An unexpected shag.. With my sister!! PART 3 BY MR. CUMALOT


The next part of mine and Helens storyChapter 3. This bit is a bit boring to begin with but this is what happened and if you want just sex theres always porn vids XD lol.
I hope you enjoy this part as much as the other 2. I did struggle writing this one so it might be a bit naff. Looking forward to comments good and bad.

I woke up suddenly due to the front door closing, so I guess mum and dad didn’t check mine and Helens rooms this morning. Well they may have, but then I’m sure all hell would have broke loose rather than them leaving us to sleep naked together. I turned over to find Helen still fast asleep. Even when she’s asleep im stunned by how amazing she looks. She had a little smile on her face, I hope what she was dreaming was nice, hopefully it was about last night. 

I got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to have a shower. I left it running for a while to heat up and turned on the radio, for some reason I was completely surprised that the presenters were talking normally, I had just slept with my sister and the world was still going on as normal.
Now the water was hot enough i got in the shower and started lathering up my body with soap still completely thinking about last night.
One of my sisters favourite songs started playing on the radio, you know one of them really annoying chart songs that everyone loves for a week until you decide it’s terrible. Looks like everything was pointing back at last night and the fact me and my sister fucked.

I got out the shower, wrapped a towel around me and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. 

As i was daydreaming, putting butter on my toast I didn’t even hear Helen creep up on me, she tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and she gave me a kiss on the lips, not a passionate one just a peck, but one that you would give you partner.

“Hey sexy,” Helen said.

“Hey yourself.” 

I got a good look at her, she was wearing one of my white t – shirts and nothing else. Wow she looked stunning, she looked so confortable around me knowing that her ass was showing and i could see her nipples through the top.
She grabbed one of my slices of toast and started headed upstairs.

“I’m going for a shower if you fancy joining me!” my sister said with a cheeky grin.

“Yeah maybe.”

Helen looked a little hurt that I didn’t jump at the chance, but carried on walking up the stairs anyway.

I sat at the kitchen table, putting my hands to my head thinking what the fuck was going on. My conscience was really kicking in, what me and Helen did was not acceptable and it had to stop. She’s my sister, how could this have happened. I know I find her attractive but last night went too far. But on the other hand Helen said she loved me and wanted me and I’ve never felt so intimate with anyone as much as with her. We both enjoyed it right? Right.

“Fuck it!”

We’ve done it once and loved it, we’ve already gone too far, how can doing it again make it worse. 

I got up and left the kitchen and hurried up the stairs. I heard the water from the shower still running but that wasn’t where I was heading. I went into Helen’s room, threw my towel on the floor and got onto my sisters double bed completely naked waiting for her.
It only took a few minutes for the water to stop, my heart start beating faster at the anticipation of what was to come.

Helen opened the bathroom door and I heard her walking towards her room, oblivious to the fact i was in there. As she walked in she was still dripping wet from the shower and only had a small towel wrapped around her. She looked over to the bed and saw me laying there and wow did she smile.

My naked sister came running onto her bed jumping on top of me. I felt the cold water cover me as she climbed on. 
Moving her hair back she starting kissing me, which I gladly returned. I pulled Helen closer to me and slid my tongue in her mouth. The passion was amazing as we tongue wrestled and caressed each other. I slid my hands down her soaked back and grabbed both ass cheeks and gave them a good squeeze causing Helen to moan.

“Ryan i want you so bad”
“I want you too sis”

Helen slid off me and starting kissing my chest and worked her way down slowly until she got to my dick. Straight away she put her mouth around my head getting a good taste of me. She grabbed hold of the rest of my dick and tossed me off fast whilst licking around the head. 
I grabbed hold of her wet hair and made Helen use her mouth to go up and down my dick pushing harder and faster. My sister looked like a right whore giving me a mind blowing blow job. 
Helen stopped and looked up to me and gave me a dirty smile as she climbed back up me and prepared herself to have my dick in her. 
I grabbed my dick and held it steady for her as she slowly sat down on top of it, letting my dick go right up her pussy. She wiggled about getting comfortable and as soon as it felt right she started bouncing up and down.
My sister looked so fucking hot bouncing up and down on my cock with her massive boobs bouncing along with her.
I grabbed hold of her love handles and pushed her down hard making Helen scream. She lent towards me so I could get a good suck on her hard nipples. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to grab her everywhere and touch everything and suck on what ever I could. I started pushing up as i was pulling her down pounding my sisters pussy.

I slowed down and made her get off me and bend over. She got off the bed and lent over it, spreading her legs so I could get full access.
I got behind her and slid my dick into her sopping wet pussy, and it wasn’t the water from the shower either, it was her pussy juices and it was dripping down her leg. I grabbed hold of her love handles again and started pounding my dick into her pussy once again.


Them words really got me going, hearing Helen talking dirty to me telling me to fuck her. I pounded my dick into her as hard as I could. Not long after I felt my dick getting ready to cum.

“I’m coming Helen”

I thrusted my cock into her pussy so hard it started hurting, I spunked straight into her pussy making me shake. It felt like a lot and Helen could feel it shoot into her making her moan. 
I pulled my dick out of her and some of my cum starting oozing out of her so Helen put her fingers in herself grabbing a scoop and started sucking it off her fingers.

“That was amazing,” I panted.
“It sure was and you taste good” Helen said in between cleaning her fingers with her saliva.

We were both soaked from sweat by the end as we collapsed onto the soaking wet bed. We laid there cuddling and kissing like a couple. It was really nice, I wanted my sister all to myself.

“How do you feel?” I asked.
“I’m good babe you?”
“Fantastic thanks. That was amazing! Do you feel guilty though?”
“Well yeah your my brother Ryan. What we’re doing is wrong. But I have always found you attractive and It feels good, almost right.”
“But it’s not right is it. What would happen if mum and dad found out. We’d be disowned and the police would get involved”
“Then we can keep it our little secret. If you want that?”
“I do, I really like you Helen”
“Then shh and kiss me”

With that we started kissing.

It got to about lunch time and I started getting a little bit hungry. We were just chilling out laying on Helen’s bed so i suggested we went and got some food.

We went into the kitchen and put on a pizza and sat at the dining room table and carried on chatting. Without my sister’s hand in my pants this time. We ate the pizza and Helen was still a bit hungry so she got a Ice lolly from the freezer and started sucking on it really seductively whilst looking at me.

“I like sucking on lollies, but I prefer yours,” Helen teased.

I watched as she licked from the base of the lolly to the top and then used her tongue to flick the tip before taking it all in her mouth.
Helen looked down to my groin and saw my bulge.

“Looks like I get to have your lolly then”

I looked down seeing the bulge in my shorts. I got up and took helens ice lolly from her and pulled down my shorts.
Helen took no time on getting on her knees and slid my dick in her mouth. Her mouth was freezing from the ice lolly and it made the blow job ten times better. I loved how she got my dick all in her mouth and down her throat. She was really good at giving head.
I stopped Helen and got her to stand up. I cleared the dining room table and sat her on it. I pulled down her leggings and knickers and spread her legs. 
Helens pussy was already wet before I started. I guess she’d been horny for a while. I sat on the chair in front of her and leant in to get a taste of my sisters pussy.

I spread Helens lips with my fingers and started licking up her juices making her moan. I run my tongue around the hole before sliding it in as far as I could. When my tongue was inside i flicked my tongue in all directions feeling the walls. I took my tongue out and I dont know what urged me to but i slid my thumb and finger in her pussy making them wet. I then left my thumb in there but i slid my finger up my sisters ass hole.

“Oww that hurts Ryan”
“Want me to stop?”
“No, I kind of like it”

I went back in between my sisters legs and started licking my sisters clit. Teasing it by licking around it then slightly touching it then full on sucking at it. While im doing this my finger was sliding in and out of my sisters ass and my thumb was deep in her pussy. I carried on pleasuring my sisters clit and her moaning was getting louder and her fingers were playing with my hair. 

“I’m cumming Ryan,” Helen screamed.

As she said that I sped up my finger in her ass and started licking at her pussy hole getting all the juices from the orgasm. Helen was wriggling from the pleasure and was moaning really loud. I thrusted my finger in her ass one last time then took it out.

I finished clearing her up with my tongue and got up and kissed her so she got a good taste of herself.
I went to carry on and put my dick in her but she stopped me.

“Nah uh, you got to wait until later,” Helen teased.
“What, but I haven’t finished.”

Helen got up and pulled her leggings and knickers back up and left the kitchen. I just stood there stunned.
A few minutes later Helen came running down stairs fully clothed and with her bag.

“I’ll be back later babe, just going shopping,” Helen said.

Before I could protest Helen had blown me a kiss and was out the door.
I pulled up my shorts and cleaned the dining room table.

I didn’t see Helen until the evening when she came running in and up the stairs with a bunch of shopping bags, by that time mum and dad were already home and I just had to pretend like I didn’t care.

The next chapter you’ll find out what was in the shopping bags and the end to mine and my sisters story.

An unexpected shag.. With my sister PART 2 BY MR. CUMALOT


Carrying on from chapter 1 (obviously lol) I got this one out pretty quickly as chapter 1 had no fucking.I didn’t have to wait long before hearing Helen running up the stairs, but before she came into my room she first went to see mum. Before I could start panicking about what they were talking about Helen was in my room and putting the stopper in my door.

“Mum just said she’s going to be at least an hour working and dads not due back for a while,” Helen said with a big smile.

I decided not to put the dvd back on as it had sex scenes in it, even though it would of made us hornier I’m sure mum would hear moaning and come barging in, so I put on some music instead, loud enough to cover our noises but quiet enough to hear other peoples.

Helen came straight towards me and passionately started kissing me, sliding her tongue in my mouth. Damn she tasted good. I pushed her onto the bed and started taking off her damp leggings. Her breathing became very hard and fast with excitement which got me even hornier.
Once the leggings were off I went back to kissing her yummy lips. In all the times I’ve kissed girls I’ve never been this passionate and wanting more. Helen drove me crazy.

We kept kissing passionately as i slid my hand between Helens legs. Her knickers were still on so I moved them over with my fingers and felt the most warmest, wettest and inviting pussy ever. I slid 1 finger into her hole at first to get her started. Last thing I needed was for mum to hear Helen scream.
I slid another finger in and started finger fucking my sisters pussy pretty damn hard and she loved it!! Helen was moaning in my ear and saying my name over and over.

I took my fingers out of her pussy and started rubbing her clit, this really did get her. I had to shove my tongue in her mouth to shut her up. She retaliated by scratching my back really hard, so hard in fact she drew blood.

As i rubbed her clit faster Helens hips started rocking back and forth. She was close.

“OMG Ryan, your amazing. I love it, I love you, I want you”

I was really going for it now. I needed her to come. I frantically rubbed her clit encouraging her to cum. Her breathing got fast and shallow then she let out a squeal. I kissed her quickly and slid my fingers in her pussy as I felt her orgasm crush my fingers. 

I stopped playing with my sisters pussy to give her chance to to settle down. She was playing with my hair and smiling at me, her eyes fixed to mine.

“That was incredible, thank you Ryan” 

She was talking to me like she was in love with me, her lover, well I was about to stop this moment.

“Im glad, but I’m not done with you yet. You got a taste of me earlier, now i get to taste you.”

Boy did her eyes widen. She definitely wasn’t expecting this, but there I was going down on her.

