Young women enjoy the attentions of young dogs. by Bear66


Comments and advice welcome.I remember dying then the next thing I remember is being in the body of a large dog. Not really sure of the breed I think I’m just a mutt. A big dark short furred mastiff. I wandered around in a park looking at all of the attractive women. One day I saw a tanned long legged beauty wearing a short skirt sitting on a park bench. I walked up to her and stuck my head under her skirt moving her legs apart and began licking her slit.

I was surprised she did not try to stop me but when I looked at her she was sitting with mouth open and not moving. I pulled her panties off and went back to licking her pussy. A crowd gathered to watch as I brought her to an orgasm. Then three teenagers moved her off the bench and onto her hands and knees. Urging me to mount her I did this quickly entering her and ejaculating which many posted on the internet.

I walked away very satisfied leaving the woman exposed and dripping. Awhile later I saw another beautiful woman sitting at a table at an outdoor café. She was sitting with two other woman and watching this time I noticed as I approached she seemed to freeze in place. The two women en sitting with her watched me approaching g moved their hands to her legs pulling them apart spreading them wide giving me easy access to her vagina.

I loved into place fiercely licking her to an orgasm then her friends took off her skirt and bikini top and laid her across her chai. I mounted her rapidly fucking her and leaving her. Ahead of me I saw a large building it turned out to be a high school. Gaining access through the open front doors I walked the hall ways moving from room to room finally finding an attractive older woman I estimated her to be in her early forties. Again as I moved I to her room she seemed to freeze in place.

I used my teeth to strip her naked in front of her class of ninth graders. I knocked her down onto her hands and knees mounting her and fucking her vagina and anus. As I left her I saw her students taking turns fucking her. I moved on through the building. When I reached the gym I saw a beautiful young female gym teacher putting her combined co-ed class through exercises. She appeared to be a student teacher around eighteen teaching her first class. I walked into the gym and again as I got near her she froze in place.

I sat near her nudging her body. Some of her student got the idea and removed her one piece gym suit. She had a nice physically fit petite tanned body. Even her student stared at her well built body. She kept herself clean shaven giving me easy hairless access to her fruit of paradise. They held her down spread eagled on the gym floor as I moved between her legs lapping her juices from her wet flowing pussy. They filmed her reaction to my attentions and had the perfect blackmail video as she orgasmed and begged for more from me.

I decided to stay with this beautiful young athletic African-American, Asian , Native American female. I watched as her students kept her as a sex slave visiting her home often over the years and I fucked her every night. I enjoyed all of her charms and even managed to partake of some of her female students. The one thing that I found awesome was when her sixteen year old sister visited. One night while her sister slept she moved her sisters body into position for me to fuck her.

Placing her into a sexual bondage framework that put her into the perfect position for canine sex. I took full advantage of her being held in place by the device and while her student watched I fucked her anus , her vagina , and shoved my cock as far as I could down her throat.

She begged them to stop me sobbing as I continued to use and abuse her young body. She shuddered through an orgasm as my sperm and her cum dripped from her orifices. What was surprising was when she turned out to be pregnant and nine months later gave birth to a litter of six adorable puppies that could speak english in four months and was as intelligent as any human. I had found my human female and now my six offspring had to go out into the world and find their mates.

They were half males and half females and being adorable were quickly adopted by humans. The three male puppies went to three young attractive women. Two of the female dogs went to two young attractive men. The third female puppy went to a puppy farm where she was bred having litters of intelligent mutant puppies every year. The six puppies could not be separated from their mother for the first eight months and in the seventh month an event happened that made it mandatory they be separated to adopted humans.

By that time her youngest sister had reached the age of sixteen and being another gorgeous young woman she went to bed that night and woke up with six puppies doing things to her body that she did not want but also did not want to stop. Two puppies were licking her anus and pussy. Two puppies had latched onto her nipples and some how were getting milk from her lactating breasts. A fifth puppy was at her mouth alternating between shoving his tongue into her mouth and his cock into her mouth.

The sixth puppy was female and at the first opportunity sat on her mouth and forced her to choose to either lick its cunt or not breath. The other students gathered around the sixteen year old girl and took over molesting her body from the puppies. They forced her legs as far apart as they would go then using tools they opened her vagina up spreading her nether lips and clamping them in place. Then they did the same to her anus exposing her bowels to inspection. They slipped a long probe deep into her womb.

The probe acted as a camera and pictures of her most private intimate body cavity were taken. The girls giggled as they poured water into her waiting cunt a d then shoved four alka seltzer tablets into her pussy. They watched the show as the fizzing liquid caused her to have orgasms stimulating her sensitive clit. No more she whimpered as they continued her to push unusual objects into her body using them to bring her to climax. They laughed as they continued to abuse their young teacher and fellow class mate.

The videos they made went viral with millions of hits that first day. The two became very well known as the dog bitches and the students would bark and howl whenever they were seen around town.

Real estate agent coerced into sex by Mfer1973


My name is Madison and this is a story about the day my eyes were opened to a life that I needed to leave behind and a life I needed to live.My name is Madison. I’m 22, have sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes and a curvy athletic figure. I like to where clothes and accessories that accent my figure. 

A couple months ago, I obtained my real estate license to help pay off college expenses. It has gone well so far and I have made some great commissions.

A few weeks ago my mother asked me to fill in for her, on a showing. I told her no problem. I loved real estate and helping people with their dream residence, especially this one. It was a $25 million mansion. She told me I would be meeting the client, his assistant and their lawyer. I was stoked!

On the morning of the showing. I showered, put on a delicate smelling body splash, as well as a sexy cream colored lacy bra and panties, and sheer white lace topped stockings. I then put on a red satin upper body hugging dress, that came to the mid thigh. I did my makeup to the nines. I looked pretty sharp and hoped I would make a great impression.

I left the house on the morning of the showing. I was a little nervous. This was a huge opportunity and I knew I had to shine.

I arrived about :20 minutes before the appointment time, to get set up. Took the champagne out of the cooler and put it on ice. Put out some cheeses, fruits and assorted crackers. Everything looked superb. Lastly, I checked my appearance, to make sure nothing was out of place.

About 5 minutes after the scheduled time, the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. To my surprise the client was actually an I.R.S. agent and 2 investigators, all three big black guys. They came in and told me to come in the living room, they had some questions about my father’s business dealings. I was very nervous and scared. 

My father is a successful attorney, businessman and a great father. I don’t know what he had done, or if someone had done something to him. I would do anything for my dad. But, I was getting more nervous by the second. They proceeded to tell me, my father was in serious financial debt and had been cheating on his taxes for a couple years. I was in a state of shock. They had stacks of paperwork and it looked legit. I began to tear up, thinking my dad may go to prison. 

One of the guys asked if I knew anything about this, but I had no clue. This whole day had turned into a nightmare! I got up and said I had to use the restroom, but instead got me a drink and slammed the first glass of champagne and immediately poured another. I went back to the living room and asked what was going to happen? They said this is very serious and could land my dad in the fed joint for a decade or more. I began to cry again. I asked if there was anything I could do to make, the sentence lighter? One of the guys asked what was I suggesting? I said I didn’t know, but was open to suggestions. At that point all 3 got up and approached me. They stood their in front of me for a moment. The one said they don’t know if they’d ever questioned a woman as pretty as me. I began to get very nervous. They said if I was nice to them, they would work something out. I knew exactly what they wanted and I caved. 

One of the guys went behind me and was making comments about my body. He then slowly started unzipping my dress. I could feel the coolness of the air on my exposed back. When he had my dress unzipped, he moved to the clasp of my bra and undid it. I felt naked already. He was slowly and gently running his fingertips up and down my back. Then his hands went past my sides and onto my stomach. They lingered there for a bit. My stomach was in knots. I had goose bumps all over my body. He slowly ran his hands up the front of my body, till he reached my firm breasts. A sigh and groan escaped my mouth. He rubbed them for couple minutes. I was shocked I was just allowing this. Then I felt his hands leave my body and start to remove my dress. I stood there lock kneed while my dress was removed. When my dress and bra were off and pooled at my feet, I was standing only in my panties, stockings and heels. I could see their lust by my appearance. 

The guy from behind moved away and back to the front of me. At that point they started to undress. I knew what was coming and knew there was no way to stop it. 

The got completely undressed and was terrified by the size of their cocks. They all had to be close to 10” and fat. They were all fit and muscular. 

The one who was in charge told me to come to them and get on my knees. I was so shaky as I started to move. I got to them and hesitated. The guy said on your knees now, or daddy will go to jail. I slowly knelt down. All three were about 3/4 erect and huge. I was instructed to stroke them for a bit. I did as I was told. They were moaning and saying nasty things. Then I was instructed to start sucking all of their dicks. I reluctantly started sucking all three dicks. After a few minutes of this, my jaw was hurting from the size of their cocks. I tried to slow down, but they took control of my head and started ramming their dicks into my mouth. It was disgusting. They were jeering me and chanting, daddy’s going to jail. My heart hurt so bad.

I was pulled to my feet and dragged to the dining room table. I was ordered to and bent forward till my chest was flat on the table. The guy in charge came up behind me. He started running his hand up and down my stockinged legs. All of the sudden, he grabbed the waistband of my panties, ripped them off! I couldn’t believe I agreed to this. These men were animals. Then he ran his hand up my leg and was rubbing my pussy roughly, while occasionally sticking a finger in my pussy. Then in one forceful thrust, he was inside me. The pain was so immense, it stopped rational thought and took my breath away. He was laughing at me, calling me daddy’s little whore. The other 2 came up to my side and were trying to put their dicks in my mouth. I held my mouth shut till the asshole fucking me jammed a finger into my ass. My mouth flew open and a cock went in. The guy started fucking my mouth with so much force, I thought he would break a tooth. He released my head and pulled out of my mouth, only to be replaced by the other one. He did the same thing.

With everything happening to my mouth, I almost got used to the guy fucking me. After a bit, both guys pulled out of me and I was placed on my back. Another one of the guys lifted my legs up in his arms and shoved his dick into me. He started pounding me hard. I almost lost consciousness again. The third guy pulled my head to the side and slapped my face with his dick, before jamming it into my mouth. 

My body was so sore by this time. With everything that was happening, I lost track of the first guy. After a bit, they finally pulled out of me and I was led to the living room and was forced to straddle the third guy who was sitting on the couch. I was instructed to put his dick in pussy. He told me to grind and rock my hips. I did as I was told and was actually rubbing his dick into my clit. I started feeling myself about to cum. Which made my blood curdle. But, without fail, my pussy burst and I came with a scream like none I’ve had before. The guys were being vulgar. Saying this whore just came, she wants it. They were telling me, they weren’t done with me, and they may make me do this again, for more payment. That I was the tightest they’d had. The hottest too. I was grossed out at the thought.

