My Three Ladies by Daddy Warbuck

Part 1

Well I now have a different life than most my three ladies are, were or will be pregnant. It’s been 15 months now and they all wanted to get pregnant to me. So who am I that 3 women want my children? I’m Terry Stance. I’m 20yo, I live with my two sisters Beth 18yo and Mary 16yo, and my mother Jennifer 34yo. I don’t have a girlfriend at this time, but who needs one when you have loving women such as I.

Beth has brunette hair that goes down past her shoulder blades. She’s about 165 cm tall, nice firm perky breasts and had a slim waist and nice hips. She has a smile that is infectious and eyes that make you want to live in them forever. Now Mary, she’s a copy of Beth, except her hair is a lighter brown, which is only to her shoulder blades and her breast are just starting to develop. Her eyes light up when she smiles, but she hides the smile being shy. She’s about 158cm but will undoubtedly be the tallest when she develops. Now mum, Jennifer. She would be where the two girls are copied from, She has brown hair that goes all the way down to the top of her arse. She’s 170cm tall and has a slim waist (again not for long) with the nicest hips and long legs. Her smile is to die for and her eyes are pools of blue. Her breasts are still erect and full. So that is how I would describe my 3 ladies.

So let’s start at the beginning. My parents were young, dad 18yo and mum 14yo, when mum became pregnant with me. My grandparents, god bless their soles, made dad and mum get married as soon as they could. Grandfather got a job for dad as a fisherman, working on deep sea fishing boats, Grandfather had a fleet of 12 fishing boats, so it wasn’t hard for dad to work for Grandad. Then before I was 2yo, but just after Beth was born, mum and dad were able to move into our house which stood in the hills away from the village.

I don’t remember to much about my father as he died, just before Mary was born. Mum later got a job as a sales assistant, which she worked at until my Grandparents died. Grandma use to look after us kids when mum was at worked, though she stopped after granddad died, the same way dad did, during a violent storm at sea. I remember my grandfather very well. He was a stern man very foreboding, being tall and very broad, but he had a heart of gold. Soon after grandma died of a broken heart, mum said. But I think it was something else as she use to cough a lot and spit something into a tissue. Anyway that’s my family background. Now, how did I go about getting these 3 ladies pregnant, or better still when did I started having sex with all of them.

When my grandparents died they left their entire savings and investments, including the fishing fleet, which returned a lot of money – also something about life insurance – including the house, to mum, which was just outside the village. Mum stopped work and tendered her garden and us children. i always though mum to be very Beautiful, compared to other women in the village. She was 5’9′ slim build, with long Jet black hair that fell to below her shoulders. She always seemed to me as beautiful, which sometimes I jacked off too. But that was only a fantasy.

Anyway, I use to go down and check up on my Gandparents place all the times, to make sure people weren’t breaking in and steal stuff. People use to ask mum about selling it, because it overlooked the village and was on a good bit of land, but she refused. So, I left school at 17years old and managed both properties, I wasn’t going to sea, as I like farming, especially breeding cattle. Sometimes I would live at the village house, as we calledd it, and other times at Mum’s place,

Now for Beth, it was just after my 18 birthday, it was 8 at night and I was at the village house alone. Outside a storm was raging on, that had started so suddenly, and something that was always happening around here. I was sitting in front of the TV and watching a good porn movie, with a roaring fire going, when the knock came at the door. I turned off the TV but left the movie running and got up and opened the door. There was Beth, with her small overnight bag, standing under the porch light wet and frozen from the night. Straight away I took her inside and got her a towel. Beth was blurting out that she had walked down to the house so she could catch the bus, with me, on the following morning.

I was still randy from watching this nice blond with big breast sucking on a foot long cock, and who appeared to be enjoying it immensely. As I walked back into the lounge room I told Beth to strip and wrap herself in the towel. Beth looked at me and stated the obvious, “I’m your sister. You’re not suppose to see me naked.”

I said, “Well you better complain to mum, because I’ve seen you when we were young and grandma use to bath us and I can still remember your little arse.”

I laughed at that and looked at Beth she tried to look mad then burst out laughing too.

I said, “Look it’s alright I’ve seen a few naked women before. You’re not the first.”

Then she looked at me quizzically, and said, “Who?”

I said, “Some women, don’t worry, just get out of those wet things and I’ll get you a T shirt to wear. Ok?”

She said yes and I walked out. I realised, as I did, that my cock was hard at the idea of seeing my sister naked. It could have been because I was watching porn. But my cock twitched when I stated that I had seen her naked when we were young. And I mentally undressed my sister, imagining what she would look like without clothes on.

