Mommy’s twisted Birthday Present by starrynight


Audrey gives her boys a birthday present they will never forget.Mommy’s twisted birthday present

An original story by Starrynight.


Audrey felt her eyes closing as she tiredly dragged herself up the stairs all the way to the third floor. She fumbled through her purse for the keys and unlocked the door. She put her purse down and yawned as she looked around her tiny two-bedroom apartment. It was 7 am and the stuffy little house was silent. Audrey quietly stepped over to her small bedroom and removed her jacket. She was wearing her nurse’s uniform underneath, and although she was dead tired after her nightshift, she told herself she had to take a shower before going to bed.

Audrey unfastened the clip that loosely held her hair together and let her long black hair fall. She stepped out of her shoes, removed her light blue shirt and dark blue pants, and grabbed her towels. She was wearing a white undershirt, white cotton panties and was barefoot as she made her way to the bathroom, her towels in hand. She knew her boys usually woke up at around seven thirty and was pretty sure that she would not run into them on her way to the bathroom, but even if she did, she was too tired to care.

After walking into the bathroom, Audrey closed the door and hung her towels on the hangers. She looked at the busted lock and shook her head in anger. It was busted for almost a year now, yet her asshole of a landlord refused to fix it.

Audrey faced the mirror, looking at the bags under her eyes and gave herself a tired smile as she began undressing. She quickly removed the undershirt, crème colored bra and panties and threw them in the hamper before giving her naked body a quick glance.

At the age of thirty-eight, Audrey had body she was relatively happy with. She was five foot three and weighed 126 pounds. She had long shiny black hair, hazel eyes and a pair of 34b sized breasts with very little sag. Her stomach was not as flat as she would’ve liked, but she couldn’t complain about it. When she was younger Audrey was a dancer, and her body still had a dancer’s figure, with tone legs and a small tight ass.

Audrey got the shower running and put the toilet sit down while she waited for it to warm up. She emptied her bladder before stepping under the warm water and closing her eyes. Audrey was a single mother, living with her two sons in a shitty apartment she could barely afford in a bad neighborhood. Her husband left them almost ten years ago for no apparent reason, and ever since, she did everything she could to provide for her family. She picked up as many shifts as she could, but even with that, they barely had enough money to make it through each month. It was not where she wanted to be in life, and tears filled her eyes at the thought.

As Audrey wallowed in the warm water, a gentle knock on the door woke her. “Mom, can I use the bathroom?” her son asked from the other side of the door.

“Yeah, okay” she answered back and heard the door open and close as her son walked in. She made out the outline of his figure through the opaque shower curtain, just like he could make out hers as he took his place in front of the toilet, pulled up the seat, pulled his penis out and proceeded to take a leak, making sure to position his back to the shower. While this was not something that happened often, it was not uncommon for her and one of her sons to share the bathroom while she was returning or getting ready for work while they got ready for school.

“How was work?” her son asked her.

“It was fine sweetie” she answered and shut off the water. “Don’t turn around” she told her son as she moved the curtain aside and stepped out. The bathroom was very small, and she was standing almost back to back with her son as he finished relieving himself and shook the last drops. Audrey grabbed the smaller towel and wrapped it around her wet hair while facing the sink and mirror. She could see her son’s backside in the mirror and noticed him turning his head to look back at her.

“Can I turn around yet?” Chris asked and quickly turned his head back away.

“Just a sec” Audrey said, grabbing the large towel. She wrapped it around her body, covering her from her boobs to mid-thigh. “Go ahead” Audrey said and her son turned around to look at her from only inches away.

“Going to bed mom?” he asked, and his mother nodded. He grabbed his toothbrush just as his mother opened the bathroom door and stepped out to the small hall.

“Morning mom” said Tony, her other son, as he stepped out of the bedroom he and his brother shared, in just a pair of loose boxers.

“Morning honey” she said with a tired smile and thought she noticed her son’s eyes briefly move to the exposed top part of her tits, the rest of her covered by the towel. She thought nothing of it and made her way to her bedroom while thinking how much she loved her two boys.

Chris and Tony were twins, identical twins to be exact. They were both seniors in high school and to her delight and relief they both managed to get full scholarships to college. Although they were identical twins, they were very different from one another. Tony, the older of the two by twelve minutes, was the athletic one. At six feet and 180 pounds, he was the best football player on the school team and got a football scholarship at an average college in the state. He had his mother’s hazel eyes and kept his light brown hair cut short.

His brother, Chris, was the smart academic one. He had the same build as his brother, but not as muscular. As opposed to his brother, he grew out his hair and had a short-trimmed beard, giving him the general look of a British author. He got a full academic scholarship to a good college, mostly because of the excellent essay he wrote for the application.

Audrey closed her bedroom door behind her as the house filled with the noises of the boys getting ready for school. She dried her hair, removed the towel, slipped on a pair of clean black panties, a purple bra and got between the covers. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Later that day, after waking up, Audrey cleaned the house and thought what to do for the boys’ upcoming birthday. She was ashamed by the fact that she couldn’t afford any birthday present for either of them and tried to calculate what she could afford.

She left for work before her sons returned from their afterschool activities, and throughout her shift she felt bad about not being able to get them anything. When she got back home around 2 in the morning, her boys were already fast asleep.

She took a quick shower, washing the hospital smell off her. After stepping out of the shower, she dried her hair with the small towel, used the larger one to dry the rest of her body, then hung them both and looked at her naked reflection in the mirror, studying it. She slid her right hand over her boobs, squeezing them gently, and continued moving it down. She kept looking at the mirror as she slid her hand along her stomach and brushed her fingers through her full dark bush. She rarely bothered trimming her pubic hair. No man has been between her legs since her husband left, and she didn’t think one was going to be anytime soon.

While still looking at the mirror, Audrey turned her body around. She rose to stand on her tip toes and stuck her butt out as she studied it. It was a shame she had no guy to see it, and placed her hand on her right cheek, squeezing it to her amusement. She turned back around and just as she slid a hand to her vulva, a thought popped into her mind.

Audrey spread the lips of her labia to the mirror, exposing the pink interior to herself and thought back to earlier that day. She thought of her son turning around and glimpsing her naked bottom, and her other son checking her out just after. Her tired mind thought nothing of it at the time, but now she was giving it another thought, and a nervous feeling filled her stomach.

She grabbed the wet towels in her hand and allowed herself to leave the bathroom naked. Her mind raced as she made her way to the bedroom and she felt flustered as she put on panties and a bra and got into bed. The following day was her boys’ birthday, and as tired as she was she couldn’t fall asleep, her mind racing with the new idea. Maybe she could give her boys a birthday present after all.