I took off her knickers and spread Helens legs and took a good look at her pussy. It was fully shaven and Helen being a bigger girl her lips were a bit bigger and they looked tasty. I put my head between her legs and took a big inhale to smell her juices, it was amazing. I used my fingers to spread her lips and slid my tongue in her hole licking up the juices that were already there and making a new lot for me to lick up.
Helen wrapped her legs around my head so there was no escape, it looked like id have to eat her out to get out. As her legs were wrapped around my head I couldnt hear anything so mum could come in any time from Helens moans, I’m hoping she’s covering her moans up.

Time was oblivious to me being trapped eating my sisters pussy. I only knew she was getting wetter and wetter, but once again our moment was ruined.

Helen’s legs unwrapped and I heard him.

“I’M HOME!!!!” dad called up.

“shit…shit” Helen was moving around frantically hiding her clothes and then she threw herself in my bed so that her pussy was covered.

I jumped up and grabbed a magazine from my side and Helen got her phone.

My dad threw open my bedroom door, so it turns out my door stopper is crap.

“Hey guys I’m back… Aww you having a romantic night in together?” dad said.

“Haha funny dad, you ok? how was work? I asked.

“I’m ok, work was tiring, I’m going straight to bed though, where’s your mother?’

“she’s in the study,” I answered.

“Ok well don’t you two stay up too late will you. Helen you not talking? why don’t you give your dad a kiss goodnight?”

“Huh what?” Helen pretended not to hear because of her phone, but I saw the look of fear in her eyes. How could she get up without showing thats she’s got a soaking wet pussy in my bed?

“I’m joking kiddo, I know your too old for that, I remember when you used to say you loved me too before going to sleep but time flys”

“Night dad, love you” said Helen.

“Yeah night dad”

Dad left the room chuckling to himself and talking about the good old times.

“That was too close. Can you imagine what he’d do if he saw me naked waist down?”

“Yeah it wouldn’t be pretty”

We heard quiet talking from mum and dad, I guess mum gave up with work as we heard them both brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed.

“Night” mum shouted out.

“Night mum” me and Helen said in unison. “I’m going to bed too now,” Helen added.

Helen got out of my bed grabbed her stuff and darted into her room and shut the door behind her. I went to my door closing it and throwing my door stopper in the bin. Stupid thing.
It wasn’t long before I heard dad’s soft snoring and assumed they were both asleep. By this time the CD had finished and I was getting in bed. I sleep in just boxers as it’s far too hot, as I laid down i felt the wet patch on my side. Wow Helen left a great reminder of what just happened in my bed.

About 10 minutes later, as I laid there looking at my ceiling with the images of today in my head I heard my door close gently. I looked down and saw my sister standing there naked. Wow what a site, the 1st thing I noticed were her breasts. They were big and her nipples looked very suckable. Then her tummy, being a larger girl she had a bit of it there but it was perfect. It wasn’t huge, slightly more than average. 

She walked slowly over to my bed and pulled the covers and got in, covering herself with the covers again. My sister was naked in my bed and I became so aroused.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes Helen, I’ve thought about you naked for a long time now and your much sexier than I expected.”

“I want you to be my first”

“Are you sure. That is really going over the limit. I mean what we’ve done already is not normal. We can get in so much trouble.”

“Yes I’m sure, I’ve wanted this for a long time now”


Me and Helen started kissing again, more softly this time but still passionately enough to know we wanted each other badly. My hands we’re already caressing her amazing boobs and rubbing her tummy. I started playing with my sisters nipples and her hand went down to my boxers and starting rubbing my dick. I took off my boxers so that my sister could get a good hold of my cock.

“Suck me baby” 

“I dont know how”

“Just treat my cock like a lolly pop”

Helen hesitated but then went down and started licking my dick. Wow it was amazing, she may not know how to suck but she definitely can tease. Then she pulled my foreskin back showing my head and she slowly but it in her mouth.
My sister had the head of my cock in my mouth and was swirling her tongue all around it and sucking me hard.

“Ah that’s it baby” i gently moaned.

I grabbed my sisters hair and took control of the situation, i kept her head still as i pushed my dick further in and then out. As i kept doing this she took over herself. Now she was really going for it proving her sister was good at blowing and to finish it off she slid my whole dick in her mouth and down her throat, making her gag a little.

“How was that?” she asked.

“That was amazing, you can deep throat my cock anytime” 
Helen giggled.

“You ready?” I asked.


I laid Helen, my sister, onto my bed. She was breathing deeply. I slowly got on top of her and started kissing her, she responded by kissing me back and spreading her legs. I grabbed my dick and guided to Helens pussy. I slowly pushed it in, not too far but enough for Helen to get a feel of it and without her crying out. But even the little bit I put in caused a heavy in breath and a moan. I kissed her frantically to stop the noises again.

“It hurts, but it’s nice too” she said.

I agreed it was nice, my dick in her tight virgin pussy. I carried on pushing to get more in until it was all in. 
Helen scratched my back out in pain and pleasure and it felt good. Now my dick was all the way in her pussy was open enough for me to start, so I began slowly fucking my sister.
I enjoyed watching my sisters facial expressions and her boobs bouncing up and down in time with my dick.

“I love you Ryan”
“I love you too Helen”

I started thrusting harder and faster now and Helen was moaning with enjoyment. She loved my dick in her. I wanted to change positions but as it’s her first time I decided to carry on the way we were. Besides I was close to cumming.

As I felt myself about to explode I warned her.

“I’m cumming Helen”

“mm in my pussy”

I carried on fucking her until I felt my my shot of cum fly into her. I was shaking where it felt so good, as more cum was sent into my sisters pussy.
As it ended I laid down next to her, both of us panting hard.

“Thank you Ryan, you were amazing and you treated me great”
“Its ok sis”

We shared a kiss and snuggled up together to go to sleep, not thinking if mum or dad would wake up in the morning and come in to find us together.

“Hey, can we do it again tomorrow when mum and dad go to work?” Helen asked.
“Sure why not, were already going to hell!”

With that we fell asleep both looking forward to tomorrow.

End of chapter 2.. please add comments so i know if i’m doing ok. This is nearly the end to the true story but I can carry it on and you’ll love to hear the outcome.

Mum finds out I’m a Nudist … bit of a BIG surprise BY FITWITHBIGCOCK


My name is David and I’m 26 years old and lived in 1 bedroom flat in a small town in the UK. I had recently separated from my long-term girlfriend and so was now living alone. When I was younger, I remember my parents taking me to many nudists’ beaches on holiday in warmer countries. I was a bit too young to realise then or even care but obviously something was born into me then that never left.My parents were never nude around me once I reached my teenage years as I assume they didn’t want to force anything onto me as more of a lifestyle but I had my suspicions that they would still go on holiday to nude resorts as I moved away from home as I got older. They lived around half an hour away from my flat, but we caught up once or twice a month. As family’s do, we all had keys to each other’s houses but rarely needed them as we only went around when arranged.

It was a couple of years ago now that I really started to get the urge to get back into nudism, I had always liked wandering around the house naked but not so much in public. That feeling had certainly changed and after years of pestering I managed to get my ex-gf onto a clothing optional beach last year. She only agreed to this as she could leave some clothes on. I really enjoyed the experience and definitely wanted more. This was one of the main reasons for us breaking up as Jenny really didn’t like it and couldn’t face going again, and to the point where she even started getting upset with me walking around the house naked constantly. 

Although I was sad to be breaking up I was still happy and excited about the future possibilities that being naked had in store for me, not least having the freedom to roam around my own flat with it all hanging out again. I’m no catalogue model but I’m not in bad shape and proud of my appearance. I have always swum a lot in competitions and so have a typical swimmer’s body of powerful shoulders, arms, legs and firm round bum. Also due to swimming I’m almost always completely shaved. I do tend to leave a small trimmed area downstairs as I don’t like the completely bald look. Talking about downstairs, I was very proud of what was down there too, it hung nicely when soft but when hard reached 8” and was very thick. All of my partners had said it was the thickest one they’d ever seen, and it had girth as that I could just get my hands round it but generally women couldn’t.

Anyway, after Jenny left, I was really enjoying the freedom of the house again, I would often spend most of the day naked if I could. Being a flat in a larger block it was always warm and so didn’t cost a lot for the extra heating. The feeling of being without clothes was so amazing to me that I would often get aroused quickly and I would be at full mast for a large amount of time. I’d obviously have a play every now and again to keep it this way but the rush of being hard and naked was so good.

It was another one of those days that changed our family dynamic for good. It was a Friday evening and I had just returned from a work trip to Asia. It had been a very long and busy trip this time and I hadn’t had a lot of chance to be naked for long, even in my hotel room, and so I was really looking forward to tonight. After a long flight I had just finished in the shower and dried myself off and wandered towards the small kitchen at the front of the apartment. Without hesitation my cock was rising as normal and within seconds was up and hard. When I was stood up, as I was still young, it still stuck upwards as opposed to straight out and tonight looked pretty impressive I thought as I walked past the hall mirror. Once in the kitchen I put the radio on, grabbed a bottle of beer out of the fridge and was just putting a meal in the microwave. The problem with long business trips is coming home to an empty fridge. It must have been the combination of the radio and the microwave noise that I hadn’t heard the door but just as I was taking a sip of my beer my mum appeared in the door frame. 

Here I was stood stark naked with a huge hard on, sipping a beer, and am faced with my mother. Her mouth opened in shock as she struggled to hold onto her shopping bags, it was an awkward silence that seemed to last for eternity, her eyes transfixed on my groin. 

‘good god, look at the size of that thing’ she finally blurted out involuntarily. She then turned red with embarrassment as she recovered her senses. ‘I’m sorry David, I didn’t mean to ss s say that, you just caught me by surprise, I thought you weren’t back until tomorrow and I came round to put some shopping in the house for you’

‘sorry mum, didn’t mean to shock you’ although seeing the look in her eyes and the words she spat out had made me even harder as I was enjoying the awkwardness of my mum. ‘and thanks for the shopping’ I added.

‘it’s ok love, you weren’t to know I was planning to come round, and it’s your flat, it’s just you’ve grown a lot since I last saw you naked’ she laughed ‘anyway, really need to get this shopping away’

‘thanks Mum, let me help, there’s some wine in the fridge if you want a glass’ I said

After the initial awkwardness and shock my mum was really cool with the whole situation, getting on with the shopping, now she was still glancing over regularly as my cock was loving the situation and showed no signs of going down.

We finished putting the shopping away and headed into the lounge for a sit down. It was very surreal us both sat on the sofa next to each other with my rigid pole still pointing northwards. 

‘the benefits of youth’ mum joked ‘not going down soon is it?’

‘haha, I can’t complain’ I said cockily

‘I bet you can’t, I hope you don’t mind me saying but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one that thick’ she commented

My cock twitched as the compliment left my mum’s mouth ‘Yes, most have said the same Mum’ I said a little cockily

‘So did Jenny like going nude too?’ she asked

‘no, afraid not’ I said ‘she wasn’t keen at all, she said I just wanted to show off’

‘Well who wouldn’t want to with one like that.. If your dads looked like that I’d be keen he showed it off as I’d be proud it’s with me’ she joked

‘I appreciate you being cool with it mum, sorry again’

‘Don’t worry love, you probably don’t want to hear this but your Dad and I still go on nudist holidays and have the odd night at ours with a few friends so I’m used to them popping up now and again. It’s just I wasn’t aware my little.. or should I say very big boy also enjoyed the freedom of no clothes.’

