(Daughter’s Pleasure. Mom’s Punishment. by TightPussyIsBest) Fantasy, Anal, Interracial, Non-consensual sex, Violence


Finally tricking my mom into being in a helpless position and exposed. My pussy being pleased as my darkest kinks comes to life in from of my eyes as my mom’s small body feels her first BBC.My mom. A 5 foot 3, 100 pound woman who has never been near a black man sexually probably cause her body has no room for maybe 6-8 inches.

Well I want us to he laid side by side on the edge of a bed. Both of us with our hands cuffed to our sides

Our legs cuffed by the ankles to bars holding them wide open and in the air. As ropes are used to keep our hips from moving maybe a few inches to each side as we prep our minds and bodies for the train we are about to experience together.

As the first two men walk in. A muscular toned white man and a huge body building black man with a very noticeable bulge in his shorts as the room is quiet till my mom notices the white man approaches my hips and grabs onto my hips and begins fucking me. She then freaks out “Oh hell no! I can’t and won’t take a black guy! I already told everyone—” as her mouth is shut up and cut short by the black man forcing a ball gag into her mouth and staring down into her eyes as his deep voice trembles even my bones “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle…yeah fucking right” as he grabs the lube and puts a huge amount of it in his palm as he drops his shorts and exposes the worse nightmare for my mom but fills me with glee and causes my pussy to get wetter. This man has to be at least 10 inches. Vein covered and already fully erect as his cock stands up straight as his hand grasp it and covers it in lube till it shines and glistens as he grips my mom’s hips, pulls her as close to the edge of the bed as possible and she panics far more as he grips his cock again and guides it between he thighs, His enormous head slipping between her exposed and defenseless pussy’s slit. Untill she feels his cock pass her trembling pussy and more south. Mom looks wide eyed down at his abs and hips and screams into her gag as his hips begins inching forward. Hips filled with muscle, balls filled with lust for white sluts and hot cum and eyes without care as I moan loudly at the site “This is going to be a very long and I guess dark and thick train mom!” as I moan over and over as his hips inch forward enough for his thick throbbing head to finally shove her clenched asshole apart. letting my mom feel her first touch of anal sex as her asshole spreads open and his cock quickly slides in as her hole wraps around every curve of just his head and he moans and bites his lip as he looks down at her and smiles as he wraps his hands around her belly, his hands nearly reaching finger to finger around her as his eyes roll back and he continues forcing more lubed thick dark inches into her unexplored and unwilling inner ass. His shaft begins opening her inner asshole and she fights with all her strength against the cuffs but nothing changes. As both me and the white stud fucking me remain locked on what’s going down on the other end of the bed. As a very slow and I’d imagine painful 60 seconds pass for my mom till the final throbbing and bowel realigning inch sinks into her. Mom is forced to feel not open her asshole getting stretched apart but feels his solid cock’s head plunging up inside her. Forcing her bowels to straighten, moving any organ in the way to the side, and impaling her. His hips press against hers and he squeezes her belly, He admires the new bump that is now visible on her stomach, as it outlines is shaft and disappears near the top of her pussy. As soon as her heads falls back onto the bed and she grunts in pain she quickly switches to screaming into the gag as saliva covers her chin and he starts using his powerful hips that drawfs mom’s body to start fucking her. Sliding nearly every inch out before he bucks forward and plunges inside her against as he moans in pleasure and mutters “I swear I can feel the sluts bowels forcefully being unraveled and straighten to swallow me” as he picks up the pace and within 10 mins both men in this room are showing no mercy or concern for the hole they are using, they are only caring about having thier dicks cum and leaving, as a slapping sound mixed with the low moans of two powerful men fill the room. And within 20 minutes of the slapping noice coming from my mom every second passes a powerful grunt hits me so I look over just in time to see him wrap his hand around her throat and grips onto her. As he uses all his might he shoves his hips against hers as he collapses onto her, making her pretty much disappear under his huge body. As his huge cock is completely buried inside her and her feet frantically kick at her restraines and he hands are pulling with all her might against her cuffs. As a huge load of cum gets deposited nearly a foot up her asshole. Far too deep to leak out in time as he pulls out. Surprisingly my mom’s abused ass wasn’t yanked inside out by the force of his cock leaving her stomach. Pulls his shorts up and walks out as a similar looking black man walks in right behind him.

Mom’s next man is similar to her 1st. Built, sturdy, tall. Without saying a word we walks up between her legs. Undones his pants and as they drop he lays his half erect cock onto her stomach as he presses thier hips together. In a low and deep voice says “I’m going to fucking love this. Been to long since I ruined a white bitch’s pussy”. He holds the bottle of lube over his cock and squeezes a line of it from tip to base. Then he wraps his hand around his cock and begins to spread it. His hand running up and down his cock slowly evolves into him tightly gripping his cock and jerking himself. His black nuts being pressed against mom’s pussy lips as he moans while jerking his cock. Within minutes his cock grows in length, expands in girth as it hardens more and more. With a few more strokes his cock grows to completion, his round head reaching past her belly button and his shift looking nearly soda thick on top of her stomach. He pulls his hips back and grips himself midshaft as he aims his thick and throbbing cock’s head right upto my mom’s pussy’s slit.

My mother’s pussy……She has deliciously plump lips that perfectly round up and together, meeting and pressing together forming a near perfect innie cunt. Her thick lips slightly conceal her small and tender clit sitting atop her slit. She has smooth, flawless white skin. With a thin line of hair straight down the middle stopping right at her clit.

The sight of the black man’s new white slut’s pussy causes his cock to uncontrollably throb and pulse in sync with his heartbeat. He begins to work his way into her cunt that basically feels like a virgin to him. He admires the sight of he white lips slowly but surely being spread apart, her lips spreading cause rolls to form on the skin of them. As the lining of her inner lips is stretched more and more by just the tip of her 2nd ever BBC. His eyes remain locked on her wide open, exposed, defenseless and untouched by a black pussy. “So sexy….so sexy….so tight, nearly virgin tight, so smooth and pink. You white slut’s have the best fuck holes”. As mom and her man both feel a ‘pop’ that rocks her body. His cock finally forced it’s head past her outer lips and is now tightly wrapped in her tight pussy’s walls. He places his hand on the top of her slit as his thumb violently begins rubbing her now visible clit. He leans over and gets inches from her faces and uses his other hand to remove the gag and immediately locks lips with her. He begins kissing her deeply as I can hear her moaning and grunting into her mouth. As he groans and his cock’s shaft begins flexing back and forth. As his hips slowly creep forward and inch by brutal inch is forced into her tiny pussy. His cock feeling like he’s pushing through multiple walls inside her white slit. He wraps his hand around her neck, squeezes, pushes her down using his weight as she sinks into the bed as he’s choking her. And leans by up and sadistically grins and says “I’m out of mercy slut”. Mom, now free to speak quickly pleads “Please no! I’m way too small and shallow for that-“. He tightens his grip on her neck, silencing her begging. Then begins to violently and forcefully shoves harder and harder. His cock’s nearly rips her cunt open as inch by painful inch is plunging up into her. As with once final brutal thrust his cock slams through her last, deepest walls and his finally gets to feel his huge black cock’s being embraced completely to the base by her pussy.

Then the room is once again filled with the grunts and light moans of two men. As my mom is constantly gasping for air then using all of it to groan and nearly scream in pain. Each thrust in rattles her body, his enormous head pushes up inside her pussy and beyond as her belly bulges above her belly button. Each powerful, deep and merciless thrust forming that bulge. Untill nearly 30 minutes of pounding passes her 2nd BBC is buried to the hilt and empties his black nuts ball deep inside her brutalized, fertile pussy.

And this is our night just getting started..

(Mom was designed for brutal rape – Part 2 by Longhairmofo) Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Bondage and restriction, Discipline, Domination/submission, Drug, Incest, Interracial, Rape, Torture


the story continues how my mom was gangraped by various groups some even establishing it as a weekly to be followed.