As I was coming down, I felt someone getting behind me. Then I felt a wet substance being smeared on my asshole. The guy under me, pulled me to his chest and the guy behind me placed his hands on my hips, and placed his cock on my asshole. He put the head in. The pain was brutal! Every stroke after was more forceful and he went deeper in. After a couple minutes, it felt like a coke can was being shoved up me. Both guys started slamming into me. I was struggling to breath. My vision was blurry and I was shaking all over. Then I realized, I just had another orgasm. What the fuck is wrong with me? Was this what I wanted? Were they right? Did I actually want this? Was I fucking them, as much as they were fucking me? Did my body trick my mind into thinking this felt good? 

As they fucked me harder, my body started to cave. I was actually grinding my hips and simultaneously pushing back against the cock in my ass. The third guy came up and put his dick into my mouth. I was sucking as he pushed into my mouth. He was grunting and knew he was about to cum, so he pulled out. I then started kissing the guy below me on his neck. Telling them to breathlessly to fuck me! The guy behind me reached around, grabbed my tits and was pinching my nipples. I had a mind shattering orgasm and was shaking violently. 

When I got my senses back, I told them I wanted to suck them off. They literally jumped out me. I went to my knees and grabbed 2 cocks, while I told the other guy to shove his cock into my mouth and fuck my mouth hard. I switched from guy to guy for a bit, until one guy pulled away, got behind me and started fucking me hard from behind, I came again. They took turns for a bit. I could tell they were ready to cum and I told them I wanted their cum on my face. 

I was stroking and sucking them until one guy grabbed my head and shot gobs of cum on my face. The other 2 followed suit. I was a mess and really sore. But, I’ve never been more sexually satisfied. 

Before this day, I was engaged to a nice guy. I knew I would never be satisfied with him anymore. It turned me on even more, to know, they did the same to my mom. But, what she didn’t know was, this was all a sham. Dad wasn’t in any trouble, they got to my mom and she turned me over to them. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I on the other hand am going to a swingers club with a nephew of one of the 3 guys. The things I’ve done in the last few weeks, have opened up a new life for me. Sex with double digit partners. Men and women. 

The first time I was touched by a woman, my heart skipped a beat and I attacked her. She licked me so deep. Sucked on my clit and gave me an orgasm, that made me pass out. She woke me up with a kiss and I kissed down her body and got my first taste of pussy. It was wonderful and she tasted like strawberries. I must’ve done something right, because she squirted all over my face. I was surprised, but pleasantly!

Next month I am going to Jamaica for a week of nonstop fucking. Many gangbangs, orgies and just fucking my guy. Can’t wait! Keep you all posted!

Last Man Standing Mandy Baxter Can Be Talked Into Anything. By Barry Gregor


Comments and advice welcome.It was a Friday morning at Outdoor man and Mike had his daughter Mandy working down on the loading dock. An hour later Mike was called to another store and wouldn’t return until Monday afternoon. The guys down on the loading docks set up a box on the edge of the platform it had a hole in two sides and restraints inside. One of the Mexican workers called Mandy over and said to her , we have a problem we have to test this new transport crate but we are all to big for it could you help us. Sure Mandy said what do I do , first you need to strip completely so she did not feeling in the least uncomfortable being nude in front of all these men. Now what she asked so they had her get into the crate and fastened the restraints around her body. First fastening her feet to each side of the crate forcing her legs wide apart. This placed her anus and pussy against the rear hole and squirted a glue over her ass to keep it squarely in the center of the hole. Now bent over at the waist they had her place her hands out through holes on either side of the crate and cuffed them in place. Looking to either side she asked what the other holes on each side of her were for. One of the works laughed and said they are for inspectors so they can reach in and check out the crates contents without opening the box. Now Mandy we are going to place this harness around your head to hold it in place. 

Smiling Mandy said okay so they placed restraints around her head so she had to keep her mouth wide open at the hole in front of the crate. She was now completely restrained and they closed up the crate and placed signs around the outside of the box. One sign said fuck hole insert here , another stated free blow jobs stick it in here. A sign on either side read hand job here and free feel of a sexy young female body here. Finally each sign had a price on it and a slot at the back of the crate indicated where to put the money. Most of the men stepped back and one older man stepped up to the rear hole pulling out his hard cock and slammed it into Mandy’s cunt driving it right through Mandy’s formally intact hymen. Oh God yes young snatch is the best Ed Alzota crowed as he unloaded his sperm deep within Mandy’s womb. Ed stepped back making room for Chuck who pulled out his black python and slammed it into Mandy’s virginal anal canal causing her emit a muffled scream. At the front of the box Joe stepped up and unlimbered is cock sliding it through the hole and deep into Mandy’s throat and started unmercifully throat fucking her. 

Then to either side Boyd and Ryan stepped up to the two waving hands and filled them with their stiffened cocks and Mandy began jacking them off. Mandy paused when she heard Boyd say , oh yes aunt Mandy I’m going to cum , but she continued after a few minutes considering it would be rude to leave her nephew with a case of blue balls. This continued right on into Monday morning at which time Eve stepped up behind the box with a large vibrating double dildo and said , well slut have you gotten enough man meat here is your final serving and shoved the dildos into Mandy’s anus and vagina at the same time pumping into her like a living jackhammer until Mandy let out a muffled scream as she had multiple squirting orgasms. All of a sudden everyone screamed and started running away as a large bear climbed up onto the dock. Smiling Eve squirted something into the hole onto Mandy’s pussy and stepping back yanked a rope attached to the crate. The four sides fell away from Mandy and the top fell to the right leaving Mandy bent over in a perfect position for the bear.

The bear started sniffing at the air and followed the scent to Mandy’s rear where it started licking at her cunt like it was loaded with honey. Squirming Mandy tried to move away but to no avail she was bound tightly in place , sobbing she waited to die but instead she felt the bear mount her , her petite frame completely engulfed by the bears furry body. She moaned as she felt the bears engorged cock slide into her pussy she also felt what was apparently prongs meant to keep the bears cock deep within her pussy every time the bear pulled back she felt her vaginal walls tear a little but this didn’t stop the bears rape of her as he plunged into and out of her repeatedly until attaining climax. Filling her womb with bear cum seemed to satisfy the bear as he pulled out of her gave her pussy and anus a final lick and ambled off. Eve watching this whole thing laughed and said , well slut have you gotten enough bear meat to satisfy you. The workers released Mandy from the restraints upon which time she gratefully collapsed. Mandy lay there on the loading dock totally nude and cried , Eve I was never the slut I pretended to be or you thought I was , I was saving myself for my soul mate. 

Oh Kyle I’m so sorry , I won’t be able to lose my cherry with you. Laughing Eve knelt down next to her and whispered don’t let that bother you Mandy I’ve been letting Kyle fuck me since he broke up with Kristen. You won’t be disappointed he is quite skilled and has a very nice package for a white guy. Rising she left Mandy lying there crying with sperm from many males pouring out of her gaping holes. Boyd stepped up to Mandy and reaching down and inserting his fist into Mandy’s pussy pulled up on her saying , come on aunt Mandy let’s get you cleaned up and take you home. Taking her over to the wall where a hose lay rolled up he picked it up shoved the hose into her pussy and turned it on full. He watched as her stomach swelled as if she were pregnant and shrink when he pulled the hose out of her and the water sprayed down her legs. Next he went behind her two Mexicans forced her to bend over and he shoved the hose deep into her rectum and watched the water again swell her abdomen once again spraying out of her when he removed the hose only this time the water contained chunks of her feces so he sprayed her down then the workers dried her off and dressed her in what they thought were appropriate clothing for her.

First they slid a silky black skirt up her legs , then a silky black pair of thigh high nylon stockings and a knee high pair of black leather low heeled boots. Placing a silver chained belt around her waist they moved up to her chest placing a silky sleeveless , collarless sheer white blouse with two buttons to hold it closed in the front. The blouse left her flat , six pack abdomen exposed. Mandy had a wonderful hourglass figure the Mexican workers enjoyed looking at her beautiful young body. Eve laughed as she said to Mandy rejoice you are an internationally appreciated slut. Today you have been had by Americans , Africans , Mexicans , native Americans , Indians , Chinese , Japanese , well too many to really list , let’s just say you are a real international delight. Boyd took his aunt’s hand and led her off the docks to the street heading home. The last thing Eve heard Boyd say is aunt Mandy we have a stop to make on the way home some friends at school wanted to meet you , to which Mandy whimpered and sobbed.

Megan Meets Her New Neighbor By FlirtyMegan24


young, blonde,latina, girl gets to know her new black, older neighborThe warm sun blazed down on Megan Ruiz as she jogged along the footpath back towards her apartment complex, Her ample 32 D sized breasts bouncing up and down her chest contained in a neon pink sports bra getting the attention of many men as she past by followed by a view of her curvy, bubble butt in her skin-tight Lycra black leggings, her long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail and her striking big, brown eyes and red, juicy lips made her the perfect eye candy for the men in her neighborhood.

She turned the corner entering her apartment building noticing a moving truck on the sidewalk and a couple of hunky men working away unloading boxes, she gave them a friendly smile and walked inside seeing the reflection of both guys staring at her ass from the glass window that surrounded the doorway that leads into the building, this caused her to grin turning around once more, letting the men know she had caught them staring, they quickly pretended to get back to work as Megan walked inside giggling to herself and headed towards the elevator.

 A light sheen of sweat covered her soft white skin as she huffed and puffed waiting for the lift, as it opened a large quite burly, black gentlemen stepped out, he looked to be in his late 30’s, shaved head with a light beard covering his lower face, Megan felt instantly intimidated by his statue, he stood around 6’7 to her meager 5’4 maybe 290 pounds, dressed in a simple white polo shirt and blue jeans.

“Hello young lady, I’m James Simmons, just moving in,” he said in a deep husky voice and a clear American accent that very much appealed to Megan even if his looks weren’t traditionally to her liking.

“ Oh hello, I’m Megan it’s nice to meet you” the 20-year-old girl replied nervously playing with her hair as she looked up at the large man in awe

“ beautiful name, Megan, well it was great to see a friendly face, I think I made the right choice buying the apartment” James said reaching out with his big dark hand gesturing for a handshake, his eyes intently studying the young lady, roaming over her luscious body that was very much to his liking, if the back half was just as good as her front he would defiantly be looking to get to know this little hottie a bit better even if she was a lot younger than him.

Megan met his gaze feeling a tad nervous noticing the older black man clearly eyeing up her scantily clad body in the skin tight work out gear she had on, even with the mixed feelings she had about the man Megan’s politeness showed through extending her small pale hand out to meet his, James wrapped his massive dark hand around hers for the shake, firmly gripping it causing Megan to slightly tremble at his touch, she pulled back sheepishly, smiling nervously at the man before stepping into the lift and quickly pressing the button for her floor.

James chuckled at the girls reaction looking back over his shoulder seeing her voluptuous figure from behind for the first time, thick thighs that lead up to a perfect, juicy peach shaped ass encased in those black tights and a narrow waist which helped her booty pop out even more, “goddam” he whispered to himself thinking of having this exquisite young bitch bent over and him slapping that heavenly ass as he rammed his big black cock into her snatch over and over, the thought had him slightly hardening before the lift doors closed and she was out of view.