‘if I’m honest, although not sure you’d want me to, if I had longer I would have joined you for a bit, but I need to get back as only popped round to put the shopping away’

‘that’s a shame mum, I’d be fine with you joining, make it a bit less weird with me sat here naked and you in clothes’ I laughed

Mum took a quick look at her watch, ‘well I suppose I still need to finish this wine, if you’re sure you don’t mind?’ it was a pointless question as she was already stripping off. ‘And plus seeing an older lady naked will probably help that thing go down haha’ she joked.

She had a long summery dress on that just moved off the shoulder and fell to the ground. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her large breasts were hanging in full view. She was wearing some black bikini style briefs that she quickly slipped down to the floor to reveal an untrimmed bush and a very round shapely ass.

I had always thought my mum was attractive with short cropped brown hair, nice eyes, smile and normally in good shape for someone in her late 40’s but seeing her like this made my cock twitch some more. 

‘you look great mum, certainly not made it go down look’ I laughed

‘not even with the hairy look?’ she laughed as she rubbed her fingers through her untamed mound ‘not something you put up with by the looks of it’ 

‘I think it looks cool Mum, don’t see too many like that these days but it’s what you feel comfortable with I guess. I’ve always preferred to be trimmed and shaved, although not sure Jenny really cared’ I added

‘Well for what it’s worth’ mum replied ‘I have to say the trimmed look works very well, looks so young and clean and big. Do you mind if i….?’ she started ‘no I better not, it wouldn’t be right’ 

‘Do I mind what Mum?’ I thought I knew what she was going to ask and was playing her a bit

‘Well, I was just going to ask if I could feel how thick it is as I’ve not seen one like that before? But I know I shouldn’t’

‘Don’t worry Mum, it’s only us and I’m hardly going to tell anyone am…’ I was in the process of responding but mum’s hand was already trying to wrap itself around me. 

‘My word young man, that is impressive’ she looked over and then grabbed my beer bottle with the other hand ‘yes, I think it’s thicker than this beer bottle, unbelievable’

I couldn’t help but stare at Mum, her nipples were hard and erect as she was obviously enjoying the situation but I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

It was an awkward few minutes as we sat naked together, our eyes pretending not to but then scanning each other’s bodies. 

‘I’m sorry Mum’ I said as I broke the silence ‘I’ve gone a bit quiet, a bit strange being here with you naked, especially in this state’ I added jokingly

My mum smiled ‘don’t worry honey, i’ve really enjoyed tonight and glad we’ve discovered the fact you’re into nudism too’

‘Well I better get back as your dad will think I got lost, and plus you may want to deal with that’ she joked as she stood up. 

She slipped on her knickers and dress and was ready to go. ‘you were due to come around tomorrow night and watch the football with your dad’ she carried on ‘if you want to I could ask your dad and we could turn it into a naked night? We haven’t had one for a while so think he’ll be fine and now you want to get more into it then no time like the present’ 

Before I could answer, she had already decided ‘great, that’s it sorted then, see you tomorrow’ and with that leant in for a big hug. Her pert nipples pressed through her dress and against my chest as my dick got thrust into her midriff. ‘Wow, I forgot about that thing, need to be careful, could do some serious damage with that’ she laughed and had another quick grope. Kissed me on the cheek and then headed out of the flat.

I fell back onto the sofa, a bit aghast at what had just happened and looked down at my now throbbing cock. I placed my hand on my shaft and started to wank, closed my eyes to relive my mum stripping in front of me and the feeling as my cock pushed against her flesh. It took only seconds before I shot my load all over my chest as I headed back to the shower. 

After a long trip and an eventful night I slept right like a baby through the night and almost to midday.

I spent the rest of the day sorting the flat after my trip and catching up with a few friends on social media but the evening soon arrived. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed over to my parents house. I hadn’t given it too much thought during the day but on the drive over the situation dawned on me. I was about to go to back to my old house and be naked with my parents, it was daunting but also exciting. The prospect of seeing my naked mother again had started to stir down below but then the thought of seeing my dad naked soon killed any urges.

I pulled up on the drive and noticed all the curtains were drawn and I couldn’t see into the house as I normally could. I walked up to the door and entered as I normally would, took off my shoes and made my way in.

As I walked through the hall and approached the lounge my mum came out of the doorway. She was completely naked and I have to say looked even better than last night. Not sure if she had moisturized or applied fake tan but her body was glowing and her pendulous breasts and furry mound made their way towards me. 

‘hi darling’ she greeted with a huge smile, a kiss on the cheek and a huge hug as her huge tits pressed against me. I looked down over her shoulder as we hugged and saw her curvy cheeks below. I could already feel my cock start to inflate slightly.

‘glad you could make it’ she carried on ‘now let’s get that stuff off you’ 

I was a bit taken aback ‘hold on mum, I’ve just arrived’ I protested 

But she wasn’t having any of it as she pulled at my t-shirt and lifted it over my head. ‘don’t worry David, we’re both naked and you know I’ve seen it all before’ as she threw my t-shirt to the floor and moved to my belt. She unbuckled my belt and jean button in seconds, she grabbed my jeans waistband and the top of my boxers and pulled them down over my groin and to my knees.

As she bent down to try and remove my clothes her face was right in front of my groin as my semi was hanging in front of her ‘oh David, it looks just as magnificent soft, you’re a very lucky boy’

Her desire to get me naked paid off and with a few more moments of her tugging at my jeans and socks I was stood in front of her as nature intended.

‘now that’s better’ she said smiling ‘now come on through’

I followed her into the lounge to be greeted by my dad in his normal chair on the far side of the room, also naked. He looked pretty much as I was expecting with a bit of a beer belly and hairy groin and leg area where his small dick looked almost lost in the hair.

‘Here he is Brian’ mum introduced me as almost like a special guest 

‘hi son’ dad said as I saw him checking me out ‘take a seat, the games about to start’

It was a strange situation as dad acted as though we were fully clothed, but I guess they must be used to it after all this time. I sat down on the sofa facing the television which was a few feet away from my Dad’s chair.

My mum disappeared briefly and came back with a beer, ‘here thought you might like a drink with the game’ she said 

‘thanks mum’ I replied as I grabbed the beer and took a sip

Mum had a large glass of wine and sat down on the sofa next to me.

‘you don’t normally watch the game with us Carol’ Dad said pointedly

‘I know Brian but I’m just enjoying the first time in a long time we’re naked as a family’ 

‘yes, I bet that’s what it is’ Dad said with a loaded tone to his voice.

He seemed put out by the attention mum was paying me and that made me feel a bit uneasy. ‘it’s ok love, don’t worry about him’ my mum whispered as she placed a reassuring hand on my leg.

She continued the conversation from earlier ‘I can’t believe Jenny didn’t enjoy sitting naked with you, but I suppose each to their own’ she questioned

‘there were other reasons we split up mum but rather not go into them just now if that’s ok’ I said quickly which seemed to kill the conversation for a short while.

The game was passing quickly as I seemed to be drinking to cope with the slightly awkward situation. 

‘do you want another beer David?’ mum asked as she noticed the empty glass.

‘I’d love one mum but I better not as have to drive back’ I replied

‘don’t worry about that honey, we’ve got the spare room ready as always, have another drink, you deserve a few drinks after being away all week’ and before I could say no I had another beer in my hand.

‘err.. ok mum.. that would be great thanks. Don’t have anything in the morning so can head back after breakfast’ I said as I started my next drink

It was approaching half time and Mum got up off the sofa, she crouched down on all fours right in front of me as she added some more wood to the burner. The sight of her round ass on all fours in front of me, her round cheeks jiggling as she poked the fire and her pussy lips visible between her legs beneath her bush was having an effect and very quickly my cock began to rise. I felt awkward and not right but the thought of mum almost ready to be taken and us all naked in the room was too much. By the time she turned to return to the sofa I was sat with my cock fully engorged protruding from my lap. 

‘oh wow’ mum said ‘somethings popped up’ she laughed as she returned next to me on the sofa but a little closer this time so our thighs were touching. My dad turned following my mum’s comments.

‘shit Son, your mum wasn’t lying then, if that was attached to a horse not sure anyone would know the difference. Not sure how we made something like that’ he joked. 

His mood had changed from one of grumpiness to one of being impressed or proud. 

I felt more comfortable after that but that didn’t help the hard on situation which only seemed to grow harder and more throbbing as the game approached half time. I could sense mum’s eyes not moving far from my groin as her hand moved further up my leg. 

‘right, I’m going to sort a few things upstairs during halftime’ my dad announced as he got up from his chair and left the room

As soon as dad left the room the tension seemed to rise. My mum’s hand was inches from my cock that was showing no signs of subsiding. She didn’t say a word but her hand worked further up my leg and before I knew it was wrapped around the base of my big hard cock.

I was almost speechless and was trying to stutter something but mum interrupted ‘it’s ok David, not what you probably want to hear but your dad will be fine with it, he knows he can’t compete with this’

I wasn’t quite sure what to think, I didn’t have time to think what that really meant as I felt my mum’s hand start to rise up my shaft and back down again ‘you feel so big’ she whispered as she grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast and leant in for a kiss. 

I was completely stunned, what was going on, I had my hand on my mum’s tits as she kissed me and wanked my cock. I knew it was wrong but it felt so good, my cock being stroked by her soft hands and my hand full of her large breast and hardening nipple. I teased her nipple and caressed her breast as she moaned lightly as we kissed. Her hand started to work my cock up and down faster as she explored my full length. My hand made my way from her top half, down her body and slowly through the forest of hair before I reached her lips. She let out a sigh as my hands explored her lips and located her now protruding clit. I started to tease her as her lips left mine and slowly kissed her way down my chest. I knew what was coming but it had been a long time since Jenny had taken me in her mouth, then seconds later I felt the soft, wet, warmth of my mums mouth engulf my head. 

I let out a groan ‘that feels so good’ I couldn’t help saying as she sunk more of me into her mouth. My arm was now unable to move underneath her as she leant over from next to me to suck on my cock. I slowly untrapped it from her midriff and slid it down her back and grabbed a handful of her sexy ass. I couldn’t believe what was happening, my mum now with half of my cock deep into her mouth and my hand groping her round fleshy ass. She moved herself onto her knees on the sofas as her head bobbed faster up and down on my cock and my hand now able to each round to her soaking lips. 

Both our moans and sighs were increasing in volume and I could feel we were both close to cumming when my dad walked back through the door. I stopped almost in panic, shit, what was going to happen. 

‘didn’t take you long Carol’ he sighed ‘but can’t say I blame you looking at that thing’ I was taken aback by Dad’s response but even more by his next comment ‘do you want me to leave you to it or am I ok to stay and watch?’

I wasn’t sure what to say but Mum responded ‘up to you Brian’ she lifted her head and looked me in the eyes ‘do you mind him watching me suck your huge cock?’ I shook my head as she smiled and returned to devouring my cock. i returned to start teasing her clit as her hips started to buck against my hand, her moans increasing as she pushed more of my cock into her mouth and throat. I couldn’t take any more as she sensed I was close she wanked my shaft with her hand and teased my head as I exploded into her mouth. I let out an almighty groan as I felt her mouth tighten round me and suck every drop from my still hard cock. her hips thrust one more time onto my hand as she also released a groan of pleasure as she sank back onto the sofa. 

