind me. There was picture with a mirror around it on the wall in front of me, so I would see Millie and Nina both. As the video got hotter and hotter I could see Millie talking in Nina’s ear, then she kissed her neck. Nina smiled and closed her eyes. Nina was now pretty drunk, and began to giggle with Millie. I could see her hand was rubbing Millie’s leg. When the video ended. I went and sat on the couch, Nina in the middle between Millie and I. Millie and I went to work to make Nina hot and excited. It didn’t take much. Millie and I got our faces up close to Nina and both whispered about the video’s hot parts.

We each took one of Nina’s hands and began to hold it. Then rubbed it, kissed it and licked between her fingers. Nina was melting fast. Her breathing was heavy and she wanted to join in but just sat and enjoyed for now. Finally I winked at Millie and started kissing the side of Nina’s face, Millie took the other side and we started increasing our kisses and we got to Nina’s lips and all three began to kiss. Nina watched as I kissed Millie and then…….
Millie kissed Nina.
Nina could take no more and kissed us both panting and letting her tongue go wild in both our mouths. We all got so hot, finally I stood up and Millie stood and we kissed and felt Nina all the way to our bedroom. We all undressed each other, fondling and kissing all the way. Nina was the most turned on and was dizzy with excitement. She attacked us both, kissing us and feeling my dick and Millie’s tits. We started doing the same to her.
Now I had two hot women to play with and they both had a girl and a guy to feel up. Millie and I wanted to fuck bad, but so did Nina, so….we both did.
Millie and I laid Nina down and started kissing her and fingering her sweet pussy. She thrashed her body with excitement. I whispered to Millie: (“…go 69 with her first..”) She tongue kissed me deep and then turned and I finally got to watch Millie eat Nina’s pussy.

Nina made little pleasure noises as she pulled Millie’s pussy to her. In went her tongue in Millie’s wet pussy. Now Millie made those same moaning sounds. I just laid to the side and Millie reach over and jacked me as she ate Nina’s pussy, and sucking some on her clit.

I’ll never forget the sight and sounds of pleasure, those two made. Hands feeling each others tits, legs, butts, and body’s. Millie sat up panting for air and whispered: (“…she hotter than ever! Put your dick in her now!”) I turned and put my knees under Nina’s wide open legs and rubbed her clit with my dick. Millie quick turned and slowly, her shaking arms lowered her pussy right over Nina’s face. Millie squeezed Nina’s tits firm and whispered to Nina: (“lick my clit Nina baby, lick it!”)

Then she reached up to me and tongue kissed me with her wet face. I tongue kissed her back as she ran my tongue over her wet face, I tasted Nina’s juices on her face. Millie was so hot looking, We felt each other and I ran my hand through her hair, long red hair like silk. She was all turned on by me and felt me all over. Her clit tingled and I was adding to her impending climax. She whispered to me: (“oh god I have to have you in me next!…I want your cum in me so bad.”)

We kissed hotter and hotter as I pumped Nina’s pussy and she licked Millie‘s clit. What a turn on fucking Nina and feeling and kissing Millie. Millie and I were getting very hot for each other, and she whispered: (“..mark, baby I’m want you so bad, the phone sex we had made me so wet for you, we have to fuck soon!, or I’ll explode.”) I felt her tits and pushed my tongue deep in her mouth. She shuddered and licked my lips so hot and moaned in my ear.

Now we all moaned sounds I can’t describe. I have to guess that Nina climaxed first as I touched bottom in her pussy and she shook beneath Millie and I. Millie and I licked our faces as I shot a massive load in Nina, as Millie began to yell loud in my mouth and climaxed on Nina’s face, humping her tongue. Now we all shook and moaned as Millie and I locked together with a dripping wet kiss.

Millie reached down and felt my cum overflowing out of Nina’s pussy and filled her fingers with it. She brought them up to her mouth, and sucked them. When Millie did that….. she squirted all over Nina as she licked her lips. This made Nina squirt and yell and shudder till she went weak with the tension shaking her body. Millie and I kept kissing our wet kisses and gasping for air. She moaned to me….“oh god I want you in me so bad“…and started deep kissing me with her tongue. She pulled at me and we rolled off a passed out smiling wet faced Nina. Millie pushed me on my back and rammed my dick in her pussy. She leaned over on me and started fucking me faster and faster. Her tongue went deep in my mouth. It turned me on so high to where I felt another load cuming up for Millie.

She fucked me like a machine while working her tongue in my mouth. When my load came up and I yelled: “Oh Jezzzzzz!,” and shot a huge steam of cum in her, she shook hard and then started thrashing on top of me as she yelled: “OOhhhhhhhhh Baby,….I….I’m…. I‘m Cuming!!!” She climaxed so hard, she shook violently and squirted all over us.
I held her butt cheeks tight as her body jumped around on top of me, still squirting, moaning loud and tongue kissing me.

The last things I remember were running my fingers through her beautiful red hair, as she kissed every spot on my face, over and over.

She let her spasms take over the squeezing of my dick as I let the pumping of my cum keep going in her as we drifted away…
Millie move in with us the next day,

A few weeks later, Nina got a call.

It was Gracie….saying she was coming to town for a visit. Nina and her whispered in the phone for a while.

Nina shivered….

and just smiled after Gracie hung up.