Megan opened her apartment door flustered at the interaction she had with James “ what an old pervert” she thought to herself taking a long gulp of water before stripping away her sweaty clothes and jumping into the shower to prepare for work. The sun was warm, typical of a Perth, Australia summer’s day as Megan trotted out of her building dressed in tight hip hugger blue ripped jeans and a short-sleeved back t-shirt that stopped just short of her waist showing off a few inches of her midriff and heeled black sandals, her long blonde hair was flowing free behind her shoulders and large hooped earrings completing the ensemble. She spotted James once again talking to the movers he hired clearly unhappy with the progress they were making, she strolled by the men catching James smirking at her as she passed,” god he’s so smug” she thought to take a look back, she saw him once again eyeing her up licking his big lips like she was a piece of meat he hungered for, she wasn’t gonna lie even a man like James ogling her curvy body was flattering, though she much preferred the attention the other two younger men he was talking too.

James gazed at Megan’s flawless curves as she sauntered away along the footpath, her glorious ass cheeks rising and falling with each step in those painted on jeans, the slightest hint of lavender coloured panties peeking above the waistline of them catching his attention making the older man groan, “ fuck me this bitch is bad” he said under his breath before continuing to direct orders to the two young men. He knew he had to get a piece of her before too long , it had been over a month since he got some pussy, having moved from New York to Australia to take up a position as an athletics coach for a big university here , things were chaotic and now his balls were churning for release and seeing this little Aussie beauty didn’t help things one bit, He had plenty of experience seducing young white girls and Megan would be the perfect first Australian conquest if things went as he hoped they would.

The sun was just setting as Megan returned home from a shift at a local Spanish cafe were she worked that was owned by her auntie Maria who had moved to Australia from Barcelona a few years prior, her mum and dad had moved here long ago and loved it so much they chose to stay. Megan strolled inside her complex stopping to bend down to open up her mailbox, unknown to her at the time James had also returned from a bout of shopping holding two large grocery bags in each hand, he was pleasantly surprised to once again see the girl, thanking God for his luck as he watched her bent over rustling through her mail, the lavender-colored panties once again peeking out above her jeans only now more so showing him that they were of a thong variety. He stopped in his tracks admiring her round ass for a moment before making his presence known, “ well hello again, three times in one day, aren’t I the lucky man” he announced causing Megan to quickly turn around, startled.

“ Oh hi James, you scared me a little” she gasped out holding her right hand to her chest taking in a deep breath

“ I’m sorry little lady, I guess you don’t get many black men around these parts” he snickered at her meaning it to be a joke

“oh no that’s not what I meant…. I just mean… anyone would have scared me like that..” she blurted out feeling a bit embarrassed and defensive

“ Don’t worry Megan, I was just teasing” he smiled at her before it turned into more of a grin

The girl gave a nervous giggle before turning back around to close her mailbox, she didn’t consider herself racist but she had to admit James’s look did have quite the effect on her at the time and she felt a tinge of guilt when James called her out on it, even if he was just joking, she locked up the box and twirled around once again facing the large black man standing a few feet away from her,” looks like you have been shopping” she said trying to sound more friendly as the guilt still sat within her.

“Yeah, just some things to keep me going, and a little something to celebrate the new home with” he smiled holding up the bag with a few bottles of wine and champagne in it, he studied the young woman closely seeing her nervous appearance knowing his earlier comment of her being scared of a black man must have resonated, it wasn’t the first time, from his experience a lot of young woman didn’t like to be considered a racist and James used that fact to seduce many of them into his bed, even if he didn’t have the looks he knew psychology, being a athletics coach it was important to understand an athletes psych and he used it in daily life to get ahead, “ why don’t you join me Megan?, I don’t know anyone here and it wouldn’t be very pleasant to celebrate alone, don’t you think?”

Megan looked down sheepishly as she heard his suggestion, clutching her hands together at her front, she didn’t feel like it was such a good idea, knowing that his intentions weren’t the most innocent judging by the way he was staring at her in hunger the other times the two crossed paths, she was searching for an excuse to politely say no when James once again spoke.

“ I understand if you say no, you probably don’t have a drink with many older black men,” James said out aloud smiling at the conflicted young woman hoping it would help make her decision.

Megan gazed over at James meeting his eyes with her own, seeing his friendly smile she found her self annoyed that she had these ill thoughts towards him, maybe it was just because he was black, she thought, kicking herself on how she could be so intolerant, “ OK James, id love to help you celebrate, just let me get changed and I will meet you at your apartment” she replied with a little more confidence and a warm smile. James’s cock twitched upon hearing her answer knowing it was only a matter of time before he had it buried deep inside this stunning beauties tight pussy, he took a few deep breaths trying to contain the excitement not wanting the young girl to see his more devious side, that time would come very soon he thought to himself with a tiny grin. They both headed towards the elevator making small talk as Megan got out first giving James another view of that voluptuous booty he would soon have his big hands all over, “apartment 31, see you soon baby girl” he called out just as the doors of the lift closed.

James readied his apartment for Megan’s arrival, putting out an impressive antipasto spread and a couple of bottles of wine set up on the balcony that overlooked the city of Perth and the Swan River, the sun was just about set, hitting the water and making for a spectacular view, but there was only one view he had on his mind right now and that was one of Megan’s gorgeous body naked before him as he rammed her with 9 inches of his black manhood, the wicked thought had him daydreaming for a moment until a knock on his door snapped the man out of it, James hurriedly walked towards the front door opening it up to find the young blonde holding a bottle of whiskey and sporting a big smile as she waited for him to invite her inside. James was busy scoping out her dress she had changed into, a red, multi colored floral print, summer dress that clung nicely to her generous curves, the hem was just above mid-thigh and the slight V neck showed of a modest amount of her ample cleavage,” dam girl, you look very nice, love the dress” he announced looking her up and down with an approving nod, “ come on in beautiful”.

Megan was still a little doubtful if going around to James place was a good idea, after all, he was a stranger, but not wanting to be rude and the thought of James thinking it was because he was black made up her mind for her, “ what could it hurt, its just a few drinks to make him feel welcomed” she thought as the young woman pulled the red, summer dress over her matching red Calvin Klein cotton bralette and thong panties set, she gave her self a once over in the full length mirror that hang by her closet deciding to let her long blonde hair flow free rather then tying it into a neat ponytail as she often did when at home, she grabbed a bottle of whiskey that was meant to be a gift for her fathers birthday in a few days as a house warming gift making note to replace it. and stepped out her door heading towards James’s apartment. She knocked on his door making sure to smile as it opened, her nervousness instantly came flooding back as she gazed upon the older mans face clearly looking her over again like he did this morning in that ‘ I want to get my hands on you’ type of way , she tried not to grimace as he complimented her and stepped inside when invited.

James made room, stepping to one side as he smiled watching her enter his new apartment, he closed the door behind her and took a good look at her from behind, the dress was made up of a thin, light material that guided itself perfectly along the arch of her lower back and around her plump rear, he couldn’t get enough of staring at it but put those thoughts aside as he ushered her out towards the balcony area with a firm hand on the young woman’s back, “ I have a few things set up out here” he communicated in a soft tone into the girls left ear which sent a chill up her spine.

“wow looks like you put in a lot of effort James” Megan replied quite impressed but still feeling a bit of hesitation as she turned around to face the much older gentlemen, “ here you go, a little house warming gift, I don’t know if you drink whiskey, but my dad loves this stuff and I didn’t have anything else” she said holding out the bottle for the man.

James graciously took the bottle spinning it around in his big hands inspecting it curiously,” well that’s very kind of you Megan, I love whiskey and your dad seems to have great taste” he spoke back smiling down at the shorter woman who seemed to look relieved as he gave the gift a positive reaction, “ why don’t you take a seat”

“Oh thank you” Megan replied as she carefully took a seat on one side of the large greyish outdoor lounge, smoothing out her dress and tugging the hem lower to show some modesty as she watches the burly older man taking a seat on the other end.

“ so do you prefer white or red wine Megan, I have a Chardonnay and a Shiraz” he offered scooting forwards on the couch to open up the two bottles that sat on the wicker coffee table with little effort”

“ id loves some of the Chardonnay thanks James” she responded brushing away a few stray strands of her blonde hair which had been blown astray by the evening breeze with her right hand.

“ here we are little lady” James said handing out a glass of wine which she took graciously, he shifted in his seat turning slightly to face her holding up his own glass, “ cheers, to making new friends” he announced getting a good look down her dress as he towered over the petite woman resting his right arm along the top of the lounge

“ cheers” Megan spoke back with a sheepish smile seeing the man getting more comfy closer to her, a confident grin on his face as he watched her while taking a sip from his glass, her discomfort was showing as she pressed her thighs closer together before taking a long sip of her own hoping the wine would calm her uneasy feelings

“ is everything alright Megan? you seem to be a little nervous or something” James asked while continuing to admire the young woman’s god given features

“ oh… I’m OK, sorry it’s just still a little weird being here with a man I only just met this morning and…”

“and he’s black and older?” James abruptly said stopping her final words from spilling out

“ oh.. of course not, I don’t mind that your black” Megan replied looking away into the distance feeling a little ashamed even if what James had concluded wasn’t at all true

“it’s quite alright Megan, I understand, I’m sure you don’t get a lot of black men around these parts”

Megan quickly turned back to look James in the eye feeling more defensive than she had been in some time,” look James you being black isn’t a problem for me, I know plenty of black guys” she blurted out crossing her arms over her voluptuous breasts with an annoyed expression.

“ I’m sorry if I offended you Megan, its just that this isn’t anything new for me, a lot of white women feel nervous around black men, but I’m glad you’re here to help me celebrate” he responded placing a hand on her knee

Megan looked down seeing the older mans big hand on her bare knee, she had to admit the contrast in their skin tones very much appealed to her and she didn’t know why, but never the less she made no motion to stop his touch, she just watched as he slid it along the exposed naked flesh, slowly up and down tenderly as she let out a small moan which didn’t go unnoticed by the stocky black man, she came to her senses and lightly shook her knee making it known to James to remove his hand.

“ I’m sorry baby girl, just making sure your OK”

“ I’m fine thanks, James, I just don’t like being accused of being racist” she hit back with an annoyed tone

“ of course your not let’s just forget about it and have another drink OK, we can’t let this expensive wine go to waste” James cheerfully declared reaching for the bottle and holding it out gesturing to top up Megan’s glass

“ Alright, why not” the girl replied holding out her glass as James filled it back up,  

The two chatted away into the evening as the sun fully set and the bright lights of the city skyline lit up the night sky, Megan was feeling a lot more at ease thanks to the wine and listening to James tell her stories about his past and how he came about moving to Australia, she learn’ t that he was 39 and was a former 100 meter sprinter but thanks to a bad knee injury his career was cut short and moved on to coaching, he was married once very early on in his 20s and had a daughter who was in her early teens. The marriage lasted a decade, James giving the reason they were just heading in different directions but the truth was she got sick and tired of him cheating on her and the final straw was when she had caught a little white tart sucking her husband off in his office.