I looked in the cupboard, then in the drawers, where mum sometimes puts them, and finally found a T shirt. I walked back into the lounge room, to see the TV on and the naked blond chick, in the porn movie, deep throating the guy with a foot long cock and like I said, she appeared to be liking it. Beth was standing mesmerized, with the towel hanging loosely around her midriff. I could see the start of her arse and both exposed breasts. Her nipples were hard, with the areolas a deep pink/red colour.

Beth’s right hand was brushing her left nipple and her mouth was hanging open a fraction as she panted. I stood behind her watching, and I wanted to see more. I then had an idea that I wanted Beth that night. So, I coughed and looked away, Beth mumbled something, turned off the TV and I handed her the T shirt.

After putting the T shirt on, I asked her about the clothes in the night bag. She found, on opening it up, all the clothes drenched. So I got the clothes horse and hung all her clothes to dry. It was now that I noticed that she had a pair of black lace thong undies, which I smiled at.

Afterwards we sat down in front of the fire and started talking about all the nonsense that was happening around us. It was now to put my plan into action. So I got up and got a bottle of white rum and some cola for Beth.

Beth straight away said, “I’m not drinking any of that” and

I said, “It’s not for you. You’re still a little girl and this is too much for someone like you.”

Within a few minutes Beth was asking to taste some as a few of her friends were already drinking and she wanted to see what the fuss was about. I gave her a small dose to start with but within a few drinks she was pouring her own and topping up with a double. I stopped her at the forth and got her to sit on the lounge with me. The fire was roaring and storm outside was worse, but Beth was cuddling up against me wearing only my T shirt. The alcohol worked with Beth, being tipsy and loose lipped, telling me which girls at school would fucked and which ones were prudes. I was surprised when I found out that one girl was in so much demand. I never heard about her, but I kept on concentrating on Beth.

I had my arm around her shoulders and I could smell the shampoo fragrance in her hair. I was starting to get hard again, when Beth said something that stopped me.

She said, “I wish you weren’t my brother. I’d let you make love to me.”

I said, “Why?”

She said, “Because, I’ve always loved you and wonder what it would be like if you weren’t my brother.”

I sat up and turned Beth towards me. I looked into her eyes and smiled and with that I placed my lips on to hers softly. At first she started to push away but I held her close and soon after she melted into my arms and responded back to me. I snaked my tongue into her mouth. I could tell that she didn’t have any experience in kissing, so every few minutes I would stop and just peck her on the lips.

Then I again start to french kiss her, when she soon got the idea what to do. She was doing real well, when I started to ever so lightly run my fingers up and down the left side of her body. As soon as I thought she was use to it, I then let my hands run over her left breast, just running my fingers up and down the breast, letting my fingers trace the breast. I kept this up for a short time, then I cupped her breast and started rolling her nipple through the T shirt. With that I let my lips kiss my way down to her neck where I started nipping, first her ear lobe then a bit lower on her neck and then still lower on her neck.

I could hear her breath begin to pant, so I trailed my lips down to her breasts, kissing each one in turn. I let go rolling her nipple with my fingers and took hold of it with my lips. She still wore the T shirt, so I use my lips suck and pull on them, through the material, while listening to her breathing. I kept on sucking and pulling on her nipple until I though she could go to the next stage. At that time I stopped and looked at Beth, she had the wondering bemused look on her face, but got the idea as I started to take off the T shirt. Then she was naked. I threw the T shirt to the floor and went back to where I was before, sucking and pulling on that nipple.

As I sucked and pulled on each nipple I could feel her stiffen and then relax, so I let my fingers again trace their way to her navel where I lightly traced her belly button. At first she gasped, but soon she was again stiffening and relaxing. I couldn’t figure that out but I wasn’t going to stop for anyone or anything. After a while I stood up and took her hand, having her stand too.

I led her halfway to the fire and had her lay down on the thick carpet. I took my shirt off and laid beside her. I looked at her body and drew a breath in at the beauty I was witnessing. Her breast were full, firm and pointing her erect nipples to the ceiling. Her stomach was quivering with what I thought would be anticipation and her Mons were covered sparingly with dark hair lying against her skin. I could just make out the top of her labia and the hood that covered her clitoris. I was taken back by her beauty.

I kissed her mouth again with passion, so that I could gauge her response. She immediately put her arms around my neck and held me close to her. As soon as we broke the kiss I let my lips travel to each nipple, again sucking and pulling with my lips. I listened to her breathing and could feel her body stiffen and relax. I let my fingernails lightly scratch across her belly, then started tracing her belly button. I followed my fingers, kissing my way to her belly button as my fingernails made their own way to her Mons and pubic hair. As I kissed, sucked and nipped her belly button, I let my finger nails scratch across her mons, through her pubic hair, then down to and around the labia lips, without touching the actually lips themself.

