(Mom was designed for brutal rape – part 1 by Longhairmofo) Fiction, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Domination/submission, Drug, Incest, Interracial, Rape


Its a story about my and mom’s vacation where i made a sex slave out of her using drugs.

P.S. comments are always appreciated.while smoking weed that day mom was high and laid back on the sofa after some shots. we smoke casually and sometimes also drink, its our way to cope with the loneliness after dad passed away. i normally had thots abt how sexy she was and only if she wasnt my mom. her eyes wer peacefully closed and her hair.. her beautiful hair was flowing behind the sofa over teh top, on to the ground all straight due to recent oiling. The ends of her thick shiny black hair were gently brushing the floor with the breeze from the window. Her waist n protruded boobs were adding to my perversion of her. with a calm voice mom said lets go somewhere. i was too busy imagining things to understand her and just said yeah. she opened her eyes and said m serious, its the spring break both of us have a holiday, lets be mother and son before being teacher and student again, lets dip in your dad’s funds n go for a tour for a month. i said ok mom but where. she said you choose we can go to bangkok if you want, booze n girls too u know she winked. i said come on which mom says things like that and went over to make another bong shot. she leaned on infront of my face and said comeon i know u hav ur hormones shouting out for it. her hair flowing from the fron with her sexy face, she dint knew my hormones wer crying out for her only. i said fine check the tickets. she was super excited and kissed me on my cheeks with a hug, her boobs made me uncomfortable though i silently enjoyed for the while it lasted. this kind of intimacy and sex appeal was quite common and always kept me frustrated, maybe this only made me a sadist always watching gangbang, bondage and hair torture videos. That night i finally said screw it and first time in life i crossed the line and jerked imagining how i wud tie her up and throatfuck her while oiling and combing her hair. it felt good as opposed to how i thot it wud make me feel guilty.

next week we started shopping and getting all ready for bangkok. mom bought too many one piece n stylish bras for beach while i kept suggesting her the most sexy ones as if i wud tear them myself n fuck her crazy. while we wer on the plane she slept on my shoulders and i was controlling my hands from reaching out to caress her sweet smelling hair. finally i did it and she dint mind. after sometime she strainghtened up and i went straight to the toilet to jerk off. Once we reached there we settled in the room and before i thot of anything mom said we need to find weed. mom was getting addicted to weed and alcohol now a days. i said best lets go to some pub and i ll ask around. we went to a pub and had some drinks after which i noticed a shady guy to whom people went and dealt something secretly. i said mom dnt look i think i got a possible contact. her eyes brightened up and she said ok go go.

i went to the counter near him and ordered a whiskey. he suddenly said looking for something i guess. i smirked and turned to him, he was looking towards my mom with lust, i turned to see mom and saw she is looking stunning in her black dress, her hair open falling from the other side complemented with her shiny earring. her thighs and boobs wer both looking chewable. i regained my composure saying weed, you have some? he laughed and said boy u got a smoking hot fuckhole waiting and you want weed. i smirked again, he said fcourse i got some but i also have something better for sex. i said its not like that we wnt have sex. he laughed saying wnt or cant man, i said somewhat like that. he said boy you are in bangkok, you got a girl you can fuck, that too such a hot bitch demands sex. he said ever heard of extacy.. i said yeah i heard its good. he said yeah its much better than weed, i have some thing that will ensure you will fuck tonight, or even make her beg to do so. i laughed and said she wud never. he asked and why is that. i said she is my mom. he was stunned for a sec and then burst out laughing saying its fine we see a lot of guys coming here to fuck thier sisters or aunts, though mom is rare but seeing her i must say oh fuck you shud. i thot for a sec and said yeah leave it just give me some weed and extacy. we made the deal and while leaving he said you know where to find me, if you change your mind i have a special offer. i said out of curiousity and what is it, he said free drugs for two hrs with her. i laughed and ignored him.

i went back and said i got the stuff and she got ready to leave ryt away. we went home and smoked the stuff, she said lets do the extacy tom. i said fine. i had booked a suite with a hallroom and 1 bedroom with kitchen, i said okk mom get some sleep i ll also go n sleep too tired. she insited come on dnt be shy just sleep here no need to sleep on the couch after getting a suite. i agreed with an unease. all night i barey slept with her sweet smelling hair speard near my face. after she slept i caressed it and slowly stroked my cock while making sure she dint wake up but she did somehow and i acted like sleeping. she slept again but i was fully frustrated by now. i wanted to fuck her so much and the shady guys words were echoing in my ears.