[Please read part 1]

P.S. comments are always welcomed.i took some of her nude pics and went out for searching potential gangbangers. it was fairly easy considering we lived in a place close to teh red light area, as soon as i wandered inside the lane, i saw a group of 5 black men checking out the models like perverts. two of them wer looking like beasts with biceps bigger than my thighs, another was a fatso and teh rest two wer average though all of them wer easily bigger than me from all angles. each seemed to be able to land punches meant to make any one unconcious. two of them wer trying to tease n touch every model and wer getting scolded. they wer having fun but seemed to have no money. i crossed the road and intercepted them n said hey guys need a fuckhole tonight? they wer highly drunk n laughed saying you look like a dude, you’re the pimp? i said somewhat like that without delay i showed mom’s nude pics, their mouth was all open, all they wer seeing wer boobless assless same looking models and dint have money to fuck them too and suddenly they see a naked beauty. they said she must be costly man, one of them said if even she exists and youre nt bluffing n laughed, i said she does exist and you can have her for free. they wer still laughing and said okk suppose we believe you whats the catch, i said i want her to be gang raped furiously. they wer scared for a bit and said hey hey man we ll pass we dnt want trouble, i said dnt wry there is no trouble, infact she will welcome you with blowjobs. they said then why rape, i said we are kinky guys and i want to see her in as much pain as possible, beating, biting, hair pulling and any torture.. they stopped me and said yeah got it nothing of those.. i said wrong i want all of those. if you guys give her proper pain i will give you money instead when you are done. one of them said man i said we shud have taken those roofies just in case, i said what are those now, they sadi those are rape drugs and make anyone go crazy in sex.. its taken for people planning a brutal gangrape.. most cases the girl dies. i said hey thats teh only rule.. she shudnt die. yeah man fcourse we are here for a trip not murder. i took out some money and gave it to the guy taking abt roofies and said bring soem of those roofies and meet teh rest of us at this address, i gave him teh address and took the rest of them as i went to the room. i made them sit and poured some liquor. mom saw them and came out shy in a one piece with her long shiny hair all combed up. i went to her gave her a tight slap and said why do you need this dress now, i tore the dress as she was standing, she tried to hide her boobs as i said her to sit between them, they wer quick to start fondling with them.

by the time, the fifth guy also returned and said he said it takes half an hr to take effect, i poured another drink and all five took the drug. i said before anything let me see if you understood teh conditions, show me how you pull the hair, a guy held mom’s hair gently jerking it and licking her neck. i said a how to beat her, mom was scared for a bit but one of them gave her a slap which dint seem to feel anythng. i said no thats nt how i want it all. the guy left her hair and i pulled it as tightly as i could to bend her head backwards and make her moan before landing a big slap. she fell down on the ground with a thud, i picked up her hair and stepped on her right boobs. i was crushing her right boobs under my feet while pulling her head as tightly as i could with her hair. they wer already stone hard and salivating, and one said let me try, he took my exact position crushing her right boob while pulling her hair by the right hand itself, he then picked up her leg and streched it onto his shoulder while mom let out a very big moan, he started inserting his big black dick in her pussy. not even half was in and mom was screaming and twiching like mad. then he fucked her for some time before one of them reminded man wait for half an hr and we can fuck the bitch for 4 hrs straight. he left her on the ground n said yeah bro i ll tear her apart. one of them said please tie her like you showed in pics. i said sure, i took mom to the bedroom dragging her by her hair, she dint say anything ecept some occasional hmmf. i tied her up exactly as i fucked her before, hands behind, legs to the corners of room, hair streched from the ceiling with rope but made some improvement. i amde the rope go through the ceiling hook and tied it at the shelf nearby so that it acts like a pulley and can be adjusted to height and i also tied her boobs so that they we were like two red baloons on teh verge of blasting, she was already in excruciating pain. i ignored her moans n adjusted her ropes to make it high enough allow space for just one person to sleep on the and fuck her remaining hole from below. i came out and called them, i showed them the kitchen and bathroom incase they got creative and then came to bedroom and said, there is your bitch ready to be raped and beaten up for 4 hrs. remember the more she screams all night the more money you get, mom was trembling with fear, i cud see her trying to look back but failing, i asid goodnight guys enjoy the slut, imagine you are the devil and make her see hell. they laughed and closed the door as i went off to sleep in the lounge.

i was woke up in teh morning by one of them. his name was wutan, i went with him to see mom and was stunned for a sec, her hair rope was probably opened and reattached quite higher and her legs rather knees wer tied to her hands at teh back so that her legs wer streched, her toes wer a feet above ground and she was wholly suspended by her hair, her boob knots wer loose for one side and as her body slowly rotated i cloud see the bloody swollen red beating marks on mom’s whole body especially the boobs face and ass, at some places the skin cracked and some blood was there but not more than her face, her lips n nose wer bleeding. the main innovation they brought wer the pins piecered in her swollen boobs and burn black ciggaratte stub marks on her boobs and ass. thankfully her face only had swollen slap marks i dint want her to look bad for what was waiting for her. i went near her and checked her breathing with a scared and throbbing heart.. she was just unconcious. they had put a soda bottle completely inside her ass only a little bit was out. i came out lit up a cigg and gave them the money. they saw and got very happy, wutan said man if you seriously have no problem sharing her why dont you make her work in a glory hole.. i knew what that is and asked how? he said i knw a place where they will give you enough to stay here for another month just by making her work mayb 4-5 hrs a day. i said okk man i ll call you once i think of that, he also said man she is most sexy bitch i ever saw my tribe wud fuck her day and night without a break for a week before giving it a rest. i said thats good i will arrange it for sure. they wer ashtnished and said dnt wry man your rules will be properly explained and you will get all the videos along with gaurantee for her food and proper and extensive torture schedule. i laughed and said okk man i will call you for the dates. as soon as they took thier leave i came back and saw mom in amaze, she was beaten up to a pulp and was still unconcious and suspended. i collected teh tape from the camera i fit in earlier and played it on tv before opening her lose. i opened all the ropes and she moaned slightly.. she dint have the energy to properly moan. i lifted her up and put her on bed belly up. i pulled her dangle to dangle on teh edge on bed which faced teh tv. i arranged and combed her hair and slapped her back to conciousness. she looked at me upside down as her head was dangling and said good morning.. mike.. i was amazed at her resilience. i said good morning mom you enjoyed the night? she said with her remaining strength they wer a bit rough.. but its okk.. if thats what you want.. mike? i said yeah.. she said you dint even see it.. why do you like it.. i said no mom your wrong time for you to see some of my kinks that wer not covered in the porn collection, i switched on teh tv and pushed my dick in her mouth. i could see the reflection of tv in teh mirror.

they first came in and took positions instanteniously.. the fatso went for her mouth holding and smelling her streched mane, she could barely take it as he gagged her till others inserted. wutan took the table below and put in her pussy while eating her boobs and another heavy guy put her dick in her ass with a lot difficulty, mom was screaming while being gagged, twitching with excruciating pain as they laughed at teh blood that came because of his dick in her ass. teh other two werstroking one even tried fucking her armpit. her first geniune scream was heard for some fleeting moments when teh fatso finished in her mouth and took his dick out, she screamed and threw leaked some of teh cum out as a result and teh fatso got angry and slapped her hard enough, the guys exchanged and fucked all mom’s holes, her hair sometimes in control of the mouth fucker and sometime the ass fucker. after sometime they opened teh ropes to her legs and tied as i found her, they sandwiched her as she bounced between them in air all suspended by her hair, then they took a break and lit up ciggarrettes while one of them was playing around with her hair rope pulley arrangement giving jerks making her scream liek a pig, the fatso and wutan beat teh shit out of her during that time before stubbing the ciggarrettes in her boobs and ass, i was forwarding some of it as i got to teh part where they dragged her with her hair and slapped her, they made her give them boob jobs while her hair was in 5 parts one with every guy pulling her head in every direction and she obidiently sucked teh cock towiards where teh pull was maximium. after teh sucking they even dragged her around while kicking her boobs and ass like football. teh fatso once took hold of her hair and just slammed her like washing clothes thankfully on the bed but oh my what it must have hurt. after some playing around they again tied her up like i found her and now the real thing started, one guy fucked her ass while wutan pieced her boobs with board pins he found from the drawer, he was extremely slow and mom screamed like hell during that, i paced my throatfuck and gagged her whiel i beat her boobs with teh pins still there, mom twiched with pain but i continued beating her pin stdded boobs, some even started bleeding, then i stopped and slowly pulled out teh pins one by one as i saw how they inserted bottles in her ass during teh last when they wer bored.

