Boy Scouts Part 1 by kittybo


Hope you like the story! Just so you know, even though it says boy scout in the title it isn’t a homosexual story.I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to a stupid camp with a bunch of fifth graders. Whiny little kids who probably didn’t even know what a tent was. 

I had been in girl guides for eight years, since I was nine years old. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping, and hiking, and all that kind of stuff. It was basically what ran through my veins instead of blood. But I usually did it with girls my own age, people I could talk to and have a lot of fun with. Now that I was seventeen I wanted to be able to go out on my own, not with some group that just needed an extra person to go.

The only reason I agreed to go in the first place was because my mom said that if I kept up with good behaviour and did my part for the community she would consider buying me a car for graduation. I really had no other choice.

On the plus side, I convinced my friend to come too. She was a year younger than me, but better then anyone else I was with.

We arrived at the lake and got out of the van. The camp leaders round up all the smaller girls, showing them all the places they could have their tent. I knew it would keep them occupied for long enough, all wanting the beat spot. 

I walked towards the lake with my friend Kristy. Even though she was young, she looked a lot older than her age. She had long blond hair that she seemed to never have to work on and had bright blue eyes. She was short, but very slim, a toned body. From my camping experience with her and many games of truth or dare, I knew that unlike me, she wasn’t a virgin. I knew why, she had a nice round ass and perky B-cups. 

I was pretty average looking in my opinion, the normal brown hair and brown eyes, although my hair got quite curly, especially when camping. I was tall, an athletic body from hiking. My proudest feature was my C-cup breasts. I was a virgin, mostly by choice. A bit because no one really wanted to have sex with me. 

Even though I was a virgin though, I thought about sex a lot. How it would feel, what it would be like. I had done sexual things, but I could never bring myself to actually take the plunge and give a guy my virginity. Partially because I couldn’t find a guy worth giving my virginity, but I was afraid it would hurt too. Even though Kristy told me it felt great after the first time, I didn’t believe her. Although, she was also the girl that told me anal was the equivalent of heaven. 

“Eliza, this will be so much fun!” Kristy says sarcastically and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It could always be worse.” I shrug and sit by the lake, looking down in my reflection. I wanted to just jump in, but then I would mess up my clothes, and since I was wearing a white shirt people could see my boobs. But what did I care?

“How? We have to stay here for a week looking after a bunch of kids we don’t know.” She sighs and sits next to me. “We could be at home.”

“You didn’t have to come.” I say.

She smirks. “Who can deny your pretty little face anything?”

I laugh and then look across the lake, seeing another group setting up. I recognized them right away, their group at least. I had no idea who the people were. “Hey Kristy, looks like we got some boy scouts.”

“What?” She perked up right away. There was a weird thing between boy scouts and girl guides, we hate each other. Or hated, when we were younger. I remember being ten, seeing a boy scout made me scream about cooties and freak out because we thought they were horrible. Now we could admire them for what they are, really hot. Seventeen year old boy scouts had to go through gruelling training that made their bodies amazing, and since they had an “honour code” they were never douchebags. 

“Rethinking how horrible the week is?” I ask and smirk, looking at her.

“Hell yes.” She says and we both laugh, looking over. They were my one weakness, it was something that could always improve a week. Even if I never talked to them, just looking at them made me melt. Guys that thought camping and doing random survival shit for fun? Couldn’t get any better.

“Girls, get up here!” The leader yells and we sigh, reluctantly leaving the lake. We would see them again though.

* * * * * 

We were sitting around the camp fire when we saw them next. The sun was starting to set, but it was still light and would be for about another half hour. Not that it mattered, I wandered around the forest late at night before. 

Their camp leader walked over with one scout in tow, about my age. When I said scouts were hot though, I meant it. And this one was no exception.

He looked kind of rugged, long brown hair was down, messy. His uniform was covered in leaves and mud, probably from pushups or other shit scouts had to do. He was tall though, and skinny. I couldn’t see much muscle definition under his uniform, but I knew it was there. All scouts were muscular to some degree.

“Good evening ladies.” The leader said to us. “We are camping just across the lake, and my boys can’t seem to get a fire started.”

I smirked, knowing that it wasn’t too difficult to get a fire. And knowing what he was going to do next.

The leader nudged the boy and he cleared his throat. “Can we get some help?” He asked and all the little girls giggled. It was something I had seen before, if a scout didn’t get the fire, the leader would make them ask girls as a form of humiliation. I didn’t understand it, but it worked. He seemed embarrassed as all hell.

I look at Kristy and smirk, then look at him. “We can help.” I say and stand, then look back at our leader Carol. “If that’s fine with you.”