Just then I heard a groan from the side of us as I turned to see Dad wanking his small dick and coming all over his hand and forest of pubes. 

It was a bit of long awkward silence as our family dynamics had changed forever and I was at a loss as to what to say. But dad soon broke the silence ‘she never sucks me like that son, so make the most of it’ he laughed

Mum frowned at him ‘now don’t get jealous Brian, I would if yours looked like this’

She then turned to me and looked longingly into my eyes ‘don’t listen to him darling, anytime you need that I’m always here, just let me know’ and gave me a long passionate kiss. 

Dad went off to clear himself up as mum and I snuggled up on the sofa as the game progressed through the second half.

It was relatively silent until the game finished. Dad looked over as we were cuddled up together, my arms round mum’s shoulder and my hand draped over her large breast as I just teased it gently. 

‘so tell me about these other reasons you split up then David’ Mum probed further 

‘Mum’ I said sharply ‘I’m not sure you want all the details, it’s not something you would normally talk about’ 

‘Well I don’t think we need to worry about openness now do we darling’ as she playfully grabbed at my cock 

‘I guess not mum, but maybe later. Plus I think it’s my turn to return the favour. Do you mind Dad?’ I asked

‘don’t ask his permission love, we can do what we want, can’t we Brian’ she said in a forceful way

Dad looked over ‘no worries Son, she’s not like this very often so make the most of it’

I leant in and kissed mum again and then gently kissed down her body, lapping at her big and hardening nipples as she started to moan again. I ventured further down as I positioned myself on my knees between her legs. I pushed her legs wider apart as my tongue explored the bushy heartlands of her pussy. My tongue tracing the length of her lips and then returning to circle and tease her clit. ‘you taste great mum’ I added as she moaned and pulled my head into her groin.

‘god you’re good honey, that’s it lick my pussy, I think you’re going to be redundant Brian, not only is he huge but he can give great head too.’ Dad was unmoved

Mum was getting closer she was thrusting her hips into my face, my tongue teasing, twirling and then diving into her pussy and within seconds she moaned as she released the grip on my head slightly as her hands wandered through my hair. ‘thanks honey that was amazing’ she added.

I then grabbed mum’s legs pushed them back towards her shoulders which made her bum slide forward and rear up slightly. I was now faced with her incredible ass and I couldn’t resist, I dived forward and started to tease her ring with my tongue. 

It took a while to register with mum as she was a bit confused but soon felt the waves of sensations as my tongue rimmed her ass and teased at her hole. 

‘oh wow David, that feels amazing, no one has ever done that to me before’ 

Dad looked round to see me with my face buried in her ass as she moaned and played with her clit. ‘Easy son, don’t get lost up there’ he joked

I removed my head from Mum’s ass and looked at her shocked but smiling face ‘and now you know one of the things Jenny didn’t like either’ I joked.

‘Silly girl yet again if you ask me’ said mum as she looked down between her legs as she felt something touch her lips. My cock was now back to full granite status and butting at the entrance to my mum.

‘I can’t believe I’m going to do this but I want it so bad Mum’

‘me too darling, please’

I didn’t need any more encouragement, the tip of my thick cock pressed forcefully at her lips as they parted slowly as I pushed further into her. 

‘gently darling, gently, you’re stretching me’ she begged

I looked down and she wasn’t wrong, my cock was pushing her lips wide and opening her up as I continued my push inside her. 

‘oh my god David, oh my god, that feels so good, but please go slowly’

‘Ok mum, you’re pussy feels amazing’

I was now fully deep into her and she held me tight briefly as she acclimatized to my size. She relinquished her grip slightly and looked down as my cock made its way slowly out of her pussy.

‘Holy shit!’ she shouted ‘Brian, come and look at this. I’ve never seen my pussy do this, look at the way it’s stretched by his girth and my lips gripping his cock as he withdraws’

‘Jesus honey, you’re right, looks incredible’ he responded

‘well don’t just stand there Brian, I want a picture of this, actually sod that I want a video of my son’s huge cock stretching me like I’ve never been before’

Dad quickly grabbed his phone and started to film the action close up. ‘It looks great on film honey’ he said

I don’t know whether it was the fact we were now on film or just the impact of my cock but mum became more vocal ‘oh my god, I’m going to cum on your cock, I’m going to cum on my son’s huge cock’ she pulled me in tight so I was deep inside her filing her up and ‘now don’t move’ she held me tight as she climaxed again all around me ‘urrrrgh, shiiiit’ she exhaled and leaned in for a kiss. Her grip loosened slightly and I took this as a cue to continue my slow thrusts in and out of her pussy.

‘here he goes again honey’ dad laughed 

I could sense her pussy was now more accommodating, stretched and lubricated with her juices, so I picked up the speed. On my knees working my thick dick in and out of my mum. Her tits jiggling as I pushed deep into her. I wanted to go harder and faster so I pushed her legs back to her shoulders, really opening her up as I spread my legs wider. I started to increase speed further and with each thrust into her getting harder and deeper. 

‘oh my god darling, it feels so good, please don’t stop’ mum screamed as her hands reached up to grab hold of the sofa. I wasn’t relenting, faster and harder I fucked her

‘shit honey, you’re getting so pounded by his huge dick, give it to her son, give it to her’ 

I wasn’t going to disappoint, I felt like a pornstar with the camera on and my huge cock making my mum scream as I drove into her so hard. ‘you feel fucking amazing mum’ I moaned.

I could feel her building again, even given the situation I didn’t feel close to cumming and so really went to town. I leant forward and grabbed her tits in each hand and used them to hold onto as started pounding harder. By this point my dad had the camera underneath me between my legs with a close up of my cock impaling her again and again.

‘fuck, I can’t believe how good this looks on film, I can’t believe you’re taking this darling, he’s properly banging you’

‘god, I’m cummmminggg, I’m cuumminng, fuck me my gorgeous boy’ she screamed as her body shook as her pussy gripped and pulsed around my cock. ‘oh my god darling, that’s 3 times already’ she smiled as she lay back on the sofa as her body continued to shake every so often. I leant forward to kiss her as my still rock hard cock withdrew from her pussy. ‘Jesus, look at the state of your pussy hon, its gaping wide open, he’s stretched you so good’ as he pushed the camera in close to her and could see deep into her cavernous hole ‘I reckon I could get an echo out of that’ he laughed as he pushed his fingers into her. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this wet son, but not sure she’s ready for the next round yet’

‘don’t you tell me what I’m not ready for, I want his young hard cock’ she smiled as she leaned forward to kiss me, my dad capturing it still on camera. I stood up and pushed my cock into her face. ‘taste your juices mum’ I instructed her and she duly obliged, lickng the head of my cock before engulfing half of me deep into her mouth 

‘that’s it baby’ dad encouraged ‘suck your son’s huge cock, look at the camera and tell me how much you love that cock’

She was loving the attention and being in the video and gave a sultry look into the camera, removed my cock from her mouth ‘I love his big thick cock’ and then returned it to her mouth. 

‘you’re such a good cocksucker mum but I want round 2 now’ I said firmly as I pulled my cock from her grasp. ‘now turn around and get on your knees on the sofa’ 

She looked me in the eye, ‘I love being told what do by you darling’ she whispered, turned around and settled onto all fours with her ass facing back towards me. Her ass looked so good. 

‘fuck mum, you have the best ass, it’s perfect. Come and film this dad’ I shouted as I put each hand under each ass cheek and then started to jiggle her ass up and down. ‘look at that sexy big ass, I love it’

And with that I raised a hand and ‘smack’ I spanked one of her cheeks as she let out a whimper and a groan. ‘she normally tells me to stop that son, but not you, spank her again’ ‘smack’ her ass rippled from the impact. I stopped with the spanking as needed to take her again. I placed one hand on each cheek and spread her wide ‘look at that tight ass, so hot, but I will have that later, now I want that gaping pussy again’ 

I stood up behind mum, placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and forced my way in once again. I grabbed her hips as I started to pick up speed quickly. ‘you’re so hot mum, my cock is so hard for you’. I leant forward over her back and grabbed her huge tits swinging beneath her, teasing her nipples and grabbing at her huge globes. My hand went down her stomach to reach underneath her and tease her clit as I ploughed in and out with increasing vigour. This seemed to make her juices flow even more as I was now gliding faster in and out of her from behind. Her groans were louder and louder, almost like a tennis player grunting as she received each thrust inside her. 

I could tell I was starting to build but I wasn’t finished yet ‘shit mum you’re so hot, I want to fuck you so hard’ I warned

‘fuck me, fuck me harder’ she pleaded. I moved my arms forward and grabbed onto her shoulders and started pulling her back onto me harder as I thrust into her. I couldn’t remember a feeling like this, fucking anyone like this.

‘this is soo hot honey, I’ve never seen you take anything like this before’ he said as he moved around us videoing from all angles. ‘you’re going to love this angle, his muscly ass going at you so fast’

Mums grunts were now so loud they were almost deafening and could feel she was so close. I couldn’t hold back much longer ‘I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum’ I shouted, slamming into her harder than ever before ‘I’m coming too baby, cum for mummy, cum where you want baby, anywhere you want’

‘shiiiit mum, here I cummmmmm’ and I thrust one long last thrust deep into her 

‘fuck yes, cum deep inside me baby, that feels so good’ she moaned as her pussy contracted around me once again ‘uuuurrgggh, shitttt’ 

As I slowly rocked back and forth inside her I could feel I wasn’t finished I could feel another load building. ‘oh my god I can feel another load coming, I’m gonna cum again mum. I want to cum all over your sexy face’

She moved so quickly spinning around and sliding onto her knees beneath me, staring into my eyes with her mouth wide open. ‘cum all over me, I want your cum all over mum’s face’. She got into position just in time as I exploded again as a huge stream of thick cum gushed from my dick and covered her face. 

‘wow baby, what a huge load’ she leant forward and grabbed my cock and started to milk the last few spurts and drops onto her face ‘your mum wants all your cum, I can’t get enough of your cum’ she moaned as she wiped her face with my cock and sucked the sticky juices from it.

Dad was still filming ‘shit Carol, I’ve never seen you in a state like this, covered in cum, devouring his cock and your legs are still shaking and you have cum dripping out of your stretched pussy’

She looked down, pushed her hand into her pussy to scoop up the last of the cum and swallowed the lot, looked at me and smiled.

‘I can’t ever remember cumming as hard as that mum, that was incredible’ my cock was still bolt upright and felt like it was still exploding as I sat down back on the sofa. Mum wasn’t missing any opportunity and spread her legs as she straddled me and sank onto me. She let out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

‘I just wanted to feel you soften inside me’ she whispered ‘I’m glad you enjoyed yourself darling, I didn’t want to disappoint’ she leant in to kiss me passionately

‘not at all mum, you were amazing’ 

‘glad to here it son, from now on no one will make you cum like me, no one understands her young man like his mum, I will do anything you want, and I mean anything’ as we kissed again

‘Carol, go easy on the boy, maybe he doesn’t want you again, and why do you never say things like that to me?’ 

