Carol’s Christmas Story – Part 2 by Sadistic_Dominant


These stories are all fantasy. Don’t try to make fantasies into reality and ruin people’s lives.

Comments are always appreciated.Carol Johnson couldn’t believe what was happening. Santa, the completely real Santa, had kidnapped her and said he wanted to use her body. “I must be going crazy”, she thought, but immediately she began to calm down.

“You’re not crazy”, Chris said as his body turned into the fit, muscular body it had been moments ago. “Why would you think you’re crazy?” “For one thing, Santa doesn’t exist”, Carol said, although she was beginning to realize the truth. “How can you deny what’s right in front of you”, Chris asked.

Carol started to say something, then realized that she had no answer. “I don’t know”, she admitted, giving in to the truth surrounding her. “Good. That’s the first step to becoming a good girl, admitting that you don’t know everything”, Chris said.

“What do you mean, becoming a good girl”, Carol asked. “As I told you, I want to enjoy that body”, Chris said. “But I’m not just going to fuck you. I’m going to mold you and remake you into a good girl. You will become the obedient, quiet, submissive girl you were always meant to be. And I will enjoy every step of it.”

Carol’s eyes grew wide as she realized that she wasn’t going home. “Why me”, she asked, looking at her lap. “Because I find you sexy”, Chris said. “And you are still a virgin.” “How do you know that”, Carol asked, her head snapping up quickly.

“I checked when you came to visit me yesterday”, Chris said with a wry smile. “What the fuck are you talking about”, Carol exclaimed. “Yesterday you went to the mall in your hometown with your friend, the one with the red hair. You sat on my lap and told me what you wanted for Christmas. When you got up, I froze time and inspected your body.”

“What do you mean, you inspected my body”, Carol said, feeling violated. “I checked how big your breasts were and how tight your pussy was. And I found your hymen intact, much to my delight”, Chris said as he finished eating. “You’re a monster”, Carol said, but the magic in the air was already calming her down.

“You won’t think that way for long”, Chris said. “It won’t be long before you’ll be begging me to fuck you and you’ll be completely submissive.” He stood up and walked over to bed, sitting down on it.

“Now, come over here and kneel in front of me”, Chris said. “In your fucking dreams”, Carol said, but she felt the fight draining out of her. “Why do I keep going from angry to calm”, she asked. “A little spell in the air, designed to keep you from experiencing negative emotions”, Chris said. “Now, come kneel before me.”

“No”, Carol said, although her voice was remarkably weaker this time. “Look”, Chris said, clearly getting frustrated, “there are two ways this can happen. Either you can submit and obey or I can have some of the other girls come in here and force you to obey. It’s your choice.”

“Not much of a choice”, Carol said, but she reluctantly stood up. She walked over to him, trying to maintain a defiant attitude, but she felt it slipping away. With a glare in his direction, she knelt in front of him.

“Good girl”, Chris said, patting the top of her head. Despite how she felt about what was going on, a small part of Carol beamed at the praise. And that part wanted to be praised again. “Now”, Chris said, “unbutton and unzip my pants. It’s time for you to meet the new focus of your life.”

Although she wanted to resist, Carol knew it was useless. She leaned forward and found the button on his pants. She undid it and then pulled the zipper down. Her eyes grew wide as she saw his dick. It had to be at least nine inches long and three inches thick and it wasn’t even hard.

“Now, show me how much you appreciate me bringing you here”, Chris said, his eyes looking down at her sternly. She hesitantly wrapped a hand around his thick shaft. She’d never so much as touched a boy’s dick, but she had seen plenty of porn. And, despite her mixed feelings, she was getting turned on by how much he wanted her.

She slowly began to stroke his cock with both hands, going all the way to the tip before sliding back down to his groin. It didn’t take long for his dick to stiffen and begin to grow. Her eyes got even wider as his dick got larger. It was almost twelve inches when it was rock hard. By this point, she was using one hand to stroke it and the other was playing with his balls.

Part of her felt proud that she was arousing him so much, but another part of her felt scared. Mostly because she knew he planned on putting this monster inside her. “Enough stroking”, Chris said suddenly, breaking her from her thoughts. “I want to feel your mouth on my dick.”

She took a breath and began by licking the tip. Some precum had already begun leaking out and she tasted it, surprised by the taste. Most of her friends said cum tasted salty, but his tasted sweet, kinda like sugar cookies. This made her want to taste more.

She parted her lips and began sucking on the head, wanting more of that sweet substance. More of his dick slipped into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat, poking her uvula. She started to freak out because she couldn’t breathe, but the magic in the air quickly calmed her. She started breathing through her nose and sliding her mouth back and forth on his dick.

It surprised her how wet she was getting just from pleasing him like this. She looked upward and could see the pleasure in his eyes. “Fuck, you’re a natural at this”, Chris said. “Now, prepare yourself. I’m going to fuck that pretty face and decorate it for Christmas.”

Without another word, he grabbed a handful of her hair. It hurt, but it also turned her on to feel him take control of her like this. It felt like she had no control and he could do whatever he wanted to her. Instead of scaring her, the thought excited her.

He slowly pulled his cock back until just the head was left in her mouth. Then he thrust forward, pushing a few inches down her throat. She gagged a little, but he didn’t stop. Before long, the room was filled with the rhythmic slap of his balls against her chin. Drool leaked down her chin and, with each thrust she felt something inside her giving in more and more. Somehow, this all felt right, being used like this.

He fucked her face for almost ten minutes and she felt his balls swelling every time they slapped against her chin. Then he suddenly pulled out. “Keep your mouth open, slut”, he ordered and she obeyed. Something in the tone of his voice told her that she had no choice in the matter.

He gripped his massive cock and stroked it a few times before his orgasm hit. It exploded all over her face, spurt after spurt hitting her. A few landed in her mouth, but most of it got on her face and in her hair. “Now, swallow”, he ordered and she gulped down the sweet, thick cream.

As she looked up at him, her pussy dripping wet, his cock was still rock hard. “Now, slut, stand up and take that nightie off. It’s time for you to take Santa’s package in that sweet, virgin cunt.”

To be continued…

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