James was very much enjoying the way the night was progressing it took all his patience at the time to not try and move his seduction forwards but not only was this young woman stunningly beautiful and had a body he wanted to explore, he was also impressed by her wit and charm and very much enjoyed just conversing with her, they had finished the bottle of chardonnay and James brought out the champagne he had sitting in his fridge to chill.

“ I almost forgot about this, we can’t celebrate without some Cristal” he broadly smiled, opening the bottle up with a loud pop

“ oh my” Megan giggled out feeling a little tipsy but couldn’t say no to a glass of the expensive bubbly, she got up of the lounge holding out her glass for James to fill

“ here you go little lady,” James said while pouring the champagne into her glass with a sly grin, he noticed her stumble a bit as she got up, no doubt the multiple glasses of wine having its effect on her, he filled up his own glass and they both toasted to his new apartment. The two made there way over standing by the railing of his balcony staring out at the view of the river and the bright lights of the skyscrapers in the distance.

“ your place has such a great view, I’m so jealous” Megan complimented leaning over, resting her elbows on the railing as she admired the spectacular scenery, the evening breeze swaying her long blonde hair as she took another gulp of the champagne.

James smiled standing with his right side resting against the railing facing the young woman, his eyes inspecting her up and down in a profile angle, her light summer dress rippling as the wind blew on it and her hair swaying lightly made for a view he much preferred to admire then the one Megan was paying attention too.

“ if you don’t mind me saying you’re an amazingly beautiful woman Megan, your boyfriend is one lucky man,” James said before finishing up his glass of cristal keeping an eye on her the whole time as he sculled it down.

Megan swiveled her head in James’s direction, stray strands of her hair dangling across her face as she gave him a coy smile, she studied his form in the light emitting from the apartment, clearly he wasn’t in the best of shape, showing a few extra pounds in his gut and upper chest but at that moment Megan oddly found him quite handsome, maybe it was the wine having an effect but her earlier judgment seemed to have swayed just a bit causing some mixed emotions.

“I’m not seeing anyone at the moment” she softly replied, giggling when she saw James’s shocked expression

“ dam girl, there’s no way someone as fine as you don’t have a man or two on the hook”

“ I’m not really looking for a man, just happy to enjoy my freedom for a while” the girl grinned surprisingly loving the older man’s compliments making her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink.

James chuckled hearing her confession, licking his big lips as he intently stared at her trying to gauge if she was open to advancement, “ so Megan, have you ever enjoyed your freedom with a black man?” he asked taking a calculated risk. The young woman was feeling emboldened as often happened when she had a few drinks in her system, she playfully grinned at his question deciding to give the older, black man a little tease, “ well I can’t say that I have James, but I would be lying if I said I’ve never thought about it” she answered before giving him a cheeky wink.

The confession made James’s black snake twitch as he watched the young girl winking at him, the alcohol working better than he ever thought as she was clearly starting to flirt with him,” is that so? Well I’ll be happy to help you out with those curiosities if you don’t mind me being a lot older than you” the large man offered reaching down to adjust his crotch as it began to swell within his boxer briefs and jeans, this didn’t go unnoticed by Megan who started to ponder the situation she found her self in, James was clearly someone she wouldn’t normally sleep with but at this moment her body was responding to him and her walls were breaking down with every word that came out of his mouth, it was true that she thought about black men in an erotic way, she had even enjoyed a bit of interracial porn but most of those men had chiseled, perfectly sculptured bodies which James lacked

“ I’m not looking for anything serious Megan, like you, I enjoy my freedom, so why don’t we just have a little fun baby girl” James confidently spoke out reaching over to run a finger along her cheek as he glared at her with lust

Megan lightly trembled as his words made a whole lot of sense, she looked away trying to decide if her mixed feelings about the man were enough to outweigh the growing desire and curiosity that was clouding her judgment at that very moment, James grinned seeing the girl ponder his suggestion he decided now was the time to progress things further, he walked behind the young woman pressing his growing erection into her voluptuous bottom, his hands gripping her waist at each side and he leaned over to whisper in her right ear,” can you feel my big black dick Megan, lets have a little fun baby girl…. just give in.. I know you want to” the older man pressed, pushing more firmly as his cock grew poking into the young woman’s soft behind

“ oh… god” Megan moaned out feeling his thick manhood stabbing at her, she instinctively swayed her hips, closing her eyes to fully take in the sensations, his big hands moving up her, causing goosebumps to form all over her light skin, he kissed along the back of her neck as his hands slowly pulled the thin straps of her dress down each shoulder, James moved his lips across, kissing along her right shoulder, teasing Megan as she swooned over the older mans delicate touch, “mmmm, James, I don’t know if we should be doing this”she moaned out again as the top half of her dress fell down exposing her bra-clad breasts, the cool evening air having its effect, hardening her nipples as they poked through the cotton bralette along with James’s tender touch.

James was showing a huge amount of restraint as he slowly let the young woman succumb to his delicate fondling, he felt her grinding that plumb ass back into his crotch and he knew that it was a done deal, this blonde, white bitch was his for the taking, he groaned as she moaned out his name taking in the scent of her fragrant flesh as he kissed along her shoulder blades, his hands tugging down her dress with little resistance, he stepped back taking his lips of her and continued to pull the flimsy garment down her waist exposing the red cotton thong she had on underneath, the waist band white with Calvin Klein written along it in black, a thin strip of red material traveling down between the crack of her fleshy globes, Megan arched her back looking over one shoulder at the black man who stood face down admiring her behind, it wasn’t the first time she saw that look on a man and it never grew tired seeing the look of lust in their eyes, the dress fell to the floor and James wasted no time in dropping to his knees behind the young woman, he stared at her pink, juicy pussy lips, the red thong showing signs of her arousal as the material darkened where it met her labia, he took a hold of her ass from each side and leaned in to run his tongue along the thin strip of fabric that covered her sex, he could taste her juices on the material but wanted more, his right hand moving over to pull her thong to the side, he held it there and once again ran his tongue along her wet cunt from behind.

Megan shivered at his attention still looking back over her right shoulder as the man licked away at her white snatch, she bit her bottom lip and purred in pleasure, grinding her self onto his tongue as more and more of her womanly juices flowed down into his waiting mouth, her legs were already trembling as James reached under her legs with his other hand, he moved it beneath her panties and rubbed at her throbbing clit, this set her off like a firecracker as the young girl cried out in pleasure into the night sky, she couldn’t believe how good it felt, the black man was on the verge of making her cum, she bit down on her fingers to stifle the moans of ecstasy emitting from her lips suddenly aware that they were out in the open and she was making more than enough noise that if any of the  neighbors were to venture out onto their own balcony’s they would clearly hear her pleasured moans.

James lavished her clean shaved, sweet pussy savoring the taste of this curvy young woman, he strummed her clit as he dug his tongue deeper into her juicy twat, he could hear her loud moans as she rocked her hips more frantically onto his snake-like tongue, he smiled smugly replacing his tongue with two fingers and vigorously finger fucked the little slut as he kissed around her soft round butt cheeks, “ you going to cum for me, Megan?, cum on my big black fingers baby girl” James ordered as the squishy sounds of her tight, wet hole being finger fucked echoed around the apartment complex

Megan was nearing her peak as she bit down hard on her bottom lip grunting out in delight, her hands tightly gripping the railing in front of her as she closed her eyes and gave into the overwhelming pleasure of James’s fingers, the young girl adjusted her hips slightly to the left causing James’s thick fingers to brush against her g spot, with only a few more thrust James had Megan’s eyes rolling into the back of her head, her mouth gaping wide open as her pussy squeezed tight, around the older mans digits,” cum….mming!” the girl groaned out at the height of her euphoria, her legs trembled and shook uncontrollably as James grinned happily while continuing to jammed his fingers in and out of her tight cunt, he felt her girl cum rushing out onto his hand quickly pulling out and replacing his mouth over her gushing hole, he sucked and licked, hungrily slurping down her secretions as she spasmed in satisfaction, he spread her cheeks wide open lapping her sweet nectar as she shook, rattling the steel railing her hands were gripping onto for support, James’s black cock was at full attention, straining against his underwear and blue jeans as he knelt behind the orgasming young woman, he couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to get inside this little minx he rose to his feet leaving the quivering young girl to support herself as he quickly undid his jeans, tugging them down along with his boxer briefs, freeing the dark, steely, hard rod hidden beneath, he reached down to remove his beige boots, kicking them away to one side to enable him to remove the pieces of clothing covering his bottom half, his tree trunk like legs planting them selves behind the unaware young woman as he gripped onto his impressive 9 inches of manhood and guided it towards Megan’s wet, pink, cunt using the other hand to pull her wet thong aside, James peeled back his foreskin rubbing his exposed, sensitive cock head along her juicy pussy lips, lubing it up for the inevitable invasion of this blonde,Australian slut.

Megan’s head was rushing as she moaned out in pure bliss, her eyes were still closed as she savored the electricity surging through out her young body, this older, black man had made her cum in a way she hadn’t experienced for a good while and she craved more, her back was arched sticking out her curvy behind, loving the way James was slurping away at her trembling pussy, his big mouth enveloped her twat as his expert tongue prolonged her orgasm, her legs felt like jello as they wobbled almost unable to support her threw the ecstatic high, she was totally lost in a sea of pleasure when suddenly the young girl felt a hard presence at her dripping fuck hole, her head swiveled around looking back at James whose eyes were laser focused, watching his cock head run along her wet cunt lips, her eyes bulged out as the biggest cock head she had ever felt pushed slowly, inching its way up inside her tight, young tunnel, she felt the dark, purplish veins of his massive shaft throbbing as it drove deeper and deeper inside her, “ fuck! James, your cock is fucking huge!” the 20-year-old woman cried out in a mix of pleasure and discomfort, she gritted the teeth and held onto the railing with more force pressing her bra covered tits into the cold steel, Megan had never felt so full, the stereotype of black men having massive cocks was never more true to her than at this very moment as James edged forwards burying his entire manhood in her tight pussy, his strong thighs pressed up into her fleshy, round ass as he held himself there not moving to allow Megan the time to adjust to his length and girth, he was surprisingly being a gentleman much to Megan’s appreciation as she grunted out into the night sky, slowly her tight tunnel started to accommodate his large organ as the slight pain drifted away.

“ Yeah, you little slut, you feel them black inches, all up in that white pussy” James snickered with a grunt of his own as her tight snatch squeezed nicely around his dark rod

“ fuck yes I do, your fat cock is fucking massive” the young girl groan out, grinding her big, round ass into the older mans pulsating manhood.

“you ready to get fucked you Aussie slut?, tell me to fuck your little white cunt with my big black cock, beg for it bitch” James was loving every second of this, he had his cock slammed up into the baddest bitch he had seen in years, this 20-year-old slut had his dick harder than he could ever remember and she seemed to be turning out to be quite the little freak, not every girl was into nasty, dirty talk, but this voluptuous young slut seemed to get wetter every time he called her a slut, he knew he had hit the jackpot with this blonde treasure.