She nods and we start to walk with them. The lake wasn’t that huge, so the walk wasn’t long. But I found myself beside the boy right away. 

“I’m Eliza.” I say to him as we walk through the trail. “That’s my friend Kristy.”

“Oh, I’m Keenan.” He says and smiles lightly. “Sorry about this by the way.”

“It’s an excuse to get out of camp flower power for awhile. I don’t mind.” I shrug, really just wanting the chance to see in their camp. “Does he do this all the time?”

“No, last time he took away our tents and sleeping bags until we got a fire…” He says and rubs the back of his head. “He’s a little psychotic.”

“They all are.” I assure him as we get to their camp. It was very neat and organized, looked like a military camp. Without the fire of course.

There was one other guy sitting by the fire, another one my age with dirty blond hair and brown eyes. He looked smaller than Keenan, still quite attractive though, muscular.

“Are you two the only ones?” I ask and Keenan shakes his head. 

“Nope. They all have to lap the lake though. This is Peter by the way.” He says and his friend nods. The leader looks at them.

“Now maybe you two can learn something from these girls.” He growls and they nod.

“Yes sir.” They say as he leaves and I raise an eyebrow.

“What a hardass.” I say and then look at their fire pit. “Flint or matches?”

“Flint.” Peter says and Keenan sighs. “It’s part of a merit badge.”

“The how to not set up a fire merit badge?” I ask and he passes me the flint. “Flint is always ten times harder.”

“You’re telling us.” Keenan says as I start to strike it. All four of us take turns trying.

It takes about ten minutes before we can get a decent sized fire going, it getting pretty dark out. All the other scouts come back and Keenan looks at me. 

“We can walk you back to your campsite.” He offers and Peter nods and stands. I was glad they were going to, they seemed nice enough. Not like creepy rapists or anything.

We began to walk and I could help looking back at Keenan and biting my lip. He was really attractive, I couldn’t deny that.

“What are you waiting for Keenan?” Peter asks and tosses him a bottle. “Offer the nice girls a drink.”

I look at what he holds, a bottle of Jack Daniels. I gasp. “How the fuck did you sneak that in?”

“He never checks.” Keenan shrugs and opening it, passing it to me. I take a gulp, hating and loving the taste at the same time. I had no idea what I was doing, drinking with two boy scouts and my best friend on my way back to a camp. “Like it?”

I nod and pass him back the bottle. He takes a swig before passing it to Peter. “Maybe camping isn’t so bad.” I smirk and look at him as he laughs.

“Not happy to be with young kids?” He asks and I shake my head.

“I don’t mind it so much, but it’s mainly for the car that my moms offering.” I shrug. 

“The proverbial carrot in front of your nose?” He smirks as we stop walking and sit down in the forest. “My dad signed me up for this. I hated it at first.” He says as the bottle comes back around to me. I look over at Peter and Kristy, both talking to each other. I knew she wasn’t drunk enough to make a move on him yet, get enough booze in her though and she turns into a slut.

“At first?” I take another drink and pass it to him. He drinks a bit before giving it back. 

“Well, you get to meet cool people. See awesome things. Get wasted in a forest.” He smirks. 

“So you do this often?” I ask and he laughs and shakes his head.

“Will you think I’m less of a badass if I say no?” He asks and I giggle. “But no, I don’t. Well, usually not with girls. I’m usually stuck with Peter over here.”

“Ouch.” Peter looks at him and Kristy and I laugh. 

“You drink often?” He asks me and I shake my head.

“I have. But I wouldn’t say often. More just breaking into my mom and dads liquor cabinet and spiking my drinks.” I admit. “Oh, and the one party Kristy brought me to, also known as the giant orgy.” His eyes widen and I laugh again. “I left before hand.”

“God, trying to give me a heart attack?” He asks and I laugh and take another big gulp. “What are you going to tell them when you get back?”

“They’ll be asleep by the time we get back. They’re ten. Plus, Kristy and I have our own tent.” I shrug. “You?”

“That you girls wouldn’t let us leave until we properly thanked you.” He jokes and I raise an eyebrow.

“And how would that be?” I ask and he smirks.

“How do you want us to?” He asks and tries to pass over the bottle, neither of them taking it. “I guess the rest is for us.”

“Good, because I’m not sleeping with you until I’m really drunk.” I smirk and he rolls his eyes. 

“Apparently it takes your friend three shots of Jack.” He says and I look over. She straddled Peter’s lap, he had her hands all over her as they made out. I would be lying if I said it didn’t turn me on a little bit, especially when he squeezed her ass tightly.

“Your friend a douche?” I ask and he shakes his head. “Good.”

