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Snowed In With Dad by _MWP_

He started up again and really started to concentrate on my mid-section. Both of his hand went to work on each side of my ass which is something I had never experienced before. And just as I was starting to really enjoy it, I felt a few fingers run down the inside of my leg and back up to my butt. It sent a jolt of excitement through me. I felt confused about the feelings but I didn’t have time to think about them as more hand movements like this followed. One of his hands dove between my thighs and ran down toward my knee, coming very close to my pussy on the way there. His other hand traced the same line down my other leg and back up.


A father and daughter enjoy a sensual movie night together.“Hi Honey!” echoes through the house I walk through the front door.

“Hi Honey!”, I yelled back sarcastically with just the right amount of love and affection.

He came around the corner from the kitchen and gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the head as he usually does, smushing my face into his chest. He is a big burly man, built primarily of hair and muscle. He is usually covered in flannel but was in his work outfit today. A nice-looking baby blue button-down with a dark blue tie. His pants were a nice grey complete with burnished brown dress shoes. Dad’s facial hair was shaved down to a stubble, he looked really handsome today.

“Done with work for the day?” I asked while taking off my sweatshirt as I followed him back in to the kitchen. I tossed my school bag on the counter, grabbed a handful of grapes sitting in the near-by bowl and bent over the counter waiting for him to reply.

“Nope, I have one more in a about an hour. Maybe we can spend some time together tonight when I’m finished?”, he asked as he threw a grape at me from the other side of the kitchen.

I maneuvered to catch it with my mouth but it bounced off my face and into the sink.

“Ugh, if I have to!”, I replied playfully while both of us chuckled at my poor attempt at grape catching. “Pizza and a movie?” I asked hopefully, pointing a finger. “Pizza and a movie” he replied, returning the pointed finger.

Dad is a therapist and is able to work from home most days, by webcam. I can tell he really loves what he does, and I think he has a lot to offer to his clients.

“How was school and volleyball practice?” he asked as I was making for the door. I spun around playfully to face him again, “It was good, counting down the days…” (referring to high school). There was only a few more months of school left in my senior year but I was already checked out. I will miss my friends next year but I am sure we will always be there for each other. I won’t have to miss volleyball though, I’ve been granted a scholarship to play at a D-1 school not far from my home town. My grades were good enough, I was just sick of being an 18 year old high school, knowing that college is only a few months away.

“Practice was kinda lame because we did a lot of running. It feels like my back and legs are melting…” I complained reaching for a final helping of those amazing grapes.

“I always hated running, I’m fine with my weights.” My dad replied trailing off.

“Ohhh! Me strong man, me lift weights” I proclaimed mocking him by flexing and

poking his solid stomach. It got a cute laugh out of him and his wonderful smile. His smile can warm me even on the coldest days.

“Yeah, yeah”, he said pushing me around. “What else happened”, he asked as he playfully poked at my stomach.

“We had a scrimmage game with the JV squad…we crushed them”, I said with my hands on my hips and stated with a sarcastic exuberance. We really did crush them, but I didn’t find much sport in playing a team that was so young.

“It was fun to beat up on them but we only have a few real games left”. My dad’s expression changed as he said “I’ll miss these days when your gone. I do my best not to cry when he says these kinds of things. I know he will have an “empty nest” once I move on. I quickly reminded him that I will still be in the area and I will always be around for him.

“How about we add a back rub to the list tonight?” He said lovingly breaking the awkward silence created from the sentiment. He knows I would do just about anything for a back rub, scratch or massage. I have made it a habit to bomb down onto any couch or chair he might be in, to sit next to him or even on him with my shirt pulled over my shoulders, exposing my back. It’s became such a staple in our house that neither of us ask for it, we just pop down with our shirts pulled up, expecting the other to start. I love the feeling of his hands on my back and neck. My body feels so small when they are on me.

“Well duh..” I say with a smile on my face. “No rub, no deal mister!” I say threateningly, trying to fake a serious face as I snatch my bag off the counter and inch out of the room.