Megan purred as her heart pounded, she always loved dirty talk and James was saying all the right things to make her cunt gush with excitement,” please James, fuck my little white cunt with your big black dick, fuck me like a slut!” the girls face was flushed with lust and desire as she pleaded with the older man to fuck her, James grinned, ear to ear as he looked at her desperate face, her arms clutching the railing obviously ready to take a good, hard pounding, he grabbed both her hips in his bear-like hands, his left stretching out the thong to one side as he pulled back, almost all the way out of her opening, leaving only his thick cock head impaling her before ramming all 9 inches back into the young, curvy slut, “ oh god…..yes…. fuck me!” Megan screamed out, now not caring if anyone heard her cries of pleasure, she always was very vocal in the bedroom and she wasn’t gonna change now even as James repeated his movements, slamming his black cock up into her snatch over and over out in the open air, she continued to cry out filling the area with sounds of her erotica escapade, “ fuck me… fuck me….. fuck your slut” she screamed out over and over as James drilled her like the slut she was.

James grimaced with every powerful thrust, his face contorted with pleasure as he pounded Megan’s white cunt vigorously causing the flesh of her ample ass cheeks to ripple wildly back and forth, his big black hands firmly gripped onto her hips as he gave the young woman the fucking she desired,” take that black dick you slut….this white pussy loving black cock” he grunted out at her raising his right hand high up and giving her ass cheek a rough slap that made the young girl yelp in pain and excitement.

“yes!…. slap my ass, I love your big black cock, fuck me harder! break my tight white cunt”

“Don’t worry bitch, I’m gonna destroy this white pussy , you ain’t gonna walk right after I’m done with you slut” James declared as he continued to smack her right ass cheek with more rough slaps causing it to redden, his bare cock drilling in and out of her fuck hole as sweat started to drip down his forehead

Megan’s big tits were pressed hard against the railing as her arms outstretched to grip onto the cold steel on either side, her erect nipples grinding along the hard surface with each of James’s powerful thrusts as she neared another mind blowing orgasm, the supporting structure creaked and rattled with there animalistic coupling as James showed no mercy on the blonde bombshell , he moved his hand and gathered the girls blonde locks into his fist and yanked her head backwards causing her spine to arch even more so, his left hand letting go of her thong as he reached around and pulled up her barlette, exposing her big firm tits to the cool air, his fingers began pinching her stiff small nipples drawing out a loud groan of pleasure from the young Aussie, he pulled harder on her hair using it as leverage to plow harder and faster into her warm, wet cunt, the material of her red thong brushing against his stiff rod stimulating the veins on his thick meat, he wanted to make the young bitch cum again and again, his ego helping him withstand the need to blow his load even after weeks of saved up jizz, he was gonna make her first experience with a black cock one she wasn’t gonna forget for a very long time.

Megan had never felt more alive than she was at this very moment, her tight twat was being fucked like no other time she could remember, James was fucking her young body like they were living out a porn scene, the old black stranger seducing the hot, white young neighbor girl, a scene she had watched and masturbated to many times, she was now living in real time, her big tits rocked up and down her chest as James frantically hammered away with his big black cock, she screamed out, up at the sky, her head tilted back by James’s tight grip on her hair, His strong hand leaving her round, soft tits as it traveled higher to grip the young girls throat, James leaned over slightly towards her left ear,” cum on my black cock, slut, show me how much you love my cock” he grunted as his hips kept up their vigorous thrusting, a few more hard thrusts, and Megan was once again screaming out in orgasm, her body went limp being held up by James’s tight grip on her throat and hair, the surge of euphoria running through each nerve as the incredible high had her lost in an ocean of bliss, James didn’t let up, he continued plowing the helpless young girl looking down to see his thick, dark, pole being creamed by her female cum, her tight snatch squeezing around his cock as she moaned out in pleasure giving some resistance to his thrusting, his stiff shaft was coated in the girls orgasmic fluids as he saw when he pulled back, he slowed down his movements and admire the young woman as she shook and spasmed, letting go of her throat he moved his palm back to give the girl another firm slap on the left butt cheek,” That’s it slut, cum on my fat, black dick” he smugly pronounced.

Megan’s eyes were tightly shut as she rode out the orgasmic high, a satisfied smile appearing on her flustered face as she slowly fucked her self on the big, meat stick that had ceased its assault on her sensitive pussy. her ample breasts rising and falling with each labored breath, she continued to moan out in lust as James gave another hard slap onto her curvy behind, she turned her head around smiling at the older man with appreciation, his eyes met hers as they both gave each other a knowing grin, she kept up her slow grinding and watched as James admired the color contrast between his black cock and her light pink pussy, Megan groped her own tits with her right hand as the other stayed, tightly gripping on the railing, she bit her lower lip as James started to thrust back into her, it wasn’t as frantic as before, he took his time pulling most of his black pole out before slamming it back into her roughly causing a loud slap between the two,” of fuck!” Megan moaned out each time he repeated the motion.

“ fuck girl, look how much you creaming on my black dick, you love being a black cock slut don’t you?” James arrogantly asks as he slapped her once again on the left cheek, seeing the flesh jiggle, he smirked.

“ I love it, I love black cock” the girl replied biting her bottom lip as he spanked her peach shaped ass

“ show me how much you love it then slut!” he grunted, pulling out his shiny, cream covered cock from the young woman’s freshly fucked hole, it slightly stayed a gaped having been stretched out by the black bulls meaty weapon.

Megan sighed out as she was left feeling empty, her legs were still slightly trembling as James moved away to take a seat on the lounge, he held his heavy cock in one hand and pushed the small coffee table away with his giant foot making room for what he had in mind, Megan followed shortly after, kneeling between his large legs, she smiled mischievously up at the James before pulling the red cotton Calvin Klein bralette over her head and throwing it away, her breasts were round and soft with just the right amount of firmness to help them not sag down her chest, light brown small areolas encircled her nipples and the area still showed light tan lines, her tits always got the most attention and even though James was more of an ass man the sight of her naked breasts had his cock twitching.

Megan admired his black cock getting a proper view of it for the first time, it was clearly the thickest and most lengthy one she had ever come across,the girl’s eyes roamed every inch as her mouth watered in excitement, she loved sucking cock and eagerly lean her head down to take James’s mushroom-like cock head into her warm mouth, she tasted her own juices and his pre-cum as her tongue danced around, lashing his sensitive organ with hungry licks, her eyes glaring up at him as James removed his grip from his shaft and let the little cock slut service him.

“dam girl, you hungry for that black dick ain’t ya, work that pole slut” James smirked as he leaned back into the lounge, resting his arms on top of the backrest and watched as the young white girl of Spanish descent bobbed away up and down his manhood, sweat was dripping underneath his white polo shirt as he couldn’t help but groan and squirm, the little white, slut knew how to suck a cock and he couldn’t be more pleased right then feeling like a king.

Megan sat back on her heels, gripping James’s thick shaft in both hands, she couldn’t get her fingers around him fully but pushed on, pumping his meaty rod while her mouth focused on his sensitive head, her tongue swirled around along his opening savoring the taste of the man’s salty, sweet pre-cum, James groaned and continued to dish out dirty talk and compliments as she kept up her worship, the young girls pussy was aching again as she gobbled the big black cock, sealing her lips around him tight and bobbing vigorously, her eyes were starting to water as saliva dripped from the sides of her mouth, she did her best to keep her eye contact with James seeing the strain on his face as he was clearly enjoying her cock sucking technique 

“ fuck girl, you suck a mean cock, take that black dick deeper slut” James was in heaven, Megan was a cock hungry bitch, she had him on the brink of cumming and it took all of his will power to not just bust a nut in her eager mouth, “ I bet this bitch would love my load down her throat” he thought to himself as he intently met her gaze with his own, her plump red lips where just made to wrap around a big black cock and those striking big brown eyes had him throbbing like crazy.

Megan nodded obediently taking more of James’s black rod into her mouth with every downwards bob, she struggled to gobble down his manhood having taken half his length her gag reflex kicked in as it stabbed at the entrance to her throat, the young girls lips unsealed themselves to cough and gag around the meaty member, saliva was spilling out down her chin dripping onto her swaying tits but she persevered continuing to rock back and forth, up and down his slick shaft, her pussy, mouth, and eyes were all leaking profusely as the young Australian girl hungrily kept up her mouth assault on the first black cock she had ever let fuck her tight cunt. Heavy gulping and slurping sounds emitting from the 5th story balcony as Megan sucked the older, black man with gusto, her right hand holding the meaty stick at an angle so she could bob her head back and forth, while keeping her teary brown eyes focused on the large man as her left reached lower to massage his massive balls which garnered a pleasured groan from James, sucking cock was probably Megan’s favorite activity and she gleefully took up the challenge to pleasure James’s 9 inch black member.

James grunted and swore out in agonized bliss as he gazed at the young, blonde Australian working her mouth around his hardness, her bottom lip grazing the sensitive underside of his cock with each bob and her tongue swirling around his cock head at every opportunity, her cock sucking experience on display as she gagged and choked on his thick 9 inches but didn’t stop or let up with the sloppy blow job, he admired her big,round tits as they jiggled, a river of her saliva running down her cleavage and stomach adding to the highly erotic sight before him, his balls were aching for release but wanted another go inside that tight, white pussy, James reached out with his left hand gripping Megan’s bobbing head, stopping her cock sucking abruptly, her eyes showing a disappointed glint as James yanked his cock from her mouth with his other hand, he slapped her face with the heavy object first on the lips before smacking her right and left cheek, his firm grip on her head keeping the young woman in place as he grinned with smugness smearing her face with his slimey cock.

”look at you know slut, on your knees hungry for my black cock ain’t ya?” James asked while giving her forehead a rough cock slap,Megan nodded her head enthusiastically up at James sticking out her tongue as he slapped his engorged head against it multiple times, his giant hand gripping his cock as the young girl lavished the underside with long slow licks,” don’t forget my big balls slut” James demanded as he elevated his cock upwards to give the girl easy access, he held her head firmly stroking his shaft slowly, as she lapped away at his testicles,the idea was to cool off a little before he once again invaded her white cunt, but the sight of this little white slut eagerly licking his balls had the opposite effect, he once again stopped her by pushing the slut’s head back, the struggle on his face showing causing the young girl to smile devilishly,” get up and ride my black dick bitch” he ordered dragging the girl up by the hair.

As she rose Megan shimmied her hips, peeling off her damp, red thong and kicked away her white flip flops, she hurriedly crawled onto James, straddling his lap, hovering her glistening pink,pussy just above his cock head, with James holding his shaft upwards Megan slowly inched her way down his pole grimacing with pleasure and a slight discomfort as it filled her tight tunnel once again,her knees barely came in contact with the lounge as she sat atop the large black man impaled on his black spear, “your black dick is fucking huge” she cried out as it bottomed out against her cervix, the blonde girl tilted her head far back causing her tits to jut out from her chest, she held onto James’s massive shoulders and started to buck wildly, bouncing her self up and down on the large cock buried inside her cunt, her screams of pleasure once again echoing throughout the apartment complex as she rode the black man with desperate need to cum.