i finally held mom’s boobs like joysticks crushing them and throatfucking her till i came. i gagged her till i was all out and then took her to teh bathroom, i made her stand in cold shower as she dint have proper strength to stand, teh cold water was making her do sounds of aah, ouch, uff i kissed her and applied soap and shampoo. i again fucked her in doggystyle holding her wet hair under the shower and finally cleaned her up. i used the hair dryer to make her hair semi wet and then took her to bed. she was silent all along. in bed she hugged me and said do you hate me mike? i hugged her with love she deserved it after all she went through. i said mom i love you with all i have, this torture and urge to see you getting raped and beaten just gets me turned on and this is how my sexual love is. she snuggled and said okk but teh videos? will you post them too? i said mom ohh dnt tempt me, she said you want me to be a slut? what abt teh people in our society and your frnds. i said mom who can say will keep quite once they get free fuck sessions. she kept quite. i said mom asked you consent before every step but yeah this is where you showed your concern and i will draw the line here. i kissed her forehead n said i will not post teh videos untill you say ur ready for that life, but yeah all that consent asking it ends here, whatever u faced in the last 24 hrs will be ur life, this is teh last consent i am asking you.. do you still want to be my sex slave mom? she yes but.. i said what.. she said i also want moments like this when you are hugging me with love kissing my forehead, it mayb once in a month thats fine. i said dnt wry mom u ll get it quite often but fcourse when you get a break from all the fucking and torture. she said if i will get it then i am ready for whatever my master demands of me next. we slept for some time till i got a call and i let her sleep to go attend the call. it was teh shady guy who gave me the pills. he was furious and said you promised and my boys are waiting since afternoon to pick her up at teh place decided. i said het man just give her once day rest and take her tommorow.. he got furious and said boy are you playing with me? my boys need a vaigan and if they dnt get it they will tear her apart in ur room itself. i said man man i have a better offer for you. tommrow if friday take her at night and keep her all teh weekend. return her on sunday night or even monday. he said my boys will be like hungry wolves if i say this to them. i said its better i want her to be raped as badly as possible just dnt kill her. he said okk fine. i said tom same place, at 5pm i will leave her to go somewhere and you pick her up, dnt say you know me just enjoy teh weekend and rape her till your boys are all satisfied. he said man thats fine but in weekend my boys are not alone and will have frnds over, may even have some police over, she will be fucked nuts by atleast 30 people. i said teh more the better. he laughed and cut the call.

when mom woke up we spent time smoking weed and ordering food, she also gave me a good blowjob and deep throat while i oiled her hair and combed it. i made mom turn around and sit on my dick, i ass fucked her gently while hugging her from behind feeling her hair on my face and chest. i asked her if she liked it, she said m a bits ore but i love it. after that we watched some more movies and went to bed again for a quick fuck session and scuddling afterwards till we slept talking abt my crush on her. the next day i said lets go outside, she got dolled up n wore the most sexiest red ultra tight one piece which was hardly covering her ass. her boobs wer prutruding and her hair was shiny as fuck in a high pony tail extending till even more than her dress length. we went and saw some places and finally around 5 we came to near teh chemist and said mom i need some flavoured condoms you can try them, she was excited i said her to wait outside while i went in and called teh guy, he answered my boys already picked her up. i said just dnt kill her and please return her my monday please. he said yeah yeah dnt wry just collect her from the dustbin in ur hotel basement at around 7pm. i was shocked teh dustbin? he simply laughed and cut teh call and dint pick anymore. i was stressed and just went home to have some weed. i somehow passed the time for three days and aroudn 7 i went to the basement to see the dustbins are empty, i called the guy and he said we put her an hr back teh garbage truck must have taken her. i googled and booked an ola to teh nearest garbage storage, i went to see the gates wer open i rushed in to find they wer fucking mom’s half dead body with no reaction near teh garbage pile in the open. i rushed and said stop it she is my mom give her to me.. they laughed while still double pumping her and said fuck off kiddo she is our bitch.. i said i will call the police now and started dailing anything and they got scared. they said okk just give us an hr she will be at home.

i went back and waited abt 2 hrs and came down checked teh dustbin too but dint find her then i saw a very small dustbin with long hair flowing out of the cover, i ran and saw mom squeezed in somehow with the tag on her neck saying please spit. i got some wierd ideas on spot but first decided how to take her upstairs. i left her there to find two hotel staff and gave them money after saying my mom was kidnapped and is now in teh dustbin all naked, they helped me bring her to room only with a staff coat. she was smelling like dog shit, the boys said we cant take her in lift while smelling like this, let us take her to our room and we will wash her properly before taking her up. the way they wer touching her i knew they also wanted to fuck her. i went up and came down after two hrs to find them and they said please wait sometime she is being dried up. his frnd was just giggling while some other boys came out of teh room and two others went in. i said mom is here? they said no no fcourse not. i just went up and waited finally after 4 hrs they came in with a big cardboard parcel, i opened it to find mom, they said sry she was unconcious and we had to do this.. also many people knw abt this and are going to create a fuss. i said my mom was kidnapped what do you want. he said nothing sir we also want to solve this peacefully seeing that you are probably going to stay long.. so we wer thinking of having ur mother entertain us on saturdays. entertain as in? i asked. he smiled and said sir come on you know sexually. i was stunned and said how many does this “us” comprise of. we generally have a small party type thing with some 10-12 staff members. i just nodded n he went. mom was still unconcious. i made her sleep on bed and myself slept too. in the morning she woke up and held me crying.. she asked are you happy mike? i was raped over and over again by over 50 men and they all beat me up. they made me fuck strangers in the middle of road. i dont even knw how i got here. i said mom i know it was very bad. dnt wry you are safe now. she cuddled and slept again. for two days i dint let her get up from bed, brought her soup and food also weed while we watched movies and i occasionally took a blowjob only when she did it out of her own. on thrusday i said mom abt the whole dustbin garbage pickers and hotel staff thing n how she had to go fuck them on saturdays. she reluctantly said yes.. but you wnt even be seeing it.. it wud be worthless like i was raped last weekend. i know you want to see me raped if you want you can some people and i can do it today and mayb take some rest before going saturday.

(Mom was designed for brutal rape – part 1 by Longhairmofo) Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Domination/submission, Drug, Incest, Interracial, Rape


Its a story about my and mom’s vacation where i made a sex slave out of her using drugs.

P.S. comments are always appreciated.while smoking weed that day mom was high and laid back on the sofa after some shots. we smoke casually and sometimes also drink, its our way to cope with the loneliness after dad passed away. i normally had thots abt how sexy she was and only if she wasnt my mom. her eyes wer peacefully closed and her hair.. her beautiful hair was flowing behind the sofa over teh top, on to the ground all straight due to recent oiling. The ends of her thick shiny black hair were gently brushing the floor with the breeze from the window. Her waist n protruded boobs were adding to my perversion of her. with a calm voice mom said lets go somewhere. i was too busy imagining things to understand her and just said yeah. she opened her eyes and said m serious, its the spring break both of us have a holiday, lets be mother and son before being teacher and student again, lets dip in your dad’s funds n go for a tour for a month. i said ok mom but where. she said you choose we can go to bangkok if you want, booze n girls too u know she winked. i said come on which mom says things like that and went over to make another bong shot. she leaned on infront of my face and said comeon i know u hav ur hormones shouting out for it. her hair flowing from the fron with her sexy face, she dint knew my hormones wer crying out for her only. i said fine check the tickets. she was super excited and kissed me on my cheeks with a hug, her boobs made me uncomfortable though i silently enjoyed for the while it lasted. this kind of intimacy and sex appeal was quite common and always kept me frustrated, maybe this only made me a sadist always watching gangbang, bondage and hair torture videos. That night i finally said screw it and first time in life i crossed the line and jerked imagining how i wud tie her up and throatfuck her while oiling and combing her hair. it felt good as opposed to how i thot it wud make me feel guilty.

next week we started shopping and getting all ready for bangkok. mom bought too many one piece n stylish bras for beach while i kept suggesting her the most sexy ones as if i wud tear them myself n fuck her crazy. while we wer on the plane she slept on my shoulders and i was controlling my hands from reaching out to caress her sweet smelling hair. finally i did it and she dint mind. after sometime she strainghtened up and i went straight to the toilet to jerk off. Once we reached there we settled in the room and before i thot of anything mom said we need to find weed. mom was getting addicted to weed and alcohol now a days. i said best lets go to some pub and i ll ask around. we went to a pub and had some drinks after which i noticed a shady guy to whom people went and dealt something secretly. i said mom dnt look i think i got a possible contact. her eyes brightened up and she said ok go go.

i went to the counter near him and ordered a whiskey. he suddenly said looking for something i guess. i smirked and turned to him, he was looking towards my mom with lust, i turned to see mom and saw she is looking stunning in her black dress, her hair open falling from the other side complemented with her shiny earring. her thighs and boobs wer both looking chewable. i regained my composure saying weed, you have some? he laughed and said boy u got a smoking hot fuckhole waiting and you want weed. i smirked again, he said fcourse i got some but i also have something better for sex. i said its not like that we wnt have sex. he laughed saying wnt or cant man, i said somewhat like that. he said boy you are in bangkok, you got a girl you can fuck, that too such a hot bitch demands sex. he said ever heard of extacy.. i said yeah i heard its good. he said yeah its much better than weed, i have some thing that will ensure you will fuck tonight, or even make her beg to do so. i laughed and said she wud never. he asked and why is that. i said she is my mom. he was stunned for a sec and then burst out laughing saying its fine we see a lot of guys coming here to fuck thier sisters or aunts, though mom is rare but seeing her i must say oh fuck you shud. i thot for a sec and said yeah leave it just give me some weed and extacy. we made the deal and while leaving he said you know where to find me, if you change your mind i have a special offer. i said out of curiousity and what is it, he said free drugs for two hrs with her. i laughed and ignored him.