He laughs. “I’m guessing your friend isn’t a herpes ridden bitch?” He asks and I burst out laughing, starting to feel the affects of the alcohol hit my system. “So how am I going to thank you?”

I think and then look back over at Peter and Kristy, them just kissing, not going any further. “Tell me what you would do to me if I gave you total control of my body.”

I didn’t know why I was acting like such a slut. It was probably the mixture of the alcohol and Keenan’s hotness. Or maybe I was just a slut and didn’t know it.

He raises an eyebrow. “Well I would start by kissing you, slowly…” He says and I smirk, looking at him. “Then kissing all over your body… Every inch of you. Then…” He smirks. “I would tell you to go back to your camp.”

I look at him. “What?”

“I’m a virgin. I don’t just fuck random girls in forests.” He says and chuckles softly. I roll my eyes, still smiling. 

“I am too.” I say and look at him. “I’ll give you the stupid boy scout honour handshake or whatever shit you guys do to prove you aren’t lying.”

He laughs. “I believe you!”

I smile and then lean in, kissing him softly. His eyes widen, and then he kisses me back, wrapping his arms around me. He pulls me close as I kiss him deeply, slipping my tongue into his mouth. He kisses back with just as much passion, rubbing my back, pulling me closer.

I break the kiss and then look at him. “Do you trust me?”

He nods and then kisses me again, running his hands through my hair. I wanted him to pull my hair, throw me to the ground and fuck my virginity away, again the alcohol talking. But he didn’t, he just kissed me.

“Close your eyes.” I whisper to him and he nods, following my command without hesitation. “And don’t open them for any reason.”

I kiss him again, swirling my tongue around his mouth a couple times before moving down and kissing his neck, making sure to not make any mark as my hands get to work on undoing his pants. I can hear him moan softly as I let his cock free, semi hard already.

I give it a few strokes to start, getting it to harden even more. I had given a blowjob once before, to get a boyfriend off my back about actually fucking. The next day he fucked one of my friends up the ass because I never gave him anything. 

I check to make sure his eyes are closed and then kiss him softly one more time. I then go down and look at his cock, it being average sized, around six inches, maybe closer to seven. Uncut. I didn’t care that Peter and Kristy were sitting right beside us, actually forgot about them.

I stroke his cock and then lower my mouth onto his head, his body shuddering lightly. I take the head into my mouth and he groans, probably never being touched like this. I just hoped he would last, wanting to make it really good for him.

I swirl my tongue around the tip, still stroking around the base with one of my hands. I take another inch of him in my mouth and then remove it completely, wanting to tease him a little. I play with his balls for a moment, and then go back down, sucking a bit more. 

He starts to breath heavily, his hand moving to the back of my head and stroking my hair lightly. I lick up the entire length of his cock and then look at him, his eyes still closed, trying the best to stay as quiet as possible.

I increase my speed, being able to take most of him into my mouth. I started to think that this was stupid, but his groans of approval kept me going. I suck him hard and fast for a moment, then slow down. 

I felt his throbbing cock in the back of my throat, almost ready to burst. I stop for a moment, glad that he has held off this long, but wanting him to have a great orgasm. 

He bites his lip, the strain on his face to hold back. I go back down and start to play with his balls as I suck him, him groaning loudly as he finally climaxes. 

Rope after rope of hot sticky cum shoots into the back of my throat. I swallow all of it, loving his taste. I always thought it would be disgusting to swallow, so I spit my first time giving a blowjob. But this time I felt compelled to swallow.

After he finishes I look up at him and lean do up his pants, looking at him. “Open your eyes.” I say and then take a sip of Jacks. 

He opens his eyes and then looks at me and smiles. “Wow… Did that really just happen?”

“I hope it did. If it didn’t then you drugged me.” I say and then stand up, looking and Kristy and Peter. She was of course topless, still just making out though. “Kristy, we should head back.” I say and then Keenan looks at me. 

“Can we see each other again?” He asks and I nod and kiss him.

“Tomorrow. Same place.” I smile at him brightly as Kristy dresses herself. “See you then Keenan.” I say and then kiss him one more time, deeply.

He and Peter stay there as Kristy and I walk off. She looks at me and raises an eyebrow. “You seem happy.”

I smirk and then hit her arm as we get back to our site. “Shut up.” 

* * * * 
Going to do another chapter soon. 😀

Katie’s Discovery 1 By BeastKen4


A story about a young girl who has been wondering about her best friend and how she feels for her..friendship wise and sexually.My name is Katie Wilsnik. 
I’m not going to say my life is hard, but it has it’s share of problems. I never really fit in with anyone at school. I was never sure why. I was skinny, but with a little bit of baby fat in my stomach area. I had blonde hair, green eyes and decent sized tits. 36C. I didn’t dress any differently than anyone else. I was very nice, and I used to help people with all their problems. But when It came to my problems, no one seemed to care. So to this day I don’t know what I did wrong to deserve being an outcast. 