next day we went for a sightseeing and decided to call it a day. while returning i said mom i guess i dropped the extacy somewhere. she said what now, i said you go back to hotel i ll bring some more. i went back this time for the better stuff. seeing me the guy was smirking already. he said so you put some thot to my idea i guess. i said yeah i want it teh best one, the one which will make her beg me. he said i also have something that will make your mom ur permanent sex slave. my eyes wer wide open. i said how. he took me outside and said lets smoke some weed while discussing, we smoked some in his car and he said listen boy this is an illegal drug and quite expensive, i said that fine. he said not just money i n my boys need her for a night after the course of meds or my boys will straight away pick her up from ur suite and maybe kill you before making a slut out of her. i felt teh danger but the idea of mom getting raped had already got me rock hard. i said tell me the process first. he said simple one pill daily two times for three days and make sure you are sleeping in the same room or bed. i said okk thats all?? better to not let her outside for those days to make her see only you and crave only for the dick teh bitch sees. i said ok done then, by teh third day if she doesnt beg you for sex, call me and take your money back but if you dont call and my boys see you both outside with significant intimacy, we will know and it wnt be good. i said what if i make a better deal. i told her my plan and he laughed out saying you motherfucker son of a bitch literally. i smirked and made the payment, took the pills for four days one day extra just in case and went to the hotel. he gave me another set of pills to be mixed with extacy if i wanted her to go unconcious for sometime while i cud enjoy her during the course.

i went back and showed her the extacy. she was very excited and i said mom i have a plan, we have a month here and this extacy is a new thing, the guy told me its best effects are shown when we inital indulgers stay at hoem for a few days and take it intermittently, she said thats a cool idea i dnt mind chilling out in teh room with drugs for 4-5 days, lets go out directly in weekend. i said yup thats great we will order and stay in. we ordered in and i mixed all three diff pills in the drink before giving it to her, i took just extacy. thank god mom is lazy enuf to never make her pegs. after two pegs she felt asleep while watching a movie, i called her up she dint respond, i then poked her and she lay like dead unconcious, teh pills wer working, i smelled her and felt her boobs, i went around teh sofa and spread her hair over teh top flowing at teh back like she sits at home. i took my time to brush my face and feel her hair, adter some playing i took my dick out and wrapped her hair around it. i started a hairjob while feeling and softly pressing her boobs. just before i got any precum i took my dick out and ran to bathroom. i jerked off a lot. i went back and watched teh movie, mom woke up abt 2 hrs later and said oh god that was some high. m still high whats teh time, i said you slept for two hrs. she said yeah now i get it, we shud enjoy this stuff for some days n fcourse we cant go out like this and laughed. we ate and went to sleep. shile sleeping suddenly she said mike mind if i hug you n sleep? i miss you dad today a lot i promise no naughty things. i said yeah yeah just dnt make it awkward. she gave me a kiss on my cheek,hugged me n slept keeping her head on my shoulder. her hair was intoxicating me but i realised moms leg was ryt over my crotch and i shudnt have an erection. i thot just go to sleep and dnt think. the next day i put my most sadistic porn collection on the desktop of my laptop in morning coz i knew she wud go see some porn if she is horny, and teh only device she knws there shud be porn in my laptop.

this continued for two days, the third night she made me caress her hair while sleeping and m damn sure was well aware of my boner. she even slowly kind of brushed it a fewtimes with her leg. that was just too much for me and i slept. teh fourth day i lost my pataince and called the guy from bathroom saying man she is not begging me its teh third day shud i come to collect the money, he said man relax just give her double dose today. i said okk and gave her two pills in breakfast juice and two in our afternoon session with extacy and the other pill. after she fell asleep i went on to my usual hairjob and boob pressing only that today i cudnt control and some of teh precum stuck on her hair and teh cum sprayed on teh ground, i realised i was also practically moulding her right boob during teh tym. i quickly cleaned up the cum from the ground and by then mom woke up, she said what are you doing i said nothing weed fell, i brought some weed and started crushing on sofa beside her, she smelled her hair and felt some unease i acted aloof. she then came near me and said u knw m nt on my periods but still my right boob is paining, i said mayb some pms issue. she then did something more, she hugged me from side pressing her boobs and what abt my hair which smells like cum. my hands wer trembling by now, she added wer you being naughty with your mom mike? i said i have no idea what you talking abt and got up, she pulled me down and straight away gave me a kiss on my lips. i cudnt control my hands and made her sit on me while i was fondling her boobs and hair, after a long kiss i said mom i think its wrong, she susshed me and said was teh boner yesterday also wrong? i said mayb. she resumed kissing me and took my hand to ver vagina, i started fingering and rubbing her wet vagina while passionately kissing her, she started moaning after some minutes and i felt she is abt to cum, i intentionally left her and said stiffly no mom this is completely wrong, she held me and said please i need you, am i not attractive? i said yes mom you are sexy as fuck but you dont knw me sexually, i have a dark side. she stood up and kissed me some more and said i knw, i have seen your porn collection and if it makes you happy i will do each and every single one of it. i said what are you talking abt, she said i know, u like gangbang, tying up and hairplay. i said i am way darker than that, she stiffly said then show me m sure i will handle anything for you.