I made for the shower down the hall. We lived in a beautiful ranch-style home, on a beautiful wooded property. The bathroom is directly at the end of a slightly curving hallway, surrounded by our bedrooms on either side. The living room and dad’s office are also on the way down the hall, just before the two bedrooms.

I popped in to the bathroom to turn on the water and closed the door behind me to get the room nice and steamy. I ducked back in to my room to drop my bag and noticed that my laundry basket was sitting on my bed full of the cloths. This gave me pause because I did not remember gathering them up from the dryer last night. That means my dad must have moved them. I tightened my jaw and made a face as I realized he must have handled some of my more “revealing” underwear. I did not have a large collection, and most of these thongs and panties were for workouts and practice, but still…

The steam was coming from under the cracks around the door which meant it was shower time.

As I walked out of my room and in to the shower, I saw my dad down the hall closing the door behind him in his office to begin his final client meeting of the day.

“He works so hard”, I thought to myself. “He does seem happier these days”, which was a thought that made me very happy.

The shower was steamy alright. I pulled of my purple and black volleyball jersey and threw it to the tile floor near the door. The mirror was to foggy to see any more than my silhouette. Next, I dropped my black sweat pants, revealing my purple volleyball shorts. I am still quite sweaty so it was more like a “peel off” then a “pull down”. Finally, I unhooked my sports bra and ditched my thong, which joined my pile of cloths on the floor. There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t like the feeling of taking of a bra at the end of a long day. Particularly women like me who have larger boobs. I could tell from those old pictures of my mother that she had the same experience. We also had the same long, dark hair, bright blue eyes, and long slender bodies.

Shower water feels extra pleasurable after a long workout. It’s almost a feeling of reward and euphoria after doing something to feel accomplished for the day. I took extra time to shave the usual parts of my body. I’ve always loved shaving as I usually take the time to reflect on myself and my life, as to why I am grooming and caring for my body with such detail. I did my ankles all the way up to my hips, and everything in-between. As I washed my hair my thoughts began to wander outside of the shower. I thought about my dad’s reaction when he saw my cloths. He obviously wasn’t mad because I would have gotten an earful earlier. There was also no way he didn’t notice some of the more “delicate” pieces that were scattered throughout. To my surprise, I really began to focus on him rummaging through my cloths. It was a turn on for me to know that he had to see me in that light. Not as a little girl, but as a woman who wears such items.

“What kind of pizza!”, broke the silence, my thoughts, and nearly my neck as I attempted to keep balance while being startled by my dad’s surprise shouting. I flailed my arms up and knocked over my shampoo and conditioner bottles. What added more to the surprise was that he opened the door and partially entered the bathroom as I was showering.

“Dad! What the hell! You just scared the hell out of me…I almost fucking fell”. I could hear him laughing as he replied, “I know but I couldn’t resist…seriously what kind of pizza do you want?”

“Half peperoni, and whatever you want with it…Dad I’m serious my heart is still freakin pounding right now and you made me knock over a bunch of stuff,” I said half laughing. We loved to prank each other so I shouldn’t have been too surprised this happened. I made myself to easy of a target this time. I’ll get him back for this, I thought to myself menacingly.

“Sounds good, sorry kiddo”, he laughed as he exited the bathroom. I giggled as I picked up all the bottles I knocked over. As I was reorganizing the fallen soaps, I thought about my dad coming in to the bathroom. He must have seen some of me at least… I thought to myself. I couldn’t see him, but I am sure he took a second to make sure I wasn’t paying attention…The shower doors are glass and also less foggy since the door was left open…I turned the water off shaking my head letting the thoughts slip away.

After drying off I wrapped myself in a towel, gathered my sweaty cloths and went back in to my room to get dressed. “The pizza will be here in 10!” I hear yelled from the kitchen. It was a cold winter night with fresh snow from last night and I could feel the cold air pushing in through the window on my exposed skin. I dropped my towel and quickly grabbed a pair of baby-blue leggings and pulled them on, no need for panties for date night with dad, I thought. I grabbed a loose-fitting white tank top and pulled it over my head followed by a clean pink sweatshirt. I put on some thick and fuzzy socks to complete my movie night attire and made for the family room.