The following day Audrey woke up to a quiet house. Her sons were already at school and she took extra shifts the previous days, so she would have the day off to celebrate his boys’ birthday. She fixed herself a small breakfast and thoroughly took care of the household chores after. Her sons told her they were going out to celebrate with friends after school, and they would be home later.

At around six o’clock Chris walked through the door with a big smile on. His mother greeted him with a hug, a kiss on each cheek and wished him a happy birthday. She noted how big her son got, and when his twin brother walked in a few minutes after, he received a similar treatment.

Audrey told her boys to go wash up and said she would back shortly. Her head was spinning as she picked up some burgers and cake, still not completely sure about the birthday present and what her boys would think of it.

When she got back home, her sons already set the table and they sat down to have dinner. She got burgers, fries and milkshakes from their favorite place, and they ate happily around the small dinner table. Afterwards, Audrey brought out the cake and sang her boys happy birthday while she put some old candles on it for them to blow out.

“Thanks mom, everything was great” Tony told his mother after finishing a large piece of cake and slurping the last of his milkshake.

“Yeah mom, thanks” Chris added as he too finished the last crumbs off his plate.

Audrey looked at her two boys, all grown up now, and was very nervous as she spoke her next words. “Boys, why don’t you move to the couch. I will be right back with your…present” she said with a gulp and blushed.

“Mom, you really didn’t have to” Chris told his mom in a loving tone. Both he and his brother knew they had no money to spare and neither was expecting a present.

“It’s your last birthday at home,” Audrey said stuttering a little “I had to get you some sort of present” she said trying to hide how nervous she was. “I’ll be right back” she said and went to her room while her sons moved to the couch.

Audrey was so nervous she started to hyperventilate as she walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. She took a few breaths to calm herself down, then stripped out of her clothes until she was completely naked. She picked up a pair of matching black lace bra and panties she hasn’t wore in ages and put them on. They hugged her breasts and ass tightly and made Audrey feel sexy. She stood in her room in the underwear, building up the courage to go back to her boys before finally opening the door and stepping out.

Audrey was trying her best to look at ease as she made her way to living room. Her sons were talking amongst themselves and didn’t really notice her at first. When they finally turned to face her, their eyes went wide.

“Mom, what are doing?” Tony asked shocked. They have seen their mother in just her underwear a few times on her way to or from the bathroom, but this was something completely different.

“Giving you your present” Audrey said as her heart pounded in her chest.

“Wha…what do you mean?” Chris managed to say nervously.

“I hope I’m not too far off base here,” she started saying nervously “but I’m pretty sure I noticed both of you checking me out lately,” she said. Her sons looked at each other, exchanging guilty looks, and she knew she was right, “and I really wanted to get you something for your birthday, but we can’t afford that, so I thought I would be your present” she said, her throat going dry as she looked at her boys. She noticed a bulge starting to form in their pants as they looked at her standing in front of them in just her underwear.

“But mom, you know I have a girlfriend” Tony said in a shaky voice. They were dating for only about a month, and it sounded like he almost regretted her.

“I won’t tell her of you don’t” Audrey heard herself say.

“Tell her what?” Chris burst out “Are you really serious about this mom? What were you planning on us doing?” Christ continued asking. He didn’t believe his mother was actually doing this, and even if she was, he wasn’t sure how far she was planning on going with them.

“I am serious about this,” Audrey told her son while looking him in the eyes “as I said, I’m your birthday present, I’m here for you to enjoy me however you like” she said, and her sons stayed silent as they kept looking at her shocked. “How about we start with you loosing your pants?” Audrey said.

Chris and Tony looked at each other nervously and neither one of them spoke. Their gazes moved between each other, and their mother standing in front of them until Chris was the first to act. He rose to his feet and pushed the coffee table to the side. He looked at his mother, then at his brother who was still sitting and began to unbuckle his jeans. He released the top button, pulled down the zipper and pulled his pants down to his knees. His cock was hard, creating a tent in his boxers, and his mother took another step towards him.

“You sure about this mom?” Chris asked and when he saw her nod, he pulled his boxers down to his knees, exposing his very hard penis to his mother’s eyes.

Audrey looked at her son’s average five-and-a-half-inch dick and was surprised to find herself getting aroused by it. She gave her boy a look before getting on her knees at his feet. She closed a hand around her son’s shaft and heard him gasp at her touch.

Audrey was amazed how much her son had grown. The last time she saw his penis was when he was a little boy. Now he had a penis of a full-grown man, dark pubic hair surrounding the base and balls. She gave her son’s pole a few strokes, then moved her mouth to it and took it in her mouth.

“Oh god mom” Chris moaned in pleasure as his mom engulfed his manhood with her mouth. He closed his eyes, not believing this was really happening, and groaned as his mother took half of his length into her mouth and sucked on it.

Tony’s cock instantly became rock hard in his pants as he watched his mom take his brother’s cock in her mouth next to him. He liked his current girlfriend and didn’t want to cheat on her, and the thought of doing something sexual with his mother bothered him, no matter how attractive he found her. But as he looked at his brother getting a blowjob from her, he couldn’t resist.

Audrey pulled her mouth off her son’s cock and continued stroking it when she noticed her other son rising to his feet to his right. He looked down at her, the bulge in his pants looking larger and began to unbutton them. He opened his pants, looked down at her, and with one motion pulled his pants and underwear all the way down.

Audrey felt her panties getting moist as Tony presented his cock to her. It was very similar to his brother’s in length and girth, maybe just a bit shorter, and she looked up at him before closing her free hand around it. She was glad both her young men decided to accept her birthday gift to them, but it felt weird having her sons’ hard cock in each hand, stroking them. She tugged on their shafts a few times, then moved her mouth over to Tony’s and licked the head of his cock.

“Oh yes” Tony moaned as she took his cock deeper into her mouth. He looked at her as she began to bob her head up and down it while she had a hand on his brother’s cock jerking him.

Audrey sucked on Tony’s dick for another minute before pulling her mouth off. She held each of her sons’ hard cocks in her hand and jerked them as they moaned, looking at the pleasure on their handsome faces. She kept this up for a few more minutes, jerking them off while rotating her mouth from one cock to the other, giving each a few licks and sucks before switching.

After a few minutes of blowing her twin boys, Chris was the first to break. She was hungrily sucking his cock when he began to grunt.

“Oh fuck mom, I’m gonna cum” he moaned and looked down at her as she continued blowing him. “Fuuuccckkk!” he called out as his body burned with pleasure and he began shooting his load in her mouth. He was cumming so hard his body was shaking, and his mother could barely contain it in her mouth. When he finally finished ejaculating, Audrey pulled her mouth of him, looked up at him and swallowed his sperm as he looked at her amazed.

