My Daughter’s Sweet Milk – Part 3 by TheHornyWidower


After catching me with our daughter the night before, my wife Amanda decided she wanted to play too.Part Three

Alternating speed on the vibrator my daughter had secretly put up into herself earlier caused her to squirm and giggle. Unfortunately after about 5 minutes the whirring sound coming from between her legs began to slow to a pathetic growl. She took the remote from me saying, “Guess that didn’t last very long.” She reached down the front of her pants and withdrew the egg-shaped device with a wet, almost popping sound and then stashed the entire assembly down between the cushion and arm of the couch. “Hey, do you mind if I have a small sip of that? I haven’t had a drink in months.”

I considered the drink in my hand for a second and shrugged, “Don’t suppose it will do any real harm in a small enough amount.”

She took a drink and gave it back to me. “Mmm, tastes good. Mind if I make one for myself?”

I knew Amanda used to pump milk before she drank so she’d have time to get the alcohol out of her system before another feeding. I asked her if she had what she needed to get Cory a bottle made up and she said she thought so.

She got up and went to her room, when she came back she held up a pump to show me like she had won a trophy, “found it!”

Back on the couch she raised her t-shirt and I watched in fascination as she squeezed the handle on the pump and the small mouth sucked her nipple in, stretching it to a point it was nearly filling the inch-and-a-half long tube. Several tiny streams of milk sprayed into the remaining space, coating the inside of the tube.

“Would you help me with the other one?” Her question startled me out of my mini-trance and once I realized what she suggested… I took her other boob between my hands and began massaging it until a small bead of milk appeared and hung from her nipple. I caught it with the tip of my tongue, again struck by the sweetness of her milk in contrast to regular milk from the store – if store-bought milk tasted this good, I might be able to actually finish a gallon before it went bad once in awhile.

I drew her nipple into my mouth, sucking and releasing, trying to mimic the speed she was pumping the other until I realized she was no longer pumping… or even moving.

I looked up but she was not looking at me, her eyes were locked on something over my shoulder in total terror. I looked back and saw Amanda standing there, arms folded, glaring at us. At first, I was afraid that this was really genuine upset… forgetting what we had discussed most of the day.

“What the fuck is going on out here? I go to bed for 30 minutes and when I can’t sleep, I get up to this?” she yelled.

“Honey I-“

Julie interrupted frantically, “Mom, I’m sorry. I hadn’t had a man touch me in months and I kinda seduced Dad… don’t be mad at him, it’s not his fault.”

I watched Amanda’s stern expression struggling to at least remain serious, knowing it wasn’t going to win for very long. I said, “You remember how much we both loved the taste of your breastmilk when you were feeding Julie. Come sit over here and try hers.”

Carrying her role to the best as she was able, she continued to look maybe half upset and half pouty as she came and sat between Julie and I knees first into the couch so her feet and butt were hanging off the front.

Julie looked just a bit scared still but didn’t protest as her mom steadied herself on the back of the couch and leaned forward while lifting her breast to her mouth with the other hand.

I’ve seen my wife with another woman, though it’s been a long time now… this was nothing like that. I remembered Julie nursing from Amanda as a baby and now their roles were reversed.

Amanda released the hold she had on Julie’s nipple and positioned herself above me so I’d have to look up to kiss her. A small trickle of milk leaked from her mouth and I did my best to try and catch it before she leaned in to kiss me. Both our lips now slick with our daughter’s milk, the kiss was so hot it made my dick start to twitch in my sweats. I slid my hand up Amanda’s leg and began massaging her pubic mound through her sleep pants.

As our kiss broke, I remembered Julie was sitting right beside us and looked over at her. She met my eyes with a rather uneasy smile. Feeling like maybe it was time to let her off the hook, I looked back to my wife.

Sometimes you meet someone who you can finish each other’s sentences, and if you marry that person and stay together as long as we have you can have some of your conversations just with your eyes. I sent her a quick, “hey I got a question” look then shifted my eyes toward Julie. She glanced at Julie then came back at me with a grin. I smiled back at her and asked out loud, “So, did that taste as good as you have been imagining all day?”

“Mmm, yes it sure did babe!”

Now it was Julie’s turn to yell what the fuck at us, “… you were playing me? You had me all plotted out huh?” All her nervousness faded to the mock pouting expression I remembered so well from her years growing up. Her faux exasperation was so easy to see that my wife and I both smiled at each other and chuckled. She couldn’t resist long and soon smiled back at us. “So you liked my milk, Mom? Would you like some more?” With that she pulled her t-shirt the rest of the way off.

Taking her lead, I took the bottom of Amanda’s shirt and began coaxing it up as well until Julie joined me in undressing her mother. After getting her shirt off she stood up, Julie and I each took a side of her waistband and finished the job together. We all took turns undressing each other the rest of the way until we were all standing naked in front of the couch. Amanda’s breasts, while older, were still fairly attractive; far from hanging, looking toward the floor or anything… as they pressed against Julie’s chest my two girls started softly rubbing each other’s waists, working up ribs to the sides of each other’s boobs and playing lazily with each other.

Together, we guided Julie around to have her sit in the middle of the couch before we both knelt down on the floor in front of her. We each grabbed a leg and pulled, simultaneously spreading them apart while dragging her butt up to the front of the cushion. It might have been some time since we’d shared another woman, but I knew exactly what my wife had in mind. We kissed slowly up the inside of Julie’s thighs, coming closer together until our mouths and tongues met in the middle, taking turns kissing lips and tongues and labia and clit and back again until finally the combined saliva and juices leaking from Julie’s soft, puffy pussy encouraged Amanda to more or less shove my head away with hers as she buried her face and tongue as deeply as she was able. We both had to try and hold Julie as steady as possible so she didn’t end up moving away from Amanda’s tongue as a violent shudder overcame her and her entire body quaked with her orgasm.

