Trying out a dirty dating site by shavingluvr

Introduction:Joining a dating site and getting to have a great time with four women. And fulfill our sexual fantasies.
I decided to try a dating site. I was going no where trying to meet a woman. But with so many out there, what is the right one. I must have looked at about 10 sites. Curious about one site which stated if you want to have your sexual fantasies come true. This is the site for you. So I checked it out and did see a lot of really hot women. And ready some of the profiles and what some are looking for. I only had to read one more and I decided to try it out. There was a free two week trial offer. I sat down and listed what i wanted to say about myself. And what I was looking for. I set up my phone to get a couple of photos of myself. Didn’t want to show to much. I filled out the profile and added the good photos. Checking off boxes of some fantasies I had. And submitted it to them for review. I immediately got an email from them to browse my matches. How can they match me when I just joined.

Checking thru the ten matches that they said matched my profile and what I was looking for. First one was a very beautiful woman, she had brown hair and blue eyes. She said she was 30 years old. Medium build and athletic. I read her profile and looked at her photos. She did have a nice body. One photo was her totally naked. I was quite impressed by her body. I decided to click on the save button. So I could check back with her. Next one was a good looking red head. She didn’t have any nude photos, but the ones she did have were really nice. Clicked save on her also. Going thru the rest I decided to only save 4 of the 10 matches.

I finally got my profile and photos approved so I could send emails to the ones that I had saved. I went over my email couple of times and sent it to the first girl I had saved. I didn’t send any to the others yet. I wanted to see if I would get a response from her first. I wondered if a nude photo of myself would be worth adding. I decided to wait. I would take one and if I was asked for one I would send it over to the woman I was corresponding with. I reread the others that I saved. Guess in my mind I was doubtful about the one girl responding with a positive email.

I decided to send an email to the redhead and see if she would reply. I didn’t want to send to the others but I wanted a response from one of them. So I shot off emails to the last two on my saved list. I browsed thru a couple more profiles. And hoped. I was just getting ready to log out when I got an email. I opened it and it was from the first girl. Started to read it and was happy that it was a positive response. She liked my profile and photos. She didn’t ask for a nude photo so I was ok. She said her name was Cindy, she liked that I had not added a photo of my dick. And she went on to say that she also had the same fantasies as I do. She sent me her phone number so we could text and get to know each other a little bit more. I sent her a text message and told her my name. And that I decided not to add a photo of myself naked due to some women who may be offended by them. I did tell her again that the one of her naked was really nice. We spent a bit of time texting each other. Then my phone rang. And it was her. She wanted to hear my voice. She asked if I wanted to get a drink later. I responded with a quick yes and asked where. So we set a time and place for later.

I knew where the place was we were meeting. I got there a couple of minutes early so I could see her come in. She definitely matched the photos. She had on yoga pants and a nice top. I tried to be casual with a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. She joined me at the table i had picked out. We ordered a couple of drinks and split an appetizer. She told me that she had just joined the site and I told her that I had also just joined. We discussed different things that turned us on. She was very open minded as to what she liked and what she wanted to try. She told me about something that her girlfriend had done and it made her wanting to find someone to try it on. She said she had always wanted to try it. She didn’t want to say it out loud, so she leaned over and whispered it to me. I immediately agreed that was something that I would also like to try. We discussed a little more things and she said that we would try it out tomorrow evening. I told her where I lived and she decided that I should go to her place. So she gave me the address and we kissed and headed back home.

When I got home I looked up what she wanted to try. I had once heard about it. But wasn’t sure what it was about. I watched a video and I knew that this was something that I was ready to try. When I finished watching the video, I got an email from one of other girls that i had sent an email to. She really liked my profile and photos. She sent over a list of things that she wanted to do also. Top of the list was the item Cindy wanted to do. I wondered if they would both be willing to do this together. Well I better not check. The second girl told me her name was Nancy and she sent along a very nice photo of her totally naked. And she had a dildo in her pussy. She wanted to meet up tonight. I asked her where and when. She responded with her address and that she was ready now. I turned off my laptop and headed out.

Nancy lived close, so I was able to get there in about ten minutes. She met me outside. She also looked just like her photos. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I can also see that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were pressed against her shirt. We exchanged hellos and she asked me to follow her up stairs. I gladly followed. When we got into her place, she asked me to take off my shoes. She also told me that she planned on giving me a massage. I was intrigued. She said it was a Nu Ru massage. She had me take off my clothes and follow her into the shower. She got naked as well and started to clean my whole body. I had the biggest election ever. She reached around and started to stroke my cock. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hold back my orgasm. I shot a load right there in the shower. She was not disappointed she just said “ I hope that wasn’t all you have to give today “. I was embarrassed but said “ no I will be ready.” She turned off the water and led me to a air mattress and had me lie down. She got on my back and kept massaging me. Then she had me turn over. I was once again hard. She smiled and stroked my cock again. Then gently slid my dick into her pussy. She rode me for what seemed like an hour, but was more like ten minutes. She never got up. I short my load deep in her pussy. She then got up and said time for someone to get fucked. I looked puzzled, but then when she came back into the room, she was wearing a strap on dildo. And some lube. She told me to get on the mattress again and she put some lube on the dildo and on my ass and then she fucked my ass. Man that felt so good. She was stroking my cock while fucking my ass. I soon shot my load and it went straight onto the mattress. We continued to have sex for about two hours. Each time I was not allowed to pull out of her. I had to cum in her pussy both times. Such a great time. I cleaned up and headed home. We agreed to meet up again. We exchanged numbers and off I went.