i went back and said i got the stuff and she got ready to leave ryt away. we went home and smoked the stuff, she said lets do the extacy tom. i said fine. i had booked a suite with a hallroom and 1 bedroom with kitchen, i said okk mom get some sleep i ll also go n sleep too tired. she insited come on dnt be shy just sleep here no need to sleep on the couch after getting a suite. i agreed with an unease. all night i barey slept with her sweet smelling hair speard near my face. after she slept i caressed it and slowly stroked my cock while making sure she dint wake up but she did somehow and i acted like sleeping. she slept again but i was fully frustrated by now. i wanted to fuck her so much and the shady guys words were echoing in my ears.

next day we went for a sightseeing and decided to call it a day. while returning i said mom i guess i dropped the extacy somewhere. she said what now, i said you go back to hotel i ll bring some more. i went back this time for the better stuff. seeing me the guy was smirking already. he said so you put some thot to my idea i guess. i said yeah i want it teh best one, the one which will make her beg me. he said i also have something that will make your mom ur permanent sex slave. my eyes wer wide open. i said how. he took me outside and said lets smoke some weed while discussing, we smoked some in his car and he said listen boy this is an illegal drug and quite expensive, i said that fine. he said not just money i n my boys need her for a night after the course of meds or my boys will straight away pick her up from ur suite and maybe kill you before making a slut out of her. i felt teh danger but the idea of mom getting raped had already got me rock hard. i said tell me the process first. he said simple one pill daily two times for three days and make sure you are sleeping in the same room or bed. i said okk thats all?? better to not let her outside for those days to make her see only you and crave only for the dick teh bitch sees. i said ok done then, by teh third day if she doesnt beg you for sex, call me and take your money back but if you dont call and my boys see you both outside with significant intimacy, we will know and it wnt be good. i said what if i make a better deal. i told her my plan and he laughed out saying you motherfucker son of a bitch literally. i smirked and made the payment, took the pills for four days one day extra just in case and went to the hotel. he gave me another set of pills to be mixed with extacy if i wanted her to go unconcious for sometime while i cud enjoy her during the course.

i went back and showed her the extacy. she was very excited and i said mom i have a plan, we have a month here and this extacy is a new thing, the guy told me its best effects are shown when we inital indulgers stay at hoem for a few days and take it intermittently, she said thats a cool idea i dnt mind chilling out in teh room with drugs for 4-5 days, lets go out directly in weekend. i said yup thats great we will order and stay in. we ordered in and i mixed all three diff pills in the drink before giving it to her, i took just extacy. thank god mom is lazy enuf to never make her pegs. after two pegs she felt asleep while watching a movie, i called her up she dint respond, i then poked her and she lay like dead unconcious, teh pills wer working, i smelled her and felt her boobs, i went around teh sofa and spread her hair over teh top flowing at teh back like she sits at home. i took my time to brush my face and feel her hair, adter some playing i took my dick out and wrapped her hair around it. i started a hairjob while feeling and softly pressing her boobs. just before i got any precum i took my dick out and ran to bathroom. i jerked off a lot. i went back and watched teh movie, mom woke up abt 2 hrs later and said oh god that was some high. m still high whats teh time, i said you slept for two hrs. she said yeah now i get it, we shud enjoy this stuff for some days n fcourse we cant go out like this and laughed. we ate and went to sleep. shile sleeping suddenly she said mike mind if i hug you n sleep? i miss you dad today a lot i promise no naughty things. i said yeah yeah just dnt make it awkward. she gave me a kiss on my cheek,hugged me n slept keeping her head on my shoulder. her hair was intoxicating me but i realised moms leg was ryt over my crotch and i shudnt have an erection. i thot just go to sleep and dnt think. the next day i put my most sadistic porn collection on the desktop of my laptop in morning coz i knew she wud go see some porn if she is horny, and teh only device she knws there shud be porn in my laptop.

this continued for two days, the third night she made me caress her hair while sleeping and m damn sure was well aware of my boner. she even slowly kind of brushed it a fewtimes with her leg. that was just too much for me and i slept. teh fourth day i lost my pataince and called the guy from bathroom saying man she is not begging me its teh third day shud i come to collect the money, he said man relax just give her double dose today. i said okk and gave her two pills in breakfast juice and two in our afternoon session with extacy and the other pill. after she fell asleep i went on to my usual hairjob and boob pressing only that today i cudnt control and some of teh precum stuck on her hair and teh cum sprayed on teh ground, i realised i was also practically moulding her right boob during teh tym. i quickly cleaned up the cum from the ground and by then mom woke up, she said what are you doing i said nothing weed fell, i brought some weed and started crushing on sofa beside her, she smelled her hair and felt some unease i acted aloof. she then came near me and said u knw m nt on my periods but still my right boob is paining, i said mayb some pms issue. she then did something more, she hugged me from side pressing her boobs and what abt my hair which smells like cum. my hands wer trembling by now, she added wer you being naughty with your mom mike? i said i have no idea what you talking abt and got up, she pulled me down and straight away gave me a kiss on my lips. i cudnt control my hands and made her sit on me while i was fondling her boobs and hair, after a long kiss i said mom i think its wrong, she susshed me and said was teh boner yesterday also wrong? i said mayb. she resumed kissing me and took my hand to ver vagina, i started fingering and rubbing her wet vagina while passionately kissing her, she started moaning after some minutes and i felt she is abt to cum, i intentionally left her and said stiffly no mom this is completely wrong, she held me and said please i need you, am i not attractive? i said yes mom you are sexy as fuck but you dont knw me sexually, i have a dark side. she stood up and kissed me some more and said i knw, i have seen your porn collection and if it makes you happy i will do each and every single one of it. i said what are you talking abt, she said i know, u like gangbang, tying up and hairplay. i said i am way darker than that, she stiffly said then show me m sure i will handle anything for you.

she took me to bedroom, got undressed and got a rope from somewhere. i was mesmerized by her figure and milky boobs as she kissed me before handing the rope and scissors to me n turned around and crossing her hands at her back. i tied her hands as roughly as possible with jerks to scare her off. she giggled all the while and turned to kiss me. i kissed her and then held her face before landing a tight slap making her fall on the bed, i said u ok with this mom? she said just dont wry about me, do what ever you want, i am all yours. i said you are in such a big mess and you dont even know. i said so you think m into hairplay as i adjusted her ass in a doggystyle while her head was on the pillow downwards. she said yeah. i arranged her hair, wrapped it around my hand and said wrong, i should my dick with a big thrust into her vagina and a she moaned i pulled her hair near her head tight enough to keep her upper body in air. i started giving deadly strokes and said you see what i like with hair? she moaned ahh ahh yes ahh pull it ahh as hard ahhh u want mike ahh fuck me. after few strokes i said okk u still dont get what i like i pulled out and pulled mom by her hair as i got down the bed, her hands being tied, she fell down on the ground with a thud, before she cud soothe herself i was already dragging mom around the bed to the next room where the ropes were kept, i took the ropes and went to the washroom all the dragging her listening her moan ahh ahh, i took the comb and came back to the bedroom, i then made her kneel as i saw her boobs were red from all the dragging. i said what comes next will be 100 times more sadistic are you still ok, she said dont wry, whatever makes you happy i will do that. make me your slave and started sucking my dick hungry.