Mum looked at him up and down and then returned her attentions to me running her hands all over my toned body ‘because this young man is like a god to me, I wish he could be inside me all the time’ she gushed ‘now go and get us another drink please Brian, and by the way you’re in the spare bed tonight, no way I’m letting him out of my sight’ Dad did as he was told

‘you’re bed hey mum, I think this is going to get better, I can’t get over how sexy you are’ as I grabbed her ass and pulled her close

‘I’ve never felt so sexy until last night darling, you’ve unleashed something in me and you are going to get the rewards’

My cock was subsiding and mum slowly dismounted as we chilled with another drink for the next hour or so before we headed up to bed.

Mum headed for a quick shower and I went in once she had finished. 

As I came out of the bathroom I got a very pleasant surprise. Standing by the edge of the bed was my mum dressed like a top class hooker. I mean she looked incredible, high heels, stockings and supenders, brassiere that made her tits look huge and the sexiest pair of black knickers I had seen in a long time. I was speechless and she could tell, she smiled.

‘so how do I look?’ she said as she twirled around and bent over the bed ‘not bad eh? I thought I would show you how sexy you make me feel, this is all for you darling, now lie on the bed’ she instructed

I did I was told and lay in the middle of the bed. She climbed on all fours and kissed her way up my body to my lips and then kissed all the way back to my groin.

She started to work on my cock again, licking the shaft, sucking on its head and teasing at my balls. I was bolt upright again in seconds, she had a real talent. ‘I can’t get enough of your cock my man but I know what you really want’ and with that she continued to stroke my cock with her hand but her tongue drifted over my balls towards my ass. She started teasing my hole with her tongue rimming me and pushing it gently in as she stroked me. 

‘oh my god that feels amazing mum’ It was like she was reading my mind

‘I know what you wanted from Jenny and weren’t getting, and like I said, I will do anything for you’

Her hand left my cock as she used both hands to spread me to get in deeper, her tongue now deep in my ass as she moaned as she sounded like she was enjoying this. she stopped for a second ‘Brian, get in here, you’ll probably want to see this’

Dad moved sleepily from the spare room as he entered their room, as he walked in, he saw his wife dressed like a sexy slut with her head buried in my ass. ‘you lucky bastard David, she’s never done anything close to that for me’ his cock stood up to attention ‘you look amazing honey’ he said 

He walked over and started to touch her ‘don’t get any ideas Brian, this is all for him but thought you may want to watch, and also may need your help in a bit’ he looked a bit put out by the rejection but at the same time was enjoying the view and started to jerk himself.

Mum removed her tongue from my ass ‘and so how was that darling?’ she asked

‘amazing thanks mum, you’re incredib..’ but before I could finish she was standing up. ‘and now for your next treat’

She walked up and stood right above my head, as I looked up I could see her legs looking so sexy in her stockings, her knickers clinging tightly to her lips and her tits looked even bigger from this angle. She smiled down at me and then turned around. she was facing away from me and as I looked up I saw the back of the stockings and then the curve of her chunky ass looking incredible in the sexy knickers. My cock was twitching

‘wow mum, you look incredible’

She the bent forward and slowly lowered herself onto me. I was lying on the bed as this huge sexy ass came towards my face. I felt the sheer satin feel of her knickers on my face before I felt the full weight of her body sitting on my face.

She nestled herself onto my face and started to grind down onto me. Her knicker clad pussy was rubbing over my nose and mouth. I pushed out my tongue to try and tease at her clit. You could tell she was enjoying this new found confidence and dominance, her hips sliding across my nose, tongue and chin as the sensation of her son’s face making her wet. 

Her knickers became damp and then wet as she moaned, her hips picking up speed as she gyrated and pushed down onto my face. ‘mmmm, David, you make me soo wet, I’m not sure I can take much more’

She didn’t stop her thrusting but reached one hand underneath her and pulled her sodden satin knickers to one side, her glistening furry pussy appeared millimeters from my face, and then pushed down onto my tongue. 

‘yes, god I’m so close, eat my hairy pussy son, taste your mum’s cum’ 

I wanted to talk, I wanted to tell her how great she tasted and how much I loved her but I could hardly breathe let alone talk. She now had her two hands on my chest as she sat upright riding my face hard. I was flicking my tongue out to push into her pussy and tease her clit but she seemed to be enjoying the friction and impact of her pussy on my face. she was now riding almost like a horse on my face, I couldn’t believe the impact on my face each time her wet lips ground into me. I could feel her legs starting to tremble and the movements get more uncoordinated.

‘oh shit, I’m coming, I’m coming’ she screamed as with one last lurch onto my face she smothered me and let out a deep groan ‘uuurrrrrggghhhhh, urrrggghhh’

She sank forward which opened up just enough of a gap for me to breathe easily again. 

‘Shit David, I’ve never come like that from oral before’

‘well I loved it mum, any time you want to ride my face just jump on’ I laughed 

‘my god, I’d never be off you darling, looking at my gorgeous young man and then feeling you trying to do anything to please me’

At this point you could hear Dad picking up speed with his jerking as he walked towards Mum, it looked like he was hoping Mum may help him out. 

‘What’s the matter Brian, can’t take seeing how hot your wife looks and how much she’s just cum? Looks like you’re going to blow your little load anytime soon? As you’ve been a good husband so far here’s a little treat’

She stood up and slipped off her soaking knickers, she held them under his nose and pushed them into his mouth. ‘you like how wet our son makes me honey?’

Dad was struggling to control himself he was sniffing at the knickers, licking at her juices ‘you taste so good Carol’

‘I know Brian, but it’s David that make me that wet, he’s the man around here now so I think these may suit you now.’ She removed her knockers from his face and dropped them by his feet. ‘now put them on’

Dad looked a bit shocked but he didn’t hesitate, he bent down and pulled up mum’s tight, Sodden knickers, his hard cock making a small bulge in the front.

‘suit you honey, now cum in my wet knickers’ she reached forward and teased his cock through the fabric and within seconds Dad let out a moan as he filled mum’s knickers with his load. 

‘I think someone enjoyed that Mum’ I laughed

‘I think you’re right Darling, but now it’s your turn and I have a special treat for you’ she walked over and got onto all fours on top of me again, facing away in a very similar position to before. She leant forward and started to lick and nibble on my cock. 

‘you like what you can see, honey? You like your mum’s big sexy ass?’ she said confidently

‘you know I do Mum, it looks so hot’ I replied ‘and you suck my cock so good’

‘Well, it’s all yours darling’ she said as she pushed her ass back towards my face. she stopped licking me as she positioned her ass just inches from my face. she reached around and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, pulled them apart and them let hem go as the slapped into the side of my face. she reached one arm around her back to grab my head and then pulled it into her crack of her ass and then grinding into my face.

‘it’s a good job your mum knows you son and gives you what you want, no one will ever know you like I do’ 

I have to admit it was not anything I had considered a few weeks before but being smothered in my mum’s sexy ass and licking at her ring was like being in heaven. The little whimpers of pleasure that came from her lips as I teased her were all the encouragement I needed. 

‘but now time for the real treat, now you’ve warmed me up’ she turned round and kissed me passionately, her hips sliding down my body and approaching my waiting and rock hard cock. she worked her way down until I felt her ass cheeks start to butt against my cock. 

‘I see my big boy is ready for me’ she smiled as she kissed me again ‘you know I wouldn’t do this for anyone else’ and with that started to push down onto my cock. I felt her cheeks part and my thick tip reach the entrance to her ass. 

She continued to push gently but with no joy, then a bit harder, but it was breaking into her. ‘this is going to be harder than I thought’ she uttered ‘Brian, we need your help’

I looked over and dad was still recovering from his orgasm but responded to Mum’s call for help. ‘Yes honey, how can I help? What can I do?’ he asked willingly

‘get the lube, we need it now’ it was a blunt instruction but one that did the trick. Within seconds Dad had produced a tube of lube from the drawer.

‘now put some on my ass, that’s it, work it in with a finger. You see, by being a good husband you get what you’ve always wanted, to play with my ass’

‘yes honey, I’m loving it’ he answered

‘well that’s enough on me’ she said sternly ‘now put some on David’ 

‘bbbb..buut’ He started to complain

‘Do it now’ mum said even more forcefully

I couldn’t see what was going on behind Mum but then I felt a dribble of cold gel land on my cock and start to dribble down my cock. 

‘properly’ mum replied

She leaned in to kiss me ‘won’t be long my darling’ and as she did this I felt a hand start to work the lube into my cock. I couldn’t see it was dad but it just felt like I was getting a great hand job as he worked my cock up and down my shaft. He must have been getting into it as soon there were two hands working my full length and my tip. I can’t lie, it felt really good and let out a groan of pleasure.

‘sounds like someone is enjoying playing with a real cock, aren’t they Brian?’ mum sneered

‘it’s so thick’ he replied ‘it feels amazing, I think it’s twice the size of mine’ 

‘well now it’s time to give him what he wants honey, force him into my ass’ she instructed.

Once again he did as he was told. His hand gripping my cock tightly and placing at the now slippery entrance to mum’s ass. This time the entry was much easier, straightaway I felt the tightness as her ring stretched to accommodate my girth. 

‘shit, slowly Brian, he’s fucking huge’ mum grimaced as she realized what she had agreed to do. 

Dad didn’t seem to listen this time, he was getting carried away and started to push me into her and then start pulling at her hips back onto me. ‘Go on lad, you’re halfway there’ he said excitedly

‘eyes too big for your ass hey Carol’ he joked ‘ bet you wish you’d let me in there first with’ 

Mum was still grimacing as I made my way further deep into her ass ‘shut up Brian, just get it all in’

She was on a mission and nothing was stopping her, she sank back further onto me while my dad held me in place. 

‘you’re nearly there honey, last bit to go, I never thought you’d manage all of that’ dad sounded impressed

Her ass was gripping my cock so tight but could feel it start to acclimatize. ‘How does that feel darling?’ mum looked deep into my eyes

‘it feels amazing mum, you’re so tight, no one has ever let me put it all in their ass before’

‘that’s because you’re my special young man darling and I will do anything and everything to please you, no other woman will ever treat and satisfy you like I will’ 

And with that she started to ride up and then back down my cock. it was like she was now more comfortable with the sensation and stretching of her ass and was starting to enjoy the feeling.

‘mmm, you’re stretching me so good baby, god I love your cock’ she was quickening the pace

‘turn round mum, I want to see that sexy ass bounce on my cock’ I instructed 

She did exactly as I had asked and switched her legs around and was now resting on her knees facing away from me. I could see her back, still in her brassiere and her sexy legs still in her stockings as well as her exposed round ass still impaled on my cock. ‘my god mum, you look so sexy, I will remember this image for a long time.’ I raised my hand and gave her ass a hard spank ‘now ride me’

‘yes darling, I love it when you spank me’ so I smacked her again. Her squeals were getting louder as I did it more and the redness began to appear on her raw cheeks. ‘no one has ever treat me like this honey, but I love it, you know I’m yours so do what you want to me’

I spanked her once more and then grabbed her hips and started to pull her down hard onto my cock. I couldn’t take much more but wanted to take her hard. I sat up, pushed her forward, face first onto the bed and entered her again hard from behind. 