As I did this, Beth started to lift her arse off the ground. Each time I’d scratch upwards towards her pubic bone, to feel her light tuffs of hair, she would raise her hips. I could hear little moans leave her lips, so I would break away every so often and tongue kiss her hard that she would moan into my kiss. The last kiss I stated to touch her clitoris with just the tip of my finger and rub it softly. This caused her to moan even harder now. So I knew she was ready for the next step. I again trailed kisses, positioning myself in front of her puffy labia lips seeing her sparse patch of dark pubic hair above it.

I started to lightly lick up each side of her labia, then down the other. I stopped every so often and kiss the inside of her thigh, which had her essence run. So I used my tongue to part her lips, to gather as much of her nectar as possible. I used my hand, which were hooked around her hips, to keep her vagina open. Her juice was a taste and smell that I would love till I was too old to do it any further. My tongue snaked its way past her lips until it entered her vagina. I let my tongue run the inside of her vagina. Then I came out and gently sucked and nibbled on her clitoris.

Almost immediately she hooked her legs over my shoulder and put my head into a vice like grip. I kept going until all of a sudden she pushed her vagina hard into my mouth and arched her back up, groaning, whilst grasping my head and pulling me into her crotch. Her essence begun to flooded out of her vagina and run down into and either side of my mouth. Then it was over and she released her grip on me. I still lay between her legs with my hard cock pushing into the thick carpet.

After a while I got up and lay beside Beth and held her to me. She snuggled against my chest when her hands were lightly running up and down my stomach. Then her fingers went lower and were now running lightly over my straining cock. I looked at Beth and she returned my gaze and we met and kissed without saying anything. I felt my zipper pull down and then the top button unsnap itself. Then her small hand made its way into my jeans, where it grabbed my rock hard cock. The hand started to stroke my cock as I kept on kissing Beth. She broke our kiss and sat up on her knees. Pulling my jeans off, she released my cock. She stared at it for a few second then took hold of it and began to stroke it up and down. I watched her as she did this for a few times then open her mouth and placed her lips over the end.

I could feel her tongue swirl around the head, as she stroked me. With all the past excitement I could feel my cum coming to the boil so I stopped her. She looked disappointed but I kissed her hard and I said, “It’s good but later.” She smiled and I lost myself in her eyes. Now I laid her back down and I saw a look of understanding flash across her eyes. I moved over her body and placed myself between her legs, with my cock lying between her labia. I laid down upon her and started moving up and down, making my cock slide in between her lips, as she hooked her legs around my waist.

Her juices were still bountiful and made my cock slippery and soon I was at her entrance ready to push against her tight vagina. I begun with small thrusts that would go in a little way, as her cunt was tight, making it hard to enter this beautiful portal. I would stop often, so my sister could accommodate me and then I would withdraw and thrust in a little further until I met her hymen. I kept on pushing in and out, hitting the hymen at each thrust, when I pushed into her a little harder until I forced my way past the hymen and into her inner vagina. I stopped now and waited, as Beth had yelped and bit down on my shoulder, holding me in her death grip with her arms and legs.

I started to whisper that I loved her and would always be there for her. At that Beth released me a little and I started thrusting in her, now with longer strokes. My cock would come out just to where the head would still be inside and I would thrust back into her. I kept thrusting into her harder with each second, as I could feel my cock coming to the boil again. Beth was past the initial pain as she was thrusting back at me and starting to match my movements. Her legs were hooked over my waist, her arms under my armpit and holding me hard against her. Then my cock slipped past a tight ring within her and I thought that I was now in her uterus. I could feel my whole body smashing into itself as we were kissing hard when I felt my cum rise and shoot from my cock,

I said, “I’m cumin, Beth, I love you.”

I felt Beth’s body stiffen, then shake, whilst her arms and legs grasp me tighter than before. There was pain on her face but as we started to come down I began to kiss her lips and neck. She held me in her arms around me as she started to cry.

I said, “What’s wrong babe. Did I hurt you? what’s wrong?”

Beth sob for several minutes until she calmed down, I again asked what the problem was?

Beth said, “It’s nothing, but what would happen if mum found out?”

I said, “Mum won’t find out, unless you tell her. look Beth I love you, and even more now because your my girl. No one else will ever be that, ok. I want to be your boyfriend if you’ll have me?”

Beth said, “Terry I love you and I’ve always loved you, but I don’t know. I don’t think we should. What will mum say. It’s wrong I shouldn’t let you do it to me.”

Beth started crying at that and stood up. I stood too but Beth ran to the other bedroom and I just stayed there. I wondered what had just happen. We made love, we came together and then she left me. I couldn’t figure anything, so I picked up my clothes and walked into the main bedroom. I turned off the lights and got into bed thinking about what happened. I must have thought about what I did with Beth for some while, when I noticed a figure standing at the door.