“Oh god!” Tony called out as he watched his mother swallow his brother’s load. It was so hot he couldn’t hold back and started cumming with his mom barely stroking him. Audrey quickly noticed and went back to enthusiastically jerking his dick as he squirted his cum all over her. He groaned with pleasure as he came, his first two loads splattering across her face while the rest sprayed the top of her breasts and her bra.

“Sorry mom” Tony said looking embarrassed at his cum covered mother. He stepped out from his pants and boxers and grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen which he handed her.

“It’s okay baby” Audrey told her son and wiped his sticky matter off her face and body. She rose back to her feet and walked to the kitchen to throw the towels away. When she returned, her sons were sitting on the sofa, both with just their shirts on and Chris’s shaft already beginning to harden again.

“You can take off your shirts” she told her sons, and both quickly removed their shirts without even bothering getting up. Her two boys were now sitting in front of her as naked as the day they came out of her.

Tony naturally had a very strong muscular upper body, with big biceps, nice pecks and hard abs. His brother, while not as athletic and muscular as his brother also had a good build, and looking at them both sitting there naked, really turned her on.

Audrey noticed she was still in her bra and panties as her boys looked up at her with lust in their eyes. “I think it’s time to unwrap your present” Audrey said as they gawked at her. She was feeling much more at ease after making them both cum and found herself looking forward to her sons exploring her intimate hole.

She gave her sons a final look then began strip. She started out by moving her hands behind her back and unclasping her bra as her sons watched mesmerized. She pulled her hands through the straps, holding the cups over her breasts, then let it fall to the floor, exposing her boobs to her children. Her boobs were topped with large red areolas and her medium sized nipples were rock hard. She smiled as noticed the boys’ mouths almost watering to the sight of her bare tits.

“You two had a hard time giving up sucking on these when you were young” she told her children as she caressed her beautiful natural breasts.

“Yeah, I can see why” Tony said and his brother chuckled next to him, both looking at their mother’s titties. Audrey noticed Tony was also starting to get hard and smiled to herself as she moved her hands to her panties. She looked down as she placed her fingers inside the waistband then slowly pulled them off.

Audrey could feel her boys’ eyes on her pussy as she revealed it to them. Earlier that day she trimmed her bush, leaving a sexy thin triangle of pubic hair where her matted thick bush was. She looked up at her boys and both their cocks were hard again, their eyes looking at the enticing triangle between her legs.

“Who wants to go first?” Audrey asked and took a step towards her children. They both remained silent. “Do you want me to choose?” she asked, moving her gaze between them as they both stroked their hard cocks and nodded. “Okay, then I guess it’s only fair that I start with Tony this time” she said and took the final step towards them. She climbed onto the couch between her sons and moved so she was above Tony. She noticed his eyes lock on her vulva and started rubbing it as she lowered herself onto her son.

Tony stopped stroking his dick and just held it up for his mom. He didn’t believe he was actually about to have sex with her. His penis twitched with anticipation as her vagina neared it, and he let out a deep breath when he felt his tip encounter her soft skin.

Audrey looked into her son’s eyes from only inches away and hopped that she would not come to regret this. Her body wanted this just as much as his, and with their eyes locked in an intense stare she impaled herself on her own son’s hard cock.

“Oh my god mom!” Tony moaned as he penetrated his mother’s snatch for the first time in his life, breaking the ultimate taboo. She was surprisingly tight for a mother, and Audrey too moaned in sexual pleasure as for the first time in nearly a decade she had a hard cock inside her.

Audrey held still as her son stretched her cunt. His cock was very much like his father’s and she loved the size of it as it filled her up. She waited for a minute for their bodies to adjust, then began slowly sliding her wet cunt up and down her son’s dick while he watched them hypnotized.

Tony moaned as she fucked him slowly. His mother placed her hands on his stomach and steadied herself while she repeatedly took him inside her. They looked at each other, then Tony surprised her as he leaned in and took her nipple in her mouth.

Audrey moaned in surprise and delight as her son sucked on her tits like he did when he was a baby. She rode her boy to her unworldly pleasure until she remembered she had another birthday boy to please. She carefully pulled Tony off her boobs and climbed off him as he looked at her disappointed. “It’s your brother’s turn” she said explaining and moved from one son to the other.

Audrey placed her legs on both sides of Chris as she sat down on his lap facing him. She gave his cock a single stroke and held it as she raised herself. Her son lowered his eyes down to look at her boobs then quickly back to her eyes. They looked into each other’s eyes as she lowered herself onto his dick. Chris’s eyes widened with pleasure as the head of his cock breached her, and a long moan escaped his mouth as she continued descending, taking his hard cock all the way inside her tight twat.

As Audrey began riding Chris’s hard cock, Tony started moving around. At first, she didn’t realize what he was doing until he stood up on the sofa. Tony moved closer to his mother as she bounced on top of his brother’s cock, sliding it in and out of her slick fuck hole. He offered her his own cock, and she willingly took it in her mouth.

Audrey’s moans were stifled by her son’s cock in her mouth. She could taste her womanly juices on it and listened to the sounds of both her sons moaning, one with his cock in her mouth and one deep in her tight cunt.

“Mom, can we switch?” Tony asked her in between moans, the pleasure visible on his face as he pulled his dick out of his mother’s mouth.

“Sure baby” she said panting, still riding Chris’s cock while he threw his head back and groaned with the sexual bliss. Tony stepped off the sofa and watched his mother climb off his brother’s pole.

As soon as Audrey was on her feet Tony grabbed her and turned her around. He seized her tits and began kneading them as he leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth. His mom moaned as he sucked on her erect nipple hard before letting it go and standing upright. He looked at her with pure lust as he pushed her down onto the sofa next to Chris. Tony then looked down at his mommy’s hairy pussy hungrily and placed his hands on her thighs, spreading them wide. His cock was harder than he ever remembered it being, and as his body burned with desire, he leaned down and rammed his ragging erection into his mother’s heavenly pussy.

“Oh my god” Audrey groaned as her son pushed himself into her. Her vagina screamed with forbidden pleasure as her son mounted her, groaning as he began to pound her cunt with quick powerful strokes.

Chris immediately got on his knees on the couch and watched the incredibly hot image of his twin brother fucking the shit out of their mother’s muff. He stroked his stiff member as he moved it towards his squealing mother. As soon as she saw him, she leaned towards him, grabbed his cock and began sucking on it like a hungry teenage slut.