‘fuck David, fuck, that feels so good, but wait just one second ‘Brian, get under me now, I need my pussy licking to be able to keep taking his cock’

Dad looked so happy, he was called into action and didn’t hesitate. He slid onto the bed, lay on his back underneath mum and started to lick at her pussy. I could see the top of his head from behind mum as I reentered her. Mum was now almost there bucking back into me as Dad tried to eat her wet pussy. I wasn’t sure whether to risk it but felt like right time and knew Dad had enjoyed playing earlier on. I pushed deep into her so I was balls deep ‘Dad, while you’re down there I need my balls sucking’

There was an awkward silence from everyone as no one was sure what to make of it until Mum spoke up ‘you heard him Brian, what are you waiting for’ and with that bit of encouragement, with my cock sat inside Mum’s stretched ass I felt a tongue start to lick at my balls and then suck them one by one

‘mmm, that feels good, now eat her pussy again as I need to cum’ and then started to really pound hard so that the slap against her cheeks grew louder and louder. ‘that’s it David, that’s it, don’t stop, I’m cumming’

‘I’m cumming too Mum, I can’t hold it any longer’ 

‘cum in me again honey, fill me up’ Mum shouted

And with my last thrust I exploded inside her as I fell on top of her, leaning forward kissing her back, and all the way up to her face as she turned her head. 

‘my god Mum, you were amazing’ I said passionately ‘I’ve never had a night like this’ 

‘I know honey, I can’t believe we’re only discovering each other now, but there’s plenty more where this came from’

My cock slipped from her ass as it deflated slightly. I was about to pull off from Mum’s back when I felt a warmth around my tip. I looked down and saw Dad taking my cock, straight from Mums ass into his mouth as the last few drips left my cock. 

‘I think you may have some competition’ I joked. 

Mum turned around and then squeezed her ass and emptied the contents of my balls from her gaping wide hole onto my Dad’s surprised but eager face. He pulled her ass onto his face and cleaned her up completely.

‘He’s no competition my Baby, he can just serve us both’ she said with a knowing smile.

Potential Part 1 by BiStander


This is introductions and stage settingDisclaimers: This is a creative, nonfiction story based on actual events. All names, locations and time-lines have been changed to protect the guilty. I have also added details and events to make it a good story while maintaining anonymity. Although people told me about events, they could not fully transfer their thoughts, feelings and emotions to me, so I did my best, based on my own experience, to portray them. 

In order to stay true to real life, the story starts slow. If you only want to read about sex, then this story is not for you. There is a lot of character and plot development at the beginning. If you are offended by things you didn’t know actually happen, things that happen, but are not talked about or things you think shouldn’t happen, then don’t read this story. I’m not advocating, approving, dissuading, I’m only telling the story. 

I will be posting this story on two other sites simultaneously. Those sites do not apply censorship. I don’t think this particular story would be subject to censorship because it is real life, but if it should happen to be pulled, you can find it on those sites.


Candy Damiani, glanced at the clock while her fingers strummed a nervous rhythm on the table. She anticipated the knock, but still jumped when it came. She sipped from her glass , got up and walked to the door.

“Come in,” Candy said, and stepped aside. The tall teenager had to squeeze past. He was holding a box with both hands and his elbow bumped her breast.

“Mrs. Damiani,” he said, and flipped his shoulder-length hair, “everything is done outside. All that’s left is the software.” He put the box down on the kitchen counter, his eyes shifting nervously. 

“Zachary,” she said, and licked her lips. Her arms tightened at her sides and the boy’s eyes darted to her chest.

“Ah, yes, Ma’am.”

“Call me…Candy,” she said.

“Okay, Candy…Candy it is. So, ah, where’s the computer I’m supposed to install this on?”
“It’ll be on my husband’s computer,” she said, and smiled. “Follow me.”

They left the kitchen and entered the back section of the house. It was a modern addition on the old house where their master bedroom and office were located, away from the kid’s rooms. The first door in the hallway was to the office, but Candy passed it and took Zachary into the master bedroom. She paused and slid her hand over the end of the king sized bed, then continued through the doorway into the attached office. It was a stupid game she was playing, but it made her feel better. Fuck John’s security-system, she thought.

For the next ten minutes, Candy watched Zachary install software and hook something to the back of John’s computer. 
“All right,” he said, “sit down here and I’ll show you how it works.” He got up and turned the swivel chair around for her.

Candy sat and scooted forward, then leaned back and looked up at Zachary. “Show me,” she said. He was looking straight down into the depths of her cleavage.

He said, “Double click this icon.”

She pretended she cared, and said, “Wow, it’s so clear!” She played up the dumb blonde roll. 

The screen showed two images. One was the front porch and the other was the driveway going down the side of the house. She could see the bottom steps of the back porch. Now John could see her coming and going, and everyone who visited. 

“What does this do?” she asked, and covered Zachary’s hand with hers on the mouse. It trembled.

“Ah, that’s the zoom control.” He drove the pointer to a row of buttons. “Here’s the activation mode. It’s set up like a motion light, it records anytime something moves outside. The rest of the time it just shows the picture.”

“Great,” she said.

Zachary had no idea her husband would change his password when he came home and he’d be the only one seeing what was recorded. He’d have another way to make sure she didn’t have friends other than the ones they shared, the ones he approved. 

“My boss told me there was another computer that I was supposed to install the view panel on,” Zachary said. “Is that it over there.”

“Yes,” Candy said, and followed the boy over to her desk in the far corner of the room. He repeated the process on her computer while she imagined things she had no business thinking about.

“Okay, it’s done,” Zachary said. 

“All ready,” she said.

“Yes, there’s less set up when it’s just the view panel,” Zachary said. “Let me show you how it works.”

“Will this computer record too?” she said.

“No, this one is a secondary device. Its signal comes from that computer,” he said. “If you have this button clicked, and there’s movement, then you’ll see the images in these two windows.”

Candy pushed her chair back and stood up. “Wow, this will make me feel so safe,” she said, her anger building. “I do transcription work all day with my headset on. Anyone could break in and do—Mm, you never know what someone might do to me.” She paused, then added, “Things aren’t like they used to be.” That was an understatement.

“Yeah, right,” he said. “Speaking of that—”He reached into the box he brought and pulled out a small device—”here’s one of TechAdvance’s standard nanny-cams. It can easily be hooked into this system.”

Candy felt her heart flutter. “Nanny-cam?”

“Yes,” Zachary said. “It’s not inconspicuous, like a spy camera, more to let a babysitter know you might be watching.”

She thought about when she was, Candy, the babysitter, and the hairs on the back of her neck rose. “Those days have past,” she said. Like she would let her husband near a babysitter. “Not that my youngest needs it anymore, but the older kids are my live-in babysitters.”

“All right, but if you change my mind—” He paused. “I’m not supposed offer this, but if you don’t tell my boss, I could come and help you out, you know, for free.”

Candy ran her hand down his forearm. Unfortunately her husband would know if she took the boy up on a special service visit. “Not a problem, it’ll be our secret.” She’d always loved her secrets when she was a girl, and saying the word while playing this silly game with Zachary, got her excited.

Once Zachary was gone, Candy sat in front of her computer, her stomach turned and her fingers trembled. Spycam, spelled out in the search box. She was just curious.

At school, Evan sat in a desk that was too small for his six-foot frame, thinking there should be a law against having a young, hot teacher. The crotch of his khaki pants was getting too tight. His Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Beck, was writing on the board in preparation for class. Her incredible butt was wiggling in cadence with the squeaking marker. He dove into his daily fantasy and started undressing his teacher. What new position would he do her in while his classmates watched?

The woman from the Philippines had smooth brown skin, almond shaped eyes and big, firm breasts. He pushed everything off her desk, laid her down and knelt over her. He started titty fucking her. His creamy load would look great splattered on her brown flesh.

His lusting was interrupted when Darlene entered the classroom. The redhead’s body transformed a school uniform into something he’d seen on a “School Girls” website, where 20-year-old women dressed up like fourteen-year-old girls, and did naughty things. He was sure Darlene did naughty things too.

Evan watched Darlene’s ass until she got to her seat. She never looked at him. The sixteen-year-old supposedly would go both ways and do things that other high school girls hadn’t even heard of.

When class ended, Evan timed his exit to coincide with Darlene’s. “How was your weekend?” he asked. 

Darlene said, “Fine,” without looking at him.

“Do anything fun?”

“Not really,” she said, then started turning the dial on her locker.

“Okay,” he said, feeling stupid. 

Darlene shoved books into her locker and slammed it. “See ya.” She turned and walked away.

Damn it, he thought, I still didn’t get anywhere with her. Maybe he did something mean to her years ago that he didn’t remember.

Evan stood in front of the school breathing the diesel fumes from all the yellow kid carriers, still thinking about Darlene. He stumbled forward when someone jumped on his back and wrapped their legs around his waist. “Jeez!” he yelled.

“Guess who?” said the person riding him with their hands over his eyes.

Even if he didn’t recognize her voice or the smell of her strawberry shampoo or the feel of her long, soft fingers, he’d know. He’d feel her inside his soul and know. “Let’s see,” he said. “I think it’s the only person who still thinks it’s all right to act like we’re ten?”

“Whatever,” Deana said. “Carry me to the car. My legs are sore.”

“Just get off me,” he said. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Right,” she said, “like there aren’t a hundred guys who’d love to give me a piggy-back ride.”

“Yeah, but none of them are your brother,” he said. “Now let go or I’m gonna dump you in that trash can.”

His twin sister, Deana fell in stride with him as they walked towards the student parking. She said, “What’s eating you?” 

“Nuha-thin,” he said. “Where are the Tumbling Triplets?”

“They’re riding to ‘nastics with Kimmy’s mom.” She bumped him with her hip. “So?”

He avoided her dark, searching eyes. “So?” he said, “What?”

“You know, what’s bothering you?”

He was horny enough to stick his dick in a tree-knot and couldn’t get laid, or even get a conversation going with Darlene. Should he let his sister in on that? “I got a lot on my mind, that’s all.”

She walked backwards in front of him with her lips squished to one side. “A lot of red hair and big tits, maybe?” She smirked.


“Is it true what they say about redheads?” She took off ahead of his swing.

“Jeez! Will you—”

“Sorry. I saw you talking to Darlene and—”

“Talking to her?” He pressed the unlock button on his keypad and a blue Monte Carlo chirped. “That girl doesn’t know how to talk. I’m just trying to be friendly with her, and—”

“Friendly,” Deana said. “You mean get laid?” She pulled at the bun on top of her head and silky black hair cascaded down her back. 

“Deana,” he said, sorry that he had gotten in this conversation, “you have a dirty mind.”

“Me?” she huffed. “You’re the one trying to hook up with Darlene. Not to mention checking out my friends every chance you get.”

“Like you don’t flirt with Jason,” he said. His best friend, Jason, knew Deana was off limits. Their father was the major deterrent, but Jason was still hot for Deana. They had a “Sisters off limits” pact. So far neither of them had tried to break it. 

“I don’t flirt with him,” Deana said, “and even if I did, I don’t try and peek at his panties every time he gets out of the back seat, like you do when Rebecca gets out of your car. Pervert.”

He hated having a twin sister who knew him so well. Rebecca was his favorite of the three tumblers, and he was pretty sure she wanted him to see her panties when she got out of the back seat. He’d love to do more than see them, but Deana made him promise not to date her friends, especially not Rebecca. She’d been Deana’s best friend since kindergarten. 

They pulled out of the school parking lot and he tried to change the subject. “I’m going to offer Mrs. Beck sex for an A in her class.” 