she took me to bedroom, got undressed and got a rope from somewhere. i was mesmerized by her figure and milky boobs as she kissed me before handing the rope and scissors to me n turned around and crossing her hands at her back. i tied her hands as roughly as possible with jerks to scare her off. she giggled all the while and turned to kiss me. i kissed her and then held her face before landing a tight slap making her fall on the bed, i said u ok with this mom? she said just dont wry about me, do what ever you want, i am all yours. i said you are in such a big mess and you dont even know. i said so you think m into hairplay as i adjusted her ass in a doggystyle while her head was on the pillow downwards. she said yeah. i arranged her hair, wrapped it around my hand and said wrong, i should my dick with a big thrust into her vagina and a she moaned i pulled her hair near her head tight enough to keep her upper body in air. i started giving deadly strokes and said you see what i like with hair? she moaned ahh ahh yes ahh pull it ahh as hard ahhh u want mike ahh fuck me. after few strokes i said okk u still dont get what i like i pulled out and pulled mom by her hair as i got down the bed, her hands being tied, she fell down on the ground with a thud, before she cud soothe herself i was already dragging mom around the bed to the next room where the ropes were kept, i took the ropes and went to the washroom all the dragging her listening her moan ahh ahh, i took the comb and came back to the bedroom, i then made her kneel as i saw her boobs were red from all the dragging. i said what comes next will be 100 times more sadistic are you still ok, she said dont wry, whatever makes you happy i will do that. make me your slave and started sucking my dick hungry.

i pulled her hair and gagged mom a few times before letting her continue and i went on to comb her hair. after combing i brought a table and made her lie on it. i tied an end of the rope to the end of her neatly combed hair and got up the bed to tie the other end to the hook on the ceiling for ceiling fan. i tied it exactly so that her head is pulled up high enough for just her boobs to touch the table. she tried to adjust with an unconformable smile and i went around tied two ropes to her two legs and tied the respective other ends to the two corner shelf hooks of the room, now she was semi suspended with only her belly resting on the table, she was already in pain due to the body curvature and stretching of both her vagina and hair. i went to her mouth and gagged her holding her stretched hair, one hair holding it near her head to keep her gagged and other hand brushing on the silky shiny stretched hair. i brought put some oil on her hair at diff heights and tried combing it upwards but it was so tight that comb was not properly even going. i then left the comb and applied the oil on the outside layer of her stretched hair by hand till the top. then i mouthfucked her a bit before pulling her head away by her hair asking her do you still want to continue to see more. she said yes, i want all of your fascinations. i said mom this is the last time m asking please tell me that this is all because you are high n we will forget about all this. we still have a long holiday. she said i want that dick and will do anything it likes. i got angry and kicked the table from under her, the table slid to the end of the room and she was now completely suspended. and screamed with pain, twitching to adjust to it, biting her own lips with tears flowing from her eyes. i ruthlessly went to the backside between her suspended legs and positioned my dick on her asshole. she said mike please do it slowly i have never been ass fucked. i pushed till my penis tip went inside and she screamed, i held her suspended hair from between and pulled it backwards creating an angle, her head was twisted back and i rammed my cock in her ass, she let out a big scream while, crying, i grabbed her left boob as hardly i could and fucked her nuts enjoying her screams. with each thrust mom screamed louder. the feeling of ass fucking your sexy mom tied up in such a torturing position, pulling her hair listening to her screams rhyme with your strokes, is a feeling only a sadist motherfucker will understand. i fucked her nuts till i gave a big pull to her hair bending her half backwards and thrust as deep in her ass as i cud to blast my cum in her asshole. after twitching for a bit i straight away went to the bed and lit a cigarette looking at her face full of pain tears and even saliva, i pulled her hair to bring her head closer as she gave a big aah, and i asked her.. is it enough? or you want to see the third kind of kink i have, she was in a lot of pain but somehow managed to say, bring it.. i ll.. endure everything.. ah.. for you. i said mom today you will see hell.

i opened all her ropes and she got up to hug me, i hugged her kissed her with love and said mom this is my love.. its painful and you still havnt seen anything.. please stop. she just hugged me and said just let me see it. i hugged her n caressed her hair told her to go get cleaned up n hair neatly combed, be in a towel, i am going to show you what my third kink, gangbang means. she kissed me again and whispered i ll be waiting.

to be continued..