My Daughter’s Sweet Milk – Part 2 by TheHornyWidower


Last night was one of the best I’d ever had.Part Two

I woke abruptly at 6:30 AM with the images of a dream about the previous night still stuck in my head and the most serious case of morning wood I’d had in years stuck firmly between my wife’s thighs from behind as I spooned her. I briefly considered my options but decided since I was already here…

I began slowly rubbing my cock between Amanda’s legs, letting the head brush against her clit until I began to feel moisture. I didn’t know if it was coming from her or if I was just making that much precum until I heard her familiar, content “mmm” as she began to move with me. Her legs moved further apart and her fingertips began pressing the tip of my dick against her clit as we ground back and forth.

I wrapped my arm over her and cupped one of her breasts in my hand pulling her closer to me as I kissed the nape of her neck, which I know always drives her crazy. She squirmed as her body shuddered just a bit and as I pushed forward again her fingers pushed upwards guiding me into her warm opening. I knew at this angle I would be pressing against her g-spot with every movement.

“Oh my God, damnit!” she said in a whisper. “You stay right here and don’t let him go to sleep!” With that she jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Rolling to my back I began a fairly easy stroke, just enough to make sure I stayed hard, not enough to make myself any closer to cumming.

She came back into the room, climbed up onto the bed and then onto me. I gripped the base of my shaft and stood it straight up as she lined herself up above me then dropped down on me so that every inch of me was up inside her and I could feel her cervix kissing the tip of my cock.

As we settled into a rhythm I enjoyed watching her breasts bounce, I’ve always been more into boobs than legs or asses so having her on top cowgirl-style has always been my favorite position. I reached up and began kneading her breasts, taking a nipple between my thumb and index finger on each hand, I pinched lightly making her nipples stiffen and causing her eyes to roll upward as though she were suddenly interested in something on the ceiling.

I could feel the inner walls of her pussy massaging me like they were trying to pull me in even further and I knew this wasn’t going to last much longer. She must’ve known it too because she stopped moving almost just as I was having the thought.

“No way, mister… I got other plans for you!” she said rolling off of me then back to her side. I followed her back into the same position I woke up in, my already pulsing cock looking to get back into the warm wet entrance that had been taken from it so abruptly.

“Uh-uh! Just wait a second.” Reaching her hand behind her back she grabbed the middle of my shaft and guided me into place where she wanted me. “Slow…” she wispered.

As my glans cleared the tight firm ring of her asshole and the pressure released I was so close to cumming I was thankful she needed some time to relax too. I laid there a few seconds before beginning to inch my way further inside before waiting just a bit more. As her body relaxed and loosened its grip on me I began to build up a pace again.

“Damn baby, it’s been so fuckin long.”

“I know… Oh my god that’s so good! Oh fuck, make me cum again. Hurry!”

Writhing together, our breathing increased until both our bodies tensed up and I felt for just a moment like every muscle in my body was a rubber band waiting to snap… then release… I began moving again as I fired my first load into her.

“Oh yeah… fill my ass up with that cum.” she panted between breaths.

About four more bursts, each one seeming to come on the beat of my pulse before I began to slow down and withdraw a bit. She clenched one last time seemingly not wanting to let me go, before I fell free and our bodies went limp… Spent.

We lay there like that another hour before I felt her wake up and move again.

“Shower?” she asked.

“Sounds good, I’ll go start it.”

– – –

We enjoyed a hot, but relaxing and uneventful, shower before I threw on my sweats and went out to make some coffee. Amanda can drink coffee all day year round, I really don’t like it much unless it’s cold so in the winter months coffee-making becomes my job. A few minutes later we were sitting at the table enjoying our first cup of the day.

Still thinking about what we had done this morning, I must’ve had a bit of a smile. Amanda innocently teased, “You’re sure in a good mood for an early morning… why is that?”

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this morning to go quite the way it has so far, not that I’m complaining or anything.”

“Yeah, I was just a bit horny… why did you think you woke up with that hard dick wedged between my legs?”

She caught me off guard with that right in the middle of a drink causing coffee to blow into my sinuses. Once I recovered I said, “Wow, I thought that was my idea this morning.”

“No. I just thought since you already had some pussy and a blowjob last night you might as well get some ass too.”

Fuck! My eyes were probably as big as the top of my coffee mug at this point and there was absolutely no point in trying to argue this or play dumb – the way she said it I knew it wasn’t a question, she must’ve come out and seen me last night.

“Calm down. Do I seem mad?”

I shook my head no and began to breathe again.

“Listen, I didn’t like the idea and at first I was pissed as hell. We’ve been married 22 years, I know your fantasies and fetishes almost as well as you do. I know about your porn collection, the number of incest movies are about the same as the number of movies where the girl in the movie has enormous lactating tits. That was the first time with her, right?”

I nodded.