Deana stared at him for a minute, then squinted one eye and raised the other thick, black brow. “She’s hot,” she said. 
“Maybe you can get an A+ if you do her right.”

“Jeez,” was all he said.

He stopped the car in their driveway, and Deana said, “I gotta pee.” She jumped out of the car and halfway to the back door she yelled, “Get my bag.”

He watched her climb the porch steps. “Sure, and I’ll close your door, too.” 

In the kitchen, Evan dropped Deana’s book bag by the back door, then stood behind his little sister—step sister. 
“Hey, Gloria,” he said, and collected her blonde mane of hair, tugging down until he could look into her blue eyes. “Monkey brains. That’s wrong.”

“Which one?” Gloria said, scrunching her shoulders to fight off his hands. “That tickles.”

He moved his chin down to her shoulder. “Number eleven. A is unknown, so the answer is D, not enough information.”

“Math isn’t my good subject,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” he said, “what is?”


“Art ain’t a subject.”

“Is too!” She pointed to a pile of papers. “See.”

“Wow!” he said, reaching for the top sheet. “What do you call this one?”

“I don’t call it anything. It’s free expression,” she said. “I wanta be an artist.”

“Really?” He wanted to be a race-car driver or a porn star but neither of those was likely to happen. “If I were you, I’d sign it, frame it and name it, ‘Monkey sex.’ People will buy it for big bucks”


“Hey, stop spending so much time with Deana,” he said. “I’m just tryin’ to help. Where’s mom?”

“I don’t need help,” Gloria said. “Mom’s doing doctor junk. Don’t bother her. She said so.”

He heard Deana come out of the bathroom. “Let me know if you need more help with your math.” He laughed while avoiding her elbow and headed for the bathroom.

Evan closed the bathroom door, ready for his regular afternoon relief. He hesitated, then opened the hamper anyway. Deana’s red hearts underwear peeked out from under a shirt. He lifted them and turned to face the wall length mirror over the counter. If there were panties that didn’t belong to his sister, he would have chosen those. Satisfied with his rationale, he lowered his zipper. The steel, vein bulging erection that sprang from his boxers was excessive in a breathtaking way. He squirted Deana’s lotion on the bulbous cock head and let it spill down his long, hard shaft. He pressed the soil crotch to his nose and the scent of vaginal fluid erased the image of the girl who owned the underwear. 
“Fuck, oh, fuck,” he moaned. 

Mrs. Beck on her knees appeared behind his closed eyes. “Oh Evan, oh, Evan,” she moaned. “Please give me your cum! Give me that hot teenage cum. Put it on my face. Get it all over my face, please.” His hand pumped violently up and down the rigid, cock.

His balls rolled in their sack, then drew up, tight and ready to shoot, but he demanded they wait. Porn stars had to be able to cum on command. He kept stroking. The thick, purple knob snapped in and out of his fist. He opened his eyes and stared at his erection as it jerked and filled to capacity. 

“Oh, yes!” He put Deana’s underwear in front of the streams of cum and let the material soak up his orgasm. They’re just underwear, any old underpants. Who cares?

Out in the hallway, Deana backed away from the bathroom door with that nagging sense of guilt she always got when she knew something that her brother wouldn’t want her to know. It wasn’t like she was spying on him, or watching, she just knew. Was that wrong? 

She closed her bedroom door and blew-out a long breath. It was wrong, but not because she knew her brother was jerking off, it was how it made her feel that was the problem. Oh well, she thought, it’s not going to send me to hell. All those other things she thought about, those were hell worthy offenses. 

Later on, Evan kicked twice, then threw three punches at the heavy bag. Why was he so frustrated? It’d been six months since Stacey moved to Michigan. Shouldn’t he be over her already? She’d been his first real relationship, one with regular sex, that is. Had he actually loved her, or was it the sex, sex and more sex that he loved? He threw punch after punch until his heart pounded and blood roared in his ears.

“Hey, Karate Kid,” Deana said.

He turned and saw his sister on the open staircase that led down to their finished basement. “What,” he said.

“Don’t be hostile,” Deana said, and sat with her legs hanging over the edge of the staircase. “Mom said it’s almost time for dinner. So bring your sweaty butt upstairs.” She giggled. “I added that last part.”

He watched her legs swing, wondering when they had gotten so long. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

In the bathroom, Evan stopped drying his head when he heard his dad calling his name. It was dinner time. He flattened his thick black hair and pulled gray sweatpants up is wet legs.

“Sorry,” he said, when he reached the kitchen, “I thought I had more time.” He sat to his father’s right, on the long side of the table. It was a large table, like his father. Deana and Gloria were seated across from him and his mom, Candy was to his right, at the opposite end from his dad. 

His father, dug his fork into a mountain of baked zitti and everyone else started eating. That was the rule, don’t start until everyone was seated. Unofficially, not until their dad started. One day he might ask why they didn’t say grace anymore.

He kicked Gloria under the table and motioned with his chin to her napkin. She quickly moved it to her lap.

“You staying focused for the end of the year, finals?” John said, and took a sip from a glass of wine. “This isn’t the time to start slacking off.” He stuffed a hunk of garlic bread into his mouth. Crumbs grabbed onto his black mustache.

Evan inhaled, wishing he could tell him the truth. He glanced at Candy’s pursed lips and swallowed his response and lied, “Yes, Sir.”

His dad added, “I hope so. This year and next are the most important towards college.” 

Gloria’s toes grabbed his kneecap. He resisted the urge to tickle her foot. “Mom, did you know you gave birth to the next Picasso?” He felt Gloria’s toes tighten. “Really, she drew a picture that will make her rich someday.” He looked at his blushing sister then back to his mom. They could pass as twins, except Gloria’s hair was golden-blonde and Candy’s was more of a strawberry-blonde.

“She’s definitely got talent,” Candy said.

Evan thought he should say something about the open button between his mom’s breasts, but he stared through the gap at her black bra instead. Her wonderful melons rested on the table when she reached for the Parmesan. He imagined himself sitting on the table in and sliding his dick through the valley of cleavage. 

“Don’t get her hopes up until she learns something she can earn money doing,” his father said.

Evan jerked his eyes away from Candy’s cleavage and reached for Gloria’s foot. He squeezed it and rubbed her toes. She kept eating without looking up.

John said, “Did TechAdvance come today?” 

“Yes, it’s done,” Candy said, without adding details.

“Good, I’m glad,” John said, between mouthfuls of pasta.

Evan followed the volley of conversation, wondering if his mom was pissed off about the security system, or something else.

That night, after finishing his homework, Evan was ready for a snack. He went down the stairs from his room in the attic. At the bottom of the stair, he opened the door carefully, so he wouldn’t hit anybody walking past. The bathroom door was to his right, and Deana’s and Gloria’s bedrooms were at the other end of the hallway. He’d had plenty of opportunities to bash one of them when he got in a rush.

“Boo!” Gloria shouted in the dark corridor.

He took a deep breath, pretending she hadn’t scared the crap out of him, then finished closing the door. “You’re going to have to do better than that,” he said.

Gloria’s smile said she knew she’d scared him. “Evan,” she said, “do you really think I have talent?”

“You bet,” he said. It seemed like only a few days had past since he’d lifted her by her armpits, kissed her nose, and called her Baby-Girl. Now he wouldn’t need to lift her and she was too old to be treated like a baby. The years between them used to seem like a huge gap, but the age she was at now closed that gap. He still treated her like a baby and she still seemed to appreciate it. “Don’t worry about what dad says, do whatever you like doing.”

“Hmm,” she said, thinking about something that made her smile. “Thanks, I will.”

“You know, you and Deana could wear more than a towel when—”

“I know, I know, dad tells us that.” She turned and walked to her room. The white terrycloth was at the edge of her bare cheeks, and it embarrassed him that he stared.

Babysitting For My Uncle Part 2


Being caught made me feel guilty, but then the person who caught us made me feel even better than my uncle did.If you haven’t already read part 1, please go back and read it. The second part will make more sense if you read the first one before this one.


“Surprise…” my uncle and I hear from the door. I cover myself quickly and look at the door. I knew that quiet voice as my cousin’s who was currently in college. Well now I knew he was home as he stood in the door frame with a few bags in his hands.

His facial expression was unreadable. I didn’t know if he was surprised, scared, turned on, or calm. That scared me more than anything. I didn’t want this secret to leave the room. I could feel tears slowly emerging from my eyes.

I hear my uncle get off the bed and put on his boxers. He walks over to his son and ushers him out of the room. He looks back at me and tells me to clean up and then come to the kitchen. I nod and he closes the door.

I cry for a few minutes because of the fear and guilt I felt about today’s events. When I calm myself down I walk into the connected bathroom and see myself in the mirror. I look closely and notice my cheeks are rosy and my face is flushed. I’m glowing and I look different. I look more mature. I look down at my body and notice my curves in a whole new way. I look sexy to myself for the first time. I smile and wipe away the tears.

I stare at my reflection and run my hands over my body. My breasts are huge, round, and perky. My big and pale areolas surround my tiny, hard nipples. My stomach is smooth and has a cute and tiny pooch at the bottom. My thighs are thick and my honey pot in between my thighs is still soaking wet. My fingers trail into my panties and slide through my folds. I let out a small inaudible moan. I close my eyes and remember the way it felt to have my uncle’s eyes on my almost naked body. My body feels electric as I finger myself and pinch one of my nipples. I hear the bedroom door open and I open my eyes to see who’s in the next room. My uncle is smirking as his eyes follow my hand in the mirror.

“You’re so naughty. I told you to clean up, not get messy again. Were you thinking about getting caught?” He asks as he strides over to me.

My smile fades as I remember being caught. He looks concerned and holds me from behind. He nestles his face into my neck and kisses all over my shoulder. I enjoy the feeling so much but I shrug away. I grab a washcloth next to the sink and wet it. I wipe away his cum and then drop my panties. I toss them into his laundry pile and start to clean my pussy up. I toss the damp rag into the pile also and push past him to get to the bedroom. I grab my dress from the bed and slide it over my head. I fix my hair and walk out of his room and into the living room. I grab my phone and slip my shoes on. My cousin comes running from the kitchen to try to talk to me but I block his voice out and walk home.

On the walk home I keep replaying everything that happened. Being caught was not okay, but it did make me turned on. My secret was now in his hands and I had no say in if it came out anymore. It was dangerous and that’s the most fucked up thing I have ever thought.

I stop at my front door and hesitate to turn the knob. My mom was on the other side and she would probably bombard me with questions. My brother is away at college for now so I don’t have to worry about him. I take a deep breath and open the door. I step into the house and notice all the lights are off. Mom is not here. I make myself a quick sandwich and take it upstairs. As I eat on my bed I notice myself get tired. My arms feel heavier and my eyes keep closing. When my body feels too tired to stay awake I place my plate on my side table, glance at my clock that says 7:00, and lay my head on my pillows. I slip into a very deep sleep and have some very naughty dreams that night.

