Joanna’s sex fest part#1

Joanna Kingly was a successful businesswoman who always kept business just that business. And when she was not at work and in the privacy of her own home, where no one could see her, she was a closet nympho. Yes, that’s right, this businesswoman was a sex freak who knew how to make a man feel well, really fucking good with her mouth and her pussy. But the only problem was finding a special someone that could handle her gifts and didn’t get attached to her like a lovesick puppy. On Joanna’s day off she thought wow it would be nice to get fucked good this morning, so Joanna got out her sex toys laid back on her sofa and started to rub her huge clit slowly feeling her body respond to her touch she picked up the paste. Now at a height where her body was about to give off furies of orgasms like no other, Joanna placed two fingers inside her already soak and dripping wet pussy, while still rubbing her clit she began to massage her G spot. With her two fingers deep inside herself O shit wow she thought as the orgasm started to build up deep in her tummy. It feels like I have to pee “shah shit she shouted as creamy cum and urine began to erupt from her pussy. Joanna’s body shook so violently it shook her right off the sofa right on to the floor. She quickly grabbed her dildo and plunged it deep inside her cunt, she screamed as the head of the huge dildo entered her, at this point Joanna had forgotten that she had left the window open as she moaned screamed and squirted cum from her soaking wet  pussy passersby could hear her screaming and yelling out in blissful enjoyment. Joanna came so hard that her body locked up, and she needed to give herself about an hour or so to relax and reenergize. Joanna thought she would like to order out for lunch while her body reenergized so she did Joanna placed an order of one small pizza and a drink, the voice on the phone said it would be about an hour before it would be delivered. That was ok with her as she could feel her body reenergizing. So she thought why not try out the new toy I just got a week ago. So upstairs she went and mounted her sex swing, to the beams in her ceiling in her room, Joanna now had some time to kill till her food came, so she got out her fuck machine and set it up right where she wanted it. Joanna also placed the vibrator attached to the top of it to give her clit that extra sensation that Joanna wanted to feel. Finally, it was ready to use. Joanna placed her horny body into the swing strap her ankles in tight and placed the sex machine deep inside her pussy. she would now lay back and let the fun began, with the vibrator remote in hand she relaxed her body and started the machine and vibrator up slow, at first Joanna screamed from the huge size of the dildo on the end of the rod. With the vibrator going. Joanna can now feel the force from them both going at the same time she now feels her body starting to convulse quickly with her hands strap in as well she knew she was in for a wild ride, so Joanna decides to go all-in on high, so she turned up the speed on both the machine and vibrator. As Joanna pussy and her clit stimulated by the vibrator, she screamed and squirted cum for days. Her body now in full convulse mode there was no way out of this now, the machine pushing so hard and so deep inside of her she arched her back in the swing “o fuck yes fuck that pussy she yelled as her pussy continued to release floods of cum as the machine and vibrator worked her pussy over. Joanna couldn’t help but take the massive toy dick, Joanna’s eyes began to cross as the orgasm took over her body fully. Now in a state of shock from the power of the machine stroke and the powerful vibration of the vibrator, Joanna’s body locks up. With a crazy look on her face, Joanna’s now stuck while her pussy squirted out of control over and over she received massive, powerful orgasms one after the other, her heart starts to pound faster and faster, with her body still in lock mode Joanna lay shaking in the swing. She continued to squirt all over the place. Joanna squirted so hard she squirted cum over to the bed. With the machine working every muscle in her body. Joanna feels the work out her body was getting. In and out in and out the machine pounded on her pussy all Joanna could do was hope the pizza guy would hear her and come in to help her, with no letup in sight Joanna just landed there being forced to endure muscle contracting orgasms and violent pounding. Until someone came by to help. O my god she screamed as the squirting orgasms kept coming, helpless to stop it Joanna just screamed and screamed and screamed. in and out the machine went, dropping the remote to the floor. Joanna’s insides felt like an earthquake had hit her with her pussy soaking wet Joanna eyes rolled to the back of her head. And with one powerful push, the sex machine caused Joanna bowels to release all over her carpet, at the same time she squirted cum all over it as well. Joanna was about to pass out from the relentless fucking when she heard the doorbell ring. Joanna screamed so loud that the pizza guy looked up in shock. O my god he thought she’s in trouble he began looking for a spare key, everywhere Ron could, finally Ron found it under a ceramic bunny Joanna had on the porch he quickly grab the key ran inside and followed the screams and moans coming from the bedroom. The pizza guy whose name was Ron, by the way, couldn’t believe what he was seeing, standing there in shock as he watched this machine fuck this woman so hard, she was crying for mercy. As Ron was about to grab the remote from the floor, Joanna shitted and squirted so fucking hard it shot across the room almost hitting Ron. What the hell he said as he jumped back just in time to avoid the massive orgasm she was having at that time. After about thirty minutes of squirting and shitting, it stopped for a while so Ron could grab the remote and try to free her. Ron