“Oh, fuck mom” Tony groaned as he slowed down the incestuous violation of his mother “can I…?” he started asking, fighting his impending climax.

“Yes baby,” Audrey said pulling Chris’s cock out of her mouth and facing Tony “you can cum inside me” she told him and went back to blowing Chris. She wanted her sons to enjoy this as much as possible and grabbed a day after pill from the clinic. A second later Tony returned to hammering her pussy with his cock and his moans grew louder.

“Oh, fuck mom, FUCK!” he groaned and switched to long powerful thrusts as an orgasm took him. He closed his eyes and shivered, pushing his shaft all the way inside her with each thrust as he began to spurt his spunk inside his mother’s snatch. He grunted as the pleasure rushed though him, making him squirt load after load of his sperm into his mom until his balls were completely empty and he pulled out of her.

“That was amazing baby” Audrey said to Tony as she felt his warm cum inside her. She stopped sucking Chris’s cock, let go of it and moved around on the sofa until she was on all fours with her back to him. “Your turn now sweetie, cum inside mommy” she said and pushed her ass back until it touched her son’s hard cock.

Chris immediately grabbed his hard cock in one hand and placed the other on her love handle. He looked down at her amazing ass and used his hand to rub his cock onto his mom’s vulva. She let out a low moan as he did, and Chris followed by slowly shoving his dick into her warm haven.

“God mom, how are you this tight?” Chris asked his mother as he pushed himself into her snug cunt until his crotch pressed against her ass. He moved his free hand over to her waist and grabbed her, before beginning to breed his mother like a horny dog. He started out slow but soon sped up and began fucking his mother hard, pounding his shaft into her pussy from behind.

“Yes Chris, yes baby!” Audrey said as her son defiled her intimate hole. He moaned and groaned as he fucked her, the slapping of their bodies echoing loudly through the room. After being fucked by her sons repeatedly, the last few minutes her boys breaching her pussy especially hard, Audrey felt a powerful orgasm coming on. “Oh yes baby, don’t stop” she called out to her son, praying he would last as the sexual itch grew.

Chris could tell his mother was about to cum as she groaned and moaned. He wasn’t very far himself but still had some stamina left. He tightened his grip on her soft skin, and gave his mother everything he had, slamming his cock into her pussy so hard it almost hurt.

“Oh fuck!” Audrey screamed as her son mercilessly fucked her to an orgasm. She began to squeal and closed her eyes, arching her back as her body began to shudder with unbelievable pleasure. She felt her pussy convulse, clamping down on her son’s penis as he too began moaning wildly.

“Fuck mom, fuck, FUCK!” her son let out as a moan, forgetting his intricate vocabulary as he began to cum inside his mother. He did his best to keep fucking her, pushing his hard cock in and out while he started to ejaculate inside his mother’s quivering vagina. They moaned and groaned like two wild beasts, bringing each other unbearable pleasure mothers and sons shouldn’t experience together as they peaked in unison, their naked bodies merging with blissful pleasure. They shuddered and shook as the orgasm tore through them, Chris squirting his incestuous seed into mommy’s twat. He kept pushing himself into her as their orgasms faded away, a few last spasms running through Audrey while Chris rode the last of his erection.

Chris pulled his cock out of his mother’s pussy as it began to go limp and collapsed. Audrey turned around after her son pulled out and took a sit between her naked sons.

They sat on the sofa in silence, all three of them red, sweaty and breathing heavily. Tony and Chris were sitting on both sides of Audrey, taking in the fact that they just had sex and came inside their own mother’s pussy. Audrey placed her hands on her sons’ legs and rubbed them tenderly as she recovered from her orgasm. She spread her legs a little and looked down at her freshly creamed pussy.

“Oh shit. Honey can you get me some paper towels?” she asked Tony and placed a hand under her pussy as her sons’ cum began trickling out of her. Tony returned a few moments later with a large stack in hand and gave it to his mother as he took a sit back down next to her. She wiped the cum that flowed onto her hand and cleaned the rest of the sperm as it dripped out of her pussy. After she got most of it, she leaned back on the couch.

They sat there speechless for a few more minutes catching their breaths. Audrey was happy with how things transpired and was going over the act she just committed with her two sons in her mind. She thought they were done and was just about to get up when Tony moved his hand to her pubic mound and began rubbing it softly. She looked over at her boy’s cock and could not believe her eyes as it began to harden again.

Audrey’s eyes ran up along Tony’s naked body until her eyes met his. He gave her a horny look before speaking. “Mom, can we go again?” he asked her to her amazement and moved his thumb to her clit, rubbing it.

“Seriously, again?” Audrey asked her son and gave him an incredulous laugh as he nodded eagerly. After not having sex for so long, and her sons taking turns fucking her as hard as they could, her pussy was raw and tender. She wasn’t sure her cunt would handle another pounding like the ones she just received, but she couldn’t deny her son. “Okay, last one” Audrey said and watched the young penis as it hardened completely. Audrey let out a tired grunt as she started moving around. She faced her son as she climbed on top of his lap and grabbed his dick. She raised herself over the stiff pole, looking her son in the eyes, then watched them close as she impaled herself down on his meat with a quiet moan.

Audrey placed her hands on her son’s strong chest and let out quiet moans as she rocked her hips on his cock. Even with her pussy feeling raw, her son’s hard shaft inside her felt good. She continued riding her son’s dick gently when he placed his hands on her tits. He caressed them shorty then brought his mouth over and started sucking on her nipples to her enjoyment.

Chris was also getting hard as he watched his mom and brother makig love for the third time that night. He got to his feet and moved over to his mom, looking at her bare backside and amazing ass as she rode his brother.

Audrey was too focused on the pleasure Tony was inflicting upon her, she barely noticed Chris moving around until she felt his hands on her lower back. She kept moaning as he ran his hands down her back and placed them on her butt. He squeezed her firm orbs sensually and she let out a deep moan in return. He continued caressing her behind some more, then pulled his hands away. She heard Chris spitting behind her, though she was not really sure why, and few moments later his hands were on her waist.

“Chris, what are you doing?” Audrey asked in alarm as her son spread her ass with both hands.

“It’s okay mom, just relax” her son said as he pressed the tip of his cock against his mother’s puckered hole. It was wet with his saliva and he spread her ass wider as he slowly pushed the head in.

“Baby don’t, I’ve never…” Audrey started saying then let out a loud groan as the tip of her son’s dick penetrated her virgin asshole. Audrey has never done anal before and it never occurred to her that her sons would want to fuck her in the ass. “Ah okay,” Audrey called out in pain “just go slow” she asked her son and started taking deep breaths as she braced herself. She stopped moving her pussy on her other son’s cock and just stayed still as she decided to allow her son to breach her tight ass.