i pulled her hair and gagged mom a few times before letting her continue and i went on to comb her hair. after combing i brought a table and made her lie on it. i tied an end of the rope to the end of her neatly combed hair and got up the bed to tie the other end to the hook on the ceiling for ceiling fan. i tied it exactly so that her head is pulled up high enough for just her boobs to touch the table. she tried to adjust with an unconformable smile and i went around tied two ropes to her two legs and tied the respective other ends to the two corner shelf hooks of the room, now she was semi suspended with only her belly resting on the table, she was already in pain due to the body curvature and stretching of both her vagina and hair. i went to her mouth and gagged her holding her stretched hair, one hair holding it near her head to keep her gagged and other hand brushing on the silky shiny stretched hair. i brought put some oil on her hair at diff heights and tried combing it upwards but it was so tight that comb was not properly even going. i then left the comb and applied the oil on the outside layer of her stretched hair by hand till the top. then i mouthfucked her a bit before pulling her head away by her hair asking her do you still want to continue to see more. she said yes, i want all of your fascinations. i said mom this is the last time m asking please tell me that this is all because you are high n we will forget about all this. we still have a long holiday. she said i want that dick and will do anything it likes. i got angry and kicked the table from under her, the table slid to the end of the room and she was now completely suspended. and screamed with pain, twitching to adjust to it, biting her own lips with tears flowing from her eyes. i ruthlessly went to the backside between her suspended legs and positioned my dick on her asshole. she said mike please do it slowly i have never been ass fucked. i pushed till my penis tip went inside and she screamed, i held her suspended hair from between and pulled it backwards creating an angle, her head was twisted back and i rammed my cock in her ass, she let out a big scream while, crying, i grabbed her left boob as hardly i could and fucked her nuts enjoying her screams. with each thrust mom screamed louder. the feeling of ass fucking your sexy mom tied up in such a torturing position, pulling her hair listening to her screams rhyme with your strokes, is a feeling only a sadist motherfucker will understand. i fucked her nuts till i gave a big pull to her hair bending her half backwards and thrust as deep in her ass as i cud to blast my cum in her asshole. after twitching for a bit i straight away went to the bed and lit a cigarette looking at her face full of pain tears and even saliva, i pulled her hair to bring her head closer as she gave a big aah, and i asked her.. is it enough? or you want to see the third kind of kink i have, she was in a lot of pain but somehow managed to say, bring it.. i ll.. endure everything.. ah.. for you. i said mom today you will see hell.

i opened all her ropes and she got up to hug me, i hugged her kissed her with love and said mom this is my love.. its painful and you still havnt seen anything.. please stop. she just hugged me and said just let me see it. i hugged her n caressed her hair told her to go get cleaned up n hair neatly combed, be in a towel, i am going to show you what my third kink, gangbang means. she kissed me again and whispered i ll be waiting.

to be continued..

(Skeletons in my Closet by fishido) True Story, Anal, First Time, Incest, Job/Place-of-work, Older Male / Female, Written by women


This a story of love and hate between a mother, her daughter and her step father.Skeletons in my Closet

Part one The Beginning

My name is Kate however that is not my real name as we must protect the innocent lol so names are just names in this story. I am here to tell everyone about the skeletons I keep in my closet. I have many and some that you may not believe, however, believe me, they are real as night and day as I have lived and survived them.

I am married and have one daughter. My hubby’s name is Keith and my daughter’s name is Megan. Keith is really her stepfather but to her, he will always be her daddy. I guess I should start from the beginning so you have a little back story about how skeletons in my closet all came about.

It was 1977 I was 17 and I hade just moved from Ohio to Colorado. I had just married my high school sweetheart, the man of my dreams as I was pregnant with his child. My new husband started to change from the man of my dreams to my worst nightmare especially after our daughter Megan was born.

At first, everything was fine I was the stay at home mom while he was the breadwinner. That all changed when Megan turned two. By then he had started drinking heavily, staying out late and started to abuse me both mentally and physically. He would accuse me of fucking our neighbor who I didn’t even know or fucking the paperboy or any man who dared to look at me. I also had always been faithful to him.

As to our once great sex life it died. Most of the time he was too drunk to even get it up or he would just throw me down and fuck me until he dropped a load into my pussy. If I refused to have sex with him then he would get physical with me taking me by force even giving me a black eye a couple of times. I heard rumors of him fucking just about anything that would spread their legs for him. I left that go as at least he wasn’t fucking me. In fact, he paid very little attention to me or our daughter.

One late winter night there was a knock on our door. It was the local police and they explained that there had been an accident and that my husband was dead. It seemed he was drunk and drove his car into a telephone pole. I buried the bastard and collected his 10 thousand dollar life insurance and moved back to Ohio where my mother lived by herself.

I lived with my mom until I found a factory job that paid a fair amount of money. Megan and I found an apartment of our own. When I was working my mother would watch my little baby girl.

By the time The ’80s rolled around, we had pretty much settled in back here in Ohio. I was in my early 20’s and had even taken a part-time waitress/barmaid job on Friday and Saturday nights at one of our local bars. I soon found out I could make more money doing this than working in a factory especially if I used my girlish charm lol, in other words, show a little skin. I quit the factory and worked full time at the bar now. My 40c’s tits were perfect for the job and my ass should have had handles on it as many hands were over it all the time.

Sam the owner of the bar was a nice looking single man as his wife had passed away some years ago. Sam was in his’s ’60s. However, he could pass for much younger. I would flirt with him from time to time but it never went any further than just flirting.

Then one day Sam called me to come in early as he wanted to talk to me about something. When I arrived at the bar no one else was here as we had a few hours before anyone else came in or we opened. I left myself in with my key and headed to Sam’s office.

Now Sam had groped my tits and ass before but then so had most of the men who had visited this bar. He sat me down at his desk and asked if I might be interested in getting a promotion and a lot more money. I told him that it depends on what I had to do to get it smiling at him.

Sam got up from behind his desk and walked over to me. While standing in front of me he unzipped and dropped his pants down around his ankles. Sam reached into his underwear and pulled his semi-hard little cock out placing it right on the lips of my mouth.

“Suck it slut,” Sam said as his hands went to the back of my head.

I opened my mouth taking all of his cock into my mouth as it was only about three inches. I wrapped my mouth around his little cock and started to suck on it never removing it from my mouth. Sam moaned and called me his little fucking slut as I started to bob my head up and down his cock.

Soon I was going to town on his now rock hard cock which had grown to its full rock hard size of 4 inches. I pulled my mouth from his cock as I reached under his cock and pulled at his balls. I then ran the tip of my tongue all over and around the head of his cock licking at his pee hole on the head of his cock.

Sam grabbed a handful of my hair as he said,

“Oh yeah, you fucking little slut suck daddies dick.”

He was right as at the time I was old enough to have been his daughter. I took his little hard cock back into my mouth as he pulled my head back and forth on his cock. At least his small cock didn’t make me choke as some cocks had before.

Sam was talking very dirty to me as he faced fucked me with his cock. I soon felt my pussy getting wet and dripping into my panties under the short skirt we had to wear for work. I was enjoying being called a slut and his little girl. I didn’t even care if he had a small cock lol all I knew was that I was horny with a soaking wet pussy that needed a cock in it.

I managed to remove my mouth from his cock and looked up at him as I said,” Please fuck me, daddy.”

Sam smiled at me pulling me up from the chair. As he stood me up his hands went to my big tits. Sam manhandled the girls through my shirt while he kissed me deeply on my lips and pressed his tongue deep into my mouth.

Sam broke our kiss as he turned me toward his desk pushing my upper body onto it talking dirty to me as he did. I was bent over his desk with my short black waitress skirt on with red thigh high nylons, black strapped high heels and a pair of bright red panties that were wet with my pussy juices. Sam flipped my skirt up over my ass as his other hand went between my legs rubbing his hand against my very wet panties.

“Daddy’s little slut is soaking wet,” Sam said as he slipped my panties off removing them from me.

I looked over my shoulder to see that Sam had my panties up to his face sniffing at my wet panties. He breathed in my wetness from my panties for a few minutes. Sam then slapped at my ass a few times telling me that I even smelled like a fucking slut as he tossed my soaking wet panties to the floor next to me.

My pussy seemed to drool more love juices as I heard him telling me that. Maybe I was a fucking slut cause I sure wanted to be fucked. Sam got behind me and shoved his cock deep up into my wet hairy pussy in one mighty shove. Well at least as deep as his small 4-inch cock would go.

I was so wet I could barely feel his cock as he rammed it into my dripping wet pussy. Sam built up to steadily fucking my pussy. I start to rock back against Sam as even his little cock was hitting all the right buttons. My pussy was so fucking wet each time his cock ran in and out, my pussy left off wet loud slimy pussy farts.

Sam seemed to enjoy that as he said, “Make that slut pussy talk for daddy.”

Once again hearing his dirty talk only made my juices flow harder. I could feel my love juices dripping from myself as he fucked me. Sam fucked me for a few more minutes then pulled his cock from my wet pussy and started to rub it against my asshole.

“SAM,” I yelled bringing my upper body off of his desk.

Now up to this time in my life, my sex life was pretty plain. Mostly just sucking dick, fucking or jacking guys off till they blew their load over my big tits. When alone I would sometimes finger myself to an orgasm. I also had some girl to girl fun with another waitress from work who would become my best girlfriend.

However, I never had done anything kinky like this with a man or woman. Nor had I had a cock or anything up my asshole and no one had ever tried. After all, it is an exit, not an entrance.

Sam pushed me back down onto his desk as he said” Daddy will be gentle with his little girl,” as he slipped a couple of fingers up into my sopping wet pussy.