James gripped her sides as he let out heavy grunts of pleasure as the young woman fucked herself on his stiff rod, he watched as her tits rocked wildly up and down her chest with her frantic movements, her beautiful, blonde hair swaying with the breeze making for a dreamlike view for his lusty eyes to feast upon, James pulled his polo shirt off, throwing it to one side exposing his slightly overweight dad bod as Megan reached behind to rest her hands on his knees and continued to bounce up and down his length, he leaned forward and took her right nipple into his mouth, sucking on it as his hands held onto both breasts, groping and squeezing them roughly.

“fuck!…fuck…..fuck!….oh gawd….yes!…yes” Megan chanted over and over as she slammed down onto the big man’s thighs repeatedly, her body was arched into a C as she used the tight grip of her hands on his knees for leverage and bounced ferociously, fucking her way to another mind-blowing orgasm, the young Australian’s face was flushed with lust, strands of her blonde hair sticking to the sweaty brow as she screamed out ecstasy.

“ yeah ride that black dick Megan, you my little Aussie slut now ain’t you?” James asked through gritted teeth, he gave the girls tits one last lick and smack before flopping back on the lounge to admire her whole voluptuous body as it bounced on his thick manhood, his hands moved down to her hips as he roughly thrusts up into her snatch from below, the piece of furniture was creaking loudly as James pumped himself up to meet her vigorous bouncing, the two in perfect unison as they drove each other to the point of orgasm.

“Oh fuck!…. I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, fuck me James!” the girl howled out as her body shook and rattled like she was having a seizure, James watched on as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her mouth formed the perfect O shape as she succumbed to his big black cock, she savored the jaw-dropping high as James kept going with his upwards thrust, her pussy tightly gripping onto his drilling rod as it coated the black meat stick with her girl cum, this was by the far the longest and drawn out orgasm of Megan’s young life, her body went limp and was thankfully being held from toppling over by James’s firm grip, the euphoric sensations carried on as much to her surprise she felt another orgasm ripping through her well-fucked body,” oh gawd… I’m cumming again” the Aussie screamed as her violent trembling started once again shortly after the first, the petite, curvy slut was experiencing a multiple orgasm, her first ever as the black man didn’t let up fucking her even harder than before from below.

James wasn’t gonna stop as the girl spasmed wildly on top of him, he kept up his intense pounding as Megan screamed in orgasmic bliss, she had stopped all motion of her hips as he felt her white pussy gushing juices down his cock, the bitch just came twice in a span of a minute and he was hell bent on having his as well, he bounced her rag doll, limp body up and down his black shaft for another good minute before he felt the familiar sensations brewing deep inside his balls, he knew it was gonna be one to remember having not cummed in so many weeks, this blonde, Australian beauty had him on edge the entire night and he was gonna let her have everything that was building up to this point, he thought about blowing his load deep inside her twat but staring at her perfect tits and angelic face he quickly lifted her up into his arms, flipping her over into the position he was just in, he stood over her trembling form beating his cock with urgency, his left hand resting by her head on the lounge’s backrest as her eyes opened and James let out an almighty roar,” hear it comes slut”.

Megan opened her eyes still feeling the side effects of her massive peak, she was lost in her own pleasure not realizing James had moved her, she was now sitting back against the lounge with the older black man towering over her curvaceous, prone body, she knew exactly what he had in mind as she watched his face grimacing and hand pointing that big black cock a footway from her pretty face, the young woman opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue as the first rope of thick, pearly, white cum smacked her against her forehead, its power made her flinch as she closed her eyes and more and more sticky cum plastered her face, “God was he ever gonna stop cumming” she thought to herself as a shot hit right onto her outstretched tongue, he tasted quite pleasant as she closed her mouth to curiously sample his seed.

James growled as he looked down stroking his firing cock at the young Aussie, he painted thick lines of cum along each side of her nose as another much longer rope shot out landing between her eyes and stretched out along her tongue to the bottom of her chin, he continued to jerk his shaft unleashing two weeks of built up seed all over Megan’s gorgeous face, when he was happy her face got enough of his sticky admiration he moved back and rained down his seventh and eighth rope of cum across each of her beautiful, round tits, his cum kept flowing out of his engorged cock head spattering Megan’s chest and stomach with wax like drops of creamy jizz, his hand kept squeezing making sure he got out every last drop of seed, shaking it out as he did after each time he relieved his bladder,” fuck baby girl, look at you all prettied up with a black mans cum” James mouthed out huffing and puffing as he took in the sight of her covered in his black seed, he didn’t think she could get any more lovely but his thick, white cum made her look even more heavenly.

Megan felt like such a slut at that very moment, feeling it was safe to open her big, brown eyes she looked up at James seeing the total lust in his eyes as he admired her cum covered features, she couldn’t help but let a gleeful smile out looking down at the beautiful mess the black man had made of her young breasts,” Gee z you absolutely covered me James” the girl giggled unable to believe how much cum was currently adorning her face and tits, she reached out and pulled James’s still hard cock towards her lips as he shook and twitched still in the after shocks of his powerful orgasm,the large man removed his fist from his cock and placed it on the lounge for more support as Megan took to polishing clean his sticky black member of both her’s and his cum, as she did so she couldn’t believe what had just happened, she had let a strange black man fuck her like a slut and loved every minute of it, things were going to get a lot more interesting and as Megan let James’s softening cock slip free of her mouth she proudly announced “ I think I love big, black cock”.

Mom, The Unwilling Slut Ch 02

“Bro, you here” came my sister, Kayla’s voice. A wicked idea crept into my mind. “Hey sis, I’m in my room and I need a hand with something…” I heard her running up the stairs, and smiled. 

She walked into my room, and stopped short, seeing me sitting at my computer naked, with an erection, and pictures of our mother with a cock in her mouth on my computer screen.

As calmly as I could, I told her, “I taught mom her place in this family, now it’s your turn.” I told her standing up. She didn’t move, watching my cock bob as I walked over to her. “Now you have two choices suck my dick, or get naked and suck my dick.”

I stood in front of her enjoying the look of horror and revulsion on her face. Her eyes were fixated on my hard cock. I expected her to run away, or scream at me, but what happened shocked me even more.

Kayla sank to her knees and took my cock into her mouth without a word. She was an excellent cocksucker and knew how to please a man. Even though I had cum sad several times in the last few hours, I had been denied for so long that I still had plenty of cum for my little sister. 

She pulled her mouth off my dick and sucked my balls into her mouth. I groaned in pleasure. “Oh fuck sis, you give a hell of a blow job,” I tell her. 

I let her suck on me for a while more, enjoying her talented mouth. When I started to feel some pressure build, knowing I was going to blast another load soon, I decided I wanted to try her 19-year-old cunt. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my dick. I pulled her to the bed and threw her on it. I looked at her long legs in the tights she wore as part of her work uniform, with a short skirt, and belly shirt. 

I flipped her skirt over her ass and saw she was wearing pantyhose and no underwear. I grabbed the material of her hose and pulled until it ripped open exposing her little hairless cunt. “Good girl, shaving that slut hole. I tell her as I slam my cock into it. 

“FUCK YES,” she screams as I start to drive my cock into her. Curious reaction, I thought to myself but figured I would let it go for now, and just enjoy her unstretched birth canal. I fucked her hard and fast as she fucked me back.

“Fuck this slut, sir. Pound my fuckhole with your wonderful cock.” she moaned. “Use this slut for your pleasure.”

I raised my eyes, wondering where Kayla learned to talk like that. She sounded like a girl in one of those cheesy BDSM stories I read online. What the hell, I thought, might as well enjoy it. 

I felt my balls getting tight and decided to see how slutty she was. I pulled out of her and began to stroke myself. “Turn around, slut,” I commanded.

She scrambled to face me, and when she saw what I was doing, she dropped to her knees and leaned in close to the head of my dick. Her eyes looked at mine as she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out as far as it could go.

The sight of her in that position was enough to push me over the edge, and I plastered her face with my cum. I fell back into my chair, spent and watched Kayla crawl to me and took my cock in her mouth and cleaned our combined fluids from me. Then she sat back and used her fingers to scoop my cream off her face and lick it up. 

When her face was clean I looked shook my head. “You’re a little skank. Aren’t you.”

“Sir, this one was with someone who was very dominant and learned that she lives to serve. This one was without an owner for a long time, and when you spoke as a Dominant, this unworthy submissive had no choice but to obey.”

“Wow. Uh, Okay. So you like being used and abused and humiliated.” I asked licking my lips at the prospect.

“YES!” she squealed in delight. “May this one ask a question?” I nod at her, my brain coming up with scenarios so disgusting Larry Flynt would balk at them.

“Are those really pictures of you fucking mom?” she asked sounding like the sister I grew up with.

“Not just pictures, videos too,” I tell her with a little pride. 

“Would Sir mind sharing them with this undeserving set of holes?” she asked staring at the image of our mom her face covered in mascara and cum. 

“Come sit here,” I say patting my lap, “But get rid of those clothes first.”

She is naked before I could blink, and she plants her dripping pussy on my bare thigh. I relinquish control of the computer and let her scroll through the photos, as I start to tell her about the fight we had. I told her about how hypocritical she was because as she berated me for watching a movie where girls get naked, she was doing the same thing right in front of me. 

I told her how I was making her suck my dick, and talking to dad on the phone when she started laughing. “What’s so funny I asked her. 

“I did that to you once,” she says. You were clueless.

“Talked to you on the phone while having sex.”

“When!” I demanded.

“About a year ago. The night of my 18th birthday. After the party, Doug and I went to Lovers Cove to get it on. It was my first time. He was going down on me when my phone rang. He lifted his head from sucking my clit and told me to answer it.”

My hands started to squeeze her naked breasts as she continued. “I did and it was you. You told me that I had left my keys home, and you were heading back to your apartment and wanted to know where I was so you could drop them off.” she giggles at the memory. “I told you Doug had felt peckish so he was getting a bite to eat down under, and you thought we were at Outback.” 

“As soon as you hung up, Doug took my cherries. Doug figured I would be easy to control when I did what he told me to do without arguing. That night he began to teach me about being a sub. I learned a lot from him and his parents over the rest of the time we were dating.”

Doug’s mom was a full-time sub, and she was used to teach Doug how to be a Dom. I was Doug’s plaything, and he shared me with his dad and mom and their friends. I loved every salacious second of it. I would have worn his collar, but he decided to go to Trinity College in Ireland, and told me that he was releasing me from my oath until he moved back to the U.S. I haven’t found anyone to use me like I need since he left until tonight.” She said turning and kissing me. “Thank you, I needed this.”

Wait, you’re telling me your boyfriend was fucking his mom? You were fucking his dad and mom and other people?” I asked in shock. Even though I just fucked her, there was still a part of me that saw her as my virginal baby sister, not the 19-year-old sexy college student she had grown into. 

“I did anything Doug asked, just like I will for you,” she tells me. “I saw how close Doug was to his parents, not just physically but emotionally as well. I always wanted our family to be close, but mom is a cold fish and Dad is way too busy with work to show he cares about us. She leans back against me as I start to rub her slit. 