Chris moaned as he slowly pushed his shaft into his mom’s filthy hole. He could feel it stretch around him as he pushed in, the tightness of it unbelievable. He pushed in slowly as his mother groaned in pain and pleasure until he was balls deep in her ass. He stayed still for a few seconds, letting his mom get used to the intruder shoved up her behind. After a few seconds, his mom returned to rock her pussy on Tony’s cock and Chris felt it was safe. He slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of his mother’s ass.

“Oh my god Chris, are you fucking mom in the butt?” Tony asked his bother as he suddenly felt her pussy hugging his cock tighter.

“Uh hu” Chris let out in pleasure as he continued.

“Oh fuck” Tony said, impressed and turned on by his brother’s action.

Audrey succumbed to her sons’ sexual desires as they fucked her at the same time. She had one of her son’s dick in her pussy while the other was fucking her ass and the feeling was indescribable. Having a cock in her ass was painful at first, but the longer her son was penetrating her backdoor, the better it felt and the less it hurt. She was moaning and groaning wildly as her sons filled both her holes, plunging their cocks into them enthusiastically.

“Chris, you mind if we switch and I fuck mom in the butt a little?” Tony asked his brother like she wasn’t there.

“Yeah sure” Chris said, eager to get back to his mom’s twat. He pulled his shaft out of her ass and helped her off his brother’s cock. Audrey stood over Tony and turned around to face Chris. Chris placed his hands on her hips while Tony placed his on her waist and they slowly helped her down, steading her until she could feel Tony’s cock touching her ass. She closed her eyes and took a heavy breath as she lowered herself onto her son’s cock, then let out a loud moan as she impaled her asshole on his stiff shaft.

“Oh god, that’s so tight” Tony moaned as his cock made his way deep into mommy’s ass. She let out a deep moan, part pleasure part pain, then steadied herself as she waited for her other son to penetrate her other hole.

Audrey looked at the son who took her anal virginity only minutes ago. His cock was rock hard, and he looked down at her pussy as he neared his cock to it. He spread her legs wider, his brother’s dick sticking out of her ass and pressed his cock to her labia. “I love you mom” he whispered, looking up at her, then thrust his manhood into her wet pussy as she moaned.

“Oh my god” Audrey moaned as both her boys double penetrated her “I can’t believe both my boys are fucking me at the same time” she said with a shaky voice and closed her eyes as they pound their meat into her ass and pussy. The sensation was unbelievable, and her pleasure was reaching new heights as they stretched her. Chris grabbed her breasts, playing with her nipples a little before sliding it down her body and beginning to rub her clit. This was the final straw for Audrey and she just went off.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed in a high-pitched voice and began to whimper and squeal as she climaxed. Her pussy started convulsing and shortly after her entire body started shaking. Audrey screamed in unbearable pleasure as her body trembled from the intense sexual act. Tears formed in her eyes and waves of excruciating pleasure ran through her while her sons continued to fuck her. It was the strongest orgasm she ever had, and she thought it would never end as the cocks in her pussy and ass kept pounding her, extending her orgasm to a length she didn’t know possible. She no longer had control over her body and voice and just rode it through, her body spasming and her voice breaking until the intense feeling finally faded away and left her beat.

“Oh, fuck mom” Tony moaned when his mother’s orgasm finally ended. It was so hot and her ass so tight, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Tony moaned as he began to cum inside his mother’s asshole. It was so tight, and he could feel his brother fucking her in the pussy as he continued to moan, filling his mother’s hole with the last of his sperm. When he was done he was too tired to move, he just kept his softening dick in his mother’s ass and held her slightly trembling body as his brother continued to fuck her pussy.

Chris stopped rubbing his mother’s vulva and just focused on fucking her after her intense orgasm. He could hear his brother cumming too and kept plunging his dick into his mother as he awaited his sexual crescendo. His mother was exhausted, her body sweaty and her hair matted while she looked up at him dazed. Her beautiful boobs were bouncing provocatively, and Chris strengthened his thrusts into his mother, nearing his third birthday orgasm. He looked down at his mother’s pussy, watching his dick disappearing behind her hair covered mound as the pleasure was nearing its peak.

“Oh fuck yes, oh mom, oh god!” Chris groaned, then closed his eyes and began to shiver as he creampied his beautiful mother. He pumped his cock into her, exploding as the pleasure caused his body to shudder. He fucked her until his balls were empty and he could barely move. He then pulled out of her and crashed down on the couch exhausted. Shortly after, his mother climbed off Tony, his limp cock pulling out of her ass and sat down between her sons.

Audrey placed her head on Chris shoulder while her legs were on Tony’s lap. Her sons’ cream was flowing out of her ass and pussy and onto the cushions, but she was too tired to care. They were all drained and their eyes were slowly closing. Before they knew it, all four were asleep.

This was the first and only time Audrey had sex with her sons. She was tempted to do it again, and on a few desperate occasions asked one of her sons to eat her pussy, rewarding him with a blowjob in return, but that was as far as it went, and once they were off to college that ended too.

A few months after her boys left home, Audrey met a cute new doctor and started dating him. He was younger than her and was able to satisfy all her sexual needs.

To this day Audrey, Chris and Tony get aroused when thinking about that night. It was the best birthday present either of them ever received.

The End

Hope you enjoyed.

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Young women enjoy the attentions of young dogs. by Bear66


Comments and advice welcome.I remember dying then the next thing I remember is being in the body of a large dog. Not really sure of the breed I think I’m just a mutt. A big dark short furred mastiff. I wandered around in a park looking at all of the attractive women. One day I saw a tanned long legged beauty wearing a short skirt sitting on a park bench. I walked up to her and stuck my head under her skirt moving her legs apart and began licking her slit.

I was surprised she did not try to stop me but when I looked at her she was sitting with mouth open and not moving. I pulled her panties off and went back to licking her pussy. A crowd gathered to watch as I brought her to an orgasm. Then three teenagers moved her off the bench and onto her hands and knees. Urging me to mount her I did this quickly entering her and ejaculating which many posted on the internet.

I walked away very satisfied leaving the woman exposed and dripping. Awhile later I saw another beautiful woman sitting at a table at an outdoor café. She was sitting with two other woman and watching this time I noticed as I approached she seemed to freeze in place. The two women en sitting with her watched me approaching g moved their hands to her legs pulling them apart spreading them wide giving me easy access to her vagina.