Sam’s dick might have been small but his finger was long at least. His two fingers dug deep into my hot wet box until he found that secret spot us women have in there. Suddenly and unexpected a massive powerful orgasm swept over my entire body from head to toe and all spots in between.

I had never felt or had an orgasm like this one as my eyes rolled u into my head as my thighs started to shake intensely. I moaned loudly as my pussy seemed to suck at his fingers. My pussy juices seemed to explode from up inside my pussy in long squirts. My love juices jetted from my pussy freely and all over his fingers and puddled onto the floor below me.

I had squirted before with another woman but this was the first time a man had given me this sensation. I found it to be quite pleasurable and enjoyable as well. I started to feel like the slut Sam was calling me.

I was still lost in my orgasm when I felt Sam rub some of my pussy juices up onto my asshole. Sam slipped a finger slowly up into my asshole. It felt uncomfortable but not as unpleasant as I thought it would. Sam ran his finger in and out of my asshole only a few times. He then removed his finger and place the head of his cock at my asshole. Sam shoved his rock hard 4-inch cock deep into my asshole in one mighty push catching me off guard.

I moaned out, “Sam It hurts,” as I tried to move forward to remove his cock from up my asshole.

Sam’s hands went to my hips pulling me back onto his cock as he said, “Take it like the slut you are Kate, ” ”Make daddy proud you fucking slut.”

His dirty talk helped a little but even his little cock hurt being buried up in my asshole as it was a virgin asshole. Sam didn’t move his cock it just sat there buried deep in my asshole. I started to feel my asshole loosen up as his cock throbbed deep in my ass. It was still a little uncomfortable and I thought the best thing to do was just to get this butt fucking thing over and done with.

I looked over my shoulder to Sam as I said, “Fuck me daddy fuck my ass,” as I moved my ass back and forth on his cock.

Sam’s hands gripped my hips tightly as he started to take his cock in and out of my asshole. It hurt for a quick minute or two then my asshole seemed to open up and accept his cock without any pain.

I looked back at Sam as I said, “ Fuck me, daddy,” “Fill my slut ass with daddies cum.”

Sam pumped his cock in and out of my asshole maybe ten more times. He then moaned as I felt his dick sort of jump and twitch inside my asshole as his cum poured up into my asshole. When I felt that I had another wet wild gushing orgasm from my pussy.

Sam pulled his softening cock from my asshole as he fell back down into the chair I had originally had been in. As to me, I lie face down on his desk with his cum farting from my asshole as it ran out coating my pussy then dripping to the floor below me.

For an old guy, this man could cum a lot I thought lying there totally spent. I could still feel his cum dripping from my asshole as my own orgasm finished. I suddenly sort of came to my senses realizing what I had just done.

I had let Sam a man old enough to be my father fuck me and he had fucked me up my ass to boot. What’s worst was that I had enjoyed it especially when he called me his little slut. I found out a few things that day.

One a little cock can feel just as good as a big one, two I had enjoyed his cock in my ass and three I might enjoy role play with my sex. I never knew my father so I didn’t have a daddy fantasy however I did enjoy being daddy’s little slut.

I raised off his desk standing there feeling his cum and my love juices now running down my thighs. I pulled my skirt down and picked up my panties before I ran for the lady’s room not saying anything to Sam. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror thinking about what I had just done.

In some way, I felt dirty, cheap and used as part of me hated myself for what had just happened. While another part of me had enjoyed being his little slut and wanted to go fuck him again. I gathered my thoughts, straightened myself up a bit and slipped my panties back on as the bar would soon be open before I returned to Sam’s office.

He was dressed and behind his desk. He was talking to someone on the phone as he motioned me to come in and sit down. As I sat back down I heard him say into the phone “Ok kitten see you soon.” Sam hung the phone up and just stared at me as I stared at him.

He finally smiled as he said, “ Kate I am retiring to Florida,“ “Now about your promotion.” “My bar but you run it, I pay for the upkeep and we split the profits.” “Now take the rest of the day off and call me later with your answer.”

Maybe being a slut does pay off I thought as I drove away from the bar. I went straight to my mother’s as I was going to have to have her watch Michelle a lot more as running the bar could take up a lot of my time.

For the next three months, Sam taught me just how the bar and grille business ran. I learned to do the books, ordering and paying the bills. I already knew how to please the customers by showing them some skin from time to time. However, there was no more sex between us after finding out that kitten was a woman younger than me down in Florida lol seems like he didn’t need another daddies girl.

I will end this for now but part 2 will be out soon. If you give me a email address with your comment I might share some photos with you.

My Mother’s Moist Cunt by Fuckallmothers Diary, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Extreme, First Time, Fisting, Hardcore, Incest, Male / Older Female, Male Domination, Male/Female, Teen Male / Female


It’s time for Mommies Birthday PresentI think I was only, just, hitting puberty when I first caught a glimpse of my moms Cunt.

Before that, the idea of my ‘Mother’ as a sexual being was utterly ridiculous, I mean, that would be incest, wouldn’t it?

I had been at home alone and naturally, being at the beginning of puberty, I had snuck onto my parents pc to look at porn.

We weren’t exactly well off nowadays with dad losing his job and all, so it was the only computer left in the house.

I had been watching one of my favourite porn clips intensely when I heard footsteps from around the corner.

‘Shit, who’s that, I didn’t hear them get home!’

I immediately turned off the monitor and still fully nude, slipped behind the large filing cabinet near the corner of the room.

I couldn’t afford to get caught here either, having left my clothes in my room.

I sat there listening with my eyes closed but hearing only scuffling sounds as someone pottered around putting their bags and other essentials away.

Then I heard the ‘blip’ sound as someone turned on the pc monitor, followed by the “argh, yeah, fuck me in the cunt, use me, make me cum, make me CUM!”

“Jarred” I heard my moms voice huff out.

“Well, I guess he is a teenager now,” she mused, “it’ll only get worse from here on out.”

I expected her to exit the porn site, and get on with whatever it was she had turned the pc on for in the first place. But the sounds of “YEAH, that’s right, fuck my cunt!, Fuck!, My!, Cunt!” kept coming from the speakers.

After a while, I started to hear a slow rhythmic panting on top of the scratchy pornographic screams coming from the computer speakers.

Ever so gently, I turned and peeked out with one eye from behind the filing cabinet to see a most incredible sight.

There she was, my Mother, splayed out and arching her back over the computer chair. The buttons of her tight office work shirt were undone, leaving her flat, toned, stomach and perky round D-cup bra visible. But the most shocking thing was the fact that she had one hand down lower and was ploughing herself relentlessly in her dripping Gash with a gigantic black dildo.

I jerked my head back around, breathing hard and my heart racing, only to find my cock harder than ever before.

Staring helplessly, it slowly dawned on me that I was hard from seeing my Mother getting herself off.

‘No!, bad!’ i thought, ‘this is so wrong, she’s my mom, not a fucking pornstar.’

Though I did have to admit to myself that she was easily the hottest Mom out of all of my friend’s Moms.

What was that song they used to tease me with?…

‘Jarred’s Mom has got it going on.’

And it was all because she’d wanted implants after I was born.

She had been feeling a bit insecure about her body at the time, having just gone through childbirth and being a bit of a fitness freak she had wanted to look as good as possible as soon as she could so that everyone would want her again.

So that’s what dad had done, he had got her a pair of large silicone teardrop implants.

At the time he was still employed and doing quite well for himself, so money wasn’t that big of an issue.

As I sat there in my uncomfortable position staring at my throbbing member, I finally worked out what everyone had meant when referring to my Mom as a MILF.

By this point in time, moms panting had blossomed into full-blown moaning, and my erection was still standing at attention, so I tentatively reached forward and prodded it.

I’d never actually jerked off before, only having just discovered how to find porn on the internet.

But hearing moms moans of “MMF… yeeaaah” prompted me to grab it and start slowly massaging the length of my shaft.

I chanced a look again, my blood thumping hard in my eardrums and started jerking vigorously as my Mom upped her intensity getting louder and louder.

“AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed, her tongue lolling out as she started trembling all over, her eyes rolling back in her head.

Then came a steady stream of fluid spurting out of her pussy, landing in a sizable puddle on the other side of the room.

She bucked on the chair, multiple times, before falling off and collapsing on the floor, her body still spasming with small orgasmic seizures.

After maybe five minutes, she managed to pick herself up off the floor and leave the room.

I looked down at the cock in my hand to see it had gone slack and spunk had gone all over my belly.

‘Oh! God! what did I do! No! I jacked off to my Mom! Noooooo!’


I tried my best to put the incident behind me over the next couple of years, and mostly, it was a success.

