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God’s Plan poem

God’s Plan
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2009

I sat alone in the darkness, feeling the weight of my pain,
Bemoaning the stress of my illness – will I ever be healthy again?
How long will this ordeal possess me? How long must I travel this road?
While others around me are happy, I struggle to carry this load.

Perhaps you think I’m complaining that I’ve been dealt a hard deal,
Compared with folks all around me, sometimes that’s just how I feel.
There’s much I’d still like to offer, so many things I could do,
But I’m stuck in this valley of illness, of so little value to You.

If I could but fathom the reason, if somehow I knew what’s at hand,
My heart would feel a bit lighter, if only I could understand.
Knowing, I’d probably accept this, searching to find strength somehow,
But, walking alone in this darkness, there’s no one to comfort me now.

My child, I sit here beside you, your burdens I equally share;
When night falls and you are so lonely, remember that I am still there.
I’d gladly remove all these trials, I’d gladly remove all your pain,
But now, being tried as by fire, you are the one who will gain.

Compassion and patience will triumph, you’ll find new insights in life,
The smell of the roses will charm you when through with your illness and strife.
Oh yes, there’ll be a tomorrow, you’ll look back and one day you’ll see,
The learning process was worth it – it drew you closer to Me.

On the whole, you’re always so busy, I just had to set you aside,
You needed time to consider, a time to sit and abide.
Take your eyes off your problems, rest in the peace I supply,
Be assured that I love you; all will be well by and by.


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