I loved into place fiercely licking her to an orgasm then her friends took off her skirt and bikini top and laid her across her chai. I mounted her rapidly fucking her and leaving her. Ahead of me I saw a large building it turned out to be a high school. Gaining access through the open front doors I walked the hall ways moving from room to room finally finding an attractive older woman I estimated her to be in her early forties. Again as I moved I to her room she seemed to freeze in place.

I used my teeth to strip her naked in front of her class of ninth graders. I knocked her down onto her hands and knees mounting her and fucking her vagina and anus. As I left her I saw her students taking turns fucking her. I moved on through the building. When I reached the gym I saw a beautiful young female gym teacher putting her combined co-ed class through exercises. She appeared to be a student teacher around eighteen teaching her first class. I walked into the gym and again as I got near her she froze in place.

I sat near her nudging her body. Some of her student got the idea and removed her one piece gym suit. She had a nice physically fit petite tanned body. Even her student stared at her well built body. She kept herself clean shaven giving me easy hairless access to her fruit of paradise. They held her down spread eagled on the gym floor as I moved between her legs lapping her juices from her wet flowing pussy. They filmed her reaction to my attentions and had the perfect blackmail video as she orgasmed and begged for more from me.

I decided to stay with this beautiful young athletic African-American, Asian , Native American female. I watched as her students kept her as a sex slave visiting her home often over the years and I fucked her every night. I enjoyed all of her charms and even managed to partake of some of her female students. The one thing that I found awesome was when her sixteen year old sister visited. One night while her sister slept she moved her sisters body into position for me to fuck her.

Placing her into a sexual bondage framework that put her into the perfect position for canine sex. I took full advantage of her being held in place by the device and while her student watched I fucked her anus , her vagina , and shoved my cock as far as I could down her throat.

She begged them to stop me sobbing as I continued to use and abuse her young body. She shuddered through an orgasm as my sperm and her cum dripped from her orifices. What was surprising was when she turned out to be pregnant and nine months later gave birth to a litter of six adorable puppies that could speak english in four months and was as intelligent as any human. I had found my human female and now my six offspring had to go out into the world and find their mates.

They were half males and half females and being adorable were quickly adopted by humans. The three male puppies went to three young attractive women. Two of the female dogs went to two young attractive men. The third female puppy went to a puppy farm where she was bred having litters of intelligent mutant puppies every year. The six puppies could not be separated from their mother for the first eight months and in the seventh month an event happened that made it mandatory they be separated to adopted humans.

By that time her youngest sister had reached the age of sixteen and being another gorgeous young woman she went to bed that night and woke up with six puppies doing things to her body that she did not want but also did not want to stop. Two puppies were licking her anus and pussy. Two puppies had latched onto her nipples and some how were getting milk from her lactating breasts. A fifth puppy was at her mouth alternating between shoving his tongue into her mouth and his cock into her mouth.

The sixth puppy was female and at the first opportunity sat on her mouth and forced her to choose to either lick its cunt or not breath. The other students gathered around the sixteen year old girl and took over molesting her body from the puppies. They forced her legs as far apart as they would go then using tools they opened her vagina up spreading her nether lips and clamping them in place. Then they did the same to her anus exposing her bowels to inspection. They slipped a long probe deep into her womb.

The probe acted as a camera and pictures of her most private intimate body cavity were taken. The girls giggled as they poured water into her waiting cunt a d then shoved four alka seltzer tablets into her pussy. They watched the show as the fizzing liquid caused her to have orgasms stimulating her sensitive clit. No more she whimpered as they continued her to push unusual objects into her body using them to bring her to climax. They laughed as they continued to abuse their young teacher and fellow class mate.

The videos they made went viral with millions of hits that first day. The two became very well known as the dog bitches and the students would bark and howl whenever they were seen around town.

Something Within Me – A Halloween Story by The_Technician


Philip Westmont has samhainophobia, the fear of Halloween. So he spends Halloween in his bed, cowering in fear while his flat mates go out to a very interesting Halloween Party. They come back the next morning to tell him all about their adventures.WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2019 by The Technician.

Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Philip Westmont woke groggily to the sound of his room mates running up the steps to their second floor flat. As usual when he awoke on All Saint’s Day, his body was covered in sweat and who knows what else. He pulled the sheet tightly up to his armpits and waited for them to burst into his room.

The three of them were still more than slightly drunk. William– known to everyone as Billie– was dressed in what had been a Spiderman costume. The gloves and head covering were gone and there were tears in both the tight-fitting top and bottom. The boot covers were also gone and his black boots looked out of place with the blue legs. He pulled the desk chair over to the bed and turned it around so he could sit with his arms crossed on the top of the back. “I assume,” he began “that our resident samhainophobic spent Halloween night cowering in your room again this year.” He paused and then continued, “You really have to get over your fear. You missed the greatest Halloween party ever.”

Philip never went out on Halloween. On Halloween night, he wouldn’t come to the door if someone called on him. He wouldn’t even look out his windows. Instead he stayed in his room with the shades drawn, apparently too frightened to even get out of bed. When pressed, he would say, “There is something within me that won’t let me do anything on Halloween.”

Since it was his only peculiarity and he was otherwise a great flat mate, Billie, Juan, and John tolerated it. But each of the four years that they had shared a flat together, they had pestered him to go out with them to one Halloween party or the other. When he refused, they would go without him and then come back to regale him with tales of debauchery. This year was no exception.

Billie’s round face was flushed slightly red and he had that continuous silly grin he got when he had too much to drink. Juan and John, with their darker skin, didn’t flush with drink, but you could tell when they had gone over their limit because they started sounding more and more like their mother. They were twins. Their father, John, was Anglo. Their mother, Juanita, was Hispanic and had a slight Spanish overlay to her speech. John and Juanita had agreed to name their first boy John, but when twins were unexpectedly born, the doctor asked what to name them. John said, “John,” and Juanita said, “Juan”– also meaning John. The doctor replied “John and Juan it is,” and that is what they were named.

Their costumes consisted of red sweatshirts, red pants, and red running shoes. On the front of John’s sweatshirt was a large white circle. In the center of the circle it said, “Thing 1.” In the center of Juan’s circle it said, “Cosa 2″

“You would not believe this party,” John said.

Juan continued John’s thought as he often did, “It was the third party we stopped at and we almost left.”

“Then SHE arrived,” John said, letting out a deep sigh.

“She was dressed as a Gypsy in gauzy harem pants and a bunch of scarves that were wound loosely around her upper body,” Juan continued. “I don’t know if she arrived barefoot, but she was barefoot as she glided around the room dancing and swaying to the music.”

“I have never seen anyone so… so… sexual,” Billie said. “It was like a cloud of perfume that followed her into the room and enveloped everyone there. She walked around the room kissing everyone– boy or girl– and by the time she had made one round of the room, the party totally changed.”

