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There is A God Poem

There Is A God!
Poet: John Imrie

There is a God! – I know full well,
Though I have never seen His face;
Earth, sea, and sky, His power tell,
His handiwork in these I trace.

There is a God! – the heavens declare
His gracious presence night and morn;
Sun, moon, and stars in God’s pure air
Laugh Infidelity to scorn.

There is a God! – each flower I see
Seems but to live to speak His praise;
Each blade of grass, each leaf-crown’d tree,
Their heads in grateful gladness raise!

There is a God! – thus saith the sea,
Eock’d in the cradle of His hand;
Emblem of God’s immensity,
Mov’d by the winds at His command.

There is a God! – the mountains high
Point to His heavenly throne above!
The stars that twinkle in the sky
Proclaim a God – a God of love!

Thou art my God! – Thy word doth show
The imprint of Thy hand divine;
‘Tis from its pages that I know
My soul is kindred soul to Thine!


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