We sat there in silence going through the pictures talking about other things we could do to mom not only later tonight but when dad went on his business trip in two weeks.

Our conversation got me hard again, and I pushed Kayla onto my desk bent at the waist and drove my dick into her pussy and fucked her for a few minutes while using my hand to collect some of her fluids and applying them to her ass. 

When she was ready I slammed my cock into her bowels and fucked her fast and hard, filling her bowels with my cum. This time I didn’t let her clean my cock.


I was asleep in bed when I heard my bedroom door open. I cracked my eyelids to see a shadow moving through my room toward my bed. I forced myself no tot react, as the figure walked by the window, the glow of the streetlight from across the street letting me see it was my mom, and she was nude.

She got to the side of the bed and looked at me. I could see the war that was wagging inside her. I lay still waiting for her to make the only decision she could. 

Silently she dropped to her knees and pulled my sheets off my naked body. She sat on the edge of my bed and began to stroke my cock with her hand.

After a few seconds, I opened my eyes. “I told you to suck it until I was awake, no to give me a hand job. What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid cunt?” I asked her sharply.

She hung her head in shame. “I thought I would get it hard first…” she said her eyes downcast.

“Well, your first mistake was to think,” I told her. You are a set of holes to pleasure me, not a brain to think.” I tell her. “Now suck me, before I take you back to your bedroom and fuck you in front of dad.”

Her eyes grew wide in freight and she quickly bent over and took my shaft in her mouth. Even in the ambient light, I could see her make a disgusted face when she tasted my cock. I pushed her down until her nose met my naval. Good job slut. You took my ass fucking cock deep into your mouth. That odor you smell and taste on me is the girl I fucked in the ass while you were out. How does her pussy smell? How does her ass taste on my dick?”

Mom starts to struggle when she hears my words, but she didn’t have any leverage with the position she was in. I was able to easily hold her down and could feel her retching as I started to face fuck her. 

She continued to struggle but was getting weaker, and I was afraid she would pass out. I pulled her up, leaving about a third of my dick in her mouth. I felt her tears falling on my belly button, as I said “Keep sucking slut. You belong to me now. I control everything about you, even when you are allowed to cum and who you get to fuck.”

Her oral skills hadn’t improved at all, and I wanted to humiliate her further. “Get in here,” I yelled quietly. Moms eyes widened as another form entered my room and walked to my bed. I shoved her head back down before she could see who it was. Now mommy slut, either suck my cock like the whore you are, or my friend will begin to spank that fat jiggly wad of cellulite you call an ass.”

Mom, who worked out regularly and kept her self fit and toned, audible sobbed at my words, as she began to try and please me.

She did a barley satisfactory job, but she was able to draw what little cum I had left up from my balls. “Give me your left hand,” I tell her. 

Her hand reaches out to me and I take it in mine. I signal Kayla to pull her off my dick. Kayla grabs her hair and pulls her up, off my dick. 

“Stroke me with your right hand,” I order her. She blindly reaches out and begins to jack my hard cock. As I was about to climax, I put her left hand in the line of fire. I aimed carefully and when I finally did start to spurt I made sure to coat her ring finger, which had the ostentatious engagement ring, the simple wedding band, and the matching 25th-anniversary band, with all our names and birthstones on it. All three rings were coated in my cum. The look of horror on her face was priceless. The room filled with a flash and mom jumped in shock.

“Don’t worry,” I told her calmly. “That was my friend, the one whose shit you sucked off my dick, taking a picture of your wedding rings covered in my cum. Now she will take you back to bed, without washing your hands. You will sleep in your marital bed, with your rings covered in your son’s cum, until after dad leaves for work in the morning. Then you will come back here for more instructions. 

Mom opened her mouth to speak, but I held up one finger. “one single fucking word and my friend will use that huge strap on we found in your bedroom 

to rape your ass the rest of the night.

Mom closes her mouth, my bluff paying off. Kayla pushes mom toward the door and I watch as they head down the hall. Kayla returns a few minutes later and climbs into bed with me. “Holy fuck, that was hot.” Where did you get that idea to cum on her rings?”

“It just came to me. I thought it would be a great way to humiliate her. She won’t sleep knowing she could smear my cum on her husband. That will make her tired and easier to control tomorrow when we tell her what her life will be like until we tire of her.”

Kayla laughs in delight and interlaces her legs with mine. She puts her head on my chest, her breasts crushing into me as we fall asleep.


It was the big day, dad was leaving for his business trip. Kayla was moving back home today, so we could have mom all to ourselves for the week. Mom had gotten used to the rules I gave her. No clothes were to be worn unless dad or someone else was in the house, Her holes were available to me 24/7/365.25, and only I got to decide if and when she could fuck dad, but she did have to blow him at least once a week. I had never seen dad happier. Mom still didn’t know that it was Kayla I had ass fucked before she sucked me off that night. Today was the day she would find out.

As soon as she got home from the airport, before getting out of her car, she stripped off her clothes. She walked into the house from the garage and found me sitting in the living room, using the web browser on the TV to pull up my account on a website known for having MILFs getting caught fucking their stepdaughter’s boyfriend and convincing their stepdaughter to join in. I knew the one I wanted, it starred Corey Chase as a family therapist, and her children are always fighting. So she has them do some things together to try and get them to bond. The therapy works too well and they bond at the genitals, and Cory as mom joins in the fun. 

I started playing the movie, and mom having learned what I expected, dropped to her knees and began to nuzzle and nibble on my cock making it start to get hard. About 10 minutes in, I saw Kayla quietly enter the house and walk into the living room, standing behind mom. At this point in the movie, Cory catches her children fucking, Kayla taking on the role of Cory quotes the movie, “What the hell is going on here? Why are you blowing him?” 

Mom jumps up and spins around and sees Kayla standing there fully dressed. Her entire body is red and her mouth is opening and closing trying to cum up with something to say to her daughter after being caught sucking her sons cock. 

“Bitch, did I say stop?” I ask her. 

Mom knowing my tone instantly drops to her knees and takes me in her mouth. I could tell from the quality of her blow job she was distracted. “Oh mom, I guess you can go kiss your daughter hello. Why don’t you do that.” I say winking at Kayla. Mom jumps up and starts walking to Kayla. “Give her a nice wet tongue kiss…” mom freezes and looks at me in horror, “…On her asshole,” I finish my sentence. 

Mom glares at me part of her wanting to argue, but we both had learned she loves to be humiliated, and this was the most humiliating thing I had done to her since the first time I fucked her. 

“Yeah mom, cum lick my asshole. It’s not like you haven’t tasted it before.” Mom spun away from me and looked at Kayla in confusion. “Remember the shit you licked off your son’s cock? That shit came from my ass. Your son has been fucking me most, leaving you here alone when dad is out with his barely legal sugar babies.” she told her, verbally bitch-slapping mom with what we all knew but never talked about.

“You have your instructions cunt. Do it.” I order her. Kayla slowly lowers the zipper on her black leather strapless sheath dress. We all watch the slow descent as the dress slowly parts. First, it shows a small amount of her cleavage, and as it goes lower the inside edges of her breasts are exposed leaving no doubt she was bra less.

We kept following the zipper down, and soon her mons came into view. It was rough with a lot of dark black stubble all around her pussy. “Sorry big bro, I didn’t have time to shave,” she tells me. 

That’s okay,” I reply. We have a slave who can take care of that for you.” 

Kayla’s response was to give mom a predatory smile and to pull her dress off and throw it in her face. “Hang it up mom. My friend Julie is flying out later today, to meet dad, and spend the week with him. He told her to wear that dress and only that dress, and that she wouldn’t need any other clothes.”

Tears were running down Mom’s face as she took the dress and smoothed it out. She walked over to the hall closet and put it on a hangar. She stood there looking at the dress and sighing she closed the door and walked over to Kayla. 

Without another word, she knelt behind her daughter and spread apart her ass cheeks and leaned in. She kissed Kayla directly on her asshole and began to tongue it. 

“So Kay,” I ask, “Got your stuff in your car outside?” I ask

“Just a few boxes. I also promised Julie a ride to the airport after dropping my stuff off. She’s waiting in the car. 

“Well, we shouldn’t keep her waiting,” I tell her, Grabbing a pair of shorts and pulling them over my erect cock. Picking up my tee-shirt off the floor, I pull it on and say, “Mom go get Kayla’s boxes and put them in her room. While you’re in the garage, see if Julie needs anything before her flight.” I tell her.

Mom pulls her face away from Kayla’s ass and reluctantly heads off to do as she was told. I stand up and hug Kayla. “That was perfect. After today she will be malleable to our plans. 

Kayla gets the dress as mom goes upstairs with several boxes. When she comes down, I tell her. “Go get in the car, we’re going for a ride. You can sit in the back with Julie. Oh and don’t tell her who you are or who your husband is.” I tell her. 

Mom nods stiffly and does as instructed. Kayla and I grab a couple of bottles of water and head out to her car. “I’ll drive,” I announce. Adjusting the driver’s seat to fit my larger size, which had the added benefit of crushing mom in the backseat of Kayla’s convertible.

“Hi Julie, I’m Nico. Kay’s brother. Nice to meet you.” I say to my father’s lover. 

“Hi, Nico, nice to meet you. Thanks for taking me to the airport.” Julie says staring at the naked older woman beside her. “Can I ask…” she says amused.

“About the naked skank next to you?” I say smiling as I back out of the driveway. “she’s just a neighborhood MILF, I fuck on occasion when her husbands out of town. She tends to be submissive and loves humiliation so feel free to do anything you want to her.” I continue as I stop the car and hit the button to put the roof down.

“Here’s your dress,” Kayla says. I hope your sugar daddy doesn’t mind me using it.”

“Trust me, he won’t. He’d buy you a whole wardrobe if you flew out with me tonight. He would love to have the two of us taking care of him. His old shrew of a wife hasn’t given him any pussy in almost a month, but she did start blowing him weekly.” Julie says confirming to mom that Julie was on her way to spend a week with dad in a hotel.

Kay laughed and replied “I’m a one guy kinda girl. I don’t wanna compete with another girl for my guy’s attention.” 

“That’s too bad,” Julie says My guy would pay us both a lot of money for just a few hours together,” she says while pulling off her tee-shirt, exposing her huge, obviously fake breasts. “Sugar daddy paid for them. Would you like to feel,” Julie asks my mom who was staring at them. “I could give you the name of the doc who did mine, he’s fantastic.” as she took Mom’s hand and put it on the tits dad paid for.

I was laughing inside, as Kayla took the tee shirt from Julie and pulled it on over her naked breasts. I stopped at a red light and Julie stood up and wrapped the dress around her body and zipped it up covering her nude form. Then she shimmed the shorts down from underneath the dress. She handed Kay the shorts who pulled them up her legs. Now, mom was the only person naked in the car, as I turned onto the freeway heading to the airport. 

“How did you meet your sugar daddy?” I yell over the wind noise as I get up to highway speed.