But there was a girl. My best friend. Jamie. She stuck with me all throughout school ; starting in the 1st grade. We did everything together. Projects, homework, volleyball, everything. She was way prettier than me in my opinion, and I think everyone else in school would agree also. She was 15, 5’6, very skinny and fit, blonde hair and DD tits. She was the image of perfection. 

Almost every day after school we would walk home to my house and sit on my steps. We would talk for at least an hour or two, bouncing stupid thoughts off each other. But when it came time for me to go inside, I would ask her if she’d like to come in and hang out more but she always nicely declined, saying she had other things she needed to do at home or her parents would ground her. It was not really a big deal to me, but it always made me wonder. Why would my best friend not want to come in my house? Did she legitimately have to go home all those days over the past couple years? Or was she making an excuses..

What hurt the most is that I had a slight crush on Jamie. I mean, who wouldn’t? I never told her or anyone else about it because I myself did not know what my feelings truly were. Just the sight of her body made me all warm inside. Sometimes making me a bit wet in school when she would wear her short shorts, showing off her beautiful legs and perfectly round ass. Seeing her bend over, looking in her shirt just drove me wild. But I was always confused because I didn’t think I was gay or even bisexual..

My birthday was slowing coming up. I was about to turn 16. My sweet 16. The day every girl looks forward to. I wanted it to be perfect. My parents said they had something planned for me, but naturally they wouldn’t tell me what it was. Was it going to be a car? I couldn’t wrap my head around that idea. But what really was on my mind was if Jamie was going to come over or not. My birthday would not be the same without her.

About a week before my birthday, I wrote out a bunch of invitations that I was going to pass out at school. All the invites were the same, but I put a bow on top of Jamie’s. I walked into school the next day and passed them out to all my close friends (which at the time was only around 3 or 4, including Jamie.) They all seemed excited for it. But when I gave Jamie hers, she looked at it, smiled and put it in her desk and didn’t say a word. I didn’t know what to say. Was she rejecting it? Does she not want to go? I didn’t ask. I walked away looking at the ground. I’m starting to wonder if she is really my best friend or not.

It is now the day before my party and I have heard from all my friends but Jamie. I started to get more and more sad, not knowing what she was thinking. 

Birthday comes. Everything is what I imagined. My parent’s would not let me outside, so I was assuming they had gotten me a car. My excitement was out of this world. But deep down, I was unhappy because Jamie didn’t show up. Walking around the house, pacing, thinking if I should call her or not. But I decided against it and just told myself she had better things to do.

My parents called for me and everyone to go to the living room. We all gathered in, sitting in a circle around the table. My cake awaited me, candles already burning. Everyone started to sing happy birthday. I listened, but it seemed like all I could think about was Jamie. “Katie!!” jumped. “Katie, what’s wrong? Blow out your candles!” I looked down to see the candles half-way melted. I closed my eyes and blew them out.
Mom called us all over to the front door. 

“Now, Katie, me and your Father did all that we could for you, so I hope you like it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!”

The door opened and my heart sank. Not because of the car, but because of Jamie slowly walking up my lawn. She was wearing a tank top with no bra on with pink pajama type shorts on. She looked gorgeous. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. As her chest pressed against mine, my nipples got hard as they rubbed against hers. I looked at her, then looked at the car (which was a hunk of shit, by the way), then looked at her again and smiled. We all walked back into the house.

Night time comes and my friends started calling their parents to see if they were allowed to sleep over my house for the night. All of them said no. Except one.. Jamie. Knowing she was going to be sleeping in my room with me made me feel ways that I never felt before. I felt like I was going through my first crush all over again.

“Alright, Katie. I can stay!!” said Jamie with a smile on her face.

“SWEET!! This is going to be so much fun!!” I replied, almost yelling in excitement. 

We walked up to my room as my parents cleaned up the mess everyone left from the party.

“Goodnight, girls! I hope you guys had a fun time. Happy birthday, again!” said my mother.

We walked into my room and it was a mess. I was so embarrassed. She could see it in my face.

“I-I’m sorry for the room..” I said, quietly.

“It’s okay! Mine is 100 times worse!” Jamie laughed. 

Smiling, I threw some clothes in the hamper to make my room a little more bearable. In the process of throwing clothes to the side, Jamie picked up one of my pink lace thongs. She started to giggle.
I looked behind me, seeing her with them in her hands. My heart started to race as thoughts started to run through my head.