I awake slowly around 5 in the morning and groan as the sun isn’t even up. I lift myself off the bed and go take a shower. Every time my hand touches a place that uncle had placed his hands, I get more turned on. I get so horny that I need to relieve myself. I take the shower head down and lean against the wall. I face the head at my clit and fall into ecstasy. My fingers are on a mission and the warm shower water feels amazing. It takes less than five minutes for me to orgasm. My fingers dip inside and rub and tease my clit. I encircle my nub with two fingers and the water hits the most sensitive part of my pussy. My eyes roll into the back of my head and my body convulses as pleasure takes over. I take a moment to recover, place the shower head back up, and rinse off before turning off the water. I step out of the shower and wrap the towel around my soaking wet body. I scamper into my room and shut the door. I step into my closet and search for something to wear. It’s the middle of march so I grab a jean skirt, some boy shorts, one of my cute bras, and a long sleeve v-neck. I glance back at my clock and realize it’s 6 now. I took a very long shower on accident. I throw on my clothes and put my hair into a bun for me to do later. I walk downstairs and hear two voices. Maybe mom brought someone home. I round the corner into the kitchen and as soon as the voice registers with me, it’s too late. My cousin is sitting at the breakfast nook with my mom drinking coffee.

“Hey love-bug. Look who’s here! Grab a cup of coffee and join us.” My mom greets me.

I nod and quietly make myself a cup of coffee. It’s more so cream and sugar with a splash of coffee, but who cares. I look at my outfit choice as I stir and realize that there’s not much left to the imagination. I glance over at my cousin and try to block out my dream from last night. Some dirty things went down with him. I grab my coffee and sit down with them.

“So honey, how was babysitting yesterday?” My mom asked.

“Weird.” I said.

“Yeah, it has been a while since you’ve babysat.” My mom says and I’m glad she didn’t question further.

My cousin winks at me and I sink in my chair and sip on my coffee. They talk and I just listen. He’s been up to a lot at college. Studying, partying, girls. The whole lot. My mom surprises him with one question in particular.

“Are you with someone right now?”

He blushes and says “no, but I’ve got my eye on someone.” I roll my eyes and think how much of a player he is… that is until I feel his hand on my thigh a few seconds later. “What about you?” He asks me.

“I… uh… I don’t know. I’m happy being single.” I say and take a sip.

I excuse myself and go back to my room. I get angry at the feeling of his hand on my thigh and throw off my skirt. I stomp on it and kick it into my closet. I pull out some pajama pants and slip into those. I instantly feel more comfortable. I flop onto my bed and grab my phone. I start scrolling through my notifications. I got a text from my uncle inviting me to his birthday party. That must be why my cousin is here. I text him a flirty winky face and said of course I’ll be there.

There is a knock at my door and before I can say “go away”, my cousin walks in.

“I could have been naked you know?” I retort.

“Like I haven’t already seen that.” He says and closes the door. He locks it and I immediately move to the top corner of my bed. He giggles and sits down. “I just wanted to talk privately about what I walked in on yesterday.”

“What did you walk in on? I don’t know what you mean…” I say trying to dismiss the event.

“It’s alright. I’m not going to tell a living soul. I saw how you immediately felt regret when I walked in. If I hadn’t walked in, would you still regret it?”

“No…” I reply sheepishly.

“Then don’t regret it. Pretend I never walked in or saw you completely naked in my dad’s bed. Just forget I even exist.”

“I don’t want to forget you.” I blurt out.

“Don’t wanna forget me at all or forget me walking in?”

“Both…” I say and hide my face.

My heart rate is speeding up. I know he’s judging me for being an incest addict. What if he doesn’t want me to remember? Did I just ruin our friendship?

I feel his hands touch me. One holding my wrist, the other on my face. His lips touch my forehead and I move my hands away. I stare into his deep blue eyes and feel all my worries melt away. He kisses my nose and then starts to move down to my lips. He waits for me to push him away and when that doesn’t happen, he closes the distance between our lips and kisses me softly and sweetly. I put my arms around his neck and pull him down with me. As he hovers above me, kissing me, I feel his hands move to my hips. He pulls my lower half up to meet his and he grinds into me. I gasp and stare into his eyes I smile at him and then kiss him again. We make out with passion but his grinding slows. I feel his cock in his pants and all I want to do is see it. I pull away and tell him to switch spots. He lays on the bed and I get on top of him. I sit and slowly grind against him. I go to take my shirt off but I hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

I cover his mouth and hop off of him. I fix my clothes, unlock and open the door. My mom reaches the top of the steps and asks for a hug as she’s on her way to work. I hug her and she waves to my cousin who is still laying on the bed then she leaves for work.

I hear her car drive off and I know it’s safe to continue. I close the door and lock it for safe measure. I strut over to him while slowly taking off my clothes. First my top goes, then my pants. My cousin stops me before I unhook my bra. He sits up and pulls me onto his lap. He starts grinding my hips into him and he kisses my chest. He unlatches my bra and slowly reveals my breasts. I feel his cock jump under me as my nipples come into view. His mouth sucks my nipples in one at a time. I moan at the amazing feeling. He picks me up and lays me down on the bed. He leaves kisses all the way down my body as he nears my dripping wet pussy. I grab his chin before he reaches and I make him look at me.

“No no no. Shirt and pants come off before my panties do.” I tell him and he happily obliges.

His shirt comes off and just like his dad, he has an amazing chest. Defined pecks, tiny nipples, perfect six-pack. The only thing that was different was that my cousin had this enticing v line that lead right to his…mmmmm!

That was enough to push me off the ledge. I sit up, push him against my desk, and pull down his boxers. I have no idea what I am supposed to do, but nature takes over and his perfectly shaped cock slips into my mouth. He gasps and falls back a bit more. He supports himself with his arms and stares down at me. I feel one of his hands touch my head. I was scared that he was going to face-fuck me but he didn’t. He helps push my hair out of the way and he caresses my face. He pulls my mouth off of his cock and mades me look at him. I smile as I continue massaging him in my hand.

“I’m gonna burst if you continue.” He chokes out.

I drop my hands and he steps out of his boxers. He leads me back to the bed and sits me on the edge. He kisses me and then pushes me all the way back. He looks at me for permission and I nod. He hooks his fingers in the band of my panties and slides them off. I lay there completely exposed to him as he gets to his knees and flops my legs over his shoulders. He teases me first by kissing the inside of my thighs. This causes me to grip the sheets underneath me. I focus on breathing and he continues kissing everywhere down there except for where I need his mouth. I let out a frustrated groan and put my hand on his head. I try to force his head to my clit, but he is stronger than me and continues to avoid it. He smirks at me and I can see all of my juices dripping from his chin. He goes back to licking and I gasp and grip his hair tighter. Three more licks and then his tongue makes contact with my clit. I gasp so loud I have to cover my mouth and my legs start shaking. I can feel my legs tightening around his head and I feel so bad because I can’t help it. I shakily say “I’m ssssssso ssssssorry. I can’ttttt…!” I start making a lot of noise again and new places start shaking. I cover my mouth again and feel tears start forming from the intensity. I cry out “Fuuuuuuuck I’m comingggggg!” And grip his hair. My knees clamp around his head, my legs go straight, my toes curl, and my back arches off of the bed. Pleasure pulses through my body and when the waves stop, I collapse on the bed. I go weak and my head rolls to the side. My cousin crawls into bed with me and I notice he isn’t hard anymore.

“Did I do something wrong?” I ask.

“No” he laughs. “Your orgasm was so intense it made me orgasm too. I came in your panties. I hope that’s okay.” He says and pushes my hair out of the way.

I nod and cuddle him. We lay there in silence for a while. When I regain my strength, I sit up and put on his t shirt. He chuckles and puts his boxers back on. I grab a clean pair of panties on my way downstairs and he follows me. We end up in the kitchen and I grab the ingredients for chocolate chip pancakes. He wraps his arms around my waist and turns me around. He kisses me deeply and slides his hands under my shirt. His fingers trail my back and ass as we make out. I want it to continue but I am hungry. I push him away and turn to mix the ingredients. His height and strength gave him the ability to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. I kick and yell at him to put me down but he won’t. He threw me on the couch and pinned me down.

“I’ll make breakfast. Just kiss me for a few minutes.” He says.

I pull him in to kiss and then lick his face. He pulls away laughing.

“Make me my damn breakfast and then you can kiss me!” I jokingly retort.

He goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast while I lay on the couch and watch a bit of tv. Eventually he walks out to the living room holding two plates of pancakes. He hands one to me and then sits down where my feet aren’t. I lay my legs across his lap and we both eat our breakfast. I finish first because I’m a hungry little girl. I set my plate down and straddle his lap.

“I’m better now!” I say and he smiles. He sets his plate down and kisses me. We kiss until we need to pull away for air. “Thanks for breakfast cousin!”

“Anything for you my little nympho.”

I hop off his lap and trot up to my room where I left my phone. I have a few missed calls and some texts from my uncle. I quickly call him back thinking it’s an emergency for the kids but it turns out it’s for him.

“Uncle, what’s wrong with the kids? Do you need me to babysit?” I ask quickly.

“No no no sweetie. Did you get the picture I sent you?”

I put him on speaker and go to my texts.

“OH MY GOD!” I say and almost drop the phone. “Uncle, that’s so naughty. What if my mom looked through my phone?”

“Oh, sorry my bad.”

“I like it a lot tho. All I can imagine in my head is you watching me masturbate now.”

“Well we can do that again if you want… you can come to “babysit” and stay the night.”

“I’ll think about it… I’ll talk to you later.”

He hung up and I went back to looking at his nude. My hands slipped into my panties and I was already wet again. I look at my door frame and see my cousin watching me. I take my hand out and walk over to him. I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tight.

“Your dad wants me to come over for a sleepover.” I whisper into his ear.

“Mmm, I just want you all to myself.” He complains.

“I know, but he teaches me things I never knew existed. I didn’t know I could cum as hard as I did. You made me cum harder, but he was the one who first made me.”

“Okay. Go have some fun with him, but you have to show me the new tricks he teaches you. And please don’t tell him about us.”

“Yes sir. My lips are sealed!” I say and kiss him again. I start to walk away, but then I turn and ask him “would you like to watch us?”

“Yes. Can I?” He asks eagerly.

“Duh, that’s why I asked.” I say and go to pack a bag.

My cousin sits on my bed and watches me pack. I throw in thongs, bras, and a few skimpy outfits. I also pull out my fancy night gown and stockings. I figured I could surprise my uncle with a birthday blowjob. I put in a few more essentials and zip it up. I lay down with my cousin and trace my fingers on his chest.

“You made me feel so good while you ate me out. How’d you learn how to do that?”

“I just looked it up one day. I found a bunch of guides written by women on how to pleasure them. It’s all biology and psychology.”

“I love how smart you are. Have you made other girls cum like I did?”

“No… you are the first girl I’ve eaten out. I’ve never felt comfortable enough to do it before.”

“So, does that make you a virgin?”

“No. I’ve still had sex. Luckily college girls don’t care too much about getting eaten out when they’re buzzed.”

“Oh.” I say slightly disappointed that he’s way more experienced than me.

“So, are we going back to my house?” He asks and sits up.

“I guess. I still have to get dressed.” 

He goes to my closet and picks through my clothes. He pulls out a floral dress and my converse. The dress exposes more than half my back and I always feel awkward wearing it. Maybe today will be different. I toss his shirt at him and slip into my dress. I pull on my shoes and grab my bag.

“I’m ready.” I say very nervous for how I’m going to feel being with my uncle again. I just want to be in my cousins arms forever. I feel so safe and loved and horny with him. With my uncle I feel nervous and embarrassed, but sexy. I just wish I could find someone who made me feel all of that at once. But I guess I’ll only get that in my dreams.

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