Finally it began to subside and Amanda withdrew. Placing my hand on her check, I kissed her nearly dripping-wet lips enjoying the now familiar taste of Julie’s cum.

Emboldened by her mother’s brazen behavior, Julie stood up and guided Amanda up onto the couch next so she was laying down with one leg stretched out and the other splayed out away from the front of the couch. I could see that at some point in the day Amanda had taken some time to do some preparation for this moment and had shaved herself completely bald down below. In contrast to Julie’s rather puffy outer labia that nearly conceal her slight, inner lips entirely… Amanda had almost no extra padding on her pubic bone and her full lips stood out glistening wet already, inviting the kiss that Julie eagerly leaned in to give.

Enjoying the show the girls were putting on, I started off stroking my already hard cock until Julie’s ass sticking up toward the end of the couch caught my attention. I went around and positioned myself behind her, spreading her soft ass-cheeks apart with my hands I drove my dick fully up into her, shoving her face even harder into her mom’s cunt.

Amanda’s eyes flew open and she looked up at me shocked then smiled, “How’s that old boy feel buried inside that tight, young pussy, babe?”

“Be careful, Dad… Don’t wanna bust my lip back open on Mom’s pretty pussy do ya?”

I began a slow, comfortable rhythm as Julie resumed her efforts on her mom. The end of each stroke adding a slight extra bit of pressure Julie was putting on her until my wife’s hips bucked up and down and Julie put a hand up under her ass to try and keep her steady. Then she abruptly pulled away almost knocking me over, coughing and sputtering and gagging.

Having been on the receiving end of some of Amanda’s stronger orgasms I understood immediately what had happened and pulled away waiting for Julie to recover and catch her breath.

Finally, “Damnit mom, you -” cough “- squirted right up my nose.”

“Sorry baby, but it really was your fault. I ain’t got a lot of control over it or anything… ask your father.”

Now that she had recovered she managed a smile back and said, “Actually, that was pretty fuckin hot. I’ve never been able to do that but I’ve seen it in videos before.”

Suddenly, my leg muscles were aching and I realized I had spent too much time on the floor and on my knees so I scooted up to the chair and sat down.

“Where are you going hon? Done playing already?” Amanda teased.

“Look mom, daddy lost his hardon… He must’ve been worried about me! Maybe we should fix that.”

Soon they had and I was watching my two girls taking turns licking and sucking on my penis and balls. Julie stopped and sprayed milk on me occasionally which they both eagerly lapped up. After several minutes of this I was sure I couldn’t take any more, I was as hard as I thought I’d ever been in my life and every inch of my dick burned with a bright blood red.

Amanda directed Julie to her feet, straddling me with her back to me then after getting me extra slick with a generous amount of spit she took the base of my cock in her hand and lined it up with Julie’s asshole.

Julie froze, “I’ve never done that before!”

Amanda just answered, “Then it’s about time you learned.” as she wrapped an arm around Julie’s thigh and began pulling her down onto me.

Julie screamed as I passed through her tight little sphincter and moved upward even further.

“Mom it hurts!” she cried.

Amanda said, “That’s what you deserve for fuckin another woman’s husband without having the decency to ask her first!” and forced her the rest of the way down on top of me.

I have never felt so bad and so good at the same time before! Soon, Julie’s muscles began to relax and her sobs slowed back to regular breathing. She slowly tested moving up and down on me and apparently decided it was no longer unbearable.

Softer now with no anger left, Amanda said, “I’m sorry for that, but you needed some kind of lesson. Men will generally stick it into any girl that gives them a chance, before you go fuckin a married guy again you remember how bad that hurt and that I actually care about you; some other guy’s wife may not.

“And you back there… If you ever stick that dick of yours into another woman without me again, you’ll wake up without it. Got it?”

“I know hon.” was the best I could do in response, I was on total overload. Between shock at Amanda’s earlier behavior and the amazing way Julie felt on me my brain had almost completely shut down, so much so that it barely registered at first that Amanda had again resumed licking and sucking on my balls. Then Julie leaned back slightly and moaned and I knew she was also getting pleasure from my wife’s talented mouth and tongue. The new angle and images of what was going on down there racing through my mind put me over the edge and I fired three massive streams of cum up into my daughter’s tight creamy ass before Amanda grabbed my dick, pulled it back and took it into her mouth where another few streams of jizz erupted and were hungrily swallowed down. The girls stood up and made their way to the couch together, but not before a large glob of cum leaked out of Julie’s asshole and landed on my belly. Amanda drug the blanket of the back of the couch and curled up under it with her daughter, satisfied and spent for the time being.

I picked up my now very watered down drink and took a couple big gulps off it, oh well at least it’s wet, looked at the clock and found it was 1:30 in the morning. Shit! I had to be up at 5 to get ready for work. I knew I was gonna be completely useless tomorrow but at the same time knew I’d smile every time I remembered why.

I gave both my girls a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight as I went to grab a shower before bed.

– – –

I turned off my alarm a few hours later, groaning.

A tired “Morning hon” came softly from Amanda.

“See you later, Dad.” from Julie who was curled up behind me.

A little surprised, I guessed that at some point Cory had probably woken them up and they had just crawled into bed with me after getting him back down.

After getting some clothes on, I looked them both lying there and wondered just what I was in store for tonight. I smiled and shook my head knowing if I didn’t leave now I never would, then headed out the door.

– – –

– – –

Author’s note…

Thank you all who took the time to read and like the first two chapters of my story. I’ve never written a story before in my life and wasn’t sure how this would turn out.

Thanks for your time and kind comments. Glad you enjoyed it.

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