It was only in the darkest hours of the mornings when I couldn’t cum no matter how hard I tried, that my mind strayed back to the image of my Mother in an almost catatonic, orgasmic state.


I had only just turned eighteen a couple of months previously when Mom kicked dad out of the house.

He had been sitting on the couch in an only semi-sober state for about the last two years, having long ago given up on ever finding a job again.

I didn’t feel much remorse for him considering the alcoholism.

Moms birthday was coming up soon, and she would be turning thirty-five having given birth to me quite young.

For her age, I had to admit that Mom had kept herself well fit, going to the gym at least twice every single week.

‘Wait… No! Bad!… I will not think about Mom that way; I will not think about Mom that way, I will not think about Mom that way, I will not-‘

“Jarred” called my Mom from the bedroom, “can you come in here for a moment?”

“Okay, mom,” I yelled back, struggling to get rid of my semi-hardon.

I opened her bedroom door to see Mom reading a book.

She was lying diagonally across the king-sized mattress propped up on one elbow in nothing but a set of thin, red lace, lingerie.

My eyes were instantly drawn towards her luscious Cunt, seeing as how her hips were splayed wide open, giving me a direct view. A thin piece of lace was the only thing in the way, and what a sexy piece it was, too, pulled up high above both hips Brazillian porno style.

“Mom! at least put some clothes on if your gonna call me into your room.”

“Okay!, Jesus!” Mom replied a hurt look on her face, “your making me feel old.”

“No-, Mom-, I didn’t mean it that way…”

“I’ll be thirty-five in a couple of weeks, then I really will be old,” she said wistfully, looking out the window.

“No mom, your not old at all,” I said, struggling to make her feel better, “in fact, pretty much all my friends refer to you as a MILF…”

‘Oh dear God!, did I really, just, say that, Out Loud! please let this be a hallucination; please let this be-‘

“Really?” asked Mom, turning to look at me, a mischievous smile playing over her lips, “So you’re embarrassed about seeing your mommy in her underthings, huh?”

“No-, that’s not it-,” I said as I struggled for words, ” why were you nearly naked and calling me you into your room, in the first place?” I asked, finally grasping the point.

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t actually notice my, err, nudity,” she said, looking at herself, “I was just hoping to talk with you about plans for my upcoming birthday party.

This is the first one without your father here, and you are the ‘man of the house’ now.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, sitting down at her coffee table as Mom pulled on a loose satin robe, leaving it untied as she sat down beside me.

‘Yeah, that’s right, leave your legs open at just that angle. I can get a full view of your juicy, lace-covered Cunt if you perch your legs right there-, Wait!… No!…Bad! I must not think of my steaming hot, superfit, fuckable Mother that way-, Wait!, No!… I did it again!’

Mom was off in party mode as she talked about maybe getting someone to play barman and weather or not it should be formal or informal.

I was having a hard time following her though, with every animated gesture Mom would make, her tight body would twist in a strange new way, giving me glimpses every now and then through the gap in her dressing gown.

My semi was now a fully erect shaft, and I cursed myself for my dark, lustful thoughts as I squirmed in my seat, trying, unsuccessfully, to hide my erection.

“Oh, and one more thing,” Mom said as she closed up the party planning folder, “you’re expected to bet present and sober, Okay, maybe a little tipsy, for the entire night. the hosts go to bed last, don’t you know…”

“Yay,” I said in the most deadpan voice I could muster, as I saw her gown fly freely open.

‘Oh!, what a sight to behold! I ache to run my fingers over your thinly toned, flat stomach; to take my fingertips and drive them deeply into your phenomenal booty cheeks; to use just one arm to-, Wait!… Shit!… I did it again!’

I tried to hunch over as I left the room trying to hide my manhood, but I swear I heard Mom giggling as I made my way out.

I was back in my room before you could say motherfucker twice.

As I lay there, I tried to sort out what was going on inside my head.

‘Okay, so Mom is hot… but it’s just so Wrong!… I do want to lick her all over, though… No!…Bad!… I will not think about my own Mother like That!… My fit!, Sexy!, Fuckable!, Mega MILF Mom!…noooooo!… I did it again!… What’s wrong with me?… Why do I keep envisioning doing things like taking both of my moms, well-exercised legs and pinning them behind her head as I plough her majestic Cunt?… AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!… I must be fucked in the head!’


I tried my best over the next couple of weeks to fight off my dark, lustful desires, but in the end to no avail.

As moms birthday party rolled around, I found myself increasingly trying to maneuver myself into positions where I would have the best view of my mothers curves. I even tried once or twice to get a look at her while she was in the shower, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at those attempts.

On the day of the party, Mom went into her room for about two hours before coming out when the people started showing up.

She looked heavenly, all decked out in a beautiful, long, flowing black dress that clung tightly to her form, at every possible angle.

I was left standing there, momentarily speechless as she went to greet the arriving guests.

Just how had that goddess managed to instil itself inside my Mother.

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, to be honest. All of my attention was being focused on Mom and her smiling thirty-fifth birthday party antics.

I frowned seeing her being a little ‘too’ friendly with some of the blokes who came to the party.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

So at about one in the morning, most everyone started leaving except for one guy, named Mark, that Mom seemed to be sweet on.

“We’re going to bed now, honey” my Mom slightly slurred at me as she stumbled past.

“Okay, mom,” I replied, deadpan again, knowing that I would be cleaning all this up.

I had just started to pick up cups and glasses as the noises began. It started slow and rhythmically at first as I heard the creaking of the bed and my Mother’s moans of “Mmmmmmmmf…yesh” muffled only slightly by the bedroom wall.

Then they started to get faster and louder.

‘Mom your such a Cuntslut!… you like it like that, don’t you!…getting your constantly moist, Cunt!, pounded Relentlessly!-, Ah! No!… I’ve gone and done it again…why must I keep thinking of Mom in such a way… but… even, still… I can hear you, Mom, being fucked hard, I can hear you sing out in wails of pleasure as I get closer to the crack at your bedroom door. You didn’t fasten the latch properly in your haste for bed, so I can see you there in the gloom rolling and grinding your sopping wet Cunt on Marks hipbones, trying in vain to get enough cock inside yourself for completion.’

I see my mothers problem as Mark slips his unfortunately below average penis out of moms gaping wide Cunthole. He is a genuinely unfortunate man, at about three inches long and half the average girth of a normal cock.

Instead of crashing the night, he makes his way towards the door, giving me seconds to get to my room and out of sight.

As I lay awake in bed, breathing hard, I realized that I had just witnessed my Mother getting fucked, albeit by a sub-par penis.

‘fuck it, I give up… I wanna fuck my Mother so bad! I want to lick the sweat out of every pore and plug up every Gash with my throbbing manhood-‘

“honey, are you still awake?” asked, Mom sticking her head into my darkened room.

I quickly throw my blanket over myself.

“yeah, only just, a bit loud weren’t you,” I asked, still a little tipsy from the party.

“yeah… about that…” Mom said, leaving the sentence hanging as she slipped into my room

“where’s mark?” I asked, sitting up and already knowing the answer, “he’s not asleep already is he?”

“No… he’s gone home already… it seems he can’t perform well under pressure.” Mom replied, deflated

“so he just didn’t do it for you,” I said getting more interested in the conversation.

“well… no… I guess not,” Mom complained as she sat next to me on my bedside.

“oh well, you can’t win all the time,” I said, as I put my hands behind my head and lay back.

“Oh!…” let out Mom as she turned to see the shape of my Throbbing solid shaft quite visible through my boxer shorts.

“Oh, Honey!” she repeated, staring at my crotch area.

Then I felt it, an odd yet not entirely unenjoyable tickling coming up my thigh before I caught sight of my Mother spider walking her fingers towards my penis.

I was frozen in place as I watched moms hand slink inside my waistband and grasp hold of my engorged member at the very base.

Then looking back at me, she licked her lips and gave a wink as she started to gradually massage me from base to tip, bringing in a second hand to provide a bit of extra inspiration.

Finally, when I could no longer take it, I let out the words I thought I would never speak aloud.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum, make me cum!”

With that, I sprayed a fountain of semen above our heads and in all directions and finished.

“Mom!… You just?… This is sooooooooo bad… We can’t do this, it’s illegal.”

“Its mommies first birthday without your father. Can you consider this a birthday present for me? I just want a proper sized cock and Marks just didn’t do it for me…”

“looking at this, however” she continued playing around with my quickly rehardening member, “you should ‘easily’ be able to satisfy mommies needs, and then some…”

We locked eyes as we both gave each other the okay, then I pulled my Mother towards me, locking lips with her as we began to wrestle our tongues violently.