Beth said, “Are you awake?”

I said, “Yes Babe, what’s wrong?”

Beth said, “Nothing. I wanted to tell you, I’ve always wanted to make love to you for some time now. I do love you. Most of my friends have the hots for you and so do I. I don’t want any of the others to be your girlfriend, I just want it to be me. I want to be with you always. but I’m afraid of what others would say about us. I’m so confused.”

Beth started to cry again as I sat up in bed looking at her and could just make out her beautiful naked body. I patted the sheets next to me. Beth walked over and sat down next to me. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her into me.

I said, “Honey I love you too and for a while now, I’ve just realised. Look we would only act as boyfriend/girlfriend when we are here or when we are over in the city. Everywhere else we’ll be brother and sister. I love you and I don’t want others getting in between us. I love you that’s all you’ve got to know. OK?”

She said, “Yes, ok. It’s just I’m afraid that something may happen and I don’t want to get you in trouble. I love you.”

I said, “Well Beth honey I love you too don’t be afraid for me, as long as I’m with you I’ll protect you ok?”

Beth said, “OK, but from now on can we use condoms so I don’t get pregnant.”

I laughed and nodded my head then I lifted the sheets up and Beth joined me in bed. I felt the heat from her body as she came closer to me. I laid next to her on my side and look at her. I could remember her eyes when it picked up the light from the fire. I lowered my lips to hers and at first our mouths met in a short little kiss. I broke the kiss and again look to her face and caressed her hair. I could detect her smile and with no more than that I lowered myself again and kissed her passionately.

As our lips opened I let my tongue run into her mouth and start to dance with hers. Beth had her hand on my chest and now she trailed it down to my cock which was becoming hard again. As Beth’s hand reached my cock she grabbed it lightly and started to pump me slowly. I intern let my fingers find one of her nipples and tweaked it gently. I rolled the nipple in my hand before pulling it slightly. I let go of the nipple and let my fingernails trail down her belly till I found her mons. Then I scratched the sparse hair growing around her mons. After a short time I let my fingers find the top of her clitoris hood and then start flicking the concealed clitoris just to stimulate Beth.

As I flicked her clitoris, each time, Beth would stop kissing me and have a sharp intake of air. At first I though I may be hurting her, but she smiled and said, “It exhilarating, keep doing it please.” We started kissing again and every few seconds I would flick her clitoris. Beth was pumping my cock faster now, when she pushed me onto my back.

Beth looked at me and said, “I want to taste you now.”

And with that Beth lowered her mouth onto to my cock. I wondered how Beth knew about sucking my cock and thought I’d have to ask later as her mouth felt like a silky glove over the top of my cock. She sucked and swirled her tongue around the head. She then stop and lower her head and lick me till her tongue would touch the base of my cock, then use it to lick straight up, on the underside. At the top of the she closed her lips over the slit and sucked on my cock hard. Again she lowered her head the lick straight down then up on the underside till she reached the top where she would assault the cock slit with her lips.

I could feel myself building to a crescendo, when Beth stop licking and said, “Not yet.” With that she got above me and positioned her vagina above my cock. She grasped my cock then lowered herself till my cock pierced her labia and entered her vagina. I now felt the satin sheath of Beth’s vagina, slide down my cock ever so slowly until she stopped. I felt the touch of her juices running out of her vagina onto my groin and Beth’s cervix touching the top of my cock head.

I could make out the pain on Beth’s face but she slowly pushed herself down ever so slowly till I felt that ring, her cervix, close around the top of my cock then I exploded with Beth, who grabbed my shoulders, exploding too. I felt my cum shoot out and fill her uterus with my seed.

I lay panting on the bed and Beth had laid down on top of me. She lay there for a minute when,

She said, in a panting breath “Oh that was…….wonderful, Terry.”

Then she said something strange, that I smiled at, “I feel like we only just got married.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “I love you my darling wife.”

At that she smiled with a loving glint in her eyes and said, “I love you too my darling husband”

We kissed again and held each other tight. I felt my cock grow soft and slip from her vagina covered in our juices.

We lay that way not speaking for a while, just kissing softly and touching the other. We continued to make loved once more that night. And in the morning we made love one more time before we showered got dressed and went to the city. From then on we called each other, at different times, darling husband or darling wife, which excited the both of us.

Now we come down to the house at every chance we can and make love. Of course she goes home, tells mum that she was either with her friends or elsewhere, so mum or Mary doesn’t become suspicious.

So that’s how I started loving my Beth. The next part will be about Mum and me, which was nearly an accident. But my worry and excitement were not being discovered and trying to think of a way to get Beth pregnant, a catch twenty two, huh.

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