“Jamie!! What are you doing!?” I yelled in a non-serious way.

“Haha, don’t worry, they are just panties. I really like them! Where did you get them?” 

Blushing, “I got them from Wal-mart..” I said, embarrassed.

“Damn! They look good! Mind putting them on for me? I’d like to see them on someone so I can decide if I should get a pair or not.”

My heart was beating out of my chest. 

“Oh..Alright, that’s cool. Hold on.”

I grab them from her and start to walk out of my room into the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” said Jamie.

“I was going to go put them on, remember?”

“Why do you have to leave the room? We are both girls. Get back in here, silly.” Jamie said with a smile.

I shyly walked backed in and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them to the ground along with my panties. I could see a big wet spot on them. I was shocked at how wet I got. Before I put the thong on, I couldn’t help but to nonchalantly run my hand over my pussy to see if I was still wet. My fingers got instantly soaked. 

I’m not sure if she noticed, so I just proceeded to put it on. 

“Wow! That looks AMAZING on you. Turn around for me?” 

Without a word, I turned around showing her my ass.

“Mmm, Katies got a nice booty!!” laughed Jamie as she walked over and smacked my ass.

I let out a loud moan. A moan that I’m sure my parents heard. My face turned red.

“Oh my god..I’m so sorry…” I said, very quietly.

“I-it’s no big deal..I didn’t know that would make you do that.” Jamie said kind of awkwardly. 

“It’s fine. You didn’t know..It is just a hotspot of mine.”

“Good to know, haha”. Jamie said after she winked.

I wondered why she winked…was she into me? Did she plan on doing things like that in the future? In the bottom of my heart, I really hoped she did. We proceeded to sit down on my bed, still in my thong. We talked for hours. Put makeup on each other. All the things normal teenage girls would do. 

1:34 AM in the morning and we start to get tired.

“Hey, Jamie..I think it’s time we go to bed. I’m really tired.” I said.

“Yeah, I agree. Where am I going to sleep? I have a sleeping bag so just tell me where to put it.” 

“Umm..You can sleep in the bed with me if you’d like? It’s a twin sized bed though..So it is probably going to be a tight fit.” I said, kind of shakily.

“Oh that’s cool! I hate the floor anyways.” 

We walked over to my bed and both laid down in it. I turned the light off and we got under the covers. I only had one pillow, but it was just big enough for two heads to fit on it. We were looking at each other face to face, nose to nose. She smiled.

“You know, I really had a good time tonight. I don’t know why I never came in the house before. I guess I was just scared.” said Jamie.

“…scared Of what?” I said with a pause.

“Well..You know how what happened earlier with you and the thong..?” she asked.


“Well..I see what you did with your hand. You went to go see if you were wet. And by the looks of your shiny fingers, I’d say you were quite wet.” She explained.

“I..Uh..” I stuttered as I looked down. 

“No, no! Don’t be ashamed..I liked it…why I’m saying I was always scared is because I was scared you’d do something like that..Showing you liked me. I was scared my true feelings would come out.”

As my heart raced, almost out of breath, I asked.

“What feelings?”

“These feelings…” Jamie said as she closed her eyes. 

She slowly moved closer to me and then landed a kiss on my lips. I did not hesitate. I began to kiss her back very slowly. Her lips were so soft. The taste of bubblegum lip gloss in my mouth. We kissed slowly for while, then started to pick up speed. She bit my lip. I let out a small moan. I bit hers back. She grinned and proceeded to slide her tongue in my mouth. We swirled our tongues around each other for a good time before we pulled back and looked at each other. 

“Wow..I can’t believe you went along with it.” She said to me.

“Well..It just so happens I was also scared about a time like this.” I replied.


“I always wanted to do something like this..But In my mind, it went more like this.”
With a confused look on her face, I grabbed her hand and put it down to my crotch. I slid her hand in my thong and rested her hand on my now dripping wet pussy.

A look of shock came across her face.

~This is my first time telling my story on the internet, and I was posting the first part to it to see how people would react to it. I will happily post the next part to this story if you guys would like it. Just leave a positive or negative rating showing how you liked it and if it gets more then 10 positive ratings I will release the next part! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!~

2 Slutty Sisters Part Two – Being Daddy

I woke up early the next afternoon to my phone buzzing from a new text message. I remembered the events of last night in a dizzying flash and I quickly swiped into my phone, eager to find out which of my two little sluts it was from. The message was from Rachel: “Daddy’s leaving in an hour, if you come over I promise I’ll be a good girl for you <3<3<3” I smiled and sent back “I’m your daddy tonight you little bitch, and if you aren’t as good as you’re promising I’m gonna show you how daddy treats a cocktease.” After a shower and some eggs I noticed that she’d texted me back “mmmm Drew you can do anything you want to me… I’m so wet… see you soon daddy ;)” My cock was sore from having jerked off twice more after I’d gotten home this morning – frantically flipping back and forth between the pictures of Rachel and Claire, imagining myself with them, in every hole, imagining them with each other – but Rachel’s last message was all it took for me to get fully, achingly erect as I was doing the dishes. It was going to be a fun day.