thought wow what the hell is going on here he thought to himself, as he looked on, he could see Joanna shaking so hard that if she shook any harder her back would break. So Ron stopped the machine and vibrator as fast as he could, he then helped Joanna out of the swing, with her pussy still dripping wet with cum and shit running out of her ass, Ron took her to the shower turned the water on and placed her inside. Ron then called his boss and explained everything to him, understanding what Ron had just gone through his boss told him to stay there with her and take the rest of the day off. Ron began to wash Joanna up and helping her sit up in the tub. Joann body was still in convulsing mode, and Joanna was shaking violently. Ron got undressed and sat with Joanna in the tub until she was able to sit up on her own without shaking so badly. He held her in his arm for what seemed like hours, but only a few minutes had passed. Now Joanna’s body was getting back to normal. Joanna could now speak and thanked Ron for coming in and helping her out; I’m in your debt she said as she looked into this man’s eye’s you are my white night, you know that Joanna said. After about an hour of sitting in the tub with Joanna, Ron thought it was time for him to get out. He stood up and reached for a nearby towel that was hanging on her bathroom rack. As he was turning back around Joanna got a face full of his massive manhood right in her face, it was so close it all most hit her right in the nose. Wow, you’re huge like a horse. Um, by the way, Joanna thought. What is your name, o sorry Ron said my name is Ron Ursula, and you are, my name is Joanna Lucas nice to meet you, Ron Ursula, what kind of the last name is that Joanna replied o Ron said I’m Hungarian. And man does it show’s Joanna replied. what Rod side. Man look at the size of your dick it’s like a fucking missile man that thing is fucking huge if you don’t mind me saying. Can you fuck me with that thing sometimes, shit I bet you can make a woman cum so fucking hard she would lose her damn mind? Ron, now in shock, stood there looking as to say what!! So, Joanna takes his huge dick in her hands and starts stroking him softly while messaging his balls. She took the head of his dick into her mouth, making as much saliva as she could. Joanna slurped and slurped, taking her tough and running it up and down his shaft. So slowly, wait Ron tried to say, but before he could get the words out Joanna took all 14 an a half inches into her mouth O lord Ron said as Joanna sucked his dick till it became so hard it stretched her mouth as wide as his dick was thick. Gagging on his dick more saliva ran down from Joanna’s lips to the bathroom floor she sucked Ron’s massive cock so fucking violently Rod had to try and take it as much as he could shit!!! Shit!! Shit!! Ron would yell out, but Joanna didn’t care how much he squirmed to try and free himself of her monster grip this woman had on his dick. Slamming her throat so far down on his shaft as Joanna did Ron began to lost strength in his legs o!! o!! damn girl, he said as Joanna rotated her head every way she could to let him know just how happy she was that he came over with the food when he did. Just then Joanna remembers a sex move that she had seen in a Kamasutra book and always wanted to try it on a guy well guest what Ron was about to have it done to him. And out of no were Joanna placed one finger inside Ron’s asshole so far till she reached his prostate. Then Joanna began to massage the hell out of it. With one finger in his asshole with the other hand Joanna messaged Ron’s balls slowly removing her lips from his dick long enough to say are you ready for what’s about to come next Joanna said to Ron, no!! he said get your finger out of my ass!! he replied in a voice that was demanding and loud just then Joanna place her thumb right on Ron’s presser point between his balls and asshole and push on it hard to apply presser. Joanna then started to move her head up and down up and down as fast as she could. While messaging Ron’s prostate faster. Keeping the presser on his presser point. Joanna sucked his dick so furiously as no women ever did before. Joanna sucks so fast and hard and rubbed his ball and prostate at the same time this made Ron body feel like he was having a powerful orgasm, but he wasn’t the move Joanna was doing tricks the mind and body into thinking it’s having an orgasm thus giving off the same feeling like the real thing. Now Ron’s body is in lock mode, and Joanna knew this. she got down and nasty with sucking Ron’s massive cock she got right up on the head of his dick and sucked it hard and firm with her soft lips all over it, then she would go all the way to the back of her throat slowly then back to the head of his dick again and again. This move was driving Ron crazy as fuck “O “O “O fuck fuck fuck god Jesus what the hell are you doing to me he yelled out. What the fuck is this move Ron asked Joanna I’m Cumming so fucking hard right now he said, no you’re not taking her lips off Ron’s head long enough to tell him just what she was doing. Your mind and body think you’re having an orgasm, she said. Slamming her lips back down on the head of Ron’s dick and rotating slowly. Ron yells louder and louder. As Joanna came up off the head of Ron’s dick one more time. She said, this move is called the everlasting orgasm, and now your body is locked and won’t release until I let go of your presser point that I’m pushing on. As we speak and lucky for you Ron I’m not in a stop mood right now so when you do cum I’m going to drink every drop of your cum do you understand me She asked Ron? yah yes holding his eyes closed tightly Ron was growing weaker by the second. I’m going to drain you of every bit of your energy Joanna said o, and by the way, I’m a closet nympho so right after I let you go I’m going to fuck you till you fill my pussy with all of your creamy cum is that in any way