I see dad has already started a movie and has the pizza and soda ready to go. He has changed in to more comfortable clothing. A nice flannel shirt and tight-fitting sweatpants. His pants didn’t leave much to the imagination, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t steal a few glances at his front side. It was hard to miss.

“That smells amazing”, as I pull away the first piece of pepperoni. The melting cheese that strings from the piece are always my favorite to grab as a first bite. Dad grabs a piece and we dive in to our movie.

After my filling up on pizza and watching the movie for a while, I felt more relaxed but I could still feel todays practice in my back and legs. I skootched closer and closer to dad in a playful way with a smile on my face until my back was basically touching his arm.

“Okaaayy…lose the sweatshirt”. He said it with a smile on his face. I pulled off my sweatshirt no sooner than he finished that sentence and backed up as close as I could. He started with a nice soft scratch all over my back. I could feel the chills run across my chest and down my back. His hands felt enormous on my back. They had a roughness to them but he was always soft enough to make it feel amazing. The scratching turned in to a light massage of my shoulders and my upper back. I let out a few sighs of pleasure as he moved to my neck and behind my hair. His hand nearly wrapped around my neck and every push from his fingers was like a shot of released stress.

“Can you do my lower back?”, I asked as I turned slightly to him.

“Of course, sweetheart” he replied.

We both paused to figure out how to positions ourselves. After a few seconds he straightened out with both feet on the floor and had me lay across his lap.

As I moved to face him I realized that my shirt was barely covering my chest, to the point where I was holding it in place t cover myself, but there was plenty of cleavage showing on all sides.

I pressed down on his lap and he placed a pillow under my head so we could keep watching the movie. I could feel my boobs pressing against his leg and his crotch, which caused a stir inside me.

He began rubbing and massaging my exposed back. It felt amazing as he slid his hands up and down, stopping at the small of my back and the top of my ass. I could feel a stray finger make its way on to my ass every so often.

“I cant do your shoulders while you lay like that. Thake them out of your shirt so I can do them too.”

I did it without missing a beat, sliding one arm out at a time of each sleeve and laying back down topless. As I pressed back down I realized his sweatpants were the only thing separating his package and my boobs. In fact, now that my shirt was off, I could feel his cock more clearly pressing against me…he wasn’t wearing underwear either.

He went back rubbing my back, this time with more enthusiasm and finesse. I kept making sighs of relief as he pushed all the stress out of my body. Eventually, he broke the silence by asking, “didn’t you mention your legs too?”.

“Uh, yeah.”. I hesitated slightly partially because I was so relaxed and partially because I was waiting to see where he was going with this.

“Why don’t you slide up a little bit more so I can reach your legs?”.

“Okay, thanks dad”. I said lovingly.

As I slid up and back down, I could feel the heat from his lap on my stomach and hips. My thighs were now centered on his lap and I could definitely feel him through his sweatpants. As soon as I plopped back down, he started. Felling his hands on the back of my legs was something new to me. This was new territory, even for us. His hands felt like they could wrap all the way around my thighs as he slid up and down from by thighs to my ankles.

“Wow these feel great”, he said which broke the silence.

“Thanks… I said caught off guard.”

“Oh.. I meant the leggings… no wonder you wear them all the time, they feel amazing.”

I was mortified, but I had to say something.

“Duh, father” I said sarcastically, in a poor attempt to recover, trying to hide my face.

As he rubbed up and down he became closer and closer to my ass. One hand was running up and down my legs and the other was working my lower and upper back. It was amazing and so relaxing, until I felt it. The hand that was on my back ran right across my ass and down my right leg. It ran back across followed by the other hand. He began massaging the top of my ass and the small of my back at the same time which caused me to stretch and buck my hips. It felt so good. I let out a noise, and he stopped.

“Did that hurt?” he asked worried.