I pulled up at their house as the afternoon was turning into the evening. It was a rather sorry looking two story in a neighborhood that had seen better days but hadn’t fully gone off the rails – I supposed that owning a hotdog place didn’t really take you far in a city like Chicago. I knocked on the door and it only took a couple seconds for Rachel to fling it open, and she was truly a sight: tight black t-shirt cut off just below her tits, her flat belly curving down to meet a pair of black shorts that hugged her round ass and ended just above where they probably should have, exposing the bottom of her soft, plump butt cheeks. I didn’t have long to admire the view though as she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside and wrapped her arms around me, getting onto her tiptoes to meet my mouth, our tongues sliding over one another, my hands grabbing and kneading her butt through the soft cotton of her shorts while she pressed her body tightly against mine. Even after a minute Rachel seemed unwilling to stop kissing me, hungrily shoving her tongue into my mouth, grinding against me even more intensely as my hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts to find she wasn’t wearing underwear, reaching down to roughly grip her soft buttcheeks as she moaned, finally relaxing her stance to rest her head against my chest. 

“Mmmm Drew… I’ve been so wet all day… I can’t believe how good you fucked me last night!” she said, looking up at me happily. I roughly grabbed a fistful of her short hair and moved her head up so she had to stand slightly on her tiptoes, a gasp of surprised pain quickly followed by a low throaty moan of pleasure escaped her in quick succession. “It’s ‘Daddy’ tonight Rachel, don’t make me remind you again.” I told her sternly. Rachel smiled, her breathing deep and ragged, “Ohh… I’m sorry Daddy I forgot…” and as she started to press her hips against me, practically humping my leg, she added “I promise I won’t forget again… I promise I’ll be a good girl for you…” I released her hair and cupped her cheek in my hand, “That’s it baby, I knew you’d be good.” 

For the first time I looked the house, and noticed that in front of me was a staircase leading up to the second floor, and to my right there was a wide opening into a cluttered living room with an old tv and a couple shabby chairs and a large couch… and Claire was sitting on it seemingly looking at her phone, clearly able to see and hear everything that had been going on. I was caught completely off guard by her presence – I couldn’t believe that Rachel had been willing to talk so dirty, to be so explicitly sexual, in front of her younger sister. Claire had obviously been watching us, and when our eyes met she gave me a small, shy smile. Rachel must have noticed my surprised look because she turned to see what I was looking at and gave a frustrated snarl “Ugh, Claire I told you to go to your fucking room!” Claire pointedly ignored her and Rachel turned back to me, “Don’t worry about her, she’s seen me have boys over and she won’t tell. She just hangs around cuz she’s jealous she’s not pretty enough to get any boys.” Rachel said a little too loudly, probably to make sure that her sister heard. That got an eyeroll out of Claire and she sunk deeper into the couch, embarrassed or upset at her sister’s remarks. “I’m going to go pee, then I’ll show you my room Daddy!” Rachel exclaimed, and trotted past her sister deeper into the house. 

Claire and I looked at each other for a moment after Rachel had left. She looked so young and innocent, she wore a white blouse and a knee length skirt with bright flowers on it and her brown hair hung behind her in braided pigtails, I couldn’t believe that this little girl was the same one who I’d seen with two fingers buried in her little cunt on my phone last night. I walked over and sat in front of her on the coffee table, “I liked the text you sent me last night Claire,” I told her. Her cheeks reddened becomingly and a pleased smile broke out on her face, “I almost couldn’t send it… I didn’t think there was any way you’d be interested… that you’d think I was silly…” she whispered, and she lifted her eyes to mine and gave me an intense look and added forcefully, “But I had to try! I had to let you know how I felt… I know you’re going to fuck my sister, but… Drew I want you to fuck me too! She always gets the boys! Even the one time I had a boy over, she ended up taking him to her room!” She had been talking faster and faster, and by the end of her fervently whispered tirade her eyes began filling up with tears. I shook my head, trying to process what this lithe little girl was telling me. “That’s horrible Claire.” I started, truthfully offended on Claire’s behalf, but also turned on at the imagine of Rachel seducing her sister’s young boyfriend, “You’re right, I am going to fuck Rachel today, but you are one sexy little girl, and I’m going to be thinking of you the whole time, and I promise that I’m going to take you up on your offer at the first opportunity!” Claire gave a delighted smile and looked over my shoulder, checking for her sister’s return. “Thanks Drew! Real quick before she comes back, do you want a closer look at me than I could give you on my phone?” Without waiting for an answer she put her legs up on the edge of the couch, pulling her skirt down so it was at mid thigh, revealing her bald pussy, her puffy lips slightly parted and glistening as the late afternoon light shone through the thin fabric of her skirt. I couldn’t help myself with such a sight only a foot away, and I reached between her legs, palm up, and placed my middle finger at the entrance to her young cunt. Claire gave a low coo and closer her eyes as I slid it just barely inside, feeling the intense heat and tightness of her little hole and then I slowly moved it up to brush her small nub, lightly circling it, which elicited a soft little whimper. 