“Through a dating site. I put up an ad, and he answered. We hit it off right away, and have been seeing each other almost a year now. I know he has other girls, I’ve met a couple of them, but as long as I’m willing and ready when he wants me, and he takes care of my bills, we’re good.” 

I saw a semi-truck up ahead in the right lane and gunned the engine to catch up, as Julie saw mom was crying. “What’s wrong?” she asked. 

“It’s just the wind,” she lies as the truck blasts it’s air horn, making mom look up and she sees a fat bald sweaty beady-eyed man staring at her naked body. 

“Cum for the nice truck driver,” Kayla tells mom, handing her a large black vibrator, as I keep pace with the larger vehicle. Julies’ eyes got wide as mom leaned back and spread her legs and started to run the toy between her lips. 

I could see the driver on his radio, and I saw a truck up ahead of us in the right lane move to the left lane and slow down. I made slowed a little bit to let the other truck get in position to watch as mom started to fuck herself with the rubber cock.

Soon there was a line of trucks in both the left and right lanes and I would speed up and slow down making sure all the drivers got a good look at mom fucking herself silly with the toy. We were approaching our exit and mom was close to cumming.

“Julie, why don’t you rub her clit and play with her tits so these nice men can see her cum before we have to get off,” I say. 

“I thought you’d never ask,” she says Kissing mom as her hand finds her clit and begins to rub it furiously. Within seconds mom was thrashing about in orgasm and I hit the gas so all the truckers could see her writhe in orgasm.


We pulled up at the airport departure drop off, having put the top-up. Julie jumped out and waved goodbye as she hurried inside to make sure she made her flight. 

We pulled away, and Kayla told mom, “I hope you’re hungry, we have a nice meal planned for you.”

“I can’t go to a restaurant like this,” she said her fear making her voice shake.

“Oh, we’re not going to a restaurant,” Kayla said as I drove down a street that was more potholes and pot dealers than asphalt.

“Where are we going?” she asked assuming the fetal position.

“Wherever I want,” I tell her as I turn onto a major roadway, famous for the hookers that stroll up and down the sidewalks during the evening hours. I pull into the Mega Sex Shop that advertises on late-night cable channels. I had talked to a few friends who confirmed it had what I was looking for. I parked the car as far from the door as possible and got out of the car. It wasn’t quite getting dark yet and the parking lot was easily visible from the street. I reached into the backseat and offered mom my hand. “Let’s go, the longer it takes you to get started the longer this will last,” I tell her. 

Grudgingly she took my hand and I lead her around three sides of the building to the door. I opened the door and pushed her in, following close behind. Julie made sure a few of the locals saw the naked woman go in so word would spread something kinky was afoot. 

I lead mom straight to the back of the mostly empty shop and found the private booths that would let you watch any type of porn you could want. 5 minutes per token, I put a $20 in the token machine and handed the tokens to Kayla, whispering, “I’m first.” 

She leads mom into the booth and put the first token in. She typed in the keyword and found a perfect movie to play for mom. She selected the movie as I entered the booth next door. Mom was so focused on the screen, watching the white MILF suck on a black cock that protruded through a wall. 

I stuck my cock through the hole and felt it poke bare flesh. I heard a gasp, “What the hell, Kayla, mom whispered.” 

“It’s a glory hole mom,” Kayla said loud enough for people in the store to hear. You’re going to suck a lot a cock before we leave. So get started.” 

I could feel the look mom was giving Kayla as I wagged my cock trying to get her started. Soon I felt a warm wet mouth envelope my cock and begin to pleasure it. 

“Come on mom, suck it like you want to make it cum. I have 20 tokens. You need to suck off at least one guy for each token I put in the machine. If you don’t, then you get tied up out in the shop and we’ll let anyone use any hole they want until closing.” Kayla tells her.

Suddenly mom was sucking cock like a champ. She was slurping and gagging and devouring my shaft like a starving woman who found a gourmet meal. Since I had been denied my normal morning orgasms and had been around multiple naked attractive females all day, I was ready to blow. I pumped most of my cum into her mouth put I pulled out of her lips and made sure the last few spurts hit her on the face. 

I zipped up my pants and left the room saying, “Holy shit there’s some slut in the middle booth sucking all cummers,” loud enough that mom and Kayla could hear it. I heard Kayla laugh and mom wail.

A shrimpy white guy that made me think of the short story character Walter Mitty went into the booth. I stayed nearby just in case, and I was shocked and a bit aroused by the quality and quantity of filthy language streaming from his lips. I made a point to remember some of the phrases he used.

When he exited the booth, he tipped the derby hat he was wearing as he walked past me and left. Word spread quickly and a line had formed, almost every one of the guys waiting was black, ranging in color from a shade or two darker than me too so dark he seemed to absorb light.

One by one the guys entered the booth and got their dicks sucked. Most of them were quiet, a few would talk dirty or call my mom names. Then a small skinny black guy who looked so scared of everything he would have a heart attack if a fly sneezed.

He went into the booth and suddenly everyone in the store crowded around the door. 

“HOLY MOTHERFUCKINGSHIT!” Mom’s voice blasted through the door.

“Oh, my dicking fuck!” Kayla said, her voice was filled with shock and awe. All the guys around me started laughing and high fiving. 

As the guys continued to celebrate, I found a clerk off to the side. “What’s going on?” I ask. 

“The slut met meat,” he responded.

“What now?” I asked even more confused. 

He beckoned and lead me toward the back of the store where a bulletin board was hanging. It had a bunch of handwritten notes for escorts and other quasi-legal services. He lifted a flier and I choked on the air I was breathing. 

“No one knows his real name. We call him meat. If he would let someone measure he would probably the largest known cock in history. I estimate 15” when hard, and almost 3” around. I start laughing, now understanding why mom and Kayla reacted the way they did. “No one ever goes when meat finishes. You’ll find out why soon. But bring those honeys back anytime, shit like that’s great for business.”

I shake his hand, take one last look at what meat is packing, and wonder how the fuck he walks normally.

I head back to the booth and see two guys carrying mom out of the room. I started to panic, but heard Kayla saying “gently boys the last guy almost drowned her.” 

I stepped next to Kayla and asked “what happened. She spun to me her eyes wide as saucers. “The last guy…big…fucking huge…jolly green giant-sized,” she said to me. 

“that part I know. What happened?”

Mom had her mouth about a third of the way down that fire hose. She couldn’t go any further, but she was trying. Then a dam burst and cum sprayed everywhere. I swear cum was oozing out of her ears. I’m not entirely sure she’s breathing and no one here wants to do mouth to mouth.”

I step up to mom laid out on a bench and verify she is breathing. More than a few guys were standing around staring at moms naked form. I have to admit she looked like she been the center of attention at a circle jerk. 

Kayla was beside me. “Mom swallowed every load, this was the overflow from that last guy. The clerk walked up with a bucket of warm water and a few rags. Kayla and I go to work cleaning her off.


The week was coming to an end, and things were getting kinda routine. I felt we needed something special to shake up mom and Kayla. I had started using my pet name for Kayla from when she was a baby. She used to squish up her face when she laughed and I loved to make her laugh, so I started calling her my little squishy. Mom was still slut or skank or fuck holes or whatever else we called her.

Dad was supposed to be home tomorrow, so today was our last day with the house to ourselves. I had tied mom to the dining room table and had a parade of service people coming to the hose. The exterminator, a plumber, an electrician, a property appraiser, and more. I made sure to escort each one through the dining room, then get called away, leaving them with a naked and bound woman. Kayla had set up her cell phone in the room and streamed the feed to the TV we had bought for my room. 

We watched as each of these guys did anything from fell her up t get a blow job. One even fucked her and came in her pussy. As I was leading the solar panel salesman to the door, I heard the garage door open. “I’m home,” boomed a powerful male voice.

“Daddy,” Kayla squealed din delight and ran to him, trying to buy me time to free mom and get her dressed.

I shoved the guy out the door and slammed it closed. I ran to the dining room while Kayla was rambling on about one of her friends who was hurting for money, keeping dad’s attention with the prospect of gaining another sugar baby.

I ran into the dining room where mom was struggling against the ropes holding her. Her face was a mask of terror, and I began to untie her legs. As I finished untying her legs, I went to duck under the table to release her arms, and I tripped over my one feet bouncing my head off the table, stunning me. I face planted right into Mom’s pussy, making mom scream. 

Dad and Kayla came running in, “WHAT THE FUCK,” he screamed seeing his fully dressed son, his face buried in his naked wife’s pussy with her arms tied to the table we used to eat family meals on.

“Hi honey, you’re home early,” mom said trying to make the surreal seem normal. He just stood there looking at us.

“How…how…how long have you…” dad was trying to ask the unthinkable question. 

“Not as long as you’ve been fucking Julie, and Amber and Kelli…” Kayla started to list the girls she knew that were fucking her father.

Dad spun on here his face so red it looked like it could melt steel. “Enough he bellowed as Kayla was listing his sugar babies.

I regained my senses and scrambled under the table to finally free mom. Her arms were soon loose but she stayed there, waiting for whatever was about to happen.

“First of all, they aren’t my family. They are adults, who choose, of their own free will, to do things for me. Things I would never ask your mother to do, and for that, I make sure they are fairly compensated. It’s strictly business.”

Mom sits up and glares at him. “Name one thing I wouldn’t do for you if you asked?” she says in anger.

Dad turned to face her. “Mortimer and Randolph,” he says naming the founding partners of his Brokerage house. 

“WHAT?” mom asks.

“Mortimer and Randolph like to ply their clients with booze and girls. One of my responsibilities is to procure young attractive females who, for a fee, will allow old, fat, ugly, and uncouth men to use them for pleasure.”

“You don’t partake?” She asked in surprise.

“Not often.” He replied “There are times I do have to so I can be seen as a team player. But if I can avoid it I do.”

“Then why haven’t you fucked me in over a year.” mom asked, I could hear the heartbreak in her voice.

Dad stood there for a few minutes a puzzled look on his face. “It’s been that long?” he asked. 

Mom nodded and I took Kayla’s hand and lead her to the garage. “I think mom and dad need some time. As I got into her car and we drove off. 


When we got home, several hours later, mom and dad were sitting at the kitchen table. Mom was still naked, a fresh load of cum visible on her tits. “Come sit down kids.” dad said to us. 

Kayla and I sat at the kitchen table and waited nervously to hear what dad was about to say. 

Mom told me everything. Seems like you two have a very kinky side. I want to see those pictures and videos Nico, dad said smiling at me. 

“I was involved in a Dom Sub relationship in college before I met your mother. I thought I had gotten over that, but hearing about everything you did, especially that glory hole, damn I want to watch her suck off meat, he says. It brought back all my fond memories and dormant desires. So now mom is a family slave to use and abuse anytime we want. Whatever you two have going on, that’s up to you. 

The one thing that will change, is that mom will be going to a lot more of my business meetings and trips to help woo the clients. Any questions?

We were both too shocked to ask anything at that moment. We just stared at our dad, in shock.

Well, then how about you ladies get us some popcorn and we take a look at our private family album.

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