“Before she arrived, I had pretty much struck out,” John said, “but right after she arrived, one of the girls who had brushed me off grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into one of the bedrooms. She practically tore my clothes off and then stripped off her own and lay back on the bed and yelled, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me hard!’”

He smiled broadly and said, “And you know I never turn down a lady’s request.”

“I think the ladies knew they were wasting their time with me,” Juan said. “I was holding back because it normally takes a little while to scope out who is safe to come on to, but this gorgeous hunk of a man tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Do you want to go someplace and fuck?’”

His smile was wider than his brother’s as he said, “I thought we were going to melt the condoms, he was pumping so hard into my ass. I often have to use my hands to take me over the top while someone is fucking me, but I spurted all over the bed at the same time he erupted inside me.”

“And that was just the beginning,” Billie said. “The Gypsy girl had brought some of her own music, and when she started dancing to it, several of the girls joined her. There were six of them, plus her, and they formed sort of a circle as they danced. She loosened the scarves so that her boobs were a little more visible. Then the six girls started stripping in time to the music.”

“One of them was Darlene from the shop downstairs,” John said. “I couldn’t believe it. She is usually such an uptight little prude, but she was swaying with the music and shedding her clothes like she was possessed.”

“I tried to take her back into one of the bedrooms,” Billie said, “but we only got as far as the hallway when she knelt down in front of me and opened the zipper on the front of my costume.” His eyes got wide as he said, “She practically sucked my balls up through my prick. I’ve never felt anything like that before. And then when she was done, she stood up, smiled at me, wiped off her mouth with the back of her hand and said, ‘You taste like you could use another drink. So could I.’ She pulled me over to the bar and stood there naked while we talked.” He shook his head, “It was as if she didn’t even notice that she was naked.”

“I noticed,” John said. “She has a perfect body with those dark brown nipples and a thick black bush.” He paused and then said, “I wish she wouldn’t keep it all so covered up most of the time.”

“After we finished our drink,” Billie continued, “Darlene said, ‘Why don’t we show them how it’s done?’ and started pulling the shirt to my costume up over my head. She stripped me bare and then pulled me over to where a bunch of pillows were piled up next to the couch. She pushed the pillows around with her foot so they formed sort of a bed and then lay faced down on it. ‘If we go doggy style,’ she said, ‘you can play with my tits while you fuck me.’”

Juan interrupted. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when we came back out of the bedroom,” he said. “Billie and Darlene weren’t the only ones fucking in the living room. That guy from down the block had one of the Fisher sisters bent over an overstuffed chair and was ass-fucking her. He was shaking like mad as he moved slowly in and out of her ass. She was almost singing a keening wail that got shriller as he pushed in and deeper as he pulled out. I couldn’t believe it, but they were doing that for over a half-hour.”

“And all the while,” John said, “the Gypsy was dancing and swaying to her music.”

“The scarves would slip and slide around while she danced,” Juan said. “The harem pants didn’t really hide anything, but she ditched them and wound some of the scarves a little lower on her body. All of the scarves were moving around as if they had a life of their own. If you stared at her, you could see just about everything, a piece at a time.”

“There was this really strange tattoo on her abdomen,” Billie said. “Two snakes came out of her belly button. They went up and then back down so they formed two points of a star. Then it looked like there were two more snakes coming out of their mouths… or maybe they were supposed to be eating the second pair of snakes. The new pair of snakes formed two more points on the star and then ate another pair of snakes. That pair of snakes formed two more points leaving just the area right above her slit bare. The snake on the left side of her abdomen ate another snake while the one on the right kept going as they merged together to form a single mouth that was tattooed right over her cunt. There was some form of weird writing with one letter in each point of the star.”

“That’s a form of an ouroboros,” Philip said calmly. “Normally it’s a circle. It’s a very powerful occult symbol.” He sat up against his pillows, being careful to keep the sheet over his body.

“When the seven snakes are combined with the seven-pointed star,” he continued, “the ouroboros becomes the symbol of Babalon, also known as the Scarlet Woman or the Mother of Abominations. It is spelled similar to the city of Babylon, but it is pronounced totally different. Both a’s are sounded as long, and the o is just a little bit different. He then sounded out the name as “Bay, bay, long.” He smiled and said, “Drop the g, but that’s how it is supposed to be pronounced. The letters in the points of the star spell out her name. The star of the Scarlet Woman is one of the most powerful symbols of the occult, and Babalon, herself, is one of the more powerful spirits or deities.”

“I don’t know about that,” John said, “but this girl was the mother of all sluts… and she turned those six girls into…”

“Fucking machines!” Juan said loudly. “Just before Midnight she yells out, ‘Clear the floor,’ and a bunch of guys start moving all of the furniture to the edges of the living room.”

“Then,” John took back up, “she calls the six girls back and says, ‘Time to form the star.’ They lay on their backs in a circle with their heads to the middle and their legs spread out until their feet are touching the next girl’s. The Gypsy girl stands so that her feet are touching the feet of two of the girls so it completes the circle or star or whatever it was. Then she starts dancing and swaying again.”

Billie continued, “All of the girls on the ground started moaning and humping up into the air. They were groaning and calling out, ‘Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…’ It was unbelievable.”

“Pretty soon,” Juan said, “all of the guys at the party were naked and standing in line. I prefer men, but somehow I just had to fuck one of these girls. Every guy there– including the hunk who had gone to the bedroom with me– was lining up for a shot at the girls in the star.”

“The other girls at the party were standing in line, too,” John said. “It was like it had turned into some kind of orgy.”

Billie shook his head and said, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean, I usually want some privacy when a girl and I are going to go at it. But for some reason, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Neither could I,” Juan said.

“Nor me,” John added. “And for some reason, I had more… staying power… than normal. I think I fucked that one chick for like an hour before I finally shot my wad into her. … and she was still yelling for more.”

“And one thing really weird,” Juan said.

“Like the rest of it wasn’t?” Billie interrupted.

“Every time one of the guys got finished and stood up,” Juan said rapidly, “the Gypsy girl would reach down and scoop all of the cum out of the girl’s cunt and smear it on her body. You could see her skin glistening with cum through the scarves.”

“We all sort of lost track of time,” John said.

“That’s easy to do when you are fucking one girl after another,” Juan added.

“A couple times,” Billie said, “one of the other girls would kneel down between one of the six girls’ legs and start eating them out. They would wiggle their ass in the air and one of the guys would kneel behind them and take them doggy style.”