“Ok, I was pretty sure but I just really wanted to know, and I know you aren’t out cheating with other women. Listen, I have a confession to make, you aren’t the only one thinking and doing inappropriate things. Last night before you woke up I found myself laying here imagining our daughter naked too and I played with myself while I fantasized and you laid there sleeping. Remember, you’re not the only one of us who enjoyed the whole milk thing when I was lactating. I haven’t tasted breast milk in almost as many years as it’s been since I’ve tasted another girl’s pussy, but I know I enjoyed both of those things at one time in my life.”

I said, “I just thought you’d be more upset because it was Julie.”

“At first, maybe for a minute, but then I realized I know you’re not gonna fall in love and leave me for her so the jealousy thing doesn’t really work the same and as long as you guys are just having some fun…”

“You really thought this through I guess. I don’t suppose we’d have had quite the same morning we did if you felt differently.”

She chuckled, “Oh, I briefly considered whether you were even gonna live to see this morning, but I was afraid if Julie appeared at my trial, the size of her boobs might just gain you enough post-mortem sympathy with the jury and I’d end up in jail for life.”

“What are you going to jail for?” Julie asked. Neither of us had heard her get up. Seems to be the theme of the morning.

Amanda didn’t miss a beat, “Oh just your father’s murder.”

Julie laughed, “Oh, well it’s probably justified.” and stuck her tongue out at me. I was pretty sure she missed the rest of the conversation – just as well, for now at least.

– – –

We all went out to stock up on groceries and a few other odds and ends. I saw Amanda checking out Julie’s rack about as often as she caught me. When we got home we began putting stuff away in the kitchen while Julie took Cory into the back of the house so she could feed him and put him down for a nap.

I walked up behind Amanda as she was stretching to put something up in the cabinet and put my arms around her and kissed her cheek. I lowered my voice and said, “She’s got you just as turned on as she has me, doesn’t she?”

She nodded, “I can’t stop thinking about what I want to do to her, I’ve been horny all day.”

“Maybe we should figure out how we’re going to bring you into our next time together.”

She smiled and said, “Absolutely!”

– – –

The evening passed fairly uneventfully aside from the unspoken conversation we all kept having back and forth. Amanda and I trading looks that spoke of our recent decision to trying to turn my fun with Julie into “our” fun. Julie smiling at me when she thought Amanda wouldn’t see letting me know she was ready for an encore if I was, little did she know how very ready I was. Even Cory must’ve picked up on something in the air because he was also considerably less noisy that usual.

After sitting and enjoying an after-dinner drink, Amanda announced she was exhausted and going to bed a bit early.

“I can come with, if you like.” I said while putting down the foot-rest on my chair to get up.

For just a second, she actually scowled at me… I’ve seen a lot of looks from her through the years, I know her glares, exasperated looks and even outright pissed but this was none of those.

“No, it’s ok. It’s early and you’d only keep me awake. You two should just stay here and watch some TV.”

Catching on I said, “Ok, but I’m gonna change into some sweats so I don’t wake you trying to find them later.” and followed her back down the hall to the bedroom.

As soon as I closed the door she asked, “So… how long do you need?”


“Before I should come ‘catch’ you two getting up to no good.”

I wasn’t really sure, Cory was sleeping already and it seemed like it probably would not be too difficult to get things going again given the looks I was getting earlier.

“Let’s say maybe half an hour, but if it’s not working out I’ll pretend to be on my phone doing something else and message you.”

Suddenly very serious she said, “Wait! Are you sure you’ve never cheated on me? You almost sound like you know what you’re doing.”

Almost two seconds passed before her face broke into a smile and I knew she was just fuckin with me. After a quick hug and kiss I went and got on some sweat pants and a t-shirt and returned to the living room…

– – –

… Where I found my Jack and Coke had spontaneously refilled itself and was now on the coffee table in front of the couch.

I took a seat next to Julie picked up the glass and looked at her. In a near whisper I asked, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

She laughed, “Do I need to? … I kinda thought maybe I could get what I wanted without that.”

At this point she pulled her shoulders back causing her boobs to stick out even further which didn’t seem possible until just then.

She then ran her hands down the front of her shirt pulling it even tighter against her while making her nipples stand up against the fabric just the tiniest bit. “Poor daddy, having to look at these big titties all day long and not being able to touch them or squeeze them or kiss them or taste my delicious milk, then to have to sit here by me waiting on mom to go to sleep. It must be absolute torture.”

“Wow,” I said jokingly, “I had no idea you were such a little tease! Do you think you can behave for 10 minutes and watch this show or am I gonna hafta put you over my knee?”

“Ooh, you promise?” I grabbed her arm and pulled which got her laughing again, “Ok, I’ll be good! I’ll be good!”

“That’s better. Now where’s the remote?”

She reached down feeling around under her leg and handed it to me but as I took it I noticed that it didn’t feel right. I looked and saw it was white with a cord coming off of it leading back into the waistband of her flannel pants. The little brat had given me the remote to her vibrator.

She giggled, “What? You didn’t specify.”

I responded by flipping the dial up to the top setting and then slowly backing it off.

(to be continued)

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