unclear to you Joanna asks Ron? “Nah, no it isn’t he said in a feeble voice. Joanna sucked Ron so soft and hard his right leg began to shake rapidly. Joanna didn’t let up at all. She. keeps right on doing what she was doing up and down. She went violently fast. So fast that Ron’s body stayed in a locked state, Ron started to shake. Ron shook so hard that his head cracked one of the tiles on the bathroom wall. Joanna didn’t care she sucked and suck and sucked till Ron sled down the bathroom wall hitting the floor. Joanna didn’t let go she stayed sucking and messaging on and on she went slurping and gagging not stopping even to clean up the mess she had made earlier in her room. Joanna sucked that massive dick so long that when she did release him sometime later, his body orgasmed so violently Joanna would have to have her stomach pumped later that day. As a flood of cum erupted from Ron’s massive cock, Joanna drank every drop that came out. After taking in all of his cum Joanna with Ron’s body on the floor paralyzed. Joanna grabbed Ron’s dick sliding her hips down on his huge dick fucking him so hard with her still wet cum soaked pussy, Ron came instantly not once but twice and then a third time as Joanna’s cervix muscles contracted over and over giving his massive dick that sucking feeling. With his body still weaken Joanna continued to fuck his brains out, with every stroke of his dick Joanna’s pussy would let out a squirting orgasm so powerful the floor would become wet with all of her love juices, as time passed Ron gained his movement back. Now I want you to ass rape me Joanna told Ron? And do it hard, don’t be a bitch and think about how you would hurt me understand Ron? Joanna asked as she bent over the claw foot tub letting the water out she placed her hands in the tub and legs spread wide Joanna raised her hips so she would now be in a bent-over position for Ron to begin the ass assault on her, are you sure about this he asked to do it already!!! Joanna said ok Ron said as he plunged his huge dick inside her ass to his ball that’s how deep Ron was inside Joanna ass as deep as he could go Joanna yelled yes give it to me. Just as Ron was about to slam his huge dick back inside of her, he came for a fourth time damn it o shit!! Ron said as his legs began to shake from the powerful orgasm I’m coming again “OOOOO shit, Joanna noticed Ron was Cumming and began to work her hips around and around on the tip of Ron’s massive cock making his orgasm way more powerful than the last. Then Joanna started fucking him faster and faster not letting up Joanna pushed her body, so hardback against Ron huge cock slamming it deeper and deeper inside her ass as she did so shit flowed down to the floor below they didn’t care about the mess they were making they were having a good time with sex. As Joanna bust, a nut of her own. Ron is now Cumming for the fifth time. Just as they were about to change positions Joanna had an Idea, let’s go down to the basement. As they entered the basement, Joanna sat on top of the washer put it on spin and spreader her legs wide open finish ass fucking me like you were upstairs Ron she asked? Ron walked over with his massive hard-on. Put his dick inside Joanna asshole. He then fucked her nonstop. Joanna yelled and yelled from the sensations. She was getting from the washer and Ron’s huge cock that was so deep in her ass. Joanna eyes would roll to the back of her head and stay there until the fuck fest was over Ron pounded on Joanna’s ass till he couldn’t last any more falling to his knees Ron said I’m out of energy what!! Joanna said well then guest you’re going to eat me out for the rest of this day, now suck my pussy till you drink all of my cum Ron Joanna demanded! Ron Proceeded to lick Joanna’s huge clit slowly around, and around Ron’s tough went then he started to suck her clit, yes that’s it Joanna yelled out as one after the other squirting orgasms came back to back. Drink it all drink all of my cum Joanna said as she pulled his head into her soaking wet cunt. Grabbing his head, she began fucking his face as fast as she could. Back and forth her hips moved all while squirting massive amounts of pee, and cum down Ron’s throat suck this fucking clit you little mama’s boy hearing Ron’s lips smack against her cunt drove her wild the sound of slurping and Ron sucking made her squirt cum even more. Joanna yelled out, damn I’m about to reach my breaking point she said. Joanna’s body shook one last time as she busts a squirt so hard Ron had no choice but to drink every drop of her urine and cum Joanna held Ron’s head on her clit till she’s done squirting. which took about forty minutes. When they were done, Joanna turned the washer off, and they headed back upstairs to take a shower before Joanna sent Ron home for the day. As Joanna turned on the water, it was warm after you, Ron said. Once they were in the shower, Ron wrapped Joanna in his arms. While giving her a long deep tough kiss. Then he picked her up and placed her on his dick. one for the road Ron said as he moved her up and down on his dick slowly Joanna moaned in a low voice which was so fucking sexy in Ron’s ear together they slow fuck each other in that shower for what seemed like forever but was only about forty-five minutes. Before they both came at the same time. After they showered and cleaning up the place, Joanna walked Ron to the door, gave him a nice long, tough kiss before saying goodbye. After Ron was gone, Joanna called her friend Luna to tell her all about what had just happened to her. When there was a long pause on Joanna’s end hello Luna said are you ok she asked Joanna. OOOOOOOOOOO SHIT!!!! Did HE come INSIDE OF ME?                                                   Stay tuned will Joanna be a mom????                                Thank you for reading more to come on this story                                                                    written by Antonio Murphy