On the way home she sent me a photo of her naked. Getting ready to take a shower. You could see the cum dripping out of her pussy. I had just gotten home when my phone rang. It was Cindy. She told me that she had gotten what we would need for tomorrow night. I couldn’t tell her that I had already done it with Nancy tonight. I was really looking forward to seeing Cindy tomorrow. I turned on my laptop to check emails. I had two emails and they were from the other two girls that I sent an email to. Both responded with what they wanted to do. And both enclosed really nice photos . One of the girls told me that she wanted me to send her a nude picture of me. I sent along the only one I had. I set up a date with the other two girls and couldn’t believe that I got replies from all four and that they all wanted to meet me. I turned off my laptop and headed to bed.

I only worked a half day since I couldn’t really concentrate on my work. One of the perks of working from home. I had been texting Cindy all morning. She kept teasing me with her photos. She sent one of her with the strap on dildo on. Titled it. Are you ready for this. I was. I let her know I was on my way to her place. She replied that she was waiting. I walked into her place when she told me to come in. Seeing her naked with the strap on made me instantly hard. I got naked and she asked me to come over to her. She demanded that I get on my knees and suck her cock. I did as she asked. I grabbed the dildo and began to suck on it. I really liked having her give me orders. She had me lie on my back and she lubed my ass and put the dildo in my ass. Just like yesterday it felt good. She was also stroking my cock and I shot a load right on to my own face. She made me swallow what went into my mouth. I had never tried cum, it was not a great taste. But did what she told me do. She continued to stroke my cock. When I got hard again. She had me lie down again. She then took my cock and guided it into her pussy. She rode me for a while. I was just about ready to cum and she got off my cock. She yelled at me. “ Not yet, I will let you know when you can cum.” She had me get up and she told me to put my cock in her ass. I put some lube on my cock and on her ass. I slowly put my cock in her ass. She moaned and after a few minutes i shot my load deep in her ass. When I got hard again I fucked her pussy until I shot my load deep in her pussy. After we took a shower together. She had me lick her pussy and put a finger in her ass. Then I fucked her and sent one more load deep in her pussy. I got dressed and headed home. She told me that she will call me tomorrow.

When I got home I checked my email. One of the girls that had responded wanted to meet up. She had just gotten home and she wanted to fuck someone. I checked the time and I wanted to meet her. Her name was Samantha. She wanted to come to my place. I gave her the address and she told me she would be there in ten minutes. I waited and she rang my doorbell and I let her in. She came in and she wasted no time getting naked. I noticed one thing about her that Nancy and Cindy didn’t have. She had a lot of hair on her pussy. I was shocked when she told me that she wanted me to shave her pussy hair off. We went into the bathroom and showered and she asked me to shave her. I pulled out my trimmer and then my razor., soon her pussy was bald as the other girls were. Then we fucked and I shot both of my loads in her pussy.

I was shocked at I was able to have sex with three hot women. I texted Cindy and then I got an email from the last girl. She wanted to meet up and fulfill her fantasy. I headed to her place. When I got there, she was sitting by her car. Her only fantasy was to have a guy fuck her and help her get pregnant. She wasted no time in getting my cum. I asked her what her name was and she told me that I didn’t need to know since she got what she wanted from me. We fucked one more time and I filled her with another load of cum. After I did, she got dressed, thanked me and told me she didn’t need to see me again. Hopefully your sperm will do it’s work.

For the next week, I had so much sex I almost couldn’t believe my luck. I continued to see Cindy, Nancy and Samantha. The last girl sent me a message and a photo. She was pregnant. And she wanted to thank me for helping her. She said her husband had not been able to get her pregnant. I got up the courage and had all three girls come over and we had an amazing group sex. Cindy and Nancy each brought over their strap on. They fucked me in the ass and fucking each other. I was fucking Samantha and Cindy was fucking my ass and Nancy was fucking Cindy in the ass. We spent a whole day just having sex. We set up a camera to capture us fucking and watched it later. I decided to quit the dating site. I only needed the three girls that I could handle.

I got an email from the last girl nine months later and she sent a picture of her new baby boy.

The End