At a sound behind me Claire snapped her legs shut and quickly shifted them under her just before Rachel came in, eying Claire. “What do you think you’re still doing here? Do you think he wants to talk to you? I’m the one he came here to see!” When Claire didn’t answer Rachel slid into my lap, put her arms around my neck, and started talking to me like her sister wasn’t even there. “You know what I think Daddy? I think she’s jealous, I think she’s got a little crush on you, and she’s trying to get some revenge on me.” She gave me a wicked smile, “Last time she brought a boy over I ran into him in the hallway wearing just my underwear, totally accidentally of course, and he couldn’t stop staring at my boobs. Claire doesn’t have any boobs, she looks like she’s eight, so I took pity on the poor boy and I asked if he wanted to touch them.” Rachel laughed at that, adding, “He came back to my room and I let him suck on them and then I had to return the favor so I sucked him off.” She gave me a wide, innocent look. “Claire was really upset about it but I told her that I couldn’t help it if her boyfriend wanted a woman like me instead of a stupid little girl! He thought I was way sexier, just like you Daddy!” Claire had listened to this silently, tears falling onto her cheeks as her sister’s monologue continued, and at the end she let out a sob and leapt off the couch and ran up the stairs, the sound of a door slamming followed soon after.

Rachel watched her sister leave and laughed as she got up from my lap. She put her hands on her hips and smiled, “Sorry about that Daddy! I got us some beers too, now that I’ve got that little brat out..” I interrupted her gloating with a quick, firm slap to her face. Her surprised look was priceless, tears immediately filled her wide eyes, her mouth was agape, “Drew what are…” she began which I interrupted with another slap. “It’s Daddy tonight you little bitch, and you just lost any chance you had of talking yourself out of this!” I snarled, standing up and grabbing her teen body and sitting down on the couch. I pulled her down with me over my lap, and she was still too surprised or too small to put up much resistance against me. My left hand pressed against her back to keep her from trying to push herself up while my right swiftly slid her her shorts down to her knees, exposing her bare teen bottom. Rachel was breathing with deep gasps, her thighs were already wet with her juices, I smiled, knowing I’d been exactly right about how far this little teen whore would let me go. As she lightly, unconvincingly, struggled against my firm grip she managed to whimper, “Nooo… no Daddy please I’m sorry I forgot again… please don’t…” and it was then that I brought the palm of my hand firmly on to her soft cheek, the pale skin immediately blushing pink, her yowl of pain quickly becoming a gasp as I spanked her other cheek. “I can’t believe you did that to your sister!” I growled at her, “A big sister is supposed to look out for her little sister! You’re supposed to be taking care of her, making sure she feels good and safe, not being a greedy little whore and fucking her boyfriend and rubbing her nose in it!” I continued to lay into her ass, enjoying the feeling of my rough hand smacking against her soft flesh, her squeals of pain, and her increasingly incoherent pleading and sobbing. “Daaaaaady…!!””she wailed, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry I’m such a slut daddy… I couldn’t help it pleeeeaaase…” I ignored her and continued holding her tightly down, slapping her ass over and over again, her cheeks now a deep red, her pussy peeking out between her thighs and seemed to be pouring out a stream of fluid, soaking my lap. 