“No it feels amazing, keep going pleeeeease.” I said playfully flashing a smile as I did a half turn back at him.

He started up again and really started to concentrate on my mid-section. Both of his hand went to work on each side of my ass which is something I had never experienced before. And just as I was starting to really enjoy it, I felt a few fingers run down the inside of my leg and back up to my butt. It sent a jolt of excitement through me. I felt confused about the feelings but I didn’t have time to think about them as more hand movements like this followed. One of his hands dove between my thighs and ran down toward my knee, coming very close to my pussy on the way there. His other hand traced the same line down my other leg and back up.

I could feel myself getting wet as he continued this motion. I started to open my legs slightly with each pass he made. I also felt myself arching my back and slightly bucking, and grinding my hips. Each pass felt like it was only centimeters from touching my pussy but I could feel the fabric of my pants move across my clit as he passed by. I felt so, so wet but I couldn’t move. It was like I was paralyzed with pleasure.

Suddenly one hand changed direction and made its way back of my leg. I could feel his fingers tracing my inner thigh and just as he got to my groin, he changed the angle and traced the shape of my ass. As he went by this time he lightly gazed my pussy with the side of his hand. I couldn’t believe how wet I had become, I could probably cum if this continued…but would I be able to hide it from him? Now that’s a joke, I thought to myself.

Then, he stopped.

The movie was over and I had no idea how much time had gone by since this started. “Alright sport,” I’m going to call it a night. I have an early morning.” He had learned in to whisper it to me.

“Noooo” I groaned in protest, but he patted my butt one last time, signaling it was over.

“Thanks dad that was amazing”.

I got up and grabbed my shirt making little effort to cover my chest. I just didn’t care, I was so relaxed and in a daze. I saw my dad steal a peek, but then again, it would have been hard for him not to see since I had to get off of him. His eyes shot up back to mine and I gave him a flirty smile. He didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the way he looked at me made me feel loved and wanted (in more than one way).

As he stood, my heart sank for a few reasons. First of all, he was hard to the point where I could make out the whole head of his cock. He made a few movements in a vain attempt to hide it. Secondly, and to my horror, there was a wet spot on his pants. A wet spot that went right threw my pants and leaked on to him. As I was moving and fixing my shirt, I started to actually feel how wet I had become. Is this why he ended it?… I thought to myself. Or was it actually because the movie was over and he had to wake up early…He didn’t seem to be acting awkward, so maybe I am in the clear. He told me he would clean up, so I hugged him goodnight and thanked him for the great date night.

As I went in to my room and shut the door. I turned on the lights to change in to my pajamas. I looked down and saw a huge wet spot on my pants. Oh no I thought, he definitely felt this…and he has probably already noticed that it got on him also. The feeling of shame quickly turned in to feelings of excitement. I was still so turned on by what was going on that there was no way I could go to bed without finishing the job. I ripped off my cloths, shut the lights off, put a towel down where I would lay, and jumped in to the covers. My fingers were instantly wet as I touched myself. There was nothing else I could think of but my dad’s hand rubbing against me. I stuck my fingers in and out of my pussy and pulled them back out to rub my clit. 15 seconds later I was convulsing under my sheets, my legs shaking to the thought of my recent massage and my pussy gushing with cum. Thank god I put a towel down… I thought to myself. I don’t always squirt, but when I do…I do…

When I cleaned myself and got ready for bed, I asked myself…What now? Tomorrow is the weekend and we are expecting more snow. We will probably be snowed in all weekend together. Will it be awkward? Will there be more? My final thoughts of the evening before I fell asleep.

More chapters to come if requested!!!!


I love to write erotica stories and other fun stories. You can read all of my stories right here on our page please leave us a comment on how you like our stories. I also custom design all of my book covers and logos to if you need a custom book cover let me know and I will create you one for a fee. We are going to have lots of stories coming it takes time to write so you will just have to check back with us to see what's new ok enjoy.

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  1. Definitely need more chapters!
    Great set up. Can’t wait to read more.


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