“When they got done,” John continued, “they would stand up and walk over to the Gypsy girl and spit the cum they had sucked up from the girl on the floor out onto the Gypsy’s skin . Then they would stand with their legs wide apart and let the Gypsy girl scoop the cum out of their own cunts.”

“It was crazy,” Juan said.

“It must have been around six or seven in the morning,” Billie said, “at least it wasn’t really dark out anymore, when the music suddenly got louder and louder and louder.”

“The Gypsy girl started taking off her scarves, one at a time,” John said.

“And throwing them out to one of the boys,” Juan added.

“For some reason,” Billie continued, “the guys started counting as soon as she threw the first scarf.”

“With each scarf,” John said, holding his hands like he was catching something, “the count got louder.”

“The guys were practically screaming by the time it got to six,” Juan added.

“There was only one scarf left,” Billie said, “and when she threw that, she would be totally naked.”

“She had it wound up around her so it covered her tits and the front of her crotch,” John said.

“So, we were all really waiting for that seventh scarf,” Juan added with a deep laugh.

“But just then,” Billie said slowly, holding his hands out in front of himself like he was trying to protect himself from something, “the snakes started moving.”

“We all stepped back and stared,” John said excitedly. “Those snakes were twisting and wriggling their way around the star. It looked like one by one they went into the Gypsy’s cunt which was still hidden behind the seventh scarf.

“And then it got even weirder,” Juan said. “She disappeared in a puff of smoke.”

“No,” Billie said, “she became a puff of smoke. Her whole body shimmered for a moment, then there was just smoke in the shape of her body.”

“That seventh scarf sort of hovered in the air for a moment,” John said, moving his arms to indicate something in the air in front of himself. “Then it dropped to the ground.” His arms dropped flat against his body.

“As soon as that scarf touched the floor all hell broke loose,” Billie said rising from the chair. “Darlene jumped to her feet and started screaming.”

“The other five girls in the star,” John said, “were also on their feet, but they looked more confused than anything else.”

“At least they didn’t scream,” Juan said.

“One of them yelled, ‘Somebody drugged us,’” Billie said. “That’s when Winston, whose flat the party was in, yelled loudly, ‘There’s nothing in the food… or drinks. It was that woman.’”

“‘What woman?!’ Darlene yelled back. ‘The Gypsy woman,’ Winston said firmly, ‘the one with the seven scarves and the weird tattoo.’”

“That’s when,” John said, “someone threw one of the scarves to the girls. Pretty soon, everyone who had caught a scarf threw it to one of the girls. I picked up the one that had fallen to the floor– the seventh one– and threw it to Darlene.”

“The girls stood around talking to each other for a few minutes,” Juan said. “They kept shaking their heads and pulling the scarves through their hands. ‘It felt like a dream,’ Darlene finally said. ‘But it was real.’”

“Winston walked to the middle of the room and said softly,” Billie continued, “‘I think it is time for all of you to leave.’”

“So…” John said, holding out his arms, “here we are.”

Billie suddenly looked a lot more sober as he said, “Philip, you seem to know a lot about this. You’re the one working on a degree in the occult arts. Can you tell us what happened?”

“My degree,” Philip replied, “is in Ancient Mythology and Rituals, and I think somebody gave you all some magic mushrooms.”

“But you knew about the star and the snakes,” John said firmly. “You KNOW what happened, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know about the star… and the snakes,” Philip answered, “and about Babalon, the Mother of Abominations.”

“Then tell us what you know,” Juan insisted.

Philip grimaced and looked out at his three flat mates. “OK,” he finally said. “The snakes… the ouroboros is a symbol of rebirth or perhaps eternal life. The seven-pointed star is the symbol of Babalon. According to the myths, when the symbols are combined the resulting symbol is more than a symbol, it is Babalon, herself.”

Billie raised his eyebrows and said, “Meaning?..”

“It means that Babalon lives in the symbol,” Philip said. “And the symbol itself is alive. If necessary, it can survive on the walls of a tomb for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and then transfer itself to a suitable living host looking sort of like a tattoo. The snake star of Babalon was supposedly found in an Egyptian tomb when it was opened on October 31, 1927, but all traces of it disappeared before any photographs could be taken. The diggers said that it must have transferred itself to one of the scientists, or perhaps one of their helpers, but no one knows because all of the scientists died before they could publish any of their findings. Many of the diggers also died. Only one helper– you would call them interns today– survived, but no one knows what happened to him.”

“Wow,” Juan said using his hand like a claw to clamp over his face. “It’s a giant parasite eating away at you like in those Mummy movies.”

“No,” Philip said, “according to the legends, it actually benefits the host. In exchange for keeping and protecting the symbol, the host is given eternal youth… essentially eternal life. It doesn’t kill anyone. Those scientists all died from inhaling a toxic fungus that had been sealed up in the tomb. If they had taken rudimentary precautions, they would all have survived.”

“So where did the Gypsy girl come from?” John asked.

“That was Babalon,” Philip said. “On nights like Halloween, she can materialize a corporeal form so that she can absorb the energies of life.”

“That’s why she was smearing the cum all over herself,” Juan said excitedly.

“Yes,” Philip answered, “but when the sun rose, she had to return to her wall or host or wherever.”

“Weird,” Billie said.

“And she is not the weirdest or most dangerous spirit that roams on Halloween,” Philip said. “There are many much more dangerous entities that could have crashed your Halloween party.”

“You believe all that shit, don’t you?” John said.

“No wonder you hide on Halloween,” Juan added.

“Yes,” Philip said flatly, “I believe it. I have reason to. And, yes, that’s why I hide on Halloween.”

He paused and then said, “And now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get up and go take a shower.”

He made a motion with his hands shooing the three out of his room and they left. Then Philip slowly pulled the sheet back and looked down at his body. The cum was dried and caked, forming a thick coating on his stomach and legs.

He ran his fingers down his abdomen, tracing the star that was just beginning to sink further into his skin and disappear. “I hope you fed well,” he said. Then he watched as the symbol, with its writhing snakes, slowly faded.

Rising to his feet, he said, “I think we can stay here one more year before too many people begin talking about a Gypsy girl who crashes their Halloween parties.” He shrugged. “Or perhaps they will begin noticing that I don’t age.” He opened his closet and pulled a robe tightly around his body. “In any case,” he said, “I will soon have to find a new university to attend… someplace where I can study the ancient myths… and someplace where you can find enough life essence to sustain you from Halloween to Halloween.”

He opened his door and walked down to the bathroom at the end of the hall. As he walked, he was quietly humming a tune. If any of his flat mates had been able to hear it, they would have recognized it as the tune that was playing as the Gypsy girl disappeared.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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