We barely parted as I ripped her nightgown off, leaving not a trace of fabric on her.

I rolled her onto her back and lifted both ankles onto my shoulders as I began to ram her hard in her moist Cunt. I gripped my hands on either side of her tight waist and wailed as I let go of all my forbidden feelings.

“Yeah! That’s right Mom!… You just take it!… Let the sweat drip out of your every pore, as I slam my shaft into your juicy Cunthole!”

Mom only answered me in turn.

“Oh, Yeah!… Fuck mommies cunthole Hard!… Let yourself go completely, don’t hold back… Fuck my Cunt!… Fuck, mommies Cunt!… Fuck Me!… Fuck Me!… Fuck Me!… FUCK!…ME!… AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

She started to buck ferociously as I came inside her, spraying fluid all over me as I pulled out.

“MOAR” she screamed, as she pulled me back, “Fuck Mommy MOAR!”

With both hands, she forced my face into her insatiable Vagina, but I went more than willingly.

I was almost able to drink it; she was so wet down there. I had to fight for breathing room she was pushing so aggressively.

“Wait-,” I yelled, finally not able to stand it much longer, “I need to be able to breathe Mom, “do you want me to suffocate?”

“Just!… Keep!… Fucking!… Me!” came her strangled cry as her eyes rolled back and she foamed at the mouth, all the while still violently rubbing her own Cunt, “Fuck Mommy!… Fuck Mommy!… I don’t care how, just FUCK!…ME!”

“Okay Mom, Are you ready for fisting?” I inquired.

“Yesh!…Yesh!… YESH!” she confirmed cuming again hard.

Moving forward, I quickly worked four fingers into moms sopping wet Cunt.

Then as I took a little more time to work My thumb in I finally slid my whole hand in all the way to the wrist.

With my other hand, I rearranged the pillows to hold moms drooling face up, giving her a clear view of her vaginal penetration.

“See Mom” I commented, “watch your belly bulge as I Cuntpunch you senseless.”

And then I did.

“Oh, Mom!… You are such a horny Slut!…can you feel that as I slowly Punch and retract my fist inside your Big! Wide! Sloppy! Vagina!…Yes! That’s, It!… Moan for me, Mommy!… Let me feel your pleasure!… Yes! That’s, Right!… Vibrate!… You want me to punch you Deeper!… And, Faster!… Don’t you?”

“Punch mommy deeper and faster!… I want MOAR!” she shrieked in answer, “MOAR!…MOAR!…MOAR!…”

“Alright,” I announced, before removing my whole entire fist and half my forearm from her Cunt.

I held it up in the light letting the juices sparkle like diamonds, then, mercilessly, I plunged my fist directly into Moms cunthole and began to punch her insides as hard and fast as I possibly could.

My Mother shook in seizures of delight as great globules of drool came flying out of her mouth.

By this point, my arm was all the way up to my elbow as I fisted her Cunt relentlessly.

I was starting to hope for some sort of a climax to this strange little after party, we were having.

Just then, Moms seizures took a violent turn as she let out a long, painful sounding “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Her limbs jerking in all directions.

‘Oh, shit!… What did I do?… Is Mom, okay? Is she alive?… I bent forward and felt her pulse, faint but still there, good…Now…What to do, what to do… If I take her to the hospital they’ll most probably mark here as a rape victim… can’t do that now can i… don’t want to go to jail labelled as a Motherfucker… Oh! God!… I’m a MOTHERFUCKER!… NOOOOOOOOO!’

then I looked down at my Mother’s superfit unconscious form.

‘Meh, it could have been way worse… Mom might not have been the MILF of every teenager’s dreams.’

Looking down again, I noticed her start to twitch again and then “Ahhhrrgh!” Came a noise from moms mouth as she rolled onto her side and vomited.

“What the FUCK! did you do to Me?” yelled Mom before rolling over and vomiting again.

“Uhm…” I started before I realized I had no idea what to say, “Happy birthday, Mom.”

I smiled sheepishly

“we’ll sort this out in the morning” she whispered, leaning into my ear before kissing me passionately on the lips for a minute or two.

Then she stood up fully nude and walked seductively to my bedroom door.

She smiled back at me, licking her lips and turning off the light switch with a wink.

“Goodnight, honey.”

‘Wow, that kiss tasted bad… vomit!… blurgh!’

The creampie my stepmom made for me part 1 by Sami Hatter True Story, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Cheating, Oral Sex, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Young


My dad had seperated from my mom and found a new wife, who lived not so far away from my dad’s place at the time.When I was 18 years old, my friends persuaded me to join an “adult fun site”. Back then, it was a joke, and everything seemed extremely fun at the time. My friends and i would chat to other horny women, and laugh at what they responded to our dirty talk. It was all good fun

But I became obsessed with the site. I went on there more often without my friends, and started to actually become serious about it. Girls in my high school and college freshman year had sucked my dick and also jerked it off, but I never actually had a penetration sex experience. So you could say I was still a virgin.

One day on the site during summer vacation, I finally tried the site out. There was a women (with a picture only of her ass showing) that lived nearby to where I was staying. I was staying in my dad’s house during the break, and it was right after his break up with my mom, where he found a new wife that still hadn’t moved into his house but lived close to his home. You may already see where this is going.

I talked to the woman and offered to have a date with her at her house. She agreed, and told me to come over by 5:00. She said she didn’t expect me to leave by early morning.

I was excited for this (as excited as teens get), and put a condom and some loob in my duffel bag and told my dad I was going to my friend’s for the night, and headed off.

I arrived at the woman’s house, and knocked on the door. I followed her directions by knocking three times and saying, “it’s sam”. I waited for about a minute, and she opened my door. I couldn’t have been more surprised by who it was. It was my step mother, wearing nothing but some slippers and underwear.

I had noticed my stepmom’s ass and boobs before, but I never had actually thought sexually of it. But seeing her in her underwear, I was mesmerized by her features. Her ass was fat as hell, and her boobs were big but tight and firm. She also wore glasses, and was a brunette.

My stepmom was equally surprised to see who I was. She said,

“Sami, what are you doing here?”

I replied,

“I’m here to see a girl named Gina?”

“That’s my screen name. Wait, were you the one from the…”

“Um… Yeah?”

She seemed so surprised, but recovered and invited me in. She apologized for being in this attire.

Even though I was still hard from seeing her almost naked, I was still a little angry about how she was cheating on my dad.

“Why did you join the site? I thought you were with my dad!” I confronted her

“Oh, honey. You know your dad doesn’t like to have sex. I’m horny and I needed someone so bad!” she said.

She put on her gown and sat next to me. Suddenly, something happened to my dick. It became so big and hard it wasn’t even funny. Staring at my hot stepmother naked had really turned me on. I was wearing some sweatpants, so this was noticeable by anyone. Luckily or unluckily, my stepmom noticed it right away, but didn’t comment on it. She touched my arm and told me how she was sorry, and complained about my dad not having sex with her. As she got closer to me, I noticed how nervous I became. She kept on getting closer and closer, until she was nearly on top of me. That’s when we both exploded. She jumped on to my lap and threw down her gown.

“Oh baby, you’re so hard, and I really need something right now…” she said.

And she took rolled off my pants and took off her under wear.

I was a little surprised by all of this happening, but something took over and I took off my underwear, and started jerking myself off.

My stepmother shrieked in delight and took my hand off of my dick and got on top of it with her ass. She slowly came down on my dick, and before I knew it, I was fucking her pussy so hard. It was the best thing I had ever felt in my entire life. We were so concentrated into each other.

My stepmother kissed me and stuck her tounge into my mouth while riding me all over. She moaned said things like,

“Oh baby, keep it going.”

“I know you want me.”

“I want you to give me your hard, big cock. Nice and fast.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh my god!”

We were so lost in each other that I didn’t realize that a) we weren’t using protection and b) I started sucking on her boobs as well.

For that moment, I loved her body so much, and realized we were meant for each other.

My stepmom told me to stop and then got off my dick and told me to stand up. She bet over and I naturally started fucking her in the ass. She farted while doing it, but I leaned over to her ass and started sniffing ti like it was coke. We then started fucking again on the couch, this time me being on the top. But I couldn’t wait anymore.

“Oh my gosh I’m gonna cum” I said

“Do it sami. get me pregnant over and over again. come on…”

So I didn’t pull out and kept going, until I started cumming. The cum was literally pouring out of me for almost 30 seconds, and I kept it in my stepmom’s pussy the entire time. She moaned so loudly.

When I was done, she whispered,

“Go home tonight. But tomorrow morning, I want to see you again for your nice, juicy cum.”

But I carried her to bed and slept with her till the morning.

Carried on in part 2