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw that Claire was standing at the top of the stairs, her face avidly focused on us, her mouth open. We made eye contact and she gave me a lusty, wolfish smile, and slowly lifted her skirt, exposing her bald little puss, and brought her other hand down and made a show of touching herself while she watched me abuse her big sister. Without taking my eyes off of the show Claire was putting on I said loudly, “You like that don’t you, you dirty little slut?” As Claire’s smile widened and she nodded her head emphatically, Rachel moaned into the couch, “Oh yes Daddy I like it when you hit me… I like it when you tell me I’ve been bad… please, please, please let me show you I’m good… I’ll do whatever you want… let me show you I’m sorry Daddy please…?” At this point the combination of watching Claire masturbate while I spanked her slutty teen sister had me almost ready to just blow in my pants, so when she started scooting herself backwards so that her face was over my lap, I allowed it, “Alright baby,” I told her as she started unzipping my pants, “Show Daddy you’ll be a good girl now.” As she finished undoing my pants my cock practically leapt out, it felt bigger and harder than it ever had before as she quickly wrapped her soft hand around the base and leaned down, running her tongue back and forth along the underside before taking my head into her mouth. I groaned at the sensation of her warm wet mouth sliding onto me and I grabbed her ass hard, my fingers reaching for her tight teen pussy, and finding it open and wet I immediately shoved two fingers deeply inside. She gasped around my hard-on as my fingers entered her, and then moaned deeply as the tight walls of her cunt spasmodically tightened, squeezing my fingers hard. I mercilessly fucked her pussy with my fingers as she continued to pant and gasp with my cock in her mouth, her juices getting all over my hand, my other hand gripped her hair tightly and forced her head farther down my cock, she gagged loudly as the head pushed into the tight constriction of her throat. I held her head there for a moment, watching Claire as she slid down onto the floor, frigging herself with increasing speed. I lifted Rachel’s head up and she took in a deep, gasping breath of air while I placed my slickened thumb over her asshole and slowly pressed it inside. Rachel immediately jerked as if electrocuted and gave a high, loud groan, her pussy and asshole squeezing my digits like a vice, her body shaking, “That’s right you naughty slut, all your holes are mine now.” I told her sternly. “Uh… uhhhh…” she grunted as pushed my thumb in past the blistering hot resistance of her asshole. I looked up and little Claire was now lying on her side at the top of the stair, watching us through half closed eyes, fingers buried under her skirt, body writhing, mouth gaping. “Uhhhhhh….. Daaaaaaadddyyyy…. Aaaahhhhh!!” Rachel moaned, and began frenziedly sucking on my cock again, the renewed stimulation (and the sight of her little sister’s ectasy) was enough to immediately put me over the edge, and I let out a long, loud groan as the first rope of cum shot deep into Rachel’s throat, as the muscles of her sphincter contracted brutally around my thumb with the strength of her own climax, as Claire shook and jerked on the carpet of the second floor, watching her big sister and I, her hot little cunt stretching around the fingers she’d shoved inside. And as my cum continued to fill Rachel’s throat, quickly overcoming her ability to swallow and leaking out the sides of her mouth, the three of us shared this moment that just seemed to stretch on in an endless wave of potent, blinding pleasure.

I must have lost myself in the intensity of my orgasm, because the next thing I was conscious of was sitting there feeling extremely satisfied, Rachel smiling, eyes closed on my lap, my depleted cock resting on her cheek, cum drooling out of it onto her face, and Claire nowhere to be seen, the hallway upstairs empty. I smiled down at Rachel, “I can’t believe we didn’t even get to the fucking, baby. You’re such a sexy little thing.” Rachel beamed but kept her eyes closed, “Mmmmm… I can’’t believe you made me cum like that with just your fingers, Daddy! That felt crazy! I almost think I need a nap now.” “Well then I better get you into bed!” I said as I gently slid my arms beneath her and lifted her up easily – despite her ample breasts and plump ass she was still pretty small even for fifteen. Her eyes fluttered open with surprise, and then she laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck, nuzzling me sleepily as I carried her up the stairs. She directed me toward her bedroom, right next to Claire’s (her door was shut and some music was playing softly inside) and across from her dad’s bedroom and the bathroom. I lay her down in her bed and pulled the covers up over her, and she looked up at me with a sleepy pout, “Don’t you want to snuggle me Daddy? My other daddy’s not going to be home for another couple hours, and maybe if we have a little nap I could wake you up like a good girl.” I leaned down and cupped her cheek, my thumb wandering over her moist lips. “Well that’s an offer I can’t refuse baby, but I’m gonna take a shower first, I’ll be in in a few minutes, okay?” She smiled and nestled her head into the pillow, “Okay Daddy… come back soon… I can’t believe you made me cum like that…” she mumbled, seeming to already be mostly asleep. I patted her head and stoop up, tiptoeing out of the bedroom and softly closing the door. 

When I turned around I was surprised to see Claire standing in the hallway, so short her head barely came above my waist, looking up at me with bright eyes. “She always falls asleep like that after sex, but I’d never seen her do it just from finger stuff!” she whispered, and gave me a coy smile as she added “I heard you say you were taking a shower, do you need help cleaning up Daddy?”